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17 Mar
Digital Clapper

Posted by QuArt Studio in Photography | March 17, 2016 | 78 Comments

Apk file size: 19.0 MB

Digital Clapper is a ultimate synch tool for creating time snapshots on a film production sets with multiple cameras and sound devices. It features customizable Countdown timer with sound beeps and custom frames-per-second Timecode generator together with scene, take and date display. A Shots Report was added in version 1.1.0. The Report can be uploaded to server exported to PDF format or shared online.

★ Usage:
Enter scene and take number. Hold Digital Clapper in front of the cameras and make sure your audio recording device is capturing beeps. If the environment is too loud and your mic can't pick up beeps use jack cable from Digital Clapper and attach it directly to the camera or external sound recorder inputs. Press the big button with rotating arrow and the countdown will begin. Once in post production synchronizing captured sources on any edit platform (FCP, Avid, Premiere) is fairly straightforward. Simply trim audio and align "beep" to white flash at the end of countdown sequence and your are done. Now you have perfectly synched audio and video.

★ Added features in 2.0.2
Digital Clapper has become much more than just a Clapper. New version features a completely new logging and data management system for your productions, with complete control over your camera meta data.

- All new UI interface.
- Create unlimited projects with unlimited shots.
- Edit or delete shots and projects.
- Add Camera metadata (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focal, filter, audio...)
- Use GPS to locate production location.
- Cloud base system with online project sharing.
- Improved timecode accuracy.
- Custom countdown slate duration.
- Improved accuracy in frame handling.
- Custom date format.
- Many bug fixes.

★ New stuff in version 1.1.0
- Added "Shot List Report" metadata. Every shot is saved in list which you can view or upload to server and share it with anyone. Report can be opened with menu button.
- Added Shot Rating after Timecode ends
- Interface improvement
- Fixed menu button (missing on some devices)
- Small bug fixes

★ Note:
Before using Digital Clapper on any serious production set, we strongly suggest you first calibrate audio "beep".

★ Features:
Test Pattern with 1khz test tone.
Custom Timecode framerates from 10 to 99.
Auto hide Timecode.
Auto increase take number.
Built-in audio (beep) calibration.

Whats new

    ★ New stuff in version 2.0.0
    A long wait is over! Digital Clapper has become a whole lot more.
    - All new UI interface.
    - Create unlimited projects with unlimited shots.
    - Edit or delete shots and projects.
    - Add Camera metadata (ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focal, filter, audio...)
    - Use GPS to locate production location.
    - Cloud base system with online project sharing.
    - Improved timecode accuracy.
    - Custom countdown slate duration.
    - Improved accuracy in frame handling.
    - Custom date format.

QuArt Studio part of our Photography and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update March 17, 2016. Google play rating is 81.5584. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download digital-clapper.apk 19.0 MB


vincent burgstahler

Very good Clapperboard Hi guys : your Apps rocks, go on ! ;0) Time Code based on real time is genius and quick. For the future I just miss some "memory" in your Apps: when living, even by mistake (a phone call) you loose everything... And then maybe we could just use a second line of text, and an easier way to type in those data (directly on the clapperboard, and then launching it would be there also?) My ideas.... ;0) Anyway bravo guys, from France!

Alan Kyle

Perfect for free! This is just what I have been looking for for my DSLR video shooting. Sync works great and the time counter is cool as well as the calibration of the beeps for my device. Recommended for any budding film maker.

Devin Hansen

Almost Perfect Can you Please Please include an option to have only 1 beep. A 5 second countdown is way too long to wait, a slate needs to be in and out and quick. While everything else about this app is quick, the countdown makes it unsaleable. I like that I can disable the count down but then there is no beep at all! which kinda makes the whole app useless.

CyberSpacia Man

Klapper Is Superb Synchroniser Absolutely brilliant!! This app is so simple and will save me so much time Suggestions: * Customisable metadata would be a real bonus * The ability to upload to my own server would be great too Thank you so much, you have given me back at least 2-3 hours in my busy week.

Ben McLean

Good app, nice UI Suggestion: Make the scene numbers and etc bigger because otherwise it is hard for a camera to see the values

Marc Hlavaty

Good For Home Video, But Not very professional. Look at a real slate and work with that. If you come up with a pro version with 23.98 and 29.98 DF/NDF FPS and show it; ability to trigger the clap immediately (no beeps); louder clap; simultaneous triggering of camera flash for multi-cameras; larger spaces for DP, Dir, Camera, Title; added areas for day, night, MOS, etc.; show frozen TC at time of clap; allow letters along with numbers (at least 6 or 7) for Scene and Take, THEN it would ready for prime time and I would pay for it. Love the graphics, though.

Eddy Bergman

Cool app but... I can't alter the frame rate. The number input doesn't work on my Galaxy S5. I can't delete previously set numbers. Otherwise it works well but this is a rather crucial element that should work well.

Daniel Hudson

So so app Utterly annoying! Every time you use, and stop the clock, you loss sight of it and are asked to rate the app! EVERY time! By the time you take 3, you give up even after a curious need to upload. Why does this app use uploads to rate the app? It's grabbing data from phone along with it's number. Ininstalled!!

Dmitriy Shilonosov

Nice and easy. 4 stars because there is no way to store takes locally.

Martyn Symons

Excellent. This is an excellent app. Nice and clear when shooting. The only other thing I would like to see is a custom countdown instead of the default 5 seconds


Fantastic! Best clapper around.install if you havent already!

Chalermpol Punjatep

Add a stop button please. On tablets, it is easy to accidently tab on screen and this will stop the timecode. It should be perfect if I can have a small "Stop" button. Shot logs features are welcomed (FPS, shutter speed, aperture, etc).

Stephen Freeman

1 big problem with it. And this problem make it totally unusable for me.... It does not let me edit or delete my entries. Or have I missed something here?

Mysterious Entertainment LLC

Love It....But..... App is great! Just don't know how to access the menu option on Samsung Tab S 10.1 (there is not menu key on the tablet).

Greg Zeng

Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2, smartphones Very usable. Add extra wordings easily. After countdown, auto-timer, date, on or off screen, as you may wish.

Nashawn Osborne

Not there yet Needs improvement. For one it needs to take on an appearance of a traditional slate. Missing slots for Producer, Director, etc. Also I would love to be able to trigger the sound. So at the head of the take we can say the info then hit slate for the beep then call action. With these improvements Android can finally have a rival to movieslate on ios.

Dave Vidissimo

Very useful Although the 5 second beep is too long, everything else is perfect.

Michael Patrick

Terrible Couldn't change variables like scene number or title

Jeremy Aiken

No good on Galaxy Tab S No menu button and cannot change frame rate in menu on initial install

Ruchir Tondon

List The list of shots taken that is supposed to appear with the menu button isn't happening on my device

wilky black

No settings Can't get to settings on a tablet

Dan Kay

Almost perfect Needs an option to clear shot history, and possibly alter beeps, otherwise its exactly what I need!

Craig Pryor

Digital Clapper I really enjoy using this slate. It's a very useful tool for video work. Thanks!

fadjar islami

Nice one Great app, can anybody tell me how to generate timecode on this app..thanks

Terry Lulf

Simple high quality digital clapperboard If you film with more than one camera, this slick little app can help you sync your different sources in post-production. EXACTLY what I was looking for. Very easy to use and FREE!

Kyle Coggins

Best Slate App Thank you. Finally a good slate board app

Razibul Hossain

Awesome Very good app. Very helpful.

Shelamoux M

Not good enough Not really a good clapperboard

Jozo Zovko

Needs complete redesign. This clapper application is lacking in just about everything a clapper needs to be. #1 needs more space for scene info. At times I have around 8 numbers and letters on a slate, yet this app only does 3. #2 No need for a count down. All you need is the timecode to flash at the beep/clap and then show the date afterwards, like a real timecode slate. #3 It needs the usual pre set timecode frame rates. #4 No star system for ratings. People use circle takes on set. It's either a keeper or not. I could go on. Needs a complete re-think and overhaul for any real practical use.

Peter Evans

Needs to be more like a traditional clapper board If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Don't like the fixed 5 second countdown. Uninstalled

leoo Ubunteros

Great This clapper is just the best clapper on the market. Well done with nice graphics, it's just perfect.

Neil Mossey

clean stylish easy to use EXACTLY what I was looking for - thanks so much

Jose SJD

Excellent The only thing which could improve the app would be adding a feature to export the report to the SD card.

Weust EnBakker

Simple and perfect This clapper is the best there is and its free. The calibration for low end camera's is a nice touch. Works like a charm on al my devices.

Сергей Курицын

Not supported cyrillic input in Additional Field.

Александр Чернов

Great app, needs few fixes Please add Cyrillic input! Also crashes on entering calibration mode

I Am Bejo

Local Save Without Connection This is a great app. But it would be nice if it can save locally without internet connection. I mean, what if we need to shoot in area where there is no network coverage?

Jim Matthews

Awesome, just what I needed.

Ashish Kumar

Just fabulous Much better as its free

Mo Bius

Good, but a couple issues The basic functions are great. However, two big issues: 1) No menu! There's no way to change settings. 2) 5 second countdown is useless. We just need a beep and a flash, thanks.

Kuya Kurt

No menu on Zenfone 2 Without the menu, i can't recalibrate the beep. But i'm not sure if i'm already seeing the full function of this app.

Ben Toppi

God, but not great I LOVE the rating system, but it needs a few things. Tap the screen once to clap and the second to show the rate screen. A manual input for how long the countdown is, 5 sec is way to long. My biggest gripe is that the keyboard covers the numbers,its impossible to input the numbers I need. Put them in a row across the top, that would make it so much easier to input he numbers.

Johny Knox

No menu Make sure you calibrate it and set it up right the first time as there is no way to get back into setting as far as I can tell. Seems kind of phishy to me since while looking for the menu I ended up on their website a half dozen times.

Enzo D.

Does what it says on the tin As a hobbyist YouTuber, it's nice to count down like a pro, though I am sure some pros may appreciate this app more than me.

Michael Rodríguez-Torrent

Too basic for real use This app hasn't been updated in two years, and isn't very useful anyway. It looks nice, but doesn't provide enough space for information on the slate - there is only one line of customizable text. The 5 second countdown is not customizable. Settings (scene, take, text) are reset when the app exits. Shot ratings/reports are nice, but why do we have to upload them to the developer's server to access them? IMHO, ueen's Clapperboard app is much more useful than this.

Richard Krencius

Great board! Next best thing to having a proper board. Very convenient and easy to see.

Gevorg Gasparyan

Where are my reports? Make possible to save reports in device first. And i cant find my older reports online. Its making reports useless. Make rating with 3 stars: don't use, maybe, use. And the beep is to long. Make 2, at most 3 loud tones.

Dave Cruickshank

Pretty effective There is a bug in this app when entering text into the additional notes that prevents me from backspacing (Samsung Note4... Could be my phone). But other than that it seems to work very well! Especially for a free app. Well done! Fix the bug. Get 5 stars.

Arpana Kedari

Just Close to Perfect. While this app may be complete for multi camera productions, the lack of an entry field for shot number makes it not so ideal for single camera work. A single button in the left or right edge of the screen instead of the five seconds countdown to trigger the flash and beep will make it more customizable.

Davina Hovanec

Great clapper Had a special event and needed a clapper, works great and easy to configure. Simple, effective, and would recommend for future work.

Ashish Chanda

very handy and well designed app

Steve Jackson

Unusable. On my Nexus 5x, there is no way to exit the app without shutting down the phone. Not "user-friendly" as far as I am concerned. I also hate that I should have to register an account to be able to fully use the app.

Paul W. J. Irwin

Freeze On my Moto X it now freezes with no access to menu or functions. Requires a force close. Not serviceable.

John Erbland

Awesome! Almost instant repair of a bug on a free app? Fantastic!

Chris Brackman

Why so many permissions? I want to update to the latest version; however, the added permissions are onerous. Why do you need to track what calls I've made when your app is running?

Louie Stokes

Wow!! I can't believe this app is free to download.That's really great app, Working like charming and I can't wait to capture more photo and add those funny stickers into my photo.My opinion is 5 star for this free app.


Great app Works on my samsung s4 phone but not on tablet with kit kat version 4. Loads up then gets to the 3 2 1 countdown then shuts the app down, have to use old version on tablet which is a shame as new app is so cool

Luke Bradley

Very good app, and very easy to use..I downloaded this apps and it' is really working, Easy to use but with lots of options available too,entertaining and scary too.

Jayden Willis

I surprise my friends with the app and they are so excited.I'm really impressed.Thank's from my heart for this app.Thanks to developer!

Brandon Doyle

Excellent app i've ever seen!!Overall in this app provided excellent features, Just Totally Awesome!! Outstanding!

Zak Bentley

This app is number 1 free app on the play store.Thumbs up to the developer!!Everyone must download this app!!Highly recommended!!

Jonathan Slater

I can't explain how much delightful and happy I am to download this app.

Sean Dyer

Awesome app..Just got it and really like it.It really works As described.Thank you So so so much !! Thumbs up.

Declan Coles

It's my pleasure to download this app.Awesome app!!

Don B

No dumb adds let me purchase and not sign in or watch adds

Alexander Delapenha

Eh It would be a good and useful app but it's sluggish and choppy on my brand new Nexus 5X

James Leonard

Totally awesome..and Very impressive!!First I couldn't believe this android app will really work.

John Bibi

Interesting and Excellent app!!Oh my god!!Oh my god!!That's ridiculous,It's really working,Love this!!! best app I've ever downloaded!!

Aaron Gerber

Decreased in functionality more ads

Synth Britannia

Login? Create an account???

Chris Brackman

Needs improvement for a multi-camera shoot. Let users set up camera count (and names for each) then allow that to be an on-the-fly dropdown to slate multiple cameras in rapid succession. ALSO... The frame rate should be displayed on the slate, as well as possibly removing unused fields, such as "filters", when no data is applied to that field. Frame display accuracy needs to be improved. Maybe display the frame number for a small fraction of the frame time (1/4 of the frame rate, let's say) so that each frame will have only one number (albeit a bit dimmer) per recorded frame. As it sits now about 3/4 of the frame numbers are blended with another frame number.


Bad after update Performance has got worse. Hate the requirement to register. I'm sad, as it was such a good app before. Uninstalled until problems solved.

Fotosafari Products

This could be the best one but it needs a few change. I purchased all the clappers I can find and this one still the best. Changes needed, Stop all these ads. Every time it starts it wants to log in online. Write the log on the device no more registration! Please fix these I will pay whatever you want. By the way, this is the ONLY one does a proper count down! Make FLASH screen white at the end of the count for 1/30 second for easier frame sync. Or, selectable ... one more item if you please... larger number would be much appreciated.

Harmandeep Pal

Very Bad Experience Not able to change settings and other stuffs

David Parrella

Would love an option to show slate before countdown Love it! The only thing is I wish we could have an option to see the slate before the countdown, to read to the camera and for the editor before saying "marker" and queueing the slate, since thats the procedure. If we had that I'd be using this on every set!

Anthony Brandis

Needs offline storage Agree with a number of other positive comments. But only 4 stars as the app won't save your list when offline. Inconvenient when travelling away when this is such a great app. Many users looking for this feature, can the app developers please release an update to use and save offline, before syncing to cloud account. Very usuable otherwise.

Wayan Arif Rustanto

It's the best Clapper board app FOR FREE! We'll appreciate if you make a paid version for this. So we never see the ads again. Thank you!

Nice, but... Has a nag screen. Then requests that I login upon each use. I just want to open the program and use it. It's a clapper... Why the heck do I want to login? Multiple cameras are capturing the information. I don't need your service requiring a login every time I open the program. The clapper itself is really really nice, and I want to use it- but I don't want to frickin' login. Get over yourselves and create a paid version where I can open it, set the scene, and GO! UNINSTALL.......

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