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29 Jan
Decision 2

Posted by AMT Inc. in Action | Jan. 29, 2014 | 87 Comments

Apk file size: 135.0 MB

Winner of 2013 Flash Games Summit!

#1 Zombie Shooter game is now available on the Android!

The streets are pretty empty tonight. Except for all of the crazy zombies. In Decision 2 it's up to you to patrol the city streets and kill as many zombies as you can. You have your trusty gun and as you make your way through the city you can earn more weapons to kill zombies with. Stay alert because the zombies are everywhere and they are hungry.

The city is completely overtaken by zombies and your aim is to find the way to clear it out! A lot of action and brain-splattering awaits you:

:: 4 players co-op multiplayer
:: 24 upgradable weapons and 15 abilities
:: A whole city to explore

Whats new

    New missions added

AMT Inc. part of our Action and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 29, 2014. Google play rating is 76.0194. Current verison is 1.03. Actual size 135.0 MB.

Download decision-2.apk 135.0 MB


Thomas Wimer

samsung galaxy tab 3 I wont rate it 5stars untill the loading crash gets fixed with my tablet I bought today just for this game iv put $100 plus in sas3 and im hoping amt can look intotthis for me I know not many people are online but id love for this to get fixed I love these top down zombies iv been with amt/ninja kiwi for years ♡ please help developers


meh... multiplayer wont match me with anyone and the missions are to hard to play because the money they give you is low payment and they are over powered...when a boss knocks you down it instantly hits you a second time and that goes with jumpers as well...either tweak our health and healing or lower their health and power a bit...

James Carson

You ruined it. ? I loved this game when it was a flash game. Played it through at least a couple times. Took days, in real life, to beat. Was thrilled to see this as a phone app game, and was willing to try it, despite knowing it would be awkward on a smartphone. After figuring out the setup, I was enjoying it, and the new features, and the different take on upgrades, and the messages and tasks... until difficulty ramped up to max within what had to be a week of in-game play! And no way to lower it! Why?! Unplayable now!

Cody Williams

Stupid choice. Why do zombies have guns bombs or anything other then melee weapons? It makes no sense and should not be add. Especially to this version of the game. To fast scaling and unable to get good guns for a long time

Aljameel Masigla

Loading of second mission Every second mission I am going to do (any mission) when I start the game, loading stuck at zero and I should restart the game and after I restart and did a mission the next mission's loading is on the good 'ol zero. but I still rate it 5 star knowing it can be fix and asap. I just love the decision series

Chance Kilgore

Fun with Issues This is a fun game, and I plan to spend many, many hours procrastinating with it. But there is a flaw that hasn't been addressed even though several people have noted it. You cannot download any of the other areas. Being perpetually stuck in the first map makes the play limited, and lose its value pretty quickly. The aim is also slightly too sensitive with no option to adjust it. I hope the devs can fix these flaws soon. ☆☆☆☆☆ when corrected.

Miguel Bagtas

AWESOME this game never fails me to kill more and more zombies. :) some players cant handle hard ones but it rocks dude :))

Anthony Roff

Its fixed quick call the press lol Omg thank u god lol u fixed the maps 4 that i thank u and apologize for my rudeness five stars good job im pleasd now its a lotof fun again thank u and my son is happy to hes killing zombie as we do this review

Dennis P.

Cool. I have played this game online so much and so many times over. Great game and so far on my galaxy s4 its working well. But i agree the aim needs to be a hair-less sensitive. Like SAS3 or something. Trying to shoot the crates is almost impossible with range to the tip is further than the screen size. Anyways. This is a great game.

Daniel Dyess

Good game turned bad I played this on the computer and it was amazing and great. Then I saw it on this and thought it'd be as good. I was wrong. The zombies are way to over powered and you don't get enough money at all to get anything good to help yourself out. This was a good game turned bad

Gian Pangan

Very unbalanced and too hard Enemies are too hard, your weapons feel useless, zombies are too powerful with even more powerful guns than you. If this plays more like SAS, ill give 5 stars. This is disappointing. So frustrating. Cant progress any further with this kind of zombies

X'rease Z'an Moody

Cool game but The ads for free money don't work!they say download and run a certain app for a certain amount of money yet nothing ever happened. I've waited it out for a few weeks but still nothing transpired;therefore, for that reson I rate this 3stars and I will now uninstall.

Spank S

Don't waste time with this game. Fun for 2 hours, then you go to start upgrading tower and find out there is no difficulty curve. After you attempt to put second weapon of first tower you are one shot killed by zombies from then on. Also, they use weapons and shoot you from outside of screen boundary. Your weapons only attack 1/3 that distance. Character stops moving randomly with no warning, pause screen pops up for no reason and I don't even know how I'm dying half the time. Took me an hour to figure out I was being shot by enemies. Bad.

Robert Torres

Good game-minor flaw Love this game. Unfortunately I cannot download any of the areas requiring additional download. I keep getting an error occurred message when attempting to download additional areas either individualy or all at once. I'm on an LG Gpad. Please fix.

A Google User

Extra Map: ( It won't let me download the extra map so stuck in one spot good game plz fix

Slate MkII

Crap Maybe if this game had fair prices for weapons and abilities, I wouldn't have given it a poor rating. You expect me to buy an M60 for 4000000 and I don't get the proper rewards and funds so that I can capture and modify buildings without getting killed every single time? Yeah right. And the sad thing is I waited at least an hour on a multiplayer lobby and nobody was there. So why would you put a multiplayer mode when nobody is on?

RWD Design

Great free game This looks great, really good first impressions. I can't however download the rest of the 105mb file? Download error.

Alicia Jannie Clemente

Need more stuff Its very hard to get money and very hard to multiplayer i wish the multiplayer is something like dead on arrival 2 but it quite sucks in multi but very good

John Rico Duyanen

Loading please fix i can't play more than 1 because the loading is not moving. but the game is pretty much awesome please fix.

Youssef Kead

Freeze When I play a mission like factory or tower the game freezes without any warning at loading At 92 or 91 percent PLEASE FIX

Scott Morales

I'm a great fan of the flash game, the zombies on here are a lot more difficult but it does give a more challenging aspect which I enjoy...

Stefen Hermias

Good but every time I go to recon the loading doesn't work plz fix it I really love this game

Luong Minh

Download error The game is awesome, I want to give it 5 stars but I always get download error when I was trying to download additional district. Pls fix :(

Morbius Sire

... I played this game on PC at liked it immensely like this one too but I can't download the other areas might be connection issues because I don't have an absolutely full connection. Nope defanately problems on games end uninstall for now I'll check in later to see if its fixed.

charles sacramento

Doesnt work s4 No i does work just need your guys is attention listen just work on sas 3 and make a friending system its would be awsome please

Jalen Davis

Only one map I can't download any other maps, So I'm virtually stuck on the first map. Ps- I have a lot of free space on my phone

john piz

WAY TO HARD I would love to give this game a 5 except for the fact that the difficulty was ramped and you can't even complete missions because there to hard. Please fix developers so I can enjoy playing this game again

Chaston Charen

Excuse me Why can't I download all the maps? It keeps on saying " an error occurred during request. Please retry downloading. " it's not about WiFi, seriously. WiFi strength is excellent. Can't even download it when I install the game -_-

Michael Lo

Good but can't download other districts anymore It's a fun game and the defense tower and factories add a nice little twist but after reinstall, the game keeps getting error message when I try to download more missions so I am stuck in starting area

Coolione Berry

Great Game Online multipleplayer is not working for me.. Once I can play online I rate 5 star

Jonathan LaRocca

CRASHES I got to the third area and it crashes everytime i start killing zombies i live this game too. Please fix this problem

Royston De Zilva

Zombies with guns eh? What moron thought that up? Brilliant concept of a game other than that defining detail.

Terry Creek

Purchase errors The game is awesome in app purchases will not equip and I cannot download the full content of the game for multi and other zones please fix these problems

Andrew McLain

Fun and addicting game but, I can't download other areas, plz fix this and i'll increase my rating to 5 stars

Jerry Contreras

Fix It doesnt work after the 19 days ago video it just takes you back to the home screen

Saniah Ismail

Wow I'm scary but not some time ok How you make to the next game just like you now oh my goes this is god your make you I say no um now get ready to the start ok now let's start

Peter Findlay

I loved this game on PC, but I can not download any of the additional areas. Plz fix this.

Ferwind Dezmond

Fix this dammit game!!!!!!! This game is cool when I start the game it shuts in 5 sec. Can't play this on android tablet.., fix it immediately!!!! (love this game when I saw it on video) tablet model S7 it crashes

Ryan Oliver

Game is crap I've know this game series for a while now. It's not that the gameplay is bad, but they obviously can't handle fixing bugs like crashing or not connecting to the server

Terirev Rawr

Meh It was fun at first, but like any micro transaction game they make it so hard you have to pay money to actually get anywhere in it, wouldn't recommend downloading it

Raheem Walcott

Amazing This game is cool and I like that its fair in anyway and I never get frustrated when playing it

Scott Sacks

Fun but crashes Great game. Loved the flash version. Although it keeps crashing on my Galaxy S6.

jykkenxnxnksns hhdebr

Nice game but... Why i cant buy coin i press the $0.99 nothing happen

ello mete Jaimebutler

OK but Bug won't let me download more content. I have space and working WiFi. Great game though

Yehezkiel Arie

Please make it enjoyable this nonsense game. At first it's all nice, until the enemy too hard and too much. 1. Since when zombie learn how to shoot so accurately? 2. Since when zombie know how to throw things? 3. Since when zombie/when human, wrap themself with gas canister? 4. Since when zombie boss know to 'hulk smash' 5. Since when zombie and werewolf working together?

Christopher Dave Gernandizo

:/ Cool game but some issues It wont let me download other areas thats sucks pls fix this im sure i rate it 5star ..

Clark Balatbat

Best game ever... In the computer version... Really Difficult, Just Stay on one place and you're done... Just 2-3 hits to get killed even when I got my 3rd updgrade on my stamina and also bought all the abilities with some upgrades... One flaw I experienced, The first one I finished said that I completed it but the progress said only 84% even though I already... Now it's getting more threat rates even if I actually finished it. Damn Devs you almost ruined the game... Got several tries to do just one task... Damn difficulty... So many tweaks to do man.

Sal Dipaola

Download error Won't let me download other mission areas I don't know why please fix game looks fun I'd love to rate 5 stars

Liam O'Shields

Good game with game breaking bugs I'm limited to one area because it continously says an error has occurred when I try to download the other areas. Can't login through accounts. It's like a crappy demo. Like wtf?


Could easily be better If it stopped crashing after a few missions every time and the shooting controls didn't suck I would rate much better. Was way better as a flash game. Make the controls so it only shoots when an enemy is in range and in the direction you're pointing and it wouldn't be so bad. Until then, stick to the flash version. This one isn't worth it yet.

TEGO Fuego

I agree with Thomas I would love to rate this a 5 star but I can't because the update for the map won't let me download it and in have a note 3 and sas4 was badass man but let go fix this so I can enjoy my game again

John Morales

Awesome but one problem It's really good but the other content that I'm suppose to download says to try again bc of connection error ans when I turn my WiFi on I have to use my phone WiFi and doesn't work still plz fix

Andrew Westenfelder

Loved the game since the Flash one but... I can't download the maps anymore, don't know if they shut down the servers or what. Can't get past the first area, frustrating as hell.

David O'Conner

Deleting this game. Won't let me download extra content. I have plenty of space and Wi-Fi connection. I would've given the game 10 stars if I couldve but once I ran into that problem I'm definitely thinking of deleting it now.

keesok jhang

Can't download other sectors/missions??? To I can't dl the other sectors sooooo...plz fix that yo. I'm running a ZTE ZMax 2. My specs are at least double what is needed to play this kind of game brosephs. 5 stars after fix.

dan puhala

Fun but It won't let me download the additional areas, it always has an error. More stars once is fixed.

Edgar Alan Frondozo

Download error Can't download additional files. I always get error message.... Plz fix and then i'll give a better rating...

Daniel Dearth

Love this game but On my moto e why can't I download the content its a bit annoying pls let me know what to do or fix

Jermaine Marillier

Indecisive Z1 compact. No crashes or loading issues. The IaP don't work, the firing thumbpad is annoying AF cause u gotta keep it down to fire reducing ur accuracy to ish! Ur already aiming with the movement thumb pad and should be able to tap to fire. Buying ammo for sniper while in game does not work either. Still playing but so many little bugs that need fixing. If anything, just change the firing controls.

Dávid Kucsera

One of the best, but I already finished this game on my PC and I really loved it. And now I wanted to do the same on my tablet, but when I want to download the other contests, it always says, an error a cured, try to download it again. So please somebody can tell me what should I do? I really want to finish this game again! ;)

Noah Way

:( Looks like a good game. Shooting is a little quirky. To be fair, I can download new areas.. Probably should have just done it all on the start instead of bothering us with this nonsense.., so my time with the quirky shooting is limited. Mr rating is not fully due to these two droppings of the ball, but rather a complete lack of response I could find to several others stating the same problem. So very little hope for resolution. Too bad, was decent flash game that grew out if many quirks over the years.

Richard Landry

Unplayable Only the first area is available. The other areas have to be downloaded but there is a constant error message when trying to download it saying there is a problem with the download. Very disappointing.

snowy cat

You stalled yourself If u just put the territories in to the base game that u had 2 download we wouldnt have this issue of not being able to downlod

Cy Mercado

Won't let me download additional content I really like this game but it won't let me download the other parts if the city which is very frustrating.

Devin Obert

ok game controls little weird personally (prefer tap to aim than analog stick) and couldnt install extra space to continue which i wonder why wasnt part of original install

JM Gravador

Gamer difficulty Much harder than the flash game but with enough hand-eye coordination, you can avoid fast attacks and gunshots from zombies,and also the headbutt of bosses. Anyway please fix the bug when i download extra content so i can play more areas.

Alex Arbis

Irritating downloads I can't download extra content which is very much annoying me, but I know that it is a great game from the already downloaded place. If you can fix this 5 stars will be coming

Michael Clayton

Great game but... Won't let me download any new maps and I know I have space and connection

Al Jameel Masigla

It is done. Alone I have installed this game 2 times now because at first it was hard enough to play so I uninstall it. Second time, as I got my new smartphone, I've installed it again in hope of finishing it and I DID finish it on the second time without multiplayer but to have died 196 times just to have a 100% progress. I conclude that there are no needs for buying the expensive weapon that cost 400000 or the 25000. I am also a big fan of the Decision series, can't wait for the next release. GGWP Guys JamJeel

Arthur Cairns

Awesome, but... It won't let me download the data for the other areas. I have space, and Wi-Fi, but whenever I try it says, "An error occurred during downloading. Try to repeat downloading" and it does that again whenever I do. Really good game, but I can't get past the first area. :-/

Nathan Abramovitz

Downloads dont work Theyres 1 mission available and the ones surrounding it say i must download the missions ive tried and tried, but the game wont let me do anything with them, i feel like this game is probably amazing if i could play all of it

Stephen Gunnoe

Agree with others.... Too hard to earn enough money to buy outrageously priced weapons and upgrades. You expect us to blow REAL money on all the IAPs. Could be an awesomely fun game. It's just impossible to play in its current state.

Delmar Sabater

Download error! Cant download the rest of the missions! Always saying download error and to re try but still aint working. Happened on my samsumg tab 4 and lenovo phone! 5 stars if u can fix it!

Dylan Yingling

Support team down? I dont know why but My Email Concerning a Issue with the game. The Email failed Because it said the Server Rejected the email or it is Deleted. IDK what is going on at amt but their support team in this game is Completely Shut off for some unknown reason. Maybe thats the reason for the issue

Sutter Hall

Has excellent potential Unable to download the ADDITIONAL content of 105mb so I only have 1 level to play because an error occurs EVERY time. Attempts to contact support have only failed.

Jerimy Frailey

It has potential but too many glitches The game is fun but you can't get past the first area because I can't download the next area. Then when I try to mail the devs my email fails because the address doesn't exist.

Jeffrey Lohr

I enjoyed what I could play, but instead of downloading all of the areas it wants you to download them separately, and when I click to download the areas, it gives me an error every single time. Tried deleting the game and reinstalling multiple times, still won't download. Annoying

Todd Worth

Wow Some of the worst controls I've ever seen. Garbage graphics. No story. 10 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. How do people have jobs doing this?

Marvine Cenina

Cant download content How I cant download this? I have large amount of space and a good connection. Rate 5 if this fixed and still AMT JUSt READING THE ISSUES AND NOTHING work done!

William Stalker

Games cool but no matter how many times you try to download the maps it says there's an error. Doesn't make sense to download 1 level to begin with. The game is 100% broken until this is fixed.

jon Omega

Awesome..but.. Would give 5 stars, but I purchased in game guns, and they would not equip.So i logged out..(facebook login) and I tired to log in again..but it asked for Facebook permission again! So i said yes, and 26% progress, no bought guns, no saved anything..I spent real money..I would like help Plz..

Zhane Chan

zones i cannot download any zones as it keeps showing me some error. ive tried different wifi. its really fun though, would rate 5 stars if that was fixed

Joel Villasuso

Disgraced the original game Yeah, loved this game concept when it was a flash game, when difficulty was balanced and reward was enough to advance your character. The app's only interest is to hook you the first day, and then max difficulty to make you buy credits. You remake the original game for Android and I'll buy the app, but I'm not spending a cent on this atrocity.

Rifky Zamzami

Error Error while trying to download all contents, even a single content can't be downloaded. I have a good internet connection and this is sucks. Uninstalled.

Kelton Godfrey

Major problem This game is good I remember it from pc a few new features but I can't download any of the other areas and stuck in only 1 area can u please fix the download pack

Adam Stewart

Good until..... This game is absolutely incredible until you realize like most have, that you can't download the other maps. This really really sucks because of the fact that this game it's really fun till you realize you can't play the whole thing. Sad

John LeClair

Don't waste your time Great game... except you CANNOT download any other areas other then the starting one and replay the same 4 missions. You CANNOT email support, because the email address does not exist, don't waste your time or money on this garbage..

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