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14 Dec
Crazy Quilt Solitaire

Posted by Pulado Games in Card | Dec. 14, 2013 | 76 Comments

Apk file size: 13.0 MB

As unusual as it seems, Crazy Quilt is a challenging and fun solitaire game. Using 2 decks of standard playing cards, your goal in this game is to move all cards to the 8 vertically arranged foundations on the left and right of the screen. The 4 foundations on the left should be built up by suit from A to K, while the 4 foundations on the right should be built down by suit from K to A. When the game starts, the 4 Aces will be dealt to the foundations on the left, while the 4 Ks will be dealt to the foundations on the right. Then 64 cards will be dealt face-up to the tableau in the middle of the screen, with every other card rotated 90 degrees, for example on the first row, the first card is placed vertically, the second horizontally, the third vertically, and so on; on the second row, the first card is placed horizontally, the second vertically, and so on. The remaining cards are placed face-down to the stock pile at the top left corner, while the discard pile at the top right corner will be left empty. On the tableau, only a card that has a shorter side unblocked, i.e. not touching any other card, can be moved. To deal a new card to the discard pile, click the stock pile. Cards on the discard pile can be built up or down by suit using the tableau cards. The stock pile allows 1 redeal. Try to clear the threads from the quilt of cards now!

★ Unique version of solitaire.
★ Auto scaled and optimized to the screen size of your device.
★ Great for phones and tablets.
★ Built using Adobe AIR for best performance.
★ No hidden fees. Play for free.

Pulado Games part of our Card and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Dec. 14, 2013. Google play rating is 80.0541. Current verison is 1.4.7. Actual size 13.0 MB.

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Debbi Smith-Moore

Needs 're-worked Would like it better if deck could be run more than twice and there was an undo option. Impossible to win! Very disappointing! Won't buy premium version for more frustration and disappointment!

swuju hadep

Perfectly done. I've played Crazy Quilt for 40+ years, starting with real cards. It is my favourite form of solitaire and this version follows the original rules exactly (only two times through the deck, etc.). The people who have complained that it is "impossible" probably don't understand that quilt cards may be built up or down upon the top card of the discard pile, allowing you to make more of the quilt cards available (and stacking the discard pile for long, quick runs on the second go round). In addition, once the two foundation piles for a suit get to the point where they complement each other (e.g. the up pile shows a 7 and the down pile shows an 8), you can shift cards from one pile to the other - again possibly allowing you to use more of the quilt cards. These things ARE stated at the beginning of the game, but only briefly, and may not be clear to those not already familiar with Crazy Quilt.

Jean Harris

I enjoy the game. I would like to feel I had a greater chance of success by going through the deck 3 times, I know Ill lose interest if I never complete it. It would also be great to have some indication of when there are no more valid moves left.

Wendy Delainey

I need an undo button! Highly addictive. Only thing needed is an 'undo' button.

Anna Campbell

Meh I love this format of solitaire, however, this app is kinda messed up. We should have a. choice as to how many times we flip the deck instead of just 2. Should have more personal options

Emily Loetterle

Love the game, hate the settings I love this version of solitare but in all the versions I've played there's always been unlimited deals on the deck, its impossible to win without that, an undo button would also be nice. It would also help if the game would save when you quit, I don't have time to play a whole game in one sitting, but when I close the app and open it again, I have to start all over again and thats irritating.

Tabatha Hooper

Glitches This game makes my screen spaz out anytime i re-open the app...i have to force the app to close and start an 'undo' button would be a great additive when i can play the game ?

Kellyjo Sack

Only lets you go through the deck twice other games let you go through three times. And wish the cards were a little bigger to see

Aleisha Tinker

Finally a challenge! I just won this for the first time. I love having a real challenge. Most solitaire games get boring quickly as they are mostly luck based, but this one requires some critical thinking

Robert Farmer

Too hard If you enjoy losing all the time and having zero fun then this is the app for you. No undo, only twice through the deck, cards too small to see on the phone.

Brookelynn Helton

Impossible to win without an undo button or being able to redeal stack more than twice, otherwise I love the game and would give it five stars!

Deepika dk

A sweet addiction ♥...though i have never won... :)Would luv if the deck could be run at least three times...

Jennifer McCurdy

Love it! I fell in love playing this on facebook. I was so happy when I stumbled across this in the app store. I can play for hours!

Chris Hartsell

It is OK,... I like the challenge but it is impossible to win with only two turns thru the deck and no undo button.

Barbara Wright

I would rate it higher if you could change the number of times it went through the deck. Other than that it plays well.

Janet Gillis

Too hard Its addictive but impossible to win.

Marsha Gardner

Love this game, just wish it had an undo button.

Amy P

Crazy Quilt Solitaire Very good, super challenging!!

Molly Greene

Crazy quilt I love this game I'm addicted big time!!! I have to play every night before bed lol.

Misiona Fao

Love this game! I love playing problem what so waiting to if only my other games were this easy to connect to..

Debby Scherle-Hobbs

All had it that time need to win more then lose would be better for game to play

Allison Westcote

Impossible to win. Need to be able to run the deck more than twice. Undo and hints would be good too. Has potential though.

Barb Hardeman

This game needs a pause button so you don't have to start over each time you keave and come back

Arlene Nonnemacher

Prefer a tap to a drag

Tammy Lawson

Impossible to win Wouldn't buy the premium version. Why pay for the frustration?

Catherine Tomas renoj

I think the people who complained about this game give up to easy.

Gillian Fowler

Seriously challenging ! Can be done, but it takes some concentration.

Beth Newbern

Would like to win sometime.... needs reworked big time.....

Tricia Fleming

Crazy quilts Needs an undo function and option to run through the deck one more time

Tray Evans

You're gonna lose! Crazy Quilt is one my favorite solitaire games using real cards. But this version takes out the satisfaction of winning by limiting how many times allowed to go thru the stock. Ugh!

Linda Flowers

Solitary. Needs some instructions!!

Debra Baxter

Challenging, just wish there was an undo button!

pat roxby

Just found out I can play from the quilt onto the discard pile up or down in value the game is still tough but alot more fun

Eric Dixon

Needs An Undo Option As well as an undo option, this app needs a tap to move option.

Cely O

Love It but there is one thing i could suggest for an update and that is an undo function.....

Diane Petrini

NOT LIKE THE ORIGINAL Hate it! Only 2 passes! Boooooooooo!!!

Kathleen Mccoy

LOVE IT I have been playing probably 1 month now and love it. Have not conquered the game YET.

Heather Searle

Could do with adds less often

alison hagland

Frustrating but brilliant at the same time.

Shardae M

Fun brain game I only wish for one undo button but then it might be too easy... I'm only winning 1 of 10 but I'm getting better

Debbie Dear

Too frustrating Only allowed to go through the deck twice and no undo button, this game seems impossible to beat. I got bored with it when I didn't win one time after about 20 tries. I am sure alot of effort went into this game, but it's not for me. I like a challenge but not the impossible.

Nika Werner

Needs Undo I'd pay for the game but you don't have the Undo button in the paid game either. Everyone has asked for it why don't you give it up?

Pamela Hoscheit

Needs work I want the option to go thru the cards more than twice and also have an undo feature. The app for Apple products does have these features

Mike Shaka

Nice game. Pity there's no undo or hint button...

Pepper Cat

Good version of one of my favourite card games. Could do with an undo button though for the odd slip-up.

Ruth Mida

Crazy Quilt I love it, very addictive but,,,,,,, I liked to see my games score,,don't hav

Anna Smith

Crazy Quilt Solitaire Have to uninstall. Cards are WAY too small for my bad eyesight. When cards can be enlarged I'll re-install it.

Marion Gianlorenzi

Crazy Quilt Solitare There is one re-deal. Solitaire build up from Aces and down from Kings,using Two decks. Requires a lot of checking to remember where you are with each turn of a card. Challenging with out a time limit.

Trina Passmore

Frustrating I think in principal its a fan game, but its impossible to win. I have played probably over 100 games and although got close I never won. It really could do with an undo button and to be able to go through the remaining cards more than twice

Sherri Mathewson

BT's I love this game. I play it all the time! However, I don't understand why comment after comment says it's impossible to win. If you could win the game every time there wouldn't be a challenge. But it's definitely not impossible to win.I play this game every day and win multiple times. As for not having an undo button - yes, it can be frustrating, but the game can still be won without an undo button. And it is possible to win with going through the pile only 2x. Maybe you don't understand all the rules.

Sheri Ramirez

This is excellent! Okay, so I have played about 100 times and just won my second game, but I think I have figured out the strategy involved now. Still, I doubt this is a game one can expect to win every time. It is challenging, particularly without an undo option, but that just adds to the challenge. I truly enjoy this game!

Christina Hicks

Only won 2x in 1 week And I don't care I am totally addicted to this game to the exclusion of all my other games

April R. H.

A little frustrating I ? Crazy Quilt Solitaire, but this one will only shuffle the deck twice and has no undo button!! So frustrating. Get down to the last card on the board and run out of shuffles. ??? ?? ??

V Alexander

Challenging and addictive I really enjoy this game because of the challenge. It kinda reminds me of mahjong (another one of my favorite games). If the game is too easy I will lose interest. & no I don't like the game because I'm one of the ones that have won several times (because I haven't won yet either & I've been playing a long time too). I just like the strategy. You have to look & pay close attention to the cards before you move. I will win one day. Until then I'll keep enjoying the game because it helps stimulate your mind.

Jelvon Doran

Soul destroying There's no undo button, there're no levels of difficulty, there's no option to tap the cards into place. If these were sorted this game would be horribly addictive in a fun way!

Amber Bratcher

Would like to be able to flip thru the deck more than twice. Have never won but think I would if I could flip thru at least once more.

Debra Woodrum

Very difficult. hints or go backs. .....don't know how much more I'll play it. ...need to make the cards larger ..can hardly tell the numbers apart

rasheeda holmes

Needs an undo button i won only once so far but thats fine because it keeps me thinkin

Anna Rackley

It's fun + time killer It's got a challenge to it, and is difficult to beat. .. but that's what I find fun about it...

Chelsea Crone

Great game! I grew up playing this game and it's a lot nicer to not have to sit and deal out two decks of cards by hand! To the people complaining the game is impossible to win, it is supposed to be hard and I promise it's not impossible as I just won a game! :)


Like it but... I like this a lot. I play on the laptop too but then the pile can be turned a 2nd time and there are optional hints. Otherwise this is extremely hard to finish ? Oh , and there's an undo button too!

Jillynn p

Don't waste your money! I will not buy the full version of this game for my phone because this version is too disappointing. No back button to undo last move, hard to get cards to stay on their piles, very frustrating!!! PLEASE FIX.

Elisa Gonzalez

Challenging This game is so much fun. I really enjoy the challenge even though I do agree with other reviewers that it is more satisfying when it goes through 3 decks instead of 2.

Wendy J

Love this game..if you like any kind of solitare card games... Be prepared for a new addiction. .

Karen Malik

Crazy Quilt Solitaire This is a great game. No problems with the app.

Joyce Waterman

Crazy quilt solitaire Very hard to win. But I keep trying. Could have more instructions.

Mary Dickinson

Daddy and I played this Way back in the early 1960's my father and I played this together. It works well and will keep you challenged for hours. Not to mention the warm memories it triggers for me, personally!

Susan Miller

Nice! Be nice if you could redo a move and had another redeal of the cards, maybe if you get certain level of points! Otherwise you really cannot win! Close but no cigar!!!!

Linda La Hue

Doesn't work most of the time.

Sarah Gifford

Addicting This game is very addicting, yet also quite frustrating. It could certainly use an option to undo your last move. I can't count the number of times that just as I dropped the card, I discovered a better move and couldn't fix it. I have yet to win, which is okay, as I like a challenge, but eventually I'll get tired of never winning and be done with it altogether. I would also enjoy being able to deal the deck one more time. Two does not help much at all.

Nona Carroll-Brown

Crazy Quilt Solitaire Like the game alot. Do wish there was an undo option!

Darlene Bess

Crazy quilt solitaire I love this game. It's a little difficult, but just right to keep me thinking

Erica Miller

Love it . It's a very difficult game and fun at the same time and it can be beaten it just take a lot of patience and contraction and it does work your mind and make you want to keep playing till you do win

Marie Anderson

I have played this game for over a year. I like it but have only won two times, but I still play it often. I even upgraded and still find it very difficult to win.

Angela Gilliam

Good but It really needs a back button. Bought the 99cent one thinking it would be there but no difference than the free one.

Amanda Hanson

Needs an undo button and an option to be able to go through deck more than twice.

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