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6 Jul
Cube Escape: Harvey's Box

Posted by Rusty Lake in Puzzle | July 6, 2016 | 91 Comments

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It's 1969 and Harvey is trapped inside a box moving to Rusty Lake...Find out what's going on and help Harvey escape by solving numerous of puzzles. The Room is full of mysteries.

Tap on the arrows to navigate inside the cube.
Interact with objects by tapping. Select found items in your inventory and tap somewhere on screen to use them.

Cube Escape: Harvey's Box is the fourth episode of the Cube Escape series and the story of Rusty Lake. We will unfold Rusty Lakes one step at a time. So check every day for new content!

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Whats new

    - Small update and bug fixes

Rusty Lake part of our Puzzle and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 6, 2016. Google play rating is 91.4546. Current verison is 2.0.0. Actual size 19.0 MB.

Download cube-escape-harveys-box.apk 19.0 MB



it's look very clear and simple.... but simple think is as simple as but getting frustrating.....nice....

Judge Parker IV

Very good. Some of it wasn't exactly sensible, but the game is about an insane person, so it makes sense on that level. Overall, it's a well made game. This story is very intriguing. Who is this person? Why are they so tormented by the past? Can't wait to see the endgame!

artful dodger

Excellent Game and Creativity.! Don't be fooled by the cartoon style graphics.!!! They are high tech, intricate (ie: that comb, is a piano and the fruit is a winding deep cavern entrance,lol), and have depth just like any other game. Great puzzles, make sure you have pen/paper ready for one or two of them..

Rain Mist

Excellent series The Cube game are invariably well crafted, with visually intriguing design and seamlessly paired sound. They're subtly creepy, utterly surreal, and challenging enough to be fun and rewarding. I always play these immediately, and am glad to see them in app form, as they're a great fit for touchscreens.

Pete Sztencel

Harvey's Box is a clever idea, tied neatly into the main Rusty Lake story (you really should play the introductory Seasons adventure before any of these 'linking' episodes). In this chapter, Harvey's on the move. Yep, da boid's goin' places! Again, there's some splendidly surreal schizophrenic imagery - with added claustrophobia this time - and the 'disturbing' vibe from Seasons is back. The puzzles are an odd mix; some are conventional fare, whilst others are almost (almost!) annoying. Too fiddly. Although the overall feel of this app is good - spooky, and NOT suitable for kids - I thought the ending was a little confused. Perhaps that was deliberate, but I found it anticlimactic. That, and the inclusion of some so-so puzzles, means that Harvey's Box gets 4 Stars.

Jaded Southern Belle

Perfection I LOVE LOVE LOVE your games! Not only are they beautiful but challenging without being too hard and very entertaining. I have played them all and every single one is amazing! Thank you for contributing these unique games to us gamers! Keep up the good work!

Fammina K

Indescribeably interesting.. And creepy. I am fan of point click games, but Rusty Lakes' games are something different. They make you think faaaar outside the box, and its quirky, eerie but exciting stories are something else. Indescribeably scary and interesting.. And I wonder what's inside the developers' mind.. I will buy all games from them, without a doubt.

Jeannie Conrad

Love the cube games So glad I came across these! Challenging but doable! Please keep them coming!

caroline hitchings

Cube-tastic Love these games so much just my kind of think, please make more.

tammy ingram

The game was a little "out there" for my taste. Just couldn't get in to it at all. Sorry!!

Julius Plantig

I fell in love with you guys When I first saw Seasons on ArmorGames. But in all Cube games that I install, the backgrounds go glitchy and static-y. Are there known compatibility issues, or is it just my device?

Joe Hanson

Very fun escape game Very surreal. Had to take lots of notes. Ties in with the rest of the story.

Zakira WM

Can't see!! I love all of the online cube escape games , however for some reason on all of the games can only see the items, and can't see the walls or any items that are black (as all the walls are black). Hope this but gets fixed as I would love to give this game a higher rating. ?

Kevin Beall

Creepy fun I enjoy these games. A little creepy, but definitely doable...

Alma Dytoc

Please make more games! I love the graphics, the running themes in the series, the music, and the stories! Challenging but satisfying when you get the answers without walkthroughs. Even with them, they're still enjoyable! Thank you! Please make more!

Gabri Shally

Love the games. Please keep them coming!

Johnnie Ipock

Cannot understand the 4 & 5 star ratings on this game. . This is the second one of these I have tried. They are awful. Frustratingly boring. More of an arcade game than an escape game. Also, backgrounds are just black and static-like. Cannot see words. Makes gameplay very difficult.

Anna Wong

Creepy and challenging. Can't wait for everything to unfold ~

Hunter Wimsatt

One problem Only cube escape game that drained my battery. Having to go 14% to 5% in about 30 seconds is not fun. Luckily, I was able to charge it up in the next 5 seconds and it ended up at 3%. Also, I am not exaggerating. I think it happened while at the dominoes section.

cameron mccorkle

I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS this make no sense. the timeline has been ruined. Still a good game though.

Daniel Jukebox

Awesome!!!! Very cool

Matt Gieseke

Ambiance 4th step. Stranger and stranger as we go down the rabbit hole. Hooked.

Brianna DelCampo

Love it. Harder than it looks. Lots of challenging puzzles and crazy story. Really hard takes me forever to finish. But it's just the game I was looking for I just downloaded all of them!

patti piper

It's so hard for me to get the lock on the box

terry ayers

Tough Took 3 days on and off playing

Avonlea Gardner

Yes! Loved it, cube escape is THE BEST!

Turkey Girl

I like this certain line of apps, but I am not sure about where this one was going with its plot. It was very hard to understand and not as impressive as the rest from this creator. It is still a good puzzle, but it could have been better.

Megan Lamm

Fun and Challenging! I'm a big fan of the Rusty Lake series, and Harvey's Box is one of the most interesting in the mythos. A bit non-sensical, which means you'll have to do some "out of the box" thinking, but overall loads of fun. Gorgeous, quirky graphics and creepy story as always.

Kobie Krogh

Fun! Love all the Cube Escape games!!!! Wish there were more and they never ended. Love love love

Pep inmystep

Nope... Wasn't feeling this game at all!!

Constella Espj

This was a quality game Time spent was worth it. It took me a little while to get some of the puzzles, but it was so satisfying to solve them myself with the aid of only my brain. Give this one a play!

Kate T

Problem I loved Seasons and The Mill but in this game some of my dominos disappear when I touch them. Couldn't finish that puzzle but as the reward was information not an item, could still carry on with info off a walkthrough.

Duncan Howard

Excellent game! All the cube escape games are very good. Creepy and clever - I love how the different games are related.

George S

Awesome! Loved the domino's - hated the flies lol - Keep up the good work! ?

John R

Not as good as the others Don't get me wrong it was good but the others are amazing. The series is what escape games should be like! I recommend checking them all out including this one. I had to get help with this one but that's not why its not as good...I can't tell exactly why but it just wasn't as fun...maybe because the others are so AWESOME!

piratefetishmachine jones That was a lot of fun. Very cool. Very cool.

Deirdre TeW

Cool game I really like the puzzles in these games, and the setting. Makes you think, sometimes a bit out of the box yes pun intended

krenz gonzales

the bird, the box and harvey nice graphics. nice horror. nice ending. and very challenging because of the memorization also the music part is great, you can play notes you like, free styling. nice game and good job rusty lake.

Lylisima L

Loved it I absolutely love these games because you need to think to solve them. But they are not too hard so you don't get frustrated. Just the right level. Keep it up!

Saul Stone

Interesting and hard to complain about This game, like the rest are quite difficult and interesting, with what could be considered dark themes. I can't complain, though I do want to - I just don't know what's wrong to complain about, even though I'm sure there is.

Jackie Morris

Missing some dominoes so couldn't that puzzle. Otherwise very good.

Lee Anne Chebat

Music notes puzzle did not work. I did it several times on my own before checking two different walkthroughs. I am entering the notes correctly, but it does not produce the key. Bummer, as I enjoyed the challenge of the dominoes and flies.

Jessica Jenkins

Well done I liked the atmosphere of this one. This one and Arles are a little shorter, but still fun

Emily Colby

Fabulous! short, yet still all the wonderfulness of RustyLake.

Tom Maguire

Wait, so I'm a pigeon now? This was a great little game, shorter than some of the others, but just as satisfying. Some excellent puzzles locked inside this cardboard box with you, and escape is only a solution away. Keep them coming!

I Am Who The Vegans Detest

glitch there is a massive glitch in this game.The domino tiles just disappear when you click them

Taylor Borth

Fun but short Pretty short but fun.


The best one Really enjoyed this. Taxing puzzles. Only the second cube escape game I've played. On to the next. ? Oh, and great soundtrack.


I liked being the parrot The normal detective has done some pretty sick stuff, so being the parrot makes a refreshing change.

Jude Roti

Download problems I love the games, but the wallpaper doesn't show up on my tablet. Anyone else with this problem? I tried the domino game and finally went to a walkthrough. Oh, no wonder I was having problems.

Nikko Villafuerte

Loved lot! Loved this game! Quick suggestion, can you make another Cube Escape and entitled Cube Escape: Months, just liked the Seasons. You have to go to different seasons to solve the mystery, but this, its Months! It'll be a another loooooooooooong and exciting mystery game! Hahahahaha.

Mitzi Mayhew

Weird Getting a bit weary of these peculiar games. It's all a question of whether you like their particular style & I'm not sure I do. However the parrot trying to get out of the box is a novel twist and I loved his shadow on the box walls. Wish the sound wouldn't keep turning itself off, does it in every Rusty Lake game & it's an irritating glitch - fix please.

Steff Comin

Easy and intuitive Great graphics and logical clues. Easy to solve but entertaining. Thanks!!

ryan CP

Exciting Really enjoyed the game. The puzzles were fun and difficult and the ending was exciting. The only thing i that was strange was the wine glass i doing understand how the wine got in the cup in the first place, but i thoroughly enjoyed the game

Julia Y Tian

Nice puzzle Though I worked out one answer to the fly puzzle, nothing happen. Tried a different pattern and it worked. Might be a bug.

chai wenyan

Among the cube escape I played, I can try to guest the story, but not this. By the way, it's really awesome!

Mr Sweet

INTRIGUING Great game but unfortunately I'm terrible at reading music so resorted to the walk through, will definitely download other's.

Cyberknight Massao Kawata

Intriguing It's not as good as Cube Escape: Theatre, but it creates an interesting perspective of the detective's mind.

Anna Hamilton

I got stuck there for awhile.... Cube Escape: Harvey's Box was just as good as the other ones. It took awhile to figure the domino's out. Next then the fire flies and what to do with them.

Erin O

Loved it Puzzles are challenging and the sinister vibe makes everything more exciting than your average escape puzzler. Fascinating story too! Dark and unique!

Kiran Sury

Shorter but fun This one was good. No ads or bugs. The domino puzzle was a lot of fun (if you don't know dominoes, you need to pair up the numbers). I had some trouble lighting the match, I thought I had tried the correct solution but it didn't work for me the first time. Sometimes you have to be precise where you tap. But still great for free

David Stockinger

Good idea, bad execution Usually, escape games are designed to make you think logically. This game however follows no logic at all. The music puzzle was such a pain and I constantly had to switch back and forth until I finally got it right. But the Domino puzzle was just the worst. Trial and error for 30 minutes. No skill, just luck.

Nikhil Suresh

It's a fantasy, people! This is the worst in the series after birthday (and it's still very good). To the people complaining about logic, there's fantasy at play here. So (some) logic's thrown out the door. No reason to whine about it.

Vishal Riar

Background problem All the cubes escaped versions I've played showed really messed up graphics in background. There's nothing wrong with my phone I know .... please fix it and you'll get five star. Nice game though

Mackenzie Millard

Wtf WHO WOULD THINK OF USING THE BUGS AT THE END? It's an ok game, but the logic is just thrown out the door.

Iyah Mercado

Harder but boring It lacked surprises than the previous ones.

Myles Faraway

Expect the unexpected I finally opened the box but that stupid ghost showed up. My heart fell ? but i enjoyed solving the puzzles. Really.

Banana Hannah

Short but fun No adds. The one was very quick took me 20min to complete it. I love the Rusty Lake games❤❤

Scott Buso

Fun game. Fourth in the series. But who is Harvey? The creepy shadow guy shows up. Did he have a pet rabbit?

I love I adore it. Its hard for me because im not good at Dominos or working stuff out but it still really fun.

Stephanie Lymon

Not as fun as the others It's not very fun or interesting, very disappointing

i am rokufu

THE JUMPSCARE THO i like the puzzle and all, but the jumpscare (and the fish with legs???) is really sth. worth 4 stars?

Rachael Watson

Loved it I'm just sad this is my last one

Susannah H

Quirky and bit of a challenge. Aweful music and sound fx though.

Ryan Plumb

Not as good as some of the other Rusty Lake's, but still worth a play through.

Mayli Flores

Hated the domino part. It took a lot of reesets of the game because the dominoes disappeared

Joshua Pregonero

Bug Can you fix the game so it can run on older tabs. I am running on tab 2. The game has no backgrounds and only shows the one you can interact with.

leng poh

Help me I don't know how to solve the dominos

Alex Finn

Fun Good fun took an hour or 5 but I did it. Loved it

Rachael Smith

Bug in game Fun until I found a bug. No matter where I touch the wine glass, there is no wine to play the notes.

Siti Rizkiha

Love it!!! It's the best creepy game ever!

Sammy Jagelman

Great game series Really enjoy these games

ferks 360

Perfect!! Well the shadow is the scariest in the saga i was freaking out !! Excellent !! Love it

Christnadi Putra Hendartha

Perfect! Play it with all Rusty Lake Series, and find the whole story!

Mother Board

good but hard

Kaleel G

Hardest one to me. Hardest one to me.

Emily Claire

Love this series

Tracy Manning

:-) Good one!

Zakira WM

Can't see!! I love all of the online cube escape games , however for some reason on all of the games can only see the items, and can't see the walls or any items that are black (as all the walls are black). Hope this but gets fixed as I would love to give this game a higher rating. ?

Patrice Ramirez

Why is it dark? I really love the game. Addicted really. But I don't know why all the backgrounds of cube escape that I play is Black. For the other cube escape, it was okay. But while playing this, I had a hard time playing the domino part. Kinda stuck on that one right now, I'm watching the walkthrough just so I can finish the game. Please help me with this. I don't want to see the background black, I want to see the way it's supposed to be. :( Thank you.

Lyri Koala

the rope won't come down i got everything except the rope wouldn't come down when being pulled. it just aort of tugs a little. frustrated i skipped to the walkthrough where the rope reponded by coming down when clicked twice?

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