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12 Aug
Creation Science Evangelism

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Hey! This Earth is only a few thousand years old, the Bible is the Word of God and Adam and Eve were the first Humans ... Sound mad to you?

Watch these vids with an open mind and allow common sense to prevail!

Contact us via the app if you have any questions, God Bless you.

Whats new

    We've just added a Contact Us tab - so you can send us your praise or your concerns anonymously.
    Graphics upgrade on the Market. More Vids to come soon. Eric Hovinds Creation Minute will be added just as I've got 10 Minutes spare ...

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Derald Causey

Love the info, hate the app If the app were better this would be a five star rating.

A Google User

Science Science involves having testable theories. The theory that the earth is a few thousand year old ignores the fossil record and carbon datingfor a start

A Google User

Telescope / speed of light Have you guys thought about why it is you can see light from galaxies that is much older than the creation story? Knowledge is a good thing.

A Google User

Charismatic falsehoods Although saidwith conviction, the content of this app are either lies, falsehoods or misunderstandings. It woild be nice to assume they are from a man who misunderstands the evidence and findings in science, the subject he once toba degree taught, but I suspect that it is more to do with his rejection of everything which does not fit his desire for unsupportable biblical evolutiin to be true. In short he is either deluding himself or he is stupid, and wishes to either delude you or lie to you.

A Google User

App works well, but do your research regarding Hovind's claims Before enjoying this app, do a little unbiased reading about Kent Hovind. He's a very charismatic and articulate creationist, and flaunts his "scientific" background (diploma mill?). He's currently serving a 10-year sentence in federal prison for tax evasion. Virtually ALL of his creationist claims have long-since been debunked by science, yet vociferous and closed-minded followers have kept him going. Enjoy his engaging performances, but who to believe? Him? Or the entire world-wide scientific community?

Matthew Huber

Coolaid Anyone remember those intelligence tests you had to take to get into first grade? If you kept putting the block in the circle hole it meant you were retarded and needed special classes.. well this is kinda like that. If you believe this bs you are basically labeling yourself as a retard..

Jonathan Oman

Hovind is a liar & a crook It doesn't matter if you believe in Young or old Earth creationism, ID, or evolution, Hovind is a liar & should not be believed. He cherry-picks outdated, inaccurate research, misinterprets data & takes statements out of context to support his entirely disproven, crackpot theories that are less Godly than the science he attempts to refute. His mail order degrees are fake and the guys in federal prison. There are far better, more honest ID & creationist sources who use real science in their theories.

Frank Hopkins

Creation vs Evolution You guys who say science uses testable theories haven't really studied those tests, have you? Or saying that creation ignores the fossil records & carbon dating. Have you not heard just how horrifically flawed carbon dating is? Better do your homework. I've done mine!

A Google User

Paul in prison It is good to hear from Kent. God bless you. The Rome will go down soon, but paul's words will continue to capture history. :) see you at finish line (in Christ)

john lazaroo

Lots of good stuff! The theory of evolution is fundamentally flawed because of the Assumptions of Evolution which are conveniently overlooked. To have the basis of, so called, "facts" based on assumptions, is more a blind faith then believing in a creator. That's why it will stay a theory unless REAL intermediate species are found. At least where the Bible is concerned there is insurmountable archeological evidence that the people in the Bible were real. With evolution most of it is absolute guess work.

Mike Millsap

The Truth is amazing I love the fact that it shares the word of God. The only reason it has so many dislikes is because there tons of evolutionists hating on the app because it speaks the true creation account.

A Google User

Fundamental (!) Errors This is the worst fundamental app I have seen. Just full of opinion and no facts. I guess thats because they cant use facts. There is no conflict between beimg a christian and belief in evolution, or geology, astrophysics, chemistry, paleontology, physics, genetics, or plate tectonics to name just a few scientific areas that would have to fundamentally wrong if this app is right. Thats right, if these opinions are correct, then nearly ALL of science would have to be wrong (and much of it discovered by christians).

Joel L. Hammer

The Flintstones was NOT a documentary! Read a book! Educate yourself and stop being so arrogant to think that you with your dusty old book of fables have things figured out better than those with an education. Or simply pray that all the evidence that contradicts your silly ideas goes away... BAHAHAHAHA


What a Blessing this is!! Praise God for this ministry, it helped me so much! I once believed "EVERYTHING was created in Millions and Billions of years...." But now everything makes so much sense! I always wondered how "scientists" got that number, it was just a random pick that they chose to deceive everyone! It makes me sad that they are deceiving many with this insane theory (evolution) Especially the new generations to be! I hope they will come to know the TRUTH! Because Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6)

Nathalie Jones

Obama's a communist?! I was looking for INFORMATIONAL creation science, not recycled right-wing rhetoric. Uninstall...good riddance.

WD Selness

So happy to have this App Dr. Hovind, you are not only brilliant, articulate, confident and all together awesome and a true blessing. You are right on! God has his hand on you. THANK YOU!

Jo Chrisco

I like the layput anf provides me with biblical data Proporters of the darwinian "theory" have no theory but hypothesis. Theory requires repeatable results. If those that read the bible will learn quite abit about our world.

A Google User

Good information This is a must have app for anyone studying the vital subject of creation. Some persons hate this guy for what he does, he shows people how stupid evolution is with scientific evidence. Despite what he had been charged for, this is an excellent seminar.

Russ Warren

Ridiculous Completely ignores modern scientific fact. Great stuff for the ignorant and ill informed. Creationism is not science.

A Google User

6000 years Anyone who knows the Bible & Biblical history knows that man has been around 4 6000 years. Carbon dating is wrong and only shows something <2000yrs

Steve Meadows

Awesome Kent Hovind is THE man, 100% support for him..and this is a great app, shows what he writes monthly, links to his videos..very knowledgeable and strong

Todley Ann

Someone stop this lunatic I'd be ok with him leading so many dummies into crazytown, but some of them are precious to me. He is wrong. Evolution being true actually makes us all VERY special.

A Google User

RUDE DEVELOPER RESPONSE!!! I emailed the dev, because this app forces the screen into Portrait and like more people are getting, I have a Tablet physically connected to a KB Dock, so flipping it sideways to read the screen isn't an option. This being a Christian app, put out by "bornagainjonsey", I asked if when an update came out, he'd let the device decide which way the screen goes, like most apps, instead of forcing it, since it won't affect anyone wanting it in Portrait, but it would allow users like me to use the app, since we can't keep disconnecting the KB Dock every time we run the app. His first response was to tell me no update (not politely) and when I emailed again saying I didn't understand that attitude, he wrote back with; "I am not interested in your situation. Stop emailing me!". THAT WAS VERY RUDE!

Ken Gomes

Thank you! I never heard of Kent, his teachings, nor his current persecution for which he is in my prayers. Thank you for this app. It has been very helpful along with the online resources available to us. For me, the idea of which came first, death or sin has really settled it for me that evolution and Christianity are not compatible. Not to say I ever believed in such a ridiculous idea as evolution. That is, one species could evolve into a different species. I pray Kent will be released soon as his only crime is he is effective in proclaiming God's Kingdom.

A Google User

Lol @ the guy who cited Carbon dating as proof of an of earth. How was carbon dating tested for accuracy?

Kanina James

WTF?!? This is horrible! This NOT education! This fairy tales! DO YOU EVEN SCIENCE? Watch Cosmos, please...

Joshua E

Thanks Kent Hovind God bless you and your family. Thank you for the love and truth. Eric, keep up the good work. The salt of the earth. Jesus Christ is lord. I support you and will continue to spread the message. A lot of these evolutionist are blind, are hurting people with there theory, lies, and religion that claims to be science.. smh. I pray for there souls. I love you all. God bless

A Google User

Created or from monkey? Would you rather choose to be created by a powerful God or come from a monkey?

A Google User

Warning: A different viewpoint is discussed in this app. This app is for those who want to know why Creationists do not believe in the theory of evolution.

A Google User

Is this a joke?? Kent is an idiot who deserves to be in jail. No proof, circular logic, no understanding of science, holds fake degrees from some bible college. People please go out and read/learn!

A Google User

Frozen chozen This app is amazing. I love having this info with me. Kent Hovind's letters are so inpiring. The people saying bad things about the info in this app are brainwashed and need to understand what constitutes the difference between a scientific fact and a personal belief based on the available evidence.

A Google User

Good stuff Kent is a sharp mind. Except for messing with big govt. You would have to be a fool to believe in evolution.

A Google User

True If you take the time to do the research yourself you will find kents science solid. As for tax evasion, do the research it was a witch hunt built on a thin technicality .

Kevin Perry

Brilliant The truth the world can't stand! Love it!

A Google User

Stupid people You believe the bible book of life not kent hovind nor the science community of atheist

Aaron Blum

Great app! Keep it up, keep exposing evolution for the blind religion it is. More wholes than Swiss cheese. So glad this ministry exists!

wahlen Kanyandekwe

I enjoy this app! For the way to lust is wide and easy to get onto. It was, it is, and it will always be hard to be a Christian nowadays. Thanks for sharing this app.

A Google User

Dave You are assuming that the fossil record and carbon dating is actual assumption free science.

A Google User

Worst app ever Kent Hovind is a scam artist even after being thrown in jail got fraud.

Mark Anderson

Creation doesn't ignore the fossil record It invalidates it. The fossil record is based on assumptions that are false. Piles of scientific data proves it wrong. Circular reasoning is not science.

Jonathan Giese

Good info but terrible app I definitely support the creation side of the origins debate, but this app needs some real help. It was OK before but now it isn't really working at all. I know there are bigger projects being worked on by CSE but please get someone to fix this or it might be better to pull it all together.

Erik Mueller

None of the pages had information Every single page was blank except the main giving newd updates...was super excited for a hovind app, but not working.

liechen Laurens

Hi there !☺ Help? Im having problems with connection .. I get Errors all the time.. ?

ops4Christ daily

Unfortunate It's unfortunate the app doesn't work. I've been following Dr. Kent Hovind's work for while now and have been utterly impressed. The app simply doesn't work.

Peter Cordi

I love CSE and Hovind (both of em) but... The app no longer has any articles on it. If I click on anything, it says resource not found. Also- to the atheists writing reviews- you need to do some creation science research. Dr. Hovind answers this stuff all the time.

Raymond Poehl

We need more ppl like Dr Kent Hovind. There is a war going on and we are out numberd. Evolution is a fairy tail for ppl who dont wanna have rules, or are scared of a creator.

Marty Ravenhurst

These videos do in fact address carbon dating, the fossil record, and light from galaxies. They are well-researched, and total a wonderful resource. That's just from 7 part the seminar which is 3 hours for each part, then there are many more resources beyond that. But the App is not currently loading any videos. You only get text news updates. Go find the videos and watch them. They're worthwhile.

Jeemon Thomas

Good I didn't believe in creation. I was an atheist . But when I met Jesus christ the world began to unfold before me. Thanks.

Xavior Lawless

Disgusting!! Don't download 'creationism' is not and never has been a science. Your be a fair few braincells less after downloading this occultist propaganda!

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