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16 Apr
(D852) LG G3 AutoRec-Lollipop

Posted by neko_dugacko_ime in Tools | April 16, 2015 | 56 Comments

Apk file size: 39.0 MB

->If you experience unresponsive button (the button flash doesn´t work) look up this post
<-it´s supersu related

----all variants will be removed soon because a lot of people can't read, don't use contact system etc---
Install TWRP the easy way on your LG G3 (D852 Works only for BELL and ROGERS)
If you want the videotron version(852G) -> YES :) It's also on my playstore account.

*If you like this app and it helped you please consider
a small donation - The paypal email is on the bottom, please
read the whole page, thank you*

-note about donating: 3 great people donated 10-15 dollars, why I say great ? Not because of the donations but because they helped me out, they wanted this progress for other users. It's not necessary to donate 10 $, if every sattisfied user would donate 1$ it would be nice, thank you-


-stock lollipop
-rooted device

thanks to:

My love for graphics



engcristiano for testing bell
jamesrfraser for testing rogers

Made by bender_007 for xda

Any donation is welcome and appreaciated:
paypal address: [email protected]

Also DON'T hesitate to write me an email about suggestions or questions or support

neko_dugacko_ime part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update April 16, 2015. Google play rating is 93.92. Current verison is Lollipop. Actual size 39.0 MB.

Download d852-lg-g3-autorec-lollipop.apk 39.0 MB


Brandon C

Amazing Hours of problems installing twrp due to certificate issues, this app fixed it immediately. Would have happily paid for what this did!

Jacky Lim

It works After trying weeks trying to install twrp and boot verify errors, finally got it working easily with this app.

Ryan Fitzsimmons

Only one that worked. Tried all the other apps to flash a recovery to my d852 but this is the only one that worked without forcing me to do a battery pull after i see some error text. Could do something about the overzealous popup that says TWRP is ready to flash though...

Alexander Rabot

Dev worked quickly to bring easy installation of TWRP to my device 5 star work all around!

Jay Dhungana

It worked After hours of failing to install TWRP it worked!!! Thanks so much man.

Richard Laws

Works perfectly

Bobby Mohammed

Fantastic! Works like a charm for LG G3 Model D852 running Lollipop 5.0.1.

M Stickland

Works. Period. Support the dev!

Brian Mc Manaman

Fantastic App, Thank You for making it so simple to give us access to our devices, the only thing that I would like to know if this TWRP is Bumped and if I can install and ROM after that. Thank You again greatly appreciated. Cheers

Barraco Barner

Thank you so much! I really wanted to flash xposed on lollipop 5.0.1 but I couldn't because everytime I tried installing twrp my phone got a boot error and I had to pop out the battery but with your app I could flash xposed framework! Thank you so much dev!

Tristan Shute

Honestly really surprised it worked. Wow

Patrick Albert

Finally, one that works!

vishnu vardhan reddy boda

Best App Ever I love this app. No more ADP required for ur rom.

David Andrews

Thank you! This is such an easy and great way to install twrp! Thanks very much!

Cael Collum

Great! Works perfectly! LG G3 D852 Rogers

Daniel Dumesh

Using power n vol down keys doesn't work for fido version. It worked when installing your reboot widget. Thank you.

Alif Noor Chowdhury

BRICKED MY PHONE This app totally hard bricked my phone. Now I have to send it back to lg :( the same thing happened to me before so I thought it was my phone problem and now that I have done it again arghh

Paul Hieminga

Thank you Can't tell you my frustration trying to get TWRP on this phone. Found out about autorec on Utube. Worked perfectly first time! My blood pressure is back to normal. YES I will donate. (my d852 was originally Telus and not Bell or Rogers, so that's now also confirmed to work :)


Thank you dev! Had some issues after installing TWRP sadly, but they were minor. My phone just kept needing a battery pull after powering off, before it would power back on properly, but after booting TWRP, the issue resolved itself thankfully. Great app, works like a charm, thank you kindly dev! You sir, Rock!!!

Paul Baran

Works like a charm I had tried Flashify and adb to install Twrp D852 and almost bricked the phone. This installed Twrp perfectly in about a minute. I'll happily make a contribution. Great job, you guys, thanks.

steven brown

Finally rooted and have custom Used a one click method to root and used this for custom recovery. Thanks worked perfect. If you see a review that says it bricked they did something wrong. Must all ready be rooted and be using db852 model

Sherman Shank

There is a bug. after flash, the camera cannot work. restored, camera can work. strange.

Joe roguesyko Repasy

Easy twrp install Fantastic app! Unfortunately no PayPal this is easily worth $5

Jessie Diebert

3 days of rooting and un-rooting trying to get twrp to work. This app did it in 5 minutes. Great work man!

Anonymous Donor

Root I updated my phone and lost root, kind of. Installed the twrp app and it wouldn't run without root. Installed this and it installed twrp recovery and all if a sudden root was back. Love it. Keep up the great work and I will help support you when I'm able to.( when I have a job)

Dylan Nguyen

Really nice, a few questions Love the app. TWRP installed flawlessly. Kudos to the dev, you are a godsend for the G3 rooting community. I just have a few questions: 1. Is there any way to update the version of TWRP installed by this app to the newest one? 2. Many users, and myself include noticed that after installing TWRP, the phone needs a battery pull to boot back if it was shut down. Is this related to Autorec somehow? 3. Does the reaotre stock just restore stock recovery?Thanks much

pranay kamboj

You the Man!!!! Keep up the goodwork bro. At first it was so easy that it seemed too good to be real but it did work. Really appreciate it

Bilal Jaffery

Works great on LG G3 from Rogers D852 running Lollipop.

Alex Dyrda

Battery pull issue Users have reported it and so am I. I face this problem other than than this app is flawless.

Glen Whiston

Flawless. Spent more time stressing about a bricked phone that flashing twrp. Used xda newest root method in G3 general arena. Note: camera stopped working but resumed once I restored the partition.

Jeff Gilroy

It really doesn't get any easier than this to install TWRP. Been doing this for a while on many different phones, and nothing comes close to this for ease of use. Many thanks to the developer!

Anthony Therrien

Thank you so much it's the only thing that worked for me. And its so easy to use.

Dano Brisson

Ridiculously easy I had spent hours trying to push twrp via terminal. One click and it was done!

Mohit Khurana

Simple and works beautifully. Author definitely deserves a donation.

Danny Mo

Worked perfectly. This is the best way to get TWRP on the LG G3 or G2. It installed TWRP within a few minutes and not only that, it restored my stock recovery too.

Gerard Helmer

Awesome app!! Huge thanks for AutoRec! Rooting and recovery on my Xperia Z1 was no big deal but was a major pain on my G3 and I'm so thankful for this app which installed twrp super fast and super easy! THANKS!!!

Cameron Thomas

How did this even get into the playstore?

Reed Haw

This worked for my G3 when Flashify, and TWRP Manager wouldn't. Thank god.

Ken Friesen

Flawless, only took a minute!

Andrew Westaway

Worked on my 5.0.1 build with no hiccups.

Ilya Bass

Great app, the only one helped (other methods caused to errors during recovery start up - model D852) Thank you!

Kenneth Yu

How to resolve battery pull I read from one user that reboot TWRP fixed the battery pull problem. What exactly is it? I tried multiple way to boot into TWRP and reboot into system and recovery from TWRP, still can't solve the battery pull problem.

jerry zacharatos

Works great! Amazing work. Keep it up.

Colton Lavigne

Great app Used this app more then once and never failed but now for some reason it will not leave me flash........ Gets all files needed but won't go any farther

Stephen Branch

OMG Thank god for this app. Was losing my shizzle. Fixed me up quick. Thanks!:)

Dano Brisson

Can't flash The Flash TWRP button doesn't respond. Restore Stock does but i can't flash anymore.

Diljot Garcha

Does it work on LG D852 Android 5.0.1 on Fido?

steven brown

Finally rooted and have custom Used a one click method to root and used this for custom recovery. Thanks worked perfect. If you see a review that says it bricked they did something wrong. Must all ready be rooted and be using db852 model for it to work

Ben Roberts

Was stuck and this saved me Could not get twrp on my phone for a while, this is what finally got it. Very easy to use, thanks so much!

Glen Whiston

Flawless. Spent more time stressing about a bricked phone that flashing twrp. Used xda newest root method in G3 general arena. Note: camera stopped working but resumed once I restored the partition (uninstalled TWRP).

Mach Fiver

I press the flash button after it says to and nothing happens the button doesnt work

Daniel Danciu

Easy install. Fast and painless. I made sure I downloaded the D852 variant (Rogers/Bell/Telus), and it worked like a charm. Thank you!

Snaps McCoy

Great app Wish it was updated to MM bricked my g3 had to switch out logic boards.

Daniel Welsh

Got my LG G3 D852 yesterday, and thanks to this dev have the device rooted and custom recovery installed no problems at all....I've been rooting devices and a member of xda since 2012 and nothing was ever this easy, i also donated a small amount to you, kudos my friend

Chris Payne

Worked great first time, should have tried this before going old school (and failing) at a manual flash. Thanks!

Jordan Toews

Perfect! Fastest and easiest way to install custom recovery on Rogers LG G3 (d852).

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