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2 Jun
Darkborn - AFP RPG

Posted by Playcomet Inc. in Role Playing | June 2, 2016 | 67 Comments

Apk file size: 29.0 MB

Darkborn - AFP RPG (Away from Phone - RPG) is the best Idle RPG that offers a never-ending farming adventure in the palm of your hand. However, when you have to stop playing or you are away from your phone, the game lets you continue the fight in Offline Mode. You can continue exploring dungeons while you put the hard hours in at work. You can keep earning Experience, Coins, and Equipment while you’re studying for school. You can keep hiring heroes and summoners to wage war in your sleep.


☆Even when you are not online, your character will keep exploring dungeons, fighting enemies, earning experience, and collecting gear for you.
☆Smelt your common gear for better items and even powerful artifacts in return!
☆Explore Elements - Fire, earth, wind & water would increase your power greatly.
☆Fight your way to the top of the leaderboards and bask in the glory!
☆Unlock the potential power of your skills and use Rune to make your warrior even more powerful
☆Join up with other players in exciting Guild Wars. Work together with your guild to rake in Experience and gain Reputation.
☆Challenge monsters and Bosses in the mysterious ancient Sky Tower.
☆Advanced Chatting System helps you make many friends in this wonderful world!

Playcomet Inc. part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update June 2, 2016. Google play rating is 75.1534. Current verison is 3.0.10. Actual size 29.0 MB.

Download darkborn-afp-rpg.apk 29.0 MB



Short attention span? No problem. I like that I can multi task with this game, but it gets boring quick with no music in the background. Some epic instrumental would be nice.

Shawn Isawesome

Exact clone, different art This is EZPZ rpg and auto battle. The exact same games cloned.

Mike Gerdeman

Great Game You can earn premium currency easily so even those who don't pay can enjoy the game. 3407626

Jeremy Riggs

Id 3503010 not having any problems.

Annie Z

Interesting game for lazy people like me Although it could have a bit more of a tutorial. I feel like I would be lost if I hadn't played EZPZ. Id.3609875... and it seems like I'm not the only lazy one... Game notice tells us to like and rate Autobattle not *this* game for free gems. Trying to be subtle attempt at advertising or just laziness?

dan fellowes

Sweet 3602737 loving the game

tyler roush

Great game My ID is 3009352

Michael Peadick

love it i really enjoy games like this :)

Serge N

exact copy of EZ Rpg

Allen Ross

Awesome Love this Talos 3605467

Eric Grant

Ugh, played and quit.... EZPZ got boring fast, why would I want to endure that alk over again? Sorry guys, deleting...

Will Lawerence

Reskin this is auto battle. and I'm not saying this is a copycat of auto battle. this is auto battle. they both have the same servers and when you log in you have the same level, same gear, and same skills. this is not too different games. this is two different views of the same game.

jeannie torres

ID 3406489. Game is force closing please fix...was playing well then just stopped

Cbotaca Adams

Good,,,, but But if its all auto except the arena and boss fights you choose while on, it'd be nice to choose the skills while in the arena and boss fights. Maybe some customization for characters and guild banners/flag rather than just a name. Its fun, but to actually have a little choice would be nice

norman mcleod

Another clone of Autobattle this is probably the 20th version available of the same game called Autobattle, they change the name and the graphics and everything else is identical. Keep checking the new games and there will probably be another shameless 5 versions of the same game before the end of this week. . . . . shame cant give minus stars for unoriginal copying

Jonathan Robinson

Copy cat Exactly same as a current game that's been around for a long time! Called auto battle.. This is like a **** version of it.

Colin Lambert

Hmm can't install at all

Weston Birch

Amusing The information required to compete in this game is provided by other players. So far, I have seen little effort from the Devs to make it easier to understand. Without World Chat and Guilds, most players have no idea about the true potential of this game. It's fun, it's addicting, but it has many fallbacks you encounter as you progress. Also at VIP6, I have on multiple occasions had the displeasure of finding a small 20% off Mall items that mean nothing. Art drops, gear drops, etc should have a higher chanc

Gary Wadsley

Great game Loving the concept first time playing this type of game, my game ID is 3800003 thanks

Jonathan Ruiz

No good. I lost my last account. I had to switch phones because my orevious phone broke. I downloaded the game and it works perfect. Only thing is i've lost my last account. Now I have to restart and maybe get to where I was. I am in a different derver is there any chance i can redeemed my previous account?

James Johnson

Fun to play Great game while not overly time consuming

adrian martinez

Really convenient when I need to run errands. The feeling of coming back to see my character grow is satisfying. ID 4001284

corbin wery

Problems I love this game but it keeps not giving me my gems from the arena I have lost about 540 so far from it not giving them to me. And also it keeps stealing my essences so far in the past 3 days I have lost about 1500 please help or please fix.

Christopher Larsen

Fun fun fun This game is great for those that can't spend hours upon hours logged in. I. D.:3614291; name:Clavea

Josh LaFavre

Auto battle reskin Literally uses the same servers. Install both games and log in with the same info. You'll have the same progress in both. I question the legality of it.

thomas Martin

3612706 not a bad game. Easy in, easy out and you see growth.

Sole Schism

Shameless ripoff of EZPZ rpg These dodgy devs have ripped off EZPZ rpg. Didn't even try to improve on the original.

kyren allen

Like ez pz This is just like ez pz

Alex Malkav

Seems rather pointless.


Problem For some reason I can't log in. It says "Server connection failed" and it isn't a network issue on my end because I can still play other games and visit websites and stream video. I really enjoy this game so I'm not gonna be too happy if I can't play it anymore.

Brice Dustin

Data was deleted All of my data was gone and I had to start all over. I log in daily fun until that happened. Please fix

Chris Newton

Game I.D. :4903410 Easy to play and you don't need to spend hours online ?

Nathaniel Barrett

Bad and ugly knockoff of EZPZ RPG Don't bother. It's a ripoff (and a bad one) of EZPZ RPG.

Ivan S

What the hell? Why do I cant getting grownth after download new update. I annoyed!

Jay W

Confused Ummmmm ok tho this was a knock off of Auto battle free but when I log in to it it had my details off auto battle free wtf is going on here o.o

Cole Helton

I love it! For an afp, it still makes you feel like you are in the action. 10/10 ID 24486414

Nagatsu Seiken

Eh... It's not bad, but I really don't see much appeal in... playing?... a game where the depth of play is selecting opponents in the arena. Seriously, the game is so automated that there really isn't anything to do except select the items you want to equip.

Sean Smith

excellent game guys id for rewards, 6101415 names Seanzie, thanks guys!!!

Nicole Digilio

Glitch?? It won't let me log in... Its making me start am over. No good.

david virgo

Ok so far Ok so far...worried it's getting to the plateau where it's days and days for one level. Id 5000162

Joshua Caffey

Good game I like the game. Great time waster but I am not a big fan of server merges. Seems to slow down the game.

Tasha McClendon

More stable than the others I've tried

Jerrod Crump

What? I download the update now I Can't log on please help

Princess Martinez

I loved it I just loved it perfect game to talk

Johnathan Richards

Good game Great game easy to play and build user ID for free gems 7000041

Mel McGinnis

Sucks I can't figure out how to enchant anything... so I'm uninstalling

Kasparas Gražinskas

Reskin Came to play this after trying Auto Battle and just found out that this is the same game with different skins. I mean even the servers are the same. So i started a new game and found my old character with same itwms and lvl, just with a different skin. I mean wtf... even the rankings were from Auto battle jist the pictures are changed...

robby mcgregor

Good game Great concept and very fun... just wish there was a way to get vip without paying... I'm the kinda person that won't pay if it have to but don't mind spending a couple bucks if it's just an option

Rudolfi Tangkilisan

need some guide or walktrhough no clue about this game. just online to claim rewards and smelt equipments.

Walter Dobray

Awesome game id 6204126

michael leonard

Blaze is my user name

abdel rhaman mohamad

Game ID 5601819 It's a good game keep it better and thx for it

Kelly Lecuyer

Lmfao complete rip off Ripped off EZPZ RPG and Auto battle.

Rick Scorpio

Plays as autobattle When logging in it gives you your autobattle stats!!!!

Jason Edwards

6801821 This is my ID.

Jason Edwards

6801821 Updated my phone and lost my character. Please help. Characters name is caster.

Joshua Caffey

Good game I like the game. Great time waster but I am not a big fan of server merges. Seems to slow down the game.

Daniel Powelson

Game unplayable Since the recent update I have been unable to login/play.

Clinton Servant

Apparently my password is incorrect Been playing this game for quite a while. Opened the app to play the game and it said to reenter password. When I entered it it said incorrect password. Looks like solid security.


Hope it's not a virus... Kept saying update complete, starting game, then goes back to 0% and restarts...endlessly. When tried to uninstall, bugged my Google Play. Had to uninstall from settings.


Mute button Where

Gg Dd

5 stars ?! It's nothing just i can say it's a legendry game it's very nice easy to play and auto play (don't spend time) thanks very much for this game.

Syed aman Ali

Awsome There is lots of things you can do in this game and great character

Yukiizh Raymizu

More server Its easy games for those who busy, but will it be more than 100server? ..would like to play fresh n new

Brian Dodson

Love it! Rewards for liking the game, and more rewards for rating, and more rewards for... Etc 9900201

jorge clark

Great game I recomend it 9501789

Chris Newton

Game I.D. :4903410 Easy to play and you don't need to spend hours online ?

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