Download ? Creepypasta + SCP (ENGLISH) apk free for Android smartphone

18 Sep
? Creepypasta + SCP (ENGLISH)

Posted by Gennaro Daniele Acciaro in Entertainment | Sept. 18, 2016 | 235 Comments

Apk file size: 26.0 MB

" A Creepypasta is a short story and original that was designed to terrorize and cause a shock to the reader, is a fairly recent trend emerged precisely from the web, especially from 4Chan . "

This application is a database of scary stories , all in English. It includes over 1000 stories, which you will not sleep at night.
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◀ ◀ ◀ Functions:
- Reading creepypasta even offline.
- Photo gallery with over 350 images really scary !
- Read the magnificent SCP

Gennaro Daniele Acciaro part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Sept. 18, 2016. Google play rating is 91.3759. Current verison is Actual size 26.0 MB.

Download creepypasta-scp-english.apk 26.0 MB


Zømbieee Liü

Ohh man...this things is so awesome !!

Eridan Ampora

Amazing! I love this app so much!! It's totally creepy :) But the "TOP SECRET" section is driving me crazy! What's the code?!?

Brazzers CumStorm

The only reason I did not give this app 5 stars is because it automatically marks a story as "read" just by opening any story without even reading it. You could make it so WE mark the ones we read, dont make it automatic, or just put it as an option. Besides that its a fantastic app.

Carlo Giancarlo Ariedo

I like it very much (one tiny suggestion though) Wanna see your changelog heree :) Anyways great app, congratulations on the 100,000+ downloads, good job

Eli Halgarth

Love it The top secret section is driving me insane what is the code!!!!!!

kid markiplier

This is awsome I do this for my subscribers thanks for this app they really enjoy it

Julian Meyers

Creepy pasta is life Whoever made this app is a god

Jef Wu

Y It could be better

Gabriella Blum

On the "Top Secret", if I type 666, words will come up. Is that the secret? "It is awekening?"

Glenn Gan SJ

Ok The creelypasta stories suck tho

Ben Van

Love This App! This App is Amazing!!! can you ass some ritual pastas please? Thank You!

Emily Jensen

Awesome If your looking for a great place to just read and freak yourself out I recommend this app

Heather Speck

Great little yet large app filled with horror of all sorts :) I reccommend reading CANDY and THE HAPPYMAN, they'll really trip you out ;)

Sade Wilson

Epic Best app I have come across in a long time. ??

Deidra Deedz

Very broken The app itself seems good at first glance, but the interaction with it is very limited. Often it freezes up or goes to something completely different when clicked on. Very little changes are made as if it was a flight of fancy by the creator(s) then soon forgotten. There is no way to search or categorize stories. Plus most of it seems for fan interaction. It would be much easier to just go to the creepypasta official site.


Can you do some ritual creepypasta please

arman cris santos

Good So scary buddy hahahaa

Noel Dejeno

app keeps crashing?

ana marquez

Wow. This app is so great like I can't even explain how amazing it is. I love reading stories to my siblings, and scaring then easily. ?

Nicole Anderson

Love it! I enjoy reading creepy stories to pass my time.

Ashley Mehr

Stupid mod strider I got ban for nothing ?i was trying to help a friend

Jaxk Mixon

Top Secret? You get 2 stars, until I can access the Top Secret stuff...

alexander owens

I've had the app on a old phone And I still love it saves me the pain of looking it all up and had never given me a issue

cristi ciorba

Awesome I cant sleep anymore

Hyper VorteX

Amazing It a very good source for exciting creepypastas.

Marco Coetzee

Awesome The best creepypasta app so far

Mahal Gemora

LOVED IT!!! pls could someone tell me those top secret code's......

Max Hoag

Amazing To who ever made this app.Thank you,for a amazing app.Like how does not use WiFi it's awesome,and keep up the good work.Also what's the password for?

Tevan Riley

Amazing Creepypasta is down right freaky. I love it.

ronaldo bogayan

Veryy goooddd Another top secret password .. 3774 you can find that at jeff the killer's story

Lisa Harrison

Good app... Wish you could search by individual story ratings, a lot of good stories, but also many just plain stupid ones....


Sick Seriously awesome best creepy pasta app period. Gets better and better every week

Vishwak Jackson

I love this appp!!!!! May god bless you

Kets Nikolaev

Please do in Russian language! Pay no regard to mistakes...

Олег Адилов

Not picture from sonic.exe

Wanya' Odom

Top secret If u keep typing 666 u will here a scream that will freak u out bc of the pic

Chloe Chavez

The top secret This is basically like any other creepypasta app you can get except the top secret tab. Dial in 1234 you will not regret it. It's the whole reason this is getting five stars.

Damon Shores

Awesome Loved it finally dont have to go to library to read creepypasta when i'm out of day

Amber Falcon

One problem Lack of ponypastas lol I love the creepypasta cupcakes, the rainbow factory ect. Also I will rate 5 if u add some =^•^= *brohoof*

Alex Long

Not bad I'm happy to see a few of my stories in here. (I'm also severely disappointed in the fact that some of my terrible stories are in here too, like "Lezah") The only thing I'd ask of the dev is to include more obscure stories. A big part of creepypasta is finding NEW works and stories to read, rather than people using the "Jeff formula", fanfics of other pastas, and reboots of old stories. Other than that, amazing app!

Astrid Phantomhive

It's great! There are a TON of Creepypastas to read on here, even if you're stuck out in the woods with no WiFi. It's got all the ones well known and others just as good, but not as well known. I would highly recommend this to anyone that loves scary stories~ P.s; dear developer, people might mess around with the 'top secret' section if you aren't careful

Jackie Goletz

BIG FAN! I love it but it's needs E.J (Eyeless Jack)

Dawn wing

OMFG If you click on TOP SECRET and put in the password 666 lots of times it says weird stuff like STOP IT and IT IS AWAKENING lol its just a prank ?

Davey Reetz

Good but... The ads are incredibly annoying, the pop up literally 5 seconds after you close one out, I'm ok with ads, but for peeps sake lower the amount of them to 1 per story, likeyou click a story a ad pops up then when it's done go to the story

Jami Carpenter

F***ing image of the month I cannot even open the app because the background picture scare the ever living crap out of me!!! I was not prepared to poop my pants so soon in my experience with this app. I am pregnant and could have went in labor from the fear I experienced from a f***ing background picture. Which I guess is the point of the app. So I guess well done?

Joseph Pou

The girl on the title screen scared me to death so I deleted it

Secret Agent Wolf

Awesome But there should be more like Ticking Toby and Smile Dog and Smilie and some more Slenderman stories (cause their the best) please add these

Angela Van Liempt

Uh.... Some of the stories are messed up! Like, jeez... Where did you even find them!?

Thomas Wells

Awsome! Tons of pretty great creepypastas!

haven flores

Great and amazing I do have a request thou is it possible that it can have a function that it can read to you other than that I love it

Jamie Melendrez

I found a couple of TOP SECRET passwords 1, 1234, 999, 666, 973, 3774, and 11092001 It's a really great app despite of all the adds that show up...

Kain Anthony Wilson

Wow. "Banned for insulting others" when it was friendly banter from BOTH sides.. Obviously one sided to new people. Not impressed

Richie Lopez

Awesome Awesome

Michael Jackson Innocence Is True

Please add squidwards suicide and 1999! 5 stars if added!

Luke Espano

Yeaaaah This is soooo Cool haha I can read my favorite Pasta w/o internet wooohoooo

Carlo Giancarlo Ariedo

I like it very much (one tiny suggestion though) Wanna see your changelog heree :) Anyways great app, congratulations on the 100,000+ downloads, good job

Bryan Silverius

666 Holy smoke...I love sleep fo me

Starfire Rocks

Top Secret Omg I know the password and saw the top secret XD put 1234 for the password

Jacob Whitmer

Awesome This is cool af.

Mother Chrysalis

Best app ever never deleting it Great app. Just 1 question though. can I please read some of these on my youtube channel it would really give it a boost and I could give credit to the app since it's so helpful.

peter kelley

I scared so many ppl with the pics XD

Scott Hundt

Horrible stories These stories all read like a pre-pubescent 4th grader wrote them. I sampled about twenty random stories and none of them were creepy at all. Just stupid.

Zora Rain

Especially love the no wifi. So amazing and so real in my opinion. With these I'm never alone. (in more ways than one....)

Matthew Alexander

Great app Being able to read them offline is what makes this app great

Brandon McRae

This Is Amazing! Very few apps allow offline reading, and this is one of them.

William Kleinknecht

Great app I love reading from this, but have been having issues since the last update. I can no longer open the side menu to access other stories after it goes to the featured image and story. It would be great if this could be fixed i even uninstalled it and reinstalled it but it still won't open, the only way to access it is to close the app. entirely and reopen it.

more hetalia

I think it's a great app I recommend it if you love to read scary story's.

Elizabeth Vanlaningham

Wow! Love the top secret thing. I have plans to scare my friends with it.

Zachary Mueller

It is scary I read about Jeff the killer he is as scare as close derp

Eshan Gunewardna

Great app Easy to use and lots of pasta and this is the best pasta app in the store and i would like more slenderman and rake stories please

Lycan Lord

Omg no!__! Plz don't make this online only like I only got this bc it was off line and it worked smooth plz noooooooooooooo

akash singh

TOP SECRET Hey I love this app. But can u tell me what's that TOP SECRET feature do

Anantim Patil

Its Really Awesome..! [email protected] Daniele Acciaro...Would you tell me what does an SCP mean?. I don't get them

Grim Wolf

Help/Idea Anyone have the Top secret Pass? Also it should have a button which allows you to type the title of a story and add it to your "favorites" list or a list

Koala Koalerkins

Awesome! I love the stories! I've been a creepypasta writer and reader forever it seems!! Keep up the great work!

John Streety

Top secret code is 13! Top secret code is 13 and takes you to a real life exorcist video on YouTube

Ciel Phantomhive's Real Wife

Loved it That's all I have to say.


Please, don't do it online only I read usually when I have free time on my work, and there I don't have internet, please :(

Mark Delos Santos

Don't make it online only! Please don't make it online only. This is the only thing I do when there's no internet.

nathan uhl

I love the stories It's an anazing app I will always love creepypastas

Will Provine

Awesome app!!!! Great stories and epic scp section.

Jeremy Blackstar

Great! I always loved things like this. Its fantastic!

pavan junaid

fking ads they are coming each time I scroll...are u kidding me ??? I uninstalled this....die

John O'Dell

I'm a bit bummed out that my favorite app is going online cuz there's no good alternatives but still five stars

Kurai Kokoro

Super awesome I just introduce to my friends... And... Tadah! This app is super duper awesome!! Keep updating stories that would piss someone's pants off.. Woops sorry for the word. But this is so awesome!!

Insane Delinquent

Great app. I love the fact you can use it offline its great for road trips.

Joshua Chun

Good app Amazing app for creepypastas. Btw code is 13.

Benju gurung

Why am I banned I just asked some questions about a creepypaste and asked for the TOP SECRET code which I received and it says that it control me when I accessed but that's not the point....I got freaking banned just bcuz I asked some questions??? I am really disappointed ? I really liked it but now I don't know.....I'm sorry bcuz I'm going to unistall this app but it is truly the bestest app I have ever read ?

Devin Allen

I like it in this app there's stories a photo gallery and a chat I only give it a four star because on the chat there's a admin and he bans me for two weeks at a time for no reason

Alex Kochte

Absolutely perfect. A perfect little book of horror for when you need to imagine those bumps in the night. Many Creepypastas to read, awesome pictures, little bonuses thrown in, pretty regular updates, even with the annoying ads, I give it 5 stars. (I'll accept the annoying things, especially since this awesome app is free). I LOVE this app to death.

Tre Allen

Won't work I want to use this app but when I open it a ladybug comes up band says error. Please help

jessica thomas

I love it!! But I have some concerns I love to read the stories on the app, and since I'm they type of person who is very picky about what I like to read it's perfect. But I had the app for awhile and when it allowed me to update all my read stories were deleted (which was more than 40) so it still gets frustrating to read them over again.

Noisy Silence

It really is great This app is awesome, probably one of the best out there. If not the best.. But it could use a history button which lets you see the last stories you have read.. Many times when i get a phone call while reading a story the app exits the story i was reading and i don't know how to find that story again.. Other than that it's perfect.

Michael Bernier

Horrible Ads!! This thing is unusable. Nothing like trying to read something and having your whole screen taken over by some stupid video you're forced to watch every 20 seconds. Deleting now.

IAm Warrior

Too many ads Love creepy pasta, and like reading it but there's too many ads.

Heather Bernabe

Ads Fix the ads. Now they are in the bottom of the screen so now I can't read the end of the stories. Update: ads were fixed so now can read the end of the stories again. Changed my rating because of it :)

mcgamergracie rosso

Bae Omg this is the best app ever im in the middle of the holders but please make more of the holder series please please please

Vaibhav Arno

Fear!!!! Its an awesome app which terrorize me everytime I read a horror story and the background music ohhh man the feel of horror which it gives is I can explain!!!! :)

Austin Darigo

Creepypasta I love creepypasta and I like the fact that they made a badass app for it

Dylan Hoffman

Great app but the ads. Great app. Perfect for all your creepypasta wants and needs, but i have been stuck trying to close ads for like 10 minutes because five ads pop up at once and every time i exit the last ad it goes to more ads. I think im stuck in a creepypasta story.

Laura Hanks

Finally! Finally I found an app that has Creepypasta! I love this so much! X3


I love it but.. Does anyone have any idea I could make my own story?

William Martin

Really good It's like a Swiss army knife of stories

Rachel Leah

Overwhelming ads.... Even when I was using other apps, the ads from this one keep popping up randomly. Really annoying. Uninstalling asap.

Zakara Foster

Loved it I say up late at night and read this story

Joshua Miller

Ads It's very annoying to have an ad pop up when I'm in middle of reading a story . Can you please take them off . Ones at the bottom of page are fine .

Hunter Eudy

Amazing I was and still am entertained for hours


TOP SECRET If yoy put the number 13 in the top secret it will take you to a Exorcist video on youtube if you put 666 it will take you to a weird page other then that its fun i like it :)

Scarlet_ Fire//Kawaii

I love this app so much! It's realy cool! It has this creepy feeling to it that just makes you have goose bumps whenever you read the creepypasta stories. Not to mention, you get to read these stories offline?! This is the first ever creepypasta app that lets you read stories without WiFi! Who wouldn't want to download this?! This amazing! To those who are reading the comments right now, pls...PLS! try out this app RIGHT NOW! it's amazing! Believe me! If you don't.....well....let's just say that you'll GO. TO. SLEEP. pretty soon :3

Slayah Mate

This is the best creepypasta app buut! Please do not make it online only, people like myself only got this app so we have something to read while offline

Stephen Saunders

Overall Good I enjoy creepy pastas for what they are- unprofessional writers trying to find a voice, so to speak. As long as one doesn't expect a masterpiece with every pasta I expect they'll enjoy it. Only problem is once it goes offline, it's not worth getting. Overall 4/5.

Radiant Sword Reactions & LP's

Great App for youtube readings Its my #1 go to app for when i do creepy readings on my channel.

Axel Turla

So Awesome! This creepy pasta app is by far the best creepy pasta app! Keep up the good work! EDIT: To solve the "online only" issue, try turning off mobile data/wifi if you are out of your home. Hope it helps becuz to me it certainly does :)

Cute little girl.

Awesome app!!!!!!!!!!! Now u can watch it offline but please dont make online only, or i will drop the stars, please dont, i like this app so much.

Lizard Wizard

online? why? its a really good app but if you make it online only im gonna uninstall it because it simply makes no sense at all: if i have internet i will simply read through the web browser

Desiree Matthews

What the heck If this is also creepypasta why isn't all the creepypasta monster in here where is ticci Toby and laughing jack sally and eyeless jack

Jesse Schmidt

Make it offline and I uninstall it If anyone has an internet connection they will go to the creepy pasta wiki. I thought you were being cool by letting us read it offline. Don't be a dick.


This app creepy as sh*t Who the f*ck is kayle

Cynthia Eakes

Does anyone else get the Freddy Kruger song

Abby C

Good It is good cus I don't wanna spell now but ok bye!!! (^_^)

Gheorghita Postolache

The reason why I moved to android

ashley phsycOO

Amazing So many stories, even offline! So cool

Daniel Medina

The top secret. This app is awsome ,but I do not like the top secret joke (if it even is).

luna gamer

I love it and the stories

Jeffrey is fantabulous

Great but... I really wish that it did not have a password on top secret because I don't know it it makes me sad

Haylee Sheldon

Cool To many adds tho

Synyster Metal

Horror lover I love horror stories. If it wasnt for this app I wouldn't read anything New. Ive read through almost all the holders series and up to SCP-540. I LOVE THIS APP!

aperson duhh

Works well. Stories are amazing


Best creepypasta app ever! ?????? Love it! Just one problem how do you get points to rank up, do you just read lots of stories or is there a different way? Please reply!!

RaeAnne Bennett

The login doesn't work at all, I'm like 99% sure the buttons are in different languages, and all of the creepy pastas have horrible grammar.

Amber leaphart

Amazing I am a nonstop creepypasta reader and this app is one of the best apps I've found so far, I may have to agree that yes, there are a few ads but if you're really into reading it shouldn't bother you too much. They have many many stories and most of them send chills, they have an option for music and brightness, and there's even a chill factor which is pretty cool. In all it's an amazing app!

Nicolas López

Love It The pictures are amazing and some of the stories are pretty good. Just wish I knew what the ranking meant.

Sky Brown

Update better but.... I can finally read the stories BUT.... I cannot find the favorites section at all or even an option to favorite a story. I also don't like signing in every single time I open the app


Amazing I'm a huge lover of creepypastas this app gives me what i want

Thomas Bowyer

I love this app but it won't let me buy the premium

reese bauman

I love reading scary things This app is perfect for that:D

Jakkaru Daru

Awesome! Some of the best stories I've read! One of the recent changes makes it really hard to read though. I loved to and often read in non-wifi areas

i play roblox

Search button Stories are great and there are some hidden gems but there needs to be a way to add stories to a list of things you want to read in the future, also there needs to be a search button instead of scrolling through hundreds of stories

Andrew Perry

Thank you! The app is as good as I remember it!!!

Keith Thornton

Exclusive search engine Is so exclusive it's not actually in the app


Yas! I love this app 5 stars just like the beauty of the owner of the app ^^ 5-5 ^^

Beltechi Vladi

To many f-ing ads

Anna Wegrzyn

Super fun! Ivr always wanted a creepy pasta app and I'm so happy it's finally here!!!

Sameer A

Available offline It's amazing to read offline as it's least disturbing thanks team

papyrus head of the royal guard

Nyeh heh heh Where is the pasta

Michael Gonzalez

Halp. . . How does one get past the comment page? It just says "comments" or "no comments" when I open a story. Just tell me how to get past that screen. Other than that, I LOVE the app. Amazing! Great. Maybe a little glitchy and slow since the update. But great app. Yus. Never mind, just bugging out.

Alex Kochte

Absolutely perfect. A perfect little book of horror for when you need to imagine those bumps in the night. Many Creepypastas to read, awesome pictures, little bonuses thrown in, pretty regular updates, even with the annoying ads, I give it 5 stars. (I'll accept the annoying things, especially since this awesome app is free). I LOVE this app to death.

True Ender

Wow It was amazing to read all of these stories offline but now with this new update its just, why should I have this installed on my phone now that I can only read online? Please make it so you can read offline again, seriously this sucks.

Carlos Soto

This app used to be good when Offline. This app sucks because we need to be online to read the stories, I mean what's the good thing in that? There's no sense at all. Deleting app...

Felicity Bautista

What happened?? Why aren't any of the stories on the app?? Even though im online...I keep re downloading the database but nothing comes up...

Cyber Wolf

The app is lagging since the update. I was also wondering of you could add the mark as unread feature again. I also don't like having to login every time but other that that the app is great, well mostly. The update makes me wish I had just kept the old version

Danielle Tuttle

Needs to be fixed I love this app and I love the idea for the new update, but it crashes constantly now when trying to read.

Alexander Hunter

New version Best part about this app was reading stories offline. Without that it's just a run of the mill creepypasta app

The Mighty Tryxxcalibur

TOP SECRET Great App!!! All my favorites in one spot

Jan Paolo Yap

Why update like this? The old version was cool, many of the readers enjoy this app because you can read it offline. Now the update totally crash it. Enjoyed the last version.

Anshul Dwivedi

Sucks. Uninstalled This update ruined it. You have to be online everytime you have to read a story. That made me uninstall this???

toman ius

Always online requirement is stupid. At least make it possible to download the stories

Kapik K'eyush

Great stories. I love creepypastas and I'm glad I can have an app to read them.

SladeRaven22 -

I love what you have done to this app! I'm glad you allow offline reading still and I'm glad you can change the text size. Great improvements.

Ruel Subito

Really good! The best creepypasta app I downloaded so far! (*^▽^*)

Kevin Rayala

Good Whoops, looks like it is usable offline. This app is back to being my go to lunchtime distraction.

Bailey Gilbert

Brilliant app design with very intriguing stories. Perfect if you have some free time on your hands and want something to read!

Damion Jenkins

Awesome Awesome


Its acting crazy! Well to start before the recent update, the music when it starts up used to cut out. Then now with the update, the music doesn't not stop playing every minute or so. Even when the app is closed down !! Last but not least, the chat option often tells me I've been banned for spam even though I'm certain I've never been banned before. Please fix!

Calista Lim

I love this app a whole lot but when the app closes, for some reason the music is played out of nowhere! When I'm texting, watching a video or playing a game, the music would play by itself! It has been doing this for quite some time. Please fix it!

Richie Riant Chandra

Nice You should change the age restriction to like 17+ because creepypastas.bu what do i know,i read creepypasta since i was 12.just thought ill write that here.

Joshua Miller

Ads It's very annoying to have an ad pop up when I'm in middle of reading a story . Can you please take them off . Ones at the bottom of page are fine .


Lagging and Crashing Started lagging and crashing since this last update.. as if the app is trying to run multiple activities.. If only I knew this was gonna happen, I shouldn't have updated the app.. I love reading pastas, and this is the app I love the most, so please fix it and I will rate 5stars..

Cara Gregory

PLZ READ Hey! Uh...Is that all for Jeff The Killer's story "Shhh...Go to sleep." Then it ended right there D: it's only one page ONE is that the full??? Do I need to sign up for a full story?? Someone PLZ reply back ;-; ~Creepypasta Fan

Shreeya Mishra

The app is amazing. I need the top secret password to access there. Plz Help

Nikita Wright

Some issues I turned off the sound/music because I just don't want it but every time I open the app it plays a little intro theme no matter what. I don't want it there but I can't get rid of it...

Areeb Ali

Really useful for killing time cause it very entertaining

Chance Shay

Ease of reading I find it amazing how I can easily tap on the this app and scroll through my favorite stories and ones I haven't read before. It doesn't require an internet connection to read (thank you). This app isn't just about reading though, it has a chat room for talking to other readers, a gallery of photos that might give you a chill, and a top secret part that requires a pass code(s).


Creepy Glitch? I'm not sure if it's intended, but after scrolling through about 4-5 pictures in the gallery, my phone freezes. If it's intended, kudos to you because it creeped me out having a freaky picture take over my phone, if not please fix lol. No hard feelings though, It's a great app.

April Ranta

I love you!! Lol this app is the best thing since canned bread.I'm GrungeGirl btw


Where are the points? I love the app but where did the points go? I still love the app but I really liked looking and seeing a rough estimate of how many I've read and things like that.

lynda merwin

What is the top secret password Please tell me because I can't get in.

Mark Delos Santos

Don't make it online only! Please don't make it online only. This is the only thing I do when there's no internet.

Cody Bensal

Great creepy content You want horror? It's right here! You like SCP? All the way up to SCP-850! If you're a creepypasta fan, get this app now! Whether you want to write (because you can now submit your own story) or read, you are covered! After all, who needs sleep?

Nero Miller

awesome this app is amazing and a must for creepypasta and horror readers

Tyler Jones

Very good, I like the music.

Aaron Bement

Love creepypasta These stories are my life

Sharlize Montalvo

Absolutely creepy Some of the stories r scary and puts chills up my spine. Great app

Matthre Enriquez

Great Had this app for years now ?

Aaliyah Blandford

Yaswsssss i love this app.It is a fantastic this app and you can work it without wifi.

Lindsay Applegath

Great read! Such a great app with such creepy stories. I just love The Holders. Very well done.

Maxx Marino

Spooks Fantastic app, great to use as a wind down before bed

Paulina Black

Awesome!!! Loved it best creepypasta app

Keith Thornton

Solid app, good customer service App works fine, I have to keep checking back here for the top secret pass code though XD My last review was about the lack of the search engine, reply was quick and cool

Salmon P

Bring back the favorites I am one who enjoyed being able to find my favorite stories easily

Peyton Hefner

Not enough Did not have enough

Josher 1

Extremely amazing Really good stories and realy scary ones

Diana Bishop

Would have given 5 stars but cannot login. I forgot my Login Name. It only has an option to reset password....

jorden hiscock

One thing This app is amazing, but once the "favourites" were taken out, I've had a harder time finding the stories I liked. If the favourites/stared option comes back, along with more story additions (more holders and SCP) this would be a perfect 5 in my book

Sky Brown

Signing in? I cannot find the favorites section at all or even an option to favorite a story. I had tons of saved stories that are now gone. I also don't like signing in every single time I open the app. What's the point of signing in anyways?

Chance Shay

I find it amazing how I can easily tap on the this app and scroll through my favorite stories and ones I haven't read before. It doesn't require an internet connection to read (thank you). This app isn't just about reading though, it has a chat room for talking to other readers, a gallery of photos that might give you a chill, and a top secret part that requires a pass code(s).

Death Raven

Awesomely amazing ....found out the secret code .....they said good luck ......I needed more luck than that . .. .. . .. .


OuO Creepypastas are my life so I love them so much! This app is awesome, Thanks for making it!

Nicholas Tucker

Awesomesauce Sweet app for creepypastas...the pictures really add to the stories.

Jeremy Mitchell

I like how i can write my own creepypastas


I really like this app.. BUT there's these notifications, it started as one and now it's at two and I can't make them go away! I've opened the app and opened every folder and thing on it and I may have to Uninstall it. I can't stand having notifications I can't review. Please help? I don't want to get rid of this over something so small.

Zyren Jay Delicana

I love this app!!i really love creepy pasta and this app has plenty of creepy pasta that i have not read before!! Before i am not a fan of SCP but now i love it,please put more stories and pictures pls.

Lluvianys Jesus

What's top secret thing? I enjoy my fair share of creepy pasta but i am very curious what the top secret thing does? (I really want the code lol)


I love it Im a big fan of creepypastas and when I'm not home this is the best app I can read creepypastas on.. It has no ads and also has all the scp and the holders creepypastas that I really enjoy

Heidi Bremner

Love it Love reading these when I go to bed but why the notifications? It's bit irritating. They're constantly there. Other than that, amazing. :)

Aman Chaudhary

Scary good! A pretty decent app it works even offline, but the stories... God! They are twisted. In simple words I Love this app.

toman ius

I was confused because it said missing Internet connection. Great app. Can you add the images as some kind of optional download?

Ruth Scott

Scary and awesome??? I aways love jeff the killer, eyeless,slender man and etc. These stories show stories I never heard before.

Joshua Miller

Excellent ! The best creepypasta app on the market . I love this app ! Highly recommended !

Dru Munoz

Lovr it But... i like the app and all but at first it is confusing on how to navigate aroubd the menus and all.

Jakkaru Daru

Awesome! Some of the best stories I've read! I uninstalled this a while back, and I finally reinstalled it. It seems better. I'll update if I find something. Thanks for listening, guys. :)

cheese face

Update added Spanish I changed it to 5


Great I loved it the only problem is that I don't know any of the top secret codes and don't know how to get them

Dinesh P.M.

Get it U don't need to sleep

Keith Thornton

Solid app, good customer service Thanks for fixing notifications ^^

Aaliyah Zapien

awesome just great

Loved it

Paulina Black

I just updated it today. It no longer crashes. Thank you, this is a good app

Calista Lim

I love this app a whole lot but when the app closes, for some reason the music is played out of nowhere! When I'm texting, watching a video or playing a game, the music would play by itself! It has been doing this for quite some time. Please fix it!

The Mighty Tryxxcalibur

Great but Great App!!! Only problem is if I try to read offline, it will crash halfway through me reading

susan moncrief

I love it!! Great Scary Stories!! Each story is a unique journey through the mind of it's Creator developed and well written for the readers pleasure . I especially like the categories SCP and the Holders. They aren't just unique, they are brilliant!!!

Ryan Brennan

No new stories Where are the new SCP's and The Holders series? They haven't been updated since December. There's been multiple updates to the app itself but no new stories.

nun ya

Loved it Its really great, nowadays its hard finding ceeepypasta stories to read, this app just makes it so much easier


Today is a great day to uninstall! Holy hell! I don't care if it's a great day to read a stupid pasta! At least make the messages creepy! Uninstalled, sick of that message.

monique masi

It would be nice if it would stop telling me to read a story every 2 seconds. I cant have my phone go off all the time even after i have turned notifications off.....

Kari Martin

It was ok It was ok for reading you could find a good story in about every 6 stories you choose from. I've had to uninstall the app multiple times because for some reason after it being on my phone for months, it starts giving me a notification saying hey today's a great day to read a story. And I kid you not because I've timed it, I get the notification every 10 minutes. It's not even worth dealing with anymore.

Sofia Rodrigues

I prefer the older version This app now spams with notifications and I can't find a way to turn them off. I'd there a way to install older versions?

Dante zuuL

Good but I like this a lot but i can never click on thr pics to see them enlarged at all. Fix this yoi get a perfect 5 star

Joshua O'day

I like it Its a good app im able to read it without the use of data or wifi both makes it well worth the five stars

Jordon stottlemyer

I love the app Please put ticci toby and clockwork on the app soon,they're my favorites

daniel kelley

Great It's a great app to read before I sleep. Intresting dreams bur still great

Kyana Metzgar

Best creepypasta and scary story app ever It allows you to read over millions of stories offline and you don't even have to download them, not a social app but an absolutely amazing reading one!! Definitely a great download!

Gavin's Gamin

Great I love reading these stories late at night ?


Who wrote these? Honestly, every story read like A 12 year old child's attempt at horror. The grammar was horrible, the descriptions were laughable and every story lacked any kind of proper pacing. I've read some seriously disturbing creepypastas in my time but every single one I clicked on in this app felt like it was written by a child trying to be scary. Sorry. Not good enough.

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