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13 Aug

Posted by Kokak in Action | Aug. 13, 2016 | 112 Comments

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D-GLES is an unofficial 3D hardware accelerated source port of the Doom Engine, using OpenGLES. It exploits the graphics processor of your smartphone / tablet to deliver amazing graphics not present in the original version.

In D-GLES games, you are a soldier who fights hordes of Demons on strange planets !

If you experience crashes when you try to play another IWAD, please delete the "-loadgame 6" in the command line option on the launch window.

It supports:
- High resolutions
- Realtime dynamic lighting
- Particles effects
- 3D Monsters and objects (MD2)
- Blood projections
- Realistic water effect
- Glow
- Lens Flares
- Godrays
- Realtime shadows
- Xperia Play gamepad buttons (touchpads not supported yet, probably later)
- Keyboard support (USB, bluetooth, embedded)
- Gamepads support (analog sticks support on Android >= 3.1): Moga, Shield, X360, ... (not compatible with Moga Pocket on Android Lollipop and later)
- Buttons mapping (Xperia Play / USB GamePads / Keyboard)
- Android TV support: A gamepad is highly recommended, without it you could run the app, but not really enjoy it because of the lack of buttons.


D-GLES comes with Freedoom and Requiem megawad.
If you own commercial games (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, TNT or Plutonia), copy the wad files in your device at this location: /sdcard/Kokak/DoomGLES/

More details on playing commercial games and custom pwads here:

Read here to know how to control D-GLES:

Here how to setup a network game:

If you have any problem, any question or suggestion, don't hesitate to email me or visit the faq here:

History here:

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This app is a source port released under the GPL license. "Doom" is a trademark of "id software". All trademarks are used under the terms of fair use: usage is nominative. Kokak is not connected with "id Software".

Whats new

    - Fixed weapon position bug
    - Moga Pro HID mode (mode B): Analog triggers now work
    - Added support for Android TV
    - Crash in TNT / MAP02 on Adreno GPUs
    - Fire barrel MD2 now visible.
    - Info dialog during textures conversion (to show it isn't crashed)
    - Crash in MAP03 (fdoom2 + requiem) fixed
    - DXT texture generation (for tegra GPUs)
    - Various minor fixes and changes
    - Fixed crashes when launching Ultimate Doom & TNT

Kokak part of our Action and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Aug. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 84.9158. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Mike Smith

Wont load wads. I got doom 2 to work but any custom file I try to load will give me .wad file not found. But when I look into the folder the files I attempt to load are there

Ryan Carroll

Great app, just one nitpicky thing performance wise Great app. I love doom and I had bought this once before on another google account when I was running a nvidia shield portable. It ran perfectly. Now I have a Nvidia tablet and the game looks amazing and there is no lag in any way. The one thing is when strafing and looking around at the same time it stops for a split second and continues normally. It is very noticeable. This happens every 2 seconds and considering this is such a big part of the game its slightly irritating. I can play it still but if this can be fixed I would give the app 5 stars. That being said, it didn't do this on the shield portable so I think a recent update might be the culprit. Though I no longer have the portable to do a comparison with

Steve Sworaski

BFGGGGGGGGG I love this thing it works like a charm, don't get discouraged it's actually quite easy to get it working

Miguel Rojas

Love this app, but.... Is there a way to play the plutonia 2 music instead of the original plutonia muisc while playing plutonia 2??

shanon w

Awesome dev awesome game Had small problem dev waited no time to help been playing doom since it came out in 95" made my experience way good go kokak will support any thing you drop in future bro

Justin Stevison

Htc one m7 with 5.0 Android After last update it fixed my problem! Finally can play my old doom games! Thanks to the app developer!

Mohammed Al Shriff

Will rate 5 stars if Brutal DooM works The game it self is nice and having a nice touch feeling like you're acually playing DooM it self and well if you could add Brutal DooM as a IWAD i'd be rating 5 Stars!

Leo Silva

Awesome app! A classic game in 3d with improved graphics!

Bobby Cook

Love it!!! I love the game it came with but I have no idea how to get another IWAD to load I have downloaded Doom1.wad file but can't do anything with it.

Joshua Williams

Why did u make a freedoom Why u make freedoom i LOVE it but sometimes i just wanna play doom 1

Jen Vargas

Great App I absolutely love this. Been using it for a few months now, and with each update it gets better and better. HOWEVER. The latest update seems to make Ultimate Doom crash... I have it on my Nvidia Shield Portable. I know it says it was supposed to fix the crash, and my device just auto-updated the app, but still crashing. Again, I love this thing, so I'll edit my review when crashing is fixed :)

Luke Wakefield

Classic Port At It's Best! Seriously fantastic freaking work on this game port. The mods used in the port are beautiful and makes it even better to have on the go! (I LOVE Doom and had to get this.) Sadly however as expected, mobile controls are bad... But otherwise perfect!

Mike Freeman

Problems loading anything other than freedoom Playing on nvidia shield portable, I can't get doom 1 to run at all and crashes on startup. Free doom runs fine and plays well. So the actual gameplay and visual updates are great (except the blinding godrays that I had to turn off almost instantly.) Edit- managed to get doom 2/ plutonia to work. Apparently just took some waiting for it to load. Edit 2: my first doom.wad was corrupted on transfer or something. Copied another and works fine.

Dustin Maurer

Doesn't work I paid for this app and it tells me the files are missing when I try to play. I'd really like my money back.

Chris Maris

Good port but.. Good but awkward, the fire button is badly placed and the d pad is clumsy, imho.

Mark Bedford

Great doom port works so well I completed doom 1 and doom 2 on it over 2 months and only found 1 minor bug. Great port!

Ronald Toles

Crashing on last level of the freedoom req Would an uninstall then an install help the situation?? Otherwise way to keep the android experience alive.

Setnakt Frost

Decent fun! Especially with a MOGA controller this game rocks. I have the WAD files for TNT, Plutonia, etc, and 3 other Freedoom WADS, the Freedoom file they download for you now is one I've never seen before, a "new" (to me) mission! Thanks guys!

Manny Mangoat

It's back and better than ever. I was shocked when this app was removed from the play store. Thank you for all of your hard work for getting this superb app back in the store. Ps I love the addition of free doom and requiem. Thumbs way up.

joseph kessler

Love it but I really want to use the old models not the 3d ones not that the 3d is bad by no means I just want to see the older doom sometimes all and all best app EVER!!!!!

A Google User

Welcome back! Thanks for fixing the crash. Great dev!

Michael Johnson

Great Emulator Developer working with me to resolve issues and brining me much needed enlightenment.

Richie Albert

Back! I'm glad this is back on the store

Johnie Gonzalez

Good Yay freedoom!

Nokia 3310

Good Just the same level with D-touch.

Gabriel Plaster

Love that you're back! Was dissatisfied when you were required to remove this from play store, but now that you're back thank you so much! So much nostalgic value, I'm thankful you guys made one of my all time favorite games so portable. Not to mention the graphical options are very nice. Thanks again!

Cameron Hinson

Great, but I prefer it on pc. ...that's not to say that it's bad. I've noticed a few areas with missing textures in Doom Shareware, and if you get hit while using the radiation suit (not sure if just by imp fireball or can be by bullet) the lighting blinds you until the suit wears off. Haven't tried registered doom or ultimate (although I have ultimate), so it could be better there. Also, the glare and special effects look... boring(?) in comparison with the ones in Doom 2. Maybe it's because there isn't too much water (at least in the first episode). Doom 2, however, looks absolutely amazing. I haven't noticed any missing textures, and the skybox (combined with the glare, and the water) is amazing. In some areas it's not realistic how the sun's light goes on the water (such as an area in the Gantlet), but w/e. For me, this is the selling point - I have not found a way to get this on the PC version and for that, I'm in. It looks amazing. I'm probably easily satisfied but w/e.

Mario Alexander Rojas Jr.

Doom Gles There's actually an awful glitch where my hand is just cut off from the screen, like if my his was there, but missing

lakshmi ortiz

This is really good port Just when using the idmus cheat crashes the game

Dmitar Vuckovic

So much better then the original Love that I can play Ultimate doom & doom 2 on galaxy S4 and it runs better than original. Using moga hero 2 with Bluetooth and controls are perfect. Touch controls are surprisingly playable but controller preferred.

Xavier Uribe

Pretty awesome I bought the $2 doom game but i still only get the first stage, it says that i need to get the trilogy to get the whole game, how do i do that?

Jim May

flawless on shield This runs flawlessly on the nvidia shield. Good stuff. BTW -- For those evaluating.. you can't save the game on the trial version of the game. You can save once the game data files are downloaded. The latest update is absolutely awesome. Requires a power house android device though.

Gabriel Secrist

Best remake ever Excellent graphics, yet completely true to the original. Runs beautifully on my S5, and super fun with a Bluetooth remote!

Daryl Watson

Worth every penny Excellent port. perfect if used with ps3 controller through Bluetooth.

sergio mendez

Fun You guys should make doom2

Andi Johnston

Why can't I move forward??? Pls help

brett Levasseur

Thanks Love it just wish it had all the stuff but you did a great job

Paul Brown

Only allows me to play doom 1st episode thats it.......

Gareth Simpkins

Brilliant! Sure takes me back, well done!

Ross Cheeseman

Amazing!!! Easily the best FPS on the store

алексей коротаев

Plz fix controls Ive got serious lags with on-screen controls on my xiaomi mipad. Controls freezing and not responding for secs. Hard to play with it.

Alexey Rybalko

Doom 2 isn't loaded Great app! However tried doom.wad v1.9 with no success several times. Black screen, application doesn't respond. xperia sp.

DenZEL Vertigo

Doom 2 is not working correct... Walls are invisible, no textures. I tried a lot of doom2 wads, but the problem remains! Everything else is perfect) Please do something with doom2!

Александр Макаров

multiplayer How can I play to multiplayer? I haven't it at game or start menu

Mikhail Lapaev

Duke Nukem 3D Please...

Tyler Warren

There's an reason I paid for it I realized that there is a free version of this, I do. But this version has so much more than the free version I gladly paid for this. Improved graphics, 3d models, fantastic water effects, support for multiple controls, the list goes on! I do wish there was more to this, but it is the shareware version so I forgive them. If your reading this you can try the trial, but I highly recommend this to you.

DeadVS Gaming

Need help with DGLES2CONVERT Hey I need your help every time I try to convert a wad or a bat folder it gives me this error W_Init: no files found can u make a video and make it easier for us words don't help alot


How to do it wrong Had doom on the iPhone a while back and thought I'd check this out. You can add Wad files which is good but to be honest pretty standard. What got me was how bad the controls on this were. Even when I turned the ingame sensitivity down I was buzzing around like sonic. Also after playing the ios version(4 years ago) there's no need to have the awkward control set-up this emulator has?? Anyways I tried to like it I did, but the controls are all over the place. Just add the wheel?? Simple

dax roger

Thank you so much for adding doom to the Google library I loved this game as a kid. And still do. I give you five star on effort. But seeing as I paid a reasonable fee I have one problem the weapons keeps ending up in the middle of the screen insted of the bottom witch makes it really hard to shot accurately please let me know of a way to fix this....thank you xoxo xoxo ;)

Ryan Carroll

Great port Great port. The jumpiness mentioned in my earlier review is also present in bfg editions of the doom 1 and 2 wads so i will not fault this version. Its likely control related or something with the tablet itself

Mathew Lockley

Awesome!! Amazing how the dev's have upscaled the graphics. And got the others working aswell! Just downloaded the files, move them to the correct folder using file manager and im away!!! Brill!

Joshua Williams

Why did u make a freedoom Why u make freedoom i LOVE it but sometimes i just wanna play doom 1

Johnie Gonzalez

Güd You guys finally got freedom to work on this port, plus the invisible walls are fixed too! Also are you guys gonna bring a wolfenstien port in as well because you guys did a great job on this. But can it get instructions on how to convert .pk3 to the .wad format because when I go to DoomDb and download custom wads they are all in .pk3 format, people say to extract the lumps from folders but .pk3 is just the normal written in Chinese stuff.

Joseph Ortiz

?? Paid why show ads? I purchased a game I didn't purchase a game that shows me ads. If I wanted to see as I would have downloaded a free game. But saying that I've paid this there's no need to show me ads return my money

carl hager

Great app plays awesome on Nvidia Shield tv with Shield controller. transferred Ultimate Doom wad files and all preconverted data..add .nomedia file to each folder in mp3 folder to keep them out of music apps..then in game turn off corona's to din the lights. in app options if you press up on controller above continue last game you will lose selector and have to restart device.


I have a very strange game-breaking bug Everytime I try to continue a game after saving it, my gun and hand appear to be floating. The bar that holds stats like ammo, health, etc is disconnected with the arm and hand. After three saves and tries, i have realized that this makes the game unplayable- which is horrible, because i love this app so much, its just that one bug that kills it.

Adamant Orcinus

Doom! Not a port, but DOOM! I love it! This takes me back to my high school days, of spending lunch in the computer lab. Playing DOOM I & II, and Wolfenstien on the class comps. One of FPS's founding father's. A classic that has somehow been improved upon. Fresh graphics, actual 3D instead of sprites. This belongs being released by I.D. games for $35. 5 stars from me.

Zachery Ferguson

Save and load malfunction Everytime I try to save my progress while playing the game it always crashes. Fix and I will rate 5 stars. Other than that the game is enjoyable. Now when I try to load one of my saved games the game crashes now I cant even continue playing where I left off now I have to START ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! Please fix this problem.

Paul Butler

Excellent Doom was my favourite down as a child once I stayed up for seven days playing Doom is still my favourite game of all time I wish they did a multi pack with Doom 1 Doom 2 final Doom doom 3 BSG version if you get a chance to play These please play I guarantee you'll will get hooked just like me so download this copy now and started your adventure great for all

Jason Anderson

Awesome doom port! This is a great doom port, it works perfectly with my GPD XD (android gaming tablet) all the controls work fine and are all mappable to the physical controls. Just one small gripe, could you please add an option to switch to the original skies? The new ones are still nice but would like an option to change to the originals.

Vincent Hafford

Nice... Great version of the classic doom, your version does it justice. The only feature I particularly don't like is the illuminately (idk if that's even a word lol) bright lights. At some points the bright lights in the background make finding and hitting the enemy difficult. Query level 9: The Pit, is the scrolling marquee a pix of your creative staff? All in all great job, keep making killing fun lol...:))


How to do it wrong Had doom on the iPhone a while back and thought I'd check this out. You can add Wad files which is good but to be honest pretty standard. What got me was how bad the controls on this were. Even when I turned the ingame sensitivity down I was buzzing around like sonic. Also after playing the ios version(4 years ago) there's no need to have the awkward control set-up this emulator has?? Anyways I tried to like it I did, but the controls are all over the place. Just add the wheel?? Simple

Mike In

Best port I was sad because doom wasn't on the Google store but then I saw this! It is an amazing port and its way better than doom touch! Also it gives you features to turn of some graphics and make the game look authentic! Thanks man!

kamrin lopez

Needs more graphics I love doom it just brings me back to the classics but I was wondering if you guys could add risen 3d weapons like when u pick them up they are in 3d basically like just add weapons with graphics like risen 3d it would be an awesome update +kokak

Andrew Preston

Controller support does not work Game wont work with my moga pocket controller and too late to refund. I want my money back! Edit: I synced the controller and launched the game using the moga app, but the game still did not recognize the controller input. Remapping the controls had no effect.

Nero East

Why doesn't it let me play brutal Doom on here. I can play all the other dooms except the brutal doom mods

Randy Bolt

Non stop running! My new android controller I bought for this game won't work I want a refund..

Carter Kohlman

Uuuuuuuuhhhhh How do I download doom... Where do I download plz then 5 stars

Ben Trud

Would be five stars but... Whenever I try to make the controls slower other than mouse speed it won't allow me to adjust them. Help please

Mike Lonas

So fun! I'm glad it also comes with a game because I don't have other doom games on my phone

Luenardi De Polo

I feel ripped off for paying for this. 1 it looks ugly. 2 no gzdoom = sad mod support and no brutal doom. 3. Menu is a mess still with ads.

Jennifer Reynolds

Good, but only one problem. All is like authentic doom, but I just want to know how to turn off 3d models.Plz help.

JC Santos

Awesome sourceport But I'm planning to use beautifuldoom and void.wad will the converter help work it?

John 117

Was good before... And yes I bought it a long time ago, but now I can only play free doom and requiem? Why do I not have all the other dooms? Higher rating if solved

Millennium Shazbot

It's basically DOOM for mobile It's pretty neat, but only when played with a controller. Trying to play this with on screen controls is a pain in the ass lel.

Vanessa Kindell

App crashes with freedoom1.wad The game works fine with the provided wads and the official Id wads but when I try to use a more recent version of freedoom or use chex.wad and supply it's name in the other iwad field it crashes. Also a gamma slider would be nice, the game looks kind of dark on the phone.

Jeremy Riddle

Love it but... Sometimes the hand and weapons graphics are misplaced, sometimes to high leaving a space beneath the graphic, and sometimes too low making the weapon barely visible, fix this for perfection, other than that it's great runs smooth

Juan Juan

nice im glad i got this and got everything working fine i just have one question i hope the dev is still active: is there any way to get the classic 2d models back ? i dont really like the new 3d ones edit: thanks for the reply now its perfect

Simon Brown

Are you some sort of Open GL ES wizard? Seriously though, extremely impressive stuff you've done with this, I have only dabbled in opengl so far and found getting the simplest things to work a real task, so to re-write the doom engine in the way you have is quite a feat.

Ben Slepski

Free Doom? 4 stars only because it says free doom in the menu? Other than that its worth it.

simply DeadSpace

Can't use a button for anything. Can't go to option, choose missions or anything. Tried respawn adding the game but no changed. It just scrolls through new game, load game ect

A Google User

Much better With a bunch of really cool graphical features and the ability to add in iwads, this is best doom on android. Good updates improved the game. Maybe developer can remove such a large joystick or add an option for an adjustable one. Also, when using the shield tablet the control scheme is very customizable.

Kerrian Walker

Brilliant. Now you can play improved versions of classics on the go.

Jacob Radford

The best looking DooM port I've ever seen. Super beautiful. Has a vast amount of options and and the option to use physical controls. Great port all around.


Please help me Ill have my moga pocket controller connected and then ill turn off no touch controls but it wont recognize my controller?! I bought it for the sole reason of having a new game to run on my controller, and if i cant accomplish that goal i will seek out a refund.

Joshua Williams

When? It crashes every time I use some doom game that is not free doom or in the menu after I click for example doom or type in doom then it crashes.Please fix this I really want to play doom2.wad(Acer Iconia one 7)

matt zappala

Love it. Only issue I'm having is i can't get the moga pocket controller to work with it

Tyson Johnson

This was awesome.. You should make more games with updated graphic modifications like this.

Ether Bot

Pretty good, but leaves something to be desired Its worth your money either way, and the features included all work perfectly and are well implemented. But if it had other features like Mod support or allowed for better customizability with its controls and certain graphical features maybe I'd give it five stars. EDIT: The onscreen keyboard does absolutely nothing when in game. So thats weird

Brian Perry

Doom Rocks Loved Doom 20 years ago , still the best game ever with better graphics. Love it.

Max Gargiulo

Lag I have a nvidia shield tablet k1 and I am still having lag issues

D Boys Cabrera

This is Awesome!!! Just like Doom!! When is the next update coming out? Will brutal doom soon be downloadable for doom goes? What do you type in command box to play multiplayer?

Ian T

So fun I want doom in all of my consoles

Joshua Williams

DOOM 2 YEAH Got to play doom 2 Thanks for your support Best App Ever

Mickey Mercier

I bought this on Google Play and am trying to play it on Nvidia Shield TV with controller. The game loads to the options screen where it has Freedom selected. The game is stuck there because it will not respond to any inputs from the controller, even to select Enter.

J SubOxyde

This can't be the only android Doom port Works well, other than some control problems that really bother me. How come it cannot detect that up and down on my gamesir d-pad are two different controls? Why can't I use the d-pad to move? I can only move down in the menus, can anybody help me out?

Hengky Kusuma Ady

The motherf***in' DOOM Emulator Android port The only way to play DOOM on android is only on D-GLES. The graphics are impressive and kickass. Still need more improvement too. (This is not Dhoom Machale)

Matt Stevens

This just isn't doom When I downloaded doom I wanted doom not a game that has just stole the engine and even though I paid for this its still saying free version

Stephen Butler

Massive fps problems. How does a 20 year old game suffer frame rate issues on an Nvidia SHIELD? 10 fps is fine. EDIT: It's usually just on certain spots on some levels. I haven't played in a while and I can't right this moment, but it's within the first or second level where I find a massive frame drop going up a set of stairs. I'm on a shield K1, haven't had it too long.

Δημήτρης Κυρκου

This is one of the best ports of the Doom 1 (and 2) source code. Of course, it ships with fanmade map-set (WAD file) called "Freedoom" for copyright reasons. No problem, just download the original WADs from here: pc-freak(dot)net(slash)blog(slash)doom-1-doom-2-doom-3-game-wad-files-for-download-playing-doom-on-debian-linux-via-freedoom-open-source-doom-engine Then drop them inside the Kokak/DoomGLES folder. BTW it even works on Android TV with Nexus Player Remote.

chris garsh

It's awesome I really like the game but it has a glitch. My hand with the gun is in the middle of my screen. It didn't start off like that. I deleted it and re-downloaded it and it fixed it for about 10min. But my hand is back to floating about 1 inch off the bottom bar. Please fix this.

Thomas Reichman

Great port, and the best way to play Doom on Android that I know of. Controls very well.

Jesus Arellanes

Don't buy if you don't have a game pad Why is this the only emulator on the play store? Compared to the old emulators, this one is pretty bad. Graphic features that were added are completely unnecessary. Controls are awful but it works with no crashes. Would like to see aim assist, mappable buttons like SNES9x, a crosshair, and a d-pad instead of joystick for movement. These are simple features that will make the game much easier to play without a game pad. Also there are barely any options in the options menu. 5 stars IF it had those features

billy KEIM

Eh... Im disappointed that the superior free doom port is no longer available. It was better in every way. Controls were better, better wad support, loaded instantly because it didnt have ridiculous graphic enhancements, if i recall correctly it did heretic and hexen too...AND IT WAS FREE. I hate how these greedy people think they deserve money for porting a port THAT DOESNT COST MONEY. But gets the job done when theres no alternative. But...maybe there is an alternative? Psx emulator and psx doom..

charles dotson

Awesome game. Adventure and shooting the best. Very challenging just awesome for under 50 Mb wish all games was like this.

Kyle Ballew

doom 2 refuses to run right the walls are invisible and the enemys pop in and out. and yes my copy of doom works fine because i can play brutal doom with it on my pc

Brandon .Pellerin

Cant add wads if no sd card Creates no kokak directory in internal storage, so if your phone has no sd card slot, this app is useless. 1 star until this is fixed or corrected.

D Boys Cabrera

This is Awesome!!! Just like Doom!! When is the next update coming out? Will brutal doom soon be downloadable for doom goes? What do you type in command box to play multiplayer?

Jack Buxton

Awesome stuff With Beloko stopping support I needed a new doom player on my phone. This is an excellent replacement. With stunning extra effects such as water

Monster Craft

Fast paced ITS SUPER WORTH IT!!! Fast paced like classics

Claire Pettet

I like it The graphics are awesome

Tony Bellino

Love it so very much

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