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4 Jul
Crazy Poop

Posted by Alex Naronov in Simulation | July 4, 2016 | 122 Comments

Apk file size: 23.0 MB

The game will open incredible ability shit, which you never knew existed, reaching success in the game you'll get a new experience!

Whats new

    Reduced the size of the application.
    Fixed some bugs.

Alex Naronov part of our Simulation and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update July 4, 2016. Google play rating is 76.9604. Current verison is 1.07. Actual size 23.0 MB.

Download crazy-poop.apk 23.0 MB


Millie Kendall

Its ok but i think you should have levels so its more fun and then i will download the game


Awesome Poop is my thing people thumbs up

Trent O'Neal

Crazy poop it is extra extra extremely funny and it keeps me busy!

Amaan Ebrahim

Once i ate the second food and the firsrt time i tried with the food i ate it bounce to the road then to my back I swear on god

Randy Cartwright

How do you control it

Amy Kennedy

Nor eason Great silly game :-)

Charlie Pepin

Good I think it was really awesome

Rj Camillio

Keeps crashing Every time I get to the food choice screen, it stops, flashes an ad, then reloads to the unity screen....

Stewie Griffian

Its muddy heights :D If people did not know but this is muddy heights its a game jolt game and its really fun but this is a different version of the game

Elska Belska

4 stars This poop goes crazy! I would get another star if it was more ballistic than this!

Poopyface Stinkybut

Perfect game for my taste Love it! Poop that stops traffic is awesome! Great game to play while pooping.

Lhuann Salgado

I LOVE IT! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG it's awesome it's like poop falling and hits your friends 5stars!


Funn!! I like the game but I think there should be levels(maybe) and many other different foods to choose from.

Caden Vasquez

So fun and Lol Lots of fun and you take a ballistic pop and the guy on the bench got popped on twice and I hit a guys head and it flew back up to me Lola why why why why why

Austin Bertholf

Just like muddy heights Needs some work but other than that its just like muddy heights

Alexander Arias

To much Adds There's to much for every poop throw or whatever thing u do not download

awesomemancanenmenyow 219

10 out a me please poop fo4ced me to do it

Lol Lolzer

Okay... Needs more power ups and we need more control

Martin Ekuss

terrible terrible app. lags every time I buy an item it goes to the add. had to delete it.

Yoshiclub z

Cant even get people if the slip It is still very funny to watch so 3 stars

Kayden Norton

Good but If we could control the poo it would be better

Hannah Draper

Fun! I'm not really sure what to say apart from it's as fun and gross as heck. Only problem is it's hard to get any money.

Aniel Haqeem

Wow Do the poop even crazier

Jaydee Emm

the diamond minecart played this on youtube

Emily Temple

Lol Its funny and cool its very intertaining to me

tonya loftin

I hate it Kepps on giving me adds

Andres Vasquez

Fun ; ( People go stupid #fun

Tia Bowman

I love love the sound effects

Penelope Sanchez

funny this game is like muddy heights but the graphics are bad still funny game

Lucy Blacklock

Apsolutely crap

Freddy Fazbear Plays

Cool but nasty This is cool but add no Grossness poop in peoples mouth NASTY!!!


Theomar Roker I love this game and its amazing.It let's you buy foods and let your poop out.It can drop on cars and people.I love this game so much

Emma MLP1700

Doesnt work Constant ads, poop doesnt do anything.

Bailey Lang

Horrible It sucks cant get through 10 seconds of the game till add


Cool but.. How is it mature 17+!!! I've seen kids play muddy heights before and this is the exact same you should make it E everyone and I'll rate 5 stars

Leo Wild

Poop game I think they should make it be like the PC version of the game.

Dash The Hedgehog

This sucks all of the ads and fix the camra delete all the adds

Ashley S

Diamond minecart played this He played crazy poop 1 and called it the poop game..... Search for it on YouTube

Caleb Eade

Yuck I hat it if you fix it I well give you 5 stars

Don Nichols

Gross, but Awesome The game is rated M for mature. What actually happens in the game is nowhere close to mature. You're pooping off the edge of a building. If you find that funny, then download it. Otherwise, just pretend you never found this, and no one will ever know.

Isaiah Blase

Can't control I can't control the poop

creeper brothers

Love it So fun love it I played on pc 2

Wayne Davies

On the computer That's on the computer it's more fun

Sandra Salavarria

Ads Ads pop up in the middle of the game and restarts the app. Interrupts my game.

Nathaniel Noonan

Wont open Please fix when I open the game it just goes black

Jeff Jackson


Tyler Gooch

Can't play!!! I can't even play. All the game is, is ads. Add after add, I poop add, I restart add, I try to poop and add.

Jason Taylor

Cool but ewww It was a good game I would pick water instead of poo. But in other words LOL ha ha ??

Teagan Smith

Pooptastic but gross My kids loved and I loved but I think more levels .? he taking poop by Tommy 5

Suzanne Butterworth

Cooooooooooooool It should be a bit like Minecraft poo hits ore's better ore more money

Audrey Aguillon

Ohhh myyy gosh I think I am going to be sick:-( :-( :-( :-( its gros

Derek Wolf

This is awesome I love this game and pewdiepie played it too

Jeremiah Z

how do you control it

Christina Riley Brown

Its ok but the stars dull

Yniaki reyes

Not bad Not to bad but every time I finished playing one round I have to watch a video and when I want to delete It I can't. THANK YOU DanTdm for the game idea I LOVE you dan .I love the game but the poo it's the poo I can't control the poo :-). I wish that a YouTuber from pat and jen would play it

Pierre McKisic

Ugggh So funny i could die of laughter but cant control poo. Thank you dantdm for that video.You rule.?


Darn u poop I was tapping the poop and then it telported to the start I'll give 5 stars if u fixed it ok

Joshua Stewart

GREAT GAME It is a great game dantdm if you didn't make that video I won't be able to play it????

Epiphany Williams

For now I will give 4 stars but, until then if you remove some ads I will give 5 stars.

Kari Fulton

TIP I love it but so many ads?a thing to everyone out there if you put it on airplaney mode than it will show no ads??????????

Xpert Side

Don't waste your time !!!!!!!!! It has so many ads and it not like the real one. what I'm saying is it sucks but when Dantdm did it was awesome

Reif Karpala

from will and reif its ok get rid of adds and ill give you 5 stars

Melanie Von

That one poop It was a guy pooping in a air balloon rideing and poop I have to drop it on the people

Hey Lol

Don't like A nasty game that's the s**t I don't like

Edward Benedict Sim

Dr.trayaurus I love it becoz dan was playing dis game:)

Julio Serna

ADS To many ads get rid of them then it's 5 stars

Ammar Algatrani

I cant even play from the ads? Why???????????????????? Get ride of the ads then ill give 5 stars

Keira Demera

Remove ads I will give it four stars until you clear the ads

Victoria Schmid

Liked it It's a good game but only after you eat the thing that cost the most

Gaming Center

Ads I love the game but there are to many ads

john adams

Sucks This game is nothing like muddy heights

Aaron suarez

Its ok I g have everything and i don't know what to do it just boring know

Dolan Me

Fun But in the beginning you have no control

teegan williamson

Coooooooooooooool This game is awsome :) :)

Sidney Hamend

It's asoeme guys I rated it a 5 star because you should get it because it's so good you can poo on people also it bounces every where

JoeMamma BigBoy

Too many ads Gameplay alright but God so many ads.

Sujata Dhamane

Waste of time...... Don't download this game it's just a waste of time

Helen. Taylor

chrashes eveytime I go on it for my videos it crashes plz fix

Mai Xiong

Too much apps There is too much apps it make the game so boring

Lhoeyn Miralles

Gross But it is funny he he he dantdm is playing this.

Jayden Rodarte

CRAZY POOP Amazing!!!!!! AND YES I SAID that lol

nikki trauger

Its great i watch dantdm played this game

Andrew Mackenzie

Ads every time!? All the time ads ads ads?

Luciene Garvin Garvin

Awesome game Gross but funny but it's no better then the original game.

Cameron Dicks

The ads You need to take off the ads

Amber king

Okay... It's so weird I don't get it but I like it as a funny game

Alyssa Cancetty

AMAZING!! I just love it download it right now


I love it Why do you need so much space on your tablet I had to delete the sims 4 to download it fix it or else It is crap as helenar

Talan Bello

So many ADDS Add after every try???⭐

shadow knight

Cool but the graphics It's cool but the graphics on the people aren't that good but it doesn't mater cool game

Masta Gamer 37

You can't buy anything, bad graphics, worst of all you can't uninstall!!!???????

Josh Boyd

TO MANY ADDS There is so many adds that after I poop off the side of the building it shows a 30 second add but other than that it's great

Foxy Fnaf Player

So so Not that bad its fun but can't control poop also thanks dantdm

Esther Wicks

Dantdm I love dantdm I remember when he played muddy nights he was laughing oh and Jack if you are looking please make a video about it(jackscepticeye)

Trill gaming backup

Loved it I like it but can you make one were you can control the poop

Irish ViperZz

Boring You cant do anything but poop just and theres not any challenges

Sue Franklin

It's funny but you can't control the Poo Dantdm is soooooooo good at it

Braden Payne

I like this game! I know a lot of people who have played this game and one of those people are Dantdm (TheDiamondMinecart)

Josh LeBlanc

Poop Awesome game love it all the graphics are so good!!!

Orlando Morales Jr

Ha ha ha ha This is the funniest game ever. Lol poop falling from a building onto peoples head thats hillarous lol?

Wendolyne Melesio Rodriguez

I shouldn't have installed the game because it won't let me uninstall it

Yandere Chan

Can't unstall It wont unstall so do not get this ok

Faze 2 Gaming

To many ads Can't play the game cuz there's to many ads

MAlik sharEEF

This sucks! This is just a rip-off of muddy height!

Keira Simko

Ughhh! Just bad I don't see an up side to this game not very fun and way to many ads I don't get why they made this I thought it would me like muddy heights it's suppose to be like that but it's not at all don't get it trust me


Screw the ads

Flora Entezami

dum i think the game is stupid it's the worst game iv'e ever played

richard payne

it's really fun also thanks dantdm for playing it without you I would not of found out about it

Nick Kerr

I kinda like it. Its not the best but it has problems....somehow.

Kelly Bramhall

Good First just want say thx dantdm for your video :-) can't control poo

Really Alex Naronov! Alex, you need to get a wife and a life! First of all, you make a copyright of muddy heights ( a game much better than your fake) and lastly there is too much adds in your crazy poop mania! I still wonder why there is barely any adds in Crazy Poop 2?

Anthony Alcivar

DON'T PLAY IT It's no fun if you can't hit the people, the cars do nothing your just jumping, and how do you get coins.

Andrea Bello

Pewpewpew ssssssss My sister peed on the floor (baby)

wwe dantdmfan too

Very dumb Why why why would poop run over humans

Manix Chambers

This is stupid Who would want to play this

Emma Reilly

POOP Poo poo poo all you do is poo

Parker Bobere

I love it It's so fun and funny

Alldiamondcrafters Life

Ad problem and more There is so many ads and it sucks the PC one is way better then device FIX IT


Ugggh So funny i could die of laughter but cant control poo. Thank you dantdm for that video.You rule.?

Kari Fulton

TIP I love it but so many ads?a thing to everyone out there if you put it on airplaney mode than it will show no ads??????????

Katelyn Collins

Muddy Heights I love this game, ive seen jelly play this game on youtube ( hilarious )

Joshua Stewart

GREAT GAME It is a great game dantdm if you didn't make that video I won't be able to play it????

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