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5 Dec
devolo Cockpit

Posted by devolo AG in Tools | Dec. 5, 2013 | 64 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

This app can only be used with one of the following products:

- dLAN® LiveCam or

- dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ or

- dLAN® 500 WiFi or

- dLAN® TV SAT Multituner

dLAN® LiveCam:

The dLAN® LiveCam gives you an eye on your home at all times. Ensuring the safety of your house, children or pets – you're always up to date, even when on holiday or at work. By calling up the dLAN® LiveCam app video in real time, you can see exactly what happens in front of the camera at all times. You don't need dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+, dLAN® 500 WiFi or dLAN® TV SAT Multituner to use dLAN® LiveCam!

dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+/dLAN® 500 WiFi:

With the dLAN 500 AV Wireless+/dLAN® 500 WiFi, you get an intuitive option to configure your dLAN® home network. It enables particularly simple home network monitoring, for example with display of the adapter status and the transmission rate and the configuration of individual security settings.

dLAN® TV SAT Multituner:

The dLAN® TV SAT Multituner for satellite television directly via power lines. With the dLAN® TV SAT, you get an intuitive option to configure and display the status of your dLAN® Multituner.

dLAN® 200/dLAN® 500/dLAN® 650:

Unfortunately, the Android operating system does not allow any direct configuration or monitoring of standard dLAN® 200/500/650 devices. This requires the use of a dLAN® 500 AV Wireless+ or dLAN® 500 WiFi or dLAN® TV SAT Multituner for translation. However, you can then configure and monitor all dLAN® 200/500/650 devices.

dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N:

Unfortunately, these functions can no longer be offered as a firmware update for the dLAN® 200 AV Wireless N, because the storage capacity of the device is already completely used up. However, all future dLAN® Wireless devices will support this app.

Whats new

    - Improved and simplified set-up of the dLAN® LiveCam
    - Improved video quality of the dLAN® LiveCam
    - Configurable dashboard
    - Unterstützung von Geräten mit hohen Auflösungen
    - Supports the dLAN® TV SAT Multituner
    - Supports new devolo dLAN® devices
    - Turkish language added

devolo AG part of our Tools and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Dec. 5, 2013. Google play rating is 58.8308. Current verison is 1.1.0. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download devolo-cockpit.apk 22.0 MB


Ray Glendenning

Doesn't work I can't find a way to add my Devolo 1200+ Wifi ac. I can only select LiveCam which I don't own. PLC Monitor however does work!

Adam James

Apple, windows all fine not android I have two WiFi 500 devices and one duo device, this app works fine on my iPhone, my ipad fine, my Mac fine, my windows devices fine. But not on my work android phone or my friends Samsung tablet. So not device specific or anything to do with network access as the android devices both have full access to all network devices. Obviously I can connect to the config pages so its not all lost, but for some reason only the option to add another camera comes up and I do not have one!!

Alf Sagen

Security catastrophy for Devolo dLan products!!! Seriously, this app can be installed by anyone, and if this person can connect to a Devolo dLan device (doesn't even have to be directly connected to the WiFi access point, it's enough even to be on another subnet as long as netmask etc. allows you access to the dLan subnet!), then this person can set a new network password, set dLan devices back to factory settings etc. There isn't even any need for a password -- the app scans the network, finds any compatible devices, and voila! Is there *NO* security????

Pete Collins

Works fine on a Nexus 5 (or did !!!!!) Based on other people's reviews, I was a bit anxious about installing on my new Nexus 5. Our house has been gutted and is being rebuilt: In the meantime, we're living in our bedroom. The builders moved the telephone/router point last week and the wifi signal in our bedroom dropped to the point where it was useless. We have a couple of 200AV in storage so that was no use, so I bought a 500 WIFI and a 500 Duo as a temporary fix. Both installed ok and the dlan app on my phoned picked them both up with no problems. I've been able to use the app to configure both devices. I'll have to wait a few weeks before I knwo whether or not the older 200AV devices will also appear on the app. Jan 2015 - Hasn't worked for several months now. Have removed and re-installed but still doesn't work - same as all the other reports.

Gary Inman

Awful. If you have a Devolo kit you will be directed by the blurb to believe this app helps you with installation. It does not - it seems only to be concerned with Live Cams and not the Devolo dlan wireless kit at all. Annoying, as are all their useless instructions.

Paul Crowley

Doesn't work on Android I had to borrow a friends iPhone as this android version simply doesn't work.

Fernando Costa Silva

Fernando Costa Silva The app. don't work on my S4! Goes straight to live cam, and won't let you go to the settings

Marc Farnen

Looks great! I have to say I thought there would be more to the app when I opened it. I have the wifi extender and starter kit, both work well.

Alan Paton

Only looks for cams Doesn't appear to see my dlan network at all, so useless really. I'll stick to my laptop...

steve borrer

Does not work with 1200 ac For some reason, it does not display my dlan. It only offers the option to add cameras.

Benjamin Guerville

Very poor.. Devolo's hardware is fantastic. I have been using their CPL Wifi kit for a while & am still impressed by its reliability.The Cockpit software also works well on Windows or Mac but the Android version stopped functioning on my Galaxy S3 4G after the update to 4.3. It worked on 4.1.2. The technical support is basically non existent. Unhelpful & not answering questions properly. As far as they are concerned their software works...maybe they should start to check the ratings and comments. Wake up......

Hugo Moors

Doesn't seem to work on lollipop Used to work but it doesn't find my WiFi plug ins anymore, other network tools find them without any problems

Craven Martin

Works Great I've seen a lot of complaints that the app doesn't work because you only get an option for live cams. If the set the devices up first, as per the manual, then go into Cockpit, a option will appear 'My DLAN'. Then it works, and you can access all your settings and tweak them how you want. IT'S A GOOD APP, SET THE ADAPTORS UP FIRST!

Jose Barrientos

What camera? I don't need to add a camera because I don't have a camera. What I do have are some WiFi PLCs that I'd like to configure using the app which was designed to do so.

Ole Kristian Skramstad

Does not work. Connected to the devolo dLan 500 Wi-Fi with my nexus 4 running lollipop. The only option in the app is to configure a live cam which I don't even own. Useless app as it stands.

David Kennedy

Fail Straight to live cam (whatever that is!) and no other options. The software shouldn't have even been released in this state. Fail.

jafar mousavi

I have contacted to 8 devolo. It works perfectly with Sony Z3

Alastair Cassie

Useless If this wasn't free I'd be asking for my money back. Has no functionality whatsoever for Dlan connectors.

fred gibson

Fail Still not working on Moto G but working on Nexus 7. Being told 'well just use Nexus 7' isn't a solution...

Tony Evans

Nexus 7 Seems only suitable for LiveCam not the 500 network.

Ben Knight

Shows potential Needs to be compatable with the 200av series which is a more affordable product, will see greater interest then. Will uninstall for now.


Does not work for my setup On MotoG does not give me any options to see or do any thing with dlan devices.

john shaw

Can't see dLAN 500 wifi Can't see my devolo DLAN 500 wifi device even though I'm connected to it. Makes the app somewhat mute.

Sergio Brinkhuis

Worked until I gave my adapters a name Not to mention that the Devolo 1200s are not any better than a good and less expensive set of AV650's. Dont buy these, it's all marketing rubbish.

Panagiotis Aronis

Worst Although intergface looks better, I cannot connect to my home camera.

John Reekie

So simple The way software should be written

Joseph Lopez

Does not fully work with Android Same problem as others on the the Samsung S3 OS 4.2. Only choice of devices offered is the LiveCam and not the dLAN WiFi 500.

Sami Nuwayser

Works after initial setup I have a new dlan 500 WiFi which I wanted to add to my existing dlan 200 Smart AV access points. I could not get anything to work including this app. After I installed the Mac OS applicaiton, I easily got everything talking to each other. After the bootstrap was completed, the Android App has worked fine and lets me reconfigure and monitor all the devolo nodes in my network

Simon Hafner

Security is very bad No password for changing the settings?!

Jack Earnshaw

No longer works on wifi When is a new update coming to manage WiFi devices on Android?

Rony Ghaname

Not working It only propose DLANCAM, I have many DLAN500WIFI and DLAN500 and DLAN200 AV wireless N but no CAM. What is the problem? Why it does not identify, or at least propose to add the DLAN. Regards

Stephen Adams

Cockpit Lite Very informative and capable version of devolo cockpit. I was able to set a network password on my dlan from this app. Very good.

Adrian Roos

Used to work with dLan - not anymore Used to be able to configure my dLan with this app, but that stopped working some time ago. Now only shows options for cameras

David Cooper

Doesn't pick up Homeplugs It's meant to detect Dlan 500 wifi. It doesn't. Just like other reviewers have said.

Ronny Stam

Does not work for AV500 No idea what this product is about is does certainly not recognise the AV500. The software is a rubbish and overrated as the hardware.

Alex Klein

Keeps crashing. ..useless! !

Steven Shaw

Hope their hardware's better Poor app. Allows you to do very little and can't change basic things like plug names. It's not that the functionality doesn't exist but the app kind of freezes.

Andy Lock

Cam only Only allows adding of cameras. No way to manage my Home plug network.

Paul Tiebosch

Good My D500 wifi stopped working for some reason. Used this app to reset factory default and everything works again.

Marc Huiberts

FAIL...!!! An anbsolute failure this app. Can only add webcams while I'm trying to configure my dLan500 set...

Simon Cooke

Waste of time Despite what you are led to believe by the blurb on the Devolo packaging, this app only appears to be relevant to the cams. Uninstalled.

W Ga

Strange Really can't understand what that female associated with Devolo has to do with Devolo itself or power line - Devolo, please enlighten me. The app doesn't work on Android. Writing to Devolo about it is a waste of time. Don't bother with this app. If I could, I would give it zero stars.

Richard Smith

Doesn't work. Just Live cam which I don't have.

Kev Cruickshanks

Only looks for LiveCam It's supposed to pick up devolo wifi devices, including my dlan 500 wifi. It doesn't.

Randy Banks

Rubbish Don't have a cam so can't add it and that's all this app seems to do.

Andy Lock

Cam only Only allows adding of cameras. No way to manage my Home plug network.

Paul Sim

Let me change channels with no effort. Used an app to fine a good channel then used this app to change to it. Could of done lots of other things to but didn't need to.

Ioannis Aslanidis

Cannot add dLAN devices It no longer works.

Jim FitzSimmons

Not fit for purpose This does not work for any of my Devolo network products. At all.

Loki Nordic

Absolute disgrace Don't bother downloading this unless you wish to use it as a demonstration of how NOT to write/design an application.

Jonathan Wilson

Does not work Only seems to support the cameras. No evidence of any of the other features promised in the description.

Daniel Johnston

Not updated since 2013, doesn't support modern Devolo devices, doesn't warn that it's outdated and appears to be the recommended app in the manual. I would recommend the 'correct' app for most purposes, MyDevolo, but that requires completion of a registration form before you can even use it. Amazing.

Steve Owen

Only for cam Like others say, no option to administer networking plugs. Useless.

Owen Robertson

Useless on Android Doesn't do what it says! No way to access my powerlan adapters, only the option for livecam is available. Come on Devolo... I won't recommend your products if this is how little you care about them.

matthew macdonald

Useless Brand new Nexus 6p unable to do anything other than reach dlan cam...which I don't own. I do however own the dlan WiFi 500.

Robert Edden

Dont want live cam Does not work on android, only shows live cam which I dont have. Do the developers ever look at these reviews? It would be nice to get some feedback. Is this problem ever going to be fixed??

Dennis Ramaekers

Completely useless Like others already said, it doesn't enable you to configure anything other than the LifeCams, which I do not own.... it's time for a wlan overhaul!!!

Kev Cruickshanks

Only looks for LiveCam It's supposed to pick up devolo wifi devices, including my dlan 500 wifi. It doesn't. Don't try emailing devolo, they don't care. Pity, because the software is good on a Windows pc. Devolo = wankers.

Keith Collyer

Useless, supposed to detect all devolo devices on the network, but finds none (I have four). Only allows me to add LiveCam.

David De Backere

Has no use To my surprise this app was already installed. Must have forgotten about it. To my greater surprise this app is only for webcams. This app is useless for my Devolo dLan device despite saying that it does support dLan devices.

John Clemens

Does not work properly Shows all my dlan 1200+ & 1200+ WiFi ac installion but not all correct detail. I can not access missing info to correct. I can on the PC version which works well.

Stuart Rowland

Wireless set up I feel like I have wasted a small lifetime trying to set this system up.I feel sorry for their customer helpline who have to deal with the likes of customers like me who feel stupid trying get the product to work. Seriously thinking of cutting my loses and sticking in the bin.

Gavin Howden

Doesn't work at all seems worse than cockpit on windows doesn't detect anything and seems oddly keen to add cameras.

Anthony Russell

Useless. Stopped working At some point this stopped working. I can no longer see any of my devices.

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