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24 Jul
Darts Scoreboard

Posted by Andy Pandy in Sports | July 24, 2016 | 118 Comments

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Play your favourite darts game and let Darts Scoreboard handle the scoring. Darts Scoreboard features X01, Cricket, team play, statistics and more. Android 4+ is needed to get all of the features.


• X01 and Cricket games
• No limit on the number of players
• 20 computer opponents
• Team play: pairs, triples - whatever you want
• Statistics for all players and teams
• Player rankings for all statistics
• Head-to-head statistics vs each opponent
• Matches can be continued later
• Unlimited undo
• It's free!


• Standard and doubles dartboards
• Double-in option
• Choose starting player in deciding legs
• Choose the sets, legs and points for each match
• Players can start with different points
• Checkout suggestions for all dartboards
• Tie-break final set / win by 2 legs
• Setup suggestions before an outshot is reached
• Separate statistics for different leg start points
• Auto-handicap points for closer games
• Single-press checkout entry
• 2-dart out-chart based on the current score


• Standard scoring for 2-player games
• Cut-throat scoring for more than 2 players


Darts Scoreboard is a free, ad-supported app, and network access is used only for the ads.

Whats new

    1. X01 Best-Of matches can be drawn.
    2. X01 score remaining can be entered (instead of points scored) by long-pressing the Enter key.
    3. Bug fixes.

Andy Pandy part of our Sports and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 24, 2016. Google play rating is 87.5082. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Mike Bieman

Awesome App. Recomended to every dart player!!! Would like to be able to play over the net with friends and or other players!!! And for stats, add number of darts used to go out.(average, best\least, and worst\most, and lifetime).

Ollie Connor

Great App I've had this app on many different phones now and nothing changes - Works smoothly everytime, detailed but simple to understand UI and lifetime stats to really help you become a better player. A real quality app - if your into your darts and seeing stats its the best on the android market..and free. Thankyou!

shane kilgannon

Real good Would be better if you could give players ranking points based on how far they got in a tournament

james tosh

Excellent Was thinking of getting a electronic scorer but what was the point with this app top klass

Victor Cusumano

Great app for Solo practice This is what I use at home or at the bar when there's no one around to play against. Good opponent levels, and it forces me to slow down and wait for the droid to throw... More like a real game pace than just chucking at the board.

Chas Bickel

Great app Could you add columns for trip and double for cricket? That would 've awesome

Ronald Dyer

Lovely Great for sets of any 01 game. Tells you 3 different outs per shots in range. Easy math. The cricket scores great and also has cutthroat for those odd man games. 5 stars!

paul noble

Sweet app Awesome app for arrow lover's xD

Jonathan Bleyl

So good This app is incredible


Tried a lot of dart app's...... Tried a lot of dart app's, but none as good as this. Some small thing missing to make it perfect, but more like nice to have, than need to have. I would love the idea of the possibility to actually have some practice games to improve your skills other than the usual cricket and 501.


The Best darts app! I love this app, have tried a few and hands down this one is the best, my Apple friends are cranky they can't get it on there I-phones ? Suggestion: handicap- My kids like to play and it would be great if I could set there score different to mine.

Leon Vitale

Missing double on The x01 matches it doesn't make the droid double in. Would rate 5 start if double on was an option and you could set skill level for droids.

Dave Webster

Great app This is the best app ive fou8nd for tracking your darting progress or playing with friends without the hassle of marking and the best thing is its also free! Downsides: its not the most user friendly with how to add and remove players and so on, as its not always clear what the picture buttons do, but i soon got the hang of it. Also, i think the checkout percentage may be broken, as i bust 71 then took it out. I hit the double first chance i got but it said id taken 4 ?

Griffin Severson

Excellent app, and could be even better Love this app, thank you! Would love to see paid, ad-free version. Also, ability to connect with other players. I play "remotely" with friends, and if we could score our turn from our own device it would be spectacular. But overall it works great, and lifetime stats are incredible. Well done.

Rich Wawrzonek

Great! Nice app. Helping me with realistic practice games. As previously mentioned, please add ability to play double on games. Also, add first 9 darts stat category and customizable droids would be good.

Patrick Fones

Consider including simple subtraction feature for 501 games and a connect feature through Google+, Facebook, etc.

Devin Leatherman

Best dart app Easy interface. Extensive stats. Perfect scoreboard. Would like to see new games added though.

Scott McBride

Timely response from developer Timely response from developer scored 125 I. E. Triple 20 X2 is 120 and a fat 5 states 125 not possible on a dartboard. Second thing, if Droid/computer has a 2 for an out in -01 and needs to double out and hits a 1 it says -1 not possible and Continues to throw until it hits a double 1 for a 2..

Arūnas Rimkus

Best darts app This app is gold. Even better than n01 on PC!

Andy Brown

Best scorer I've found Would be off the charts if you added tournament mode and the ability to edit DROID names.

Marek Maslancik

Usefull Small, practical, has all one needs to keep stats, maybe option for X01 games to end with simple one dart..not DO or set DI as well. and for cricket i would love to have options to pick random numbers in case of random cricket.

Przemysław Dec

Great app. It has everything that I need.

Ryan Minaker

Best darts scoring app that I've found. A lot of people (including me) play cricket with triples and doubles included. If there was an option for that, that would make this perfect.

Dean Cooper

Just can not seem to access all game stats when finished help

Alex Peterson

Cricket does not score doubles or triples!

marc binnie

Fantastic Literally brilliant, so simple but so effective

Jason bower

Top score Brilliant app, just the thing to practice too

G Murtough

Excellent Great scoring app. The best that is around and free too.

Brian Lornie

Perfect Giv3s you outs and league tables

Craig Logan

Brilliant Good finisher suggestions overall the best app I have found.

Elizabeth Hebel

Ehhh, not impressed. Not user friendly.

Clive Ilsley

doesn't show how to play utter crap

Andy Davies

Great scorer. Brilliant app. A few more features such as configurable droid opponents for average and checkout percentages and a few practice scenarios such as finishes and doubles round the clock and it would deserve 6 stars!

Al Ma

Who goes first Please allow us to select who goes first in every game.

Luis Perez

Wow!!!! I love tha app

Roman Kaverga

Good! Please add statistics for highest 3 darts average per leg

Eurocharts Eurocharts

match statistics can you keep stats on the database "match"? please do not remove oldest games from there.

Andy Brown

Best scorer I've found please add an online game mode so i could play my mate who also has a dart board and your app ;)

David Symington

Was good but !! New Update don't show legs or set av won verses players or bot ?

Bedwyr Davies

Darts Scoring Fantastic app for home scoring and practice.


Fantastic App Highly recommended for darts enthusiast's.

robin nelson

Simple and easy to use. Only minor gripe is it not showing number of darts used to finish each leg.

Sam McCluskey

Quality app for regular sessions on the oche with the boys.

Jos Lagerburg

Fantastic! Totally thanks, no bugs I find!

Jamie Hammond

Superb app Couple of improvements could be a log of hours played and keeping track of shortest leg. Other than that it's without question the best darts scorer on the market

Phillip Williams

Great app if your maths is not that good it really speeds up game's.

UncleJ J

Amazing app I would pay $20 for This app is incredible! Keeps stats for all matches played. Thank you

Dane Straker

Awesome Could only be better if you could email/export the stats

samuel garland

Love it but the new double in which I really need doesn't work. Thank you Andy for all the help in sorting the issues, great app, as a long time league, super league and county player I can highly recommend it to everyone.

Paul Clayton

No more chalky fingers Great app, easy to use and great when practicing on your own as you can play against an android with varying levels of difficulty. Also gives you stats on your game so you can see improvements

leighton tipping

Great app I used it when playing my mate down the pub. Works out percentage, darts thrown,highest score hit.. and a load more. If you do a mistake when entering the score,just undo it. Even tells you what checkout you need to go out. Class app. So much easier than a chalkboard!

Mathew Crawford

Best Dart scorer app, still needs a little more Absolutely love the app, I have downloaded ones that look better but still don't work as good as this one. It would be great is there was some sound on the app ie reading the numbers out and also a way of sharing games on social media and between other players. If I was playing with someone who wants to keep track of there stats too, they would need to score as well as me on my phone. If you could do all that I'd be happy to pay for it as would others. Cheers for a great app!

Connor OMahony

Brilliant By far the best darts app I have found, love the way that you can play against the Droids as well

Craig Evans

Great darts app for the dart player Great 501 etc check ur avgs and checkout percentage can have 2 player so if playing ur mate or if u wanna get match practice play a robot u get the real emotions when u play as hard to get match practice now so this app improves ur game etc

Beelzebub XeS

Good app Add possibiliti to be a draw match at 6:6 like in premier league...

Gary Wallace

Awesome best app ive ever found. If its possible cud u add previous scores so th players can c wht thyv scored throughout th leg. Thanx.

Tyler Start

Perfect for Thursday dart league! Works flawlessly, just wish some different playing modes were available other than x01 and cricket. Just a generic counting up scorekeeper would be a great addition for games like 9 century darts.

Norman Earle

Great App I play alot of darts and this is what I use, even in league play!


Doesn't count total darts thrown for 501 That's what I need...

Brandon Taylor

Best Darts App Out! Great for single or multiple players. X01 : 101 - 901, Cricket. Can't wait to see where this goes in the future.

Tom Schwedhelm

This is one of the best, most functional apps I have. Absolutely recommend

phil harris

Can't play druids on my new phone why

Rob Clarke

Great app Just missing best/lowest number of darts to complete a leg and or average darts to complete a leg in the player stats

Steve C

Great app! A graph to show progress over time would be very useful.

Shane McGrath

Exactly what you want Great app. The checkout suggestions and all the statistics are v good

Denz Denzel

Double in is just the fecking job its about time

Cameron Nash

Fantastic A great, free darts scoreboard.

A Google User

I should give this app more credit than in my first review. This was the first score-keeping app I tried, and I didn't know then that there wouldn't be a better one. We have used this app almost exclusively, due to its simplicity of use during gameplay and statistics.

Adrian Escobedo

Downloaded this app "just to see". I found that it has several different droid levels to play against. What I like is that there are gradual progressions to the droid level increases. As you improve you can jump up to the next droid (Droid 1 to droid 2, and so on). I use this for cricket practice, and it gives you the sense of pressure needed to close numbers out. So it is like a true game scenario. it gets old just throwing darts, this app makes throwing darts by yourself more entertaining. Tip: When playing against a droid, throw, score your throw, pull your darts, repeat. Requested Feature, some type of audible noise that articulates if a mark is hit in cricket. or even an audible "TWENTY" when the droid hits. I walk away from my phone, so I can't exactly see when the droid hits a mark until I get back to the phone.

Michael Cockrell

its not perfect its the most perfect one that i have found so far. i would like to see a double in option.. the AI is decent. its a little irritating when the computer seems to be able to drill T20 at will and then spend 10 turns trying to hit the double. the cricket AI i dont really like very much at all. computer seems to favor opening 20-17 regardless of whether ahead or behind and regardless of how many marks hes gotten on a certain number. i dont know any player that will keep trying to open new numbers while behind in points and having open numbers to score on. i cant really use it for practice because i just basically ignore what he does because i know at the end of the game i can get 12 bulls before he gets 3. he routinely hits 5m,6m,7m but takes 50 darts to get 3 bulls? would def like to see a few more games like count up or 5 lives or golf. overall great app though and still the best out there imo.

A Google User

Been using this app for 3 years and still the best I've seen has helped my game incredibly. Double in option against Droid would be good and I do wonder how the Droids are worked out, by check out one dart or against your own stats.

ashley weaver

Great practice app. Couple of suggestions A way to save best games would be good rather than stats get shuffled to average. All droids go for bull 1st dart even with 3 in hand? Other than that awsome :)

Paul Markley

Excellent and diverse Love this app in more ways that one. Only suggestion I have would be to be able to view a running scorecard during x01 games and a better more clear method to show current thrower

Dracul Hemming

Double On This is the only drawback i can see, but an option setting to have the computer need to double on would be great, since, when practicing 301, you are supposed to Double On. Let this be added and i will gladly give 5 Stars

David Wilkinson

Great app. Need to be able to see your "out" while the previous player is still throwing and scoring. Also would be nice to be able to put first dart in if you are on an "out" but missed the target number. So if you need 16 and 2x16 but hit 14, what should you be going for. Still find it the best scoring app but would also love to be able to "Save" matches to review stats later.

Adrian B

Wish there was a round the clock mode, but the app is uber smooth without it anyway

Tom Vincent

Good practice tool but... Playing Cricket against the computer is a good tool but unrealistic with regards to how it plays being down points and or down marks. No player would ignore high open numbers while being tied in points to move on to the next numbers to open them. If I've opened 20 (3 marks) and he the computer starts the next round with 2 twenty marks it always goes to 19. Real life the players close 20 first then move on. I'm playing the computer at level 9.

Eugene Vaselenak

You were right lol Definitely had it set up wrong, next time I'll read everything before writing such a review lol thx and keep up the good work

andro peñol

Nice I'm using this when my friends where not around to play...

james marr

Good for practice Good app for keeping your eye in but I would like to see a double start option.

Michael Lif

Love it We use this app every time we play darts no matter where we are, and people we play with see it and think it's great too!

Tomandgeorgie B

Superb Had this app for 3 years never a problem, best app for darts scoring. Thanks!!!

Garion Cole

Great I may not agree with al at all times but as a dart player you have to be ready for anything this app drives me to shoot better in cricket and 01 if players would use this as a tool which it is you can see how much better you can get at level 15 al is shooting at least a 4.00 and that is always a challenge thanks for the app andy

John Morrissey

Great app! I find this to be very easy to use and stable.

Michael Smith

Great app Only wish is fives was a game on it. Also ability to enter single dart values in the 01 games when close to checkout. All in all great app would be excellent with those additions.

Ken Doyle

Excellent Excellent app. A suggestion I have though is that you should be able to sign into Google+ or Facebook so you can get an overall average if you are using 2 or more devices.

Seth Little

Best darts scoreboard around I have tried just about every darts scoreboard in the market, and this one is hands down the best. Easy to use, good droid play, and clean looking.

daniel meehan

I spent $400.00 for the same thing. 10 years ago before phones had apps the only computer to play against you on a steel tip board was Dartmaster 3. the score keeper had 7 different levels of A. I. On X01 and Tactics. ( cricket without slpash darts) It cost me $400.00 now "there's an app for that". WTF

Michael Cockrell

Ridiculous droid scoring Droid 4 with 62 average, Droid 3 with 28 average. Cricket is even worse. And the cricket strategy is the stupidest that I've seen on any app. Also hits just about every number at will but takes 9 turns to close bull? You say its inconsistent but it anything under 7 or so isn't supposed to be inconsistent. In fact it should be VERY consistent, just consistently bad. It's not fun when you blow the computer out one game and get destroyed the next. NEEDS TO BE CONSISTENT one way or the other, good or bad.

Daniel Jack

Best so far that i can see Dled all other dart scoring apps this does everything i want it to do.. just wish i could use it to play someone on another phone. Like across town.

Felix Randy

Nice apps I can use this app without using marker pen..

Ajit Varsani

Great scorer Love this app. Scores really well, easy to use and setup.

erwin susara

Great app! Simple, yet gets the job done. Would be 5 stars if there was an option to purchase so there are no ads. Since it's free, there's always advertising, which is annoying.

stab bal

Amazing app.. But for some reason it doesn't keep stats! Am I doing something wrong or is the app's fault?

chris smith

Does the job Keeps your scores, keeps your averages. Nothing fancy, does the job

David Clay

Great app for scoring your darts game Easy to use and has everything you would want in a darts scoring app.

jakub jelinek

Best help When you crank you don't want to count

Paul Mitten

Best scoring app out there for me

Pip Guest

Excellent Was using a different app until I found this one and have never looked back. Only thing that would be nice is to be able to turn sets off so you can see running scores and/or save button for matches not just practice

Michael Cockrell

Don't get all the great reviews The droids are so inconsistent it's ridiculous. Droid 5 gets 70 average one game and 35 the next. At that level I think it should be a consistent 35.when I play a Droid I want to play the same level Droid EVERY time. If not, what's the point of having 20 skill levels? Droid will always match what you do and that's not right and it doesn't do any good. Each level needs to be consistent every time or it's pointless to have 20 skill levels. Deleting. Several other apps out now that are so much better. Change!

Roger Miller

Almost great! Would be nice if there was a calculator built in for x01. I have some kids who play who spend half their time with a calculator trying to figure points. I have some drunk friends who do the same.

Daniel Girtler

Great app! Would it be possible to add a time graph for the average scoring to see the progress someone made? ( or something similar)

Rob Birkett

Great app. Could you put in a option to turn off the finishes as itll help when i play in a league game and help my maths. Cheers

Dee Rock

Yeah, great app to keep score. My cousin and I play darts every Tuesday night, and she gets so frustrated bout keep score lol. But now we can play without the worry of adding this and subtracting that.... Thanks ( :

troy waddington

Troy Best app I have found yet!!!!

Retrospective Reviewer

Great app Does what it says on the tin

Steve C

Great app! A graph to show progress over time would be very useful.

Mike Murphy

Awesome! Super easy to use, cool feature of stats after the match. Good to have at the bar.

Richard Lund winther

Best darts app at the moment. It would be cool to add other statistics as well. About numbers of darts, f.ex. 30+ darts (for 501), 25-30,20-25 10-15 and 9darters. Cause even if you see the averages, mine is 46, its mostly cause I have some legs where I get stuck on the doubles so I sit out 60-70 darts, while I mostly am between 15-25 darts.

David Boukas

This app works very well and I like having my PPD and CO % available. My only issue is that you can't play practice legs of Cricket by yourself. Why? That really doesn't make sense. I alternate 5 leg sets of 301, 501, and Cricket, but have to create a ghost player for cricket. Fix this and you get 5 stars. I've tried several of these apps and they all have at least 1 thing that makes me want to find something else.

David Wolf

Works great. Nicely designed. Would love to have online backup of stats and ability to login to have stats on more than one device.

troy waddington

Troy Best app I have found yet!!!! Only cons : could have voice and number if darts ave.

Stephen Collins

How u do single score when finshing

Ivan Jekic

Fantastic Convenient and super easy to use.

Fred J Pearce

Does the job. Nice

Oscar Fröberg

Would give 6 stars if it had any kind of backup feature

Paul Nyberg

Terrible It might be great at darts scores but I didn't even get a chance to try it out!! It ate my battery, heated it up to 40C without being opened. Awful, awful app. Once deleted my phone was fine again so it can't have been anything else. AVOID!!


Great app Made darts easy to score

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