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29 May
Dinosaur Hunter Multiplayer

Posted by App Interactive Studio in Action | May 29, 2015 | 52 Comments

Apk file size: 153.0 MB

Dinosaur Hunter - Multiplayer expedition surpasses the previous versions of deer hunting games at all levels. As a player in this free first person shooting 3D game, don the role of a sharp-shooter and choose from options like Single Player and Multiplayer! All versions enhance the virtual hunter's experience by nudging him through a dense lifelike forest with trees, rivers and waterfalls, home to many wild animals, including the beast from aeons ago - Dinosaurs of the Jurassic Era!
In the MultiPlayer and Dino Edition, you are loaded with a rifle designed to simulate real life shooting experience. Your aim should be to shoot and kill as many wild animals as you can and move higher on the leaderboard. The scores will reflect on leaderboard and the currency can be used to upgrade to sophisticated weapons.You can also use the points to unlock the option of hunting the lion!
You can choose to hunt down the roaring lion or the bawling wolf, confront mammals like the bear. rhino or a wild boar or spot and chase a deer guarding his fawn. Apart from keeping an eye on the attacker, you also have to keep a check on your health. There is a nurse on board who appears each time you have to buy health points. The visual effects are enhanced further by giving you the option of day and night! The nights get more challenging as it conceals the wilderness in its darkness and brings alive the jungle sounds and fireflies. You have to be watchful of every sound or move as your fight is against the natural hunters whose iridescent eyes and predator instincts are heightened in the night. You have to strike them down before it is too late.
The new exclusive Dinosaur edition is a promise of endless excitement and mind-blowing shooting experience. As the FPS, you find yourself in an unfamiliar swampy terrain. The temperature suddenly drops and the cold winds portend a stormy weather. No creature is visible in the farthest distance. As you trudge the unfriendly path, you suddenly notice a deep bellowing sound. This is no time to fear or panic! What you see is for real! Creatures from the Cretaceous or Jurassic period charging towards you, snarling, roaring and rumbling! If you don’t shoot they will just gulp you down!
What kind of species can you expect to encounter? The swift Velociraptor, the dangerous meat-eating Carnotaurus, Spinosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus or T-Rex, the giant herbivorous dinosaurs like the Stegosaurus, Triceratops - these giants can crush you under their enormous feet.
And Yes! Even though your goal is to be sniper who mostly operates independently, we do realise that hunting is more fun with friends. So let your friends know about your hunting expedition and invite them when you are ready for the multiplayer challenge.
Put on your hunting boots and prepare to squeeze the trigger before you embark on this stimulating journey where a mistake can cause you your life and rapidity can win you the trophy! You are a soldier with an impressive track record in precision shooting. Your goal now is to become a sniper. What better opportunity to master your shooting skills than to participate in the World Challenge of Trophy Hunting and win the title of a World Champion Trophy Hunter!

Are your reflexes quick enough? Let’s find out...

- Full 3D characters and environments with an unprecedented level of detail
- Console quality HD Graphics
- Various jungle animals
- First person shooter
- Real-life Hunting Experience
- High quality 3D audio and a lively music soundtrack
- Intuitive controls
- Ability to move to strategic vantage points to shoot the animal
- Option of taking aim through sniper lens for smart hunting
- Option to upgrade to highly sophisticated weapons
- Option to choose from single player, dino hunt and multiplayer modes
- Option to choose from exotic locations in Multiplayer
- Unlimited thrill in Dino Hunt edition with 6 kinds of Dinosaurs

App Interactive Studio part of our Action and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update May 29, 2015. Google play rating is 77.141. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 153.0 MB.

Download dino-hunting-jurassic-island.apk 153.0 MB


Puja Borker

Excellent game with multiplayer feature. It is fun to play with friends and it is free! The Dino edition has real cool graphics. There are 3-4 maps to choose from and there are many animals that appear in the single player version. Must play if you like shooting games and definitely try the Multiplayer challenge.

Abhishek Kumar

Awesome Game, Amazing Graphics, Loved the Multiplayer hunting with friends, Dino Hunting is furious.

Anand M

Amazing game for current trend The dino hunt is soo cool and the multiplayer is an amazing addon...the weapons are soo powerful...

Ragini Devi

Amazing game Nice multiplayer hunting game loved it, nice Jurassic dino hunting.

demon angel

I don't know if it was a mistake but when installation was finished the game showed as a deer hunting game.


Nice Game, Good Work Done, Good Experience, Loved Multiplayer.

Mithun B

Nice update........ Multiplayer version is real fun


Good Game with nice guns, nice jungle graphics, unrestricted movement and on top of all Multiplayer Hunting makes it nice and engaging.

Samuel Styles

Thanks for all the time making make

Leon Anand

Awesome shooting game, dino hunt, multiplayer and weapons are amazing.

Shaad Humane

Very engaging multiplayer game of Jurassic era. Graphics are very good.


BUG! It's a good game but the worlds are glitchy and bugy

naveen patil

Lovely multiplayer game Nice game loved the graphics and gameplay

Pooja Singh

Very nice game, good time pass, ultimate fun.

Cocoa Dione

Awesome graphics and superb multi-player option! I loved playing the multi-player game in the Alaska landscape - very cool! Also, loved the new Dino Hunt.

Vimanasi s

Good Time Pass game Loved It.

pradyumna rao

The multiplayer hunting is loads of fun

Hitesh Gonekar

Multiplayer make this game awesome Different environments, different animals, and dinosaurs. And guess what... you can play multiple player. This makes game unique. Graphics quality is AAA. Gameplay control has to be little smooth.

Torrance45 WRIGHT

City in the car at work? Remember what time does A's in southwest Florida and airline just missed you mom will call it

Navneet Vishwakarma

Thrilling Detailed and wonderful graphics. Easy to play and handy control. Fairly smooth even on old Galaxy Nexus. It would more fun to hunt down dinosaurs with some kind of alien guns, snipers are for animals. ;)

Shea Versey

Wow That was so bad, its not even a dino game uits deer, and you cant hunt because its set up in wave of dinosaurs that know where u r, this game needs to make a separate dino game not a combined one

David Tinajero

I couldn't down load and I have 500 mega bites

Jeoffrey Iglesia

This is the best hunt game i ever played

Candie Williams

This is not the best dino hunter game. Dino hunter deadly shores by the game company you is the best

Kunal Gupta

Playing with others makes it more fun

marco tan

It was frignn' AWESOME The best game i ever played MUST download!!!

Shahbaz Ahmed

My love Very good

Chris Gravelle

dino iwanttokillalofthedinosaurswithagunitisgonnabegood

mathew hillier

Really? The game has way to many ads, its very laggy, and the title says dino hunter not bear, deer, and other hunter. Once the game is about hunting dinos maybe I'll download again.?

Mark Casarez

Love the graphics but i cant play multiplayer it just says searching for opponent If u lower the prices of the guns and add more guns ill rate 5 stars still love it

kevin harris

why this game is cool and sucky all it needs is get rid of the ads all the time it does to much i really thought that it was just t-rex just THE GUNS THOU

Martin deleon

Lower the senitiviti on the game . Then I will give it a five star

jeniffer vonvamp

Can't turn around... It's very hard to turn around! PLEASE MAKE IT EASYER TO TURN! I keep dying because I can not turn around! ?

Lorenzo Birao

Pls help Why wont it start i think the game is cool but it only stops in better when headphone ????


Cool This is nice experience multiplayer game

Alfie Scarisbrick

Give money Give starters a billion money or I'll get my dad to hack you and your cumpany

Donovan Templeman Vanya

What Dude I got a deer hunting game not this?!?!

Marlynn Swanigan

Great to have in my collection Can't wait for update

Tutul khan

Hey i thought there could be co op mood. Its only pvp in multi.

Tristan Dela Cruz

WTF Why does it say I have hunt the deer when this is dino hunting!?!?

Demetrio Austin-Garza

It's ok It's cool but won't let me play multiplayer

Ricardo Lopez

Good game but it is hard to aim

Emeli Pineda Cruz

Emeli I love this game alot

Kobe Roosa

What the actual hell? I download this game but shows that I downloaded some other one called "Hunt The Deer".

Tyler Budzilek

Do not download this Multiplayer features are garbage you cant see in front of you the graphics are horrible and you couldnt pay me to play this game

Damian Kolander

Multiplayer takes too long it says initializing game wait please and it just stays on that I think it's a bug could you fix it or make something better please because I don't have a good connection because I'm moving and that makes it so I don't have that good of a connection and I won't be at a play your game and write it good if I can't play multiplayer so please make something better please please please please please please

Farjana Rahman

Dinosaur Hunter Multiplayer It need improving just by an inch

mathew hillier

Really? The game has way to many ads, its very laggy, and the title says dino hunter not bear, deer, and other hunter. Once the game is about hunting dinos maybe I'll download again.?

jeniffer vonvamp

Can't turn around... It's very hard to turn around! PLEASE MAKE IT EASYER TO TURN! I keep dying because I can not turn around! ?

Mga laka king Sa dagat

Pls help Why wont it start i think the game is cool but it only stops in better when headphone ????

Said Badshah

Good I love it a little bit inshaAllah I will love it from Pakistan

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