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17 May
Dino Quest - Dinosaur Dig Game

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Join a jurassic adventure around the world and discover the mysteries of the dinosaurs in Dino Quest! Explore different continents to find the fossils of millions of years of history and bring them to your own museum collection. With accurate information and an exciting gameplay, Dino Quest is the definitive app for every dinosaur fan.

Pick your tools and let’s get it on! Start by choosing a continent to explore: Africa, Asia, the Americas, Australia or the Europe. In each continent you can find dig sites with different fossils of dinosaurs that actually lived there. Use strategy, skill and special tools to dig the right tiles and locate the ancient bones.

Collecting all the fossils of a dinosaur enables you to complete it’s skeleton and unlocks authentic real world information about your incredible discovery. Geographical location of the fossils are also accurate to reflect real discoveries of prehistoric life.

Inspired on battleship and minesweeper mechanics, this game is sure to entertain everyone. Will you be able to complete the entire dinosaur collection? Get them all in Dino Quest!

• Accurate information of dinosaurs and archaeological parks
• Great for kids to learn the fundamentals of paleontology
• Challenging and exciting experience for children and adults

Explore and learn more about these giants of the past: Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Archaeopteryx, Brachiosaurus, Allosaurus, Apatosaurus, Dilophosaurus!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

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Ghostly Angel Shadow

New Lands This game is super fun but it needs to unlock the other two lands! I've finished the 3 that are there...

Fawaz Bilal

very nice app Wow I like This app very very very very very very nice and nice and nice game ♥★♥♡☆♡☆♥★♥♡★☆■■■■

tracy mk

Good game, But.... When are the other two continents unlocked? We found all dinos and Amber! Hurry up and unlock them,.....please :-)

Ryian Mayfield

Wats taking so long The other two places need to hurry im get bored its been about two months since I finished the others

Morgan Way

Love I have finished the first 2 but wouldn't u want ur energy to be full in a different place e.g. If ur in Europe and ur energy runs out u can go to Australia and u will still have energy. Also when r the other two world's going to be in there?

Edlhiz Manganti

Yey Cool game. I wish I can open the Asia and the north america I finished the 3 continents. Waiting for you next update for the land Asia and north america :)

jayleea fsk

I think I think that it should not use energy to dig in the dirt only to dig in the grassy areas and it should only take 10 to20 seconds to refill one bar of energy

courtney may

Islands Its fun but you need to finish the other two I finished everything on the first three many people have commented that u need to unlock the next two continents but u still haven't why is that what is taking so long im tired of waiting just like many people are if you dont update it soon im really going to give you a bad rating and tell other people this game isnt worth installing

Brian Walker

Need more areas I really like this game those ambers are a bit difficult to find but it's alot of fun, I like these digging type games things. They are fun

Noel McGarry

Love the game but please more Wish the other 2 continents would come out soon. Also think putting out more items to buy with the gold I earn. Idk but think you can buy xray ect but I've never used the ones I had. Might have to restart and try them out. Another thing that I believe would be nice is more facts about the dinosaurs.

Ji-won You

Finished mine quest I finished mine quest so decided to play this btw its awesome :D 5stars

John Carlos Pacquing

Love it Please rate this game because it so awesome.I have finish the three continents but I can't rich the continent Asia and America

Lisa Cairnes

Its a fun game. But would like to see more facts about the Dino's and the other two area's need unlocked.

Fate Sin

I've finished the first three lands and need the last two unlocked, I enjoy the game but irritated that I can't play the last two levels and if I can't there is no reason to play it any longer

Matthew Santy

Awesome ! Like everything except that the energy runs out too fast and takes to long to refill

Cassie Maloney

Awesome game I love this game...can't wait for the other continents to open!!

Mathew Richards

Really good game ...10 stars if i could

Annie cleaver

Really good I really enjoy this game so please could you unlock the next 2 levels ....!


Amazing Can't wait for China and the Americas. Please hurry.

nokkaew stanbury

How do you get in another hole

Brynn Zinno

Awesome???????? I love love love this game!It rules all others!?+?=AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ella Strange

Best game ever I had it ones and i unlocked all the worlds . This game is sweet

Jennifer Murray

Need Asia and the Americas How do you get them?! They won't open! DX

Nicolas Montanari

Get the other sites out already

Kolton Pinks

Great game Need to get the last two opened up

The Tyrant King !

The Two other places where are they ?

Pamela Thames

Fun game, but should be able to get more energy without having to buy.

Autumn H

Love it! But add some more tools like brushes and white paint. The paint can make the bones whiter. And make it so you can earn coins and energy faster. Other than that, I love this game!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-)

Jorney Trompets

Great Game I love it I hope you are updating faster for the asia and america fossils

Natasha Knutson

Glitch Seems like a fun game, but the energy is stuck on empty and the recharge line is across the screen and isnt working... fix, and I'll change the rating

James Steinebach

Great game but Great game it really is but get rid of energy the energy part is dumb

Hussain Mahmood

Locked Continents Could you please unlock Asia and the Americas because I completed Australia, Africa,and Europe. Please unlock Asia and the Americas by another update. Would you? I will give you five stars if Asia and the Americas are unlocked. I beg you.

Conner Gsta

Great game But for some reason I have got to Europe completed all skeletons in Australia and Africa but the energy bar has extended across my screen and it won't regenerate energy so I can't Continue and I am angry about it. Please fix.

Irmantas Alekna

Still waiting It's been 2 months since my last review and I'm just giving up on waiting it's ridiculous I played this with my little cousin but if you're not bringing in the extra content there's no point in waiting anymore

Valeria Ivina

Very Fun!! Really fun and educational game I like it!, but I have to wait too long for Asia and North America to come. It says its coming soon....that soon is very long!

Laura Kihlken

Fun My four year old loves this game, and I actually enjoy that he runs out of energy in the game and can only play for 15 minutes at a time. Looking forward to the other continents!

Leon Asim

Liked it It's very interesting game. I completed all skeletons in Australia, Africa and Europe. In the game saying that Asia and America are coming soon. But that soon is very very long. Please make update to add Asia and America. When you add Africa and Asia I will give you 5 *.???☺?

Larissa Wong

Beware of your purchases The game itself is fun. What I'm upset about is that there is no disclosure that the other 2 countinents are not going to be released. According to the company website this game is on hold. So I wish I would have known this before spending $5.99 to purchase more energy that I won't be able to use because the game is really over after the 3 continents.

Monika Menke

I guess... I have this downloaded for my son who's 3 and loves Dinosaurs. And he wishes to continue to the next levels, but unfortunately we can't because you haven't unlocked the other continents and its frustrating because i have to tell my son no. So until the problem is fixed I'll be keeping it at a 3 star rating

Kristy Locke

New lands This game is super fun and i wouldve given it 5 stars if the other 2 lands were open. Right now i have a game i am unable to play further as ive finished the first 3 lands. Please open them!

pablo castellanos

Needs to update It's a great game but the new lands need to open soon, once the game is updated I'll give it 5 stars

Fowl AJ

Awesome Loved it soo awesome only reason I rated 4 stars not 5 is because I have some suggestions, plz update so I can get asia and america, also make energy easier to get, and for some reason 1 time a day it lets me watch a video to get it, plz make it unlimited times, question, what does amber do?

Penny Thompson

I love this game but there's something i wanna talk to you about this other game I know you guys don't run the game 'jurrasic world the game' but if you can, can you please talk to them, i really, really wanna download that game but i cant because it says 'your device is not compatible with this game' i would commet on their game but i cant because i have to download the game first BUT I CANT! Im sorry that im bothering you guys but im really angry and sad????

Bree McGaffey

Dino quest for my son I downloaded this game for my son and it has not disappointed. He loves seeing the skeletons transformed and telling me everything he was learned about them in the museum.

Peter Johnson

Nice little game Good little Dino digger game. Will be nice when they release more content as it's quite short. Also finding amber can be very frustrating. Especially when trying to find the right campsite when already found the bones as it's not marked.

Damian Mirosz

Good but........ Remove the energy feature.Its the worst feature in video games.I'm not buying any.I've got no credits and I don't want to spend my money.Plzzzzzz

Emma O'Brien

Love this game My 4 year old son loves this game its all he talks about, the problem is he has completed all countries and has got all the ambers he desperately wants the other continents to be open now, please fix this problem !!!

Ethan Andre Harvey

New Lands Iwas worried about the two lands and plss add water land so you could search under water

Daniel Dixon

Love the game but why haven't you open the rest of the continents yet

Fabian Ortiz_Ramos

KINDA boring... THE FRICKEN ENERGY uggghhhhhhh, and its not that great of a game O,..,O

manoj bapna

New lands I have finished other three lands. Open Asia and Americas

Dororo Mendokusai Shoukansi

Needs Work App needs update; store page needs to be updated to say game is on hold and has been for a year( or so).

Joe-Ant Pixel

You need more updates its been 1yr since an update

Shannon Young

Dino quest Need to unlock the other two continents. Please.

JamesWesley Robles

I like it but you need to add the new continents

John Cojocaru

Give you 5, hopping that you'll release the rest 2 continents.


Sorry folks Sorry but I have to uninstall it.

Thomas Anderson

Enjoyed the game But am waiting on the updates to be available and is frustrating to have not seen anything happen. People need to see the update before everyone may eventually give up on this game. What has happened here.

kos nik

Nice game but you dont have many things to do, only dig for 5 minutes and then wait to refill a long time

Mai Nguyen

Liked the game a lot But have been waiting forever for updates to unlock other continents. Deleting

Jacqueline Baxter

The game is good but I completed the available continents months ago when will the others become available?

Amber Wing

Need a update and other countries unlocked have completed it, but very fun game my kids 7 & 5 have completed it :)

Matthew Record

PEASE UPDATE PPPLLLEEEAAASSSEEE Will give FIVE stars when update but I beat the game a long time ago, and just an idea maybe you could add Antarctica with cryolophosaurus and others, but otherwise I love it.

Timothy Wong

Love it I love this game, like really like it.yah when will the new update of the new country be out?cos I found all of the dinosaur in the 3 country.message me pls

Isaiah Pascale

Update!!? When's the new update coming out I've beaten the game it's been a month since I did so update please?!???

Narendra Sule

Dinosaurs I love dinosaur too much. I wanted to see them.

Elealeh Blue

O.K., but... I loved it, but then my energy stopped refilling Edit: Now it won't let me watch videos to earn energy and money. I have no way to continue unless I purchase refills with real money. Edit: restarted and it's working now, but you might want to look into why it stopped like that, it would be awful to get near the end and then lose all your progress.

trevor stigler

Awesome but... I love this game, but i have the same complaint as everyone else here...when are the new continents coming out?

Mizan Rahman

Loved it but Please unlock other continents I have completed all the dinosaurs exept Neovenator. Please update and unlock all the continents. Please please please please I will give 5 stars.

Jarod Baker

It's good I love this game but it's boring now because I've already finished the first three states and it won't let me do the other ones

Benjamin Humphrey

Dumb Limited dig sites, basically pay to play as well...

Roma Mariñas

Because i love it is because i like finding the amber and the bones??

Mark Batrez

Game is awesome No complaints at all. Very fun for MY KIDS AND MYSELF LOLL. Need that update pronto though...getting restless not being able to advance on.

vishnu das

Nice game but... waiting for further updates

Alyssa Wenning

Good When are you adding Asia and America?

Ryan malone

Had this game over a year no updates for other continents

Damian Sanchez

More bones When are the other areas going to unlock?

Elliana Jubran

Why do u have to use energy for everything?

Miguel Vazquez

Good game But where's the update??

Jessie Miller

Update soon? Hurry with the updates please.

Dylan Harrington

I run out of energy very fast

Elmen Lamprecht

No updates Still no updates on continents. Will not download games from this developer again.

Michelle Stallings

Like it but... Can you please remove the energy thank you.:(

Maze Shatro

Is good When unlock the Asia?

Matthew Chronister

No update Would be better but looks like an abandoned game. They aren't updating the new regions. Dissapointing.

Aly Thomas

Used to love this game but... Wanted to buy some things in this game but seeing as how it's probably never going to update and add Asia and America and I can't finish it I don't see a point in spending money or keeping this game tire of waiting for your "coming soon" to come

Ed Herig

Deleting Waiting way to long for updates

Krista Hallahan

Fun Looking forward to updates.

David Bsrnett

Rip off They start you off with a good amount of energy and then charge two bucks for each refill. No way. You are gone......

xavier rhodes

I can make a better game This game is shity won't let me even by anything with money

Jason Fernandez

Need update. great game though some of the predator skeleton's leg bones are wrong. Can't wait for the next update.

Joseph Chiaramonte

Great Awesome, but you should make it that so there is no energy

Tinkara Erčulj

Full kul he ljudje

Diamond 101

OK This game is cool until you finish Europe.

Jessica Bohlmann

Updates? Downloaded and enjoyed but... I would think this would be a fairly easy game to update. I don't understand why it's taking so long.

Royc Duran

Fun Its fun but its taking to long refill the energy pls. Fixed it and you need to update the game but its amazing the dinosaur are cool

Tulip Raj

Skull I like this game. This,s game name is Dino Quest.this game is a very relaxing game. My brother and I play this game . I like this game very much

Trixie Anne Rivera

Good game , add the energy make it 200 or 300 lol .

Jennifer Lange

Please update! Ready to do more digging

Dawn Headley

More countries to explore I have already beat the 3 countries that I have unlocked need more countries unlocked

Luna Kalenix

Needs updating I've finished all

Tripti Arora

I am going to be a little e

Aaron Campbell

Ok game bad update times I've been fully done with all the maps and no other update has come to give me more maps. Lame game gonna remove from my phone to gain more space. Since I can't do anything but look at Dino's anyways.

Joseph Sherven

Update Please! I love the game but I hate how long the energy takes to refill and we aren't going to buy more energy. Remove it and I'll rate 5 stars.

Trevor Knowles

I have an actual problem All the progress I had reset itself. I wasn't signed into Facebook (I don't have one- drama). I was halfway done with Europe, done with Africa and Australia, and I just open up to the tutorial, all of the progress deleted.

Trevor weeks

Waiting for energy Having to wait for energy is like watching the grass grow. You can play for about 2 minutes then when your energy runs out you have to wait for 30 minutes at a minimum to play again. Game would be fun if that one crippling aspect of the game was gone.. Game deleted!!

Ben Neudigate

So cool man! I always played this game on my phone,basically everywhere I can play it!you others should so download it!

Elizabeth Ensley

Update this game! It was a good game. My child and I really enjoyed it. We would just like to see an update. She loves dinosaurs, and likes to dig for them. We just can't go any farther without an update! Would gladly give more stars, if you will give more levels to play!

Richard Quirk

More updates pls I have got all dinosaurs except for some DNA and I want more stuff like Asia or more tools.OK?

Penny Hannah

Update How long is update wait time ? Cuz if other ppl are waiting a few months . Then just play till u beat the 3 countries. And say. U won

john heath

AAWWSSOOMMEE☺ It is it now because u get to discover loads of stuff about Dino's. And u get to unveal it's skin!!

Toryka Forgue

Needs an update badly I finished EVERYTHING and havent played in about a year, still no update i can see.

Miranda Reagen

Needs update So I just finished the game so far! Need to hurry up with an update or else I'll just delete because right now it's just taking up space. I mean without the update there's no point to it anymore. Will give more stars when you guys finally update it.

Amanda Kucher

Needs to be updated and energy needs to load faster. When are the other 2 countries going to be available

Sean Carroll

Little man loved it, but it needs the last two areas unlocked.

Jacki Watt

Dino quest - energy sucks Energy regeneration sucks. Only played for about 5 mins when I needed to wait for the energy to fill up!!

Angela Jacobson

A. Jacobson Have been waiting for Asia & America's for long, long time!

Jessica Bohlmann

Updates? Downloaded and enjoyed but... I would think this would be a fairly easy game to update. More is always "coming soon."

Daryl Millsap

Dino quest It's cool but while it updates I'm going back into the camps and digging more till camps are flag off. See what happens .

Raven Culis

Great game I really really really love it thanks tapps keep it going

Jennifer Cruz

Will this game ever be updated? I finished the three countries months ago and there was no update so I deleted. Now i have installed the game again and theres still only those 3 countries. Can you please let us know whats happening?

Thomas Bingham

Needs to be updated It seems like people have been waiting months for an update, and I'll be honest unless there is one soon I will be leaving and not coming back. This is ridiculous players should NEVER have to wait this long for updates to a game.

Celena Miner

Enjoyable game I really like this game but I've been waiting for the updates to unlock the Asia and US continents.

Jonathan R. H.

Great game. This is quite a fun game for anyone into dinosaurs. My only issue is that you run out of energy really quickly and it doesn't recharge fast enough. When will the next continents be added? Been waiting for months. My phone is a little low on space so for now I'm uninstalling, but you can bet I'll be back for more soon.

Raluca Sepciuc

Amazing loved it But can you please put more energy in the energy bar and can you add Asia and america and then even more islands because I loved it so much

Riley theVelociraptor

Very amazing game! When will Asia, north America and south America ever be added?

Wesley Johnson

Nice This game let see some dinosaurs I didn't even know existed , can't wait for when the big update arrives.

Mark Scott

Amazing, worth getting. I had never known much about dinosaurs until I had gotten this game.

Ashtin Pace

UPDATE Please update game I loved it and I like the addition of the amber and adding skin to the dinosuars

Shane Auvinen

Please put in Asia exhibit and America exhibit! I has finished the game and really wanna see Asia and America!!!!!please put them in! Plus, you'll get Temmie Flakes! And I'll give 5 stars.

Serly Rengkung

I like this game ! But there were some troubles....... "I like this game but, the 'energy' that you put on is so long to refill. So, please make it faster, also the X ray and the TNT should be a reward and why i can't get Allosaurus and Minmi's other parts. It's so bad but if you fix it i will rate 5 stars."

Ethan Santos

Good game but little prob It's very addicting and fun. The prob is lucky run out of energy fast and charges slow. Change plzz

Éva Nagy

Its really fun But when i ginished Europe the next country didnt unlock?

Mythical.D.Phoenix Phoenix

Love it Five star it bring me to build our own museum. Cant wait to asia. Huhu yes update. Cant wait for new places and dinosaur

Bhaskar Bhowmick

Best game ever I hate the energy bar so can you please fix it

Kc Lawrence Noble

Suck How can I get to Asia?!

Alex Myers

Awesome! There is a dig site in Europe that is a creeper head!!!!?


Neat I liked it but after finding all the fossils there was no use for it

Matt Self

??? It needs an update NOW!!!?

Seanchristian Canillo

Such a fun game Wonderful cant wait for the update

Family Huis

Updates Updates please. Been waiting for months.....Create asia and america, lazy buggers!

iSharkey fish

S3 Great for grandson aged 4

Avinash Khopkar

Loved it It is fun. I can write only this I completed my dna research in the game

Abid Mastoi

Excellent game It is a awesome game but plz add Asia and america soon

Tyler McHenry

Cool This helps me discover dinosaur bones.

Evan Wilson

Update Waiting for new levels

Nathan Wynn

When is asia and the americans coming as land massises Wondering when is the american and asia coming to the game

Helen Gabriel

My 1Dinosaur Skeleton finding Game It's a great game and I can do almost about everything but it's just a bit difficult to find the hole in which the dinosaur is present. Otherwise it's a great game. By Joshua.

Caramon Majere

Promised new continents for a year now. Have made several updates to ask for ratings, but nothing to actually do what they have promised.

Elayne Rullo

?? I love the graphics in this game!!!!!!!!

Vikki Willard

Waiting an eternity for updates!

Maja Vimer

add Asia and America

Ty Adams

Great for kids

can you add more dinosaurs in the continents they were found in? can you make there be a way to recharge the energy without having to buy it with real money? how many types of dinosaurs were actually found in how many mosquitoes? please make the x-ray and dynamite more readily accessible. i'm really into digging in the dirt.

John Talasky

ONLY ONE PROBLEM.... This is an excellent game. I have no complaints except the fact you left it incomplete. If I was designing a game like this I would have not left it unfinished. There are many popular extinct species from North America, South America and Asia. I'll rate it 5 for sure when you finish it.

Preidt Martin

Nice idea but... It's a neet little game but I'm so tired of all of this free to play but pay a lot to get anywhere thing. That energy bar is just ridiculous and from what I'm reading in the other reviews there have been no major updates in ages so why pay for iAPs if you're not even providing content regularly? Another good idea ruined by the"free-to-play" model, hence 2 stars only

victor fernando

good game after playing this game I started digging up my backyard because asia and americas were nowhere to be found..please send help as i have a really big backyard....have the back-hoe coming in this week!

Faith Jordan

Awesome It's not pushy to do things, you go at your own pace, has real info, and easy to do. Your energy recharges fairly quickly so that you can keep playing but also not finish it in 1 or 2 days. Definatly should add more features and dinosaures to the game! The haters just don't have patience.Also i found i little minecraft reference hehe so cool :)

Susan Mortimer

Good game 5 will be given if the update with Asia and America's ever comes out. My grandson loves this game and we are going to restart it so he can play it all over again.


Great but There are two things energy runs out to fast and I played this about a year and a half ago and still america and the other countries still aren't avalible

Dia Klam

Great game I love dinosaurs and looking for bones I think this game is awesome for dinosaur lovers plus you can get DNA to give the dinosaurs some skin!!!?

Rowan Fairclough

Great game But i would like to play America and Asia because I have started digging up the whole of Africa in game

Nelsson Gonzalez

Cool game but one problem You left it unfinished please complete the game ill rate five for now

Hilda Herrera

WAITING FOR THE UPDATE I love the game but I finished every thing and I'm still waiting for Asia and America but still good game tell you facts about dinosaurs THIS GAME IS AMAZEING and if you don't know anything about dinosaurs but I doo lol

kuba Kolodziejski

Good game I realy loved this game after playing the game i started savìng up my money so i can buy a spade and find dinosaur bones bye and can you make the energy have more energy

James Rodriguez

Pretty.good Refills take way to Long, please make refills faster.and I will give it 5 stars

Jason Nielsen

Finish it The game has been incomplete for The longest time

aaron smith

Loved it Loved it but needs the update. I literally dug up square in the whole game waiting.

comment boss

Plz do this The game is fun and all but plz plz plz make u refill your energy faster if u fix this I will rate 5 stars

Joe Hagy

Awesome game Wished they would add the other so we can finish playing

Good game but needs more energy It's a good game but it needs more energy or faster energy refilling. Or even the option of buying energy with the money we earn in the game☺

Caleb Jackson

It's a good game I played this when I was around 6 or 7 and I thought it was the best game ever I'm 13 now and now that I found it in the app store I still think it's great

Laurie Erin

Dino Quest Loved this game!!! Please finish Asia & the Americas!!! ?

lisa davies

Can't complete Europe it says I've dug up all dig sites and yet I've only completed 3 Dino's

Brother Yogi

finished Game is finished and I cannot play two levels(asia America)

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