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27 Jul

Posted by Old Lunime in Action | July 27, 2014 | 74 Comments

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The world of Cyan has been corrupted with Cyanity. Cyana and Cayn are two fighters who are destined to defeat the cyanity. Keep on fighting and strengthening your characters as you progress in the anime style game Cyanity! Will you be able to defeat Cyanity itself?

Thanks for playing Cyanity, and check out our website at for our upcoming games coming soon!

*You need a stable internet connection for the game to play.
*Cyanity was made 1 year ago and may have bugs near the end of the game.
*Turn off Battery Saver mode for the best experience.
*Compare how far you've reached in the Leaderboards!!

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Old Lunime part of our Action and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update July 27, 2014. Google play rating is 86.3485. Current verison is 1.6. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download cyanity.apk 20.0 MB


Milovan Mitrovic

Milovan Mitrovic its a really cool game, as someone said i would love more upgradables to buy, more skills n stuff, other then that, i only have 1 slight problem with it, sometimes, in training lvls only, when i beat the 2nd out of 3 monsters, it tends to bugg and keep target on the 2nd guy who is dead already so unless i switch target manualy, both my char and the side char will att the dead guy , ofc nothing happens they just swing their stuff around xD, still a cool game tho

Zhi Wei Yong

Awesome!! But maybe you can add more levels in another part of the Cyanity where the monsters are stronger and you have to go on missions to defeat them in order to recruit team members? Not that I finished it already, but this is for players who progress quickly in a game :D

William Murphy

Hoping for some new stuff Very entertaining, bit of a bug though. Sometimes when I counter, the next 10 attacks end up doing damage like the counter would have done, but no actual counter occurs. Usually happens during a boss.

A Google User

Fun game for a while I was playing for number 1 but I had to restart my phone and my save was cleared so now I am sitting in 4th place forever (until someone passes me)

Drake Thammasene

Potions The potions don't give you much health and spending one thousand on a potion that only gives you 100 hp doesn't seem right. I also have the maxed out skill to make the potions have more effect but you should still make the potions give more health.

Jon Michael

Add stories so the game will be interesting It would be interesting if the game have a story while playing the an RPG.

Andrew Krizizke

Loved it Just a tip to get extra/more money go to training. Another tip is to wait till everything is charged up do an ultimate combo

antaquanna howard

BUGS Fixx the bugs please when i pause it and get off when i get dack on it won't show the unpauae buttan evan if i unstall it and restall it!fixcxcccc


Cool concept.... But when I install the game not everything is visible, and if it is it may disappear under some blackness and randomly reappear.

Travis Minnie

Amazing A must have, it tests my reaction timing and its a great combat system with amazing creatures and bosses

Miqole Durham

I love the game...buuuuut more upgrades would be nice. And a different set of moves for scyth. Other wise best game on my tablet.

Muhammad Azib

Love it But you can add more caracters,uniqe veapon and more levels.

Hayeon Lee

Great Game I love the music and the art, but please add more features to the game so it can be better.

Jonathan Solstice

Great game. Little bit repetitive, but certainly competent and fun enough to play to the end.

Fahim Syauqi

The game is already good,but.. Theres like money bugs,game freezes.

Trevor Stevens

It's so good They did a great game so fun to play

Day B.

Needs More. Everything. Storyline. Game options. But the music is amazing and the concept and action are very engrossing, please build on this

Duke Davis

Feedback The is game is perfect but it would have been gould if u add like pvp renaming characters..and make it like mmo

Vaniël M.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos I love this game

Nicholas Gogel

Amazing game! This game is very graphical and is fun! Timed dodges and special abilities really make the combat interesting! Definitely a great time consumer. Game was somewhat challenging but I really wish the monsters would attack more instead of just being meat bags.


Loved it! I couldn't put it down since I installed it! The dodging time makes it harder to dodge which makes it more interesting! The attacks also have to be upgraded or stages can take forever. The art is beautiful and amazing!

Steven Phuong

Awesome I don't know if you guys know this anime, but this is simular to black rock shooter

Dylan Bailey

Addicting This game is one of the best games I played in a while I would give it 10000000 stars if I could.

James Lupinek

Great game! Just like the title says. Quick feedback/question. Maybe make it so 2nd attack requires timing like dodge. Right now I can just spam attack and never fail. Also, what does reduce lag option do? Decrease graphics?

Roy Coulter

I. Love. The music. Combat is simple and fun. Already played for 30 minutes, and I have to say this game has potential.

Rosel Pagayon Jr.

So good~ This game's awesome! I've been in Stage 104 and yet no deaths! 5 stars for you, Cyanity and Lunime Games! =w=

Naruto AE

Super Cool! Wow this game is really awesome, I love the Flames coming out of there eyes, like a Cyan Explosion, Great Game Luneon!

R Arwood

Visuals A+ Gameplay A+ if this gets a storyline next, you might as well give it a trophy

Charlie Lee

Cyan Explosion! Really cool game, lots of cyan! I like the graphics and special attacks.

Lets Be Friends Luni's #1 Fan

Excellent for those who love SP games Super fun game. Has a shop to purchase items that can aid you on your 100-stage adventure, stats to upgrade your power level, and amazing visuals that is a comfort to your eyes (if you have a phone capable to run it)! Amazing and soothing music and SFX which never gets annoying while playing this game. What is also best is that this is purely free-to-play! Good job Lunime! This guy deserves all the ad money!

StoryMaker Uper

4/10 (Depends what you're looking for.) This app was, interesting. If It had a story it would be better. I felt like I was thrown in there with OP character there is little to no development. Every thing was to cluttered, And would have been fine with that if it had a story. (cause it's on a phone I get that). The animation was nice. It could have been more polished. The prices for the items were outrageous! Especially for just starting the game. It's not a bad game though if you want something simple.

King Zx

Great game Lags at around lv 80

TheCute XmasKitty

I can't belive it It's so amazing I can't stop playing at times

Choi Seung

cyanity i love this game bcoz the character is powerfull.

Joseph PlaysGames

Cool Game and Greeting! Hi Lucas its me wtfihavenoname i really like this game its is a good work keep it up and make more weapons to be way more cooler like Chibion and Xkour stuff and put it here!

Autumn Hurst

Boring You barely do anything but whoever likes it I'm glad u like it

Ronwell Jores

Quick Question Dude... When will chibion be available

Nomi- Chan

Cool Its avreally good and addictive game but a few bugs it would really be cool if one was fixed like sometimes when you close the app and open it again the first battle you enter all your stats get reset so then all your cdr is gone and i cant do anything so i die x.x otherwise its really a great game

Raven Roth

Five stars total ? ? ? ? ? Good job with the game, including everything else... But one thing... The freaking ads are killing me... But what I know it's a pretty decent game.. I am totally addicted to it. I can't get my mind off it, it's like apart of me... #animeforlife I totally love. ??

Jazmine Tamayo

Great game Best game could u add to change clothing with power ups. (U don't have to)

Izayoi Sakamaki

Pretty fun The game play is extremely similar to Black Rock Shooter psp, dumbed down abit of course but similar all the same. Edit, found a glitch in the skill shop. Buy and upgrade for the smallest amount then exit to menu and restart the app and it will still cost the same at each tier for the skill.

Rialey Hulin

Awesome It's very addictive, but I like it

Emily Oneill

Amazing Just found it and addicted- it would be good if you could choose your character and recruit more contollable members, otherwise perfect!

Darryl Chia JG

Cool I like the gameplay style of this game.Kinda reminds me of Black Rock Shooter.But I wish that you can switch between the characters, and have more skills......

Monika Rogers

I'm glad that I have this game!!!!:-)

Abe Ghani

awesome but could add stuff i love this game but i think it would be better wit there a story line

recca cross

Sugoi!!!! It's so cool *-*

Rebel Anarchy

Best TBRPG for androids ever!!

LeRoy Eli

Awesome This game is great I love it...

Gia Adaire

I love it! This I just like sword art online and I love that anime

Paula Johnson

BEST GAME I love it so much

Aspen Albright

Its fun Yay i get to kill ppl yas

kira wolf

Love it I hope there is a storyline that then I would rate 5 star

Kelsey Jimenez

Very addicting 1st try and I'm already addicted to it, it would be more cool if we can change what their wearing

Raven chan

Supe fun Title says it all

Jp Macadaeg

Great game.... It's really fun, great way to pass the time, but it could use more of an actual storyline rather than getting to the highest floor. Probably some dialogue between the characters when they are fighting normal enemies and bosses; basically all the game needs is just character. In addition, more boss battles for floors 100 and above.

Swag Sk8r

I love this... I really love this, but the music in the main page kind of is creepy... please insert other music.

Syalinna Naurah

There is another game of Lunime's This game is one of Lunime's old game, she also made another game called Gacha World. The male character in here is called Cykopath in Gacha World.

Jane Kitty

I have one question I liked it but what is the purpose of the game?

ShockWave Production

Miku BRS ! Hope got more weapons and upgrades

Mc Andrew Juanillo

Good game!!! This is really cool game but can you use cayn and not the girl

Andrew Mills

Cyanity Definet keeper the controls are just like final fantasy add a PvP great way to kill time.

Issei Bremerein

great way to pass the time


really nice game! Being a videogame lover, I cant pass this one ;) The music and graphics are really nice, but nothing compared to the mario and luigi superstar saga feel I get from the mechanics. Nice job, but there are a few bugs i'd like to report (one of them is actually an exploit that can't be skipped)

Joseph Mainella

Needs balance Game is fun, but leveling becomes really difficult around lvl 20 or so. Facing enemies with tens of thousands of hp and I hit about 170 a hit. Takes forever. Especially necause you usually face 3 of them at a time and they hit hard.

мιкυ нαтѕυиє

Five stars total ? ? ? ? ? Good job with the game, including everything else... But one thing... The freaking ads are killing me... But what I know it's a pretty decent game.. I am totally addicted to it. I can't get my mind off it, it's like apart of me... #animeforlife I totally love. ??


Exploits! The game is awesome! being able to train so you can earn more xp is a good idea and upgradables are cool. but everytime i play it i find a new exploit that can help me in completing the game faster, here's a list: 1-when you sometimes counter attack and attack immediatly you will deal the same counter attack damage on every hit 2- on the skill menu everytime you restart the game the prices change 3- sometimes you can attack a deas enemy 4- there's a chance that if you dodged a lot you won't be able to

jbone j3eat

"Please add storyline..." I gave 5 star because this game is cool and all..but please add story line..I don't want to play RPG WITHOUT storyline..I will wait for the next update..


Greate game I love this game really fun and a great time killer maybe Adding some more content and stuff can make it a little more exciting.

Genjimaru X

I love everything but the missing component Where is the story? The active Time battle system with timed button presses is a wonderful idea but I can't get any Joy without a story...

Malik Williams

it so good its one of the best games i ever played and its vert addictive and i hope you guys continue to have more new updates ???


No internet required. Good game but maybe don't put in that you need internet to play even it's not true? Connecting to the internet only let's ads roll and adds nothing else to the game itself.

Juli Pound

Loved it. It is lots of fun. More levels would be cooler, and also if it had an in game storyline would be super awesome

Damon West

Way too much fun I am not kidding fun and addictive

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