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14 Mar

Posted by Bell Media Inc. in Entertainment | March 14, 2016 | 201 Comments

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Stream the best of TV all in one place. The Showtime Collection features breakthrough shows such as, The Affair, Ray Donovan, Homeland and the new hit series Billions. The HBO Collection includes Entourage, Sex and the City, The Sopranos, The Wire and many others. Crave Comedy? Watch the funniest stuff ever like South Park, The Big Bang Theory and Seinfeld. Discover past seasons of today’s top shows - Arrow, The Flash, Grimm and Blue Bloods to name a few. CraveTV™ also has exciting exclusives, including the critically acclaimed series Manhattan and Bosch. Subscribe to CraveTV for only $7.99/month.

Download this free app on your Android devices to start browsing and search hundreds of titles and regularly added shows.

For questions, contact us at [email protected], @CraveTVHelp or 1-888-CRAVETV (2728388).

Video can be streamed on your Android device through both Wi-Fi and devices that are 3G/4G/LTE network enabled..

Key Features:
· The complete CraveTV library on demand
· Wi-Fi and 3G/4G/LTE enabled

· Cellular data (3G/4G/LTE) charges may apply for viewing video over a cellular network.

Whats new

    - Improvements to Chromecast

Bell Media Inc. part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update March 14, 2016. Google play rating is 55.0071. Current verison is None. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Victoria McKenzie

Guh. I'm having some major issues with this app. The video doesn't load properly, so every ten seconds it needs to load again. I've tried waiting to let the video load, to no avail. I'd really like to use this app, as the content is far better than netflix. I've turned off everything using Internet in my house, and I have full bars on my WiFi connection...what's going on bell? at this point I might as well just watch reruns on Netflix. At least then I won't have an interrupted episodes of shows...

Brandon Kane

Still no Chromecast Decent content and if you're already a bell subscriber the price is ok. They had promised Chromecast support "soon" after launch but it never came. With no way to watch anything on an actual TV the app is pretty useless.

mike mccourt

For now I have to rate this 2 stars I heard this service is great but I am not with Bell, I'm with Rogers but I want to subscribe to Crave and you don't have it avail to pay threw the app for an account or online at your website. You should have it set up like Netflix so anyone can enjoy your service not just bell clients. And when and if they change this, then I would almost have to give it a 5 star. But for now I have to put 2

Moiz Adamji

Decent for launch This is a decent app for launch. The Content is also pretty good considering they just launched. Everyone posting negative comments here need to understand that they will continue to add content and improve the app experience. If your comparing this to Netflix please understand that Netflix has had 5+ years to get this right. This is great for Canada. Support a Canadian brand.

Denise Lipson

Chromecast. .. yeah! So happy that this supports chromecast now. Next Bell needs to support multiple users for one family account.

James White

Thanks for the chromecast support Chromecast part of the app seems a bit buggy. Whenever I try to broadcast from the app I just get the chromecast logo on the TV and nothing happens. The show then starts playing on my mobile phone. Hoping this gets worked out. I've been waiting for it for awhile

Jamie Smith

Stopped working - uninstalled Zero stars Randomly stopped. Called tech support & they said it's not working with Android now. Good thing it was free as it turned out to be worthless. Had I paid a subscription I would have been really upset.

brit boy

Hmmm Now that there is Chromecast support.. It won't accept my logon credentials.. Sigh... And the catalog takes FOREVER to load

Jane Eccles Payne

No rogers Just bought chromecast and got excited seeing this 2 go with. Then after download I had 2 choose cable provider. So many, was surprised no rogers on list.

Tanya B

Love the stuff on crave tv but no guess services and i'm on Shaw Cable sigh

Richard Pruden

TV subscription required You'll never compete with Netflix as long as you require a cable subscription. I have no intention of ever getting one, so I have no way of using this app. Get with the times out gtfo

P Brown

Still no Chromecast Bell sent out an email May 8th saying Cravetv is now available with Chromecast and maybe it is but problem is I get an error message every time I try to sign in. It worked great on my PC until today. Now not only can I not watch it on Chromecast, I can't sign in to watch it on my PC anymore.

Eric Marrone

Chromecast finally but design is terrible The app is coded horribly. Does not follow android guidelines. Why do I have to keep clicking show more to view a seasons worth of episodes? The ui is clunky and not very user friendly.

Jeremy Stewart

I'll give it a shot. Thanks for chromecast support. Looking at the library, it's certainly not a substitute for Netflix, more like an add-on. Doesn't make sense to be so far behind on series when they broadcast on local providers and you have to be a bell subscriber. But hey, there's Battlestar Galactica!

Dawn Smith

Not available I would like to know why this is not available to mobile subscribers as well? Kinda ducks being a bell customer and not having access to all Bells apps :(

YoDaddy L

Needs Work Just like how the Netflix app started off, ugly and bad responsiveness. Needs a little work adding quality options, better design for the player with more accessibility and they're good.

Loki Thorlikson

Screwed unless you have bell or supported cable providers. I hate this crap. I live in a rural town that doesn't provide any of the cable or satellite providers needed by this. GOFY.

Giovanni Perissinotti

Awesome now! Chromecast has finally arrived. This is so good now!

Steve Foster

Great Chromecast support is awesome. Just wish the video quality setting could be configured manually!

Michael Foote

Worked fine. Glad to see casting added to this app but since android lollipop came out the app no longer works properly. I have to turn off my wifi and run on data or turn off data cause the app won't figure out which to use. Also when I do get the video playing the sound timing is off and it's a game breaker.

Nisha Mohan

I like the app but its always getting interuppted to buff.

Pete Simpson

Chromecast! Finally! Chromecast is here!! Bell, you should put that in the "What's New" section. This is huge!

Jonathan McKenzie

I'd like the videos to play... Anytime I click on a video to play the app force closes

Randy Pellett

Needs to update tv shows for the next seasons

Matt casey

Doesn't work on galaxy s4 Doesn't work on galaxy s4. Did all the trouble shooting and for me to call Bell they better be paying me.

Todd Miller

Awesome I'm hooked. Love the service.

Robert Legault

Works great Works on Chromecast too!

Sarah Fey

Crave Tv App doesnt work half the time Started watching a show and halfway through season 2 the app wont load anymore. I uninstalled the app, cleared the cache and even talked with tech support and they blame my Samsung S6 Edge. It was working before just fine and nothing changed.

Vijay Kumar Sharma

Love it! All my favorite shows that aren't on Netflix!!!! Let the serial watching begin

Alex Roy

Its ok Great alternative to Netflix if you don't watch movies often(like me) although it is missing a few basic things, first of all there's no multiple users on one account like most video streaming services, so long story short the "my cravings" feature is unusable if more people are on your account since you get suggestions based on what other people watch, another thing is that there's not a big variety of content as for now but the service just launched so that's to be expected

Edwin Champeau

I must say when the app works, it's ok I signed up to use it yesterday and it worked fine, but I stopped using it for a while, while we went out shopping I went back to finish the show and it told me a subscription is needed; I did subscribe to it and I still get the pop up saying error subscription is needed and that's a pain, I will try it for a week before I decide on canceling it.


crap... It doesn't work Trying to log in doesn't link to my telus account. Revision Still Junk. Don't install. Contacted the phone number supplied by the developer and they said there was no problems. If there are no problems then why is my Samsung s5 and my Sony Xperia failing on log in. Also my telus optic tv account only has 32 programs . So if there is no more development then don't get it for telus users. Until you know it works

Neil Martin

Not very good The content offered is fantastic, but only when the app decides it's going to work. I have trouble logging in from time to time, which is annoying as hell. I constantly have buffering problems. There doesn't seem to be a way to turn off continuous play.

Mike Chestney

Not ready for Prime Time yet... The Android app has a jerky picture with out of sync audio. I've tried multiple shows with the same issues. I have a 20 Mbps download speed with my ISP and also have Netflix with no problems streaming at all. Hopefully they can fix these problems as I was really looking forward to using this app. Edit: Seriously Bell Media... *you streaming speed*? Your servers and coding need to improve before this app will ever be usable or truly compete with Netflix.


Full of crap Im with rogers and it doesn't say why rogers isnt hooked up.....I so wanted this I thought you can just sign up with a credit card so pist about this

Barry Furlotte

Like it but not Dolby Digital 5.1 I was really looking forward to Crave but disappointed that the movies and TV shows that were recorded in Dolby Digital 5.1 are only in Prologic surround. I am watching crave through my Bellaliant fibreop box. I do notice the difference between the two.

Anita Steighner

Doesn't work This app won't open at all on tablet. On my phone it just sits and spins. On computer freezes. Very dissapointed. Not available on my smart tv yet either. Lot of build up for a big let down.

Nick Howard

Terrible business model Thought I could purchase with a bell broadband subscription, turns out one needs a TV broadcast subscription. I'm not willing to pay for something I won't use to get access to a mediocre library like cravetv. Also the app was laggy, especially compared to the Netflix app which it clearly took some strong UI cues from.

mike mossman

Works through chromecast fine but doesn't work on my samsung galaxy s6, called in to support and they said they would look into it keeps looping back to main menu when i try to play something, so frustrating its been over a month? uninstalled and installed several times, still same thing. The main reason i got it was to watch on my phone but nothing plays.

Quintin Giesbrecht

Always Buffering I have no issues with Netflix, so my internet connection is fine. Crave TV is always buffering, every few second, making watching impossible. Then, if chrome casting, it generates a temporary error after playing for a minute or two. Great idea, but I don't like paying for something that doesn't work.

Matt Field

Super Buggy Same as everybody else on here. The service is a great idea, and works well on my PC. Android app is buuuuuuuuggggged! Spends more time buffering than playing. I've got a strong internet connection at home too. Over to Netflix I go! At least until this is fixed.

Darryl Van Os

Love the idea. But when you can only watch about 20 seconds at a time it's pointless. And it's not my internet connection it's very strong. When they fix this problem I'll give it a better rating.

Abdul E

Just like how the Netflix app started off, ugly and bad responsiveness. Needs a little work adding quality options, better design for the player with more accessibility and they're good. Also very laggy and slow with bad quality on tablet with high speed internet.

Caryn Langdon

Since I'm asked to rate app while it's still only 1% loaded of course I can't give more than 2 I've nvr in my life read worse reviews except for (beyond the rack. Ca) where I've read 144 horrific reviews, I took my chances and ordered 176 products within 10 month's. So I'm praying I will have the same experience here! ! If not it's ok.i mean really, obviously it's 90% faster deleting it then actually loading it . which BTW it's not even 2% loaded yet. On my note 2 with LTD . HOWEVER once loaded not a chance I Wil b using my data 2 use it unless bored outta my gore in a waiting room somewhere lmao

A. Baryar

Can't load shows... this is the most frustrating app ever, I have the fastest Internet available from telus but the shows don't work they get stuck loading...

Ted Lapkin

Can't subscribe? What is the point of offering an online TV service if you need an actual TV subscription to even have the option of signing up?

Andrea Brickey

Watch list Please add the simple feature of a watch list, instead of making the user always search every time.

Shirley Clevette

Crave tv My landlord has crave TV but all I have is account number and it tells me I need his email n password also. Is there anyway around this?

Leah Mack

It's okay when it works I have to be in the same room as modem for good quality stream. Otherwise stops a lot. Good content much better than whom I, updated pretty often.

David Nording

Needs resolution options The app is decent but unstable. I often get playback errors and there needs to be a resolution option. Bell can only give me a 5 Mbps speed so should be able to give me lower res video to use this service.

brit boy

NO. You did NOT reply to this. ..... Constant disconnects and buffering. Causes my tablet to become unstable - prevents other apps from working. This has been happening for weeks now. Content is barely changed month over month. Older content is readded to the What's New section as if its magically new again.

Brian Highfield

Just doesn't work well compared to Netflix The content is pretty good but like every else notes; constant crashing every 20 seconds. Have given up.

Tanya Mehagan

I have Netflix as well and have experienced more buffering during one show on crave then I ever have on Netflix and I've had Netflix for over a year. Very sad. I'm glad I'm not paying for this.

Yummo Can

Casting broken Since update crashes less. Used 2 every use. But casting wasn't tested either. I don't think they test at all. Users have 2 ?. If u have bluetooth audio it tries 2 cast 2 it and does nothing. U can't just unpair. U have 2 unpair shutdown the app and restart. Boooooo!

Darren mcdougall

I don't usually write reviews but I'm so disgusted with this crave TV that I am going to do so right now you think in our day and age buffering should be a thing of the past and is a thing of the past I guess telus has gone retro on this one because I can't even get through a minute of one program without having that stupid ring from 1990 come up save yourself the hassle Netflix is the way to go I've gone through tunnels and had that work perfectly

Shawn Hough

Should call this app Mr freeze Watching shows on chromecast or apple TV and the show will freeze and buffer continuously. Titles are great, a shame that it buffers so much.

Jeff Reade

Not S6 friendly Doesn't work on my S6 Edge, it merely loops back to the show selection menu.

Jim Smith

Stutter Stutter, quits, freezes, a very frustrating experience. "Service is currently unavailable, please try again later". I don't think so. I can watch Netflix anytime, and never even a stutter. This app is rated so poorly because it works so badly. Perhaps chromecast was a bad choice.

Ross Krafft

Could be good I like that they gave it free to people who are already being ripped by the movie channel package just to get HBO, but the app flat out doesn't work. Constant buffering and numerous crashes, better off streaming online

Brenden Johnson

Pretty bad When watching a show, it doesn't hold your place, often restarting a few episodes back. Service cuts out intermittently and the episode layout is clumsy and not user friendly.

Katherine Pratt

Rogers customer here and can't get access. Whats the issue? What kind of company doesn't want my money? Ridiculous! !!!!!!

C Hatch

Not ready for prime time I love the idea of this service but it's not ready. It constantly buffers every 20 seconds even in 4 bar LTE, making it painful to watch any content. Don't tell everyone to call support -- your app and/or service needs a fix.

omojok chol

Not working This app doesn't work on S6

Anita Price

Only installed so I can... I only installed so I can find out if & when Cogeco & Virgin Mobile will be among some of the future supported ? REPLY TO BELL MEDIA : Thank you for getting back to me, I will definitely bring it to their attention ?

elizabeth stevenson

Part two Below is my first message! Now it says my email is not registered, and it keeps telling me to sign up! Beyond not happy!!! Was very excited! Now can't sign in at all! You have my cc number can't use the app at all and your 888 # is a answering machine. What is going on??!!

Derek Law

Where is the quality control? App is very slow to start up, load artwork and start streaming. Connecting to chromecast barely works and when it does, the status bar stays on the screen. Have deleted and reinstalled but nothing changed.

Groovy House Digs

Love the titles; not fond of the app consistency. Even after calling "support", the app *and* website will not allow me to watch. I appreciate the technology "keeping up with The Jones'", but why release something that doesn't work, for the sake of marketing? Clients will not buy broke stuff- just sayin'....

Sara J

Crappy overall Great selection of content, wish I could watch more than 5 seconds without it freezing. Lip sync way off due to the poor feed. Slow app overall. And it is not my internet connection, Netflix and Shomi work fine.

Luke Hayward

Really annoying bugs Once you pause the video using a Chromecast the onscreen video info will not go away after you push play. The only way to get it down is to stop casting and recast. Netflix would never have such issues. Works much better on windows 10 app but the android version/ Chromecast is pretty bad

Brian Stengel

Buggy The software is very buggy. Doesn't stay connected to chrome cast. Not able to browse episodes of shows in the my craving list. And don't tell me to call you for assistance. You need to update your software. This is where people are voicing there concerns, this is where you should be gathering your data.

Courtnay McDonald

After a week and a half... finally a solution! From the moment I signed up for the trial, I hadn't been able to log in to the app. It would tell me my email address wasn't in their records. Finally last night they contacted me and suggested a password reset. Like magic all of the sudden I can get in. Haven't used it much yet but there is an auto play next, and the selection is fantastic.

Darren Schulte

To make it better ... Latest version has minor bug fixes. Nice. Now please fix the major ones. The back end has real nice stuff but the front is less than amateur. I had called you already and it made no difference. Take a look at Netflix, Plex, Mizuu, Shomi and just about anything else, and do it like them. WHY DO YOU KEEP ON SAYING: ...SO WE CAN HELP YOU TROUBLESHOOT THIS? Aren't you supposed to do that (TROUBLESHOOT!!!)


Horrible App This app is The Worst! It tells me I need to sign in, but doesn't give any opportunity to do so. Either they suck at their job, or Crave doesn't actually want you watching; just paying for nothing. FAIL.

Tara W

Awful app Now I can't even log in. I've tried a password reset and still nothing, no email with a reset but I have an initial sign up email that sent fine to my email before. There are a lot of good quality shows on CraveTV, maybe someday it will load and I'll be able to watch them. Worked fine the first night, the second night it kept crashing and took close to 10mins to finally load an episode of South Park. Almost gave up and went to Netflix.

Jean-Martin Guillonvil

Better but still a little issues After reaching customer service, I had to reset app since the streaming was taking so much time to load. It's better I can live with it!

Thomas J

Garbage app I thought shomi was bad, but crave TV makes them look great. Good content just a terrible terrible TERRIBLE app. I will be cancelling. Don't waste your time downloading. Super slow, won't load TV shows half the time, forget trying to use it with Chromecast, crashes more often then not, etc. My note 4 doesn't have any of these problems with other apps. Netflix is actually worth the money, not crave TV.

Paul Lindgren

Meh show selection and Meh functionality. Crave has a few exclusive shows that aren't found on Netflix or Shomi, but it doesn't work as smoothly as Netflix does. Not much for movies and completely lacking in any sort of offerings for kids shows. I wish Crave did continuous play like Netflix.

Sergio Carchedi

It's terrible. The selection of shows and movies is great, but the app is terrible. I have trouble casting to Chromecast. Half the time it gives me the loading screen & then it'll just crash. It never starts playing at the time I closed the app. I don't have a skip option. I don't even understand why they have a panel in the notification bar cause it never works. When an episodes ends, I don't have the option of skipping to next episode, nor does it play the next episode. I need to manually do that myself. Stay away!

Nicolas Adam

Content good, application terrible. Dear crave, the app you've attempted to create to compete with netflix has been a complete failure. Please fix all the crashes and sign in issues before I actually feel the need to buy cable.

Krisdelee Yanko

Constant buffering! I can't go more the 3 minutes without anything I'm trying to watch buffering! Netflix has never done this not even once. What the heck crave? So frustrating not sure I'll consider a switch!

Kyle Jordanov

Pretty Bad Overall, a pretty bad experience. Pausing keeps the scrubber and info up on the screen. Casting is erratic. Crashes a fair bit. Should be better than this.

Brigantia Highland

Youppi TV anytime anywhere!!!! Great app it works perfectly with my Bell account. Whether I watch it on Bell Fibe or my Samsung Note 3, I have all my shows at my fingertips ☺ just a few suggestions to add on Crave American Horror History, Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Babylon 5 and Supernatural. Add all that and I'll be in 7th Heaven...Oh that show too please!!!!! ☺

Jennifer Beswick-Arthur

Crave tv on my smart tv I love having access to crave tv through my smart tv without needing a service provider. The only flaw. Is if you watch an episode. It will give you an error and can't load the next. On every show. Every time. Aggravating. You then have to skip an episode. Load the one after that episode. Close it and go back to load the one you want. This is a major service issue. I'm paying for this and it has a major FLAW. I hope crave t.v. will look into this and fix it because it's annoying.

Justin Vance

Good content terrible app Content crave has to offer is awesome. Tons of good shows. down side is the app for Android is terrible as is the app for pc. It constantly stops during streaming and loads. This should not happen. I tried it on 3 different networks and the same problem happens in both phone and pc apps. Also the apps shut down after watching 2 or 3 episodes in a row. Please fix or I will cancell my subscription

douglas minty

Great when it works Great when it works, can only watch a max of 4 ebisodes on Chromecast before it stops working, unexpected error. When it does work, the audio is off by about 2 seconds 50% of the time. It's got great content, just wish it was as reliable Netflix is. Update- I called the # provided and they informed me that they are still working out the bugs. Now only works 20-30% of the time, extreamly frustrating!

Ryan Bosinger

Awesome service but the app is buggy. I've been on the 1 month free trial for about 4 days and it asks me to sign in and update my payment details all the time. My payment details are fine and I basically just have to sign in a couple times and then eventually it kicks back and I can watch something. It's getting pretty annoying. Great content selection though and once I've get it playing on my Chromecast it works great. Giving it 4 stars because I love the service. I'd give this Android app itself a 3.

Jason Tam

Buggy Lets you sign in but when you go to watch anything, it immediately crashes. Works fine in iOS and computer,just the Android os. Needs a lot of work before getting higher rating

Barb Lindgren

How To Make An App That Works 1. Call Netflix 2. Disguise your voice 3. Ask them how they manage to make an app that works 4. Write down these pearls of wisdom 5. Hang up 6. Do what they said. Oh and how does this app manage to restart my phone every time I finally finesse through the constant buffering and start a show?? You guys are on to SOMETHING, but it ain't video streaming. I'm not gonna call the help line. You know the issues are with your end of the service, so fix them.

Christian Reyes

App needs a lot of work. Good content of shows, but the app is slow and not very user friendly. I am also having issues with the status bar staying on. It's a bit frustrating dealing with these issues. Please Bell Media fix these problems.

Bruno Lindner

Wish it were better Chrome lapses. Constant video stutter. Does not allow for binge watchihg without multiple step searches. Only saves episores rather than series in favourites. Does not track which show or episode was watched last making sequential watching very difficult Net...x way better product especialy given that the price is the same. Canadian software developers should be way better than this. Cancelling after free month. Hardly watched content for half the time. Mainly due to app interface frustration. The Bell Media response is standard boiler plate. Sadly this ship has sailed. Too bad that their software developers aren't as responsive as their quick click response unit.

Laura Froese

So disappointed. Have had this app for 24 hours worked maybe 30 % of the time. Will be canceling if this keeps up. Just tried uninstalling and installing and still is not loading. I can download the app in under 30 Seconds yet can't start a show in over ten? Common Crave get it together

Matt S

Terrible Continually logs you out, has all kinds of issues streaming to chromecast, the interface is clunky and slow, gets stuck paying the same episode over and over. A free month is all I can take with this app. Content is good but useless if you can't get it to work. Would consider coming back if the app is overhauled.

Mark Ramsay

A couple of hiccups The good: fairly great library - the best in terms of on demand TV in Canada for the BMC group, and the "Crave" list is great to keep track of what to watch. The bad: no continuous play; it's unclear that when you tap a show whether it will play immediately or go to the episode list. The ugly: using the pause/play controls from the notification tray/when the phone is locked, leaves the seek/progress bar up on the screen. It only goes away when I manually seek back on my device. Keep at it!

Drew Dudeck

Bad App, Great Content When using Chromecast the onscreen video information will not disappear after pausing and resuming play. The only solution appears to be disconnecting Chromecast and restarting. A very major glitch reported by others but still not resolved. I'm sure I will get the same auto reply to this review as everyone else gets... to call customer service so they can help trouble shoot. How do you trouble shoot an obvious software glitch over the phone? I'll be glad to provide a higher rating once solved.

Lisa Demmer

Horrible app This app is infuriating to work with. It's slow and glitchy. If you pause a show the progress bar shows up at the bottom of the screen and won't go away when you resume watching. It's annoying to navigate and takes forever to load most of the time.

Devin Dimmick

Basic money grab (Rushed App)-tons of problems I was super excited before for this service, but right from the get-go, unimpressed!! I signed up for the email notice, so I'd be first in line to sign up, but never got any email; still waiting. .. Finally sign-up & non stop problems. I am happy with the selection of content, but i hope your working hard to fix these issues with your app. My advice: Get Netflix & wait 6 months for these guys to get their heads out of the assess & fix the multitude of problems before you buy a subscription; waste of $$

TermsOfService LearnMore

Will not open Edit: the reason it will not open is if you have something such as adaway which seems to block the host files needed to run the application. [End edit]................... My phone is an LG G3 running 5.0.1, whenever I try opening the app it says "connection error" and I cannot get past this even after reinstalling it. Maybe get more people to work on this app if you plan to compete with Netflix. At least their app along w/ Shomi's actually works.

Mike Storeshaw

Chromecast issue Any time I try to pause a program while using Chromecast, after restarting the title display and progress bar won't leave the screen. A bit of a pain.

Salim Bellazoug

Slow and full of bugs Slow to start, need to sign-out than sign-in at least once a day, and sometimes, like tonight, it just doesn't load. Meanwhile, Netflix works like a charm! Too bad, because I was very exited when the service became available to everyone.

Ian Baillie

Terrible app. Doesn't really work and when it does it stops working and then won't restart. As others have said it might work at best 30 percent of the time. So buggy that it makes the whole experience awful. Bad first impression and will likely cancel after the first month because I would hate to pay for this product.

Pamela Davis

It's always a hit and miss I like the variety of shows but when I'm watching it on my note 4 it doesn't load and I tried restarting and reinstalling. Please please fix this.

John Shaw

Constant crashes, if it ever plays anything it stops constantly. Worse than most of the free services. Looks like several interesting shows, but I have yet to watch one without constant problems on phone, tablet and windows 10. The only device it seems to work on is my Samsung tv. Tech support never replied, but this has all the symptoms of a hopelessly oversubscribed number of users plus poor programming. I cancelled after a couple of days of trying. Shomi and Netflix both work fine so why bother with this junk.

Doug Van De Cappelle

Takes my email address, but says "error:" with no actual error, on 2 different PC's and 3 different phones when trying to sign up. Tried 3 different credit cards, no dice. Definitely sticking with Netflix, it's not broken.

Pounder P

This is one of the most useless app out there ,it tries to determine what type of device that you are using,Whether it is telephone, computer, tablet, etc. and will always get it wrong giving your device settings, also craveTV only plays tv shows and old movies and it's very slow to load. And when it does load, you try to load a category, a page will appear with your selection but when start browsing the page will fade out and have nothing to choose. Do not bother to check this app out!!

Melissa D

Needs some work Installed this today, as many other users have noted, app is slow and buggy. Info doesn't leave the screen unless you stop casting and recast, if you want to "rewind" you'd better be patient. It takes forever to reload and kills the charge on my tablet when playing. Glad there is a free trial, I won't be subscribing.

Kitten Harding

Doesn't work on Zenfone2 Installs, loads, allows login, displays titles, then crashes as soon as you hit play. Oddly enough, not seeing any reviews yet where person dialed the customer service line and was magically fixed up...

Scott Green

Needs more refinement. The content is fantastic. The app, however, is not great. Why no option to autoplay the next episode? Why can't I choose specific episodes from shows in 'my cravings'? Seems like basic functionality is lacking to me.

Kitty Dee

It doesn't even work. All of the shows on crave should have signed up with netflix or shomi because both the mobile app and the actual site on a computer work maybe 30% of the time if your lucky.

Reggie Smith

Good selection, Slow streaming Update** Streaming speeds on my phone and tablet are better now. Would be great, but a major shortfall is I can't even watch it on my tv. There is no app for my smart bluray or for my Xbox 360. Sadly if one of these doesn't become available I will have to unsubscribe and find an alternate service.

Mark Duffin

Good content, poor app Content is a small but good. However, app is very poor. Does not autoplay the next episode of a show, can't properly fast forward or rewind, start of every episode stutters, the play bar appears on the screen and doesn't disappear.

Claudius Maximus

Absolute Garbage. Great content. If Netflix had all of the shows Crave is licensed to have, I wouldn't waste my time with Crave. Horribly slow and how many times a month should users really have to keep logging in? Then now it's saying my email and password don't exist as a now paying customer? WTF? Also when you pause using Chromecast the info bar doesn't disappear? Not to mention that 90% of the time when you go back to your list of shows, it will start replaying the episode you just finished. Doesn't go to next episode.

Ryan Day

It appears Bell released an app without doing any testing, or even attempting to use it casually. For a major (rich!) telecom company, this app is wretched: Every time you pause an episode while chromecasting, the status bar gets stuck on screen; the only way to remove it is to stop the ep & start over. The navigation is painful, making it awkward to move from one episode to another - a huge fault, given most (all?) content is TV shows. It's also slow, taking forever to load video or connect to a chromecast.

Sera Kostiuk

Awful I went into getting cravetv wanting to like it. But after using it for no less than 3 days I've had numerous problems including, legging or just not loading at all, not unpausing once paused, and low picture quality. Trying to get past those is hard enough but then there's also the small things like, once the next episode is played it exits full screen mode and it's widely unavailable on a lot of devices.

jeremy leland

Good content, crap app, crappy lo def Well, like the title says good content. The app is straight garbage, but I understand Bell crippling the online streaming to try to keep there cable business going. I have a 25mbs internet connection and stream Netflix at 1080p with no buffering EVER. Cravetv buffers constantly and the picture goes from 360p to 480p and that's as good as it gets. Good thing Crave has good shows or I think this service would be in dead in the water. Bell you stink out loud!!

ghislain comeau

Wifi fix please Just subscribed to the today. It blows my mind that the app will not let me watch over wifi when its set to wifi only. Don't insult me by telling me to check if my wifi is turn on.

Kendrick Bradley

Bad app Needs better controls on Chromecast. Can't pause, doesn't easily let you access next show in a series, has buggy history list Probably won't subscribe at end of free trial as too much pain to operate, despite great content.

Victoria M L

Content amazing, app and desktop website need major fixing Doesn't cast to my chromecast very well, both from the app and the actual website on desktop. I definitely wouldn't pay for this, but it comes with my Bell subscription so I use it. Netflix and even Shomi have good setups with few bugs... I hope Cravetv catches up someday!

Manda Reid

Cannot log onto app Have tried many times. Managed to once, then got kicked off. Cant get back on

Alex Killby

Love the content, terrible app The content library is fantastic! The app, is good, but I wish I could browse the catalogue on my Android TV instead of having to cast from my phone. Recent upgrades to app have dramatically increased stream stability, no more pause bug.

Viola Bos

Every time I try to watch on my tablet. Crave tries to cast to my Bluetooth headphones. And there appears to be no way to turn cast off. Please fix

James Barkun

Need additional controls Liking the app and it works well with Chrome cast for me. It could use a few important missing controls in the video player though, such as a rewind and fast forward (dragging the current position is very inaccurate), previous and next episode, and an easy way to access the episode list without having to do a search for the series. Thank you

kassandra shade

Kids I wish bell gave a Shomi subscription. I have a 4 yr old and the selection of kids show on Shomi was amazing, unfortunatly too expensive to continue paying for. Crave has nothing for kids. Great for adults, but my life and TV time revolve around my kid.

Jakub Wasikiewicz

Runs worse than a 1 legged dog. Content will usually only stream at 240p or worse with a lot of pauses for buffering. I've got a 25mbps connection and Netflix doesn't even burp running at 1080p. Only thing worthwhile about this is Letterkenny. Get the 1 month trial, watch that, and leave.

john beesworth

Stupid Don't waste your money until they get this working properly. Only works on laptop/ computer and phones. Finally got it to work but the quality is horrible.

Adam Munn-Rivard

Not working at all Update: Cancelled subscription because of how bad this app is. Chromecast would stop working or not find my devices. The app is slow and takes long to launch, the app also signed me out automatically on all my devices a couple times each week. The content is good but lacking in certain areas.

Jenn Betts

Your app sucks The app freezes all the time. It never picks up where I started. It drains my battery like no other app. Incredibly disappointed that a company like this would have a terrible app. Makes me nor want to use it. Please fix it right away so it is equal to other companies like netflix. I'd rather use them than you guys.

Rob Holley

Not sure what's going on Just signed up for the free month trial everything looks great seems to run smooth. When I go to watch something it tells me if I want to watch something over a cellular network I have to go to the settings and switch it to work with Wi-Fi off or turn the Wi-Fi on on my device. The Wi-Fi is on on my device... bad first impression hopefully it gets fixed quick.

Rohan Vardon

Wish I could give it 0. Any show plays for a minute or two then the buffering starts and never ends. If it's not that, it's 'service unavailable please try again later'. I can't believe anyone would want to continue past the free trial period when every show is basically unwatchable. Sent them an email, they replied after a day with a phone number. I call and wait 15 minutes so I can describe my issue in detail only to realize that I'll have to wait for a call back from 'level 2' support...still waiting....For the amount of hoops I've jumped through already to watch maybe 15 minutes of uninterrupted video, you guys should be paying your users not the other way around. It's a shame because the content is great, but your app developers should be fired.

James Chapman

Chromecast no longer functions "Unknown Error" is something you should get used to seeing in this app, unfortunately. Their selection seems great, however I wouldn't know since I very rarely get to watch. Has a lot of potential, but as it stands now it may very well be one of the worst video streaming apps I've used. Hoping for a fix, but not holding my breath. Edit: Also worth mentioning, if you have a phone with an on screen navigation bar, this app does not use the immersive mode -- the buttons stay there the whole time.

Michelle Purdy

Super annoying Please Fix! On my smart TV I keep receiving player error too many people watching videos at one time. When only 1 person is using the account. Can't use with my Samsung tablet pro it crashes every time I try to sign in. Unable to use on my HTC one as well it crashes each time I try to select shows. If this continues I will probably look into cancelling my subscription.

Douglas Hare

Didn't think it could get any worse.. "Unknown error" is all I get now. Cancelling service.

Bogdan B.

Needs major improvements. It tries accessing servers on adware lists. In Chrome and Firefox you need to allow loading unsafe scripts or disable protection to be able to play content. Internet Explorer needs third party cookies enabled. Why? No closed captioning on most platforms. No other paid streaming services attempt this kind of tracking or have these problems.

Kenneth O'Dell Stoddard

Unsubscribing I would love to review this app. Unfortunately I haven't been able to actually use it. After downloading and subscribing I have yet to be able to watch a single show. It won't even load. Netflix and shomi both work great on my phone. Bell, fire your app techs. The are useless.

Karen Salmonson

Great content. I was having the same issues as others with the app, but a restart of the tablet fixed it. Now it runs smooth. This would get 5 stars if there was a way to jump to different episodes in the my cravings list. Also need the same while watching the shows. A way to go back an episode or forward. More user control would definitely help

B More

Maybe bell isn't ready to play with the big boys yet. Cravetv has great programs. Sometimes it even let's you watch them. Other times it won't let you log in or denies authorization or after you log in it says you aren't logged in or other random errors. Tried to play the same show 4 times and got 4 different errors as to why it won't play. Tried to sign out and sign back in but it won't let me sign in. If anyone from cravetv sees this and decides to comment on it here is my response. Why should I call you. Why not make the service work like netflix does

Lawrence Olheiser

Not alot really Plz fix it so when u fall asleep it stops as a show or 3 . I fell asleep last night and it ran for 7 hours. That uses all my Internet.

Al D

Beyond bad Using this app mostly for chromecast. Stereo sound only. No skip forward or backward. No time when using the scrollbar. Loses sync with the chromecast often and by that I mean the show's still going but the app has no clue. Often get buffering problems even with a stable 50 mbps connection.

Maria Schmeikal

Keeps trying to cast to my Bluetooth ihome speaker. Casting problems with Note 2, Android 4.4.2. It will let me play the current video but when the app tries to play the next video it starts trying to cast to my speeker. I have to turn off the speaker, turn off Bluetooth, exit the app, and clear my phone memory before I can play anything again.

M Dionne

Going to cancel. Pure garbage app. I can't watch anything on the SmartTv app without it cutting out after a random amount of time, and resuming play just restarts the episode. After 20 minutes of this infuriating nonsense I try mirroring the app from my tablet to TV. Now I can get thru a random amount of time before the app freezes my tablet and shuts it off. Done. Netflix and Shomi work great, they can have my business.

Cory Boehm

Doesn't handle volume correctly When sending to Google Cast the volunteer doesn't work on a per app basis like it should and instead affects multiple apps. Nice selection of TV shows though.

Francois Giroux

Worse app on Playstore It stops to buffer every minute or 2. It stops with service temp. out every 5 min. or so. Last update which was supposed to bring enhancements to casting made it way worse. Didn't subscribe to watch programs on my phone's 5 inch screen. FInally accepting visa debit won't help you. Have you no pride? Did your developers finish high school? Is this the junk you want to compete with what's out there? This is what you want to show the world. Amateur developers put out better working app than this. Bell = SHAME

Mark Mitchell

Glitchy as heck I'm casting to my nvidia shield tv which is way overpowered and is connected via Gigabit ethernet to my router with a 60Mbps connection. Never had any issues casting anything, even [email protected] yet Cravetv is glitchy, jerky and pixelated! Real disappointed. Oh and on a pc I have to disable my addblocker to be allowed to sign in. They should see what their competitors are doing and try to emulate them. Oh and they've been promising a cravetv app for xbox one for a very long time.

Tyler S

Does literally nothing. I've accepted that the layout and user interface for Crave TV would be pathetic even by the standards of ten years ago, this is Canada after all, but this "app" literally does nothing. I cant sign in as all that button does is open my browser, and anything else I click just resets the entire piece of garbage. I honestly am impressed at how incredibly worthless your service is.

Scott Green

Chromecast support is the worst. This app is so bad. Even after patching it for Chromecast support it is virtually unwatchable. It is really a shame because the content is great. There is no way I can justify paying a subscription for this awful app though.

Christine Ellis

So disappointing. Signed up for a Trial a couple of days ago after checking out Shomi as well. I won't be subscribing past the trial because this app just doesn't work properly with a Chromecast. Thought it must be something wrong on my end but no, see that it's been a known issue for a long time. Shows constantly buffer and the service drops to an error message. Haven't been able to get through a whole one yet without having to disconnect and reconnect the app. Tried both my android phone and tablet. The app design itself is not super user friendly. No easy way to get the next episode? Come on this is basic stuff Bell Media. There is a lot of content that I would like to watch. I'll struggle through a few of the best stuff this month but there's no way I can consider staying subscribed with the state that this app is in right now. It's so bad that I'm having trouble fathoming how it got to market like this and why there doesn't appear to any hurry to make it work properly considering the sheer amount of the same type of complaints I've found on the net about it.

Craig Pakkala

Good show selection, poorly designed app Wow this app needs work, poor design, laggy and shows don't continue automatically like the Netflix app. App is so bad I want to go back to Netflix.

Luke Janus

Unusable Signed up to cravetv yesterday, as they have a good variety of shows. Downloaded the app on my tablet and it crashes every single time I try to sign in. It's unusable, if it doesn't work by the time my free trial is about to end than I will be cancelling. After being unable to use the app on my phone as well, definitely cancelling it. You guys need to fix so many issues

Mike Jacobs

Doesn't work well with chromecast. Pretty much unusable Lots of pixelation and flickering with Chromecast. This is the only app i have that has issues. Netflix and my other apps play flawlessly over Chromecast so I know the problem is not on my end. One only needs to look at the other reviews for this app to see many others having the same issues. Good content but if I can't watch it what's the point?

Robert McNarland

Lots of shows, but terrible app I hope CRAVETV fixes their app. When using chromecast it has a difficult time keeping track of where a show was last played, what episode it's on and doesn't queue to the next episode. Also, streaming becomes pixelated and often pauses. I've run Internet speed tests during these moments to see if its my wifi, but I get the same good speed results.. showing that it is the app, not my network. Fix your app if you want me to remain a customer

corrie lacombe

Crap Worked fine until I got a new galaxy s5 and now it just keeps saying turn WiFi is

Steve Demetriades

Does not connect and app crashes I want to like this but the app is too unreliable. I can't watch an episode of anything without it crashing and/or disconnecting. Really needs to be improved.

kia morancy

eh.. amazing content .. has lots wish it had more reality shows .. I use on my Samsung smart tv and the options suck can't pause or go to next show easy .. have no option for subtitles either .. all around can do much better

Kim Davies

add th Deadliest Catch season 9 10 and 11. Add all season of big bang theory please and thank you. And all so add all. Season of high way throw hell . And the. all seasons. Community season 6

Ryan Unrau

Awful Chromecast support If you like a video stream that is consistently freezing, buffering, and crashing - this is the app for you!

maat harris

Needs work Like most have said. Content is amazing..but the app interface is lacking the functionality of the other continuous episodes..difficulty controlling playback at times.. Content is really impressive though. I just wish Bell would spend as much money on app development as they do on license rights!

David Mills

Awesome shows, HORRIBLE app (Chromecast user) (suggestions below) The app requires you search the show name just to pick an episode other than the (automatic) next one. If you need to go back you may need to re-open the episode, pick the show time, then cast again. It needs a 30 second reverse button and to only automatically play the next episode if the show is picked out of 'my cravings' rather than on the home page. THE NUMBER ONE PROBLEM: is that you can't automatically play the next episode as soon as the current episode finishes.

terri gergely

Terrible app It freezes constantly, you dont have the option to restart or choose the episode you want, it automatically defaults to the last ep watched. And since the app crashes with about 10 min remaining, (when casting) you have to go back and rerun the last ep again before it will queue the next one. Also why not a binge-watch option that just auto-plays? So far no reason to buy after the free month trial is up. Most of the movies listed are free on Crackle.

Jayson Crang

Garbage app Hasn't been a significant update to any of the issues since I joined. Queue the "please contact support for assistance" response. Unless they intend to code a new app live on the phone, please save the response. Never remembers an episode was played. Can't auto play next episode. Can't select Crave titles then drill down. Just defaults to start playing, which since it never remembers history will likely be the episode you just watched. App always logs you out.

Trevor Rea-Stewart

Needs fixing. Program is poorly executed, many standard features missing.. can't pause over Chromecast, cant select episodes while watching a show, you have to search for the show you're already watching, ect. Doesn't work with Android N developer preview 3 beta.


App and content Can't watch anything on the app at all. The video is lagging and out of sync. So gotta to watch on my laptop. Improvement can add more stuff. Got alot of HBO shows that can be put on here and some other tv shows. Examples Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Banshee, and although Big Bang Theory is on here only 4 seasons. Thinks it's time for more now. Outta all of the streaming channels Netflix, Shomi, and Crackle. CraveTV is my least favorite of them all. Be nice to have a XBOX One app too.

Mathew Bouwers

Good but just a few problems Its a good app and when im watching it isnt bad but its just a little but buggy but an overall good app. Though i fid notice it runs better on apple products but i cant really complain

Christian Vattovaz

I love the app BUT I love this app for letterkenny but we know it needs more, but the thing that bugs me is it keeps telling me. To remove a ad blocker on my ASUS zenfone 2 and idk what there talking about! It's annoying

Joshua Hofer

Awful Application, Cannot view even once This app has to be the worst app I have ever used. I wanted to subscribe for one month and see how it worked. Firstly I have a 6 month old Samsung smart tv in Canada, and according to CraveTV website there is an app for it, NOPE. NOTHING NADA. Then I downloaded this app on my Android TV. It would not load a single show, and I have it hooked up over Ethernet, and have great fast internet. I have subscribed and unsubscribed without viewing any content. Bell needs to fix this apps issues, not their catalogue.

adam crawford

Terrible laggy app The content is amazing....always something new to watch. The app is a joke doesn't work well with chromecast, can't jump to the next episode , the app is really under developed. Is it really with the $$ per month ?

Michael Ubiera

Need for improvement Definitely needs way more functionality. Having to select the show, the season, and the episode following a show while streaming is a tad tedious when netflix suggests the next title, which would of course be the next episode or a show/movie of similar interests. Additionally, while streaming from chromecast the volume is not seperate from my media volume.. Most likely to unsubscribe following trial. And how in the hell does an app have the ability to crash my entire wifi network. Ridiculous.

Emmanuel Adam

Finally able to sign in It took so long to simply be able to sign in. Now I get to try the app. But not really... crashes almost every time I try to watch something. What a horrible experience for a service that could be great if not for the lack of simple good app coding.

Mike Richardson

Good content, wretched app If the service didn't have quality content, I would have cancelled it on how terrible the app runs. Complete garbage through chromecast, doesn't pick shows up where I stopped, sound quality drops off and it sounds like I'm listening through an aquarium.

Shawn Hearty

Won't let me watch it via Wifi, it only wants to use a data connection. I'm cancelling my service. This is terrible

Erika Smith

If I could give this zero stars I would have. Signed up for the 1 month free, the app and website were sluggish at best and didn't work for the most part. This made it impossible to actually watch a show enjoyably. I tried to cancel my free trial before the 30 day offer expired and the horrible website just kept giving me an error message when I tried to access it so I got stuck with the first month's fee because I couldn't access the website to find a phone number or email address for the company to cancel in time. Horrible customer service too!

Albert Kordos

Not only are .both the website and the app poorly designed but after the first month you get unreliable, garbage service that comes and goes randomly. Typical of Bell still living in the 70's and thinking they own the market. Time to drop 'em like hot potatoes.

Eric Grenier

Almost never works. UPDATE: Somehow, it worked fine for one day. The four other days since I have had Crave TV, I was not able to watch anything. So it's one day good, four days bad. I will update the review in the days to come. Content is really good. App features are good when it works which is pretty much never. Getting really annoyed.

Joseph Potter

Good content, bad app Glitchy and laggy, the app demands upgrades to its interface and functionality. However, it's full of great Showtime and HBO content to keep me subscribing.

dallas williams

Good content very poor app ! This app sucks! 90 % of the time when i try to stream to cromecast it loses the screen to pause the show and kicks you back to the freaken selection screen. Meanwhile the show continues to play on my tv.Then it almost never remembers were you were. To top it all off after you had to go into your cromecast app and shut the show off cause it still plays after closing the crave app. When you try and seach where you were in your show you get 2 guess cause after that it resets your cromecast.

Brent Hafner

Good content bad app The content is amazing. But the app is incredibly buggy. Feels like every time I give it a try a show generates an error message and closes or has streaming issues. I don't think it my Internet because other services like shomi and Netflix work fine. If it worked consistently it would probably be my go to streaming service but until they fix the bugs it's not.

Alexander Goulet

I would not recommend this app. The service and content is fine, however the app does not interact well with Chromecast which is the primary reason I subscribed. I have had satisfactory experiences with the app on my phone or my tablet, but as soon as it was connected to Chromecast, it buffers every 5 seconds. In comparison, Netflix never buffers and works quickly without any issues. I have been reading reviews online about the Crave TV app and I see it is very common for it to not work with Chromecast well. Fix your Chromecast issues and I will consider using the app again.

Ang Sullivan

OK app Love the idea and the shows on crave but on my phone or tablet it signs my out all the time or I need to sign out and back in and now with a brand new phone it won't street even though I'm connected to WiFi at home. I have a account threw telus and the telus TV app doesn't save the shows you watch

Darren Marks

No longer runs After the last android update, the app stopped working. Called Crave and given a ticket FIVE days ago with no response after the customer service rep (which others were told to call after bad reviews) told me to UN then reinstall the app. That is customer service for Crave and Bell. Shameful work. Really Bell? Call again to be ignored. Account canceled

Trevor Miller

5* content in a 3* app Library is great, originals are really good, and Chromecast connectivity has improved quite a bit over previous versions. Unfortunately, still short on basic controls and the fact it still doesn't automatically advance to the next episode for binge watching is ridiculous. Great content is worth the eight bucks for a month, but it's not a subscription I'm going to keep going long if the app doesn't improve.

Steph Pilon

Awesome! I downloaded this app last week on my Galaxy 6s.. works perfectly for me, for my part I do appreciate that it won't auto play episodes since I tend to fall asleep watching TV. Never got a problem casting either.. great selections.. just wanted to watch Penny Dreadful!

Glenn Goff

Needs Work! This app. Has many problems I think it was rushed to release therefore needs a considerable amount of work! 2 stars and I all not renew my subscription to Crave until the app is worthy of a high 3 star or low 4 star rating.

Jessica Weber

Bugs I have a Roku and Chromecast and the app is super buggy...I have many times had to fix the timing of the show as it was super behind. There is no seamless continuation of the shows and closed caption doesn't work once you cast to chromecast. Also, I Chromecast from my tablet and like to use it for other things at the same time and you can't turn the volume of the tablet off, separate from the CraveTV app. If you turn the tablet volume off then the app volume turns off. I'm hoping they add CraveTV to Roku. The selection is very good, but not worth the monthly fees with the current bugs/deficiencies.

Lord Death

Great content... App doesnt work... Great content on crave tv when i can get it to work. However on my Lg G4 (over any wifi connection) if i have it set to "video on wifi only" and my data is turned off on my phone BUT my wifi is on... It gives me an error and wont play any videos. Very buggy in that regard but fix it and i will upgrade and re-rate the app.

Shawn Urquhart

Great titles, terrible connectivity Like the title says, great selection on titles. However if you plan on streaming with chromecast don't waste your time. The website seems to work fine but the app needs some serious debugging. In my experience it constantly loses connection with my chromecast, and just buffers continuously. Such a shame.

Ry Don

Fix it It's nice to see a mix of content. A bunch of Canadian shows but the app is in need of some fixing seems like every 3 minutes it has to buffer the video. It is annoying just deposit and wait. I know it's not the internet Netflix doesn't seem to have the same problem

Garret Drumm

Great selection of tv shows! Terrible slow And buggy UI. Very unintuitive design. Doesn't continue to the next episode and rarely plays the episode I want. Constant "unexpected errors". Continuously loses the connection to Chromecast and requires restarting the CraveTV app to reconnect. You also need to log back into the app after every update.

Buf Guf

This app doesn't work. I need to sign each time I open it and then it crashes every time. I haven't been able to watch anything for days. I'm essentially paying for a service I'm not receiving seeing as how hard it is to sign on on desktop. But that's another issue. I'm not sure why nothing is being done to fix this issue. So frustrating.

Claude Gohier

Needs better Chromecast support The app seemed to have been abandoned by the developers. more than 6 months without update. No bug fix, no new features. The service is not taken seriously by Bell. Needs better controls, like a 30 seconds rewind. Also needs subtitles on Chromecast. To compete, the app needs to be better than Netflix. It isn't.

Adam Dorval

Wifi, cast, crashing problems, like many others I too cannot watch over wifi unless i use airplane mode on my phone. After talking to support it sounds like its a known issue, hopefully they fix it soon. Also agree that the chrome cast fuctions need some work, and casting is choppy as hell for me. Would like to be able to access via Android TV, i feel like that was a big miss. Finally, app crashes when trying to log in on my tablet so i can't use it at all on tablet. So many issues for one little app!

Jeremy McMaster

Good shows, though Love the shows on it. Top notch!...but it seems the app is from makes me sign in every single time, even if it is within 2 minutes. It freezes constantly. I can't even sign in right now! It's so frustrating. Fix the app guys! I'd give you 5 stars!

Brandon Schofield

Poor app Great library. Too bad everything else worms so poorly. I tried to get over the poor controls to chromecast, and the slow connection when pressing paise or play. I tried to get over all the pause buffers and low quality video. I tried to get over the lowsy controls for volume, chapter select, episode select and time scrolling. Today I wasnt able to view any episodes, it kept asking me to sign in. I was already signed it. I logged out to see if that would fix the issue - now I cannot even sign back in.

Tasheena Klyne

Great content but.... The app is freaking terrible! Needs alot of work. One of the shows is stuck on season 1 episode 15, even though I have watched a full season past that, on the same device. Because of that it sucks I can't select an episode from my cravings. So annoying.

Craig Pakkala

Wow this app needs work, poor design, laggy and shows don't continue automatically like the Netflix app. App is so bad I want to go back to Netflix. reply to Bell Media .... please see other comments in regards to this app, they all come to the same conclusion. There is nothing to troubleshoot, it's an app that requires a lot of work to be user friendly and fluid. Also, lose the 'show more' button when viewing a list of programs, it's useless.

Kathryn Bowler

Good selection to watch, awful application. Likes to randomly disconnect from Chromecast (on the plus the episode keeps playing tho), doesn't play the next episode automatically -- same with the full website too. It's a pain to navigate when you do finish your episode watching via Chromecast, find out that the app didn't recognise it and you want to select the next episode. Not intuitive. Browsing the selection is buggy and slow.

Fahad Shafique

Can't cast to TV anymore. First I was frustrated that they didn't have an app for my Google Nexus device. So I always need to have an Android phone or tablet to initiate the streaming. Except, recently, or for a few months now, I can't even chromecast to my Nexus device.

Janna Goulay-Pond

App is a nightmare I seriously can't believe how bad this app is. The show selection is good, but the app is awful. It's constantly disconnecting from Chromecast between episodes and loses track of what episode I'm currently on in "My Cravings" and of course, there's no option to manually CHOOSE which episode you want to watch in "My Cravings" so you need to go use the search function to find the show you were literally just watching. So so bad.

j fournier

Content OK app painful to use App never remembers that I finished watching an episode so it always starts half way through an episode I've already watched. Selecting the right episode is a painful multi step process. Content is reasonable. Look forward to trying service again after they fix the app.

Caytlin Edge

App is pathetic Not only does the app log you out frequently but now on my tablet the log in pop up doesnt even function. Most finnicky and frustrating app ive ever tried to use. Now ill have to cancel my subscription through paypal because i cant even log in

Sean Boldick

Absolute garbage App crashes as soon as I click any episode of any show. All my media is watched from my phone so without a working app, it's a useless subscription. The UI is also really poorly designed. Will not be continuing services unless fixed soon.

Gabriel Poulin

Horrible app App doesn't support chrome cast properly, doesn't have a ps4 version like shomi and it doesn't remember your login. Now the login page will not appear on my tablet even after reinstalling. Bell made the most profitable of all the Canadian carriers in 2015, you would of thought they could have spared a few bucks to hire the guys at rogers so they could have designed a better app. Horrible app from such a horrible company.

Janet Gerrior

Out of sync All your videos are out of sync. I thought it was my Internet but Netflix and Shomi works fine its just Crave TV and this is my free month I might just cancel my subscription if this keeps up.

Aaron Hartley

Good selection, horrible app Next to impossible to select a specific show or go back and watch an episode you've already seen. Once you start watching something, that's where you're stuck and too bad. Shouldn't be this difficult to select what you want to see.

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