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15 Sep

Posted by Bell Media Inc. in News & Magazines | Sept. 15, 2016 | 143 Comments

Apk file size: 37.0 MB

CTV News GO gives you all of the latest and breaking news that you’ve come to expect from Canada’s number one news organization. All news is organized into easy-to-find categories not only at the national level but for cities across Canada. You’ll also find a rich video experience, more of it live and fully integrated into the stories you read, including raw streams from news events as they happen. CTV News GO also provides live and on demand video of Canada’s most-watched newscast, CTV’s flagship CTV National News with Lisa LaFlamme, along with local newscasts from across Canada. National programs such as W5 and Question Period, are also available. TV subscribers can also access a live stream of CTV News Channel with its 24/7 coverage.

Key features
- Clean, sleek design
- Raw news video feeds as news events happen
- Live stream of CTV News Channel for TV subscribers
- Rich news content on a variety of topics from Canada and around the world
- CTV News Twitter feeds that feature quick updates and breaking news


Whats new

    - Android N Support
    - Minor Bug Fixes

Bell Media Inc. part of our News & Magazines and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 15, 2016. Google play rating is 67.3106. Current verison is 1.2.29. Actual size 37.0 MB.

Download ctv-news-go.apk 37.0 MB


Ikramullah Ehsan Salman

Makes me ANGRY I installed this app to get timely news. The thing about this app which infuriates me is when this app sends me news and I click on it, it doesn't take me to that news instead leads to app home where I have to find that news and 99 % of the time it isn't even there. So change it. It doesn't take much effort and if you do that my rating will go up from 1 to 5 Stars.

Patrick Cummins

Old news, poorly designed. If you want to catch up on the news from a week ago then this is the app for you. Videos do not play, launches and stays "upside down". Doesn't recognize a Bell subscription as valid. A real mess.

Bruce Hope

Good but irritating. Update - the app has been updated but the push notifications are still coming even if you turn them off. Apparently your preference doesn't matter to them (so why ask?) .......... First review - The app is generally good but be warned - you will receive breaking news push notifications even if you change the settings to say you don't want them. The setting is constantly reset & you'll get them regardless.

A Google User

Needs fixes Was a great app until the last few updates. The only reason I use this app is to watch the Nation news the next day. It's painful to watch the same advertisement twice in a row at every ad break. Volume of the ads is much louder than the news video... what's that for? very irritating and counter productive for the advertiser. Most recently the Armani ad hangs the app. Very frustrating. You would think the developers would monitor and check what is wrong. Running on android 5.0.2.

C Olsen

They don't appear to care about fixing the issues with this app Seriously, fix your CTVnews GO android app. There are major deficiencies that should be an embarrassment to your media company! I run it on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 running android kitkat 4.4. These are some annoying issues I cannot seems to correct: 1) only displays in portrait…what a pain to constantly have to rotate my tablet for this app. 2) turning off notification (there are way too many notifications!) does not work…it switches back on by itself. 3) images on main page do not load on start up 4) clicking on story notification does not bring you to the actual article Appreciate the content, don’t mind the ads, but these things are annoying to such a degree I’m about to uninstall for good. I’ve been hoping these things get fixed…they seem so obvious to fix! I’ve given up hope.

Stephen Akins

Okayish Clicking on News alerts in one's system tray doesn't take one to the story; it takes the user to the front page where one has to go looking for the story.

Mike Kennedy

No pushy Push notifications disappeared when I tapped on them to read further. Once in the app I couldn't find the story that popped up. Navigation is poor.

Lorne Wilson

The settings will not stay. I have now turned off the notifications 3 times in the last 3 days.

Rahman Mohamed

Don't find breaking news articles I got alerts gor breaking news but I couldn't find the article. There are a lot of good articles

Andreas Grunewald

I tried to like it. The app looks terrible but I wanted to look past that. Unfortunately when I get a notification tap on it and then get no where in the app that's remotely related to the notification I have to give up. This is not how I want to consume news. Uninstalled!

Atma Darkwolf

Sucks! Sorry but lame describing word, but is all i can think of. Breaking news keeps turning itself on, costing me mobile data with push notifications, news isnt even really new(hours old at best) and is quickly becoming as bad as 75% of the other news apps, ie more fluff less substance -- After so much time with these issues NOT being fixed(and now that its also being reported as 'using mobile data' even when its denied access - which imo is very 'suspicious' in of itself, its being uninstalled and I will no longer trust CTV on mobile.

Mark Osterman

Notifications keep turning back on I don't want news notifications! I turn it off and every week there's another update or something and it turns back on. Very frustrating!

John Scott

Useful I wrote the following, then deleted the app. Tried again but it is still an issue for me so I will be deleting again. I like this app but would prefer to look at it when I want to not, when a reminder (or two or three) pops up. I keep turning the notification off but they keep turning it back on. Were it not for this fact it would be a great app.

Jim Victor Chan

Subtitle I need to understand their no cc this video...

Rick Hunter-Wolff

Settings Keeps changing the 'push' setting to on....pita

Evan Citulsky

App crashes When viewing an article app crashes when you press the android back button

David Emerson

Bad bad app dont download Just bad quality ctv should be ashamed to have its logo on this...

Russ McLeod

Shuts down constantly

Eli S Yakov D.W.Doneit

FORMER... best short format Canadian news STILL NO FIX! STILL CRASHING WHENEVER IT FANCIES & STILL NO CHROMECAST SUPPORT!.... Would it be possible to stop this APP from randomly stopping me watching National News video, whenever it likes?.... This app USED TO ...Let's me effortlessly keep up with news from where I was born and raised from Germany and I use it daily & am very thankful to have it!

A Google User

Not Happy You need to have a subscription to a TV provider before you can use this app what ever happened to just clicking it on... Now you can't even watch your local news caps live.. Its bad enough they took the morning news away for Windsor, now Bell is doing this... I'll stick with CBC thanks

Joan Falasca

Broken My cable provider (shaw) apperently isn't a partner with ctv so they won't let me watch any videos. Yet Shaw puts ctv through their tv.

Eric Philbrook

Very buggy Freezes regularly. To continue a story I have to close the app and start it again. To read 10 stories and look at the pictures I probably close it an average of 6 times.

Danielle Jorde

Freezes and closes constantly!!!! I really like this app and would like to give it more stars.......but it freezes and closes constantly making it very annoying to try to read the news. PLEASE FIX!!!!!!! I see I am not the only one having this problem by reviews. For the people saying you need a subscription. You only need that to watch LIVE news. You can read the news and watch videos for stories that have videos. You can get notifications on late breaking news. This is a 5 star app if they fix this problem.

Dog Woof

Piece of crap This GO App is a 100% piece of crap. If you want it to use in Canada its great its wonderful but if you wanting to download it so you can watch your shows in the USA forget it. This app is totally useless in the US of A and the owners of the app should say so in the description. Instead I wasted my time downloading this crap app and even more time trying to get it to work in Florida. So people read the fine print before using this app.

Joanne Cutler

Needs to be fixed.. Gives breaking news alerts that you can't see or read about. This is why im rating it low. Videos show a commercial every time, one commercial is enough already.

DannTan Schaer

Mediocre App is garbage. It freezes when you try to exit a story. And no matter how many times you turn off notifications, the app always turns them back on. I guess CT thinks it knows better than me what I want.

James Rowan

Poor app good channel My biggest problem with this app is that when it sends you updates and you click on does not take you to the story. It takes you to the main screen and the you have to hunt for the story.

Graham Peters

Crap. New items that pop up, click on them it just goes to the app not the story you have you hunt for it. Breaking news pops up in the app touch it does nothing. Make it user friendly or dont waste my time. Garbage.

Cody Sipkema

Buggy Main issues I have are: 1. breaking news links do not work ever. And the breaking news stories are buried in other sections. 2. Crashes fairly regularly. 3. I turn breaking news push notifications off. Every update it turns them back on.

Scott Moreau

Lots of work ahead Breaking notifications should take you to the story. Notifications do not let you drag down to see the full text in the alert. Also many breaking notifications that show in red at the top of the app have most of the headline cut off due to lack of space and the inability to drag down to show more.

Kate Romanoff

Notifications dont show when open app Notifications are great but then I can't find the article or the notification again when I open the app. The teaser notification doesnt match the articles inside

Munavvar Gangat

Videos dont play.Every time I tried to watch video links associated with news articles none of video links play and displays error playing video. Half star for this App. Dont bother wasting ur time with this App.

Michael K H TANG

FINALLY WORKING Working on Xperia Z Ultra GPe, finally. Auto-rotate now works, not experiencing any problems on Lollipop

Guy Paterson

Zero Stars Worst app on my Samsung. Reloaded multiple times to no avail. Time to fix the problems! I turn off notifications because I want it off - don't keep turning it back on. Perhaps if the notification lead to the story it might be useful. Above all the app does not work. Only thing that works is the menu tab on upper left. Have not seen a news story on this app in months. Keep hoping it will be fixed each reinstall results in the same terrible app. I have 6 news apps and all are 3-5 stars. This is a 0.

Jerry Smith

Fix notification! I've learned to wait 20minutes to go into the app after receiving a push notification about a new story because the story is not available yet and refreshing does nothing. which doesn't make sense. Other than that it's a great app.

dave blackwell

Notifications Notifications do NOT link to the article, they just open the app. Turning off notifications does not stop them, as notifications constantly turns back on by itself. Will be getting my news elsewhere.

Chris Clements

NEWS The only thing i see wrong with it is when you have no Wi-Fi connection you cannot view anything

Eugene Ma

Ok Slow to navigate to videos. Cannot turn off notifications for this app even if it's disabled in settings. Shows play well but ux needs work

Rick Perzylo

Poor ratings have been ignored too long, why? For tablets, it won't switch to landscape display. Also, did CTV (Bell Media) think this notification alert is fair to their readers? Mine is finally turned off. I simply just check your news in the morning on the throne. Otherwise, the news is well presented. Now hire someone to address the issue at hand...mine is busy.

Diane Reid

I don't want notifications I want to set the app so that it doesn't send notifications. Don't waste my data bandwidth. I am deleting the app because I don't want notifications.

Jordan Code

Dissapointed Loved this app until the pop up ads started, now im just about ready to throw my phone out the window when 3 of the same ad pop up in a row when im trying to read new articles.

Ben Matychuk

Expandable notifications So I'll get a notification, but unless I see it right when I'm notified, I won't see the whole headline, and the app doesn't let me expand the notification from my notifications bar. And if I click on the headline, it doesn't take me to the article, it takes me to the app. Please rectify this.

Stanley Mercredi

Used to really enjoy the app. But i hate that i have to watch the ads prior to watching the news videos. There should be a way avail to opt out of watching them. Also hate the fact that i have the option to switch off to recieve breaking news updates, then again and again finding that my choice to not recieve is not respected and have to go back to settings and again switch off to recieve updates . Very frustrating.!!!!!!; (

Bunny Adler

Used to enjoy this app.... New Pop up ads that keep popping up even after you click the x in the corner are super annoying. To point where I might uninstall this app after years of using it.

Candice S

Why bother with Notifications? This app by default sends notifications to highlight breaking news but when I click on said notification I am brought to the generic news page and the highlighted story is rarely if ever listed on this page. I don't I have ever found the article I was lead to. So frustrating.


Please fix this app!!! The CTV National News videos crash quite regularly during a commercial break. I’m constantly going into the settings and clearing the cashe in order to restart and completely play the entire broadcast. By far the biggest problem is the volume of the commercials is very very loud and very startling. I’m not talking a little louder. The commercials are so loud that it shocks the hell out of you. Seriously, the volume has to be muted for every single commercial. Why is it that CTV is required by law to ensure that programs and commercials are transmitted at an even volume on TV, but not on a broadcasting App? What’s that you say? Bell Media? OK, say no more... this will never get fixed.

Jace Fontaine

Have to uninstall and re install for new news If i want the news for the day it wont just change have to uninstall and reinstall getting tiered of this but yet my gf has same phone on same contract as shared n she has no issues like i do. And i have heard other ppl have my same issue as i thought was the phone but seems like it messes up which is very weird so they need it to run better thats for sure. And do a proof read before they put it on here as its horrible the wrong words or not spelt right like they have this thing call SPELL CHECK use it.

Jim Halischuk

They don't seem to read their own website. With all the complaints listed on their website. YOU WOULD THINK THEY WOULD DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Typical Canadian T. V. Answer is to put more commercials on instead of fixing the problem and listen to users. Seems like just another money grab for a mediocre product.

Jinwoo Park

Updates crashes on live news feed play After the recent update, I am no longer able to watch the live TV feed. I successfuly log in but after a brief load screen the app restarts. Please fix the issue!

Richard J Bergeron

Ctv news headlines I realize ads pay for the site, but 30 sec. ads are a bit much for. phone aps. Make it 10 sec. Or less. Otherwise I will delete app.! Richard

Sebastien Boisvert

Keep pushing notification I have to turn off the automatic push every week so I don't get the pushes. It would be fine if the notification would automatically pull the right article. What else to expect from Bell Medias.

Dorcas Szabo

The ads!!! Holy I understand some apps need ads to run, but before every dang story?! And it's the full 30second ads, no option to ever skip it. Soon going to uninstall because it wastes soo much time, not to mention trying to find a specific article!

Michelle Knicely

Frozen....solid Its great....when its not frozen and unresponsive. Plz fix this asap

Joanne Cronk

Settings keep changing As much as I love using this app to keep up to date with what is happening, it drives me nuts that the setting for "push notifications" keeps turning itself back on!! From the time I installed the app I selected no notifications yet at least once every week or two it changes and turns itself on. I'm one step away from removing the app...please fix this bug!!!

Jarrett Brown

Videos don't work Interface is good. But I can't watch any videos without error messages.

Max Buchheit

Headlines are truncated. Forces user to select an item just to be able to see rest of headline.

Doris Hannah

Ads I would have rated it alot higher but the CIBC ad keeps popping up every third open & close. What once was enjoyable to read is annoying with your ads now. NBC tv news is now better no ads popping out of nowhere.

Jen Corbett

Full screen adds I don't mind adds at the bottom of the page. I can deal with adds in the middle of an article. But full screen adds that interupt navigation within the app? That, I do not tolerate, I have deleted apps many times because this is so iritating. If they are not removed, I will find a different app for reading the news.

Megan Tadman

CTV News Go Garbage news app. Crashes all the time (average 3 times per read)and has for over a year despite numerous reports sent. I also have to resubmit my request not to receive notifications about twice a week. I have still never been able to read the B.C. page as it has yet to load for me. No updated versions have changed any of these comments. Still not fixed with latest version or er um "update". Oh and now they have added popup ads.

J Webes

When I get I news update, I click on it and it doesn't take me to the story it takes me to the home page. Then the I can't even find the story on any of the pages!!!

Jeremy Stewart

No response How many bad reviews does it take for Bell Media to start listening and fixing the issues people have with this app? You're killing the CTV name. Updates appear to be provided only to flush reviews.

James Dockrill

Old news is old. I love getting news exactly a half an hour to an hour after competing news services. I play a game now where when breaking news comes up, I guess what it is. I'm usually right.

Steve Belitzky

No way to turn off notifications That says it all

Bill Wilson

Notifications Every time I turn off notifications the app turns them back on.

Dennis Madison

Update broke it This was my #1 news app until the recent update. Since then I have to force stop the app if I try to go back to it later - nothing loads and I just get spinning circles.

Kathleen S

Last update has rendered app useless Was a favourite app until last update. Must now view sideways. Cannot see news headlines in side view. Can't access menu. Impossible to navigate. I give up. I'm not going to waste anymore time on this. Uninstalling app. Will look for another news feed.

Megan Tadman

CTV News Go Garbage news app. Crashes all the time (average 3 times per read)and has for over a year despite numerous reports sent. I also have to resubmit my request not to receive notifications about twice a week. I have still never been able to read the B.C. page as it has yet to load for me. No updated versions have changed any of these comments. Oh and now they have added popup ads. The new layout is not visually appealing and the app still just sucks. The layout is too bad. App deleted from mobile.

Pamela Green

How long does it take to read the news? Latest update horrible takes twice as long to load....if at all. Phone screen times out before it will load the news. Doesn't seem to load at all some days. Crashing problem seems to be fixed though. Would rather have that version back.. At least I could sometime get the news

J R Wainwright

OK but...I didn't say I disliked it. Difficult to set or dismiss cities in weather page

Myke D

No cable provider other than Bell This app sucks. Can't use it like the ctvgo app only bell customers can enjoy this crappy app. And let me guess. Bell media will apologize for the problems and ask me to contact as they have the same answer for every comments. Garbage

Dana M

In search of a new app for my news The newest update, which completely overhauled the interface, has destroyed this app. It is not user friendly, I can't quickly scan the headlines, I can't swipe to the next category, and the app takes several minutes to load stories. It used to be my daily routine to drink my morning coffee and read the news. Now I shall drink my morning coffee and search for a new app for my news.

Curtis Elford

Nice layout Crashes often. Push notifications keep turning themselves back on. Otherwise a nice layout and good functionality. Edit - new version does not work. Doesn't load any data. Useless.

Milli Schop

Change isn't always good :( This used to be my favourite news app. The changes are disappointing. So much less informative than before!

Matthew D

Ridiculous liberal media hard at work with a cruddy app If you want hard liberal-leaning news that only reports the facts they want you to know, this is great. Except that it crashes, won't link you to a story when you click on a notification, and generally functions as well as a soup sandwich (make one and try to eat it). Since the latest update, its totally useless, just look @the commentators below me. Finally, notice how many negative comments have been "responded" to via the same generic reply over and over and over again. Great customer service obviously

Verna Chow

Ctv news go app Since the latest update, headlines and stories don't show anymore. It just keeps thinking and thinking. And the one time it did work, there is no longer any separation between articles, so you can't tell if the article you're clicking on really is the one you intended to read.

Brian Kurth

No good Liked the old style. Can't even add my weather because it won't let me select. Go back to the old style. You rob enough of our information from us in this app. At least have the decency to let us enjoy it

Heather Hogan

CTV still can't get it right Update: I still feel like I'm reading Grade 2 journal entries with the number of spelling errors in each article but the biggest problem now is the fact is crashes NON-STOP. And the new layout is horrible - it takes much longer to find articles and read the sections. In general it is not as user friendly as the older version. I will be using CBC and Global news apps instead. Do not waste your time trying to use this app.

Land Moose Reject

Forgot I had it I thought I was doing myself a favour by updating the app but it took this as an invitation to send push notifications against my will. Uninstalled.

Betty Bergel

Until the last update it was great, now when i want to open the app most of the time the start page wont even load :(

Phil Dufour

Needs a bolder font Font settings should be under "preferences" menu, and should allow users to increase the font more than the current maximum. Also should choose a more bold font style. See Globe and Mail app.

Trini M

I liked the app on my Samsung S3 before the last update. I recently upgraded my phone to the LG G3 and I can't customise the content to my liking. It just keeps crashing so I am uninstalling.

Sebastien Croisetiere

Ads and push notification I have better things to do than watch through 30 seconds of Walmart commercials before every single news article. Nothing more frustrating. The push notifications seem to appear on their own. As a matter of fact it's the only reason why I remembered I had this app, that I am now deleting. CBC is the way to go for news.

Richard Smith

Won't Rotate Won't rotate when you change tablet orientation and will only display in landscape. Therefore when using my tablet case as a stand the app displays upside down forcing me to have to hold the tablet.

Michel Ouellette

Latest update major step back Latest interface is too awkward. This used to be my go to app for news because of the previous interface design. Now I'm constantly going to the side menu and then scrolling to see what's there....keep installing and removing the CNN app for the same reason. Look at the BBC app for a great example to follow.


Tis new format is more time consuming to use. Used to be my go to news app probably will uninstall.

Mike C.

Why just landscape? The previous version allowed me to chose the view. Now I'm stuck with horizontal on my tablet. It also doesn't allow topic selections, as it did before. Very disappointed and now relying on the CBC app. Please do NOT respond with the same canned answer you've given to the others. If you can't personalize the response by commenting on the issues, you are wasting my time and yours!

Alan Brogreen

Ctv go Getting sick of it locking when i look at 1 news article will not go to home...if not fixed soon i will get my news elswhere!! Fix this, you are a National news network! I bet some 15 yearold could fix it for some Hot Pockets!


Latest Version Update. Stopped working when I upgraded to Android 5.0.1. Config file error. Now completely useless. New is not better. More difficult to set up and navigate. Useless ads on video. Probably will uninstall.

Kevin Espin

Used to like it Until this recent update, this was my go to app for news. The "minor redesign" is garbage and it hangs while loading news. I'm on 50Mbps wifi so it should go quick, but I just keep getting the spinning circles of boredom. Also, the grammatical errors are far too prominent for something that should appear professional.

Patricia Marshall

Sucks! The iPhone app worked great. Consistently. I recently upgraded to an Android phone and the App just sucks. Don't hit the customize button.....the app crashes. Wait...wait...wait for the refresh to occur. Man! Did these folks get it wrong. I used to work for an IT company. Did you folks even test this thing before you released it???

Robert Crozier

Sucks Takes forever to load lately. Updates don't keep up to urgent updates. And crashes. Hope it gets fixed sooner or later

Baylee Neubeker

Articles won't load The app was great until they redid the whole layout a while back. Two thirds of the time, the articles won't even load. Plus the new layout makes it way less convenient to navigate through the categories. I used to use this app every morning and now I can't even see the stories and have to read the news elsewhere. I have blazing Internet speeds and one of the newest phones on the market, so it's not a problem on my end. It used to work perfectly before the change.

Bob Summers

Horizontal only Now restricted to only horizontal use ... and only one direction ls up. Loved it before. Hate it now. Bottom edge of my tablet stand now covers the buttons.

Wendy Szabo

CTV News Go Better before the update. Don't like the new format.

Syed Zubair

Limited coverage The customize button doesn't work!

Troy More

Suddenly flooded with unwanted notifications. Uninstalling. Don't know why developers think forcing notifications on people works. Liked it before this.

Shirley McKenzie

CTV App is terrible after latest update! Videos don't load/play.

Laurie Douglas

Update sucks My shortcut even disappeared. Have to go through playstore to open. Bullshit!

ryan WOODS

This was my favorite news app used it all the time until the update now it won't work at all quite disappointed

Susie Robinson

Was my fav, no longer!!! Not sure what happened but it worked fantastic until recently, now it crashes on every story, and started crashing my phone..Going to try uninstalling & reinstalling (again x 3 now) for the last time..if it happenes once more I am switching to CBC and CNN and not coming back!! **Update: STILL CRASHING!!!

Joel Hewson

The old version worked much better this never loads going to get rid of it

Scott Loller

Bad since GO! Used to be a 4 or 5 star app; but since the GO platform installed it is extremely slow and buggy!

Jason Tomkins

Not working This app used to work very well. Now it keeps giving a config error and won't open.

Mark Cote

Stop changing my preferences!!! Seems every time this updates my preferences get changed. One more time and this gets uninstalled... you ain't the only game in town....

Jeff Snodgrass

Broken Since last update app constantly hangs in loading stories. The same experience other people having. I guess i will use CBC and CNN apps as they work consistently. My actual rating until this issue is addressed is 0 stars!

Kathy Kennedy

After upgrade no longer good Used to be my only news source. Now I am seeking out other apps. New layout is ridiculous (hmmm does that pic go with the story above or below). And I have not been able to watch a video since the upgrade. Too bad. They had a great app before.

Heather Bryans

Yesterday's news (or older) If you want to read about what happened three or four days ago this app is perfect for you! Even if you get a notification about 'breaking news' and click on it, it opens the app but doesn't bring you to the story. Last week's mews paper is about as useful as this app. Don't waste your time.

Stanley Mercredi

Lacking customer service Used to really enjoy the app. Hate the fact that i have to watch the ads first before videos, should be a way to opt out. Hate that I can't watch my news videos without WiFi being turned off. Hate the fact that a news flash pops up and you hit the pop up and it takes you to the news homepage and then you have to go and find it. They should link it. As you can see all the responses are so generic and automated. I post my concern and the only for me to do in contact them word for word @ blah blah blah!

Brad Hough

Garbage Requires a pay TV subscription in order to watch yet I can put up an antenna and watch on TV. Greedy unfair unCanadian money grabbers. This app shows us what's wrong with this world.

Levi Landry

Tooooo many ads..... Great for local news if you read it but watching videos is crazy. Between every video is an ad (30 seconds with no skip option) and it seems to be only 1 ad. Frustrating and annoying.

Kerri Malazdrewicz

Can't share stories via email I'm a high school teacher and used to email myself stories to read through with my students daily. Now when I hit share, I seem to only have the option to share via FB which isn't helpful as I can't access that at my school. Please advise or change it back!!!

Barb Mann

It doesn't work most of the time. I open the app and 90% of the time all I get are spinning circles. It won't load. When I get a notification about a news story and I click the link, the link always fails. No I'm not phoning Bell. Fix it or I won't use it. Right now I'm using CBC News and Huffington Post News because their apps work and CTV's does not.

Sylvia Zel

I think it's great but I'd like to see news in my home town, which is not in the list... maybe in the future ...

Mike C

Too many ads Want to read news, not see ads. Can't get rid of other than deleting app which I am doing.

Heidi Hodgson

When I try to go to a news story that has been alerted on my phone it sits there processing for a few minutes and then says "no data found". I have mostly quit trying to even use this app so it's time to uninstall it and find something I can actually count on.

Stanley Mercredi

Lacking customer service Used to really enjoy the app. Hate the fact that i have to watch the ads first before videos, should be a way to opt out. Hate that I can't watch my news videos without my WiFi being turned off. As you can see all the responses from Bell are so generic and automated. I post my concern and the only way for me to do in contact them word for word @ blah blah blah!

Sarah Clements

New update sucks Updated app will not upload articles - open and it just sits blank with the circle timer continuously trying to load. Please do not respond with the same thing you have written back to everyone else. I don't have time to email you to seek more information. Just fix your app or I will be using a different news app. I have used the CTV News app for about 8 years - really liked it - whats the deal now???


Just downloaded excellent so far! .After reading some of the negative reviews I was prepared for the worst. Instead I got the very best... videos are perfect as are pictures...Up to date news and excellent choices of categories to add in.. Thank you! GREAT WORK.?

Kosmas Mavromatidis

Somewhat below average Limited news source at best even for Canada centrics. The app has a disfunctional layout and the most annoying push feed setting that needs to be reset constantly. No Bell I don't like turning it off once a week. I want it to stay off permanently.

Michael Hakim

Worst app of the existence of apps! So slow for no reason at all! Like it's doing it on purpose. What in 2016 takes so long to load?? Why? This is just another Canadian piece of trash that can't live up to it's American counterpart . Get with the times. Invest in your product. Stop being so pathetic. Ur a insult to all Canadian news. To add injury to insult. Look at the same sorry response they have for each comment! ;" sorry to hear ur having trouble with the app, please visit us at... Bla bla bla... "!! Very sincere ¿¡ LOL. What a joke!

Gary Boyle

Done I don't know what happened but you have dropped the ball. I won't keep taking notifications that keep switching my display to portrait after I read the news. Screen rotate is set off, but I'm tired of resetting this, and I won't use a tablet in portrait mode, just for your app. Too bad, I liked how it was working. Back to BBC and the awful CNN. Will check back in a few months to see if you have fixed things up.

Rémi Campbell

Doesn't load Screen is just a bunch of spinning circles and never refreshes. Tried reinstalling to no avail. Neither wi-fi nor network works. Samsung S5. The layout and customization is nice but the app is not usable. Don't bother answering if it's just the same generic answer you give everyone else

Ewa G

Keeps crashing After the latest update, whenever I open the app, it freezes before it finishes loading and then crashing. Used to be great but now I can't use it

Kevin Espin

Used to like it I'm stuck on the splash screen now and the app keeps telling g me to check my connection...I'm guessing the app was just updated again. I think I'll go check that. Until this recent update, this was my go to app for news. The "minor redesign" is garbage and it hangs while loading news. I'm on 50Mbps wifi so it should go quick, but I just keep getting the spinning circles of boredom. Also, the grammatical errors are far too prominent for something that should appear professional.

Kerry Morris

Downloaded the app, ten minutes later, got rid of it. I installed CTV news app a year or so ago, got fed up with all the ads, and uninstalled about a week or so later. Although they seem to have fixed the ad issue, trying to set your preferences is very time consuming, and the way it's set up is really dumb. There seems to be no way to zoom in to the Muskoka area for my local news and weather. A total waste of my time. Bye bye, CTV, hello CBC.

Bloodhay ISbetter

Can't search for specific videos. I only downloaded this app to watch a single video because none of CTV's videos work on mobile even if you request desktop page. I'm always baffled by how poorly optimized large network sites with such high traffic manage to have the worst set up sites. Especially in an era were most people use mobile devices to get the news.

Peter Hoffman

Too many ads After each video clip you have to sit through a full 30 second advertisement. What makes it even worse is that it is the same ad over and over again. Most annoying.

Mike Callaghan

Crashes if US election selected When I selected "US election" in customize, the app crashed "CTV news go has stopped" and would not launch. Had to reinstall app. Happened on my tablet so I tried on my phone - same result.

Dave Lyons

Config file error Last update killed the app reporting a config file error.

Andy Heard

Big improvement The new interface is a huge improvement. Previous one had big graphics was very slow to load. I used to avoid using previous versions, but now check this app several times a day. The new version provides easy access to headlines, grouped into subjects. Using the "customize” option at the bottom of the home screen, one can choose from a huge list of possible sections to appear on the home screen. One suggestion for next update is to allow users to set more than three headlines per section in the home screen.

cheryl white

Use to live this app but in the past few months it has gone down hill. You post the first news story on facebook with no problem but then when you attempt to post more stories it captures the first story you posted and not the one you want to post. As well a lot of the stories are videos and they don't open at all!


Time to uninstall it Had previous versions, they annoyed me. It was always turning on breaking news notifications on its own. Now the new version won't load. Many better options out there. I'm going to use one of them. See ya!

Josh Horst

Why do they have to ruin a great app This was my favorite app. The update is brutal. The layout is horrible and the text is so hard to read. There is no option to uninstall the updates either. Looks like it's back to cbc news for this guy.

Verna Chow

Ctv news go app So almost a year later decided to look and give it another chance. Have any of the bugs been fixed?? Not really. Still can't load any articles 90% of the time, crashes and freezes. Useless. Too bad. ** this was a year ago... Since the latest update, headlines and stories don't show anymore. It just keeps thinking and thinking. And the one time it did work, there is no longer any separation between articles, so you can't tell if the article you're clicking on really is the one you intended to read.

David Balanca

Last update broke it. Uninstall it now. Last update completely broke it. I have it installed on my Samsung Tablet and my iPhone 6S Plus and it freezes, hangs and just plain does not work. I am uninstalling it now. Real shame. It was a great news and video ap (except for a bit too much advertising).

Stephen Aston

What have you done CTV This app use to rock. Then it got updated and blah. This app takes FOREVER TO LOAD. By the time it loads it might be 2017 if Im lucky. Fix this please. Btw my phone is stock and nothing done to it.

Luc Arsenault

It'll be faster to walk to the store and buy a paper. New app is ridiculously slow. Either the articles take forever to load, or just plain don't. Also, landscape reading on a tablet doesn't happen. Just go to the website, this version isn't worth the download time. Side note: The ads load quickly. The news doesn't. Legal note: All photo copyright information is missing because the photo captions don't work.

D'Arcy Wheeler

Can't help themselves Like many great apps before this, they just can't leave it alone. The app was my source for news but the latest update has ruined it. Its slow and the new layout stinks. No need to reply, I'm already gone.

Sarah Gilbert

Crashes Every single time I try to personalize. WHY? OK, just read other comments so I understand why. It's a Bell app! And every "reply" is identical, stating they are sorry the user has difficulty getting started with the app - when clearly it's issues related to an update! Deleting it.

Carl Clappison

Update is terrible Interface used to be very easy and intuitive but someone decided it needed to change so now you have to go into menus to search for what used to be on the front page.

hong Toronto

Can not sign in. Bad display mode. Can not sign in with my bell account. App did not show message why I could not sign in. Display stuck in portrait mode when I watch news program. Display area is too small in portrait mode. In home page, display stuck at landscape mode. All displayed item are too small to read.

Jimmy Jo

Crashes Crashes constantly. Never works. And Bell doesn't fix what is obviously a common complaint. I deleted other Bell apps with the same problem. Move on and find your news elsewhere. This app is useless.

Deborah Manera

Now crashes all the time I loved this app...and no I don't want to contact Bell media obviously enough people are having issues and therefore ctv needs to fix this..please was very good

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