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10 Mar
Cubeventure FREE

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Role Playing | March 10, 2014 | 66 Comments

Apk file size: 28.0 MB


Cubeventure is a brand new multiplayer adventure RPG set in a cube based world.

Level your character, fight monsters for experience, seek out rare treasures and loot or simply explore a vast cube world.


* Huge cube based world
* Hundred of mobs
* Character advancement
* Epic loot
* Create your own server for free and play with your friends in your own personal world
* Dedicated world servers hosted by Ammonite for you to play on for free

You haven't adventured until you've had a cube venture!

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update March 10, 2014. Google play rating is 69.1308. Current verison is 1.0. Actual size 28.0 MB.

Download cubeventure-free.apk 28.0 MB


Necole Allen

Wont start On my android tablet when i press start it just takes me back to my home screen when you fix it i will give it 5 stars

Raf Ael

This is a bit un finisht know why√ Well first. I wood like the free one to have multi player because... I DONT LIKE SPENDING MONY on games my mum wood not like her bank mony 0% And I like tjis game but make a map option on the top left corna plz I love this game thow. and make more villiges and make good pc players so thay help you kill slims bares trolls wolfs and add some gold chests and thay give you like 120- 57 gold and Make this one the same as the full one k bye

Evelia Duran

Ugh the monsters to strong Every time I fight one it kills me like the blink of an eye and u can't create your own character just spawns u in like a boy but it's till pretty cool it's free

Cole Corlett

So much potential... It's already annoying as it is to see three ads before even seeing the start menu, but it crashes every time I push the start button.

Kanya Merriman

Wow This games is like Roblox except way more awsome u can on tablet too that is pathetic kidding its awesome cya when I rate more apps /games\

Angela K

Noooooooooo I love this game, considering buying the full version UNTIL I found the worst glitch: I CAN ONLY PICK UP ONE ITEM unless I restart the game in between each item. D: I play on a Next book tablet. PLEASE fix

Sidekick Chris

Not fun There is no music and when you level up it says DING YOU LEVELD UP nothing but your foot steps and sword.better get used to it add music and ill consider and make a reword for leveling up

Cc Purple

Haven't plyed yet This takes too long to flipping load look awsome but has TOO MUSH ADDS I'm pressing x x x x all the time

Krzysztof Sliwinski

My god Always loads when you get to a weird glitches out line in the ground and when you start on level one everything kills you in like 5 hits!!!!! Worst of all no good colors, random windmills you can't go into it takes forever to get gold and items. And one last thing stupid skins, you can't play multiplayer when you get the game for some reason and really only 4 skins or 2 more so 4 skins or 6 skins. Barely any!!!! HATE THIS GAME WORSE THEN BLOON TD FOR PHONE!!!!!!

Aida Ramos

Great but Its a great game but u can ad more weapons like bows 10 gold 10 damage,crossbows 5 gold 7 damage,daggers 5o gold 100 damage , throwing knives,shurikens and mor mobs like... dog cat as pets ,robbers,demons,huge scorpions and spiders and make character faster and mor stuff like...hell portal,horse carriage,chests filled with gold in village,more killable mobs ok

Ricky Isaac

Please Please make multiplayer free and make the items cheaper and make items easier to find and I only have 6 coins then I will give you 5 stars:-)

Colin Clark

Cool The game is so cool I have it. On my. Laptop and you can now have it on tablet what the its so cool many games don't have game like this only some minecraft e.g but there map is quite empty and the bad guys to strong and you should buy stuff

Paultheguy Paul

ZELDA CLONE You attempted to make a zelda and cube world crossover and failed... MISEBERELY!! This game is garbage! Please improve the game and make it lkke the full version but better and remove payment, and you got yourself a deal


It's so good It is so good but at the same time a little glichty I like it is it based on the real cube world I wanted cube world but I couldn't get it so I got a different game but I'm still trying. To get cube world on pc so I got this and Iove it

Victor Yiu

Awesome Yes its like roblox and I play roblox my user is daggerherosaver123 and if u see me I'm glad to see u then

Kenny Meadows

Needs improvement I can't do anything accept chang my name. Maybe when I can actually PLAY the game, I'll give a good rating. Using a a Droid DNA

Victor Sifuentes

Cant even get to the game I load the game and adds popup as soon as I get to the start menu screen another add pops up and the game just resets itself.

Reese Witsell

It is ok Hay it is fine but if you made gold like many 28% as rare as it is and made a crafting thing and made a health bar on other mobs and told you how much health you had like 28\80 or 50\200 or 25%

Traci Owens

Question Can you have a girl character? Because it is ny 1st time playing this app/game + I hope this game is okay!

Roman Sta. Ana

I hate you the bug Whenever i start it it come back to the app plase fix it please or you suck and your a sucker i hate ammonite i hate ammonite

Chet Skotzke

Needs lots of improvement It needs improvement in lots of places such as graphics,towns and I think u should put player customizing and classes like mages also sprinting would be nice and mana and special moves that take mana away and adding pets,boats and some air transportation would also be nice and I also think you should tell the makers of a pc game named cube world and say that you want to do this on your game before you do this if you are going to take my advice and I hope you would take my advice.

cody Anderson

Needs to be finished Very fun but needs work. If you made this more like Cubeworld on the computer it would be SOO much better.

Samuel Durfee

WHY? W HY? OK so I killed a ton of slimes died and for nuthing ? Plz make them drop loot or at least gold PLEASE do it or this game will suck forever!!!!!!!!!

Augusto Guzman

Ok This game is great but everything is soooooo small such as the cubes and the ppl.

Mashonda bell

Please fix I tried this game 3 times it's not working. As soon as I hit start it jump back to my hm screen.

Ahmed Awadallah

EXACLY LIKE ROBLOX The only difference is the character. But fun I wish you do more and best games,not boring, but anyways.its fun.

Linda Mccoumb

Doesn't load hate it serisly fix it!>:( id give ZERO stars if I could.

Maddie Boissonneault

Great game just not for me... Its a great game but I found that nothing really happens. U spawn, walk, kill and eventually, die. I killed ,like 19 slimes and got one egg. I mean cmon. Other than that it a good game.

Chill Lasersword

Um... I would give five stars if they'd give me monsters... I will rate five if I see any. LATER.... I saw monsters but they were too hard to kill, my health went away easily, and when I killed one I got no money. It sux


WONT LOAD!!!! I probably would of loved it because I want a nice 3d game like Minecraft, but when I hit hit play, it says "loading" then goes back to my homepage. I kept trying hoping it will work. Still didn't work. Then I restarted my phone TWICE!!!!!! I didn't work. J was looking forward to the game. But it doesn't look like I can play it now! UGH!!! So....... Sad. :'(


DANM! I LOVE IT I just got my 50000$ I don't want phone number

Gabi Mariscal

No I don't know if you fight the slimes first because I almost die every time I attack one

Desiree Morton

Looks a lot like roblox or cube world Really good game I'd give it a lemon out of 10

Dezirae Copeland

Dumb It wont let me play the game I cant find thevgame enywhere on my phone please fix it

Ricky Poullet

Doesn't work It doesn't work? I press start and it sends me to homescreen or playstore so I'm guessing I have to buy it :(

Jose Fernandez

fun But needs work its fun i was thinking of buy the full version but theres no sprint no magic no bosses dungeons and regening your hp takes to long and it takes to long to get extra money

Dylan Stoike

Meh. Il rate it 5 stars if you could increase enemy spawn rate, more weapon types(such as bows), and make you character faster

Michelle Ramos

The best game EVAR! World of cubes should be what its called but, ok

Rafael Angeles

Yes there is free now yessss I will give you 5 stars here

Marcy Smet

It's great and all but... I don't know how to do ANYTHING on the game and why do you have to pay 3.00 for multiplayer?! That's outrageous, this game is not right.

Emily Kait

Ripped off Version of Cube World This is a ripped off version of the game Cube World. Not even a good ripped off version... Character movement is slow, no clear direction or goals, etc. Will be uninstalling

Expert Gaming

Plz add more Can you guys just fix the graphics and make it run more smooth and start adding stuff from the pc version like the windmills make thoses rare and have a chest at the top of it

Myron Dockery

Add sleeping Its fun but add sleeping and it should heal you and how do i get gold add multiplayer add tuturial plz update and i might rate 5 stars

Buster warr

Good game but The only reason I put 4 sat instead of 5 is they need to increase the coin drop rate

DeathStrokeVXI Alpha-7

Awesome but... Two things. The first is just a comment the second is a recommendation. 1: I was running frome a red-named kobold and got swarmed by red-named wolves. This game is great. 2:please make nighttime brighter and walking speed faster thx

Zackary Scharsch

This game is unfinished It needs a lot of work, and a lot of fixing. Get rid of the ads, fix it, add more enemies, repair the glitches, and maybe I'll give it another go. It is definitely a far cry from cube land.

Kyro Wolf

Cool Slow start, but becoming gradually fun, maybe add a few more touches? For example, just from me, a way to sleep XD..idk haven't played much yet. Fun fun fun~

Gryff Gryffman

Decent Cube World Remake This game is defiantly inspired from the Pic romantic game, Cube world, using very similar textures, playstyle, and enemies. I think the game was made well, especially knowing there really isn't any game like this on android. Unless I am blind and haven't found it, a map would be nice showing terrain.

Frankie Glover

Its really bad because ... 1. How do you get gold? 2. Nothing moves,except enemies. Please help

Oscar Jarvis

Rubbish Crashes all the time and No tutorial. Nothing like Cube World (even though some textures are the same). No actual goal. Doesn't tell u how to do stuff (basically no tutorial rage again). It just sucks no one get it don't waste your time getting this and your money buying the paid version.

elligams cut

Great but... Something is wrong with this game.You know, a laggy,glitch that im lvl 40 and i transform into lvl1 ?

jaden d

Complete trash You can walk around, or roll, but thats it. The description of this sorry excuse for a game claims multiplayer is free, it is actually 3 dollars.Every time you click something or wait a few seconds - Bam - an ad appears. This is a horrible game by horrible devs, wanting only money. I recommend that you buy the game that this game fails to copy - Cube World.

Skullhunter 4

Not the best Can you make a option to turn the screen and I'd also like to make it an option to jump because I can't jump in the game

Marion Storey

Cant play I cant get it to boot up. Please fix because I really want to start playing. It looks like an amazing game. So plz fix soon so I can play and give you a good review. Thank you. :)

Susan Rivas

Crashes all the time I cant play it at all what kind of crap is this and it should be universal i purchased it on my kindle fire! Fix it for lg tablet ?

Christian Schafer


Raihan Batrisyia

Why... Why I can't play multiplayer game? Is it to hard to give me play the multiplayer game? One more thing, why I can't figth? But I like it...

Mykaela Craig-Haskett

Suggest, buuuuuuuuuttttttt HOW TO PLAY. Have no idea how to play. Plz help. :(

Itz Fyrix

2 Stars, Wow. :( When i get in the game, it just quit im disappointed in you. PLEASE FIX. I will be happy

Sam Mor

Meh. Its like someone started a really good game and they only did like 10% of it. Dont get it, waste of time.

Zipwing United

What is this What the heck is this its hard to see hard to move hard to even know what's going on it's crazy I wouldn't reccomend it. I got it because I thought it seemed cool but obviously I was wrong

Jim Crain

Crashes As soon as I hit start game it crashes right back to the home screen. Lame

Adam Harris

Such a troll. You click start and it brings you back to the install app page.FAKE AND GAY!

Btank walker

Great but Could you make it more like cube world and I also die easily plus can't we add that you can customise weapons and character get NPC to move and to get pets make it like cube word if you do it I give 5 star


It sucks so bad It's dumb you don't even do anything all you do is walk and roll u hate it

Beata Mejza

Its ok Well i have cube world on my PS3 and its awsome and i love cube world so i instaild this app and its ok though but it lookd not finished can you add pets or chage ur self because i would really love this app if u would add these and ill rate 5 another thing verry lagy and glichey but inleast its ok DO INSTAIL 4

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