Download DashClock Fitbit Extension apk 0.4.0 free for Android smartphone

23 Jan
DashClock Fitbit Extension

Posted by in Health & Fitness | Jan. 23, 2014 | 81 Comments

Apk file size: 134.0 KB

DashClock Fitbit Extension is an extension for DashClock that allows you to quickly see your today's Fitbit statistics on your lock screen. Additionally it notifies with tracker low battery status.

DashClock Fitbit Extension requires DashClock Widget by Roman Nurik:

Whats new

    + Crash on login has been fixed
    + Activities settings should now be available
    + More updates to come..
    + Stability improvements
    + Widget now uses imperial or metric unit system (miles/kilometers) according to your Fitbit profile. part of our Health & Fitness and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Jan. 23, 2014. Google play rating is 66.423. Current verison is 0.4.0. Actual size 134.0 KB.

Download dashclock-fitbit-extension.apk 134.0 KB


Dawn Oakes

Tried to install a few receiving notification issue was fixed but still having same issue Will not show on my phone note 3. Don't know if I should be doing something I'm not to activate?

Dan Lavelle

Redeemed! App no longer crashes and I can even now configure my activities (which I've never been able to do). Thanks for the fix, Dev! 1-star becomes 5 :-)

Daniel Marchena

Great extension. No battery drain Great extension. I do have one request. I use this on my HTC One M8 with FitBit integration. The issue is the extension thinks the battery is dead on the device which isn't true so I always have a battery icon with this extension instead of the FitBit logo. Any fix?

Kimberly Petrella

Install? Installed but does not show up in my 2G. Uninstalled and tried again. Same deal, unable to locate in phone. Uninstalled. :(

Jonathan Thompson

Doesn't work I downloaded on my Nexus 5, but it won't let me configure it. It quits when I try to login to Fitbit. Update: Latest update fixes the problem.

Lance McDiffett

Same situation as previous user--app does not even show up on phone after downloading.

Haylee Sjostrom

Won't work Can't even find it to open on my Galaxy S5. If I uninstall and reinstall and click on it when it's in my notification bar, it comes right back here. I was looking forward to using this.

Shane Morton

Works great! The developer has fixed the crash on login bug that was preventing me from using this extension. Now it works great! My only complaint would be that it doesn't update as quickly as I would expect, but nothing worth docking a star over.

heather gamble

Crashes CONSTANTLY! I'm giving this 2 stars only because it would be awesome if it stopped crashing. Nearly every time I use my device a notice pops up Oh, every 10 minutes telling me that this has crashed. Completely annoying. If your Ok with annoying it's not useless. Sorry guys, it's a great idea with poor execution :(

Harold Goldner

Suddenly crashing incessantly Love it when it works, then goes into paroxysms of force closes and/or flurry of redundant notifications. Works well on another device I am testing, just not on my HTC One M8.

Nick Corvelli

Doesn't even show up Doesn't show up in widgets. I've downloaded it, reset my phone and downloaded again. Still doesn't work.

Heidi Lottes

Crashes constantly When it works, it's great - but that is infrequent as it crashes all the time.

David Paul

Variable Font required Font size of app connection (Fitbit) is too small to read unless you have teenage eyes. Unfortunately this renders the whole application unusable. Sorry!


Cannot see it on my galaxy note 3 What am I doing wrong??


Not displaying on LockScreen I currently have a Samsung S5 and I have downloaded this app. Even try following the External Widget link but it just force closes when I click on it! Is it compatible with my phone?

Nicholas Newbill

Updates Whats the update interval on this? Looks great, maybe additional counters...Really curious why it hardly to never updates even 10+ minutes after fit bit syncs.

Thomas Pfeuffer Jr.

Now We're Talking! The latest update fixed the app from crashing at the login page. I've only done a few minutes of testing, but everything seems to be working great now! I love having the ability to be able to quickly glance at my phone for my Fitbit progress! Thanks for the fix!!!

Charis Kendall

Not showing I've got the dashclock and this extension. The dashclock is up and running but I can't seem to get fitbit to be visible alongside the other extensions on sony xperia z1 compact, please help x

Kendra Orndorff

Dislike Doesn't show up on my Moto X. Don't know if I did something wrong or need to do something else to get it to show on my lock screen. Now, I love my fitbit one device!!!!!!

Kim Nelson

S4???? 2 stars for a brilliant idea! I can't get this to work on my Samsung Galaxy S4. Love Fitbit, so please tell me what I am doing wrong or fix it so that I can use it.


Doesn't show up on home Downloaded the app, like the idea of it but it doesn't show up on my home screen after it's been downloaded. Droid maxx

Leon Tee

Brilliant! Works as described on the box now that I can login since the 0.4 update. Looking forward to the real time sync.

Jessica Nicole

Crashes ALL.THE.TIME This app crashes constantly. My stats never update unless I force it to. I only keep it because it's slightly better than the other crappy dashboard app

Clint Starrett

Won't work on Galaxy S4 but does work on Nexus 7 This extension constantly crashes on my Galaxy S4 and is not usable on it. The extension does however work fine on my Nexus 7 but I don't really need it on there I need it to work on my Galaxy S4. I like the concept but it just doesn't work how I need it to.

james lash

Download Dashclock first! This works like a charm. Ignore the crappy reviews that claim that this doesn't work. They failed to understand the word "extension" and also failed at reading instructions... that being said, I'd be happy to change to 5 stars if a battery level indicator were to be added. -htc m7-

Sarah Nichols

Isn't working I have installed on my Samsung note 3... There is no app icon and can't see how to get it to work.. is it not compatible?

Shelby Decoff

I wouldn't even give one star if I could I installed but can't find it in my widgets or even find the app on my phone not even when I search it. Its basically non existent even though its installed

Halley Lane

Wouldn't apoear On my note 3 it would not appear on the lock screen. Not sure if I am supposed to do something to activate it?

Melissa Fernandez

Doesn't work I have followed all instructions and I can't get it to work on my note 3. Lock screen is still the same.

Michelle Alston

Dashclock woes My phone has been updated to Lollipop 5.02, sadly Dashclock no longer works, is this going to be looked into? Thanks

Kat Husbands

Not as reliable as it should be Very handy, but has completely broken down a couple of times - crashing on start up. Fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling.

Teresa Botteron

Can't get it to work. .. Seems like a great feature, unfortunately I am unable to install it on my screen. Frustrated.

Don Jenkins

FitBit I really needed something like this, to help my lose my tummy. Now dont have to remember anything it is done for me

Wesley Cardinal

Doesn't work I've installed this multiple times and it's no where to be found. Uninstalling!

Giampaolo Frello

Very good Works flawlessly with my nexus 5. Any pebble integration planned?

David Kha

Works... As is It works long as you don't touch any of the settings. If you do change the settings then it will constantly crash and FC error. Just clear data, and only log in.

Jacqui Hubatz

Doesn't work It says it is installed on my Wiko but I can't find it.

Tracy Talbott

Neat idea, but... It installed and disappeared. It is not listed in my apps area at all. No way to use it, nothin. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5, but it did it on my S3 too. Too bad, this could have been awesome.

Matt Schiefelbein

Great add on Thanks for fixing the sign in crash on the latest update. Works great now!

Михаил Житченко

Good but it is necessary to describe in more detail the setup instructions

andrew nie

helpful to see your steps on your homescreen. sometimes the fitibit app won't update numbers after a sync, but this never has an issue. would love the option to remove the "%% goal" text, as my goal is 10,000 steps so the math is superfluous (ex 1400 steps = 14% goal)

Aavery Caudill

App doesn't show When I installed it and when it finished it didn't show up in my apps. I restarted my phone to see if that was the issue and it is still not there please fix this I'm on a galaxy s4. The app says installed in the play store burn does not show in my app section or home screen.

Jon P Ybanez

Unable to login Installed dashclock & fitbit extension on new phone. Unable to login, receive an oauth failure page. Was a great extension when it worked. Able to log into Fitbit app w/o issue.

Shillil Robinson

Wont show up I have downloaded it and it still wont showed up on my lock screen. I have added n deleted it many times. Fit it and ill change my rating.

Samuel Valentine

Love the idea but Am not sure how to use it? No app to open settings and nothing shows after installing. A little help?

Jason Polaski

Won't allow login I try every day to see if something is different, but I guess you know the definition of insanity... I get an error every time. This would be perfect if it worked. I've emailed the programmers, and haven't heard back yet (been about a week) . I'll change my review once it works and I can actually see it. But for now, don't bother.

Katherine Davis

Used to love, but no longer stable Crashes literally every half second. Had to rip out my phone battery to reboot my phone in order to uninstall it. Was never perfect, but this is insane.

Jay C

Where is this app? I downloaded the app and have looked everywhere for it. I had a friend download the app and same thing. There are no direction or guide on here. I have looked everywhere. Now i have security concerns. Im going to uninstall. DO NOT INSTALL THIS APP.

Martha Smeyers

Doesn't Work If there is a pass code on your phone it doesn't work. You also have to download another app for this app to even work.

Joshua Winsor

Unable to connect to fitbit website. gives the error : the webpage at oauth://dashclock-fitbit-extension? oauth_token= could not be loaded because: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME This is on a samsung galaxy s4 and I have attempted several times with reinstall of both the dashclock app AND the fitbit extension. A little help would be appreciated!

Kay Miller

Didn't work Installed with dashclock, tried to enable in settings and when I tried to sync my account it said the link was broken. Can't use.

Charlena Burns

Worked for one day. Even uninstalling, shut off phone, restart phone, reinstalling could not make it work again. Pointless app for Samsung GS5

Gabrielle Sanders

Something is wrong It let's me install it but it want let me open it. Only thing it's says is Uninstall? What's going on? Please fix

Amy Contessa

Bluetooth Problems Within last cpl days, my Bluetooth keeps disconnecting from Fitbit app ONLY. Any ideas on a fix?!

Sarah Tingen

Not working Installed twice and even turned my phone off and on and nothing happened. Very disappointing. Says it's installed and i get nothing.I was looking forward to using this app.

Joseph Gero

Oauth issues...again. ... Supposedly the oauth issue was fixed in 0.4.0; it is not, at least not on my S4 with 5.0.1 lollipop. Maybe development should talk to makers of "drivebit" to see how they fixed it.

April Watts

Doesn't work This app doesn't even show up on my Samsung Edge. Garbage!!

Diana Hempstead

Does not work I downloaded on my lg v10 and the lock screen don't show up don't know if I'm supposed to do something else will be uninstalling

Simon Zacharia

Doesn't display on my Z2 Although i have installed it and the clock, it doesn't show on my screen. Its a great idea but this needs to be resolved. Please can you sort this out. Thanks

Shillil Robinson

Wont show up I have downloaded it and it still wont showed up on my lock screen. I have added n deleted it many times. Fit it and ill change my rating.

Don Becker

Has recently begun crashing constantly, but other third-party apps that interface with Fitbit are doing the same thing, so I blame them. When this works (and hopefully it will again soon), it does exactly what it says and does it well.

Jerome Kenealy

Doesn't Work I installed it and won't show up. I have a SG4 and install it once and then u stalled it to see if it would work after I reinstalled it a second time but didn't work a second time. If this gets fix I probably will move the rating.

Shawn Gerhardt

Constantly crashing. Great extension but it has been crashing multiple times every time I use my phone, running any app. If my screen is turned on I'm getting notices of this extension crashing. Had to uninstall as just the notice of crashes were getting in the way of normal tasks. The extension does recover near instantaneously though.

Mirek Tokarz

Nothing Happened Downloaded onto my S5. Installed. Verified running... But nothing happened. Lock screen did not change, no FitBit information displayed. Checked apps, and it was there... Doing nothing. Reboot of phone did not help. Will uninstall.

sue newhouse

Love it, just wish... I could have the extension show w/o the clock. Yes, I understand how it works, been using it for a long time, but I have a different clock widget I love. So now I'm stuck w either ditching the extension or having two clocks :/

Travis Houweling

App was great until the update Now it constantly force closes and is unresponsive on Dashclock. Dev replied relatively quickly with resolution! Note if you have this issue you need to re-install and clear all cached data.

A. Martin

Work then doesn't. Won't make up its programing glitch Works for a week then quits. Uninstall and reinstall doesn't seem to work. Does this after a new update. Very frustrating on my S4

Hesham Fahmy

After the update it is working great! Does not work. Having the same problems as many others with it crashing every time I try to log in to my fit bit account.

Godfrey H.

Somewhat unstable Had it three days, had a couple crashes. Pretty good interface - just what I'd expect from a fit bit dashclock extension. No real problem so far, but on the third day, I've deduced that it was responsible for resetting all my counters to zero every time I tried to check my stats (which I definitely can't live with) - after logging off from the extension, no more resets. Unusable - uninstalling.

Michi Chan

Am I missing something here? I used to have Samsung Note 3 and this extension worked well with it. Now I have Note 5 and it keeps crashing at login page. Is it compatible with my device?

Chris -

Used to Work Great... Fitbit has done a few updates in late 2014 for their new devices and this module has been crashing like crazy. I uninstalled and reinstalled and it worked for a few days but the crashing kept starting up... so I had to uninstall for good. But when it did work... it worked great.

Evan Thorson

Crashes constantly Would be awesome if it didn't crash every time I tried to use it. Works great on my HTC One M7......not so much on my Nexus 7 2013 running 5.0.1

Michael Marcotte

All of the it stopped working Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 - widget extension has worked since Christmas until today. Opening/closing any other app has forced this extension to quit working. Flipping through pages of magazines...same result. How do I fix this? Five star app until today. Update 2.19.14 uninstall/reinstall seemed to work.

Emily Ireland

Activities being doubled up?? Love my charge Hr and the app, however all of a sudden all of my added activities are magically showing up twice. And it's not just new ones, it's all of them. it makes me look like I'm doing a lot of exercise!! Is anyone else having this problem

Mark R. Monaco

Doesn't work with my Note 4 Not the developer's fault, but it appears that Samsung doesn't allow 3rd-party wigets on the lock screen (unless I'm missing something).

Jay Koster

Good Until Broken When I first installed the extension, it was quite useful. I didn't have to open the FitBit app to get the stats I cared about. Something changed, and now I cannot log in. The app crashes, and nothing seems to bypass. Have uninstalled & reinstalled, but no change. 5 stars for the functionality when working, but -2 due to the fact that I cannot use it any more. .

Ethan Eu

Crash everyday Crashes so often like it's nobody's business. Using samsung note pro. Doesn't crash on redmi1s phone though. Uninstalled.

Craig Christiansen

Won't show up I was loving having this widget on my home screen, then it just disappeared. I was able to find it in my widgets and put it back. Then it was gone again and I could no longer find out with my widgets. So even though it shows as being installed I can't use it.

jeffery zimmerman

Lock screen Ok on my galaxy 5 I cant see it on my lock screen when can I do. If resolved ill give higher review.

Jessika Jessika

Can't even find it I don't see it downloaded, I tried twice. I'm done with this app. Hopefully they fix these common issues.

Gary Brown

Stopped working A few weeks ago this Ext stopped working. It just keeps giving a forced close message. I really liked using this to keep track of my stats quickly.

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