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28 Jul
Deep Loot

Posted by Monster and Monster in Adventure | July 28, 2016 | 136 Comments

Apk file size: 58.0 MB

Deep Loot is a game about swimming, digging and fighting your way through an infinitely explorable ocean to discover lost ruins, plunder hidden treasures and earn some chunky paychecks!

You can then use your coin to get bigger boats, unlock diving suits and to upgrade your equipment as you attempt to find hundreds of unique artifacts, complete variety of challenges and smash a smorgasbord of records in a quest to become the greatest Deep Loot diver of all time!


- Five unique depths packed with secrets and surprises
- Over 200 pieces of collectable loot to find
- Dozens of suits & ships to unlock each with their own dive enhancing perks
- Stunning original musical score featuring over 8 amazing tracks
- A huge range of missions of achievements for those who like a challenge


- Keep exploring! You'll automatically return to your boat once out of air
- Creatures only move when you do so plan your routes and save air
- Tap and hold whilst diving to bring up a handy tool tip
- Check out your current missions at any time by pausing the game
- Using keys on locked chests will save you lots of air from bashing
- You can Use turbo boosts to reach the deepest depths almost instantly

Whats new

    • Added support for Google Play Cloud Game Saves! If available the game will now save to cloud after a dive. Save / Restore options can be found in settings.
    • Squashed some more collection screen bugs
    • Fixed issue with some profile stats showing incorrect values
    • Fixed issue with some achievements not always unlocking

Monster and Monster part of our Adventure and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 28, 2016. Google play rating is 82.4222. Current verison is 2.3.8. Actual size 58.0 MB.

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Game stopped Things still moved in game except I couldn't move my character, activate power ups, pause or search blocks.

Shikarix James

Best Android game so far A Must Try! Highly addictive roguelike diving exploration game. Great for killing time and no messing around having to wait for recharge time like every other game these days.

Desi Kanalos

How do you complete the source smash mission? I cannot seem to find the location of what I'm supposed to blow up

Zach Mitchell

Unfortunately there was some profanity of a religious nature I didn't really like even though it was a quote from a very good movie. If it wasn't in there I would gladly give 5 stars.

Bo Ngoh

Highly playable and rewarding exploration roguelike And best of all the pay-to-play element is very subdued! Makes me really compelled to buy their upgrades solely to support their efforts!

Andrew Lorenzen

Fantastic! Easily one of the most addictive and all around great games on the app store. The best thing is that you don't have to spend a dime to have a great time. Even if you do want to spend money, everything is reasonable (as in no more than $6 for the highest coin amount). The developers deserve money for this genius. 10/10. Can't wait to see what you have in store!

Jacob Honrade

Best Game Ever This game is so cool. The controls they are so easy to master. Only finding the loot is hard but still its a very awesome game. And also for those who say that you can't connect your google account your wrong. I connected my google account. And it worked. Maybe your WiFi is just slow. I recommend downloading this game.

Jay Ward

Awesome I can't believe this is a free game. No adverts and genuine progress made without iap's please don't change it

João Luis de Bem Fernandes

Good, but lost everything! This game iz great. Already sold 3 collections. But when my device turned off, and I turn it back on, all my progress was lost. It is very upsetting from a great and addicting game

Frank Tan

Would have been fantastic if game data gets synced with Google Play Games.

Spencer Asbell

Great! I cannot believe this game has only 10,000 downloads!! Its on my list of top 5 android games right now! This game could easily be at the top EASILY. Amazing game. Try it

Chris Russell

Great game and very addicting! Only found one problem where the character occasionally stops in place and so do enemies meaning you have to reset. Also a power up that destroys all enemies and blocks on screen would be nice for harder areas. Apart from that great game with no adds and hours of fun

Rio Jerry

Fun and enjoyable It's a great game, but I got a problem when dying or air runs out, sometimes the diver just stuck at the sea and didn't climb back up.

David Chen

I love this game! This game is a blast to play because you hunt for treasures and explore the ocean in fully randomized environments. Remember this is a turn based dungeon crawler game though!

Travis Clair

Loot loot and more loot Cool game I really like it give it a try

Demetrius Kent

Very fun, one bug! Loving the game, but my character will get stuck randomly, frozen in a suspended firing animation. Cannot move or interact with the world at all, only way to remedy the problem is to end dive. Excellent artwork and in-game references, lol.

Brayden Loughran

Restore Purchases I can't restore my purchases why?Please fix that

lynn lyons

Wow. This is so rad!

Jessica G

I am probably a little too entertained by this game. Adorable and fun.

Olover Espiritu

NOW I HATE FISH I used to love fish then this game happened.

Jessica Wijaya

Addicting Gotta loot those treasures. I can't seem to put this game down!

bambang irawan

WTF What the hell, i playe this game when still om CM11 wotking nicely, but after update to CM12 it say my account is wrong...or..bla..bla..bla. Also it say only for developer, but i'm downloading from playstore... So what the helll

Adam Al-Ahmary

Great game but...Well I beat it, now what That's the problem. I have no further reason to play beyond the missions. I think I need some more to do.

Oscar Kee

Awesome This is the best addixtive game to me its fill will some history stuff

John McCloskey

Deep Loot. Fun game. Really enjoying it so far. Great job!

Bayu Srn

very fun and enjoyable

Shlomo Nadler

Weeee Reminds me of a wetter version of Junk Jack for iOs in some small fashion. If you like collecting things and grinding for upgrades then this is your game.

Patrick McKinney

Fun! A great time waster, but gets repetitive. Maybe lessen the cost to purchase upgrades?

Louise Pattenden

Diving for pop culture references! Super fun distraction and lots of different things to focus on in-game. Love that there's no timer! Has recently started freezing on me almost constantly; really hope a fix comes soon b/c I do enjoy playing.

Jerry Adney

Pretty fun. Latest update fixed slowdowns Great little time waster. Not necessarily groundbreaking but it's free and the optional upgrades aren't the sort where the game is unplayable without a constant stream of "quarters". Gladly bought the gold doubler once I'd been playing for a few weeks. Latest update fixed the slow framerates although my little dude wouldn't respond one time (pausing and unpausing fixed it). Always glad to throw a few bucks to a dev who makes something fun that doesn't turn into an IAP slot machine :)

Trent Reece

Best f*ckin game ever Not glitchy or laggy unlike alot of games

Jiro Mirakai

Like this game so much But, please make skip mission option. Cause some missions are hard to finish. Overall this game is good to play and addictive!!

Артем Галлямов

Cool Very cool game is class game

Vladislav Konovalchik

Cool I like it is sooper and cool play gogogo ok

Harry Livesley

Amazing! Not gonna go into detail, I've written give super detailed reviews of this game only to have them deleted by the store after I submit. Long story short. Lots to do. No pay to win elements, not very grindy. One thing I ask of the devs, make an option to skip missions, my entire list is filled with B******. "Collect 10 golden pearls in one dive"?! Are you F****** me?! Its hard to find one!!! Add this feature and this is five stars

Brayden Roy

Wow. A treasure of a find on the app store Guys please tell me you still plan to update this game. its very addicting. An underwater exploration game with treasure and sea creatures. Awesome. I supported you right away with the doubler pack. But i dont wanna buy coins so i can explore and earn as much as possible on my own. Very good idea for a phone game! Thanks for making

David Presley

My progress is gone I've been playing for a week and I WAS addicted. After today's update I'm back down to level 1. Please fix this devs. I want my stuff back and I'll rate 5 stars......update......after being answered by tech support it seems that my issue was caused by my device. They answered me very quickly and I'm happy with explanation. Thank you. Awesome game

Juan Rodriguez

Outstanding Excellent game. The only thing that could make it better is more of it. Maybe an expansion or post 2 where instead of diving down you're launching up into space?

Saint X

So many references. Some are obvious, like the sonic screwdriver, but others less so, like those weird rocks that actually turn out to be Spongebob, Squidward, and Patricks houses. This is a great game, even if it is a bit grindy.

Joe Meering

Good fun Lots of little details, this app wasn't made in a hurry. Lots to collect, then improve your equipment and go deeper to pass all the missions. I enjoyed this.

Bryan Augard

I like the game, it's good for five minutes or a hour, plenty of missions & treasure collection hunts. However it can be a little glitchy. After 3 weeks of playing I've noticed that sometimes the diver & fish will appear to swim but cannot move. Nothing to do but to cancel the dive & all you gained from it. The game has also dumped my entire progress twice now and I'm back to nothing but a Speedo in a raft. All my cool ships, dive suits and every bit of my rank & accomplishments wiped. Disappointing.

Dylan Barker

Good not great It's kind of entertaining at first, I guess, but there's a huge amount of grind involved in getting the boats/suits/upgrades, and the improvements w/ each are fairly minor. And I kind of wonder what the point of the game is. To complete all the collections? If that's really it, then the game also lacks focus.

Brian Lawrence

Best game in years. I play dozens of Android games, and this is easily the best I've played in years. The perfect mobile game. Controls are simply perfect for touch. Storyline is fun and has humor to it, without the dialog seeming to be trying too hard. Difficulty is nicely progressive without a lot of "grinding." Tons of upgrades and challenges. Battles are easily fought without making it so easy you always win. The little underwater world is huge, and fun to explore. Happily spent money to get a few extra perks in the game.

Shawn G

Great Game! Don't know how they make money. This game is great. Simple, good menus, nice art, and it's not a cash grab. It's easy to get the items, upgrades, suits, etc. Makes me wonder how these developers are making money. I'm guessing they are not. The only knock I can give this game is the music isn't good.

Cole Chastain

Awesome time waster Really enjoy this game, very addictive. I love deep mining/exploring games like this and this one is superb!

Rhogog Rhogog

Free game with no limits, you can play without purchase and reach the endgame content in reasonable ammount of time. 5 stars, not a lot of devs make quality stuff like this one....

rayyan zahid

I usually don't write a review but for this I must. I love games falling into the upgrade genre. And this game is just perfect. The upgrades are not too expensive that they can't be achieved and they aren't too cheap to make the game uninteresting. Plenty of humor and real world references along with some serious gameplay thanks to the missions. For once the developers haven't emphasised on draining the users pockets with upgrades that can only be practically reached by spending some real cash. Gives the game it's deserved glory. There should be more games like these in the market.

Stuart Bee

A great take on a rouge-like While not as insanely detailed as a full rouge-like, this game offers a fantastic twist on the genre. You just have to get use to the turn based gameplay which at first seems like a realtime game, and you can have a lot of fun.

Matthew Cheetham

So Good! I love this game, it's so simple and addictive, and charming, something games are lacking these days, you can feel it was made with love, and that means a lot, at least to me, If you love rougelikes or even if dont try this game, you wont be dissapointed!.

Bryan Goggin

I Love This Game... But it keeps erasing my data. Please, give me a reason to start again?!

David Flynn

Totally addicting I am having so much fun playing this but fck! I accidentally uninstalled this when i am cleaning up old apps! My cthulhu jr. is now gone :(

William Bulfer

Best Credits Ever Awesome game. It references a ton of others so I went to the credits looking for easter eggs, but what I found was was my new favorite song. I love it when this much detail goes into a game. Excellent job guys, thanks.

Ramoncito Sadsad

Pineapple under the sea Great time killer, deserves top chart, more should download, as updates improve the game

Destin Gan

It's motherload, but better. Just love how you can get collections and new suits. I just love it. But why no kraken junior.

Rob Koch

Its fun but... When I got the 2.2 update I lost all my stuff. What do I do?

Scott Thouvenin

Brilliant Very addictive and unique diver/mining game with cute pixel graphics. Seeking treasure for upgrades is fun and rewarding and the collections are a nice addition. Probably going to buy the coin doubler to support Dev. Nice work. Edit: after playing for quite a bit more I've bought the loot doubler because there is a Ton of stuff to upgrade/buy and the game just rocks:) I will be putting a ton more time into this. Also I must mention the music is so relaxing with a 10cc vibe (giving my age away there). A gem.

kuba magierski

Never seen a better game... I love it! Its amazing! It has 3 things I like in it: exploring, shooting, and pixels! If u need money try turbo boosting with 9 emergency oxygen boxes. It'll give ya 10 k + per run

Manusia Tampan

addicting :3 this game gave me cancer, eh i mean goodness

Joseph Iudice

Fun and free I am having fun and it is free and prices are super fair, but I am having random freezes during dives on my Samsung Galaxy s3. It doesn't freeze every dive, but when it does it's annoying and I have to force close it....

Logan Cowgar

Brighter blocks Hi the 2nd tier blocks (dark brown) appear to look like black unbreakable blocks its hard to tell if they have the black minerals in them or if they are normal. My brightness on my device is all the way up and i can't see them clearly. Please fix if you have the time otherwise bravo on the game

Antonio Monteiro

Great but The game us awesome but make the payout little more to buy upgrades and add more suits and upgrades.

Roy Shapira

Great game :) Please add more upgrades and a multiplayer mode, other than that, an amazing game

A Google User

Great game Really like the game, perfect time killer and I like the fact that it's offline. One thing is that sometimes my diver freezes upland doesn't run out of air so if you could fix that it would be even better.

Mr Nemo

Best time waster Recommended because you just want to explore more yet many obstacles are in the way , great game most download

Aaron Whipkey

Skeptical but great I put a lot of time into this game and even bought the coin doubler...this is a great game despite the basic graphics its really good...would like to see another one tbh.

Paul Maconi, Jr.

This game is awesome! They packed all kinds of awesome stuff to find in here. I don't want to spoil it, but 80s kids are going to have a blast! The gameplay is simple, but fun and addictive. There are optional in-game purchases, but the game is never in your face about it. If I could give this game 500 stars I would. It's that awesome. Give it a try!

John Edgerton

Pretty fun game I recommend for senseless fun. It encourages in app purchases too much though.

C. L. Cagwin

Entertaining Can be swarmed quickly, but fairly easy to make money. Stuck on droid killing mission 12 at a time

Rick Gutleber

This is a great little game. I love the sense of exploration, and the artwork is fun and full of cultural references and other details. The game does get a little grindy at times and I found little value in upgrading suits and boats. Overall, I think the game design is very good, my only complaint being I wish there were more of it. Eventually, you get to the point where there's nothing left to do but fulfill the missions (whose rewards are negligible later in the game) and trying to fill in the last few collection items, which also gets boring after a while. The only reason I stopped playing after a few weeks is that I ran out of stuff to do and stuff to work for. Finally, I have to give a nod to the excellent 80's-style MIDI-influenced soundtrack. I seldom even bother turning on the music on games, but when I turned on the music in Deep Loot I was immediately hooked. It really adds to the game. I looked up the composer, Gavin Harrison and bought the soundtrack.

Alex Philip

Awesome but one problem Its an awesome digger game with fun treasures to find and lots to explore. Really cool eastet eggs with good achievements. Only problem is a somewhat bugging controls. Swimming into enemy instead of attacking. Swimming around instead of digging through. Attacking fish instead of bomb right next to it. Still can't stop playing it still.

Pop Culture Primer

This is such a relaxing game to play. The simple premise, dive deeper and find loot, combined with the relaxing chiptune music creates a soothing and rewarding gaming experience that happens to be free. This game smartly dodges many problems standard with free-to-play game designs by providing a great amount of free content that keeps things simple and enjoyable. Also, I really want the soundtrack! The music in Deep Loot is wonderfully relaxing and fun.

Franck Leopold

Fun ! Fun game, perfectly playable without purchasing IAPs ... Only wish : a more realistic diving mode, where you have to climb back to the sea surface before running out of air, failing this condition can make the player lose for example 50 % of the money found ! (of course, to counterbalance that, there must be some air tanks or breathable zones that can be found during the dive to replenish the air reserve ...)

Warren Knight

Loved it. Hats off to the developer. This game is great for some casual loot diving fun. Its fun and easy to learn, I have played and gotten pretty far with the basic character. Due to I only have a few mins here or there to play. You can go much further with the many ships and characters to add perks to prop you up. Game rewards are balanced and as you go deeper enemy's get harder and such. I recommend for any casual gamer NOT looking to pay to win or rush to unlock everything. I really enjoyed this game and you might too.

A Google User

I adore Deep loot Great graphics lovely smooth play good music very inventive lots to enjoy..a real little masterpiece very well done and thank you developers for very many addictive hours of fun. BUT now I'm a pro please please make more levels or...dare I ask for deep loot 2?

Michael Hamilton

Fun game to play. Simple and direct gameplay for filling in time. Like the built-in pausing. Occasional freezing during a dive, and I have every ship, but didn't get the achievement.

Christopher DeGama

Great Adventure! A journey deep beneath the sea, well worth taking. Charming old school graphics pair up perfectly with a great soundtrack. Loads of special locations, collection pieces, and treasure chests will keep you scouring the depths. There are plenty of unlockables to spend your loot on, although the diver upragades could have taken it a bit further. Add in a good dose of humor, plus plenty of easter eggs, and you see why this is a five star effort.

greyson spencer

Splendid Hours of exploration fun; wonderful music, pleasant visuals, fun gameplay, simple controles, and dare i say actual thought put into design?! No but seriously you should download because its a great little game, upgrades, unlockables, and collectables all add to the experience of this clever little game. Great work you guys, its hard to find original games for mobile play

Japhet Bagas

Made me cry I just love this game. I cried because i remember your song DIVE DIVE DIVE before i uninstalled the game. And i also cried because i cant get back to my progress. But still this is the best game ever. Thank you

Marc Gratkowski

Fun, casual, lots to explore. Great game, designed so action only occurs when you tap, so it's easy to look away or take a break at any time without even having to hit pause. Not at all in your face about upgrading to doubling your loot. The way a freemium game should be. Really enjoyable, highly recommended. Can you beat your deepest dive? Collect more loot than last time?

Alicia Pitts

Awsomely Addictive I have had Deep loot downloaded for less than a week now, and have been hooked ever since. Deep loot is such a cute and colorful game that it is impossible not to get sucked in once you start to play. I would tottally love to see a part two of this game. I would absolutely download it. Thanks.

allison martin

Glitch I was just playing and shot my gun and it stayed there and i could not move so i had to exit the game because i could not pause

Tornell Fisher

Wtf The game crashed and deleted my profile with my suits, ships, and upgrades not once but twice the first time I let it go now that I've got even more stuff it happed again but I still have the Google play achievements plz give mey stuff back so I can rate five stars

Dave Gallacher

No two ways about it, my favourite mobile game I have NEVER given a glowing review on App store, not for Marvel Puzzle Quest, not for Carmageddon, but this game is an absolute gem. SUPER simple, just taps, but so much to do, fun to explore, and the least exploitative currency in a game I've played. I chose to pay but I didn't need to, I just wanted to thank the devs. Love. It.

Tigre amir

The References Love this game. It has so many references to poular culture. My favorite is when u see the TARDIS. or pick up the doctors sonic screwdriver

Merritt Langley

Fun, but.. The game is fun enough. I was looking for a grindy loot digging game and this one so far was the best I could find. But four stars for 1.) the buggy achievement system (several games in and I haven't received the "first dive achievement," I've bought several items and haven't received the "but first item" achievements, etc.) And 2.) after buying the 5mil coin pack to help support developers, you can buy all upgrades, the best ship, and best suit... Making it pretty easy and turns into an achievement hunt.

William Wood Jr

Loved it I'm out of things to upgrade so not much point in playing anymore but the game was super fun until then. Loved it!

Mahlon Underwood

One of the best games I have ever played. This is the pinnacle of mobile gaming. Most games force you to buy to play, be it microtransactions or otherwise. This has genuine replay ability unlike alot of games that lose there charm after one or two plays. Also all of the references are amazing. I've seen references to everything from 2001 a space odyssey to spongebob to doctor who. 5/5 stars. My all time favorite mobile game.

John Benson

One of the best mobile games I have played. Incredibly fun, open world, underwater action/adventure by a developer who knows what it takes to keep you coming back even after unlocking everything, which in itself will keep you busy for hours. There are IAP's but they are completely unnecessary. That being said, this dev deserves our support and I hope they get enough to continue putting out quality games like this. EDIT: How about an update guys?! Working on the next big project?? The fans need more!

Nyrk Saron

Fun for weeks I found this game thoroughly enjoyable without having felt compelled to spend a cent. Unlocks and collectables kept my interest, but after several weeks I found my interest waned. Very few ship and suit upgrades are worthwhile, and once you've unlocked the best ones, there is little motivation to collect the rest. This deserves four stars for nonetheless being great fun while I played it.

kody becker

Good game bbuuut It's a fun little game but the controls are garbage for trying to move your person most the time he just sits there and goes :D

A cool Black guy

Great game Tons of stuff to collect, and it's not so grindey to the point where you want to quit playing.

Ant Hermit

Amazing time killer! I play this game pretty often,its funny and very entertaining, chocked full of references and just great in general.

Matt Bh

Dis iz ameiziiing Great game I love it 5 stars would recommend to anyone who's bored or doesn't feel like sleeping tonight

Dave Wahler

Cute Rogue-lite Only thing keeping this from 5 stars: the game keeps crashing when I'm browsing the menus between dives. Doesn't crash during dives, at least.

Skylar Henderson

New phone I will change my rate once I can have all my stuff back.

Mekhail Kheel

Incredibly awesome! You can find the Autobot Matrix of Leadership as collectable lot. Freaking ecstatic when I saw that. Lots of great things you can find in this game. Very much worth playing. Lots of fun jokes too! And the music is really cool. Well made game!


Love it Whahaha i found an easteregg! I saw Spongebob's village xD

Jonas Tingmose

I'm sorry, guys, but I'm removing a star, because of the crazy increase in crashes I've been experiencing. It never used to crash, but now it crashes about 3-5 times a day, during the fancy animations on the score-screen. I think it may be caused by picking up things, after you run out of air. Also, it sometimes just stops me from doing actions. I can collect items by clicking them, but I can't move or shoot, so I have to end the dive.

Harry Cutler-Smith

Really good allrounder Got this yesterday and already completed a few collections, almost maxed out on gear and got the best suit.. yes all done in 2 days!! But its a really fun game none the less and I'll be playing long after I've competed it 100%

Jason Wissel

Addictive This game is fun, cute and addictive. Also, you can play it offline. Love it.

Brittany Morrison

Love this game. Great when you need to take a break and do something. But I wish there was a map so you could see where you havent explored other then that great game!!!!

Aaron Spring

Brill but.. Excellent game; a little grindy if you don't want to pay, but hey great none the less. My problem is that I can't complete a mission of "finish a dive with 2500 coins or more" that's easy, but it won't check it off?

mark vedad

Awesome I really like the idea of this game kinda like terria justa little bit..i would love if you could add more weapons or this ..great time killer..addictive

Zle Zlo

quite good for few hours i dont see point to spent real money, which is good. but game is getting boring quite fast. i dug under lvl 650... is there a point to dig deeper?

Cary Ellis

Good Time Killer Easy to play simple tasks. For achivements they do not sync well. Example I have all ships and suits. Still says I havent gotten it. Other than that great game thank you

Rebekah Cole

Great Great game that can last a long time to get everything. It's a perfect travelling game or when you need to kill some time.

Chuck Clayton

I really like the game! Will give 5 star when fixed. Some of the trophies are not awarded no matter what you do. PLEASE FIX!!! I've played on several devices and the same thing happened. Not very happy, but my boys and I still play this game because it is a great game.

Kryyss X

Like playing with a low battery calculator Go find a calculator. Now tap a number, tap add, tap another number, tap add. Keep doing this and marvel as the number gets larger. That's the core 'gameplay' in Deep Loot. Except that you spend the numbers on upgrades to let you tap on stuff worth higher numbers and let's you tap for longer. Sure, this is a time killer but then again so is watching paint dry. If you like this, then go find some real turn-based rouge-lite such as Sproggiwood or Space Grunts. Then you will understand why this game is so poorly designed.

Alejandro Risso

Amazing game-must get! This is one of those hidden jewels in the app store. It is entertaining to play and discover and makes it finding the treasure so rewarding and perfect. Definitely recommend it.

Adela Hittell

Freezing I really really like the game, BUT it keeps freezing in the middle of dives and now I can't even get it to work..... Its stuck on the loading screen and won't move past it... I've unlocked so much and now I may need to uninstall it and start over... I don't want to.. Its a fun game!

Katrina Leiter

Great Game! This game is awesome. Any chance the devs will add new collections?

Laura Cattaneo

Really good This is surely a must - have game. It's great. I like exploring the sea and I also love the fact that you can find lots of pieces of loot. Unfortunately it doesn't take long to complete all the collections. So it would be better to add new collectable items. Despite this really good game

Michael Pro

Deep sea dive treasure hunt roguelike. Stunning! Deep Loot is one of the best and most colourful roguelike games available on the Google Play Store IMHO. Try it and see for yourself. That and what's more, totally free! Brilliant.

Tombo Gaming

Love it Really inviting, really cool, quirky game. You should download it. Funny at times also, I really liked it. If you have a hard time getting joes life raft, watch the credentials

Jonathan Malainey

Boring and buggy Gets boring fast and kept freezing my character, forcing me to restart the game. Also $5 dollars to double cash gained is hilarious.

Veles Winter

Deeper It's addictive fun and colourful

Yo samitty Sam

A must have My only problem is that it takes forever to get an upgrade for your equipment. Otherwise i love it beacus it just combines stuff i like such as its 8 bit you scooba dive and there is somuch stuff to choose and buy.the fact that it is free is also good

Spencer Hull

Nice I love this game but one thing is you need to make it so you can find stuff then equip it to your person

G L Wil

Great Smoothly done. Fun game. I hope this company makes more games similar to this. Still wating on a sci fi version of this concept. *wink*

Robert Pinna

Game is good and well designed. It lacks of longevity, but It's a fun experience.

Ozkan Altun

Very fun This is the best game i have come upon in the store in a while. Just wondering if there will be any updates or additions to the game in the future.

A Google User

Fun game Fun game, only rant is the combat system, trying to hit enemies without running towards them is annoying

Jason Humphries

So much fun. I love this game. A masterpiece, I have nothing bad to say about it. It's easy, relaxing, addictive and has a good sense of humour and plenty to do.

MrMoustache Panda

UNPLAYABLE Google play constantly saying it's crashed because the game won't sign me in.

John Casper Necor

Cloud save/restore crashing the game

Jacob Mills

Its alright but you could do one big improvement either you make upgrades cheaper or make the loot sell for more

Deejay Nieto

Good Maybe add different control options like joystick and mine button also lower the prices a bit

Charlie Sheehan

Plz put mini map and way point in this game it would make the game 100th better also different oceans

Roman Abdulmanov

Brilliant But please add some new stuff, it's really gg

fuckbitchestheylie72 Ghi

Very addicting This is a fun game you can spend hours and hours on

K Alnory

We love this game Whole family plays this game! Fun for everyone!

Brogrue Lebou

Fun Love it. Nothing more needed to say.

Katrin Hafthordattir

Great game and doesn't need connection Nice retro graphics, great soundtrack and in-app purchases are fair and not really exploitative. Actually, I must mention everything about this game kinda spells 80's, especially the pop culture references. If I had to guess, I'd say the creators most likely are from that decade. Good job developers. This is getting recommended.

Garrett Wright

Great game! But. Awesome, addicting game due to the fact of wanting to see what's inside of the boxes and exploring the deepest parts of the ocean. But I don't like the fact of when I finish a dive, the game rubs in my face that I don't have double coins which in my opinion 3.00$ is pretty expensive for a skin and double coins.

Brad Hocking

New bug fixes! - Fixed a bug that caused UI to appear underneath a virtual menu bar on some devices - Fixed the spelling of cannoli - Fixed a UI glitch on the collection screen. - deleted all your old game save data. Great game but I don't like getting halfway through to restart at level one...

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