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24 May
Crazy Quiz

Posted by ZANORG in Trivia | May 24, 2016 | 198 Comments

Apk file size: 18.0 MB

Can you complete the 100 levels?
General knowledge, skill, reflexes, memory ... All your skills will be put to the test!

Each lost level takes you to the previous level, but it will have changed in the meantime!
Fortunately, little games are there to relax... or make you even crazier :)

Good luck!

ZANORG part of our Trivia and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update May 24, 2016. Google play rating is 88.0077. Current verison is 1.0.6. Actual size 18.0 MB.

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Camo Coffey

It does what it says It will drive you completely nuts. It's insanely difficult but, worse, it's boringly repetitive. The levels are predetermined, you can't save your progress at all, so you have to repeat everything - over and over again. I wouldn't mind if the levels were random, so you're playing different minigames each time, but the same ones every time is just painful. Could have been a fun (albeit evil) game but ends up frustratingly unenjoyable.

Mycah Long

Lol Look fun because I am crazy,but it makes me soo mad

Tony B.

Fun, but... Graphics aren't always clear to where u can't always see the questions.

Kamahri Hunter

Its very annoying but really fun and educational Install this game

mackenzie wells

Great little game little frustrating on some levels like the one where u navigate an airplane, but otherwise,enjoyable

Aakanksha Verma

Okay Okay Nothing much advancements from its predecessor except some additional levels and graphics

Rebecca Lord

Good but very frustrating

Razzial.Prince.Darkness Silverstream

Pretty good Just needs to be where u don't have to restart all the time

Kayleigh Murphy

Fun and addictive Needs more jokers.

Cory Brace

Hard Some questions are very hard

MjASEN Legendary

Whammy Cool and it will screw with u

Lindsey Kirkley

This game is really fun.

Leonard Haynes

This is ? This game is dumb specialiy level 3

Marcella Caldwell

It is so cool I love all the chalenge and fun fun i love it

Jolynn Tacho

Game It a good game

Crystal Larson

Definitely challenging

Alisa Lauder


Seris Castillo

Changlle The game is really a good changlle game

Daniel Fakhoury

Very addictive

Erwin van Mazijk

It kept asking for a 5 star rating So here is your 2 star rating, don't bribe me to give 5 stars for some jokers.

Thadde Mahmourian

Would be a lot of fun If it didnt keep crashing after a few minutes forcing you to start over. Both on Xperia Z2 tablet and on HTC One M8

mackenzie marshall

Awesome! I love this game! I am already addicted!

Deanna White

Very fun. Makes me think. Wish you could save a little more often.

Hishaam Ahmad

Super game.. not so difficult but not so easy also

Stephen Archer

Annoying but addictive

Jennifer Sanders

Crazy quiz Wish there was an un-timed mode

Shantal Hingoo

I only rated this 5 to get my free jokers

Lukas Halac

Crashing It turn off always when you complete level 7

Cici Clark

Yay Good game but I just want 3 free jokers

Erik Ryan

Last level is bugged. I finished level 100, but instead of awarding the achievement and some kind of end screen, it just goes black and I have to hard exit out of the game. When I try and go back in, though, I have the medal for level 100, but still no achievement. This bug is the only thing taking away the 5th star for me.

Edmonde Lichfield

Hardest game, but AWSOME!!!!!!!! Its so hard, fun, and CRAZY!!!!!!!

Emillilly Gallagher

Crazy quiz Love it ...addictive. Lots of fun and lots of various challenged. I took a star off as I got to level 31 and when I restarted the game it made me start again at level 25.

Gregory Griesbacher

Great game Addictive and fascinating. There should be an option to save, though.

Jaswant Kainth

Too easy This game is really fun and addicting, but it's too easy add some more levels and I will rate it 5 stars.

a Smythe

Flood game but into writing review

Angie Lam

Omg So hard but so fun!!

Rajat Bhatnagar

Jhakass .Awsome game

Dave Bradley

Really good fun

Vanessa Tipton

Enjoy it very much It just keeps crashing...then you have to start all over.

Tracy Whitehouse

Great daft little puzzles! Love how short each puzzle is, wish that there were a couple more thresholds as I am only getting to 33 and then losing and ending up back at 27 so can't get any higher so I can start at a higher level next time. No qualms at all except for that! Really great puzzle, some dead easy, some a nightmare! That flipping plane is my nemesis at the moment, which is what makes me wish I could remove a level or permanently skip it as I am fed up of not getting past. But great fun x

Weatherman Caleb

Confused about the checkpoint How come when I get passed level 25 and it says checkpoint I go back down if I get the answer wrong? Shouldn't it keep repeating at level 25?

Rusell Diaz

Addictive Drives me mad at some point due to some crazy activities ahahahah

Pronob Bose

Really it is going make u mad

Medina Aliyah

should remember what our teacher in elementary school said..

Cheryl Lowery

Totally screwy fun

Farah Raihana

Highly recommended!

Casey Krohn

I love it it's great

Mackenzie Trimm

Awesome I absolutely love this game!

Brendan Rinn

Great game really pulls you in

Candida Dsouza

Loved it

Fouroz Scoop

Fun This game is annoyingly fun

Tayyaba Chowdary

Time based Time based and very limited time given for an activity... Thus at times one may have to guess rather than do the computation himself ( which is otherwise simple)... Not sure how much brainy work this is...

Sarah Schwichow

Amazing and Addictive!! I played continuously for about a week and finally beat level 100!! My favorite game ever! It did drive me a little crazy and I would yell at my phone ?, but totally worth it. I'm kind of sad that I beat it and the game is over but you can go back and pick levels you want to play again. Great job with this game!!!

Marie-Ange Nader

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Hayden Pride

Addictive and Challenging Tis game is awesome abd I love all the challenges abd how many levels there are

jayda hatten

They give two possibilities to say "I love you" in Spanish but count one of them wrong. Te quiero is the "correct answer". And the plurals level (~75) needs to be fixed.


Cool Love it but it is annoying how it does not save level

Ashley Anderson

I enjoy the challenge!!!! It is a fun, but frustrating game lol. I hate the ads, any ads for that matter, but they never interrupt the game just when you pass a level, other then that I enjoy it (This game). I made it to 64, however I used all my jokers but the cool thing is you can watch videos for more, and I received 3 jokers just for rating it. That's alright by me good work Devs.

Najae Maguta

Good game Good game to keep you busy. Frustrating when you lose the same level six times in a row.

Ilinca Birsan

Cool but.... It is awesome and it has tricky questions but it doesn't save the question ur on if u exit the game. For example : I was on level 35 then I quit the game , but when I go back on it says u have to start from level 25 ......??? That makes me super angry that u did it up to lvl 35 but then have to start again and all of ur effort is deleted.. ??

Shaleen Bittle

Well titled It's a good game to play with a partner for a laugh on a boring day. My hubby & I found ourselves playing until we made it to the end just because we're stubborn like that lol.

Life With Lise

It's really addictive It's run but a really hard game. It starts you over if you get one wrong and it's frustrating but it's fun.

Nicole Villanueva

Too fast Sometimes the app goes too fast and doesn't give u tI'm to even read the questions

Talia Vanevenhoven

Awesome One of the best games I have downloaded. It is challenging and fun!!! AMAZING!!!!!!?

Paul Balkos

At level 100 its just a black screen :( now I know why its called crazy quiz its because you can't complete it ha ha very funny :(

Trey Smith

SO ADDICTING BUT SO CHALLENGING. When I got this game it started out pretty easy BUT then the levels got harder and harder. Its super fun and I reccomend it to everyone.

Kerry Bennett

Ok It's a really great game but it doesn't save it when your done so you have to do it all over again

Gazelle Anne R. Fernandez

Like it a lot. :) It is so challenging, driving me mad everytime i had to go back because of a wrong answer but i like how the games are simple and understandable.. keep it up!

Baltimore Nation

Crazy is an understatement!! The title says it all. I have gone mad plenty of times so far, but it's fun and addictive and keeps me on my toes. Love it.

Kim Vincent

Challenging for sure This game is going to drive me crazy just like it says! But in a good way. Its fun.

Robin Harrold

It's a little to fast. Doesn't give you enough time to read the directions.

Jordyn Benson

pretty good game!! Haven't found a game that keeps NY interest for more than a half hour..but this game I downloaded two hours ago & haven't stopped since. The only reason I've stopped is bc the game asked me to rate them & write a review for something in the game for free so I figured why not ! Any way definitely a good game I love it. Only reason I gave it four stars instead on five is bc of all the ads. They aren't bad though, mostly just things you can exit out of that pops up and sometimes a video that go for 30 seconds.

Liana Lee

Totally n Completely Pointless Timelessness FUN! Just useless pointless fun that can last as quick or as long as you'd like it to. Have fun XOXOXOXO.

Emila Nikol

Really nerve racking Its very addicting and fun but, when I click on something right it doesn't count because it freezes. This happened like 8 times already.

Verlie Ward

Fun but frustrating too! Fun but frustrating too. Addicting.

Mr Impotent

Great fun but some small tweaks Add a level reset button because i find it irritating to use the minus button alllll the way back to level 1 from level 100! More questions also that'd be good

Fred Manhart

Fun Fun Fun not fun Fun Fun This is fun most of the time some levels so hard not fun. Some so easy not fun. Most just right.

Debbie Meigs

Outrageous Game I love this game! It is so fast that you don't have time to think, you just react. It tests your intelligence and ability to make quick decisions before the time runs out. I have also learned alot of interesting facts. You won't be let down!

Caitlin Stockman

Omg i hate it so much yet i love it! God its frustratingly amazing. You hate it so much yet its so addictive and you just can't stop!! Lol well done guys!!!!

Kaelynne Gurnell

Good Exciting yet frustrating

jaime brown

Good so far Wish there was a few more seconds to add option on some of the questions

Tom Reed

Fun Good fun. Enjoying so far. Very tricky

Gurpreet Kaur

Perfect Ability Challenge Great gameplay with Time bound levels which improves the ability to handle stress + Smart Questions.

Nancy Rickhoff

Freezes Twice now I got into the 30s and it froze making me start over.

Carla Woodhall

Crazy Totally fun and quirky game. Very addictive and annoying!

Alicia Singletary

Different Its fun different when you want a change or get tired of the same old casino games

Bryan Valentine

Keeps starting over Hate that the game keeps starting over at level 1 when you leave the game for anything!

Arpit Singh

It's temporarily good. Time pass but sometimes irritating

Kris Thomas

Awesome Game Very fun, one of the best games I've played in a long time.

Susanne van Erp

Fun Fun! It drives me mad, because I am very bad at certain puzzles :)

Christine Mohrman

I like playing the different types of games. I never know what is next.

LaLa Land

Boring There are many pop up ads and its just a regular quiz game

Angela Smith

It's driving me nuts. I love it

lucia abril Ruiz

Really nice But I need more timeee

Princess Nova Cabahog

Fun fun fun! Challenging but fun! Time pressure adds to the difficulty.

Ronan Jennings

Good fun. Well made

Chimonay Roodt

Love it! Crazy is quiz is makin me crazy! ??

David Roberge

Awesome app Hard enough and I learned a couple of things on the way to completion.

Angelique Ch

It does make you crazy but it's so addictive

stoney perez

Love this game! This game is so addicting.

richard hertz

Challenging You need a bit of time to get what your supposed to do.

manasi mankatty

Good for keeping your mind and brain active

Kaiden Quick

Just started so far.... It's ok....

filza fatima

A very captivating game! Loved it

jaco van der merwe

Quiz Makes you mad but you will still love it.

Angela Koster

Fun But will drive you nuts

John B. D'Ambrosio

Design could do with one less item. The timer ruins the game and makes some levels completely impossible. Objective is to have fun, not implausible scenarios. (Review did not change only number of stars did, they went down-customer service says that "THAT IS WHY IT'S CALLED CRAZY QUIZ". No real answers....

Marissa Giles

Very challenging levels and helps you learn a thing or two. Doesn't leave you mad hahaha xxxx

Alex Conrod

Challenging Addicting , fun, and awesome some lag problems but other than that this app is awesome. Also I dispise how it doesn't save your score, for example I was on level 20 and I got out of the app to take a break when I got back in the app it took my back to level 0, and that's messed up! It should save your score...

Alvi Islam

Good game Good but need more jokers ..seriously ! The game should have 5 jokers at the start . Gets hanged ..... A LOT . I have to close and restart the game all the time . ?

Sandy Buffkin

Greart game - annoying bug! This is a great, fast paced game that had me hooked almost immediately. Problem is, randomly the screen will get screwy and cause any text (questions, answers, instructions, EVERYTHING!) to be covered by white/or colored blocks, and obviously unreadable. This of course causes me to lose the level (and even worse, forces me to go back and redo the last one ~ DOUBLE FRUSTRATING!

Jessica Skokan

Only thing that needs fixing is the ad pop ups, other than that it's very fun!

Nicole Wolfe

So fun Great game but.....some are very tough, especially when you are from the US & everything is in miles not kilometers. Those kilometer questions are the toughest!

Devanshi Agrawal

Every time I stop playing and play after a few hrs I need to start from level 1, who's gonna have the time to play 100 levels in 1 go

Navil Nagda

Superb app It's a superb app to judged you how quickly u respond with ur intellectual skills....

Salman Tuasene

Like Seriously... Really liked the game concept and pretty much everything! :D

Hayley Densley

Great game very addictive Would have given 5stars but it's annoying u have to start over every time u play the game... would be so much better if it saved to the level you've reached

Kockn Haah

XXX Finally entertainment a girl can wrap her sexuality around without gratuitous nudity, thank you!

Katie Dahna

Love it Pretty fun game. Addicting and irritating at the same time.

Bhairavi Shah

Fun but crazily annoying when you can't get past the breaking the brick level ?

Gayatri Kethanapalli

Loved this game. Gets you hooked?

Princess Nova Cabahog

Fun fun fun! Challenging but fun! Time pressure adds to the difficulty. Wish there were more check points

Colton Stewart

I dont even know Its definitely challenging i dont like those questions like what is the capital or which painter but otherwise its great

Steven Granada

Good game overall, don't like the whole checkpoint thing. But other than that it passes the time quite nicely.

Megan Hardiman

This game kills time. And you can get addicted

Jenni Proffitt

Would have given 5 stars if you could save your progress.

jessie stephenson

Brilliant Better than most quiz games. Some levels are a bit tricky and others simple

chesca guballa

Awesome! ? Totally addicted to this game without getting mad haha

Aulia Rahmadhiyan

This could be fun and frustrating at the same time

Jasmine Ewing

Just for the jokers I rated just for the jokers but good game btw

Evangeline Abela

Super hard but super fun. well, maybe not super. but it's a good challenge.

Grace Richards

Fun! Great way to kill time

Sky Adkins

amazing quiz that keeps you on y I ur feet

Courtney Emmett

Good game addictive and annoying haha

Kathy Cline

Don't care for time element. Want to enjoy not be pressured.

shalondia bland

Tricky You would have to be a really smart and intelligent person to play game and it would sometimes make me wanna cry because I can't pass level 14. It's really tricky and complicated too.

archana verma

This game is really crazy and cool I loved it

Jennifer Dominguez

Like the game It's a fun but challenging thinking game

Natasha Williams

Really good game it really helps time fly by

Alex R.

It was nice I like the game. It's competitive, fun,and thrilling.

Melissa Baritell

Makes you really think fast! Great game!

Courtney Crayton

Fun This is challenging and fun like the Impossible Quiz was!

Dragon Eyes

This is really crazy kinda app.. all in all i loved it!!!! Keeps u busy for quite a long time.. m on level 77 n still excited... ?

Shreyah Kairava Ramluckan

Fun but needs to change a little each time

Joshua Evers

Nice! Nice app fun but very annoying?

Moon Jack

Timed puzzles suck This would be awesome if it didn't give me less than two seconds to solve a puzzle

BriAnna Lebron

Omg confusing But fun and annoying??

Agrawal Yukta

Good but hard It covers topics and questions that u have never heard of....

sava alot

BEST GAME EVER Best game ever but beware this game might make you mentally insane

Joyce Gonzales

Haven't really play much yet but what I have is ok

Jada Langston

Addictive "Lots Of fun. I play it whenever i need to kill time."

Sneha Kurup

Its too cool?? It is nic but very difficult

Tamra Weston

It's ok I guess it's alright. Not overly impressed.

Rob Opp

Crazy quiz When I pause it freezes and starts me over more than 20 levels back! THAT SUCKS!!

Anjuman Lovely

Cool app This is so cool

Kerry Jarema

Really good puzzles onli thing i find annoying is when you get 1 wrong you keep goin back a level but overall a brill game

Sareesha Beharilal

Awesome addictive game! Love it

Jana Dannaoui

Great game but hard tho very challenging maybe too challenging.

Lyka Labrada

Will reay make you go mad This game is super fun and challenging!

puchakayala sandeep kumar

Crazy Too fun nd too irritating

Argy D.

A.D. Changed my rating. Sick of having to start over whenever I leave the game. Will be uninstalling.

Don Neale

Crazy Quiz I love this game! You're on the clock and face games requiring different skills. This game will keep you on your toes!

Rimshaa Rafi

Nice game but annoying ?

kayla jones

Starting They could give us a better place to start

Vanessa Gonzalez

Exciting Is challenging but addictive I love it.

Trisha Boo

Only 2 seconds to solve a question dumb Boring lack of interest

Puteri Nur Shafeeqah

I like it Its great.. but more jokers would be fun

Jade Timmins

Miss t Really good game

Amira Stallworth

Fun I love this game. Its kinda frustrating at times though.


Fun Quick and fun

shravan kumar

Really crazy Yo!! Finished the game in about 3.5 hours..

Sara Oranchak

Addictive Definitely need game

Kiesha Tann

Needs more time to answer

Marc Roberts

Good fun Mind blowing

Rica Jerene Maravilla

Good but with some room for improvement. It's a good game except for some parts that I personally didn't like (just an opinion, this can vary from others), like the break the block, catch the balls and the one where you're supposed to follow the circle thing with your finger. The game also has some minor glitches like the choices doesn't really match their assigned circles / squares / whatever, but again, this can vary from other people maybe my phone platform just does not suit well with the game. Other than that, it is pretty entertaining.

Misty Martin

I start to panic by Lv10! I love quiz and trivia apps, and this one is the best because its different than most. I made it to Lvl 25 the last time I played, which was such a relief since the game saves at that point and I would never have to play Levels 1-24 again!! Of course, I experienced my 1st problem with the game today when I realized my game started back at Level 1, even though I'm signed into Facebook and Google!! Its more annoying than anything today but I'm worried it will keep happening! That's why 3 Stars.

Sarah Schwichow

Amazing and Addictive!! I played continuously for about a week and finally beat level 100!! My favorite game ever! It did drive me a little crazy and I would yell at my phone ?, but totally worth it. I'm kind of sad that I beat it and the game is over but you can go back and pick levels you want to play again. Great job with this game!!!

Kayla Van Nierkerk

Actually very addictive This game does make me wanna go mad!!! Cuz you fail so much and have to think so fast but still you cant put the phone down. Very much enjoyed

Kristin S

ADDICTING Great game to pass time. Ive had it for a week and am stuck on level 75-78. Itll definitely drive you crazy at times but in a good way!

Ayesha sibeko

Addictively frustrating! Worth the download but be prepared to go nuts after like seven levels. Only reason it didn't get five stars is because it kicks you back when you get the level wrong.

Fan Girl

Addicting !!! But most trivia question are based on American pop culture. Not everyone follows that stuff so it can get a bit irritating but over all amazing game

Marissa Giles

Very challenging levels and helps you learn a thing or two. Doesn't leave you mad hahaha xxxx

ibrahim mohammed

Addictive It's good but sometimes it asks some unknown and weird questions which r difficult to answer in such short time. But it is a good game.

Jamere Cherry

To many adds. The adds pop up way to much. If there wasn't so many it would be more enjoyable

Celsey Curley

Awesome When I first downloaded this quiz I thought there's no way I'll get annoyed at a quiz I was wrong its very annoying but a amazing time killer

Rhys Jeffery

Boring! Got bored of doing the same questions over and over again!

tara Kennedy

Addictive,fun and maddening all rolled into one. Good way to past the time.

Tschan Hagai

Fun game It's really fun! It takes forever but it's worth it in the end and if you were like me you would want to play it again

Martin Tanner

Addictive and infuriating but utterly brilliant. More please!

Goutham Krishna

Cheating at last ?... The game didn't finish

srujan kumar reddy kalluri

Awesome This game is very good with lot of simple questions which we are not aware of.... Nice one addictive

Limmea Whitley

Don't know yet Its ok

adedeko simbiat

Crazy I can't help but keep playing. It's frustrating but enjoyable

cassandra chalcraft

Crazy fun Fun games to kill time and challenging, two thumbs up!!

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