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7 Apr
Digital Alarm Clock

Posted by Squarenotch in Tools | April 7, 2016 | 188 Comments

Apk file size: 3.1 MB

Digital Alarm Clock is a reliable, stylish and easy to use speaking alarm clock & widget that can be customised to your needs.

The alarm clock that wakes you in the morning can have an impact on the rest of your day and we know that most people prefer to be woken with a different alarm on a weekend to that of a working day. Digital Alarm Clock offers you this functionality and much more.

Digital Alarm Clock FREE Features

► ALARM OPTIONS – Each alarm can be individually customised
• Built in tones or wake to your own music
• Fade in alarm
• Nap Timer on main display means you can set a quick alarm in just 2 clicks!
• Shake to snooze, number of snoozes, custom snooze time
• One off alarm, recurring alarm, date alarm

► DISPLAY OPTIONS – Completely customisable
• Day & Night mode with individual brightness and volume settings
• Built in nightlight softly illuminates the whole screen
• Anti Burn moves the clock to look after your display
• Optional day, date, seconds, AM/PM indicator, flashing separator
• Select your preferred date format
• Choose from over 16 million colours & several display fonts
• Fits to the size of your screen or pinch to resize

► EXTRA FUNCTIONALITY – We have thought of everything
• Speaking Clock. Simply tap to hear the time (requires TTS engine on device)
• Silence notifications ensuring a peaceful sleep
• Automatically launches when charging or docked for bedside use
• Alarm clock automatically closes when the charger is unplugged or undocked
• Handy widget allows you to see the time in style on your homescreen and quickly access the alarms screen.


Task killer applications can interfere with alarm clock applications. If you experience issues with alarms not activating and you use task-killing applications then you must add Digital Alarm Clock to the whitelist.


All permissions required are requested for legitimate use by the application and further information can be found at

Whats new

    Important: The app will request access to your media files upon launch. You must accept this is you wish to use a song on your device as an alarm.
    Fixed issue with alarms in Android 6 where preview is unable when a song is selected and alarms are not sounding correctly.

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A Google User

Everybody should get to know this app. It is so far the only app that I have been using since my first android. It does what it has to do with just enough tweaks to personalise. Some other apps sucks after update while this one never did.

kyle thehobbieguy

Love it! Forget conventional digital alarm clocks! Let's say I'm a bit of a heavy sleeper. Well... I am but that's besides the point! This will work on practically everybody! It's free and it works great! What more could ya ask for?

Randi Vincent

Love this app! I have used this app for about 4 months now and have nothing but good to say about it. Not only did I use it on my original phone, but I installed it on my tablet and my new phone. Not once have I had a problem with it on any of my devices at any time. I have already recommended it to many of my friends as well as to some I don't even know. It's never failed me!

Veydin Zayne

Love it! Easy and Simple That one font that's all choppy looks FRICKEN awesome! Any chance on that same font for the date, day and AM/PM? Looking forward to the updates! Thank you!

Race Blakhart

Does what it claims. Which is more than I can say about most apps. I was having issues with my S5's stock clock/alarm, but this doesn't just replace the original, it also looks way cooler because I customized it to my own liking. Don't hesitate to download this if you want to replace your stock clock.

Dave C

Brilliant, use every day One must have app. To the developer - for the auto launch when connected to power, can this be set between specific time window? Eg if power connection between 10pm- midnight, then display clock? Otherwise do nothing? Great app tho 5*

Robin Hunter

Cool app It works rather welk but tends to kill the battery. I enjoy the alarm, reminer, and timer functions...the click at night is awesime but I think that is the function that drains the battery.

Bart Schuck

It is just what I needed I am having problems with my eyesight, so the large display is very helpful. Being able to touch the screen to hear the time in the middle of the night is an added benefit. I was also able to get rid of a large alarm clock that took up a lot of space. Small issue: when minutes are between 01 - 09, the voice says zero instead of "oh." The latter is much more common.

Tracy Anderson

If you want a free alarm, look elsewhere. As so many others have said, the ads are just over the top ridiculous in this app. Set time - FULL SCREEN AD popup - choose sound - FULL SCREEN AD popup - choose snooze option - FULL SCREEN AD popup... etc. It makes me not want to give this guy money, so uninstalling and finding a new alarm.

Chris K

Great alarm clock Like this app. It's got everything that a paid app does but for free. So bear with some advertisement. EDITED (down graded to 3 stars) Installed in on my XiaoMi Note 4G running KitKat 4.4.2. The alarm does not go off until 5 mins later. eg. if I set my alarm at 6.00am, it'll only goes off at 6.05am. ADD-ON {Reinstalled it on my phone. Works the first time. Alarm goes off on time. But subsequently, alarm only goes off 5 mins later. :( (uninstalling)

Diane Holdren

Works like a dream!! I have used this app every morning for about 2 months now. It does what it's supposed to do. I've had absolutely no problems or crashing. Oh and I love the fact that the clock can talk the time! I definitely recommend!

David Todeschini

Best clock app ever Coolest clock app. Simple. Functional. No complex features but all you need. If developer would add option to speak time in the background and option to silence time speak between selected hours, this would rate SIX stars.

Michael Fitzgerald

Best Android alarm I've used I've tried many trying to avoid ads but I've been using this one over a year and it's very reliable. I just recently paid the dollar to remove ads and I love it even more. The options allow me to set a style of alarm that wakes me and keeps waking me until I'm up.

Stephen Grant

good was 5 star Really good clock but a problem has started it no longer shows how many hours left till alarm gose off. The box that used to display it is now blank. So it has a bug.

Rev AJ Correa

Best alarm app This is the best alarm app I've had. I wish ratings weren't whole #s. The only thing better would be for it to adjust to time zones. My meds are a complicated scheduled. That would make it absolutely perfect

Simon Li

Good app bad ads Too intrusive for the ads popping up otherwise I would have rated it 5*. I like the feature where I can schedule an alarm a few weeks ahead.

troy jackson

A bit glitchy Very nice app but can be a pain in the butt when an alarm goes off n i accidentally cut my screen off n the snooze/ off button n there's no way to stop it that's my only problem here fix that n u get 5

David Mm

Ok I downloaded this app because my stock android alarm would sometimes miss set alarms. I think this app is fairly good with a couple oddities, one being the time increments for the snooze, but all in all ok. It worked perfect the first week and then it started missing set alarms too. So far its been more inconsistent than the stock alarm but since both alarm apps did the same thing, it might be something with my phone itself. Not knowing for sure, I give this three stars.


Digital Alarm Clock Great little item works fantastic with my 7" tablet as a night clock as digits are very large and easy to see. Alarm is noisy Ltd number of sound options wish there were more.

Mike Wallett

Good enough The app is pretty nice. A nap timer, a speaking clock for when you're too groggy to read. It's an excellent app, but there are two things that make it a bit irritating. First, the ads. I know they give the programmer some money, but they pop up way too often. Second, the clock is buggy with sound. And what I mean by that is, if you make or edit an alarm time, then change the sound, it'll revert back to the original time and the sound will too. So make sure to save after every step.

Larrin Habeger

Great app if you don't travel. This app has screwed me twice. If you travel to a different time zone the alarm doesn't adjust. It just goes off 24 hours since the last time it went off. I was an hour late for a meeting. What's worse is that I reported this behavior two months ago and it still hasn't been fixed.

Dimitri Tzotzos

Excellent app Tried lots of different clock apps, but this one beats them all. Lots of customization options, great night mode.

Lu Pick

Happy with this app The only thing that bugs me are the pop up ads. Other than that, really love the option to change font colors and dim yr clock so that the light isn't too bright. One thing I've always hated about phone clocks is how bright the numbers are, so really happy with this option because it leaves the room nice and dark.

Leiane Bennice Zamora

Like a dream come true! It helps me so when I don't know what time it is I just check it so won't be late!

Steven Perry

Good alarm TERRIBLE ads The Ads on this app are out of control! They pop up every 10-30 seconds and take up the entire screen.

Mark Harrison

Ok but a battery killer I like, or liked this app. However it's become a real killer on my battery eating up as much of my battery as the OS. I'm going to disable it or uninstall it and use it only when necessary. This problem has gotten a lot worse since I move to Lollipop from Kitkat on my S5. Too bad. Obviously, I once thought it was worth paying for!

Ramona Gossard

great app I just love this app. It has all of the features I've been looking for including the adjustable snooze feature. I also like that the night mode is dim enough that it doesn't disturb my sleep. I also love that the alarm slowly increases in volume. It is a pleasant way to wake up. I paid for the ad free version and it was worth every penny! Thank You!

Derik Porter

I "insert obvious praise here" OMG! This is such an AMAZING app! Tells time, and works as an alarm clock also! Has ALL the features of just about every single single alarm app including stock alrams, but this is an app so it's so amazingly awsome! You have to download it cause I'm a random person who is amazed at repetitive apps! And this one wakes me up like every other alarm clock, and let me tell you, that's important because I sleep at least 8 hours a day! Heavy huh?! Now if there was just an app for a contact list...OMG! I GOTTA GO!

Michael Shelley

Great alarm apo, so far. Nice choice of alarms & features. Although i almost uninstalled it within the first 5 minutes after several ads popped up - too many ! Ì was simply trying out the menus; I hadn't even set any alarms yet. However , I decided to take a chance and test the app for a few days I'm glad I did it has quieted down to 1 or 2 ads aday. I just might buy it. We'll see how it does over the next week .

M ax

If you like Advertising pick this Originally I would have given this 5 stars but they have enough adds to force me to Uninstall it. Example: You have an alarm set it goes off, you turn it off and want to check 2nd alarm time (add), You turn second alarm on (add), go into it to check alarm type (add), change time (add), before can check am/pm (add), You check volume (add), You adjust level (add), You go to adjust ring type (add), and so on. If you want to be forced to buy it this is for you

Alan Marshall

Real good alarm Thought I'd download this and try it and I've not needed another since this, has good widget for clock and is good I'd recommend it

Carlos Reyes

Bothersome Great app. But it's bothersome to be asked so often for a rating. Well, there it is.

Frankie La Natra

Perfect app Does the trick while letting your phone charge quickly and efficiently. The fading in alarm really helps with gradually waking you up and not jumping out of your pants!!

Jeff Morena

The alarm clock I needed for my S5 Great alarm clock for a free app. The ads that pop up after every setting adjustment is annoying, but that's why it's free...though there are times where it won't stop ringing because u have to hit the "X" on the ad just to get back to the clock to shut it off. Overall, it works better than the original Samsung Galaxy S5 alarm clock.

Joanne DeLeon

Love it I love the fact that I can shake my phone to reset the time. Can't stand being dead asleep when an alarm goes off and it's hard to find that button to reset it. So far this app is awesome! ✌

Shivani Sheopory

Great app but way too many ads Works well, doesn't suck up battery however every button you click, you'll get an ad. That is unbelievably annoying how much they want to milk money from their customers that they ruin their user experience.

Lucy Street

Does exactly what I want. A nice clock display where the unlit area is actually unlit so is a nice night time bedside clock and not a night light, which I found with many other similar apps. It has other functions (battery life left display, etc) which are nice, but I haven't played around with many of them yet.

zak boyce

I'm so glad I get to wake up to my own music and not just a buzzer or whatever they have for their default alarm noise to wake up to my own music that makes me happy when I wake up. best alarm clock ever!!!

Erich Smith

Ads are really bad Can choose music and tapping screen will speak alarm time. Alarms are reliable but constant ads ... if you want to pay for ad removal would be great app but if you're looking for a free alarm keep going.

Eric Ott

Issue with changing time zones I like the app but I've had issues when changing time zones and the alarms not reflecting the new time zone. This morning the alarm was set for5:16am but the alarm didn't go off until 7:16am?

Dee Dozier

Ughhhh With the gazillion ads this has (which I get, it's free) certain ads cut off the alarm and other applications on my phone, without the alarm going off

Rikkei Topps

Best Digital Clock App EVER My husband and I needed a clock on our dresser, and I could not find a clock that suited all of our needs without spending $70-$100.00. This app had everything we need, and more!!

Michelle Smith

Love it! This app is everything i wanted. Ads are not disruptive to the app, comes on every time i plug it in, and actually wakes me up. I'm a heavy sleeper, so that part is VERY important!

Ronni R

The longest snooze is 15 min. I want 30. Then you dismiss and it turns back on up to an hour after it's been dismissed. Ok my mistake I had a second alarm set that's why it went off. Still would like 30 min snooze option

Roderick Kearns

Fully Customizable If you're looking for just a typical alarm clock app without customizable options this isn't for you. Love the ability to change the led color and use music from my phone as an alarm. 5 stars.

troy jackson

Not working!!! Very nice app but can be a pain in the butt when an alarm DOESN'T SOUND not one of my Alarms have worked since Monday i even downloaded another app to check and your app isn't working properly for me plzzz fix i can't keep waking up late.

Jeroen V

Very good and ergonomic Does everything you can think of for alarm purposes in a very well designed way, good looking, efficient and effective. I'd like an additional feature to use the system's alarm settings in stead of a separate alarms list.

Kathy Nousbein

* BRILLIANT for travelling * Great app, does exactly what it should do. Cool that u can tap the screen in the middle of the night and hear the time. Saves fumbling for your glasses!

Matt Fone

Cant pick music Having trusted this app for a long time, sadly it intermittently won't let me change the alarm tone from my selected music files. I find that really irritating and after uninstalling it and reinstalling for the 3rd time, I'm moving on. I did message the developers and heard nothing back.

Mary Parramore

Overall, it seems okay. The clock was"stuck" at 7pm. I haven't tried it yet as alarm clock. It's getting the test run tomorrow morning. If you check back with me, I will let you know how it went.

Domomonster o

Doesn't work sometimes. The only reason to have an alarm clock is to rely on it to wake you up, but this one can't be trusted. On several occasions I've had 2 alarms set just incase to wake ne up and many times it has failed to activate either of them. I do not recommend this if you are going to rely on it as your primary alarm.

Sabreen Fred

No longer working I have 4 alarms set and none of them are going off. I'm not sure what happened. Even the widget I put on my phone doesn't work. The clock stays at one time and date which is very annoying and I bought the app on top of it. Everything was working fine up until last week. Now I have to get another alarm because the alarm on the galaxy S6 is horrible! -- sabby

Stephen Weil

Great Alarm Clock!!! I use this alarm clock for all my wake up calls. I like how I can use my ring tones and set it for my work schedule and all my daily needs. Great App!!!

Ronald Watts

Nice app to have This is a nice feature it exactly resembles that alarm clock if had for years. Works rather well and also has adjustable settings a must have. the only thing I don't like is the cost of removing the adds quite nonbenaficial actually.

Private Attorneys General Group

BS Too many adds. Adds for days. Like 3 different alarm types. Video adds of arabs singing loudly... Wtf? 3 adds in a row after each snooze button pressed? Did I mention all the adds of singing arabs? Uninstalling...never coming back.

Emily Hobbs

Would have given a 5, but the clock on the widget stopped working and is stuck on 7:49. It is very reliable, easy to use, and has a nice look to it.

mike albers

Dissapointed It did work well, but now doesn't go off any more... looks like it's time for a new one... too bad, I liked this one.

Francesco Scaglioni

Just the best alarm clock out there. Would have been a 5* but for just one thing ( auto start up on charging option should have " within these times " setting option )

Ronald Brown

I installed it on my droid max and it works great but t It won't work on droid turbo 2, I sent several email's but no reply bottom line don't purchase.

Fenay Richards

Terrible The ads are too much are are very loud! Only got this cause of don't like the one on my phone. I need my snooze. The dismiss button is way to big so if you are off by a bit while half asleep to hit snooze you're screwed. Once an alarm is set it will go off even if you put no time and no date. I couldn't get it to stop the alarm without deleting it and creating a new one.

Sami Boulos

The app constantly fails because of the ads. It will ring out once and never again, or will not ring because an ad pops up. Not worth your time...

cindy williams

Well done Jason, this is an amazing app. Easy to to use and allows me to customise it to my liking. I highly recommend this to everyone who needs a reliable alarm clock.

Terry Goodbeer

Digital Alarm Clock Allows smart phone to function as a digital clock, Alarm wake up while monitoring phone's battery strength in bold, bright characters you can see from across the room.

Vaughn Beierlorzer

Wonderful!!! Very helpful 99/100 it will Go off you can customize what the home of the app looks like and is pretty loud I relay on this and it delivers! p.s helpful for school

Lee Grissett

Needs sleep timer white noise. Also weather. Good enough to buy but dev told me almost a year ago that the above would updates in almost a year.

Frank Vacirca

Great for if you want to sleep in. What's the point of this if it isn't going to work? Especially if you set it to wake up for work and ALL 5 alarms DON'T go off? Don't know why it stopped working but now the app is useless. Uninstalling.

Ramona Gossard

great app I just love this app. It has all of the features I've been looking for including the adjustable snooze feature. I also like that the night mode is dim enough that it doesn't disturb my sleep. I also love that the alarm slowly increases in volume. It is a pleasant way to wake up. I paid for the ad free version and it was worth every penny! Thank You!

jack johnson

Great! Love it. Only thing that I could ask for is a widget that shows alarms individually or in a list. Keep up the great work!

Jacky Cooper

Useless The time displayed on the clock my phone does not tell th6e correct time. I have to open it to see the correct time, which defeats the purpose. Multiple emails to the developer have gone unanswered. I do like the feature of being able to set an alarm for a future date. But the clock is useless when it doesn't display the correct time.

Nilesh Parekh

Dysfunctional Alarm Nice looking clock and useful functions. However, as per other reviews here, the alarm function does not work. Well, alarm goes off but on silent! Which is pretty useless. Therefore best not to rely on this app if you need waking up! HTC M9

Erica Glover

Excellent Got this for my elderly mother who has poor vision. Installed this to auto start on a tablet and digits are large enough to see across the room. If she still cannot read it, she just touches screen and it speaks the time. Alarm and nap features are easy to use, although she probably will not be able to set them due to her poor vision. Dinged 1 star because colors do not work; I only get white on black. Color settings are ignored. Suggestion for future enhancements would be to add voice recognition to allow asking what time it is and for setting, and silencing, alarm and nap.


Best yet Size and ease of use were intuitive Love it

Wynn Fuller

Installed on Samsung note 5 Very cool. Extremely customizable ! This app makes an alarm clock obsolete ! Great job !!

Gregory Gilpin

Mr. Q Alarm has never failed! Dependable app. Loud beeps, lots of setting choices! I like that the clock remains on and visible while docked. Great App

David Noll

This is a very nice app. and has exceeded my expectations. Very easy to use and very useful. I really like the multiple daily alarms and use them almost every day. I just read some of the complaints about the ads and all i can say is just buy the app!!! Good grief!! For the few dollars that it costs to support the developer it is we'll worth the purchase price! The developer has spent much time and effort on this, it seems only fair for the users to express their appreciation and support by purchasing it.

Jason Rhoades

Forced video commercials ruined this app I was fine with the pop up advertisements that were intrusive every time I tried to set my alarm, but I understand that it's a free app and you have to make money... then the recent update happened with these autoplay video adds that play after your alarm goes off. Completely obnoxious... Uninstalled.

Richard Damase McClain Jr

Great clock app You can set it use an external speaker and play music instead. The only thing I would like to see is retro setting puts the numbers that flip like the truly retro clocks did. I'm old enough to remember those. Lol

Scott DG

Great app too many ads! UPDATE: Failed to work 2 days in a row... deleting! The app does everything i wanted it to, but the pop up ads are ridiculous! It seems there is a new one every screen you go to. UPDATE: They now have video ads, which are not only annoying, but seen to have created a bug that doesn't allow my alarm to go off any more. To the developer, why make the one thing people complained about worse? I'm going to have to find a reliable app now.

Joanne Collins

Not showing time on my maxx. Wrote the developer but no response. Alarm still works and I am able to choose my own music but seeing 88:88 is really annoying. I love the click at night and the ability to use different colors. Waking to my own musical choice instead of an alarm makes coming out of my sleep a little less unpleasant. Snooze works great. The app has never failed me.

Kirti Vaidya

Great App with Personalized Customer Service I purchased this app a while back and have been a very happy user, enjoying features like the nap timer, ability to dim the bedside clock down to very low brightness, etc. It stopped working recently when I upgraded my phone to Android M. I emailed the company and waited, not wanting to change to another app. After a few weeks to my surprise I received an email from Jason Parsons that the app had been upgraded to work on Android M. It's back on my phone and works like a charm. Way to go Jason!

Saleem Fawcett

Good but could be better Does most things just as it should. Big snooze button, brilliant! Unfortunately, reminders from other apps stop the alarm mid flow or stop the alarm sounding. This can be a major problem.

Wayne Ramsden

Note 3 owner on android 5.0 good app.udate fixed the time until alarm goes off now its all good again..i use this as my mane alarm.i like it so much i payed for pro version.. £1.19 well spent to get rid of ads..

Cindy Alvarado

Digital Alarm Very loud if you set it that way. Best I've ever used. Ok the Android, or a regular alarm clock! Love it!

Pankaj Pandey

Nice app It is better than other apps. It is not like other apps that stop responding but a little issue is that it shows ads sometimes.

Steve Jennings

Great app. Great support. Large display. Functions easy to understand and operate. App stopped working briefly after an android system upgrade. Developer promptly solved problem. Great support.

Brad Spichtig

Annoying ads Video ads pop up after every alarm and are difficult to stop them from playing all the way till the end. Sometimes it's inconvenient to not be able to shut it up and forced to have a video play

David Quinn

Love this app! This app I have found to be really good at waking me up when I need to be! It really is customizable for alarms and keeps track of them really easy and I don't have to keep changing my alarm clock all the time! Just click on the alarm that I have set and go to sleep. Really is handy!

Emily Terikaem

Ads when snoozing I like this app except it is now playing video adds when it goes off. So I hit snooze but have to wait for the video to allow me to close it. No thanks, I'm trying to get more sleep not watch an ad.

Gregory Hawkins

This is super great app, only 1 problem the adds R so annoying!!! Can you fix this problem??? Adds are annoying, but it's free; if it wasn't for the adds this would be the perfect apps!

Brian Van Bogart

This used to be a 5 star app Ever since the marshmallow update, this app no longer allows the screen to be turned off while it is open and the phone is plugged in. If I turn the screen off, it will just turn back on after a few seconds. I've used this otherwise great alarm app for years through three phones, and it's been wonderful until now. I wish they'd fix this problem, but for now it's time to find a new alarm clock app.

A Google User

Everybody should get to know this app. It is so far the only app that I have been using since my first android. It does what it has to do with just enough tweaks to personalise. Some other apps sucks after update while this one never did. --- Update from comment: I cannot use this app anymore on my new BQ Aquaris 5. The time disappears from screen in landscape. It would also be great displaying time when hanging upside down. ---

Mike Peach

Galaxy s7 edge Since getting the newest Samsung Galaxy phone, alarm didn't work. Can't use the music off the phone. However after reporting this issue it got corrected lightning fast. This is the best alarm/clock app on the market!

Mike Frutchey

WAY TOO MANY ADDS Every time an alarm goes off, am add pops up. Extremely annoying. Also, when setting up an alarm, can't preview the volume of an alarm, nor the sound to go with it. Deleting this one ASAP.

Max Weigel

Love this Alarm Clock The best features for me are the adjustable brightness of the display components and, the Fade-In alarm so it is not such a jolt to wake up, and that you can set so many different alarm time/Day combos. For those complaining about pop-up ads, Instead of holding your hand out for a free app, just go hold it out on a street corner with the other pan-handlers. Shouldn't take long to make the few dollars needed to turn off the ad's.

Pat W-Moore

I love the ringtone selection options. I don't like to be jolted awake, I like the option of having it start with a low sound & gradually in increase higher. It is very easy to set, I don't like complicated to perform a simple task. Been using it since October 2015, still love. Love my wake up ring tone.

susie phillips

No response While the app itself has been my favorite, since the recent android update it makes a SERIOUSLY ANNOYING TONE everytime I push any button within the clock and right before the alarm sounds. I have emailed the developer 3 times with not a single response!

D Sutton

Still One of the very best! Looks cool. Does more. Uses less juice! ☺But voice on Note 3 should say "AM" instead of "Ampersand" like it says "PM" for PM. The same app installed on other devices says "AM".

Andre Dyer

Digital Alarm clock Loved it. Easy to use, reliable and really looks good.

shiraz ossman

It's free and it does what it does Better than some paid apps. Ali of ads but I can live with them

Brian Murphy

Great clock app! Love it. By far the best clock app I've found for my BlackBerry Priv. If only we could get the BB10 Stock Clock , that'd be perfect!

Luck Yeung

Works with Marshmallow but Annoying Ads Seems to be one of the rare alarm apps that work with Android 6, Marshmallow. Crescendo alarm works well but buttons too small for snoozing or dimissing alarm. Way clock's brightness is controlled is tedious. Would be better to have list of alarms as default view and clock as optional. Also time remaining until next alarm can be really helpful. This free version spams ads quite aggresively! Particularly video ones.

Shane Hawkes

Great customizable clock Been using this for years and I'm still loving this great app. Thanks Jason

Janet Baker

Its ok. Doesnt go off sometimes if its set for a wake up more than 3 hrs. from the time you set it til you want it to go off. Dont know if its my phone or the app.

Myron Perera

There has been a lot of improvement to the app, now it works better than before. Colours for time date can be changed

Redd Griffin

Would have a 5 star but... Way way way too many ads. Consistently popping up.... Highly considering deleting it because of it. If that could be fixed the app would be just fine.

Adam Schlemmer

Fantastic It does everything I need it to and more, also the built in wake up tones are very nice, they don't jerk me awake like most do. A very nice app.

Laura Ostrowski

Great ... love all the customizable options Love all the options, especially dimming the light and picking colors not in the blue spectrum.

Charles Hights

Music on external storage works now With this new update it will play the songs on my external storage love it now

Benjamin Benoit

I use this every night for the soft light. Helps with my sensitive eyes.

Jeff Shaver

Worked at first Seemed to do everything I wanted at first (except weather, but I can live without that). Suddenly, when activated, the font is so tiny that I can't see it. Want my money back. Not sure why it's so hard to make a simple dock/alarm clock

Paul Montefusco

Works well I've used this app for about a year. Have has no issues at all. It just plain works

Betrayal Temeth

Ok Can be brilliant although some times can't turn off the alarm

Ellen Collins

Very useful I especially like the nap feature, but would like more length choices.

Jessica Owens

Marshmallow ruined it! Ever since the marshmallow update there is a beeping sound all the time when the clock is on.

Tami Aaron

Digital alarm clock Large display is so helpful and the options are fantastic!

Billy Wheeler

Great job Perfect bedside clock - Paid for ad removal. I use this app nightly, it was the least I could do. Thanks =)

Dennis Lindberg

Very good app ,never have any trouble with it.

Aaron Hewitt

Great alarm app Full of neat features... Love the night mode and custom colors

Nick Cooper

Nick Great app. Simple, able to dim it so not too bright.

Pastor Bill Provost

Well done! I have been using it for a long, time and it has never let me down.

Garth Balcom

So far so good. Clean. Does what it's supposed to do...

Krystal Bassett

Alarm clock It goes off even when not set and dose not turn off unless i turn my phone off

Stephen Jones

Great Not a single problem. Just works how you would expect. Dont even bother looking at other ones.

Tracy Alley

Finally!! Just what I've been searching for. Soooo worth purchasing!

lorena olivas

The best alarm clock app so far...

Nate Nerdin

It's ok 2 many ads Adds pop up all the time blocking me from turning off alarms

Karen Wilson

Handy! Lots of cool features and worth it!

Elan Morin Tedronai

Flawed, But Works My biggest complaint, my only complaint, is that you cannot turn "Snooze" off. The length of snooze time can be adjusted, but to actually turn the alarm off requires opening the app. It's such a simple thing I don't know how it hasn't been patched yet.

Grace Winks

A few bugs. When I set my alarm the pop up window with the circle clock to change the alarm time won't allow me to see it in landscape mode..,I still love this app, how customizable it is & all its features! So great!!!

Bart Schuck

It is just what I needed I am having problems with my eyesight, so the large display is very helpful. Being able to touch the screen to hear the time in the middle of the night is an added benefit. I was also able to get rid of a large alarm clock that took up a lot of space.

Carl Schrank

Excellent app Does just what it should simply and without any fuss. Easy to use, great appearance. I upgraded and liked it MUCH better, what can you get for a buck that makes your life better??? It just gets better with every update! Thanks!

Ron King

At last. I have tried three other alarm clocks, but I will keep this one. Easy to use and dependable. I can gently wake up to the music of my choice.

David Catriel

Nice but could be enhanced Would be good to differentiate between charging via cable and wireless as I want the clock to show up only when docking wirelessly.

Matt Pankey

Love it. I can change the colours, the clock is nice and big. Quick and easy day and night mode. Lots of extras. It even protects from screen burn-in. Worth every penny.

Kelly Jordan

Lovely little alarm It works. Ads can be annoying, I don't care for the night light/click feature. It's still too bright for me. Updated to the paid version and I love it.

Nina Mancari

Awesome App and Usually I Love It... However lately it goes off whenever and not when it is supposed to on my Samsung Galaxy S4... I have overslept quite often because it's not going off when it should. I have even tried to uninstall and reinstall it several times... It just isn't working right and I am upset. The same thing happens with the Cute Clock (Pink Clock) app, and I have also Uninstalled & Reinstalled that app too...

Fawn Myers

The best Update this is still the best alarm clock. I love the pink version too. This is absolutely the very best clock/alarm ever and it's free!

S Gupta

Gr8 product only issue is limited fonts option. I wish they give some simple fonts like calibri.

Mark Burgess

Very convenient You can schedule upcoming events on specific days, on a specific month, at the time you need to minimize forgetting what you need/want to do

Debbie Coker

So far so good Does what it says and gives options to customize. Glad I found it because I am so use to waking up and looking g at the time.

Dylan R

Does not work!! This app worked for about a week before it stopped. I tried everything. I even tried leaving the app open overnight and still no alarm. Luckily my wife also has an alarm set. This app also has video pop-up ads. Do not download if you actually rely on your alarms.

Sufian Sedek

Excellent app This app did not fail to ring. If i did fail to wake up, it was because of me. Set 10 alarms, dismissed and snoozed all 10. I think their bonus function is the nap time alarm, kinda handy.

Tham WyeMin

So far so reliable. I like the big and easy to see screen, especially in the night. The speaking clock is also useful in the middle of the night.

Riverlight Zatsamine

Amazing! I love this app to death! I can change the colors. I decide how loud my alarm is and it even has a night light! (which I use when I need to go get a late night snack or something)

robert geer

Awesome It replaces an aging cd alarm clock. I can see the numbers without my glasses.

Maria Carolina Comings

Perfect nightstand clock Easy to use with just the functionality I'd expect. Like the ability to set clock color, - allowed me to minimize sleep disturbance - change display size, name alarms, and set them for specific dates (e.g. weekend and weekday alarms). Freebie worked well, but chose to upgrade to paid ans get rid of ads given regular use.

Charles Aston

Need an alarm that works? Get this app! Efficient, easy to use. The only thing I dont like is when the screen locks while the alarm sounds, because it causes the alarm to be unsilenceable because the dismiss button wont show upon unlocking the phone.

mark mccallops

Can't live w/o it!! Use this every day, only alarm that I can actually hear!( 75% deaf). Tried a lot of others, best by far. Thanks!!

Stephen Hess

Perfect Replacement for an Actual Alarm Clock I was looking for an alarm clock app that I could use on my phone all night while it was charging. This one is it. I love how big the numbers on the display are. I also like the alarm setting you can use that starts the sound before the actual alarm time and which slowly becomes louder and louder, to wake you gently. I have had this app for over a year now, and the developers continue to enhance it in thoughtful ways.

Samuel Manning

Perfect, best alarm i found Wouldn't change a thing, been using this for about 6 months or more. Tried many other alarm apps and this one suited my needs perfectly.

bill pemberton

I hate star begging Please stop doing this. Ask once and no more. It is very irritating.

Mary Huber

Excellent Clock and Alarm Clock Far superior to the free version. Provides everything you might need in an Alarm Clock/Clock. The only thing that would improve it would be a broader selection of alarm sounds/music to choose from.

Gothic Shadez

Brilliant Fab fab fab. Works seamlessly on my note 4. loving the month/date ability so you can set an alarm months in advance as well as your daily wake up call. So many options and looks just amazing. And the app developers not greedy with their Pro version costs, just a few pence to unlock, (it's so good I threw my money at the screen) I am singing your praises, my partner has also bought this and I will continue to spread the word. Job well jobbed.

Doug Jardine

Great alarm easy to use. I like the way that it's so adjustable to meet my everyday needs. I don't like that I had it installed in my other phone and two weeks later or less I got another phone and ended up having to pay for the no adds again not that it was very expensive but just dissatisfied that I had to pay twice for it in such a short period of time. All of the other apps that I have I did not have to pay again for. Maybe just a glitch on my part but we'll worth the money either way great product and very user friendly.

Mark Glover

Used to be great Recently it started letting facebook notifications through, which light up the room. Also I have to set my alarm every night or it won't go off. Menu and back buttons on the phone also stay illuminated at full brightness, was much better before when they went off! Sent feedback to designers but heard nothing, and no improvement

Oli Wally

So far so good Just installed today on S4 with Lollipop 5.0.1. Looked at many different alarm apps and this one has all the features I need to replace my analogue clock radio. I do wish there was an option to pick random songs from play list. Haven't yet tested to wake me up, although all of my test runs worked, even with phone on silent, app turned off and phone locked.

R Riann Jazzy J

Works Great especially for an App. It works great and I love the fact that I can set more then one alarm. I like all the different alarm tones. It's definitely worth it to buy the add free version. I was annoyed by the constant adds lol but the really cheap add free version has solved that problem. This app works way better than the alarm that came with my phone. Only once it didn't go off in time out of 2 years but I've yet to see an alarm that doesn't do that once in a blue moon. The ones in the store do that to but more often.

Brad Kelley

A really good app, check it out I use this app all the time. Easier to read @ night without glasses than any other alarm clock I've ever used! Quite flexible and customizable, clean and simple. The only thing I would change is the addition of current weather information in my location. Great app! Thanks

D Wong

Best alarm clock app! Simple and clean interface, Time display floats to avoid screen burnt-in. Allows me to use music for alarm. After a few days, I paid for the app. Free app has ads that are not intrusive. But well worth paying little over $1 to get this nice app. It now serves as my travel alarm clock. Use about 10% battery if left running overnight (8 hrs), YMMV. Nice A+++++++

Clint Love

Everything seems to work well for the most part, but sometimes the alarm doesn't go off. I tried to duplicate the problem but I couldn't. It just seems to be random. If it happens again, I am going to uninstall the app and use something else.

Great Bedside Clock I have been using the pro version of this clock now for several years. As a frequent traveler, I originally began using this clock as a travel alarm, but it is now my bedside clock/alarm both at home and on the road. Once you become familiar with all the settings, it is easy to use and has never let me down.

gary stewart

Latest updates make it unusable on wireless charging This used to be awesome (5 star), latest updates change that. The app gives an unconfigurable loud beep when switching off or when power is interupted. For wireless charging this means beeping throughout the night. Makes it unusable as a bedside alarm clock (which is its main purpose) Please fix this adap so I can go back to using it, it used to be the best alarm clock out there. Not anymore

Ken Langland

For Rest, Tests Bless this Best over Rest! Used it for years, satisfied now this is the very best for me. Tested many others. Since then, problems were fixed, Phones improved, & I've just learned how to use it. Now it perfectly matches my expectations... Ok, maybe it could add another even dimmer night setting, or other gogaws, but I'm not losing any sleep over it!. The Very Large Readable, Beautiful, Always On Display that I can Always Count On... Sleepy eyed, Without putting on my glasses, or even interrupting a Good Dream!

aaron mcclure

Doesn't seem to work when I really need it. But if it's not important to be up on time me and the snooze will fight for a couple of hrs. I even have the volume synced up to a bigger speaker really loud but woke up late and don't hear a thing

Brittany Moore

It's Really Good It does what it says it will, it looks good, and I like being able to use my own music. I would like having the stopwatch not be a separate app but other than that no complaints. Idk why some people are complaining about too many ads because I personally rarely notice them.

Jenivere S

Alarms not sounding. I rely on the alarms to go off multiple times in the day to remind me to take medication. For the last month or so many alarms have failed to sound. I cannot rely on this app any longer.

Cyber Sammael

Does what it needs to I just wanted an alarm clock with multiple alarms and lets me wake up to music, and this does it all with style. Its a solid app which works well and the talking time and colour customisation are nice touches.

james hayes

Always on time Im always on time to work now with this alarm clock app its well made and easy to use.. I work in the real world as a iron worker im alwahs on time lets me know wht time it is i never miss a appointment or dead line now . Thanks for this app

Cheryl Butz

Rating I enjoy the alarms. Love the ring tone options. Have had a little trouble with the alarm going off. It seems to work for awhile and then doesn't go off. I have removed an reinstalled the program. Will see if that works. Love the snooze feature. Love the nap feature and love the clock.

Al MacDonald

Decent alarm app I'm looking for a new alarm app since alarm clock plus will not work with marshmallow os update. This one works with marshmallow, but there are a few features I miss. Mostly option to chose whether individual alarms should follow phone's setting for silent mode. I want my morning wake up alarms to always be full volume, but others I don't want to blare out if I'm somewhere it might be inappropriate.

Daniel Forde-Pogson

Great app but... Ads are annoying and appear 3 times before I can get rid of them. Also mysteriously zeros alarm volume and sometimes the alarm doesn't work at all (on Huawei P9)

Dave Hyland

Best I've Found Does pretty much everything I want - other apps have some of the features, but this one has almost everything. I use this every night, hasn't failed me yet. I would love to see different fonts (i.e. not just the "digital clock" effect), and an indicator to show charging status; but these are very minor personal preferences. Would happily recommend this app. Edit: App makes a loud tone/sound when activating & deactivating - would like the ability to turn this off.

Dee Gonzalez

Love this app but... I love this app but I wish it had a selection that when docked if your emergency contact tries to call or text it would notify you. Only thing that could benefit the app. If it had that capability I would rate 5 as stars as the perfect clock. Worth the money for sure.

Matt Block

Great app but problem on Android 6.0.1 This app has been working great, but since the latest OS update the alarm date/time selection screen is blank so an alarm cannot be set. It's been an awesome app, so it would be a shame to have to find an alternative.

Laura Lucente

This developer doesn't care! This is very similar but distinctly different to Cute AC which I used all the time! Developer refuses to help with this PURCHASED app! This 1 paid for too! So many reports & emails explaining the problem! It won't even load now! No one even had the decency to tell me to f$%k off! I've tried dozens of times & ways to fix it on my own but it still fails! I want my money back! What a huge dissapointment develpers are!

Greg Zeitler

Horrible! The ads on this app are extremely loud and pop up every time you set an alarm or turn one off. If there was a way to turn the volume off on the ads this app would be much better.

Francesca Carroll

One Clock Does It All! I use this clock daily as my go to alarm clock. I love that I can set multiple alarms with different songs and either snooze or dismiss. The clock talks if you want. The colors, brightness or dimness of each aspect of the display can be set. What's not to love?

Lois Andrews

Digital Alarm Clock This is a great app. It's easy to use and had a lot of nice features. One of my favorite features allows you to choose to silent all phone sounds while the clock is on. That allows for a great night's sleep without hearing beeps every time a junk email is received. I also especially like the morning melody alarm tone (one of several that can be selected) and the fact that the volume starts off very soft and gradually increases.

Philip Schaffner

Good alarm, annoying unwanted intrusions Alarm and timer functions work well but I'm about ready to uninstall it due to the annoying behavior of frequently popping up when unwanted, including while navigating with Waze or Google Maps. If there's a software switch to control this I've been unable to find it.

Billy K Winters

5 star even with a glitch I've used this app for well over a year. Recently it has allowed the phones screen saver to blank out the screen during the night. Otherwise it's been a great alarm clock. Simple to use.

David Quinn

Love this app! This app I have found to be really good at waking me up when I need to be! It really is customizable for alarms and keeps track of them really easy and I don't have to keep changing my alarm clock all the time! Just click on the alarm that I have set and go to sleep. Really is handy! The only thing that is less than stellar is I gotta keep giving it 5 stars for each version. Keep up the good work.

Caroline Barringer

My go-to alarm clock! Been using this app for years. Easy to use and updates make it better and better. I can fall asleep and rest deeply because I know I can rely on this app to gently wake me up with the sounds of birds. Keeps my stress levels down by waking up in a Zen kind of way. Thanks! Awesome app!

Brian Murphy

Great Alarm Clock I can set an alarm days or weeks in advance, and it can be multiple alarms to. I have alarms set for Doctors appointments, my probation officer and church functions. Each alarm can be personalized so when the alarm goes off, it says whatever you want it to on your screen. Has snooze function. Touch the screen and it tells you the time. A great feature if eyesight is an issue. I am very pleased with this app and I recommend it very much.

Hawthorne Designs

I wish u could dim certain info that's not as important at first glance and not have to show the date and the day of week simultaneously. And too b able to dim those and at a different color. Other then that it's my favorite app and do away with all the advertisements

Dawn MacDonald

Good app I have paid version. I really like it except for the fact that you hear this awful tone or it vibrates whenever you enter or exit the app, depending on what your phone setting is on. I absolutely hate this and unless I'm missing something, there's no way to shut it off. I even emailed developer with no response. Please fix this! My husband is asleep beside me and doesn't want to wake up to me setting my alarm!

Andrew Pillinger

Fantastic A fantastic app with lots of functionality. Customisable colours and the digital font act like a real digital clock. Adding seconds to the minutes & hours is also included for more precise time. Adverts do regularly pop up when trying to set an alarm, but apart from that I recommend this and the stopwatch app as well.

Mohamed Al-AbdulWahed

Great and delivers all! Impressive.. I agree everyone should get to know this app.. especially development teams.. this is how you create something useful. Without ads bothering more than necessary yet are still visible.. fair to both users and advertisers.. hence a useful tool is born.

Jim Hobbs

Was great, update messed it up. Works well most of the time. Now it makes a loud beep whenever I touch the screen when the clock is on. Not a good thing in the middle of the night, as it wakes my wife up!

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