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18 Dec
CPU tuner (Rooted phones)

Posted by vogtp in Tools | Dec. 18, 2013 | 74 Comments

Apk file size: 1.2 MB

CPU tuner gives you control over the power consumption of your android device.
Its prime purpose is to be a battery saver and to save as much battery as possible, but it can be used to overclock at the same time (if the kernel of your device supports it).

Depending on triggers (based on the battery) different profiles are loaded. Each trigger has different profiles depending of the the state of your phone (if it is locked, on battery, on power or a phone call is being done).

A profile can modify the following:
* The CPU governor, its thresholds and min/max frequencies off your CPU (i.e. setCPU speed).
* The state of services like:
- mobiledata connection
- 3G/2G switch
- background sync
- wifi
- bluethooth
- airplane mode

Configurations (i.e. a set of trigger and profiles) can be loaded based on the time of the day and the day of the week. This allows you to set a different behaviour during the night or the weekend.

In praise of CyanogenMod... ;)

If you use and like this app please subscribe to the mailing list [email protected] and participate in the forums on (Project webpage).
You can follow CPU tuner on:

If you want to help translating please join in at

Please report errors in a mail to the address listed below not in a market comment.
You best generate a capabilities report first, by going to settings then to backend and choose capabilities report, when it is done hit send (and save the mail as draft). Then describe your issue (and if possible attach a logcat output along with the zip file from the report).

A note on permissions: Yes there are a lot and potentially dangerous permissions needed, but cpu tuner does not request the network communication permission which means that cpu tuner cannot send any information back. Further more cpu tuner is opensource so you can browse the code and check....

Whats new

    V 3.4.2
    * features
    - use "on battery" not "screen off" for "screen locked"
    - more translations
    V 3.4.1
    * bug fixes
    - fix force closes
    - fix battery not updating
    - fix governor thresholds not written
    V 3.4.0
    * features
    - New screen off and locked profiles
    - New shell backend (thanks to stericson)
    - Use interactive governor on Android 4.0 and later
    - Do not start after frequent reboots
    - UI optimisations

vogtp part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Dec. 18, 2013. Google play rating is 83.7752. Current verison is 3.4.2. Actual size 1.2 MB.

Download cpu-tuner-rooted-phones.apk 1.2 MB


Ashwin Karthik

Works like a charm I gave up hope on my phones battery untill i got this app... before i used to have like 10% battery on my HTC sensation at the end of the day, now i at least have 40% if not more..

Zues Nexus

Best root power saver Finally found it and after using it for a few days I've been give prob an extra of 30% of more life but wait I was on power save what about extreme power save lol, ur a champ mate the created of the app, thanks heap using my nexus 7 2013 (flo) paranoid 4.1 beta1

Kevin Todd

Woo Does precisely as it should, mostly. The only reason it isn't 5 stars is because it'll stick to slower CPU frequencies, as the battery percentage rises past the trigger level for each profile

Garrett Curry

Really good but.. I have been using this app now for about half an hour now and I love it however there should be an option where when the device is charging none of the power saving profiles should apply because when im charging my phone and I lock it to go downstairs and come back with my wifi off etc it can be quite annoying but other than that its really good. If you guys could add that feature then I will definitely give the extra star!

Simon Carter

OK but..... Sometimes I find tablet slow and this app has set CPU as if screen off when it is actually on so I have to manually change it to ramp speed back up...

kaizer souze

Love it! Its wicked! Automatic functions! Makes phone lasts longer! Problem i found is: 1. if i press help & go back the minimum cpu speed goes up to the max. 2. If my phone sleeps (not lock) & i wake it up, it still detects screen off, even though its awake. I have to lock it then unlock to correct it. 3. If i restart my phone i have to lock & unlock my phone to correct it to d configs i chose.

Marek Zombo

Awesome It's really great app. My games were laggy sometimes but after using performance overclock it started going lightning fast speed. Great app

Michael Phang

Great tool for power users. I've been looking for a tool like this for ever. It helps battery life quite a bit. Especially if you take the time to really customize the profiles for your usage patterns. As of this writing, It doesn't seem to be able deal with enabling/disabling lte on my phone, but otherwise fantastic.

Table day

Used to work Up until recently, this app would work very well, but now, it doesn't switch out of auto: screen off like it should. I'd rather not leave it on normal all the time. It defeats the purpose of having the app. Auto was a good feature. Now, not so much. Edit: disregard the earlier statement. It still works. I had to change a setting in the app to accommodate for a setting I set on my device. Actually, it's a great app. Works flawlessly, if you know what to change. Thanks to the dev.

Andy Robus

Can't always get full speed Using it on rooted Samsung s3 - lot of the time the cpu falls down to 0.8ghz or 0.2ghz even though I have it set 1400ghz performance setting in every profile, apart from that it's good.

Mark Williams

Great, but still missing something Great app, does exactly what I need, EXCEPT two things. 1) Pulsed data works off a global timer across profiles, I'd like to alter pulse times per profile. eg: So I can pulse more often on my day time profile, and less often on a night time profile. 2) Setting "Allowed CPU frequencies" on my SGS3 results in only 1MHz and 0MHz being options from the profile frequencies selectors, would be nice to have soemthing alther that 200, 1000 and 1400MHz options available.

Anwar K Backer

Absolutely fantastic Best ever android app I used for power saving. I was frustrated with my new xperia sola. Battery was not lasting even 18 hours. It was consuming around 35% battery over night. That too with out any data connection. I was thinking about changing to a windows phone. Almost all battery savers in google play was useless for me. As a last try, rooted my phone and installed CPU tuner. Wonderful results:) now my fone consumes only 5% over night. Battery lasts one and day wit heavy usage. Hats off to Dev.

John McGlothin

100% Awesome. I have tried all of the top CPU governor apps out there but this one works amazing. I have a custom theme on my Razr MAXX that is a bit CPU hungry and this app made a significant improvement on battery consumption and application performance. Set the screen off CPU state sliders to Max minimumand screen on CPU state sliders to Max/Max & min slider to a couple 100mhz less than Max and you'll feel and notice the difference.

Christopher Suttles

Really helps with battery life! I love CPU tuner. I have my phone set to run max clocks when in use, and simply set the CPU to lowest frequency when the screen is locked. I don't use my phone all the time, in fact I only use it when I need to get a hold of somebody or check email, and a bit of social networking. My phone would die halfway threw the day before, but now I can get almost 40 hours out of it!!

Jhe Carandang

Not working with LG G Pro 2 Installed this in my towelrooted LG G Pro 2 and it restarted my phone twice. I removed the battery on the third restart and it turned on. Uninstall immediately and after that getting error "unfortunately (game apps ) stopped ", specially with high resolution games. Did this app messed anything with the phone system? Hopefully not. This was a great app with my old phone and hopefully fix it and work with my new phone.

Phil Kappe

Perfect We all know that androids suck away battery like it's going out of style. This app is EXACTLY what I was looking for. The customization available is the best. If you don't have a rooted phone and don't have the time to just research how to do it then don't waste your time with the app. This is the ultimate super user app for helping battery life. I have noticed all the profiles are triggering on queue and enabling/disabling the things I want and need. Love it and will use it every day from here on out.


The governor will not give the right amount of core control. I have all governor set to single core and its still showing multiple cores.

Narin Bhommaraj

Phone crashes and cause boot loop I tried "Simple and Powerful" profile, the CPU ran at 2GHz, within 2 minutes my phone crashed and stuck in boot loop. Dangerous profiles should not be easily accessible and give some warning. Also it should not set CPU profile on boot by default, in case something goes wrong we restart the phone to resume the safe profile.

Tom Earnshaw

Great Good app let's me control my CPU and shows me which states my phones using 5 stars

Anondo Wicaksono

It just work... Work like a charm. A bit confuse about terminology, but i swiftly understand how to setting. Cool job. Theme should be good but nice to have.

Chaitanya Jha

Nice app!! But.. Nice way to set profiles, and triggers to activate them, good UI too. However, I tried to check if it uses only one core of my cpu when I ask it to, while in screen off mode it does use only one core but while my screen is on it uses as many cores as it pleases, even if I have screen on profile set to use only one core. Why is it so? Also, charging takes a lot of time if this app is enabled. Please fix these issues.


Perfect So awesome it keeps my battery temperature cool and save perfectly

Eddie T

Works, exactly what I needed. My spotify would stutter because the min cpu was too low for screen lock, this allowed me to change the min cpu for on and off screen and it fixed the issue. It really saves so much trouble. Thanks

Bang Nguyen

Please support I use CPU tuner on my galaxy j docomo which run Android sphinx v1b 4.4.2 I set my cpu min clock to 300mhz and max cpu clock 2300 mhz. It's very ok with performance and power save. But the min cpu clock was auto change to higher value !? i don't know why. Could you tell my how to keep my min cpu clock value?

Yaroslav Mytkalyk

For me it didn't work. Caused freeze and reboot loops just after the profiles were set. Had to make it to superuser and disable auto access grant before it received BOOT_COMPLETED on order to get rid of it lol. Device: Casio G'zOne Commando 4G LTE. (Qualcomm MSM8960 CPU)

Don Redmond

Rooted trio 16G 7.5 4 core when I got the trio this was the first app i installed!...and it worked great but now it don't want to run for me!whats going on!

Joe Ott

Works great Let's you adjust how much juice your processor runs on, increasing or decreasing battery life depending on how you use it.

Migs P

Feature to clear logs please Great app. Perhaps a function to clear apps would be good. Description of WIFI in the settings needs some clarification, I still don't fully understand how that works.

Hector Rivera-C.

Lags and force closes Freezes my phone Force close a lot start up takes mins sometimes doesn't show the UI just black screen still giving it a try though b.c it does save battery just after a while makes everything slow and messes up alot

Samiran Golder

Facing problem With selecting 2G/3G .. Its not working for me !! i use 3G but whenever im selecting 2G on the profile, its not switching the connection speed, remaining 3G all the time. Except this prob the app is great. Thank you

Christopher Omar

Not working Not working for me .. my phone crashed and restarted.. Im staying with No Frills CPU tuner .. HTC AMAZE 4G

jonathon clyne

Enjoy your whiskey ? Hey man I had to donate I've used this app for a long time and it really help especially since I got my HTC one cheers and thanks ?

Sean Arenson

Triggers don't work I love this app and have been using it for a long time however in the latest update the triggers don't seem to work correct.. I unlock my phone and WIFI doesn't come on, when I go into CPU Tuner the trigger activated is 'Screen Off' Still.

Arlene Lai Warner

Love love love love - - Galaxy Note 2 I practically gave up on saving battery life and having a fully functional phone without plugging it in at least once a day! Until I found this app and gave it a whirl! I am a moderate user of the phone and it used to drain way too quick for the amount of usage! Thanks for your app! Keep up the awesome work!!

Matt Kendell

OMFG AWESOME EPIC STUFFS Mehh. Running perrrfect on S4-Mini(19195) - Detailed and functions as liked. :D AWEZOMEEE! - Greatly improved battery performance when limiting both cores below default 1770Mhz

Zach Bryant

Very big performance hit Just opening this app forces me to manually turn off my HTC One. Please fix that and I'll rate 5 stars

Amine Fahoui

CPU Tuner... Best CPU tuning app. This app is better than any over clocking app... even the paid ones. let's you control pretty much every aspect of the cpu. I have an S5 and it lasts me 2 days on one charge because of this app. Once you find that sweet spot, your battery life becomes invincible!

Derrick Ong

Good feature I rate it high cause it deserves such. Could you add a feature where if a browser is being used we could adjust the cpu to a certain desired frequency?

A Google User

GREATEST app Ever It's fantastic, but how to pay without credit card (I don't have) is it possible to deduct the price from my phone...

Adam Charles

Great app Does exactly what I need but really could do with a 4g toggle. Any chance of adding?

shakir ali

don't over over clock my phone poped and it got so hot it wasent touchable and screen melted alittle cause I over over clocked doueent work any more

ed ed

Ok but crashes.. ..on testing capabilities. Note 3 running lollipop 5.0

Bang Nguyen

Changed from 5-stars to 3. No matter how I tweak or set my profiles, my lock screen always freezes (even when no lock screen is set), phone keeps freezing up coming out of screen off state. Screen was only off for a couple of minutes - had to force restart each and eveytime. Please fix! In the meantime I'm using SetCPU and to my surprise, their profile trigger for Screen Off does work with all cpu governors available on my Samsung stock kernel! No issues with device frozen coming out of screen off.

Jacob Donahue

User friendly! I'm not a pro at this. The profiles, and a little bit of reading, and you can get a great understanding of saving battery life. I love performance, but I hate charging all the time. So a happy medium is a must for me. I use the normal setting, and since I set it up to power save evenly from full battery to empty, my phone not only is obviously saving battery, It seems much smoother surprisingly. I can't see why anyone would give this app a poor rating. Thank you for the excellent app developers!

John Apple II

It's a great concept, but it seems to be hanging my phone I love the design and concept of this app, but recently after an OS update (cm12.1) my phone has begun randomly freezing and the rebooting. I started removing apps one by one to test what is causing it, and it stopped when I removed this app. I love this app before and how much battery it saved and I really hope that the Dev can resolve this cm and lollipop (5.1.1) area issue so I can use it again!

Hendro Pranata

Good job My asus zenfone 5 can standby more than 1 days using this app, my setting is while sleep set 2G connection-800Mhz-all app standby(bbm-whatsapp-etc)

Akshay Naik

App improve battery life indeed This is the first app which I have seen which actually does what it promises. My battery life saw an increase of at least 10% if not more. I totally recommend this app.

Bob a

Great It's the only free app I found that can actually set the CPU speeds of my Shield Tablet on Lollipop.

Nemesis Brouze

Brilliant! Really allows you to have your cake and eat it. Using the virtual governors with speed settings I chose for when the screen is on/off has really made my power use more efficient whilst giving me full power when I need it. Still haven't found out how to by the dev a whisky yet though, when I do he will be drunk!

Seth D

The best The only cpu manipulator that won't crash my rooted note 4. All others create reboot issues. This is best used for snapdragon chips as Samsung chips have sleeper cores and you risk soft bricking them if you don't let them activate upon screen off. I learned that on my tab s.


I like very much I never rate apps but I battled for a long time now. And my battery life could have not been better thank you

Chris Velasquez

Before my phone dies I started this app and gave it all the permissions to do its thing. Only issue is, my battery is almost dead and I plugged it in and it won't charge. I uninstalled the app hoping it would work and go back to normal, but no luck. I messed around with some settings and it seamed that I got a charge going, but it won't go passed 35%. And now it's not holding a charge!

Gunwant Singh

CPU tuning Why I cannot set my own frequency than just set by the presets and it limits the customization. SM-N900

Derek Traywick

Nice... So far, I like it a lot! :) I'll update this after I get more familiar with what it can do.

Dan Cummins

Top notch, smooth, simple, and in depth, works just how it says it will I'm not much for reviews but give this a chance with root n then after couple weeks tinkering I got it just how I'd like. Phone is faster and battery probably lasts 30% to 50% longer. Also when set to max powersave while charging it charges ridiculously fast. I can charge it up 50% from where it was in 15 - 20 mins. Good work ol' chap

Danny Hefer

Not for everyone. But good grace is it useful! After 33 hours without charge, my battery still had 6% of its power. On a galaxy note 8, not know for its stamina, the battery drains at approximately 1% per hour when the screen is off, with data connection on. Custom trottling is magnificent, all of the device states are taken in account (screen on/off/locked, on power/battery/battery hot/call), savvy users can chose their governors... Nothing is missing. Highly recommended.

Dave Westwood

Good but FC alot FC issue needs fixing. Widget don't work. Ask for widget extension,go to store and CPU tuner FC. Very buggy. Running on note 3 - 4.4.2 assassin Rom. Tried various kernels too. Accurate CPU control for 85% of the time. But very good for controlling battery use. There's a widget option but no widget.

Paul Barnett

It was make or break!! Amazing app! I was smashing my head against a brick wall with the battery on my Nexus 4 and I will admit it was make or break whether I kept it. But before I waved the white flag I decided to root my phone and try some tuning apps however they turned out to be a pile of poo.....until I found this beauty!! Its an amazing app can tune it do virtually anything, anytime, any how!! Its because of this phone I now love my nexus 4 and will most definitely be keeping!!

Joachim Tröster

Very good My Nexus 10 tablet suffered from some lag when I had opened man windows. With this tool I could analyze that it was running below 1000Mhz quite often. I tuned it ti use between 1000 and 1700 when it is cnnected to power and battery over 75% and it is really like I have bought a new device :) Sadl I cannot overclock, but I am running stock 4.4.4 and so it's not the apps fault.

Nick Quantum

Many options. Great UI. Excellent app. I love that you can choose from several default configurations. That makes it easy to try different things with your CPU and the governors. Fortunately the default configuration is your current configuration, so they won't screw up your entire system. The thing to remember is you need to change the default configurations to match whatever tweaking that you would like to do.

Thomas Segiel

Great Amazing. This does everything I was looking for for cpu profiles. Takes a bit to setup but all and all great. If there was one thing I would like to see changed it is as follows. Wish my cpu frequencys where setup by default. I had to manually put them in. I had just the highest and lowest frequencys as options originally in the app. I had to manually set the frequency in between. Using sony experia play.

Anthony Ruiz

Cpu frequency doesn't stick This app is the greatest except for one issue. All my profiles has the cpu frequency above 1200mhz, but after an hour or so the cpu drops to either 800mhz or 1000mhz. I could is this in the log. I have to disable cpu tuner in the setting and enable it to have the cpu reset to the correct frequency. I am on a rooted SGN2.

Nick G

Much better than no-frills I like this app because not only can I increase/decrease voltage, but I can enable and disable it. Something I could not do with no-frills CPU. It also seems easier to understand and more user friendly.

Zain ul-abideen

Must have app! My Galaxy S4 was charging too much slow.It was charging 50% in 2 hours. I was worried about it soo much until i found this app. Now it is charging my phone upto 50% in less then an hour. Thank you developer TOTALLY LOVE YOUR APP.

Ankur Thakur

Amazing Tool for Rooted Users This is really a nice Tool which Saves Battery(really) and Optimize the CPU according to your needs. It allows you to create profiles and attach them to Triggers like Screen Off, On call, on battery etc. I changed my cpu freq to 300Mhz on Screen off, and what I see: Not even 1% battery is consumed in 7 hours... :-O Thanks a lot for this tool... :-)

Joshua Lloyd

Fairly good. Broken trigger. Nexus 4. 4.2.2 I've found this app to be very good except on my Nexus the screen locked trigger is always true. So I can't use any profiles with that trigger. Otherwise even when the screen is on its in the locked profile which for me at the moment is two cores and 800mhz. Chrome is running a little slow right now. Fix that bug and 5 stars.

snuffy smith

Really frustrating Why are the values on the "current" tab editable? What is the difference between "Auto: Performance" and "Performance"? What exactly does "Active CPU's" mean -- an informational indication of how many CPU's are in use, or of how many CPU's are configured to be in use? Why am I shown to be at half-speed when I specifically configure full-speed?

009 Xx

Works I'm only hanving some issues with my galaxy note 4, it turns off many times when using this app. It the phone doesn't give me time to log the crash. Hopping for an update. It works great for my galaxy s4.

A Google User

Still have the profile bug. I STILL believe that this app is the best compared to other cpu tweak apps here in Play Store, but the "profile bug" is frustrating. The app doesnt change to the appropriate profile e.g. app is still in "screen off" when using the phone (which should be in Screen On") Devs, you have a very promising app here. Please pleaaase address this bug.Its been there for months already. From: one of your loyal cpu-tuner users.

Hake Sweyfreey

In cpu tuner setting they say i don't give root permission, but on my superuser setting said granted. So i checked on cpu-z governor is like what i set on this app. So? This app problem or mine? And my settings on this app work or not? Sorry for my bad english ?

Krishanu Banerjee

conflict with internal cpu handler I am having a note 3,N900A. in note 3 there is one internal feature which changes the CPU freq to low power when battery level goes below 5%,and it deems the screen along with that. Now after installing cpu tuner when my battery went below 5% ,my phone stopped responding. It came up after keeping it in charge for sometime,when battery level came upto 6%. in the log I could see cpu tuner restarted. There needs to be some solution for this.

Harshveer Singh

Best wishes to this app's improvement. It's interface is bit complicated. It failed to disable cpu cores. I'll come back when this app works exactly as described.

Joe Sixpack

very useful Works well, can't say it's without it's problems sometimes governors aren't being set right, I think it's a flaw in my devices firmware rather then the app.. but it works well otherwise. This is great for tuning down your cpu to try and save some battery life. A cool feature to add would be if it could trigger based on which app is in the foreground so say you open up an app it would automatically apply a specific profile while that particular app is in use. Plauge inc for example will gobble up my cpu and battery for some reason, so I always put a cap on the cpu speed and cores with this before playing.. wish cpu tuner could do this for me automatically.

Patrick Huskey

1 star until fixed When i leave current battery options it jumps to letting full cpu capacity again and i turn it down to 1350 but it won't listen or let me save the settings. Actually it doesn't cut back on cpu power

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