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30 Jun
Cube Escape: Seasons

Posted by Rusty Lake in Puzzle | June 30, 2016 | 136 Comments

Apk file size: 24.0 MB

Cube Escape is one of the most mysterious room escape game you will ever play.

Try to unfold the story and mysteries behind the cubes and complete this escape quest..

You will start with your first memory, spring 1964.
It brings you to a calm and friendly room.
The room contains a clock, a kitchen and a garden window. Your parrot Harvey has a bad mood.

Explore and start gathering items, you will quickly realise that something is wrong.

Unlock the other memory cubes by creating a path between the cubes. Maybe it's not to late...

Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube.
Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them.

Cube Escape: Seasons is the first episode of the Cube Escape series and the story of Rusty Lake. We will unfold Rusty Lakes one step at a time. So check every day for new content!

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Whats new

    - Small update and bug fixes

Rusty Lake part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update June 30, 2016. Google play rating is 92.634. Current verison is 2.0.0. Actual size 24.0 MB.

Download cube-escape-seasons.apk 24.0 MB


Andrea Chen

great game but I keep hitting bugs This has happened to me in both the PC and Android versions. I'm close to the end, where all the pumps are filled and you hit the lever. I know the phone's supposed to ring and destroy your former self, since it happened in the PC version before that game crashed on me moments later. I tried replaying from scratch several times on the PC and installed this on my tablet hoping to get a really fresh start, but apparently the same bug is cross platform. It's a really good game, not so much about the puzzles but figuring out what to do. Graphics and storyline are excellent and unique. I just wish I could actually *finish* the silly thing.

Karen Notachance

Disappointing Loved the game on the PC, but not playable on the tablet. High sluggishness, to the point it appears unresponsive, makes playing nearly impossible.

Ben Heister

Very impressive for a short game Would have loved more levels, but the concept was great, simple puzzles, and it was an interesting style of animation.

Puck Bokschoten

Cant play Unable to play, it keeps being stuck on the memory choosing screen without me being able to choose one. :/

William Runyon Jr.

Fun puzzles, great twist on the genre Fun game! I've played a ton of point and click games and this one uses a very unique mechanic to put a different spin on the genre. The puzzles are well balanced, hard enough to offer some challenge, but not so hard that they aren't fun. I also like the art style and surreal/spooky atmosphere.

Donna Jones

Cube Escape Seasons This game is sick, and not in a good way. In one scene you watch a girl get murdered and in another you have to kill the bird. What is wrong with people that play these types of games?

Quentin LeBlanc

Great A great escape game that actively engaged me. I loved it

Peter Deighan

outstanding great game loved it

Chris G


cutty ranks

Wow thoroughly Enjoyed that, thanks, I

Michal Počatko

great I love the artwork and the story is just amazing, completed it in one sitting though

Mohamad Irsyad

Why The graphics are like ruined. I don't think my phone isn't capable to run this, but nevertheless I can't play it.

Shane Subeldia

Challenging, but amazing! Oh my freaking god. I can't find the other two ingredients for 1 and 3 I think that is. And I refuse to use the walkthrough, I've been this far without the workout! Spoiler alert.... I freed the bird, but in winter nothing happened. I don't know what to do!! !! But amazing game!! Keep it up and please give me clues on how to get those other ingredients please!

Sea Chellz

Can't get past the first screen... The game opens, I can tap 'Play' but it hangs on the four seasons, celestial/cube screen. Must be my device :(

matt w

Top 5 of all time Easily the most clever, witty, difficult, and creepy game I've ever played. Great use of time elapse, and changes throughout the seasons. Had me scratching my head plenty. Played hundreds of escape games, this is in my top 5, up there with The Room. Can't wait to play your others.

Galaxy Explorer

Interesting and intesnse Have elements that distinguish it from other escape games. storyline deals with a serious issue, simple yet effective graphics, good puzzles especially later.. creepy vibe throughout the game. If you get stuck there is an excellent walkthrough by the game developers.

Pete Sztencel

Cube Escape - Seasons is a truly great bit of work. Don't be fooled by the 'cartoon-style' graphics: this is serious, grown-up puzzling, and certainly not for kiddies. On top of the clever, multi-level structuring there is a disturbingly accurate portrayal of the workings of the schizophrenic mind, including fugue states, hallucinations, and false memories. "What do I remember?" is a key question, and it's integrated and exploited superbly. Seasons is pretty intense, and the 'creepy' atmosphere is maintained throughout. The puzzle elements remind me of Kotorinosu's approach (I can think of no greater compliment) with excellent use of evolving/recurring ideas and perfectly integrated solutions that have significant repercussions later on. Actually, 'later on' is a misleading term here, because this app also explores the nature of Time. Engrossing, free, beautifully realised (and, incidentally, a tiny download) I think Cube Escape: Seasons is a stunning, 5 Star game, four-times over. That's 20 Stars. Bravo, guys!

Kiara Garcia

Four stars because.. For some reason (I've played through multiple times & I think I'm doing everything right) my bird won't bring me my flower in the last level! Is it a glitch? It wasn't doing this before.. 5 stars when its fixed/someone tells me what I'm doing wrong lol

Tony Roberts

Cannot finish SPOILER ALERT...............Made it to the second from last step. Gave up and went through the walkthrough. Double checked the solution but the lever will not pull down. Would be a 5 if it worked.

artful dodger

Great Game but abit demented... Don't be fooled by the cartoon style graphics.. There's more then meets the eye.. Free WALKTHROUGH built in the game.. Runs smooth but does have a few bugs.. Abit glitchy, and heavy dependence on the walkthroughs.

Hope S.

Wow Definitely wasn't what I expected. But I was pleasantly surprised. Made me jump a few times too.

Vladislaw Denisenko

Great game, worst performance It is great (cause I played it on PC), but unplayable on mobiles.

Johnnie Ipock

Second one I've tried. . . Because ppl keep saying how great they are. The first one was all black background like static so I couldn't see anything, this one opens to a screen that says "pick your memory", with the seasons listed with years under them. Yay, now what? I tried tapping on one and nothing. Wow what a fun game, words on a screen.

Karen Giroux

Good game until the end The jumping around cubed to get the ingredients for the final stage got a bit annoying.

Rico Tucker

This is a great room escape game Most escape games are kinda easy. You can only touch certain items, which is pretty much a straight line of hints to how to escape. This game, you can touch just about everything so you don't know if you're closer to a clue or wasting time. We have a real life room escape in DC and this is just like that place. The fact that this is a series makes it even better. Why is this game not known more to the masses???

Catry Lai

Very fun and original escape game But for those who are not very bold like me, just be aware of some uncomfortable scenarios... I wouldn't say it's scary, but definitely made my heart jump several times

Teresa Davy-Thomas

Not on 10 inch android tablet ?? Downloaded fine, looks fine but can't get past the 'pick your memory' screen. Nothing happens when I press 'spring' (or any of the other options). The links of the home screen all work fine but the game doesn't load. I took all but essential apps off my tablet but this still wouldn't load.

Misty Ghinaglia

Oh man oh man! Haven't played such a great puzzle game in a while!

Sable Otter

Quite th suspenseful mystery. But a very good ending. Great game.

Kai Hill

SPOILER ALERT It's super creepy and I think the killer a.k.a the black cube a.k.a the dark figure will give me nightmares. NO JOKE!

Khushboo Verma

Logical.. Creepy.. yet Amazing.. Need improvement on the graphics part !

Beth Rubley

Needed walk-through Enjoyed this, but it's difficult. Sad to say, I needed the walk-through.

Joe Hanson

Amazing Spooky and has an interesting story! A great escape game!

Matt Gieseke

Ambiance This series is very well done. Start here. You won't be disappointed.

joe baker

Very creative and spooky in its own way. Great job devs!

Tito Castillo

Great Saw there new paid game, so tried these cube escape games out. Love them, will play all them, then move on to there new paid game.

Hslndaa _

Speechless I don't know what to say. It's just WOW!


Awesome Was slow from room to room and froze a few times...but very challenging...thanx

Sallyann Day

Keeps closing and returning me to play store

Carys Bisseker

Wonderful I love this game. It really gets me thinking. Thank you! Please make more!

Alice Wonders

Keeps crashing when I tap above the fireplace Seems like a cool game but fix this bug please because I'm unable to play it...

Nidya Khaireza

Cool The game is good and challenging. I found my self tried to solve the game for 3 hours. I want to continue play.

Zerah Perez

The graphics were perfect!

Cee Tellas

Great game Free ,nice length, creepy. They really have you puzzled and intrigued.

Jim Underwood

Display Is it supposed to go black all the time?

Che' P

Awesomeness Awesome game! I love it ?

Eva Mak

Creepy! What a tweeest!

Lisa Woodard

Ok except freezes when I look at the moon

Kate T

Great game. Loads of fun. Would have given 5 stars but near the end I juiced the fruit but couldn't take it out the blender becuse my glass was full of water and I couldn't empty it.

K Hoffer

I like it but... I will definitely give 5 stars if there is some type of way to get the littlest hint on what to do next if someone is struggling. I don't want to lose interest by getting frustrated and uninstalling!

Ariel Bowers

Help! I put water in the glass and put the mushroom in the blender... And now I can't get the mushroom soup stuff... And I looked at the walkthrough and I wasn't supposed to do that... And I did... And now I'm stuck... And I need help... Do I need to restart?

Scott Mascetta

Incredible puzzle series My absolute favorite puzzle game on the app store, every game in series is 5 stars love the challenge thanks guys!

John Boulby

Love it Goes to show that game play is everything. No need for detailed graphics if the puzzles are good enough! Kept me playing to the wee hours of the night.

James Curia

Good game, but unplayable I like the game, but I can't play it. A couple minutes in and it slows down to the point where I'm waiting seconds for a response following a tap. It starts off fine, with fractional second response time, but quickly goes south. I've even tried rebooting to clear up a possible RAM issue, but still does the same thing.

Justin Ritchie

Very enjoyable I don't know what it is about these games, but I love the stories. It's very challenging at some parts and at the same time the game is pretty simple. The controls are easy and it doesn't crash. Very great games overall and deserve the ratings. Horror, mystery, interesting, and entertaining. Great job, and hope to see the more up coming story lines. (Just the games seem to have repetitive things done in the stories. Not a problem, but maybe it could be a bit more diverse in the solving of the stories.)

Sine Halvgaard

Why downrate if u can't play? x_x I love this series. I love that they're so quirky/spooky/artistic/beautiful. I love the music and voices, the whole atmosphere in the game. it feels as if the devs have put a lot of efford and care into it, and i LOVE no adds interrupting!! ill deffo be paying for the hotel game! I'd pay for it twice. Beers are on me! xD The only thing I've needed has been an easier way to find out the order of the games. I'm guessing it goes seasons, lake, arles, box, 23, mill, bday, theater and then the hotel game?

. Kornuth

Fun and Challenging The storyline was amazing. It deals with real life problems that anyone could face. The game doesn't hold your hand and you have to really think about what is next. The walkthrough is very helpful when you run into that one puzzle. Can't wait to play the next one!

Phil Kitson

Great game I love this game. It has a great atmosphere and the storyline is one that makes you want to find out more and more. Definitely going to buy rusty lakes

Lindsay Hunt

Awesome and a little bit of my opinion... It's a cool game, don't get me wrong, and I liked it for a while. I had been looking for a mystery point and click game for my tablet, (because I loved the mateusz skutnik games, if you liked this game I recommend Submachine and Daymare Town by Mateusz Skutnik) and this is precisely what I was looking for. It's hard, but not too hard, and at first it was a little scary, and that's how I like it. But then it just kept getting freakier and freakier, and when the black guy popped out at me real up close in the Autumn game, I just couldn't go on. ? a little embarrassing. ? let me just say I'm impressed with whoever got to the end of this game, and if there are any other cube escape games that are a little less creepy, please tell me. Thanks!

Sofia Jeurissen

Different endings Good game! I have the impression it can end in multiple ways. This game contains a code for the cube escape: the lake

Anna Elizabeth

Perfect. I love escape games and this one is probably my new favorite. There are no absurd puzzles that will have you looking to the walk through. It was creepy and very engaging. I can't wait to play the other games!

R Mal

Utterly brilliant The moment when you have to go back to the moon proves the dev is a genius. Everything Room 3 should have been

Johnnie Ipock

Good grief people!!! If the glass has water in it, dump it out in the sink! Derp! If the lever won't go down you don't have the liquids in the right order.

Milica Garcevic

Samsara room I think this guys made samsara room too, i can tell cause of design, genius work, for samsara..they deserve 10 stars...

Candida Dsouza

The light in the game refuses to come on even after pressing the switch. Its some glitch. Please fix fast. Otherwise the game is really good. :)

Nahi Chamseddine

amazed bravo rusty lake.its officially the best game i have ever in love with the gothic theme ur games have. you should be proud of yourselves. good job

Angelina Conti

Incredible Game I am only at the second memory (and am stuck too but trying to hold off on walkthrough ) but this game is amazing! I cannot wait to play all in the series and Rusty Lake too!

sherainne Casinto

Creepy but really cool Its really amazing! With all the time traveling thing, its just really fun. But jeez its creepy. Though, Challenges the mind really well. I love it!

Niina Majaranta

Good I liked the atmosphere and puzzles. There was some lag that made playing somewhat annoying. Puzzles were logical enough and I only got properly stuck once.

Michael Hall

That lag! Seems like it could be a could game but it is just too laggy to play. Please can you fix this as I would like to give this game a proper try. In the meantime, I'll move on to the next one in the series.

Δᴺᴳᴱᴸᴸᴼ Đᴵᴬᴮᴸᴼ

BLACK SCREEN... when time travelling which forces me to close the game to fix it. apart from that it's an AWESOME game! i love the story n the graphics matches that dark n creepy. also felt a bit guilty killing Harvey but it had to be done ?

Crc rcr

Well done, flawless Intriguing, inventive, challenging without being impossible, minimum of ads, atmospheric, I'm right now going to search and download every other game in this series.

kayleigh d'aoust

Good game but it makes literally everything on my phone go slower.

Karl Boudreau

Lighting the candle slows the game and my phone to a near stop! I noticed as soon as the candle is lit my whole phone and the game jump into slow motion mode and I'm not the only one with that problem, patch that and you won't get any more complaints cause these game are awesome thx

Salome Kobalia

Great! So, great game! Mostly liked Twin Peaks elements. )) impressive..

Arran Retzlaff

Runs horribly but good atmosphere while playable Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4: game seems to hemorrhage RAM and run at a snail's pace after 2-5 minutes, especially when fire is involved. Frame rate drops to single digits and response time to actions is double digit seconds.

Apollinariya Koprivnik

It keeps your attention all the way. Amazing idea and armosphere

Anna Hamilton

Great game! Great game, challenging and fun! Finished Cube Escape: Seasons, It's an amazing game. It's interesting and keeps you on your toes, makes you think about the pieces you're putting together to understand the story. Great one! Now on to the next Cube Escape?

Tomasz W

Nice but buggy Every time I approach the fireplace, (near the candle) game goes on using all CPU, slows down entire system (even the change process Android animation becomes very choppy) and only killing the process helps. Also every time you start the game you have to disable music all anew.

Jon Gallant

Great game however it crashes Cannot complete the game as it always crashes everytime I press I the completed picture. Screen goes black but can still hear music. Rebooting the game and trying again does the same. Impossible to finish the game.

Justine Petrie

Wonderful game, one of the best!! I love this game for the same reasons as everyone else. I will go on to do the others and pay for the Hotel. Finally something to keep me interested. Four stars because every once in a while the game renders completely black and all I can do is close the game down.

Mitzi Mayhew

Quirky and different Quite simple and stripped down graphics and a vague storyline, puzzles of varying difficulty - and what I can only describe as a different flavour from other escape/puzzle games. Whether that is a good or bad thing is down to your personal taste. It plays slightly differently from others and takes a little bit of getting used to. Very odd ending to this one and gameplay a tad repetitive. However am sufficiently intrigued to play the next one.


The best game I have ever played on mobile. Fantastic game that was made to get the player to think hard about each step. Not a big fan of mystery/horror, but loved this game series nontheless. Thank you so much for making those games available for free.

Lilly Hughes

Excellent... Too many meds made her flip. Wish the past could be changed. It was tough getting there with time travel and all but at least she made it through.

ru ruu

laggy the game is sooo laggy that you can't barely play it. i hope the developer fix the problem :)

Lauren Whilden

Whoops, I killed my bird. I downloaded this game about fifteen minutes ago and I just finished it. But I feel like there are a lot of pieces I still haven't found. Also I probably wasn't supposed to knife my bird. Probably. Anyway the game has this really cool, creepy vibe, and if you pay attention it's tackling a very adult issue. I think this game is interesting and handles the topic very well.

Paddy Landau

A puzzling story of a twisted mind traveling through time. Easy in parts, hard in others, with a backtracking plot. A walkthrough is provided for when you are completely stuck. Fun graphics. The sound options don't work properly: turning off the music also turns off the sound effects.

Emma Kalson

Great game Would give 5 stars but it crashed once. That said, it took me back to exactly where I was with no data loss. The interstitial ads were great: no flashing banners to distract from game play. The game itself was hard but not too hard and kept me busy for a good hour or so. Have downloaded the next in the series!

Zeus Omally

Excellent. The game was wonderfully creepy. Puzzles are of moderate to easy difficulty, but I still found them gratifying and the storyline was great. Well done! I will gladly pay to play their Hotel version.

Steff Comin

Again great The game is great, graphics, story, all. It's long enough and easy to crack. The only thing is that in my samsung s3 it keeps crashing. Hence the 4.

Silvia Vata

Best game I ever played ? I'm totally in love with all the cube escape games..but this one was the hardest and the most challenging! This game except the escape part, has an amazing and misterious story too that makes you never want to leave the game! Congratulation and keep it up ?

rishabh bhatia

Game is lagging It is very slow and laggy i cant play game like this it is a nice series please help me to solve this problem

chai wenyan

This one crash frequently. Others cube escape no but this one. During the spring, I tap the photo 3times and it crashed. Any solution?

Deepa Deherkar

Phantom kronos This is a very very simplest game I ever played in my life can you create bit difficult and has a good music but it is not difficult at all

Ruth Bicknell

Played this first one 5th ? This has got to be my favourite of the series so far, got three to go! ?

Jasmine Kusumawardani

A Problem I'm stuck in Fall 1971, because there's a photo piece (on the window, appears when the black shadow with the knife appears) always disappears when I zoom in, so I can't take it. I've tried it with two versions, the one before and after this updates: same thing happens. I'm on Lenovo P1M, so plead let me know if this is a problem with my phone or something else. Other than that, great game!

Shane McKenzie

Chews data if left open Beware leaving the app running, as it will chew your mobile data. Also some ads will crash the program. Thankfully it recovers well and you don't lose actions. Otherwise, highly entertaining and challenging puzzle room. Would rate more highly if these problems were fixed.

Tan Ser Min

Terrible background glitch The game itself is fun but the background does not display correctly. It just appears as random pixelated images. This happens for the other games as well! Pls fix this issue!

tom antony

Great game I love this game. Some are very hard, yet interesting too. And the shadow is very very scary when he appears with the sound effects and all, it kinda gives me the chills. Overall it's a wonderful creation. Thank you guys. And make more of this please.

Mary Trouy

New fave Really fun "escape"-esque puzzle games. A little open ended and there is violence, so if you're not into that don't play. But hard and different. Reminds me of the Submachine Games.

Anul Kanti

Look into this devs ASAP Loved the game. Although a simple numbering of the parts might have been much easier for people who want to play the entire series. I had to browse through almost eight apps to find the first part of this game. It was terribly annoying.

Selina Carter

Still intrigues me It was alittle complicated until I realized some things done in earlier seasons affected the final season. This one definitely kept me thinking.

ashley b

Was good until the end This game was okay but once I got to the Fall chapter it started to just go black and I would have to close the game and restart. I hoped it wouldn't cause any issues but I think it has. The little bird never shows up in the winter chapter with a crucial part needed to complete the game. This sucks as I was looking forward to playing more rusty lake games but don't think I will be. Nothing is more infuriating than a game that glitches towards the end.

George Papachristou

Bug Although I love the whole series, I can't complete this one due to a bug. I trying to fix the leak using the tool, but nothing happens. I thought I was doing something wrong till I decided to check the walkthrough that confirmed that what I was doing was right.

David Billany

Great but bug Some reason part way through it gets really slow and laggy. Not sure why seems to be after lighting the candle.


How I looked up a walkthrough because i was getting mad and the bird wont bring me the flower thing i need is it something im doing? Still a fun game and would recomend

Hanna Yoon Ji Kim

Awesome except for the crippling glitching across the series I see that I'm not the only one who has severe glitching of the back/foreground to the point where it obstructs gameplay. (It's a click & play. So if I can't click on an object, see the clues, etc, I cannot proceed. Had to use walkthrough video to input a password I knew I could solve but couldn't see. :( ) Focusing on Seasons in particular b/c game crashes & exits my music player every time I click on the fireplace in Springtime. I can tell it's an awesome game, please fix!! Ty!

Sophi Higgins

Freakily addictive Great game. The whole series is addictive but the shadow man gives me the creeps. Also the game can not be completed because no matter what I do. I can not get that dam bird to come in from the window.

Cyn Hin

Great Adult Themed Escape Thriller Love the Cube Escape series. Their all really good but I think this one "Seasons" is the best because it's absolutely loaded with challenges. The creepiness is what draws you in. Really gotta be on your p's and q's to Xscape. One thing builds on another ( some obvious others not so obvious) . Lots of fun for folks 17 years of age and older. Enjoy.

Adham Hamed

Buggy That seasons one is very laggy, takes about 2 seconds to switch place although all the other parts are working fine. I liked this game so much and completed all levels except the seasons,so please fix this

Kiran Sury

Excellent creepy puzzle game No bugs, no ads, well crafted puzzle game that layers on the complexity. I really enjoyed puzzling it all out and look forward to playing the rest.

Queen bee

This particular episode force closes every time i play. Like i downloaded it twice to see if it gets better but no. It just stucks at halfway thru fall n force closes. So horrible.

Mikeala Sweat

So like it was good but Im confused cuz i collected all the cubes and photos in a couple mins. So i was wondering is that it,like collecting all the cubes and photos unclocking them all is the whole point?

Henry Cordy-Mckenna

Fantastic free escape game This series of games has kept me busy over the last two weeks sunbathing by the pool. Had to sneak a couple of looks at the walk through and then kicked myself for doing so! Unbelievable that only one of the series is chargeable. I had my WiFi and data off so i can't comment on adverts as i didn't see any. Excellent work but some endings a bit of a let down.

Jawa Hamoud

A problem I'm stuck in winter after doing everything .. I brook the window but the bird is not coming .. pfffffff . I reset the game 4 times and he isn't coming .. Like I love this game but this is so annoying ..

Nasty Bug

Interesting and complicated This game has so many secrets it was difficult to find them all to solve the puzzle. It's so great. One of the best parts for sure

Neil Suffield

Tricky ... but addictive. If you need any help then the walk though is available which is good to know if you get ready stuck. A completely different style of game.

Jess Robins

Loved the game but... A glitch means i can't complete it! I am at the last step and can't pull the lever down :-( enjoying the series tho.

Jean-Marc Le Blanc

Game is fun but it unplayable due to slow response of interaction I love the game and the others they made so far but after a minute of play it starts to slow down. And is barely responsive to the point is unpl

Alea Yang

great game , but i love the puzzles, it really has an amazing storyline. however, the background when i play it is black ( i use an android). this really makes it hard to see clues etc. if you could fix this it'll be great, thanks.

Angela Yu

It was nice The game was slow and glitches sometimes. Unlike the others which ran perfectly fine. I loved the overall concept and storyline of these series.

Skyler Jain

Glitches too much! I had the games on my phone and when I went to add them on my tablet, it doesn't work as smoothly

Nikita Arora

The game is really interesting. But the app keeps crashing. I can't go beyond Spring 1964, as the app crashes everytime. Please help.

Samantha Conner

HARVEY!! The walkthrough said the bird is supposed to fly to the window in winter but he just sits outside on a branch I can see him but nothing can bring that bird over so I can't beat it like what did I do wrong?

Sagar Shah

Best escape games ever Guys I am big fan of escape games...but this game is a different world all together...this is the best escape game I have ever played in my's like watching a Christopher Nolan movie :) rusty lakes have connect dots so well that its so well though fact it links no only within a particular game but also all rusty games across..must tell u what a thought u guys have put in this...I have become great fan of ur games....this is my 4 th rusty game n each game is crazy..RESPECT!


Best games ever In love with the games. Made me be anxious to play(in a good way), made me really live the scenes. Great sound effects. Make more please.

Imam Dimas Ps

Not working Everytime i want to moved a room, it just turned black and went back to my homepage and i am not even played it anymore

Delmer Rodriguez

Lags This is an awesome series, but I even have a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the game still lags making it slow and difficult to play. Please fix this.

L Cheng

Rare Gem Excellent story line -- so few games these days have this. Have played a few of these Cube Escape games by Rusty Lake and this is the best one so far.


Great Series Every one of these games are great. These are possibly the best escape games I have played. Compelling story, no repetitive clicking at random, and minimal adds.

Darren Olofson

Crashes 100% of the time just as Ive gotten all the cubes as it keeps trying to force me to ad.

Scarlett Bernard

I'll be honest Really interesting game you have here. However, I started to actually feel as if I was going insane. Thanks for the fun.

Yudha Wira

Suck background The background of all cube series on my phone is black, not shown correctly, so sometimes i need to see the walktrough to see the hidden parts or brocken wall. My phone is asus zenfone 5. How could it be like that!

Susannah H

Not the best Probably spoiled from all the other great RL games, but this was lame and irritating.

Greg Hargis

Nicely done Good theme, fun to play. Scene transitions are a bit slow so don't pound the buttons

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