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6 Jul
Cube Escape: The Lake

Posted by Rusty Lake in Puzzle | July 6, 2016 | 109 Comments

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You've found an abandoned cabin on a small Island at Rusty Lake. The only thing you can find is some fishing gear, a knive and a crow bar.

Start exploring and let's fish! Perhaps you can change your fate...

Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cabin.
Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them.

Cube Escape: The Lake is the second episode of the Cube Escape series and the story of Rusty Lake. We will unfold Rusty Lakes one step at a time. So check every day for new content!

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    - fix for starting issue

Rusty Lake part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update July 6, 2016. Google play rating is 92.5364. Current verison is 2.0.1. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download cube-escape-the-lake.apk 19.0 MB


Hunter Dunn Dunn

Awesome The best escape game ever keep it up i didnt thank the end was like that that was suprising nice work and u should make more

tania awheto

Short Not as good as cube seasons

Greg Putnam

I think I found a bug I love this game so much. I keep coming back to and playing it especially the Cube Seasons. I keep coming back and trying to beat the amount of time I play but I think I found a bug: Whenever I open the boxes for the blue and green diamonds, they are not properly put in my inventory and they are hanging off in a black box. The problem is that I can't retrieve them and place them on the tree. It worked the first time but after the 3rd or 4th time, the have noticed the bug

tammy ingram

Looked to be a promising game but after fishing out several items from the lake the screen went blank. I tried closing the game and restarting but still didn't work. The part I did get to play was awesome. I'll try again another time.:-(

Kathy Simth

Cube escape the lake Really neat

Pete Sztencel

Please, play the 'Seasons' app before you play The Lake. Everything will make more sense. The Lake is well put together and contains some subtly sneaky puzzle elements. There is a nicely understated horror vibe to it, too. Hmm... Is there a correlation between the lake's 'Rusty' name and the iron-rich water's haemoglobin content, I wonder? Hard to say for sure... I like the option to alter the ending by taking something from the Seasons app - very neat. Note: this is not some shabby means of raising money, forcing you to BUY a better ending, because all these Rusty Lake Cube Escape games (so far) are free. Yay! Having already played the 5 Star/excellent Seasons app, I thought that this one was good but not quite so involving, so it gets 4 Stars.

Crystal Su

YES, play "Season" before this one I didn't know the two connect. Okay the difficulty is 2.5 if you played season before this one.

Laura Lenau

This game, the sequel to Seasons, was just okay. I expected more storyline with this one. Some of the things you have to do to find items was a bit ridiculous, too (illogical).

marichu tarog

Once you haven't download the game you thought it was easy but once you played it it's hard

Judge Parker IV

Dude that was AWESOME! You have to play Seasons to get the best benefit of this game though.

Joe Hanson

Very fun escape game. Really interesting game. Cool that it ties in with the next game so closely.

Jaded Southern Belle

Great Game Gets confusing but definitely worth it.

Gabri Shally

Love the games. Please keep them coming!

Mary Jujka

Great game! Just not quite long enough:^)

Pep inmystep

Fun.... Very interesting I enjoyed this game!!

cutty ranks

Really great Another former, cheers

John Postiglione

Cube escape the lake It was awesome

Matt Gieseke

Ambiance 2nd step in the series. Keep going, it gets better and better.

August Selby

Short but satisfying

Jesús Eduardo Clemens Chong

I love it The PC version is better

Sepand Minoo

Very special

Debbie Overbey

Samsung Galaxy Prime Wow! I'm hooked now. I've played all the Rusty Lake games and I'm a fan for life. Still playing Rusty Lake Hotel. If you get stuck on a puzzle there are walk through videos. Fantastic, creative...and fun! Thank you for the free (ad free) games. Keep up the great work RT.

tri Kolad

Best Nice to see inspired games that are not copycats of other games. I actually found my self laughing several times in the cube series. Like the fact it is free all the way to the game's end and the comerciales are not annoying.

Pooja B

Loved it! U get 2 boxes one has a white gem and the other a green one which requires u to play seasons! Add it to tree and u will be safe from the dark power!

Megan Lamm

Great Game, Way Too Short I really enjoyed Cube Escape: Seasons, the first game in the Rusty Lake series. So I was excited to move onto The Lake and learn more about the mysterious history of Rusty Lake. While The Lake IS good and very entertaining, I zipped through it in about 10 minutes, which is super short in comparison with Seasons. Granted, this is a totally free game, but my expectations were much higher after having played the first installment. Fun game for those into the Rusty Lake series, but be warned about the length.

ravi teja

I'm playing the fourth game in the series and it's actually pretty good !!!!

Kobie Krogh

Love, love Hard but not ridiculous. I love finding perfect escape games and hate when they end. The Cube Escapes are all a blast!

Evelyn Turner

If i had known that i had to play another game to get an answer i would not have played. Sorry.

elizabeth coker

Totally awesome! I agree! Play seasons first!

Bigman Dante

Quite Short It's okay. The ending was not expected.

Adam Damario

Short but great Subtle hints between one game to another keeps you wondering


Too Short Again, good game. Very much enjoyed playing, but it takes only a few minutes to complete. I've rated the longer ones 4 stars and an even longer one would easily merit 5.

wahidah zolhaili

Second time Been playing in chrome

Uli Bubenheimer

Good concept with bugs Like it, but there are prohibitive bugs. Cutting the shrimp several times produces several keys. Later in the game my inventory overflows to the point where I cannot access some of the items anymore. Really only playable well on a large tablet screen to see some of the clues.

Marko Matić

Worse game from the series It is ao buggy you cant play. Walls go black, icons go brown... and the key that I got from the wall is in my inventory but I cant select it because it turned into a little white pixel.

Holly Whitbread

Creepy and challenging I really love the theme to these cube escape games. This was quite a short one, it only took ten minutes to complete, but I still loved it. The rest are all along the same lines with a recurring theme as well as genuinely interesting puzzles. Also very helpful that when you click on an item in your inventory it tells you what it is, I've played so many escape games before where I possess random objects where I cannot even identify what they are! Really pleased I found this set of games, but I'll be sad once I've played them all

Tom Maguire

Some strange fish in these waters Another Rusty Lake masterpiece. These games are small, very self contained and have a very consistent dream-logic throughout. They all share a sense of wonder and mild horror that encapsulates the bizarre surrealism of a macabre gothic chiller. This entry is sure to please.

krenz gonzales

great remarks for the ending nice horror. the alternative ending is great. hoping for more of alternative endings. great game. nice connection to the series. great job rusty lake. you never fail to amused me

Deirdre TeW

Cool and quirky Rusty Lake games are awesome, got stuck on the 'mirror' chest and used the walkthrough. Still haven't worked out how they got the answer for it?

Jazor Ho

Too easy and too short. Comparing to other puzzles you guys have made, this is very basic.

Emily Colby

Love! These games are so worth checking out! bizarre, delightful, creepy, challenging, amazing storyline.

. Kornuth

Short but fun! I finished the game in about 15 minutes. Play the first game before this one!!

Serena Bonsall

Addictive Another strange but highly addictive game....can't wait for more


Relatively short comparing to other cubes in this series but still great!

Matthew Johnson

Too short Challenging and entertaining, but I wish it was longer.

Jessica Jenkins

Well done This was a very simple one that barely needs a walkthrough to solve. I like that you can change your ending ;)


A bit easy Playing seasons first will earn you an alternative (but similar) ending, it is not essential.

Noémie Labranche-Montion

It's okay I've played about all their other games and it's by far the easiest and the fastest... I've finished it in only 5 mins... max.

Raj Pratyush

Good Not as big, unexpected n fun as episode one.. But carries the same fun (and creeps)

Diane Whelton

Great game Fun game. Tricky. You have to look very closely at everything

ujjwala kumbhalkar

Not as challenging Completed in a min

Marta Souza

Love the series! Waiting for others to come.

Sofia Jeurissen

Multiple endings Make sure you find both! :D

Lisa Buksh

Shorter and easier than the others in the series.

Prathamesh Walawalkar

Finished Completed very easy game

Dimple Gupta

A well thought game :)

Yi Cai

You should play Seasons before this one. Good game. There's a part i didnt get even though i watched the walk through video: the four icons code on the safety box with "MIRROR" written on it. I didnt encounter any bugs with my phone. Keep up the good work Rusty Lake.

Ben Markel

Just OK buggy Game is just OK. Puzzles were fairly easy. First time through I could not select the item to change your fate because in was in black box in inventory. Had to reset the game and replay it to fix the issue. In the end the alternative ending was lame of course so was the original ending.

Nodir Turakulov

Bug report: given inventory slots in the following order: - empty - knife - crowbar - empty - paper - empty x4 - safe with multiplication - safe with numbers - gem from safe with multiplication - gem from safe with numbers - magnet For all items below "safe with numbers": - they have black background - cannot be selected, which makes completion of game impossible - down arrow doesn't scroll below first gem. Impossible to see the other gem and magnet using down arrow (but possible using dragging) Otherwise great series

Cyberknight Massao Kawata

Stuck I'm stuck, not because the puzzles are too hard, but because it requires a code from Cube Escape: Seasons, which I can't finish, because it hangs in-between levels. Unfortunately, that bug is common on the CE series, mainly on those with multiple levels.

David Li

Very obvious Everything went by fast except that eye ball took way too long to find.

Zeus Omally

Not as good as some others in their series Played Cube Escape Seasons and Cube Escape Case 23 and enjoyed them much more. Puzzles very limited in number and complexity in this one and two of the puzzle pieces are just Easter eggs. Don't mind a few Easter eggs in games, but these weren't particularly creative ones.

Samuel Gresham

Bugs kill an otherwise excellent game I love these kind of point-and-click adventure games (Dear other developers: hidden object games are NOT adventures). This particular series is right up my alley with its dark undertones and creepy atmosphere. However, I cannot finish The Lake because a key has turned into a tiny white speck in my inventory. I can't equip the key, so I can't use it to advance the game. This series is well worth 5 stars all around, but this one entry can't have anything more then one star from me until the bugs have been fixed.

Jayant Bidhuri

I'm agree with yi cai Its a really good game and I want to that person who make this game that please add some more graphics!!

vishwa Kakaiya

Great game Love playing it... and solving the mystery and always have fun with it... great game... great job by the creators... well done... and people should play it... a game i needed... and what people whould ask for... love it...

many. Modern

That was amazing.l just could not find the right code of that green box with symbols...

Mitzi Mayhew

Second game in the Rusty Lake series and just as odd and offbeat as the first. Alternate endings add to the slightly skewed feel of the whole thing. Very short game. However, I don't hate it so going to download the next (Arles)

Steff Comin

Twisted and easy Great graphics, some terror and greate playability in this escape game. Gor to change my fate in the end!! Found the dark cube hehe

shafira Agustina

It is really really a real escape game It is mysterious, heart attack, hard, and this is all what i wanted

Ruth Bicknell

Really liked this one . . . . . . . Even though it was a little short ? Played both endings too but neither of them really did?!?! ?

Behnam Lari

Amazing I love the story behind rusty lake games, keep going after finishing all 8 games I buy the rusty lake hotel

Shady Radwan

Brilliant I think the most interesting element of the game is the ambient; the music, the setting, the graphics, etc. Captivating.

Stephen Fisher

Incredible I have played through almost all of the game series now and i have to say, this game knows what it's doing. I have played loads and loads of room escape games but none quite like these. The story is so interesting and creepy. I play this with headphones and it always makes me jump haha such great quality of game, please don't stop making them. I am more than happy to purchase these. Keep up the good work, i look forward to your next creepy story line.

Wyse One

Excellently challanging Not too hard. Definitely not too easy! Story is intriging and graphics are beautiful. I've played all the free 'cube' games and would have gladly paid to play.

Aprille Joei Caritativo

It was the best Although it would really help if you put a little clue on what series comes first, 'cause I kinda started with Seasons, then the Theatre, which turns out that it was the last one. I only followed the Google Play's arrangement. Hahaha but no harm done. Still the best escape game. I don't play it at night because the black killer dude really freaks me out. Might give me nightmares. Hahaha! Great job. Hope there's more to come.


Not your average escape game! Clearly something isnt right in all the games! It seems there is some sort of story going on in the cube series. But for some reason on a tablet version the background doesnt even load, its just black. This makes it impossible to play this game on my tablet :( Is there a way to fix that? The games work just fine on my phone though!

Derek Nolin

Fun and unnerving If David Lynch made an a escape puzzle game, this would be it! Fun, surreal, but also at times terrifying! The others in the series are also great.

Sophie piglet

Best escape game yet Really great game.gets your mind working..little scary at times but keeps you on your toes


if you love escape rooms youll love this. dont want to spoil anything but really wish they had a donate button

Lindsay J

Best escape series out there. Beautiful graphics, difficult puzzles, horror twists, and no obnoxious ads. Really well done.

Anirudh Randhi

Background doesn't load!! The background is black on my Xperia C...not possible to continue..same problem persists with other episodes as well...

Shane McKenzie

Much shorter than Seasons There isn't as captivating a story as Cube Escape Seasons in Lakeside. Hopefully the next one is better.

Nima Bori

Mirror puzzle is absurd I like this series of Cube games. But, this one was disappointing.


Didn't get this one It ended so abruptly after I found the code in Escape Cube:Seasons. Didn't even get a chance to solve/open the green box. What was that all about?

Backrolls ???

Thanks! Thank you for bringing it back to normal, i love me some rusty lake.

Carlos Álvarez

Awesome game. The only thing I'd argue about is that it's too short. But anyway I loved it

Shari Rozon

Best little escape games! Play them all! Some are sooo scary!

Mohammad Omidvar

Black background Background is black and can't enjoy playing.

Selina Carter

Brain teaser Im guessing this is the first game in the series, and I love it, although it doesn't explain alot about whats going on, it still manages to keep me intrigued...but that black figure with the white eyes FREAKS ME OUT

Ryan Plumb

Love these games. Just enough difficulty level to keep you engaged.

Ali Aitah

Brootal Its kinda brootal the part were you cut open the guys stumik


Love this whole series Nicely balanced to be challenging enough. And the touch of a side Story keeps it all together. Good work. Thanks a lot. Wouldn't mind purchasing a longer version of the game.

Sushila Crockett

Amazing Love this whole series mystery, horror and great puzzles with no ads! Perfect!

aldrin cuyos

Hmmf This one is boring and easy unlike the others. Btw, where can I find list of series for these cube escapes?

Conor Sheedy

Not as good as seasons and the mill which are well worth playing

Louis Linder

Didn't like the end I love all the cube escape games, but this one adds time pressure, which I personally don't like

Scott Buso

Second in the series... after Seasons Fun game. Shorter than the first one. You need a clue from the first one, Seasons, to see everything in this one.

Christnadi Putra Hendartha

Perfect! Play it with all Rusty Lake Series, and find the whole story!

lijeesh dr

Amazingly good Really a very good game. .new idea.have to use ur brain. I love this

Ralph Putnam

Intriguing! Would have been better if it had some Google Play Achievements.

Elena Lim

Cube Escape Series Order The Lake, Seasons, Arles, Harvey's Box, Case 23, The Mill, Birthday, Theater.

Emily Claire

Pretty good Good intro into how to play the Cube Escape games. Short and sweet.

Jenya Tsimerman

Nice, but very short

Nathan Benoit

Great I hope the come out with a bunch more

Anna Russi

Super creepy and challenging It makes you think a lot

Kiran Sury

Great Shorter than seasons but just as much fun

milad pak

One of the best mob games I've played

Arpita Sane

Freaking spooky I got goosebumps

Goutham Krishna

Great storyline...combination of mystery and horror!!!..loved it

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