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2 Jan
d20 Character Sheet

Posted by Torsten Wiederkehr in Tools | Jan. 2, 2015 | 52 Comments

Apk file size: 3.7 MB

d20 Character Sheet consists of two main parts. The Character Sheet to keep track of your character, which you use while playing RPG. The Administration to customize the game setting to your demands. Supported game systems are DnD v.3.5. and Pathfinder. Includes a full online manual:

Character Sheet
* Create, edit and delete Characters
* Export and import of characters, weapons, armor and goods
* Add image and thumbnail of character
* Support prestige classes character
* Support multi class character
* Filterable list of all characters
* Backup and restore to/from cloud and file system

* Name, Player, Race, Sex, Alignment, Class, Level and Experience Points
* Use different XP tables in Pathfinder
* Calculate experience points of next level
* Display advancement of experience points as progress bar

* Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom and Charisma
* Calculate abilities modificator
* Roll ability checks

* Hit Points, max. Hit Pints, Armor Class
* Calculate Initative, Base Attack Bonus and Armor Class, CMB/Grapple, CMD
* Roll Initative, Base Attack Bonus, CMB/Grapple and CMD

* Store saves
* Calculates base save and ability modifier
* Adds misc modifier
* Roll saving throws

* Sum up your money, by counting your platinum, gold silver and copper coins.

* Enter your rank and misc modifier. The skill modifier is calculated
* List your favorite, trained and all skills
* Add and remove skills from your favorite skills
* Skill rolls are executed by one click

* Add feats to your character
* Read short description of benefit and prerequisit of a feat, without searching in the player handbook

* Add attacks with your favorite weapons
* Roll attacks and damage
* Calculates attack and damage bonus, including feats like Two Weapon Fighting

* Equip characters with weapons, armor and goods
* Choose magic weapons and armor
* Weapons, armor and goods are listed with detailed information, like cost and weight
* Calculate load of character equipment

* Make notes of your adventures and store them by your character.

Race Abilities
* Lists racie abilities with description
* Filter race abilities by name

Class Abilities
* Lists abilities of classes with level and description
* Filter class abilities by class level and name

Known Spells
* List all spells
* Mark your known spells of each spell list
* Read detailed information about each spell

Spell Slots
* List of spell slots
* Select your prepared spells out of your known spells
* Mark your prepared spells as cast
* Support of metamagic feats
* Rest to refresh your cast spells

The Administration allows you to customize everything in the game, making it unique to your campain.

* Races
* Character Classes
* Abilities
* Skills
* Feats
* Weapons
* Armor
* Goods
* Spells
* Spell Lists

Whats new

    Version 2.11.3
    * Bug fix: Fixed missing result of die roll, if many dice were rolled
    * Bug fix: Fixes width of edit field, if number had many digits
    * Bug fix: Fixed crash, if number of damage dice was zero
    * Bug fix: Fixed position of saves for character with long class name

Torsten Wiederkehr part of our Tools and have average installs from 5000 to 10000. Last Update Jan. 2, 2015. Google play rating is 79.0026. Current verison is 2.11.3. Actual size 3.7 MB.

Download d20-character-sheet.apk 3.7 MB


Jordan LeDoux

Not even worth half the price Setting aside that the app itself is fairly bug free and good looking, it's useless. It does the class stuff better than any character sheet app I've seen, but it does EVERYTHING else awful. Skills don't get their correct bonuses, equiped items don't actually DO anything, etc., etc. It honestly takes more time to keep this up to date than it does to keep a paper character sheet up to date. Even if it were free, I've found another character sheet app that's free that's better. The only reason I didn't give it one star is because the software itself is well done. It looks good, it's smooth, it doesn't crash.

Aaron Anderson

Decent App, but... It's good for the basics, but doesn't have any slots for magic items such as, belts of strength, bands of wisdom, etc. But still a usable app..

James Mettauer

Fighter bonus feats Fighter unuseable, does not allow for fighter bonus feats to be added to the character sheet. Please contact me when fixed.

Angie DeGrazio

Great App! I love that it's easy to add anything that isn't in the app already (and it does come with a lot of info in the app!) Just a couple tweaks- there is no place for languages known, or swim/fly/climb speeds.

barry knight

Favourite app Awesome how to equip armor? Put Armor but no add...

josh bolton

A version 5.0 d&d would be awesome

Matthew Jones

Great App Versatile and flexible. The main app I use for my pathfinder sessions now.

Pat Hopkins

Great app! Thanks Torsten! There is a lot of content in this app. Not perfect, but it is the best i have found so far.

Hector Martell

Excellent app, but it needs more classes, races, weapons, and gear. It's great that through the admin page, I can add whatever weapons and gear I have, but it'd be better for everything to be there in the first place.

A Google User

Great! Love it almost perfect but well worth it!

Gavin Audsley

Needs more I think it needs more like, psyonics and more races.

Gregory Duncan

Great Tool. Needs fixed and additions As a player and GM, Sometimes things are created by the GM that is not in the books. The notes area is good for those occasions. I would really like to type in numerical values instead of the +/- buttons. It would be very helpful. Please work on this.

Timothy Hanlon

Did what the others couldn't This app has successfully supplanted my old pen and paper character sheet. It's got just enough flexibility for me to add things that aren't covered in the usual rulebooks, but the UI manages to stay pretty clean and modular. My biggest problem is there is no way to note where certain modifications are coming from. For example, if I have an item that adds a bonus to my saves, there's no way of noting it in the saves box. Especially at higher levels, there's a lot of modifiers to track, and it's too easy to forget them when levelling up or changing equipment.

Corey Ferreira

I love it and will be always using it Best in it's class. You would have to be daft not to buy this. (especially if you've looked for something like this for ages)

Elizabeth King

Worth it, but needs more customization I'm really glad I bought this app, it's a great way to keep my character organized. I would like a better way to label notes with titles or change the order. I really like the ability to add extra equipment, etc but even that needs some more fine tuning. Overall, it is helpful and has replaced my paper character sheet.

Dan Halishak

Great App! I use this app a lot! I've had a few conversations with Torsten (developer) about this app. Every question I had asked, he personally walked me thru it and was very professional. This app functions very well, and is very user friendly! I recommend to everyone! The only reason for not having 5 stars, there is ALWAYS room for improvements. Which this app is ALWAYS making!

Kyle Henneberry

Excellent app This app is better than the other character apps i have tried. I am able to keep track of all my characters with very little effort. It is a bit more expensive than the other apps, but in my opinion it is well with it! It works great on my phone with no glitches, (I have a galaxy s3).

Dasler G.

Tons of room to improve. I bought this expecting to get my money's worth and I was sorely dissapointed. The app, does its job, but is very basic. Spells are rough and have no allotment rules, Classes are lacking a LOT, the interface doesn't adapt very well to my Galaxy S4 and often renders some menus unreadable. It's a good start at a comprehensive app but definitely not worth paying for.

Caelum Scratch

Its one of the best I found but I know it can be better It has great potential it's missing a lot of minor classes and abilities that could make it perfect.

Michael Taylor

Not worth it at this point downloaded so I can have a digital character sheet that would be quick to update, even if it means just updating numbers I calculate. However, right off the bat ran into issues. Tried to create an 8th level Monk via Pathfinder ruleset. unarmed strike lists as if it were used by any class but Monk. Had to figure out how to custom build weapons just so I could list it. More effort than its worth. would ask for a refund if it were possible.

Kalindu Gayan

The best app ever! I am a gamer and I always wanted to make my gaming experience an enjoyable one. This app works perfectly on my Galaxy S4 and it helps me to play my favorite games in an easy way. If you are a gamer, this is the app that you must have in your phone!

Kenneth Soong

Pretty good! Needs just a bit more! After poking through several free and paid character sheet apps, this is the one I've chosen for Pathfinder. It has a lot of content built in. However, a few necessary improvements: all class abilities are checked by default. Problematic for sorcerer bloodlines. Support for preparing/spells per day would be extremely fantastic.

Tim John Jr

A Must-Have! Torsten really put a lot of love into this app. Very clean design and thorough - makes game play a lot easier! I'm using it on my Nexus 7 with KitKat. Works great.

Mathew Mathison

Great, but I can't make my chain mail shirt master work... I would love it if you could add that. Also you guys are missing many items on Pathfinder. BTW, using Pathfinder on this haha

A Google User

At first, I thought the price was a little high. But I have found this app to be immensely useful. No regrets. EVO

A Google User

Great App Very good app. Works well and really help to reduce the need for constantly checking something in the manual. However, it really misses the possibility to create spell. That's the only reason I didn't give 5 stars. Changed to 5 stars after last update :-)

Christan Henneberry

Amazing This app really makes the gaming experience a lot more fun. It takes the work out of keeping track of my characters and I have already leveled up with the help of this app! This is a very high quality app and it's worth every penny!

Anthony Murphy

Lots of features So far this is a sweet app. Kinda of bummed that magus was not added. Might have to figure how to edit it in if I can even do that. Been looking for an app to help with running a bladebound magus. This might be the best I can do lol.

Robert Kroboth

Ok but Would be great if it had the archetypes or the alternate classes for pathfinder

Ben Currier

Great app I like the ability to add spells, classed, and races. I would like to see spell rolls and calculation for damage or modifiers.


Ok app... a bit unstable It crashed on me multiple times with complete data loss. Using an Asus Multi with Jelly Bean

Callagun Windsor

Spell update welcomed! App is ahead of all the other digital character sheets and very handy to use, I've replaced paper with it. The update that allowed addition and edit of spells was very welcomed (if not a little late)! App is getting better and better. Highly recommend at least trying it. Hopefully will get support for familiars/animal companions. Being able to do some of the administration on a PC would be an absolute godsend!

Dave Man

Ama One feature it really needs is edible images for weapons armor and goods please :)

kyle Grove

Love it Love this sheet, best I've found. And the creator posts updates and plan on Google+ and responds to comments there. Only giving 4 stars since there is room to improve, but he's on the right track.

Aaron Frazer

Good tool Compared against some other stuff out there for android this is a great tool. Would like to recommend a mod to allow for HP calculation and inventory cost calculations.

Jeffrey Jones

Superb Been using this for a while now. Excellent development.

Alex Meijer

Editing on a mobile device is less than optimal. I missed an option to import abilities and feats so 3rd party materials could be easily added. Adding them via the device is slow and prone to mistakes.

A Google User

Great App I love this app and I look forward to additional updates.

Jensina Mart

Don't buy. Not worth the money! This is the first app purchase that has every truly aggravated me. I bought this app for a Pathfinder game because Reviews say this is the best App on the market. I can see that 'Best' is relative to the content. At first the app is nice. It's fairly easy to set up a new character and it does make good on it's promise of calculating weight and adding in bonuses from feats and other places. where this app starts to disappoint is how it doesn't factor in finer details. It doesn't factor in armor check penalties and it doesn't break down your AC modifier. If you get attacked flat footed or need to know your touch AC then you're stuck finding that out on your own. d20 Character Sheet also makes it difficult to add in new armor or equipment and has no ability to add in new spells. Speaking of spells, it doesn't allow you to choice the specific spells you want for the day. Oh you can select 'cure light wounds' from your spell sheet but if you plan on preparing two that day then you're SOL. The interface is bland and it costs too much. $6.99 for this amateurish app is not worth the money. Do not buy!

Кирилл Боровик

Bug found... I've experienced an incorrect BA calculation for two weapons fight. Unfortunately, this application is useless for me unless mentioned bug will be fixed

Paul Morgan

Fantastic! This app is extremely easy and quick to use. I've read a lot of reviews saying bad things about this app but I have to disagree. I've actually managed to add a whole new class called "Spirit Shaman" from the divine magic expansion book with little difficulty. I also added the "Speak Language" skill with no difficulty whatsoever. You can add anything to the database through the administration option, which you can find in the options at the top right corner of the first screen, just to let you all know.

Kijo Yes

5e Any chance of this updating to 5e d&d if I had to put all the class and race stuff in my self that would still be great.

Trevor Christians

Good but... Great app but could be better. Since the PFSRD is free, why not use it to your advantage? This would be my sole D&D app if it had all the info from there. It is very tedious to have to put in every thing that is missing. 5* when the info is complete. For now sticking with pathfinder masterwork tools app & editable pdf sheet.

Pat Hale

Best one of its kind I've found It might not have everything, but a lot of D&D isn't open source either. I love that I can add in everything, I've seen others that have a lot of stuff but not everything and you can't add what's missing. It might take some work on the players end to get everything set up, but that goes for paper also. And once you've added that Feat/Spell/Class/Race/Ability/Item, it's there for the next time you want to use it. No need to write it all down again.

A Google User

Great App I love this app and I look forward to additional updates.

Jake Marcetti

Somewhat lacking No Monstrous Humanoids as playable characters. This is useless for anyone playing as a beasty. An "other" race slot with some freedom to throw your stats around would be nice. Also some more classes would be nice. No Dervish. Me needs me dancing! A refund is more useful

Chris Benjamin

Lacking It's a really good app I can use for basic character's but with all the extra stuff out there like the Complete Adventurer SRD, Ect. I would use the app a lot more if more classes and races were added but it's a really good app none the less.

Jacob Miller

5E maybe? This seems like a really nice app, but I think you should consider adding in 5E. It would be wonderful for me when I am playing with my friends.

Charles Kane

Great app One of best apps I've ever bought. Very customizable if you take the time to look through it, and aren't lazy.

Austin Cantrell

Prefect Does everything I will ever need

Jon Russell

Over priced Too pricey for what you get. Still have to do some stuff yourself. Can't equip armor so you have to type in adjustments in AC, that type of thing. Some stuff missing too. Would be better if updated to do full calculations of skills and feats.

Luthren Graves

It's worth paying for.

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