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21 Sep
Crazy Goat FREE

Posted by Ammonite Design Studios Ltd in Arcade | Sept. 21, 2016 | 165 Comments

Apk file size: 41.0 MB

Experience the most crazy goat game on mobile for FREE!

How much destruction can you create in one and a half minutes?

Simply hold the screen to direct the goat, crash into obstacles to earn points. The faster you go and the more destruction you cause the higher you score!

Whats new

    Added new obstacles

Ammonite Design Studios Ltd part of our Arcade and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Sept. 21, 2016. Google play rating is 63.8836. Current verison is 4.43. Actual size 41.0 MB.

Download crazy-goat-free.apk 41.0 MB


Jennifer Stephens

Stupid fun! It's pretty silly, but so addictive. You just make the goat knock stuff down, so there's not much to it. But if you need a mindless and quick game this is great. Works well on my phone; haven't had any glitches . I think the goat turns just fine. You can turn the sensitivity up if you need to.

Maribel Montero

TOO BAD TO BE TRUE It didn't even let me play I got into the game and started playing it and it went straight to the beginning.If this had 0 stars that's what what I had given this game!!!FIX THIS!!!

Jamie O'Neill

Not bad for what it is The camera isn't great, only zooms out when going full speed. Joy sticks would be better for movement and camera angles. Remove the timer or set that as time trial. Jump and ragdoll buttons would be nice, definitely need a lick button. More cars, people or just general things to crash into. Give missions. It is a very small size game so don't expect much but it has potential. Graphics look very good, I found no glitches.

Jack Hamilton

Ok Its ok

Jennifer Emerson

It's Pointless. How and why do you run out of time that fast? It's weird. And it is too glitchy. Whenever I ran into a tree, my goat was glitching into the ground and had a light blue screen. Just wtf.

Jacob Land

Stupid If i want the games you advertise i would download them. You dont need that many adds i cant even play the game

Pam McGill

Sorry, just i hate it I think you guys did a great job trying to make a free version of Goat Simulator but what the crap it wont load, please consider working on this game SO PEOPLE CAN ACTUALLY GET IN thank you

Adam Bradley

OK but would like more space and make it so when u turn u actually turn!!!!!! Sort this out and I will rate five stars

Tommy Buster

Bad.. Just bad Its not the worst game ever it's just because it has a few glitches and it is quite hard to move. There is also not a lot of things to do in the game. But don't be sad about it. Its just not the best game. :-\

Devin Cope

Wont let me play Every time I start the app it just closes. If fixed I will play it and rate better.

Ilyana Lorenzana

The old version was better. Now I have the new version, and it has more glitches where I fall through the ground, and it's harder to control. Also not as many lands or rewards. And by not as I mean none. Not trying to be harsh, just being a critic. Sorry :)

op trolling

This game you do nothing you just walk around and th he controls are so hard to use. PLEASE DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS GAME!!!

Taylor Radtke

Horrible This game is horrible its pointless its REALLY hard to turn. Whenever I go deep into the marsh because of the bad turns I fall through and my screenni light blue and it never ends. DONT GET THIS GAME

Miguel Barton

I rate this 0 stars This game never even let's me turn it's very much a piece of crap

Branden Cunningham

Clod be alot better It needs some toutches other wise its kinda good


It won't open I really want to play it but it doesn't work. Every time I open the game and press start game or free roam it just crashes and goes back to my home screen

Cooldudes Field

Hate it When I push free roam I will not load. If there was 0 star I would have put it as 0 star

Jordan Fluegge

Never could get it to work! Always closed out while loading! Do not waste your time!!

Kevin Lacey

Won't let me play Kicks me out every time I press start game or free roam. Please fix.

Liam Ellis

Uninstall Get this app off my tablet, when I downloaded it was pretty. Fun but now im bored of it an when i try to uninstall my tablet restarts!!! Get it fixed please

Maya Guessas

It doesn't work on my phone.??

Andrew Bennett

Empty The whole point is to knock stuff over. And what are we knocking over? A lot of fences and ONE car. There is no substance, not worth the time it takes to download

Izabella Sprague

Really It won't let me play the game please fix and maybe I will change it to a higher rating

Zach Fulton

It does not work. Please fix it. Please. I want to know what happens.

Kids Alvarado

WTF? I hate this game it keeps taking me to the app store I tried like 16 times ?

Dragon Angel

It crashes I downloaded it and it loads to the home screen, then the game crashes. Is there something I can do to fix this? :-(

Avina wong

I dont know why people would ever like this?

Harlie Farino-Bigham

Crashes When I hit start game or free roam it crashes. If it's fixed I will rate better and lose my life to this game.

Nicholas Kasai

Wow. Just wow. I know it won't work. The fact that you probably made not work on purpose is so annoying. And don't call me a hater because if a game won't work then its not hating


This sucks This is the worst thing I have ever downloaded and I will be removing from my device asap

Charlotte Spedding

AMAZING LOL It's so good . Me and my sister love playing the game , who knew that goats could be soooo funny ☺?

Candice Mcauliffe

Bad game don't download it Install goat simulator but it costs £1.49

Rac Zoon

Doesn't work Crashes out while loading game. Can't get past opening menu.

M Tiz

Stinks The game is a piece of crap, it's extremely hard to move and your always looking down, so you can't even see the city

Travis Oncken

It crashed on me when I got it so I erased it it did it again. +(

Catherine Morrison

FIVE STARS Jk I hattttte this game so ya bye

John Davis Jr

Horrible I cgot to admit its good thats its free and its just, well HORRIBLE

Milayna Johnson

. Wont load and I really want to play please fix or maybe its just my phone I don't know

C Rod

I HATE IT Do not get this its so lagey as well

JoSho Taylor

Sucks I hate this app I will refer to eat poop then play this game

muhammad yaseen

Rubbish! Absolutely rubbish! Very slow response I am an 8 years old boy and I recommend never ever download this game

Jacob Spooner

I can't even play it Every time I press start game or free roam it kicks me back to my home screen

lc hicks

Ok Controls are kind of horrible i wish you could turn better and i wish that the map is bigger

James Buckby

Awful Took 10mins to load before uninstalling

Jakub Lynn

Crap Glitchy and I just fall through the floor

Mason Riehle

It is almost impossible to turn

Ian Warren

Absolute garbage Worst game ever worse than halo 4 graphics so bad I literally threw up there is nothing to do whoever made this game is the most copycat person I have ever met go play goat simulater that's acually worth your time unlike this crap

Mako Splane

Crap Ok at fist but get s old fast no new characters no cool maps same every time... nothin like goat simulater... this is not goat simulater Would u like to uninstall...?...YES

Miguel Angel Garcia

Guys They try very hard please stop giving them 1 star give them a celebration if u don't like it tell them to make it better so you'll like it please stop giving them 1 star I'm begging you

Jayden Pasquale

AWESOME Ok this is a fun silly game with great graphics! Its better than the normal version Goat Simulator. I recommend you guys play this game

Daniel Challis

Garbage Id like to review the game except it won't load. It can't need that powerful of a tablet as I can run Max Payne and GTA 3 fine no lag and this won't even get past the menu screen. Fix it and maybe I can rate the game

Jake Momchilov

Don't even try Kicked me out as soon as I hit play

Rebecca O

Uummmmmm............? First you start running really fast then when you go to the mountain you fall through the ground and it's all gonna start shaking also I can barely turn the goat around it is very hard to control and I suggest you fix a few bugs but the graphics are nice so that's why I gave it two stars

Aubren Ferrante

Word game ever You start playing you think its fun, all the sudden, you fall off the map...well that makes perfect sense. Oh and no, you CANT go any where without it glitching and he's right?

Kyra Robinson

So amazing I love it so cool I love goats they are so cute every one should love it♥♡♥♡♥♡

Alexus Everly

What Ok so I got the game and it won't even let me play it keeps saying "Crazy Goat has stopped working" if you have not got this game yet I really recommend that you don't get it at all it is a giant piece of crap and should be removed from the game area because if your not going to let a person play your game don't put it out in the game area for people to download it and waste space on their phone. HORRIBLE GAME

Bella Chantham

3 stars I gave it three stars cuz I was fine at first. Then I was running really fast, but the goat suddenly fell through the ground, and it was just a plain blue setting!? the goat started shaking, so then I had to exit?????

Adriano Bezares

Sucks The reason why i did not like this game its beacause the controls are hard and it glitches a lot of times this game could have been better

Jianne Gabriel Y.Palma Palma

Too Hard To My Celphone :( But Cool... In My Celphone It Always Crash And Glitch But In My Tab Nothing Happends :/ So Please Fix...

Jared Lynch

This game sucks I installed the game and it took 10 mins to load and i pressed free roam and it took so long that it didnt even get to the game so i uninstalled the rip off goat simulator.

Sandra Scioneaux

Miguel Angel Garcia ya they did it's ok Very good but in ultra graphics ?

Kevin Perez

Bro loved it but... Can u make the map bigger like goat simulated city

Sayeed nabbie

Goat is love, goat is life I love playing and listening to infinite power by thefatrat. It makes me feel invincible!!!

Joa AeYo

LOVED IT I've always wanted to play this p.s its goat simulater and if you run so fast you hit could hit the trees out of the ground

Marcia Ribeiro-Wiseman

Different character and I want to be able to go into people houses and I want different places to go

Jack Harvey

Well done makers Haters they didnt want to make it a complete copy so cut them some slack

Leah Hosting

Wow this game is broken... Well I did hate it although I didn't get to play it... once I logged on I hit free roam, and it said loading please I waited and it logged me out of the game back to my home page...fix and I'll play and I even might give it 5 ☆... ok? Cause it looks like a REALLY good game! So fix plz!

GameMaker Tutorials

Copy It's a copy of goat simulator. And let me guess. you guys used unity 3d

Todd Saltzman

Silly fun Game works fine. The people who can't control the goat just suck. Also if their phone doesn't load it, its because they're phone sucks too.

Debbie Holland

Wtf Wtf. The only thing it will let me do in the game is walk forward#worst game ever

Aaron cruz

It suck It run fast but the contral and there not even a person or car for me

Rhianna Huggett

Bad When I click play game or free play is never load SO FIX IT!!!

Hunter Phipps

Crappy game!!! How are u even supposed to move sideways with the new controls!! Plz bring the old controls back.

Hailey Peranteau

Plz fix I can barely move. I am holding an dragging but it barley moves. PLZ FIX THIS!!

William Hand

Not what I hoped for (bad game) Before I downloaded this, I read the bad reviews and thought "Can't be that bad" but I was wrong... The game took up all the free space on my phone, but what bothered me the most was the actual game. The goat control was really dodgy and stering didn't work, the start game mode was just the same as free-foam only with a timer and what did it for me was when I kept on falling through the world. On the whole, I am very disappointed with this app and I believe that you could have made it immencly better.

Luca Sfara

Horrible The worst graphics I've ever seen and I'm pretty sure a 3 year old made this game. Actually even a 3 year old can do so much better.

xyan simmo

Hate it Never works.stupid,stupid,stupid!!! That's right a 10years old going to say that stinking goat creates are so freaking dum!?

Ian Crandall

If this is the US... Then I would say hello to ISIS. Saw all the reviews and I said no game could possibly be that bad. This game was that bad times ten. Don't fukin download this!! This is a disgrace to the world.

Jasper the crystal gem

It doesn't work at all I tried to play it but it just went to my home page

Yvette Martinez

Worts game to ever exist Takes tp long to load doesn't load and to much appppppsssss this game is stupid

Bronwyn Pignat

Not much space Good game but you only get a tiny area anyway keep it up

Kayleigh Benbow

Worst thing ever in my entire life!! Can't move or jump or anything well you can walk or should I say run but if you move the joystick foreword then you can't control it or stop it!!

Cam Felmet

You can go and party with the ninja tartels

zee Mitchell

Ad bad controls You can barely turn it is nothing like the real thing

Su Saelee

In the morning I watch it in the first one And he said how it going Bros mah name is PEWDIEPIE

Ryan McGowan

Worst game ever I got the game because I that It would be good but when I got it it was very bad

SkyBasicMongolia SBM

Its not really This is ad

mashuma murahwa

Why can you not turn

Kassandra Arthur

AWESOME♥♥ this is the best game I've ever played thank you for whoever made this game<3♥♥!!

Morgan Cordry

it's ok I wish dantdm played the game

Lisa Lee

Loading, Please Wait my A**! The first three times I tried to play, it gave me a black screen. The last time I tried, it froze! I mean, whoever made this game, is a complete PSYCHO

Josh Tennant

Hate it How do you move like to tern I did not have the game for a day be for I deleted it?????????????????

Lily keeling

The worst game ever I thought that this game would be like goat simulator but I was wrong :'(

Oscar de

Awesome! Lol joke above, worst graphics ever, terrible gameplay. Whoever made this has no life.

Isabelle Lidgard

I love it's crazy

Zack Mc Caffrey

WTF I was so excited to download this and it suck

Will Filipovich

FUN Especially when you get the best of luck

Luke Wright

Cool Why is it rated m

Aiden jearum

Lovly It is epic

Alexa Cortes

Horrible You hardly move and its so hard to turn

Slinnkids Slinn

It smells like poo to me God bless the person who sent this message is intended only for the next week

Marlen Neil

I HATE THIS GAME ITS A RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! Rip off this game is grr its so dum its a rip off this game is useless dont waste youre time being in a basement for 19 days is more enter taning

Yolanda Perez

Does not even work I click start and it logs me out ?

Rebecca Jones

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME To be honest, this game is just a big blob of boring. The controls are difficult to master and when you go in one direction, you can't stop no matter how much you try to turn. I have no idea how this even classes as PEGI 18 because there's no blood, no drugs, no stuff 18's really have... So what there's a goat that destroys things!

Sebastian Stagnitto

CRAZY GOAT FREE HAS UNEXPECTEDLY CRASHED It probably sucks,im just 10 but smart and know when games are good and when people can get laughs because they screwed you over for no reason.This is not a good game if you read this dont play this bullcrap.

Nathan Carroll

Loved it Excellent game the graphics are out of this world. Hope to see crazy goat 2 soon on the market place. Loved it

Dominic ohiegbomwan

Game is soooo stupid Its really stupid all u do is ram stuff like how about adding enimes to the game like ?alins or ?zombies,huh? I wish i could give dis a rating of zero stars plz noone play this game plz noone,at first before i got the game i tought it was a free version of goat simulator but im was wrong,plz at least add people or multiplayer

Brody Hannon

Loved it It can let yo ride the elevator and get tornado goat?

Caitlyn Land

How is this 'rated M'?! This game sucks, you do nothing, and it's so boring, my little sister could play this!

Bobby Boo

Its okay The graphics are great! But thier could be improvement


It's very cool!! It's good because you can destroy humans and its very funny and the the Achievements look amazing and this should of took like 78 minutes to make this game out a scale of 1 to 5 its 5 this is a winner for people out there.

Teresa Desarden

still so dump dont get it so dumb and I got viruses Just got on said dont work at moment so i tryed agian said it agian it is so dump idiot ahhhhh

Taylor-Samone Campbell

Good game Its funny but way funnier when pewdiepie plays

Lyetta Barnes

Terrible I thought I was gonner like it buy nope I don't do not download it. ??

Lutaa Burtu

Wow Its so cool even tho I haven't saw it

Nisha m123

DO NOT DOWNLOAD This is terrible i saw markiplier play it and it was fine but i this i cant move in different directions and i cant uninstall

Carl Niño De Guzman

Hate the game Its keep crashing and its allways no working when i play it is not working its keep kŕashing guys dont download this game it stupid i hate this game right now

Peyton Pettus

:-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ Don't work for me!!!! Why!!!!

Lilly Lanny Lannylan

Add more stuff Make it look like real goat simulator

Njaba Sanyang

Aaaaaajfirjhrjryrjdyrjrujr The host is soooooooooooo oooo crazy [email protected]! Omg

dominique carter

I am having a hard time playing the game can't play the game

Cody Wells

Not tried it. But all,s well

Melissa Halligan

Hard to control It is super hard wast of space to so studied game

Roise O'Reilly

crazy funny this game is like me :D

Nikki St. Romain

Dum I am not hiring the wall

hyunjeong Bae

Stupid It hard to control when ever i drag him he just standing there eating grass he is too fast

JasonTED / / The Emerald Diamond

It's....just dull Meh...It's just a free app so yeah.

BTA Takeover

It's. teireble to many adds and it wont evan let me play i reported it 3 times and it still wont let me play

Mark Kinyua

Don't download I thought people were actually joking about how bad this game is ,but this game is actually ?? . Don't bother downloading it.


Just buy goat sim I bought it. You should too it's not even that expensive

Liam C

Terrible All you do is knock down fences and crash into people. The graphics are the worst as well.?????

Patrice Ayana

Sike It does not work

Lynne Amble

Crazy goat free It was the best game in the universe

Sarowd bohlooli

Shit Completely waste of time

Savannah Eckman

The game is hard to control and there is nothing to do

Phoenix Nelson

This game is the worst Too many ads boring and hard to control

Celina Sumler

It's okay hard to control ad a stick to control it it will be easier then k it's okay I like it It's the best

Ismael Rosales

Bad It was hard and Just Bad!!!

Michelle Pearson

I HATE THIS GAME First it is too hard to control the goat Second DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME Third I HATE this game fourth when I was in the middle of the game the goat fell into know wheres ville and fifth I'm deleting this game

Amy Brown

it sucks This game is way to hard to control.You cant see crap til you start running fast.It kept crashing.!!!!!

Herrie Rivera

I hate the graphics and please fix it and therse no people Dont download this game

Aniya Tillman

So bad It was so bad that It would not let me play.

beni K

So lame I gust got it and I can't tern just little. I just wasn't my memory.

Charles Pates

Bad It keeps crashing and has ads everywhere this is a waste of time and a SCAM do not play it

the gun shots mlg

I think they should put a but more grafics in to the game so no glitchs ? who ever made this game i ok

Martina Bond

Rubbish It's so hard to control please fix ? and what is the point of this game ?

Ronan McInerney

It is a terrible game it is impossible to control the goat

Trevor philips

crazy goat it was more than hated

Picazard Pokemon

Goat frenzie This is sick

The Gamers

????? It was too hard to control!!! PLZ FIX SOON

Andrea Stone

LOL the hotel is on the roof

Lee Sin

Harf control ??? Its hard to control

barnadit Yuael

It is a sucking game

best cookies

Best Walk on the sky

theblackgamer151 avd

Game is soooo stupid Its really stupid all u do is ram stuff like how about adding enimes to the game like ?alins or ?zombies,huh? I wish i could give dis a rating of zero stars plz noone play this game plz noone,at first before i got the game i tought it was a free version of goat simulator but im was wrong,plz at least add people or multiplayer

Minecraft Lover

SUCH A BAD GAME! Well I was runing around then I fell through the floor when I tried to back up t wouldn't let me so I switched of the game. Pls fix lag I will rate more stars

xyan simmo

Hate it Never works.stupid,stupid,stupid!!! That's right a 10years old going to say that stinking goat creates are so freaking dum!?

Eunice Venable

Hilarious Its so hilarious. Lick people then they fall. Like its so funny. It cracks me up.

imogen cleland cleland

I like the studio but this is Stupid I just started playing it and it was super hard to control so I literally fell out of the game until my time ran out then I like died

Homeless Dogs

Crazy goat It is so horrible and does not even move do not get it at all!! ;p

Jessica Alice Hodgson Mensah

DOESN'T EVEN WORK Why is it a 18 it's so stupid

Queen Trinity

Fun I gess it's fun is like goat simulator

Rayn Tube HD

Rayn said Loved it

Rajni Murti

Good but It is good but why is there so many ads fix it and I will rate 5 stars but for now 4 stars

Syreena Roberts

It sucks!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)!!!!!

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