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20 Jun
Dawn Of The Sniper

Posted by Brutal Studio in Action | June 20, 2016 | 141 Comments

Apk file size: 22.0 MB

An action game set in a post-apocalypse setting, where you must protect the surviving humans from incoming zombies. Your sniping skills will be put to test in several challenging levels. You must search the area for incoming zombies and try to protect all survivors.

Shoot for head shots and don't let any humans die. Try to get a perfect run and upgrade your sniper rifles or buy new ones that will help you achieve your goals. The game also has plenty of side missions and achievements to unlock and master. Share your score and achievements with friends and master the game!

Get ready for an action shooter challenge!


As you progress in the game, levels will require your agile sniping skills.
You will be able to buy new sniper rifles and upgrade their performance.
Each mission will offer several objectives. Try to be the best and then share your score with friends.
Zoom in and out to view your targets or to view incoming threats.
✔ Share completed achievements!
✔ Rate our game!
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✔ Buy coin pack to upgrade or acquire weapons faster!
✔ Remove ads for a small fee. (Help us out so we can keep making great games!)

Brutal Studio part of our Action and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 20, 2016. Google play rating is 85.3993. Current verison is 1.2.5. Actual size 22.0 MB.

Download dawn-of-the-sniper.apk 22.0 MB


Marcio Oliveira

Easy way to earn money - watch mini clips Stay watching videos to earn lot of money and buy all guns and upgrade

Matt Ortega

Love it! I have been waiting for A Game like this please Add the ability to slow down time.

Djulkifli Hamdi

Noty noty 3 Stay with miniclip earn unlimited easy money

Trung Tran

Decent game Has ads in between level. The ads frequency IMO is high

Vessavane Phommaha

This game needs to be top ten! Very enjoyable game for S6 user or any other smartphone user.

Paolo Baltazaro

Great! Such a great game to play. Especially when bored!!

Marco Viggiano

Nice sniper action Enough fun to replace my other pet game, HCR. it's a nice addition to any device. Bugs: stage 17 never ends (v1.0.6) and sometimes 'headshot' announcements get in the way of back to back shots. Crosshairs on some rifles are a bit obtrusive.

Jhonny Asta

Great Game This is a very fun game.

Barre Kelley

Fun game Good game play and easy to get coins.

Jodie Uhl

Nice n easy, no complicated controls

Erwin Yohanes

Amazing Such an amazing graphic and game play, keep it up devs

Jaime Carrion

Scope Scope could be better.

Pavithran Dragon

Nice worth a shot

Don Supriyadi

Not bad.. awesome

Shady Korok

Would recommend

Lord Birch

Good fun Good way top burn some time

Roman P

Very good

Clayton Camilleri

Recommended I love the game it is very active

Murele Olayemi

Lego Cool graphics

Derik McClintock

Litte tough to pan. Could use phone tilt instead of swipe. Zombies sometimes tough to find but a good challenge

Spank S

More awesomeness! Stick sniper games is good enough, but add in zombies waves and it's pure genius! Pure awesomeness. I have only one recommendation, add the ability to switch between green and red reticle. Several maps it is impossible to see unless you are rapidly moving due to red reticle on deep orange/red skyline.

Hunter Deathspear

Hunterdeathspear Beast but hard ill get used to diz game real quick

Albion Fetahu

Great A great game to kill the time

scott johnston

Great Sniping n zombies me 2 Fav things

Andres Moreno

Game I get that this is a sniper game but the zombies should at least be a different color or make a plain background because it would really make it easier to know where to shoot.

Waleed Aslam

wow very good

Tony Jernigan

Awesome It's so fun to play

Jacob Cross

Gets old Missions are kinda the same just longer its ok but i do like it

richard martinez

Nothing but ads!!! Even after paying! I spent money in this app and I have purchased upgrades, but I still get bombarded by apps!


Great game. Like that they give u money for watching short videos

Jeffrey Rogers

Great game It is one of the most challenging zombie sniper games I've played


DAWN OF THE SNIPER Kill the zombies game!

Burat Akhimo

Ok Gamez amazed men love this lol

Rhey Resos

Dawn of the sniper Loved it

William Mckenzie

It's an alright game I like that game play so 5 stars is all yours. but there is one solution for stages past 15 please give survives melee weapons

Hitesh Talreja

Ads Launched the game and the first thing was a advertise video without even displaying the games menu. Thats [email protected]#ked up. Whole new level of aggressive advertising. Uninstalling without even trying the game.

Mr Anderson

I like turtles! This is a cool game. Good concept. There is no indicator telling you where the next zombie is coming from and it's all in silhouette so it really comes down to your reflexes and skill. It's a challenge that's why I like this game

Alex Monceaux

It's not working On level 17 it's lot letting me completing the level it's like theirs one zombie stuck some where and won't let me end the games fix it please so I can give you a 5 star

Dan Beaumont

Good game.. But having the lvl 17 issue which others have mentioned, can't proceed any further!? Needs to be sorted and quick or a lot of ppl will just stop playing..

Gaurav Sunal

Immersive Played all levels...real difficulties come at the last couple of levels where your shooting skills come at play....but overall nice sound effects great gunss are required to unlock alll guns to their full upgrades in order to have perfect gaming experience

socallivin diegoboy

Lvl 17 issue It'll let me pass with 3 survivors but not all four. But I do like the game it's a challenge:) so please fix :(

nyklan singh

1 problem the humans could of have some kind of self defense like a baseball bat or something to make it a bit more realistic but overall a great game... WELL DONE...

Partha Bhattacharya

Tat arrow look cheap..vibration!!! Gve sme glowing sign instead of arrow,, everytime i open the app i hd to turn off the vibration..

Gary Novotny

Dawn of the Sniper 1st rate shooter. Graphics simple but very creative. They set the mood that I believe the developers waned.

St. Julien Cannon

Straight forward and fun You get pelted with more ads then I would like but games is gun and we'll built

Jesse Paddock

Great Game... The only problem that i see and its not huge but my market wouldn't be on the zombie's head and i'd get a head shot

Stephanie Curry

OK game.... But slow..... Weaponry is fairly accurate but controls (ie reload) very slow and sluggish Slow, sluggish game play.... I hate to say it, but a bit boring. I am hopeful, though, that as developers generate upgrades the game play will improve.

Ante Čavar

Nice Great game but human should have self-defenses,if don't at least make them punch nerby zombies instead of just chrouching and running

Sam Luck

Enjoyable I do enjoy this game but it takes some getting used to if you haven't played this kind of game before.

Charles Strickland

It's OK Could use more weapon options and choices on commands for survivors. Like the graphics and blood spatter


Good game 10/10 It's lot's of fun.

Anthony Saracho

Okay Difficult but fun and a great way to kill time

Precious Offor

Best Game in the world ?????

Slade Martin

Cool.. It's kinda like the stick men games if you like those you will like this

Kevin Williams

Spoilt Way too many ads. Ruins gameplay

andrew ng kok fei

Bugs and Crashed!! It's is not working horizontally! It is in vertical especially when ads finish! Please fix!

Tegan Frieslaar

Amazing Get it now that it's free

Sanghveer Garg

Good No graphics on game

J Finch

Decent Pretty decent game. Even in app purchases are cheap

enrique 2.0

It is fun

Barbara Dari


Jc Gines

Very addicted..nice game

Alissa Churchill

Best zombie sniper game out there! Challenging yet not impossible to move on and upgrade without spending real money! Love it! Keep up the awesome work!

Leo Carlo Rotor

Nice game Finished it in just a couple of hours, unfortunately the last stage is bugged and sometimes will not end even after killing all zombies I cant get a 3 stars in the last stage because of this and I have to exit the stage. There are some lag on some stages, hope they can optimize.

atul kumar

Awsome fun Fun game to kill time while shooting the dead

rikutate katezuki

Ok but Too much flaw detected as i first play thos game, no sensitivity adjustment, it is laggy in my phone, and a lot of option is missing.. idk but great effort making the game

Michael Parker

Game It is a really good game wish graphics were w little better but overall good game

Raynaldo Aprilino

Great time killer Very entertain, it would be nice if u guys add some more weapons

Elias Jaquez

Great game Its an excellent time killer, really addicting...a bit laggie but overall a great game

Roland Loredo

Awesome game! Simple graphics yet entertaining for the fans that enjoy giving headshots to zombies.

Reginald Saxton

Fire Button intermittent Galaxy Note 4 with latest takes me 4 presses on the touchscreen to fire weapon. Fix this please !

Shaquinn Anthony

Nice job It's an addictive game keep it up

john lerma

Good game Pretty good only thing it turns screen black and exits...other than that good game

Jeffrey Cruz

Surprising I thought it was going to be another ordinary sniper game but it is actually good

lone crusaider

Awesome game Gets more challenging as you play

Miguel Miguel

Lol ha The best game everr so addictive

Georgia Morin

This games awsome Never played a game like this

Zach Siegenthal

Love it Love it its addictive

KHZ 22

Very fun No issues! Great game!

Noel Vallez

Great game!!! It's a great game to play :)

Athan Rivera

Nice sniper game ever have :)

brandon johnson

Lots of fun Really fun and addictive game!!!

Luke Randall

Good Needs more challenging missions

fantum rider

Time killer Good way to pass the time

Ican 090594

addiicctivee i like this game i love snipe

Logan Jastrow

Relly good love this game A lot of fun

Alejandro Moreno

This really is a great game. Action packed, nerve wracking fun. Great time killer. Great game play. Keep up the great work.

Shax Shoom

Cause they gave me $7000 for doing this. They give you $7000 in game money on top of $5000 each time you share a trivial game event on Facebook and it pretty much helps you afford the best guns quicker. The 5 star rating is cause it's a really fun game as well...

christian pamiloza

Nice game but there is a bug In the popcorn said "want watch a video and earn free coins" and when you click the check button you will not watch a video but you can earn the free coins and you do it again anytime you want

Jose Taylor

So...this is a good FPS time killer Like it so far. Will check with new ratings as I proceed with game

James Mrjenovich

Great time killer Little dark and hard to see on some levels though

jeff her

Wat happen! On mission 16 can't pass it cause there a bug zombies would come out then after killing them then no more come then nothing happen wtf doesing that me i pass fix

William Marsh

Love it! Fun and a challenge! Great sniper game. One draw back is you cannot upgrade your rifle like attachments, only stats.

Jon Jones

Dawn of snipers I love it great gameplay great guns and killing zombies awesome

Leonides Villadiego

Shoot em up I like how you find the zombies in the dark and just blow them brains out

Dennis Pentz

It's a great time-waster. My only gripe with this game would be the lag in the response to the scope... But I would imagine that they made it like that to seen more realistic.

R.J. Hunt

Rad Controls are not as smooth as I'd like. But the concept, and game is pretty rad.

Franz Lloyd Gencianos

Cool Game Giving 4 Stars for now gonna gave 5 when Barret adds on the shop lol

Dustin Thompson

Good Game Its has nice simple graphic. Fun game to play if you need to waste some time. Only downside is if you hit new game it instantly deletes your old one, needs a failsafe on that.

Dion Lavigne

Precission Its very enjoy to kill zombies with your own skill to sniping

Matt Steele

Like So far so good. Enuf I downloaded 2nd one.

Jay Naroro

Dope!!!! This game is awsome , i love the way the zombies can run , kinda gets your heart going , right until you get tht head shot ......wish it had a steadying option for the gun , like you hold your breath or something . Otherwise ?

Faruk Hossain Ifti

There is a bug We should've get money by playing more of it but...there is a glitch. And for that we don't have to play to earn game money. All you have to do is just click the POP-CORN icon to watch an AD. Where's the fun with that? Let me tell you, you'll get money even there's no adds. JUST KEEP PRESSING POPCORN ICON AND GO ON HAVE FUN.

John G

Good, but.... The last level. I can beat it to where it's all survivors left, no more deado's, but level will not clear. Left it sit for 3 minutes without touching the screen and nothing changed. Nobody screamed, nobody ducking. I have S5 Active running android with most recent updates. Fix and I'll update to 5 stars. It is a fine game, but what's the sense if you can't complete it?

john gantner

Read this review and fix After each ad the screen goes black. I have to back out of app and re-enter. When I re-enter it puts me back to the end of level option to share or continue to next level. It also does it on stick squad 1 and 3. After fixing I will give 5 stars.


Bloody terrible game. I launched the game agreed to their little T&Cs and as soon as I hit that OK button a 30 second ad launched that I couldn't skip. I thought OK, maybe that's a bug. I played a few missions and I've noticed not only that there's an ad every mission but there's a huge enthuses on buying coins. The missions are possible easy. The game gives you aim bot. Just aim a square meter around the enemy. Not just the head and you'll get a headset. GG

Daniel Ramirez

Decent shooter *Changed rating to 3 stars.when you get to level 17 the game glitches and nothing happens. Can't proceed* targets are a little small .not being able to see the entire level is sort of a pain. A ton of adds is a little annoying. On a positive note they are generous with in game cash. No real struggle buying and upgrading weapons. People often forget these games are free. It was not that long ago we were paying 5 bucks for a couple wallpapers and a few sh*tty ringtones that sounded nothing like the real song.

Kenny Arya

Good one Everything's good. At first I don't like the way we aim but it gets better as time goes. BUT I am stuck on the stage 17. I've killed all the zombies but it the game didn't finished. Hope you can fix this soon.

joshua bell

Great game Love the game, you get to the last level and kill all of the zombies and it doesnt end, you are just left standing there with no way for the game to end, what crap. You play a game to the end just to be let down

Paul Drake

Colour scheme makes it hard to see enemies. Controls are hard to use with broad slow motion. Good game idea but not executed well enough.

amirrulzaman azman

Good game Killed every zombies, but i'm still stuck at stage 17. Please fix this issue Brutal Studio.


Game locks up After every ad, my game locks up and I have to close the app, please fix and I will rate higher because this is a very good game

Pat Barton

Dawn of the sniper I don't have an addictive personality,but this game has me addicted lol. Could do without all the adds,that's why I didn't give 5 stars.

Bryan Barker

Pretty good Its a good game..I just wish that it had a arrow showing you which way the zombies are coming from & it would be nice to see how many zombies you have to kill while doing the missions to pass to the next level

Johnathon Herrera

Decent Game Good game for like an hour.. Finished all the missions with 3 stars within the hour with the first gun without upgrades. Had to share my achievements otherwise I wouldn't have had enough to buy the best gun... Not enough missions.. And too easy.

Bob Sus

Controls are a little bunched up, so you'll fire when you don't want... but overall a decent free game.

Erwin Anthony

Very bad game, do not download Bad graphic, slow motion n gliched, slow response, shooting not accurate, too many ads. Uninstall!!

Dale Stafford

Would be 5 stars for shorter/less ads Before and after a mission a video ad.. that you can't exit or stop early

Dom simpson

Zombies Zombies Zombies This is a great game! Must try

Psiko Eror

Challange but boring The game is addictive... but if mastered you became bored

Maksudul Shadat Akash

Bug I can't completed stage 17 for bug..I killed all zombies..but the nothing happened..or showed on screen..

Wayne Taylor

Fun game my only gripe is the ads, before you can even play the game you have to watch a 30 second ad then in between It's ADS ads and more ads

Ryan Kuhn

Sniper zombies Great game, slow at times but overall good gameplay

Thomas Ryan

Great game....right up to round 17. Zombies stop coming...round won't end.


I LOVE ITTTT In love with this game, but maybe do you think you can add some cool music or instrumentals with the gameplay to add suspense?

unknown person

Its ok Have an issue with the 'buttons'. Press them but nothing happens sometimes

scott parsons

Waaaay to many ads 3 unskippable ads for 1 mission. I'm cool off that crap. Ads ruin apps.

Max Peterson

Really fun If you like shooting zombies in the head, this games for you. The graphics are good and the campaign is nice

Fatima Nidzfahal Lobitaña

Love it this game. I makes me nervous when the zombie is near to survivors. Hahaha nice

rosyidan kayan

loved it make me beat up

Melissa Incze

Its ok Its kinds hard to See what's happening in the game because it's so dark and it's kind of difficult to fire the gun

Benny Mayle

Lot of fun, easy to play, but way too many ads.

Deadpool Madness

Best sniper game Its good. Very good. I don't really like sniper games but this one takes the ticket

Vincent Sage

Ads.... And occasional glitches like suddenly stopping. AND STAGE 17 NOT ENDING.

Aidyn Bowyer

Zombies I've never really seen a zombie sniping game before

David Fidler

The game Getting points yo. Haven't decided on how I like it yet.

Daniel Mebane

Dope Games dope I like playing it when I'm stoned

Titas Ghosh

Ok game Controls are a bit buggy fix the issue

Brandon Pierson

Its okay Kills time and keeps you busy when needed

Max Teo

Great Great..just too many..too many ads then it becomes unbearable..gonna delete unless do something

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