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14 Dec

Posted by Adaptis Solutions Ltd in Transportation | Dec. 14, 2015 | 83 Comments

Apk file size: 1.2 MB

The dash application provided by Adaptis Solutions allows you to park, manage your parking sessions and pay for taxi journeys wherever you see the dash sign.

Key Features:

- Free Dash registration
- Allows you to quickly park your vehicle
- Allows you to select multiple vehicles
- Pay for taxis

Your phone must be connected to the internet via 3G or Wi-Fi to use the application.

Please NEVER use your mobile when driving.

For more information visit and

Whats new

    - bug fixes and minor enhancements

Adaptis Solutions Ltd part of our Transportation and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 14, 2015. Google play rating is 35.6429. Current verison is 3.3.3. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download dash.apk 1.2 MB


Paul Cornelius

Dash Parking The new version works well! At last.... Shame they don't specify the mobile # format required to login, but a much better app all round.

Arthur Smith

Dash It is a useful app but changed my phone recently and having downloaded it again it won't retain my details as it had previously. I now have to put in my card and car details everytime which is annoying. Name search for car park or retention in app memory of frequently used car parks would be helpful.

Nikhil Rabadia

Worst app ever Can't login. Can't request for new login pin. Have to enter my card detail everyday just to use.


Updated yesterday and the app finally works. You can press the buttons and things happen. Hurray!

Sean Pearce

Works just... Works fine OK, but I wish the location could be favourited. Also was very difficult to use registered account until I realised the password input was adding characters due to 'self completion' of words! Stopped working on my Samsung galaxy note 3 when updated to Android lollipop (now fixed). Latest update will no longer install on Samsung galaxy s3, Android 4.1.2...

Christian Cooper

Poorly thought out UI Need to know the code for the car park, can't search by name. Touch and go whether the UI will register that you have tapped on a button. No stored prior selections or option to keep preferences, so you have to select the same stuff EVERY day. Ignores the defaults you set on the web site. No way of deleting your card details when it has expired, you just get to add a new one and now you have another thing to select every day... As a first stab it was OK, but here we are a year on and no improvements...

Martin Machado

Dishonest and concerning Download the app and used it once never again. I put in my location details and car information it then quoted me £11.20 as the fee for parking then after I had given my card details it changed the fee to £25. No reason given just a increase of over 100%. Don't use this app or this company worst thing is they now have my card details. I don't trust them at all.

Richard Cobb

Richard Wont Update,,,,Error, package file was not signed properly..Any Ideas ???

Patrick Higgins

Rubbish. Useless app for a generally poor service. The whole experience is substandard, from the cumbersome telephone registration system, through to the website that has no 'remember me' option.

SvetikiMark Smyth

Initial viewpoint - rubbish app ... why would tfl go with this... click on ''dash park'' - nothing happens... this problem occurs with a version of android that has been around for 9 months.... pathetic


Terrible quicker to use the phone Adds a surcharge of 20p which makes it move expensive to use than their automated phone service. Design is terrible. No added features like search / locate nearest for station. The app developers need firing as does the idiot that wrote the requirements.

cindy b

A worthless app When I touch park nothing happens at all. No matter what I do this app will not open. Best to make a phone call or use online site. THIS APP IS TOTALLY USELESS ON MY SAMSUNG GALAXY S5. This was given 1 star because I could not give it a zero.

Adrian van den Heever

1 star because I can't give zero stars. One of the worst apps I've ever had to use. The web interface is a little better but not much. Can any company not care this much?

John Stirling

Crap app, bizarrely, decent customer service I'm rating the app, not the co. Very poor tech solution to an easy (comparatively) technical problem. When I had reason to contact the company they were quick to respond and excellent service provided. But the app? Awful. Please get someone professional to write a replacement, then people might choose to use it.

Matt Savigear

Very annoying Far worse than the useful RingGo app. This refuses to let me log in ever, forcing me to fill in all my contact and card details with every use - usually whilst rushing for a train. Depressing that they have a captive audience.

Gavyn Long

Terrible This is the worst app I've ever had the misfortune to use. It's shocking that they add a surcharge for using this rubbish. Your just picking on a captive market, it's disgraceful that tfl gave you the contract, they should have gone with ring go.

Fiona Kane

Rubbish dreadful expensive Charges are expensive it can't tell the time. I parked at 6:45pm and it thinks I want to start my parking from 7am. Better not get a ticket!!!!!!

Guy Aldridge

Not compatible Are you going to fix this? Does not work on my Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. Cannot press the buttons, unless you are really lucky. Website doesn't work on this phone either, same problem. Unusable. Worked on my LG X4 HD.

Andrew Sinnott

Hated it The the worst app I have ever used Doesn't respond at all to me touching the screen for a number of attempts. Im using a One Plus One flagship device. I had to download the iPhone version instead.

Kathy Briggs

Not brilliant but little alternative Frustrated I have to pay 20p for the privilege. That's 5% surcharge on an already high cost. The app should make it easier to get funds for tfl not make even more money from it. And if it used my location it should give me suggested car parks rather than me finding the number and what about taking my reg number from optical recognition of a photo I've taken of plate? I don't need reminders and I certainly object to paying for them.

Darren Green

Worst app ever ! Cant remember my details, tell the time, know the date, understand the button im trying to press. Am unable to disable the txt confirmation, extremely frustrating to use - it's taken me an hour to book my parking. Sort it out !

Les Liasis

Dashpark Doesn't work. Will not respond when tapping on PARK on my galaxy S5. I also use Ringo and Paybyphone. Never a problem with them. What's the point if you can't access. Very poor.

R Rhodes

Did Not Work on TOTR Sony Xperia Absolutely nothing worked. Only works in some Android phones

Alex Phillips

Infuriating and waste of time App doesn't register when you tap the screen to select a menu or option. Good idea, hopeless execution

David Elms

Doesn't work App simply doesn't respond to pressing the buttons on screen. What a pile of cack!

luke silverton

Awful compared to iOS app... and the iOS app isn't much good, which makes this truly dreadful. Have recently changed phones from Apple to Android. Considering the awful UX design of this and 20p surcharge (supposedly to cover SMS reminder costs) this app is an absolute joke. *** Update: well, I went back to using the app after my local car park stopped giving change. Hard to say this, but it's now worse! I don't know what the devs have done but the button sensitivity is appalling. Not my phone as everything else works as it should **

Daniel Owen

Sooo bad. Don't know where to start. But biggest issue .. The main park button no longer works. Nearly made me late for train. Avoid!!!

Paul Martin

Useless interface Response to the touchscreen is rubbish. Took me half an hour to input information and then found out that I'd been charged twice to park. Not impressed.

Gareth Cox

Useless This is possibly the worst attempt at an application. My gran could of coded better than this. Doesn't work on 4.4.4, app opens and buttons don't respond. It's less useful than a wasp. It also looks like a tired old walrus. Go figure.

Ian Wilson-Hart

Useless Good on iPhone. Total rubbish on android. That's being kind. Does not allow you to select parking from the start screen.

Alexey Filippov

A UX nightmare Everything is scrollable, so you have a hard time tapping a button (well done for failing that!); and when you finally get through the first screen, you see a location control (what? Don't they have that GPS thing on Android?) which would only accept digits, which renders the application useless in the UK.

Pete Phillips

Pretty poor Appears to be the same as the mobile Web site. Go and have a look at the Ringo app to see how to do it properly. Very disappointing.

Milo Spencer-Harper

Worst app I've ever used Doesn't remember your details from last time. Can't search by car park name, but forces you to memorise 4 digit codes. Buttons unresponsive. Very slow and frustrating to use. It is like they set out to design the worst app in the world as a joke.

Richard Trett

Not up to the job Doesn't do much. Assumes you know the code for the car park, doesnt use your login account, doesn't do season tickets... etc...

gez taylor

Its OK I guess It's a necessary evil, not the worse app I have seen but far from best they need to implement proper 1 click carrier billing in app cmon its 2014 psms?

Jean-Claude Provencal

This app deserves minus starts Worst app in the world. The It would haven a good app if it 1982. Sort it out and get it fixed as it is a necessity for parking!

Matthew Palmer

Abysmal iOS port There is no excuse for naff iOS ported apps like this. There is no exit function. ALL details need entering EVERY time you park. If you want to pay by phone this is the only option in Dash Park areas and it is NOT EVEN CLOSE TO ADEQUATE LET ALONE "GOOD"!

Raul DC

This app is useless! I have never seen such a slow app, it's an absolute waste of time, 15/minutes spent on frozen screens with a 4G connection and a quad core mobile phone. Needs to be seriously overhauled!

Stephen Lee

Doesn't work for motorcycles It asks me for location and parking duration, but not vehicle type. Then it wants to charge me the car rate to park my motorcycle. Please add the option to select vehicle type.

David Woods

Worst app ever 2 Does not work. Press button to park and nothing happens. Totally frustrating. Don't bother

Martin Short

Key feature: 20p charge each time you pay for parking They didn't make that clear when I installed it.

Ashley Brown

Package not signed correctly App refuses to update as not signed correctly, so has a persistent notification about an update that will never work. Doesn't allow searching by car park name.

Neil Freeman

Needs to hide deleted vehicles Convenient app that works well for me with one exception, deleted vehicles are still displayed & worse still at the top of the list above your active ones. This is also the case on the mobile website, bit sloppy to be honest.

Pete Miller

Have no idea whether the App should be rated as the Package file was not signed correctly making it impossible to install. I've tried to do this for the last month or so. Nobody appears to be addressing this. Do not create the keystore and sign your APK with a different JAVA version.

adam price

Doesn't work Won't let you log in, have to go to website to book instead. Old fashioned ticket is the way forward I think

Graham Bentley

Unimpressive, worked fine first time since then I have had to insert my card details to pay for parking each time. Would be nice to click on your selected car park and then click to pay for the parking. Also would be nice to have an in app confirmation that payment had been received rather than SMS or email. The only time I can see myself using this app again is if the ticket machine is broken or I have arrived at a car park with no change and forgotten a card to pay with...then again if I have no card I cannot pay as I need to insert card details...I think we have already covered that.

Steve Bitton

Pointless Logon doesnt work. Have to book online on home wifi through the website before i even arrive at the car park

Neil Littman

Rubbish app Does not work when I need it to. Have contacted website numerous times. Just unresponsive. Not sure why as all other parking apps work on both the android phones I have used. Have asked my local council cancel their contract with DASH and find a new supplier. On Christmas Eve 2015 I used it in Enfield and it went through the whole payment process but it didnt issue a receipt. Found out it never took my payment either. I gave £1.20 to another person who could not even log into the app as she had no cash.

Andrew Ratcliffe

Utter rubbish Despite a strong 4G signal it took three attempts to get it to accept payment, at which point the app screen was only half visible (albeit just enough to see "authorised"). And I wasn't sent the 2 text messages I paid for.

Dorin Gavrila

Never works!!! Doesn't recognise my account rubbish. I think you should upgrade it gents or complains will start coming soon !!

Amit Shah

Crap Takes too long to pay for parking. Impossible to login.

Patrick Higgins

Rubbish. Useless app for a generally poor service. The whole experience is substandard, from the cumbersome telephone registration system, through to the website that has no 'remember me' option.

M Dhuman

Poor app It never works properly.... You guys need to fix up! Soon! Going to the 02 soon and need this app working!

Gareth Robson

Total crap. 1st question is why do the so-called "royal" borough of Greenwich insist on using some half-baked parking company instead of Ring Go ? Why can't all councils use the same so we don't have to keep setting up our details on umpteen different parking services. 2nd question. Why did the fatheads who designed this app not think of separating the dialogues for account / car / card details input from the dialogue for buying parking ? This means you can only set up your account (the first time you use Dash Parking) when you are actually having to pay for a ticket (in a hurry). Pathetic user interface.

Abu Ali

Doesn't work anymore I recently installed it on a new phone with the same number and it refuses to log me in, saying my 'credentials are invalid'. This despite resetting my details several times on the website. It worked fine on old phone, incredibly frustrating.

Huw Pritchard

Works OK, but would be better with a couple of improvements - be able to search by location of car park, rather than just by code - for those of us who don;t do the booking until we've got on the train. Also, can;t see a way of deleting card or car details, as opposed to just editing them.

Tim Jones

This app is the worst designed and least user friendly I have ever had the misfortune to use. Whoever created it clearly did not have any idea of UI or UX and failed to do the most basic things to make it useable. Furthermore, It has a bug which does not allow you to log in even if you guess the correct format for the mobile number, which it does not indicate anywhere and is non-standard. I hope that those who use Adaptis' Dash service will vote with their feet and cancel their contract. You can't even contact Adaptis by phone as all the phone numbers on their website are out of service. I hope Adaptis listen to the chorus of complaints about this app and actually redesign it from scratch.

Adam Carter

Just about works It works...but it could be more user friendly - just the ability to extend or repeat the previous days parking would be a huge start, and the ability to auto select the nearest car park would be great

Pervez Khan

Hate it Won't let me log in to my account on my phone but I can login fine on my PC. Therefore in order to pay for parking using my mobile I have to put in my details every time and put in credit card details manually each time. Very time consuming so get it fixed. Shall not be using it any more.

Susan White

Worst parking app - update Aug 15 I use 3 parking apps and this is the worst by far It doesn't retain any data so every time you have to hunt for the location and enter card detail. You also can't extend parking. Total rubbish and if you can avoid it do so. Unfortunately Enfield don't have an alternative so it is cash or this!!!. Nov 15 update. Still rubbish. Spent 10 minutes trying to use app on the pouring rain. Eventually had to call and they required location code twice to process!!!!! Still rubbish. Enfield need to switch app!

Derek O'Harrow

Probably the worst app ever I can't believe anyone would actually put their name to this app. Using a web site would be easier. It doesn't remember any details so you have to re-enter your name, car, card details, etc every time and it doesn't give you an option not to receive the two texts so charges you twice for that too. Basically, rubbish.

Gideon Osen

absolute rubbish. Worked fine on iphone but android version won't let me log in even though I have reset password

Ben Gonshaw

Necessary EVIL No way to see if you've paid. No time remaining on parking. The worst app I have ever been forced to use. TERRIBLE.

Mike Smithson

Needs to be totally redesigned It could be so good if it was designed properly. The trouble is you have to pay for parking and you have to put up with all it's nastiness. They have got you over a barrel

Ted Tom

Don't work with Samsung s5 This android app is useless.

Tej Randhawa

Can't log in, therefore useless Needed to pay for parking today and was directed to the app. Despite spending ages registering it would then not let me log in. Horrible app that belongs to something made 5 years ago. Will use alternative method for payment next time.

Martin Abbott

Shockingly bad Use the mobile Web interface, this is a classic example of a public sector app, I am sure it ticks all the security buttons, but it is unusable.

Philip Bagley

No use Works on iphone really well

Josh Harbias

Iphone version is better This version does not show current parking status so you cannot check through the app when your parking session ends. The iPhone version is more user friendly and displays all the information you need.

Ron Schaeffer

Awful, awful, awful Terrible UI, and it doesn't work. Ringo beats this hand down. Transport for London and NCP, fire your parking payment partner.

James Edwards

Can't log in Why isn't there a log in menu/screen without having to go into the parking section? Even if I do, I can't seem to log in but can on the mobile web....

Chao Cui

Hopeless but only choice In the pursuit of simplicity the app is actually totally hopeless to use, and comfortably the worst parking app by a long way. Dash MUST learn from RinGo and PayByPhone, the two best apps on the market right now.

Vishnu Devineni

App doesn't have settings to remove SMS Awful. Please add options to not pay for the SMS. This is clearly an optional charge. Why should the user be forced to take this? All I want to pay for is the parking charge. Clear ripoff.

Jake Dalton

Doesn't work Can't select the actual number of hours that I want to park for.

iphan chadun

Scam On a Sunday pay by machine £1.30. Pay by phone £1.10 plus phone charge. And pay by app using your own internet £1.30. Better us Ringo or paybyphone app cheap to pay from the app.

David Lundholm

Dreadful ux The anpr system is great, the app falls down at the first hurdle requiring a short code to find your parking site. Not visible at my station. Bad bad bad

Steve Walters

Rubbish Just the worst app ever. Ringo is so much easier

Fatih Mehmet Ucar

Charges an £1 extra everytime you use it on top of the shown price which is not visible inside the app but you can only see it in your card statement. Dodgy application ripping you off. Don't use it

Alan Gilchrist

Worst app This is a complete waste of time it only opens unresponsive Web pages which make you miss your train. . Used iPhone app on iPad and it worked straight away.

Joseph Smith

Crap Pay by cash trust me. Worst app and customer service ever

Christian Odendaal

Doesn't work. Just another it project that went to the cheapest bidder....... It doesn't even work.

Giles Heap

Crap! Doesn't actually do anything. Uninstalled

Steve H2488

Cannot login The app will not take my password no matter what I do.

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