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13 Jun
Dear Diary - Interactive Story

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Simulation | June 13, 2016 | 184 Comments

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Destiny is one tricky thing, isn’t it? What if you could be its master? Meet Anna Blake, a girl who is making her way through highschool, and help her make life changing decisions. Every choice you make will interfere directly in Anna’s fate… And that’s kind of awesome! Sneak peek at Anna’s diary and join her in all the amazing adventures!

Rick - the handsome and popular football player - or Martin - the smart and cute guy? Red or blue dress for prom night? Even harder: going or not going to the prom and with whom?! Studying or going out? Kissing or waiting? Tough decisions... What about a little help with that?

• New challenging way of reading and interacting with a story
• Different endings depending on your choices
• Don’t worry: when the story ends, you can go back in time and choose differently. Can you discover every possible ending for Anna’s story?
• Beautiful doodle art

Life can be very challenging. Will you leave Anna by herself?

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Whats new

    Ready for a brand new tale? Logan tells a funny little story - yes, it's Logan's diary!
    We also made a lot of improvements to make your reading experience better.
    Have fun!
    If you like playing Dear Diary, don't forget to leave us a new rating or review. It helps us a lot!

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Julianna Valenzuela

Awesome! I love it! The only problem is how long you have to wait to get more keys (a whole 24 hours!) Other than that, it's really fun!

Laura Watson

I love this!!!!! I like this app alot because you get to do a episode every day and it's something to look forward to!:)

Elizabeth Chew

Engaging I've only read a few entries and im in love with this game! I like the idea of this game and i definitely do not mind waiting for keys! Its that good!

Karly McQueen

Dear diray Help choose her on everything

Natalie Worrad

I LOVE IT It is really good and I really like it. I recommend it to others. But I have not finished it and I don't like waiting so long for the keys.

Olivia Wright

Not the best,but ok It needs more keys more often,but its kinda cute. It gives u ideas for ur first date.

Josna Joseph

I like this app a lot, but... KEYS!!! Keys, they always run out. You only get 1 key a day and sometimes you don't even a key a day. If there were more keys I would rate this app 5 stars. Otherwise this app is really amazing. I love this game except from the keys.

Kiara Rashid

A little problem I love this game so much. But there's a problem: keys. Can't you give more keys??? And the time that we need to wait for the keys! It's awful

Savage. Mhya

Wonderful This app is great. Very fun to play. Easy to get more keys then other games. Not hard to play. Love the choice making system. I give 10 Awesome Stars (5x2)!

Kmz Mkj

Can't find the new season Have you added the new season cuz i can't see it yet. Can't find the Valentine's day tale either after update.... ok so i waited for ur reply but u didn't so I'm uninstalling cuz now all i see in the game is a brown screen. Worst update ever.....!!!

michelle m

Same Problem as Akasha Snow I love the game, but I only gave it 3 stars is there is a problem, everytime I press the play button, the screen goes all blank and I can't do anything. Once I waited 30 mins but it was still blank. Please fix problem it is soooooooooooooo annoying but the game is soooooooooooooo good♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥:-) :-)

Akasha Snow

It doesn't always work!!!! I clicked on the game and it loaded then I clicked open and all it showed me was a blank background! Please fix this then maybe u will get a better rating!

Phoebe Caraway

Hmmm... I love this game SO much. I love being able to read her diary and make decisions. But there is one thing. Keys. They drive me insane. You only get 1 a day! I barely play it because im only on it for like 1 minute a day!!! I love this game, but I think it would be better if I could play it for longer a day. Maybe more keys? I would definitely like to be able to earn keys IN the game.

Lucretia Youngs

All you do is read like 6 sentences and pick from 2 different scenarios and THAT'S IT!! Dumbest app I've ever downloaded. Ugh waste of time!! Who would like this crap??

melissa nice

Very good I'd realy like it but its say i cant install the new version whay ? Its for which android ? Kindly somebody say to me thanks

Zeddy Spageddie

It's an enjoyable enough game for what it is. The spelling mistakes grate a little. Had to reinstall after the last update too because it would only load to a blank screen but that seems to have fixed it. Playing for free is tedious but playing for free is meant to be. (Not sure people understand that games need to make money to update.) The price of the full unlock is too much but the game seems inclined to expand at least. Good for some mindless fun whilst procrastinating!

Puzzling Bear

Sigh I saw the reviews and everyone said that it was great so I tried it and to me the entries aren't even entertaining, the jokes aren't funny, it isn't original, and I just don't think it's a game. A game is fun.

Lorin Ponce

LOVE IT????☺?????there mite be a lot of emoges....?????✨??????✌????????❤??????????Ok I'm done I love it sooooooooooo much go and get the game WHY R YOU STEEL READING THIS GO GET THE GAME NOW NOW NOW??

Elise Jansen

Broken About a week later, I tryed to get on but it wouldn't let me. I tryed the next day and it didn't work. Please fix this game makers!

Lauren Millar

Nice I like it and as you see.given it 5/5 because I told my.teacher I am reading of it and I think it's like a girls version of diary of a wimpy kid so.yea I think it's cool ?

Amelie Forrest

Loved it Such a great game. Truly a delight for all ages. I recommend it to everyone!!!!!

Thi Phung

Intresting. It's really intresting but I don't like how you have to watch a video of a game to get more keys.

Tim Lee

Its awsome its making decions for someone other than yourself btw im a girl on my dads account changing ot now

Raven Espinosa

Dear diary Its fun but i didnt like the part when your key is finnished you will only reseve 1!

Radmilovic Family

2 reasons why I give 3 stars: I mean first you get 1 key for 1 day?! Make it be at least 2 keys for half an hour or 1! Second, first Whatzzup then Skyre then Friendbook??? Is that a copy from WhatsApp, Skype and Facebook?! Please be more original, thanks!

Alexa Semionov

Great game Amegin your diary. it would be more boring... avery day I wait for the next key. A key is like a key to the next page to read, and you need to pay real money... but every 36h you get one free key. I whish you cud get 3 keys. And yeah... cool diary, more like A book. ? I gave 5 stars becouse I like the idea, the animations and the story. I still wait to read the 3rd season.

Jennifer Fletcher Barajas

Good It's alright it gives info and seems like you're Anna because it helps you make decisions ?

Rania Amira

The app bug After I update the game, I can't read the diary after I click 'read' the monitor just blank nothing in it just a brown wood as a background no season to choose bc theres no season shows up. Pls fix this game asap

Ashley Becerra

Love it But I don't like the end after her b-day. Was that it?

Amya Stephenson

Dear diary It was so cool to play this game but I like when you get to the reading part about it.

yaneliz yaerbuy

Dear diary Love it, but you should add more options to the question like 4 options each

Raelene Jie Yu

I love this game,but can you please like just 1 hour for one key,just one key!???

Aimen Rubab

Ugggg....... The new update.. After it I cannot access the game. Plzzzzz..... help. Anyways I LOVE the game

Julianne Then

Awesome! It has so many exiting features! Pls download it! I downloaded it a and I'm still having so much fun!!!

Megan Carter

Keys I need more than one key at a time it is so anoying that I can only do one entry at atime

Gladis Gutierrez

The keys I would rate it 5 stars but the keys take forever to refill please make that better

Emily Openiano

Really really love it but i think its better if you do not need keys to read her diary??pls make actions!!I love this game!!

Sheena Khan

Good good good my daughter loves it

Anneli van Rooyen

Sweet It's just like Episode only it is in a diary. I like to read diary and Episode stories!!!

zain safi

Maria c james is an idiot ,if she told us how to adjust time then why didn't she tell how

Kaity Judd

15 Hours of Waiting If you use the 'watch video to receive another key' you're up to 15 hours of waiting for your next key. I think that's a little extensive. Five or six hours is probably sufficient but 15 is way too long. I understand you need people to buy keys but could you dial down the hours by nine hours? I love the story line; hate the 15 hour wait.

drixyl laput

Too long I mean it's a great game but the keys are too long, it's like around 12 hours, come on please fix it, I really love to play this like right now.

Neiththa Sivakumar

I really am loving this game the only thing is that the stories are a bit short also u should shorten waiting time for the keys and give us more to start with but otherwise this is a great game !!!!!!!!! ; ) also now I am facing another problem I need some help by any chance is there a way I can move on to the next season without reading the first one I already did but had to uninstall the app and installed again but now I have to read the first one in order to move to the seconed one can you fix that in an update.

Ellie Cole

Bl This game is the best game ever but I know you have to wait for an hour but it is also very anoyoing when you run out of keys I just wish you never run out of them ??

Tessa B

Great game! Fun to play and work your way through Anna's life. Cute styled game and a good past time.

Pinky Pie Osita

More keys I love this game, but really?? 1 key a day, thats not fair especially if u dont wanna buy 5 keys for 2 dollars?

Jennifer Fletcher Barajas

Good It's alright it gives info and seems like you're Anna because it helps you make decisions ?

Cnkakashi Hatake

Were is my keys I like this but when I start to play this game I was really having fun but! I when I have a five keys and I use the one its gone what the banana is going ob but I like it so much

Kirby Bradshaw

Great game BUT I love this game, but I can only play for about 3 minutes per day because I only get 1 key. The only improvement I can tell it needs is more ways to get keys


Amazing I kinda hate that you have to wait for keys but i guess it's fine but I love how the season's are going so far I just want to know what is going to happen next >~<

Vaeh D

I Like It Its a great game but I feel like you don't get enough keys. If you got more keys I would've given it ★★★★★

Joceline Faubert

Ugh. WAAAYYYY TO SLOW It is a good game with a great story line, but, come on! You only gat one key every twenty four hours!!! If you want more you either gotta pay two bucks for five or watch a bunch of their stupid adds.

Yvonne Davis

Its ok Could you plzzz give us like , ummm,10 keys to start÷( If we could have none of this "KEY BIZ" I will give you 5 stasrs 4 shore!

Charlotte awesome Charnock

Um..... Its fine but it needs to have mini games maybe to get more keys and more options oh and also its tio long to wait for the keys maybe 5 hours would be better than 15 but if you improve at least some of this I would rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Sally Glover

I really like this game but.. When you finish season 2 and you want to go on to season 3 it says coming soon and it never comes but it is really good?

Ashryah Dewar

Liked it But I whish you didn't have to wait so long for the next few keys

Anna-Marie Nix

Adventure books yaaay I love your choose games and I like a little drama ?❤?❤yasss

Ellie Mogan

Best Game Ever! Please complete the 3rd season! I miss playing and finding out about Anna!

Rincy Anil

I loved it. I loved it. It is so interesting. The story is also great. I wished there would be more games like this.

Hailie Pollard

Amazing exept I don't like that we only get 1 key a day

Elle Russell

I barley get to use it The keys take way way WAY to long load. I can never turn the pages!I almost rated it two stars.

Mark W

Love it I give this ☆ ★ ☆ ★ ☆stars what happens when you choose dare in season 2?

Kay Sims

Loved it I like it because Anna has a secret crush, who's name that I keep on forgeting, but the main thing is that she is crushing on the boy.

Jade Bates

Love it Its cool game but I wish it wasn't 1 page a day cos I'm a curious person and want to read as many pages as I want but awesome game absolutely brilliant game :-) :-)

Beyonce Ratteary

Love it It's so,awesome I love new thing and so on I love it

Broolkyn kelsall

Awsome Only just got it and already living it need more keys though OH NO !!

symphanie wagner

It is fun but I did not like how you had to wait for keys

Angelina Sinclair

Best game ever Please make season 3 and please make it longer than the others

panchali chakrabarti

Keys I wish you came with more keys. Or if we don't have to buy the zoom through. Also updates are way to slow!

Ain Zahirah

I love this game. But the time taken to have the key is too long.

Smriti Priyadarshani

There should be someway to get more keys i litraly dont have that much patience if der were sone mine games or somthng to get more keys in less tym it would have been awesome

Anthea Walsh

????? I am so angry because i traveld and changed the time and when i changed it back i dont get a key in 20 years?

i am awesome

Love love love! I looooove this app so much its awesome

Kaliyah Brown

Loved I'm only to chapter 1 so idk how IT ends

Jennifer Lopez

Dear dairy I love it because I have been saving some secrets

sameen hassan

Its really good but... Once you run out of keys, it takes sooooooo long to get some more without buying or watching a video. I would really like you to shorten the time. But the game is great. Amaaaaaaazing.

Kaitlyn Schacht

More fun than people say Everybody who says anything bad about this game is an inpatient and needs to be more accepting. It is very fun! I highly recommend this game especially for younger kids.

Miah James

Could be better. Not as good as Sarah's secrets, but it's okay. It just could easily be a 5 star. ?

grassfamily kids

I Love it You get to pick what she does and read her diary she has a crush on R**k but you have to find out. its a realy cool game! You should downloud it its realy good game. The keys are bad though its just dump why do you have to pay money for keys. When is the third season coming out ?please tell me.


Why So this app is AMAZING but we have to wait 24 hours for more keys. Ya had to do that...Pls can we wait like 5 minutes for next key? PLEASE PLEASE...I BEG YOU..this game is great and I don't wanna wait that one does.

Layleen Breyette

Really LOVE it but........ We have to wait 15 HOURS for 1 key it should be at least 2 hours plz!

Syncere Reed

The best...... I love this game it is so much fun? the only thing is u have to wait a day to get a key??

Ezzy Sercet

Time to get more keys The time is too long as in the time to get more people will mostly likely forget about the game which is what all of us don't want to do. I would rate this 5 stars if the time is to be shortened to like an hour a key or to add more keys and get 1 every 30-40 mins

princess anaya

Really The only thing your doing I'd reading hers and U can't make up your own

Noor Ul Ain Motiwala

It's fantastic but the keys ........ Love it perfect for time killing or literally just when you're bored !!! :-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-) but it's a lot of waiting for the keys I personally think 30 min are probably better.....

Jaydenn Hudson

Loved it Awesome but I really think they should not put a time limit on keys it's just not fair I have to wait 2hours and 49 minutes like right now it sucks I hate it just why I mean seriously awesomeness at it's course but I don't like the time limit

Da'Bria Moore

Not so bad to be kinda honest The only issue I have with this game is that you run out of keys really fast but other than that this is not a bad game and I can kinda relate to it


It's a great game. But I need to wait so long for another key ;-;

sukaina fatima

Annoying keys The keys arrive too late sometimes 20 hours or 24 hours or sometimes more than that. It is the most annoying thing in this game but I liked the story of it and I am curious to know the next part but waiting for my keys oh god the keys are a mess..

Deniz Haditalab

Awesome!!! This game is really fun and enjoyable. I love how you put yourself in someone else's place or life and make the right choices in your life. But, the thing is that I get really desperate when I run out of keys to read the next part of the diary.☺

simbi ebenuwah

Good Game but... I find it annoying that the creators only allow you a certain amount of keys a day, they should allow you to do until you don't feel like doing it any more. Overall all the games good. P.S shorten the time for the keys. 24 hours!!! That's unreasonable!!!

Jade Simms

The keys The entry's but more for older kids bad thing is that only one key a day and if you go on it for about three to two days your keys don't build up

Rebecca Webb

New season The new season has been coming for ever!!! When will it come out??? 5 stars if it comes out soon!!! Whats taking so long?!? P.s shortern the time for keys

Cute Puppy

Weird but good It's pretty good but I hate when u have to watch videos so u can get keys cuz i hate when u run out of keys come on people. And who wants to know this junk life she has?

Samuel Kariuki

I love it but... I love this game because my daughter has a new best friend in the phone and she seems to also enjoy this game so that's why I rated it 5 stars

Daniella Penafiel

Best This is the best game ever even I will wait 15 hours I loved it someone says this game is stupid but for me this is the best game

Gemma Garcia

Love this game! I really love this game but it was too short i hope it was longer and in my opinion it would be better if there is a shirt video of what happen after i choose or a colored picture of thd scenes. Since i kindda feek bored when i just read. Bug all in all i love it! It was s great game!

Faith Olarinde

Great It's a great game but i have to wait hours just to have another key to proceed to the next entry and the stories are short too which makes it kinda boring. It's nice anyway.

Jasmine Ocoma

Ok I've been really desperate for keys to open a diary entry. I think its not worth it to wait 8 hours for a key. It is very interesting by the way but it is just the key problem. Fix it. Now! I know alot of people will also agree with me. Fix it please.

Dom D

I love games with interaction It is amazing and I love the interaction though I think there should be more keys in that much time you have to wait for it. No glitches and it's awesome!!!

j Caceres

It's cute but... You have to wait a day to get to one little short page with one question and answer. Come on they can do better

Solat Rahim

Good but... You asked to give my thoughts on this so you could make this amazing app better, so here are my thoughts..... Instead of 15+ hours how about everyday you gain 2 keys, may not give yous that much money, but it would bring more purchasers and better reviews. Please, think about what I said Tapps Games this might help in business and you are getting this advice from a tween (pre-teen)

Rania Alyemen

LOVED IT nd HATEDED IT Everything is good, but PLU-EEZ why do we have to wait for HOURS just for a key, I mean why couldn't we just watch those ads for a key every time!

Laura millan

Dear Diary Well it's a story day by day life in which it's tell like an diary it's really interesting the only thing I actually hate is to have to wait a hole day to be able to read the next page, except for that I'll say is really interesting.

mohammed Ibrahim

Awesome It's the best game in world. 2 complaints,1-Have to wait a lot of time for keys and 2-after season 2 why does season 3 not come quickly. Apart from that it's the best.

Victoria Masotti

A bit rude... I thought this would be a fun reading app, and it's cute and all, but her character leans more toward the disrespectful and rude side. Such as describing a colored person as "black" instead of darker toned and calling one of the boys desperate when you choose the other. Also, 24 hours for 3 keys to a minute long chapter? I don't think so.

Sophie Vansaghi

It stinks Well, I used to love this game because it was fun. But then at season 3 it says coming soon. I have waited for over 5 months for that update and it never happened. Tapps, please fix this or I will uninstall

VickyCirce15 Austria

Best app but Even i just downloaded the app today, I felt awesomeness! Best app ever! A must download. ? but use the keys wisely. I ran out of keys immediately. I even uninstalled it. Pls. Fix it. I am DEFINITELY not waiting for another! (But I will give chances. I'll download it again :) )

Angel Ogunjobi

Spelling The spelling for skyre, friendbook or schnapchat ,notflix is Skype, Facebook and snapchat also Netflix. Just to confirm that the spelling is awful

Angel Harby

Well it is great but the keys are forever and some times I just wanna go on my phone and play on a good/nice game without the wait of it all and I completely agree with every single person who has posted anything Awesome

shahwar khan

IT SUCS but 3 star less because , when u get 1 key after waiting for 23 hours than we have to wait another 23 hours plus , it do not have a good story , like Askin for such stupid questions and then waiting for 23 hours like it sucs a lot we can wait till 3 to 4 hours but not for 9 and23 hours so it has many bugs

chiko onye

Love this app This app is really good but there is only one problem.How can someone to be waiting for 20 hours just to get one key 5 hours is just ok ☺!!! And about the 3nd season those the "Soon" there mean "Never". Wouldn't the story continue? But every other thing is nice!!!

Erin P

Loved it but...... It takes 1hour to get a key and you can't read the next page without a key. Except from that it is awesome and you can change annas fate. So it is realy cool except from that.

Suhaani Verlekar

New season I really love this game but I have been waiting for the new/third for almost a year now and l can't do anything cause I've played both the seasons at least 5 times now PLEASE MAKE THE NEW SEASON QUICKLY

Linh Nguyen

Perfect except the problem about keys I really love this game. Therefore, I really really hate to wait for key to read next entry. Waiting time is too long, I hope it will be reduced. Another problem is I am now waiting for the next season, hope it will be updated soon.

Cyawa Gibbs

Interesting How could you not like this game is awesome like who wouldn't like it tells you about somebody who wants to share his feelings with you and that it's the deepest secrets and some of them and like I love this game and I don't know about you guys but if you're with me then like it speople that I don't think it's really good or weird because like this game because you about real life experience and tell you how to treat other people and what it is like and how you treat people and they should treat you people

Marissa Brown

Dear diary Anna Is beginning high school and things are changing a new kid named Kota was getting bullied by this boy and Anna stood up to him then the rest of the kids were glad that she did that

Beatrice Ghossoub

I really like the story It is a good app but it takes time to get keys to read the story ik you can get 2 for free for watching and add and 3 before u start the game and it takes 12 hours to get 1 key! and they end the story at the time i want to continue reading and i don't like reading but the story is really great.

Harmony Campbell

Idk what 2 say! Not so good could use more keys and can't wait a half day for 1 KEY!!!! Plz change.

Bianca Balderas

It takes forever ?? I love the game but it takes forever just so u can get 1 key ? ? I really like the game but the hour thing kills it...

Dianne Talay

LOVE IT It may take a lot of hours for the next key but it's a totally great game and I know the the makers of this game worked hard for it so why complain about the key? This one is perfect. ♡ I'm so excited for the next season?

Bibiyana George

Great great great First I thought that its gonna be awful but its cool u will get 2 keys one day from 8am 8pm i am using it for 4th month great story

Victoria Carrington

Cool It's cool to be able to control someone else's life, with problems you could have.

rahma naz

love it.... it is really really a good game but as every one is talking about the problem of keys they are truly ri8?☺?

Tay hay

Good But we need unlimited keys we should have to wait 30 minutes or 1 hour to get more key and if we have to wait a day we should get more than one key

Rebecca McManus

I dont like this game i love it its cool ? how you get to chose annas life and its a story and its so simple you just press the button and it tells you the story yoy and it takes ages to finish the story becase you just chose the sory line eg she gose out with rick or a different person so you can chose the other one and its a hole different story???????☺

Jaybrielle Howard

Its Awesome!!!! ??? Its awesome and its another way to get out of life once in a very fast and good working!!! Make things you want to happens and everything is fine to your liking!!!! Once again love this game I love it... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ???????????????

Allayne Green

C cute and realistic Most amazing thing ever in the whole entire world the best game ever if you want to download this please do it is very good I'm very glad to be using this app

Richard Clarke

I love it sooooo much Nothing could make it better.....oh yah can you make it so that I can get a free key from a ad all the time just a few and maybe a few more chances to make a decisions in the entry's thanks

Michelle Soriano

Awesome but..... I wish u don't have to wait for keys it makes me bored every time I ran out of keys...D:

Jordan Johnston

LOVED IT SO MUCH I loved it because i love listening to other peoples feelings and i love reading diary entries and i just love the books 'dear dumb diary' just love it and this app is the best diary app,dear uploader hi, um i need more apps like it i need to read more,the only thing that needs to be fixed/better, because i have to wait 1 hour until i can read more please fix or make the keyd better i need to read seasons thanks from Jordan Johnston thank you for your time

Tylani Smith

It is awesome very good the best It is good it's very good I like the story it is very good I really like it and also I like it is good and fun I like reading people's dairy lolllllll???????

Mariam Ahmed

Amazing ???best game in 2016 because I installed today That what I was looking for ?? I love this diary it is soooooooooo amazing and exciting ?☺☺☺???thank you♡ so much for this amazing dairy.i make to you guys 5 stars .love this game ??

Jade Burke

Kool It's kool n all but it would be way better if we could design n pick a girl n her outfits n stuff. It would also be better if it was more romantic n goes into detail wit it. Also if we didn't hav to wait or pay for keys n the whole season was free n there were like 20 seasons. Think about it!

Ebony Young

Lovin it This app is so good i have had it till last yearj and yes we need unlimited key per every min or hr

Jo Lester

It was great ...... BUT This game is really good ! The downside for me is that I have to wait a whole day !!!! Please fix this and I will give you 5 ☆★☆

Priyal Srivastava

Loved it... I love this game but please make the time short for the keys. We have to wait for so long to get the keys

Asifa Shaikh

Intresting Just the best...I wish we just don't have to wait for a day to only get 1 key... when will part 3 be here ? 'The future of Anna '

Nancy Amir

Wow! I love it so much. I think it's amazing that through an application, you can increase your reading and fluency skills, be better in choosing your decisions and have fun. The only thing is that I can't wait for season 3, come up with anything. It's so much fun. I also hope Logan and Anna get together. ❤?

Robin Folstad

Way to long I love the game slot but you have to wait soooooo long for 1 key! If you shorten it i would love it even more, but if you like story games and choosing what you do this is the game for you!

Sean Robson

Pretty good..... Its a nice game I wish keys could be Easier to get. And also I had two keys then I clicked next entry it took my key and it shutdown so I got back on and it didn't have my new entry so I had to use my second key? but overall it's a pretty good game.

Audrey Darwey

Cool I like it because it gives you you a break from super fast games on this game you can just relax and read and fill in blanks

cutiepie da best

Good idea but It would be better when you choose one you see what happens with Anna if you do that I will rate 5stars

Bridget Goode

Ok It's a great game but you need to find a way for more keys to be given. This is an educational game because of the reading, but you shouldn't have to pay to learn!

Shemya Jackson

I love it Its great only problem is you have to wait 12 hrs for ONE key ? stupid but other than that i have no complaints her story is exciting

Farah Khalil

Keys problem I really love this game but the keys come on there would be 100000 more dowloaders if u remove the key part please but everything else is amazing I just saw the app sara's secrets and it's from dear diary creators

N3ysa Zarsadias

Love it I thought it would be lame but once l tried it it wasn't so bad after all

Kuyi Porter

Get it Stop telling people u should not get it if they want they can people thank and fell different so stop and I would say its a great game and I got to say I want to make a show of like in press your ways but not in a mean way so if y'all now show directors tell them it's a girl who want to be a show star about fellings and thought

shadow wolf 115

Cool Cool I love it BUT..... you should be able to get more keys for free I get soo tired of not having keys but I just want to play it and you should get to play it with more choices

rahul banerjee

The thing is that having to wait for one day is too long ,n u get only one key....otherwise its okay ...its like reading someone else's diary fine....and do try to give more keys!! Otherwise it gets pretty boring :(

Leannea Dylana2

Personally I believe that this game is really good and also fun, but I don't mean to moan and everybody is saying the same...but I wish that It did not take so long to receive a key and that you don't have to pay if you want a key without waiting, but I hate to be a spoilsport so... This game is really good and I would recommend this to you, but take note on this review and of the downfalls of this game, but otherwise I hope you enjoy ?

usman mughal

Omd wtf its awsome Can't stop reading I think anna shud d8 logan but she shud d8 Kothe. Omd I luv this soooooo much. ...... Season 3 hurry up downloaded this 4 times and I finally finished this within 2 nights!!!!!even logan's diary! Meanwhile I wanna sneak peak at the other diary I think sarah's dairy? IDK AND IDC! LETS GO KIDDIES!WTF IM TOO EXCITED

Nicole King

Omw I couldn't stop reading!!?? I love to read all the time, I literally get into the characters so much that I forget about reality???✌??love this game, please add more keys... I only get one daily and I can't stop reading... I'm really enjoying this game, if you guys don't add more keys at the end of the week or even next week I will uninstall this and find another game

Katie Benson

Hated it 1. She is 15 and she's going on her first date 2. To short the chapters are way to short 3. You have to wait 24 HOURS just for 1 stupid key 4. We get to fulfill her destiny well I know her destiny and it is VERY VERY stipid 5. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE graphics for example her teacher as a rat or squirrel SO STUPID

Ayush Sharma

Entries shouldn't be lengthy. Some of the entries in the game are quite lengthy. If there are long entries, then you must also add more choices. We don't want reading a looooong passage and find out that there's only one choice to be made at the end. Because that's quite boring and people start losing interest.

Erika Bautista

Good app but... Takes forever to earn passes :( You seriously need to fix that. And the entries are so short for the insanely long amount of time you have to wait for keys.You should shorten the time it takes to get keys because everyones complaining.

Aimz Wellings

This app was stupid. Just for all of you that dont know, if you want instant play ensure your phone is not connected to data or wifi, go into date and time settings, set the day for two days later, go into app, keys will be there, go back to phone settings put it back to the right day. Repeat. Works on every offline app.

Shelby Wills

Good game I think it's cool that you can choose things so you like the game. Me and my friend are trying to be complete opposites so we know both sides of the story. The only thing I don't like is that I get keys every 11 hours. But I like videos for keys.

Shelley Kate Meggeson

I like it but.... The keys take soooooo long to get and the limit is only 3 keys and I wish it would be more so I could keep going on to the other seasons...... and when will season 3 come out? Those are the only cons but the rest is great!

Loved it, but there is two problems I really like it, but I bought the free season pass and I thought it would let me read the whole story, but it did not. Also I hate that you have to wait for the keys please fix and please make the new season thanks. I REALLY LOVED IT????????????❤❤

Maddy H

I hate that you have to wait for keys. You get one key a day, to enter a short part of the story. You can still buy them, but if you don't want to...The rest of the story, is interesting, I like it.

Capt. Xunn

Okay Not so boring but i think the diary is too short. I will give u guys some tips, if u hate waiting adjust the time or watch free adds or something to get free keys..?✌

leila naral

SOOOO INLOVE WITH IT RN I loved the start the plot the characters too especially Logan!!! I was so happy that you added Logan's diary too! But didn't Logan met Anna when Anna got heartbroken when she was 12??? I don't know but thats what I remembered on the tales...uhhhmmm soooo I hope I get a very good explanation after I have read Logan's.... One last thing. When will you release season 3??? I'm dying I have waited 3 yrs I think.... Waiting for the third season! Hmph I just hope that you release the new updates soon. Thnkx?

Serenity Makira

Great App Love the entries.....but need to at least fix the time for the keys. I mean, 12 hours is a long time just for a key or 2. At least move the time down to at least 2-3 hours or you give us more keys like 5-6 cause it isn't fair.??

PopCorn Sugar

Keys... I love this game. The story line is awesome. But there's is just one problem: we need keys to continue!! That's pretty annoying... But the game is still cool. Keep up the good work :)

sherin john

Guess itz free for namesake You can play every single page (1 key) in every 11 hrs unless you buy 5 keys it take just 1 sec to complete one page , a good business idea call it free and charge more for in app purchases to progress the story


Rubbish game I read all the reviews and I downloaded it and it is all right but totally^_^ . I got it last night and it won't even show up on home screen!!?? All right I suppose but don't take my word for it read the other reviews too.

Alisha Gomes

I WISH I HAD MORE KEYS!!!!BEST GAME EVER 100000 RECOOMMMMENNND Its an amazing game full of lifes ups and downs and Anna is just someone who you just fall in love with and relate to. I honestly lovr this app but come on one read a day ughhhh I hate my life.

Divyanshi Gupta

A awesome game but........ After playing when the keys r over in first time then u can watch trailer and win keys but after sometime there is no trailer and u have to wait for the keys for 11hours then only one key unlocks otherwise u have to purchase it. I loved this game but this is the problem. If it will be changed it will be the best game. If this problem not would be there then I've been rated it 5 star

Psychotic - Gaming & More

AMAZING Its pretty accurate to a real teenage girl's life, I just dislike the long wait and few keys. Ive also been waiting for season 3 for a long time now \:

Zoeie Starling

Really good story The story itself is really interesting but they start u off with 3 keys and after that it takes 12 hours to get 1 key. U can watch videos to get more keys but it takes a really long time to reset to earn more keys

K-color Light

Good but... I liked this game. It's interesting to see how Anna's future changes and to help her decide on what to do. But we have to wait 12 hours to get one key. Yes you can watch videos to get a key but those run out after a while. It's you either wait or you pay money.

Samicksha Mohan

OMG.... This game is interesting and addictive because of the stories. I LOVE THE part when Logan and anna kissed at prom. BUT....IT CRASHES MOST OF THE TIME. NEED TO BE FIXED. THIS IS MY SECOND TIME DOWNLOADING IT. THE FIRST TIME I GAVE UP ON IT.......SO PLEASE FIX IT

Luca Dorotovics

Good story... but seriously I don't recommend it. Just get rid of the keys and just be able to read. Or make one key enough to unlock a season. Then it would be perfect. I LOVE the plot though!

nafisa khalid

Everything is alright but there's a tiny problem It's okay that's why I gave it a five star but seriously how do you get rid of this never moving soon word on the third season its written soon on it like forever

Brianna Wolstenholme

Interesting Sometimes whatever you choose is/isnt always right. The only bad thing about it is that you have to wait 11 hours to get the next key

Shohista Botirboeva

Whaaaat? It was ok at first because you could watch videos to get keys, but then it says that the videos are unavailable so then you have to wait a day to read the next entry. How long is her whole diary anyway? The story is good, but either the entries should be longer or you should get more keys when you watch a video.

Ri Dunn

Um. I think I paid something like $9.99 several months ago for unlimited keys, now they're trying to get more money feom me...and no unlimited keys. What a rip off.

Karis Luk

Greatest story but.... I love this so much, in fact I'm addicted to it. 11 hours to get keys...not the best. Make it 4 to 2 hours so that the app is better. You know how much you hate waiting!

CookieAngelBunny 101

So fun I love it, but the thing that I hate is that you have to wait sooooo long for ONE key. Then you end up using it. Then I have to wait at least a day and a half for all the keys. If you could make the waiting shorter, i would appreciate :) but other than that, the game is fun and addicting

Valentina Huitfeldt

Good but I love the story but if you delete it forgets everything and you have to begin from the beginning also the keys take so long. I had no more place so I deleted it. And then I took it back and it forgot everything

Mouve Aubury

"Help her decide her own destiny" I choose the option for her to call in sick and not go to the weekend camp at her school. But she bloody goes anyway.

BlueGold MC

Cool! I really like the idea and story plot and all, no problems. It's just that I've been waiting for season 3 for a while, and I don't really like cliffhangers. Hope the wait is worth it. :)

Flame Heart

I love it but I'm just a bit confused It says that Season 3 of Anna's story is coming soon and this notification keeps coming saying, "I wonder what would happen if I chose differently?" So I'm kinda confused on do I have to choose differently to unlock the 3rd season or do I have to pay or what?

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