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24 Oct
Dawn of Mars

Posted by Illumination Games in Strategy | Oct. 24, 2016 | 36 Comments

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Space Frontiers: Dawn of Mars is a strategy-based planet-colonization game.

Join the first-ever colony on Mars. Your survival will depend on your ability to gather resources, expand your bases, and conquer new territories.

Control a fleet of rovers and extract precious resources from the Martian soil. As commanding officer, you will need to balance colony survival with mission requirements, while battling hazardous and unpredictable conditions on the Red Planet.


- Awesome open-world colonization on various types of maps
- Turn your fledgling outpost into a thriving metropolis
- Discover your true mission on Mars through engaging narrative gameplay
- From the frozen landscapes of Vastitas Borealis to the barren deserts of the Aeolis Quadrangle, explore real Martian locations
- Accept science missions to unlock additional resources
- Ship resources between colonies
- Play in English or French

Whats new

    New Features
    - Adjusted wording of some confusing phrases
    - Idle Rover warning appears less often
    - Updated splash screen
    - Minor balance tweaks
    - Progression saving should be more consistent
    - Added intro cinematic
    Fixed Issues
    - Fixed issue with sprite rendering
    - Specialists can now be unassigned from second and third slots in rovers
    - Map resources will now properly display in scanned areas
    - "Stuck" timer during storms removed
    - Deleted building icons no longer stick around

Illumination Games part of our Strategy and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Oct. 24, 2016. Google play rating is 69.5349. Current verison is 1.1.4. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Brad Crosslin

Major problems I enjoy playing this game...however, there are serious issues once a second colony is established. Also have problems registering an account. Bottom line...I can't...the registration screen freezes. Lastly, I purchased synthium . Had to start a new game and all synthium is gone!!! The game has great potential. response from the web site contact link...I have tried and tried again to make this game luck....disappointed

Doug White

Great concept but won't load Was able to play the game for about a 1/2 hour. Came back, tried to reload and just locks up. Reinstalled, same issue. Love the concept and graphics wish it would work.

Matthew Wetherbee

Good game but Arizona racing right now if you sit still for more than 5 Seconds it automatically puts in a structural failure the same building over and over and over and over again need to work on the algorithm for this because you literally get to a point that you don't do anything but fix buildings you can't do anything else

johannes edinburgh

Unable to register Plaese fix the registration issue as we cannot register properly. It should enable google account saves wherein you just login using your google account and it automatically saves your progress and remembers your account

Stephen Simpson

Good concept but flawed Lots of niggles such as player registration and issues during game play ruin what could be a nice little game. Needs a bit of work.

Anthony C

Good game but... Rovers get stuck a lot even when there is nothing in their way please fix it or make it happen less. Other then that very good game!

Bruno Feitosa

A Would-Be-Great Game Tainted by Mobile Vices Nice gameplay mechanics, bundled with great visual quality, but encumbered by the "timer + click for anything and everything" vice of mobile gaming, directed towards building behavior conditioning. Resources are gathered by clicking on them every minute, and are consumed even with the game closed down. Besides that, some upgrade timers do not run when the game is closed, even though they may take more than 8 hours. It's a badly designed good game. Not worth it.

Dummie Account

Love this game Ya needs that automated rovers, micromanaging in games like this is tedious, why i stopped Fallout Shelter

Thomas Price

Don't waste your time Game freezes in this game the commercials are the only thing that works

Daniel Hinds

Love it I love this game only problem is the rover management it needs to be automated and also resources dissapear even though it still has some left after you send a rover to them and the last thing is it some times it wont save and I revert back to the last save point.

Robert Shaw

Since update has major issues. Since the latest update the game has an issue with deleting colonies. Unable to rebuild colony so have to start from scratch.

Carl Bater

Dull Ruined by repetitive nature of rover management, which badly needs automating.

Robert Ross

You need to make it were the the screen can rotate with the phones my is broken and can't be fixed so I hope you add screen rotation

Lucas Lech

Mixed feelings Literally the first thing I see is a store popup to pay money for disabling the adds. Wow, wtf ...

Anthony Gallatin

Confusing registration/sign-in procedure. Takes forever to d/l-install; needlessly redundant sign-in: MORE TROUBLE THAN IT'S WORTH.


Needs updating Love the concept and the gamplay. Shortly after unlocking second colony, the first colony will never load. The second colony once I had 400 people. It will load without buildings, all specialists gone, inability to build.

I have read a lot about what it would take to colonize Mars and this game is realistic Fun and interesting too play The only complaint is the characters look the same with different names and stats only it seems lazy not too have more pictures of characters Good game still

Chris Casey

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Amazing game when doesn't freeze on loading screen! Pls fix

Guy Bentley

Awesome Definitely a great game, but resources deplete from map before I collect them all for some reason

Christian J

It's okay... Resources reset and happiness bar doesn't seem to do anything..

Yuvi Dhillon

Rovers need to be automatic

Yehia Amr

Rare It is perfium

tyrone sheppard

Great game Need little more tweaking to make more realistic

Oskar Mokwa

No real game play just sending rovers that get stuck if you send them too far i give it 3 stars just because its mars and there is nothing better there right now. Need to add more game play maybe trade with othere colony or some mini games when you fix modules , aslo time dont pass when you not playing that def need to be fix im not waiting 30 in game just to upgrade my rover. Also need more biuilding maybe some refinery that multiply row ore that you bring and some sotial biuilding to blow off some steam.


Good game overall, some nitpicks. Population growth needs to slow or stop (preferably stop) when it hits capacity. Where are those extra people going? Too many keep packing in while I'm still trying to both increase food capacity and build them more space. The "rover has returned to base" dialog popup gets in the way; for as often as it happens, it takes up too much screen estate. I also notice that panning sometimes (often) stalls, particularly after I've opened a building's detail popup. Then I can't pan at all unless I flip to the scan screen and back to 'reset'. Really frustrating in the middle of an event where I have to click on myriad bubbles all over. Also needs the ability to zoom in and out on the colony screen at least (both screens would be best). (UPDATE: trial-and-error reveals zooming exists, it just has the same lockup issue as panning.) All that said, I'm enjoying the premise and gameplay; it's a solid city-builder that doesn't seem to include combat, which I appreciate. It adheres to mobile game conventions (clicky bubbles for everything and exponentially increasing time delays), which I don't favor so much, but at least it's reasonable about them.

Ricardo Manuel

Good game But you need to work a little more on the game like more unit ,more complex structure and much more on the engine of the game... Is a good game really.

Ross C.

A great premise with some very impressive presentation throttled in the crib by one of the most unresponsive UIs I've encountered in a while.

Matthew Harley

Updates and changes I like the game a lot, its more fun than fallout shelter. I think it could do with a few things added and some changes though, such as. A population stop cap, if your population is currently full you don't take any more. Better selection controls, a click and select system instead of dragging, also makes scrolling easier. Time indication on resources and training. I hope future updates will also make a way of healing fatigue instantly, maybe a med bay or health packs of a sort. Done right 5 stars.

Great game but problems to work out I played this game for a few days and the premise is great and they seem to be really keen on making it realistic but there are bugs. I got to two colonies and when I switched from the newest back to the original all of my buildings except for a few were gone. Also once things got more in depth the instructions weren't great. Needs to work on clarity and a but more in depth direction. Could be a great game but needs to work out the bugs.

Michael Shafer

Log in problem I registered....then it automatically goes to log in screen with my name and password already filed in, but when i press log in it says wrong username or password. And there is no link to have password sent. So how am i supposed to play?????

Deas Sakti

Good game good future Still got lot to fix but ist good game . With sceduled maintenence to fix player problem may become great. Keek your good work???

Art Lif

Buggy Has bugs, sometimes rover wont come back, sometimes cant collect food or electricity, pls provide fixes if you can.

Anthony Herber

Would not let me register

So ? cool and good This game is good intresting fun joyful game I ever play


Hmm? Nice preparation for national geographic's mars eh??

k kumar kumar

I enjoy this game

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