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14 Aug
Cut and Hack

Posted by About Fun in Casual | Aug. 14, 2014 | 66 Comments

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The worlds first choice-driven abstract hacking simulator. For free!

You are a hacker!

Be fast and breach as many systems as possible within the time limit. Stay precise with your cutting to hack more data and dominate the leaderboards. As it's "blitz" style game, you have to rush and slice all the geometry shapes with your perfectly drawn lines.

Level up, sell data to a corporation and face the consequences. Choose your destiny and enjoy your rewards.

Use your hard earned credits to equip augumentations to boost your hacking skills (to improve your precision, get more time for hacking, and multiply your score right from start). Courtesy of Augtech Destiny Corporation.

* choose between two game modes - Rush and Survival
* enjoy two beautiful white_hat a black_hat themes
* test your accuracy, speed and reflexes in unique stylish game
* hack your way through various color schemes, shapes and randomly generated cuts
* challenge and compete your friends and other players worldwide on leaderboards
* achieve 50 levels and follow a decision-driven story
* be quick and collect all 12 achievements

Happy cutting n hacking.

Your five-star reviews/ratings are very important to us, and they’ll help us bring you free updates with more great features and exciting new games!

Please contact us through the support link below if you experience any problems, or if you would like to share your ideas with us on how to further improve the game.

Have fun!

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO connection between Watch Dogs or Destiny game and our Cut and Hack game. Watch Dogs is trademark of Ubisoft(r). Destiny is trademark of Bungie(r).

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Whats new

    First BIG content update is here!
    You white_hat hackers out there, let's cut and hack:
    * added a completely new Survival mode with new gameplay mechanics and a new leaderboard
    * added a new beautiful White theme of the game
    * lots of other improvements, tweaks and bug fixes
    Don't forget to show your support, rate us with 5 stars and let us know, what do you want to see in the next update.

About Fun part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Aug. 14, 2014. Google play rating is 79.5842. Current verison is 1.1.1. Actual size 14.0 MB.

Download cut-and-hack.apk 14.0 MB


Daniel Young

Good game Really fun and addictive but I really wish it was compatible with my note 2 S pen as I have fat fingers and mess up all the time.

sergej limanovskij

Awesome Love the game, really challenging and fun. I did read the 'please note' and still think that you at least got the design from watchdogs :-) waiting for new mode and can you add lower graphics for lower end phones? What is the selling thing at the end of a level? Whats it for? And could you add upgrades as well instead of the one time boosts. thx

Séan Brown

Could not run Game looks fun and challenging but would crash during loading screen on my Xperia Z so can't say I've been able to sample much more than the splash screen and icon.

Zach Cooper

Too "pay us" for me, somewhat decent gameplay but the game seems like it's quietly insulting my intellect.

Skylar Stricker

Pretty fun! Its not the most visually grabbing game, but that's part of its minimalistic charm. Its pretty entertaining, but kind of annoying too because you cant access alot of stuff early on (such as survival mode, lvl 12? Seriously?) Other than small problems like that however, its very good for a free game and definitely worth a download

John Clausen

Has a better story than Watch_Dogs So much better than watch dogs. All the fun of hacking without the terrible story or awful characters

Not Stop

Pretty Micro transaction based. an ad after every game it has the gaul to both ask for 0.99 to remove ads and money for in game currency which is gained very slowly. It's playable but I wouldn't even pay to remove ads if I wasn't getting something worthwhile in return. Also screenshots show the game as far more interesting with selling your spoils and the like. You get an option at each character level to sell spoils to company A or B. AFAIK just nets you some credits. Also would it kill a "hacker" game to go from MB to GB?

Ben Hughes

Great game! This game is super fun, and a great way to procrastinate. I think there should be more game modes however, and possibly a skill tree to up your hacking skills. I think that would be cool!

Marquise Steele

It's pretty fun. I got the game, start playing and when I got to level 3 and it just stop.

Jonathan Grossman

Solid title! Aesthetics, sound and concept are 5/5, I recommend this game to anybody! Only thing I dislike is the amount of ads and the disappointing survival mode.

Kapila Hazelett

Challenging Fun little game to blow off some spare time in the waiting room or on lunch break. Could use a lot more depth and maybe different puzzles of some kind.

Vertïet Ryper

Some minor reading issues. Touch is a bit inaccurate. I'm using a G3 so can it be adjusted to use it better? I also move too fast for it to read in addition to the screen not reading because my fingers having almost no body heat to begin with.

Katherine Samplonius

good game 2 I have fat fingers 2 and I'm only 11 on March the 16th and please add a multi player mode that you can vs other people around the world

Jonathan Barcenas

Really fun and addictive... However, I wish there were modes so im not stuck using rush till level 12. A slight problem when trying to start my lines. At times it seems like I'm on the colored line till I fully cut the shape and shows me I'm off by a huge margin, giving me a bunch of low hacks even though it looked fine when I'm tracing it. There should be a auto lock feature for that or at least find a way to make it more accurate. (Also I feel like you can make a story mode for this game but thats just me)

Giannis Ierodiaconou

Need more time I love this game so much, but you must give the player more time to complete the hacks. I like the game a lot and if you do what i said, i will rate 5!!

Preetesh Jain

Great Game! An all new concept! Use to play this on my Windows Phone and Android, and works like a charm on both.

Ken Jackson

Love it so far, but... I can't share my progress between devices. I'm logged in on my tablet and phone with my google account and I have to start over on my tablet, and rebuy the ad removal service.


Shape cutting=hacking? I'm not sure what cutting shapes has to do with hacking, but who cares it strangely fun and addicting.

Sandro Del Rosario

Simple but fun Its a very simple game yet it has lots of fun in it. The visuals has a nice feel to it. Like your a high tech hacker or something. Overall an awesome android game.

Ariff Riley

Great game to play when your stress I love the concept of this game because it is very satisfying to cut something.

Ethan Gedde

Awesome! Really fun game takes a little getting used to but I eventually got the hang of it. Now I think it would be dandy if u get an elite hack and u get maybe 5 seconds added to the clock just suggesting

Haziq Asyraff

Fresh Idea! A great game, wonderfully executed. Hope the developers could further evolve this game.

James Thach

Cool game Very simple and easy to play. Only problem is the upgrades are to expensive, even the free ones! Other than that, it's fun.

Jacob Shoop

Less ads I don't usually enjoy games that fit the term addictive, but I enjoy the addictive nature of this one. It's incredibly simple but and that's what makes it fun. Less ads would be nice.

Joe Civello

Interesting concept, but gets repetitive. It's fun for the first few levels, but once you try all of the Enhancements and choose each data option after a level-up, you've seen all this game has to offer. Unless you always choose to keep all the data you steal (lessening the EXP you need to level up again) the EXP grind becomes excruciatingly slow.

Matthew Chisholm

Fun and addictive Really amazing fun adictive game to pass time when your bored! The normal play can get a bit repeatitive and boring but once you hit level 12 and unlock the survival mode it's so much more fun again!

Jamie Bainbridge

Repetitive. It's just the same thing over and over and over. You go broke too fast buying augments. Meh.

Gabriel Ignacio

Great game and time waster Bears a resemblance to Watch Dogs' ctOS and simplistic style whilst bearing an addictive aspect to it that just makes you wanna play over and over. However, kinda wish there was an option to restore purchases

Neo Atlas

Man I hate writing about stuff but people need to know that this one of the best free games that actually has a cool sci final feel rather the cutesy crap. Imagine the fruit ninjas game of tron!

Ricardo Mora Jr.

What's needed for Watch_Dogs Very fun, very challenging and it looks like it would be something from Watch_Dogs

Daniel Webb

The ads.. The free version forces full screen ads after every round. This is annoying but fair enough if you don't want to pay a few $ for the game. What I don't like is the gallery I found on my phone filled with those ads. It's been storing the ads as images in my gallery...

Popoi Ishida

Fun I wish I could sell some data to one company and the rest to another or sell all the data at once

Ryan Sorbo

Making some progress with that update!!! Great job with an update, this is a VERY NICE game coming together and it has LOADS of potential. And like I said, if you show this to a bigger game maker your game could grow EXPONENTIALLY

Secret Nenteus

Fun Not really to do with hacking oher than the words used tho :P

Cody Davis

Uninstalled the same day. This game is fun at first but repetitive gameplay caused me to delete this the same day. Maybe if they offer upgrades that can be carried over from level to level o will come back.

Donte Theron

This is a good game, i think you guys should get it this could probably be a game waiting for you

Zachory Walls

Awesome This game is actually fun,and I thought it was going to be really bad,but it runs smoothly and it has nice effects

Nilanko Halder

We use our thumbs on the touch screen and humans have fat thumbs so we can't trace a precise path ?

Hunter Ahlquist

Won't restore purchases, and the Dev team won't respond to emails about this.

Austin Young

Very entertaining I could play this game all day if i had to

Ахмет Текин

Suppppppppppppppppppppeeerrrr Who didnt download it download!!!

Austin Archibeque

Watch_Dogs This game reminds me of Aiden Pearce in the game watch dogs the reason I downloaded this is because I love watch dogs and I love how the game makes you fell over powered. This game is great

Haziq Izani

Such a great game! Its fun to play and so addicting. The only for con is you need to pay in order to remove the annoying ads. Besides its a great game

Lemon Heroman

Tone down the ads! The game is perfect for burning time away, but you guys have almost an ad per hack... Thats REALLY excessive!

Evan Kauffman

My new favorite mobile game! I love this game, it's really kind of challenging (for me, at least). My only issue is all the ads, popping up one after another.

James Cole

Cant...stop...HACKING This is the most addictive cut game i have ever played. Five star, no competition

Kyler Facini

Cannot restore purchases! Moved to new device and now I can't remove the ads without paying again. Fix this for 5 stars! Also you should add the feature to be able to use the s pen! It would be amazing on this app!

Jared Baker

AMAZING One of the best mobile games,you see all these fake or clickbait apps but this one is really fun.The accuracy is kinda messed up but that's all!!!

Wild Card

Noice Enjoyable, fits my taste better than Color Switch in terms of time-wasters. Definitely a great game for the road.

Martin Ellis

Great Game Really well designed game, recommended to others for a simple game to pass time. I did notice that if one advances to another hack session too quickly, it can cause loss of the golden currency collected during the previous session. Only occurs sometimes so not a big deal. Great game overall.

Gabe Windle

Super Fun I love the puzzle sense to the game, and it's addictiveness. Although, I think they should add a function where it uses Google maps and places "Hacking" icons and you click on them and when you beat them, you get a certain amount of coins and tons of MB's.

Jimmy Tolbert

Impossible to master. I think this game requires more precision than is humanly possible given our biological and technical limitations. Fun, but felt no incentive to keep playing.

Justin Drinkwater

Fun game It is somewhat difficult when your using yiurfingers but it will help if you have trouble keeping straight lines

Abdullah Zakir

Make it compatible with Sony Xperia Z The app crashes or shuts down when I open it. I have noticed other Xperia Z owners have the same issue. The game looks awesome but I can't play it unless you make it compatible. 5 stars if it works with Xperia Z ;)

Aditya Verma

Nice game. Insane amount of ads. The concept of this game is totally new. However, ads pop up frequently which is annoying. This can be solved by buying the ad removal feature from this game. But still.

Quiptipt Nyqtphimq

Credits not very useful I would like it if credits could be used for more things than just augmentations, like additional color schemes, more background music. Other than that, great game!

Andrew Coates

Good game but it's a bit picky Love the idea just wish elite hacks weren't as picky. Also the pause menu sometimes doesn't work on my S4

Canaan Landis

Fun game The only problem is that I have to use a stylus since my fingers are too unwieldy for the game.

Sean Kelly

Great game, bad saves How to save? I have gotten to lvl 5, but when i exit and return, all data gone! Please fix. When fixed, 5 stars!

iOmegaKool Reviews

Cut and Hack Review It's a good game overall but it get boring overtime. I would suggest that you should put more futures like more options what to do a shop for the credits you earn for certain things and easier to level up, And You Could Have More Choices To Do With The Data. But Overall This Games Is Amazing And Check It Out And Play It I Will Give This Game A (4/5- Silver)

Callum D.L.

I love hacking Sim games Even if they have nothing to do with any sort of real hacking. They just make me feel like I am back in that movie hackers. Loo

Adam Rogers

Great Game Wonderful time waster! Its great for a little break time since you can stop and start as you please with out feeling any guilt. Love it

Jay Silver

Fun game! This game is really clever, and has a beautiful minimal design. Gameplay is simple, yet challenging if you want it to be. Definitely great! Issue: 100% Precision achievement doesn't unlock? Are there any other prerequisites to get it?

Antony Brissett

Constant ads totally RUIN this game. Concentrate more on user experience than lining your pockets with ad revenue

Chan Wen Loong

Great It is a great game that kills time. It annoys me that elite hacks require so much precision that simply can't be done while commuting.

Shravit Sood

Fun Idk how it is related to hacking, but it is really fun for killing time. And strangely its simplicity attracts me more. Really fun game! 5 stars from my side.

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