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20 May
Create A Superhero HD

Posted by TheParodyNetwork in Casual | May 20, 2016 | 140 Comments

Apk file size: 20.0 MB

Create and Customize your Superhero. Choose a female or male character. Change suits, masks, capes, boots, gloves and symbols on your character. Discover and create your own Superhero.

- Slide to the right for extra skin colors.
- Slide downward to save a .jpg image of your superhero to your phone.

Whats new

    - Added new hair styles for both superheroes for In-App Purchase.
    - Added Fire Eyes.
    - Swap to the right,left,up for extra customization.
    - Swap downward to save a .jpg image of your superhero to your phone.

TheParodyNetwork part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 20, 2016. Google play rating is 63.5462. Current verison is 3.0.6. Actual size 20.0 MB.

Download create-a-superhero-hd.apk 20.0 MB


masooma aseer

Hi Wish i could put it in tv

Paige Hill

Hated it All you do is make the superhero

Peyton Sugden

Stupid All u do is customize. I don't get the fact that its a kids game but really, those outfits???

Nikkolas Headspeth

Broke phone The only reason why you are saying it was bad is because your phone is broken


My opinion It sucked I hated it call that a game I'd rather get a nose job on a roller coaster!!!!!!

Cece Bestman

This game sucks I'm not trying to be offensive or anything but seriously this game could have been better. Then again I have my own reasons to hate this game while someone else could love it.

Kimberly Miller

madonnaldciccione Strong female with business savey and sexual prowess..

Jesse Foust

Jesse Foust It wouldn't even save .It shouldn't even be in the App Store.

Dayseye Quinn

Racist When u click on Asian it turns out the character yellow

kole bloomer

What are you supposed to do after you create your hero?

Antwone Grisby

Ohh Ohh kind of sucks because you can't save your hero

Lew and Khi Lewis

U can't do Jack after u create yo superhero

Aryan Chaube

Sucks Please create more types of logos and everything in it!!!

Spence Ainsworth

Need more stuff Needs more stuff but really this is for kids and the girl outfits??

Arshaun Cheeks

Really Stupid What's the point plus why does the race have to racist like for African American its says black

Tim Riggins

No save Was hoping to post to Facebook

Jacob Kitchens

No What's up with the girls outfit

Leigh Burgoyne

I HATE THIS GAME Why it is so not cool !!!

Sophia Peveler

Very sexy very‼ I put four stars because to sexy my so would be like wow!!

Dhananjay singh

lovely day l like this game most likely

Abdi Abokar

Not bad But it needs more stuff

ezzat ezzatboy

Not bad But it works

Mohammed Zakaria

worst game EVER i would put zero if you coud it is lame

Zack Tuck

Cool It's not the bst

The Ray Family

Good This game was fun

michelle barry

Terrible, has no choice

Dakota Rogers

Stupid This game is dumb you need to add more stuff!

Ryan Cook

It's racist

Attivor Ernest

More costume It would have been better if It had marvel heroes and DC universe costumes

Vis Moore

SuperStupid Awway! What kind of game is this?! Like if you really look at the women's body you can see her looooooonngg boobs!

Azrael Hillyer

3 stars because... Its cool, I guess, it just doesn't have that many options. It needs more color options and variations. Also on the gloves and boots, there should be an option to only have one of them on, and needs more accessories, besides these few things the game is good, just missing some stuff before it can be a solid 5 star game.

Ashley Velazquez

Cool.... I guess It is cool but you can't save it

Ella Kartey

Create a superhero I liked it a little,but I'm disappointed that you can't make another superhero

Light Speed

Pretty good Nice app, but would be better if you could save your custom hero.

Aimee Senik

I think there should be more choices for the woman.

I_Call_Army_105 Deathboy

Racist This game is really offensive y does it have to be racist

april wilson

FUN Loved it nice app

Lavonda Mcgill

Create a super hero Awsome

Ankita Patel

Cool I am a girl but still love Superhero

David Broy

David Awesome

julynda baum

I HATE its

Lillian DuShane

It is very slow and it is the worst game in the world. I would never play this game again in my whole in tire life. Never ever ever play this game again

Sarah Keller

Awesome Awesome

James hext

No action It's a nice, it allows you to create a hero, but it doesn't let you go any further than just creating the hero itself. I think at the very least this game should let you take your hero for a flight test and also get into some battles. I'm uninstalling this app

Morgan O'Brien-Bledsoe

CREATE a superhero Not PLAY a superhero. To many stupid people expecting what isn't offered.

David King

OK You can create a hero but you can't play as him

Maliyah Belk

Awesome It is cool I made a dope superhero

sagar sachdev

Creating your hero is so much fun I can make my super hero the way i lije it to be. Good graphics, better concept

Nevaeh Schmidt

Boarding!!!!? It's really boring !! No fighting crime I'm installing this app right away!!!!!!!!! ¡

Lps jellobean

;^; horrible I should really start reading these sorts of things! This made my cry it frustrated me so much, maby try a bit harder i know how hard it is to make games but really

Jacob Gillot

Awesome game So awesome you really get to move and fly with your character by pressing the thumbs up button i am not lying at all it really does make you move and fly your superhero it is awesome and cool that is why i love it so much it really is awesome really it is so awesome and amazing and extremely cool really it is cool and good and awesome that is why im talking about it so much that is why i have been writing about it for an hour really a hole hour

Jonathan Okey

It's great It doesn't make a lot of adds and its just fun

Rachel Hacker

HORRIBLE! Worst app ever so much less stuff for the females plus the body types for both genders look horrible, if you want to waste your time or rage quit, then this is your app

Yash Sharma

Add Little More and then it's ok There should be more option in female regarding costumes ,face ,gears etc it can be improved

Mehmet Citak

I love it there are so many options but I can't save the heroes that I made

karen kearney

So much fun! Great job..thanks! I love the options and creativity and music...way to go:)

mikayla the little kitten

BORING BORING BORING ETCCC This is so boring like all you get to do is costumize like so boring and also you need to put a update??????????

benjamin timitimi

Not that bad And please I cant save the heros I created. Fix it and I will rate 5star

Dylan Sizer

Please make more of this type of game! I love these games and I don't have money to pay for Minecraft so please don't make it to where you have to pay for it! Thank you very much for the game!?????:)

Juan Lopez

Lier job gillot I tried it and it didn't work

Furious Flame

So sexually wrong For the heroine you should take out all the suits that make them look like strippers . You should also put more symbols for both genders . The pose for the heroine also makes them look like a pole dancer . The heroes should have a cyborg option . The heroines should have a Jewellery option. You should also be able to gives your heroine/a power and name . You should also be given a height option. You should also be to be able to create a villain as well . Also add a option to save or destroy metropolis.

тнє яυву gαмιиg

Cool but some suggesions: 1. Add a play button after you make the hero/heroine to save the world 2. Add more stuff. 3. More suits

Deo Mutonkole

Its ok It can be better and the brown color can there be a lighter


Awesome game took pictures made a girl superhero her name is....superhero hahahaha Loved it so much

Kendarius Ward

So ? cool Of you want to save your hero just screenshot it make a villan look on a different hero and imagine them fighting with there powers


It's alright I just think their should be more features.

Katheryn Valverde

It sucked U can barely make a real looking character.

Rangel Diaz

Jacob is rig its real its so cool Omg I got to fly!!!!!


No Haha haha ... No. It makes women look like strippers and the spandex, no. Not every super hero wears it women can wear pants. Pants can be sexy, give her some pants guys. It sucks. Don't recommend. At all.

Dante Van Sluytman

This is so cool I never want to stop

Christopher Wratchford

Really good Awesome so cool

Dorion Young

It's cool Well it was ok but it only lets you choose what he/she was wearing.

Keavin Greene

Nice game Bunny breast for girls stupid boy stuff soo needs update

Lucy McCartney

Loved it Soo good you can choose your outfit and lots more it's soo cool...

Tenyson 0108

It should be able to move and fly we can choose any superpower , attack

Penny Mint

Really? This is just plain stupid. Not a game at all. You just click to change outfits, that's it.

ultimate skylander fan boy 789

Give it a chance I don,t really care how bad they do at least they put some good into it

Brandon Wallace

Wow Its actually cool other than the rest nice game dudes

Mandi Walter

Can't save Idk why but you can't save your hero

Leon Mc Quaid

Ok On the next update can you make a supervillen

unggung dhewa Nuragha

nice this unique concept, i can modify the super hero character to be what i want, haha

Narayanan Narayanan

I Like This We will Create The Superhero I' t. Looks Superve Ya Super App 100% Super

David Akrofii

awsome you may not be able to fight with your hero but the fact that you can design one is pretty cool

Luis Shorty

What the????? U cant evan fight with your hero it sucks big fat black dick?

Marhana Susan

Marvel-ous Marvel characters are captain America ironman war machine and Hawkeye. There is an iron spider mask too

Artan krasniqi

So cool! I like it because I made one so cool I love the game!

Green Cyclopz

Didn't like it :(

Dwayne Jones

The worse It just let me create a super hero

Dave Kelly

I don't mind it

Angel Vidales

Angel Awesome

Matthew Pascall

Good but... Once you have made your superhero you can't do anything you can't do anything :( please fix! If you can do something how and what?

brent barnard

Crazy cool game This is very cool definitely

Marcus Armstrong

Awesome???? When I'm in my superhero it was awesome???

Lucy Bryan

Bored It gets boring

Aiden Alexander

Love the update It has a lot of new stuff however its not all is unlocked you can buy it though

Maya Reemtsen

Ugggggghhhhhh! Who needs this?! Its sooooo boring! Feedback: "What a piece of junk!" (From star wars ep. 4)

Isra Isaacs

So dumb This game is boring I want to create a game called blue sky whale only for R2 but how do I create a whale and the whole game please who ever reads this reply please thank you

Brenda Mireles

Awesome??????????? This is so coooooooooooooooooooooooooooool u get to make your own superhero

Aleksandr Cherneoglo

Awesome It is fun

Jada Hayes

It sucks It's boring!!!!!!!

angieegirl 135

Not worth it Even I can draw better super heroes than these!

Sebastian Schoeff

Pretty cool But how do you save people?

Joyce Reid

Good but room for improvement There is no done button

Max keft-gill

Love this game guys but the problem is that you're not allowed to save your superhero. Even if its thw best superhero you've ever made it wont let you save it.

Ronald Gourley

Awesome Awesome game but it should let you play your character

Unstoppblesoccerkid Fox

I like it but dont get. It How to save the superhero

Colette Peteet

stupid game do not get this game you do not get to actually play

Christopher Brown

Epic The birth of the Blue Blur#gohomeflash

Shy LeSage

L You save it by holding the person down

Cheyenne Best

Totally agree! True that Ronald

Maha jr

Cool but Its awesome but i cant save the picture in my phone

Laura Kutchera

This game is fun For the people into super hero's this is a fun app to play with

Amber Golden

Bad you can not save it

Rishabh Goel

Pagalpan 5 star from down

greg wheater

Ok I liked it

Steve Wiedeman

This game has no point

Adanne Anele

So cool I had the best time ever

Naomi Lurie

It is boring

ashpreet Singh

EXELLENT Brilliant game ever

Austin Potter

stupid this sucks

Liz Pavoloka

Ehhh fun but I like the app her much but the female choices are bland and could use a lot more vereity and why is the choice setup different then male that should also be the same other then that I enjoy it a lot

Caleb Pepper

Pretty neat It's pretty cool I guess

sai Bidwai

Loved it It is very interesting game .....

Stephen Senn

I love this game I am going to die because this game


Almost good? See this is for the people who say that you can't save in the game but you can just swipe down. But this isn't what I'm talking about it's that i can't play with it but you can save it if you saved it what are you going to do with it so I say 4 st⭐r So I think 1 problem makes it one missing st⭐r. So can any one tell me how to play with it if you know.???

Colette Hindle

OK BUT You can't give your super hero magic powers and you can't save it ? I'm so deleting this game

Frederico F. Iglesia-Adorno

It could have been better, with super powers & extraordinary abilities, but, I give it rhree stars. It may need to be improved by giving the characters significance.

Nice game ???? I really really liked the game. It's kind of inspiring to me. To people who say they can't save their hero you can just screen shoot it & crop what don't want. ???????

Christopher Doughlin

Is not thay fun We are looking for a while to get your hands free

scorpion sting

Great Guys...u can save ur work...just swipe down in the middle of ur superhero picture

karen knouse

Its ok but it needs to be more like a game u make a hero and save the earth and so on so forth

Sireesha Tenneti

its some - some ok. i made some legendary superheroes but can't save it pls work on this function

Christopher Patrick

Liked it This is fun but I wish I had all of it unlocked

autumn Lee

Wonder women It is awsome I would recommended it to anyone

dylan Purdy

Love the idea of what you want to put in the game

Landon Laython Twins

Cool There's no done button

Alexis Mcbride

Cool I think it is a great game

Duncan Stephenson

CASH To infinity and beyond.


Eli Awesome. I love it because I can be as creative as I want

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