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1 Sep
Current Stream

Posted by ∞ Infinity Games in Puzzle | Sept. 1, 2016 | 133 Comments

Apk file size: 27.0 MB

Current Stream is a beautiful, engaging and at the same time relaxing game. Solve puzzles by rotating tiles, supplying energy to all light bulbs.

Why you will (or at least should) love Current Stream:
- 200 challenging levels,
- beautiful visuals,
- relaxing, hi-quality ambient music,
- completely mind-bending final levels!

Special thanks to Carbon Based Lifeforms for their amazing track - "Reaktion".

Whats new

    * Fixes and improvements

∞ Infinity Games part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 1, 2016. Google play rating is 86.9663. Current verison is 1.34.02. Actual size 27.0 MB.

Download current-flow.apk 27.0 MB


Damian Oczki

A pretty and entertaining game Current Flow is really well made, with fluid animations and decent difficulty curve. It's a bit short, but manages to be interesting throughout all levels. Props for not requiring any permissions, and for using CBL as background music!

Corion Reed

Doesn't even work Says that it's unavailable for this device, I'm using note edge

Pawel Kowalczyk

Love the game It took me 2 hours to finish it :(

Sigid Nugroho

Restore In-app purchase It's a very addictive game for me. I've bought a pack once but currently my phone in on a new Rom. Is there any way to restore my In-app purchase?

C. Chamberlain

Completed puzzle disappears instantly. I love this game, but there are two problems. The worst is that a completed puzzle disappears the moment I complete the circuit. I have no time to enjoy my success. Please put a delay or a button to go to the next level. Also, these have become very hard very fast. I am no genius, and would like a more gentle progression. Thanks for a good game.

Chuck Crombie

More levels please! Finished all of the packs. I love this game. Please make more levels!

Amanda Carusone

It was so much fun This game was very fun and addictive. I have now finished the entire game and my only complaint is that there are no more levels! This was a great game devs I hope you will add more levels or start a completely new Current Flow, as I can find none that compare. Awesome Game!!!

Clyde Reiniel Gamata Irigayen

Great Game Everything that I'm looking for in a game are all here. Nice :)

Rusty Brown

Not bad Pretty fun. The fact to pay for more levels?

datalion arc

Level 1-49 Cant get past this level. Whats up with that

Sim Lash

Great game Kinda easy but it does get challenging and it keeps you going

Adam Markley

$$$$ game is good, just don't want to pay for it. uninstalled


Needs more free levels like Big Duck Flow Free & Bridges 99 cents every time you want a new pack of seemingly recycled, upside down versions of levels you already played? Pffft... Keep winning screen on longer, no time to reflect, celebrate and learn OR figure out the recycling scheme. Don't auto advance, push button to advance. Big Duck did it right.

Rabiul Islam

Very Good Strategy Game ? I like this game and I found it in YouTube , very interesting and time passing. Even this is without internet. New update is ?. Need more levels so update more, interesting and funny ?

Maaz Elhaj

Love this! ? One day in, and I'm aleady addicted ?? a great game, I am willing to pay to play more! Thank you awesome developers ??? great job!

LittleMan 0404

Can't open app All it says is uninstall please get back within 24 hours

Domagoj Šimčik

Funn Good relax pill even extra levels were good priced 1$ now they cost more i dont like that

Essam Afzal

A challenging yet engaging game that just amps up the difficulty as you progress. It's a game that'll keep you hooked for minutes and probably hours on end. Shout out to the DEVs for coming up with this master piece. ?

Gabrielle Dech

It's a nice game! I play to relax but the levels are fairly challenging as well. The ambient music and nice design set it above similar free games, so I don't mind paying for new levels. I just wish there were more, I finished it pretty fast.

Asma khan suri

Its superb Good exercise for brain

Alexander Dziech

Enjoyable, got stuck at lvl 49 :)

Nirav Varma

Classic puzzle game Unique, simple and fun

Jonathan Bowley

Addictive, engaging, rewarding Bombed through the first pack late one night and am enjoying a slower pace through the first add-on. Brilliant game,lovely ambient music. Happy to pay.

Brian Tran

Fun and relaxing Great game to pass the time during transit at the same time relaxes you with its calm gameplay. Wish it would have more levels and it would deserve a 5. I don't know whether the game is programmed to use all the tiles but I've found some levels where it's impossible to do so. Please fix because some people, like me, have ocd and want to get 100%. Will give 5 stars afterwards!

gadget few

Great game, doesn't save progress Lost all progess when I changed devices.


Warning, highly addictive Highly addictive game with a simple yet unique concept. Thanks for the first 50 free levels. Can't stop playing I was forced to buy more levels :)

kimj tayde

Uncomplete Its just all easy version.., after you clear level 50.., it will ask you to paid for the next level.. :(

Aaron Dougherty

Fun to start The game is a lot of fun for the first 48 levels, then it just gets impossible, and you may as well uninstall the game. There is no way to progress by solving, skipping, or power ups. It just becomes a waste of space

Senpai Barbara

Keep it up (insert kawai face xD) Good game and perfect for children also for adults and most of all its freaking addicting dudes once you play it you'll never put down your device (based on my true experience) so thats it IN ONE WORD...ITS ADDICTING xD

Arun Natesan

A very enjoyable game Simple, elegant and beautiful interface.

Marcelino A-H

Recommended Very easy game, yet fun to play. There's something about it that makes it beautiful.

Karl Rongavilla

Beautiful I like games like this makes me relax from all the stress keep up the good work!!!!

Prama Adhapranata

Great game Very intuitive, futuristic, entertaining, also Carbon based lifeforms are my favorite musician ?

Helvecio Guasti

Perfect Game! I really loved the new levels! 150! Awesome!

Vedant Potdar

Awsmmm game Very nice forcing ur mind to work

Lapras Vivillon

Awesome! Clearly an awesome game. From the levels to the music, and guess what im gonna go outside and buy myself a play store card to get more levels!

Maverick Seacrest

Just really fun. :') Just a fun time breaking game, I have more time then I know what to do with,

Joel Medina

Relaxing Great game to help clear your mind

JR Moore

Great game! Great puzzle game to get the mind thinking!

Shubham Azad Redhu

stage only 50 stage open to play other 100 are payed

Cassandra Boone

Only free through level 50 Wonderful game but considering the very short amount of time it took me to play through the first 50 levels I don't plan on paying to play further. I prefer the look of this game but I'm going back to Curvy because it's free


5 STAR'S One of the best game's out there with a very nice music. 10/10

Caspar Severijnen

Not enough It's too easy, and quickly becomes more of a chore than a puzzle. The amount charged does not match up with the quantity of levels. There's also no telling if unique mechanics are introduced further down the line.

John Wood

Good game, solved the first 50 in about 2hrs. After which, you must pay $1 for each additional 50 sets of puzzles. That is why i did not give it a 5.

Shoofle Munroe

Either these levels have multiple solutions, or they violate the fundamental law we all expect from these network games: no dead ends. It'd be nice if we could rotate tiles in either direction, or, more generally, put them into a specific orientation without having to cycle through all the options. Honestly, now I want to build a network game like this just so that I can try my hand at different sorts of control schemes.

Arturo Hornedo

Not what I expected It was way too easy.

Nathaniel Blackburn

A standard for mobile games This is a perfect example of how to build a game that is well executed and can make money without leeching your wallet.

Marcel Morton

Only 50 levels free If I want a free game make it free all the way

Derrick Taylor

Great This is kind of a perfect game. It's the first puzzle game my dayghter has learned to play, though the later puzzles are challenging enough to be interesting for me. :)

Tiffany Garcia

Keeps you playing. My son and I immediately liked the game. We got to the upper 30's in approx 40 min and stopped so we can play later. I hope when we get to the next pack they really challenge us. Good graphics and I liked the background music.

Kshitij Anand

Wish it had more levels in free version

Jason Jones

Really fun puzzle game. It can be quite challenging but I like that.

Devon Carter

Challenging and addicting

Amanda Carusone #CureBreastCancer

It was so much fun This game was very fun and addictive. I have now finished the entire game and my only complaint is that there are no more levels! This was a great game devs I hope you will add more levels or start a completely new Current Flow, as I can find none that compare. Awesome Game!!!

Ashley Graham

Can't get enough Few Android games can keep my attention like this one does. I keep coming back to it again and again.

Luke Driscoll

Inelegant Solutions Overall it's a pleasant if not too taxing puzzler. The thing I don't like so much is that the solutions to the puzzles often leave loose ends. However, I guess this decision was taken to increase their complexity so maybe a good call, but this approach opens the possibility of multiple solutions for a given puzzle which opens the door to an extra layer of game play in an achievement system. For example, use all tiles, no loose ends or use least tiles.

Ahmed Musa

Incompatible with Android N Cannot update to the latest version. It shows me error 505

Griffin Aldias

It has a plain idea which gives it a comedy sense and the idea of being the most awesome electrition

Devan Biasi

Fun Beat the game in about 30 mins. Last 4 levels were tough.

Michiel Weitenberg

Awesome One of the best games on Google play.

Aurelio Pita

Great graphics, music and gameplay.


[PLEASE READ] Too fun! <3 Love it! The idea is great, it's easy, fun, challenging, and addictive. Maybe too addictive ;3 I also have many ideas for the game. I love that the game with all the levels are free, and there are no ads :D This game is in the fewer games that I play, and I really enjoy playing. I recommend everyone to try it. This game is within the best games out there! (On Google Play). Thank you for a game that actually isn't boring and is not an ordinary game with a lot of ads! And btw, I love typing on the phone ;3333

LonicHedgehog 〽

One of the best puzzle games out there! This game is amazing and breathtaking! It has that type of mechanic, Easy to play, Hard to master type of thing. It has relaxing music and a beautiful design. I recommend it to any puzzles lover!

Alex Shin

My type of a game Interface, soundtrack and everything else is right up my alley. Job well done!

Gabrielle Dech

It's a nice game! I play to relax but the levels are fairly challenging as well. The ambient music and nice design set it above similar free games, so I don't mind paying for new levels.

Mohammed Hamza Zakaria

Good Game Plz include saved games,for if we uninstall it or want to play in other device we can start from where we left last

Marcel Morton

All levels free If I want a free game make it free all the way... In that case I've updated the rating... Great respons ?... Idea for more levels, two power ports with different colors, you need both to power the lights

Dominik Rowicki

Very nice logic game Interestingly enough, all levels are available for free, and that's quite a few hours worth of playing.

David Rager

Five stars for being able to try it out without requiring any permissions. Thank you!

Rice Manstahr

Best Puzzle Game No adds, great game, interesting and exciting gameplays on every level and stage modes. Play their Infinity Loop it's also a great and fun game.

Balan Cristian

I know this game This is a minigame from the nintendo gameboy "Tron" game named "Killer app",oh how i loved that game, it's exactly the same, and i was wondering who will recreate it. 5 stars, you've earned it

Super Ozgur

Good fun, relaxing, semi challenging game. Nice soundtrack and graphics, easy to play. What a mobile game should be.

Arshi 19x

5/5☆ Best and relaxing Puzzle game. Loved it..!! please add more lvl. Great Job by developers♡

Benson Nyakabwa

how about you add google player points(XP), upon finishing levels, would be nice for bragging rights

Ivan Leš

Thank you for such a nicw game! And thank you for replying to me on my first review here! You making all the levels free really made my day! I just finished last level and now I'm craving for more! :) Good job!

Nicolas Moeljanto

Best developer ever Never found a single bug in your game and all the level is free

Taufik Hilman

Haha,i'm totally like this game,as like as infinity guy who make this game is so cool??

Igor Jelenković

Great logic puzzle Excellent idea, and good time killer. Also completely free without annoying full screen adds.

Anirudha .k Kulkarni


Ricardo Utrilla Arellano

relaxing nice game and idea, excellent color palette choice, so easy on the eyes


Must Have Game! More Level please? I really love this game but.. I already finish the game. Add more please! Thanks. More power and really love your work! =D

Shirwatel Simini

Freakin' Awesome Very addictive game to work yo' mind !! Especially with the in-app music !!

Mateusz Gozdek

Great game! Relaxing, works very smooth! 5 stars, great job!

Jiffy Sponge

Nice You made all the levels free, which is great for me, but I feel bad for the others who paid before this happened ?

Paul Hainisch

Relaxing It makes you think but it's addicting

Tarun Sankar Perumal

Best Puzzle EVER I have been looking for a good puzzle game and THIS IS IT. I live the levels! Looking forward to the new infinite mode! Good job Infinity games!

Aadithya Varma

Amazing game now free!!! Thanks a lot developers for making this game free it's a must play game for time killing

Shashwat Verma

Great Guys try infinity loop too much easier than this . great thinking and tougher than infinity loop

Curt Haats

Very engaging Hope you will add more levels

Matt Newlin

Good puzzle game to fill short gaps of time Not to difficult but still kept me occupied.

Thomas Hilving

Great Game! This game is great. Nice on the eyes, fairly challenging and completely free (no ads either). How do I support you guys? Will you make a paid expansion pack with more levels and mechanics? I want more. ?

Edward Ngu

Nice game & relaxing BGM A moderately challenging game, and the BGM will make one feel relaxed.. It clears my mind tho..

Gary Harrison

Satisfying and addictive But I'm not convinced that Tesla level 19 is solvable.

Brad Bilger

One small suggestion... I love this game. It's one that makes you think and plan ahead. My only suggestion (request) for the overall design, would be after you complete a puzzle, don't jump to the next puzzle. I'd like to be able to see HOW I did it. LOL. I just burned through 200 levels. MORE PLEASE.

Rachmiel Langer

Good game; wait up Enjoyable game. I'd request a pause option after completing a level so you can look things over (until press a Done/Next button).

Chris Hayes

I cant put it down. 4.9 stars! 1 thing..hint button Could use a hint button but otherwise GREAT GAME!

Alex Leul

Woow This game is soo cool ? nice work guys

Ian Nelson

Great puzzle game Game got really repetitive after awhile. I like how you added the wifi thing later in the game, but after that no new content was added. Also on the pack 4 the levels got easier. There were parts of the track you didnt even need and it looks like the levels were conplicated but they werent that much. But other than that i really liked the game. If you add more things to the levels not just more levels but new content i will redownload but as of right now i beat the game and uninstalling. Thank you

Barry Hemmings

Excessive ads Great time killing game but the introduction of ads, whilst understandable, has been badly managed. Having to view an advert after EVERY OTHER LEVEL is frankly ridiculous and the "bug fixes and improvements" update hasn't addressed it. The frequency of ads simply screams "pay up or we'll keep annoying you" rather than "support us either by viewing these ads OR by paying a small fee to remove them"

Sukhbirsingh Nila

Best game. RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYONE.(please try) Brain logic testing game. Also without any annoying ads and also money free Also the theme music of this game is also calm and relaxing.

Malissa St. Vincent

Only one downside.... Love the game, love everything about it, except that there are tiles that have dead ends. Kind of sets my OCD side on its ear.

Muhammad Shameer

Addicted and completed it within 5 days Such a simple, but addictive game. Beautifully designed, kudos to the creators

Justin Rossetti

i get ads after every other level, often after EVERY level. kills the fun of an otherwise decent time waster.

Giles Harrison

Decent but... A decent enough game, with a good amount of levels, but I lost interest quickly.

Dev Banerjee

Nice one The game, its puzzles combined with the music is a good combination. Loved it. Good way to test your logical and problem solving skills

Con Trelos

Great game A little too easy though

Mufid Asshiddiq Rahman

Amazing I enjoy this game so much, the puzzle combined with the music is one hell of a fantastic combination. 10/10

Colin Mattus

Too many adds Im suicidal and these adds wanna make me short drop quick stop

Naga Himanshu

Must have these games

nitesh dembla

Good game Solving is good in these games

Gaurdian G

A awesome spectacular puzzle game

Xander Devaine

Infinite Gratification Infinite Games are one of those few developers that put out a game that can not only keep you thinking, but also wanting more. They don't push games out every month because they're taking their time optimizing and enhancing the few they already have out. Every game I've downloaded from them, I've paid a small fee for ad free gaming to help these guys continue to do what they do best. I highly recommend you try their stuff out!

Zuppy Surja

Not working I am using OnePlus X. Android Lollipop 5.1.1. Tried uninstalling and installing it once again. But the game got stuck on d homescreen. Even i rebooted my device once. But it wont work after new update. Before update it was fine.

EvoBleed CoD

I loved it It's one of my favorite games on play store .. nice design .. no bugs so far .. really smart concept ... only thing i noticed and disliked is : ads are appearing too often !

Morgan Mains

Easy. Ads too frequent. Ad screen after every other game. Didn't get far because of that but generally the puzzles felt really easy. Simple, intuitive UI tho, nice.

John Morse

Was great. I appreciate the ads as revenue source, but developer has gone overboard. Watching a video ad after every other level is too much. Uninstalling.

Alex Shin

My type of game Interface, soundtrack and everything else is right up my alley. Job well done!

David Price

Too many ads Intrusive, full page ads every two levels .. which means about every 20-30 second

Dominik Rowicki

Very nice logic game Interestingly enough, all levels are available for free, and that's quite a few hours worth of playing. Edit: there are ads now.

Sourabh Jain

Stuck @ Game Homescreen Installed for the first time, but it stucks at the home screen and i am unable to do anything... please fix this issue...

Was great until.... The dev ramped up the advert frequency in the latest update.

Bagus Setiyanto

Now with ads! When they said new feature, I dont really expect that the new feature is ADS... ?

sajify _

Great game Am I the only one who's not stuck on home screen and haven't seen a single video ad? Oneplus X 6.0.1 btw

Cameron McDermott

Good but you need a restore purchases button I thought I'd already purchased the no ads option, however when I reset my phone they reappeared

Usama Iqbal

Stuck on start screen after the new update!

R. Apriyadi Jati Nugraha

Very Addicted Infinite pack is the best part

Debbie Nixon

Awesome Once you start playing,its hard to put down. You always want to do just one more.


It's a good and addicting game, but it keeps crashing when I try to open it.

Raban t Raj

Simply awesome but after too much of ads

hemant gamit

Not working New version is not working on meizu m2


Every game should be like this :)

Lonny Nelson

Love it Great fun, easy play, tough puzzels!

Lee Wentzel

Unique Fun game. Lots of fun.

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