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22 Aug
Cow Evolution - Clicker Game

Posted by Tapps - Top Apps and Games in Casual | Aug. 22, 2016 | 243 Comments

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Find out what happens to an ordinary cattle when mutations start taking place. Combine cows to evolve them and discover the most curious, exotic and bizarre forms of cows. As evolution continues, zoom out from your farm and explore the continent, the world and BEYOND!

Witness first hand the incredible transformations only made possible because of your crazy aspirations of getting richer and promoting genetic mutations.

It’s easy cheesy!
• As your cows poop coins, buy new ones to earn even more money
• Drag and drop similar cows to evolve them into new and more profitable creatures
• Alternatively, fiercely tap the cows to make coins pop when cows poop

• Four different stages and many forms of cows: monster cows, alpaca cows, alien cows and more
• A mind-blowing story yet untold
• The unexpected mix of alpaca-like evolution, 2048 and incremental clicker games
• Five possible endings: find your destiny
• Mutations like you have never seen
• No cows were harmed in the making of this game, only developers

Forget everything you know about cows. Cow Evolution tells you first hand the story about how cows will take over the world and beyond, a story no one dared to mention… yet!

Watch the process of evolution in a very peculiar way. Download now Cow Evolution and check it out for yourself!

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Whats new

    - Boost your tractor earnings by watching short videos
    - The Special Food upgrade has been changed to the Rainbow upgrade -- that can last maaany hours!
    - Fixed bugs and improved performance
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Mark Sushil

Uh oh I saw a lot of comments saying how addicting this was, but I still downloaded this 3 hours ago. Since then I've been playing this continuously. Now I need some help xD

Jimmy Yang

Reset What is life? Everything got reset after it froze. I'm not starting over lol but its alright.

Michael Sprague

Lost my life to this game. I'm so addicted to this game I can't eat or sleep. I've lost 25lb in the last month. I need to get my self checked out.

Dee Adams

I started playing this game and became immediately addicted, the only use was that after a while I kinda got bored of making the same cows and yet was still curious about what cows I would make next. I think this game would benefit having a wider variety of cows in the smaller farm area to spice things up a little. Over all it's a cool game

coner mcbride

Bug Cows were producing fine the day before. Then as I got on today, it was all gone. Had 3000 coins, required 5250 for the first cow. Kinda of annoying to have that wasted

Bobbie McKinney

I l o v e Ive loved cows ever sense I was lil and this game is set up well and fun. Everytime I start to get bored I unlock something new and I love it.

Rodrigo Menezes

Cool, addictive game. The only problem is that on the second day, for no apparent reason (I did not cheat) the tractor stopped working.


What have you done? I can't stop playing. So addictive!

Onyx Cygnus

An idle tiered evolution I falsely understood this game to be like a breeding game. A kind of cow alchemy where putting two odd cows made various strange outcomes. This is NOT that. It's like cow 2048. If you want a new cow it has to be the next generation: the great, great, great, grand cow of exactly 64 basic cows and to mate it? Another 64 cows. The pace is fast but for me waiting is not playing.

Brittney Freeman

Addicted! I read reviews on games and that's why I'm writing this. This game is a good time consumer and in the good way! There are also "sister" games to this one and they are all fun lol So... Quit reading and download! :D

Gretchen Workman

I shouldn't like this game so much. It's simple and kinda dorky. That being said, I can't stop playing!

F Yansen

Addicted already. Always curious with what the new breed of cow will looks like. Will rate it 5 stars if the moon rubies problem was really fixed. I've updated twice but it still won't produce rubies. In the old version it will automatically produce rubies even when we leave the game. So now to get rubies, i have to rely on the alien that ask for "cow abduction".

Rebekah Cunningham

Gr I love the game!. Its very addicting but today my tractor runs for 4 hours when I'm.not on it and it didn't even work I didn't even have any cows when I got back on and it 3 hours later when I got back on I love this game and will give it a 5 star when you fix the problem

Prashant Singh

Quirky and addictive V addictive. Awesome brainless fun. V good game. You can actually spend only as much time or as little as you can spare.

Jake Lodzinski

Laughed so hard at the space cows I liked it, and every time I got bored it unlocked something new. But the one thing I suggest is having a better way to evolve the characters? Like instead of being one, linear line of mutation it should be like... Two cows come together with their own dominant features to make a new, mutated baby

Haris Jamsuri

Do not download! Wear ur silver cap..this game is f**king lame n simple but i am not sure y i still keep playing it..wat suppose to be 5 min play become 2 ur slave moooo~~~

Niamh Owens

I'm Wasting My Life This game is brilliant. The concept is great and the graphics are wonderful. I've not found any glitches whatsoever. The suspense kills me as I open this app to see how much money I've collected. I have every game in this Evolution series and all I can say is: Perfect.

maya kieffer garcia

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT Its the best game ever and I usually don't like many games but this one is suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper fun

Camryn Fowler

So fun! This game is great if your bored. I love it! It's completely addicting and awesome! You should totally download it!

Meika K

Meh... This game was better BEFORE the update. The "apocowlypse" used to be worth 60 diamonds, it's now worth 30 diamonds. It used to cost 2000 rubies for 1 cow on mars, now it costs more. Now you can't just get a random cow on Mars when you buya cow but now you have to pay rubies to upgrade what cows you get. It's disappointing, but it's an alright game.

Jeremy Grullon

I love this game whoever you are you the best I lost my life for this game I got I'm so addicted to this game I can't either sleep I lost 200 I lost my earring I love my life my so addicting to this game I can't even sleep

P Ghosh

Fun... But slightly long You have to wait to collect your cows and mega mutate.. It gets a little boring cause they're isn't much to do while you are adding cows. Otherwise the game is pretty good and I would recommend it to those who have a lot of time on their hands. :-)

Sir Blaborth

Pretty alright all around. I've liked it so far. It's a simple click game, but it's mutated cow gimmick is pretty cool. The combining cows is a cool addition to the standard click game formula, and I'm always excited to see the next form of cow. My only big problem is that from what I've seen there's not many money upgrades. You can buy cows, but you can also just wait for them. More ways to spend money would be cool. But all around, a good time waster.

Dinguz .R

Ill play for a while Enjoyable although let down yet again by another game with in app purchases

Henrique Junior

Good but... It is fun and creative, but got me bored too fast. After reaching the Supreme Cow it was the end of the game for me and I lost all motivation.

Kane Stewart

It glitched I was on the best guy and when my phone died I recharged t and played and its back to the first thing the first step IMSI mad at you guys fix that ******* bug

Loren Siprell

Say what?? This game is crazy addictive, and believe me I know addiction. I spent ten years of my life living in a gutter cause I couldn't stop filling my gullet with opioids. Now I spend every morning going to the methadone clinic to curb the taste but I'm getting worried Abbott my cow click a addiction because this is only a gateway game ... I'm considering downloading Goat Evolution and I may move on to a more illicit game like Platypus!! But alas, I've accepted it.

Nancy Yang

Ridiculously addicting All you so is watch them poop and combine them to evolve them and collect coins from their poop but in a weird way this is ridiculously addicting. Lol I like this game.

Q Squared

Great for a Tapper/Clicker I don't normally play tappers/clickers but my wife loves cows so I thought I would try it out. It does really wrll for what it is, it has some fun comments about the cows, nice cartoon graphics, and a good set of sound effects and sound track. Also, a fair number of non-paid upgrades, and occasionally offers to watch an add to purchase something, which I like. The best part is just as the game seems like it may get stale a whole new world opened up with its own currency and slightly different machanics!!

Nicole K.

Would give a 5 star if.... You can fix the glitch with the rubies and money calculating. It says I get so many per min and so many per second, but it is not producing that much..

Thomas Ead

So great I would never stop So cool you should all get it you will be so addicted and even if you love cows

Saurabh Sahastrabudhe

Amazingly stupid yet the most clever idea of fun Can't stop playing this. Too damn addictive.. A great concept.. But if the game developers are readin this could you check out insaniquarium which had similar concept. And also a pet involved so which is similar to the tractor provided. Check out their egg concept.. N c if anything can be harvested.. Overall total fun!

Kent Robison

So confused. I previously rated this game lower due to thinking that the alien cows are important to the progression of the game, and was razzed that the gems only generated while in-game; however, the alien cows/gems are not required to complete the game, just to complete it ridiculously fast lol. I am confused as to how I feel about the game now, it is fun though. Oddly fun.

George Crosswill

Kids, Do not worry, kids, these cows were fictionally modified at a highly advanced genetic level. This will never happen even hopefully. If it does we will send out an alarm and many people in highly secure heavily armored body armor. All cows will be captured. If we do not find a solution to send them back to there original form, they will be terminated.

Geither Banasihan

The best It will use up your time when you are bored, trust me. It is awesome for people who has sense of having fun

Scarlet Blue

Wow, just wow! Previous to this stupendous game, my life was dark, deary, and lonesome. Then, suddenly, out of the midst of my spiraling depression ... BAM I discovered this gem. Once thrusted into the this wonderfully complex and joyful Fiesta I could not leave it. I would recommend it to every child, adult, and animal alike!

Beth Walker

What is this game and why is it so addicting? Seriously...what even is this and why can't I stop playing it? I have work in 6 hours. I need sleep. Somebody make me stop playing this senseless game

Cody Spicer

Such a hilarious game Every time I get a new cow I just can't help but laugh at how funny they look can u please make a chicken mutation

Brooke Stout

Strangely addicting I have both the platypus evolution and cow evolution and they are both strangely addicting and fun. I recommend play both games at the same time after acquiring the automatic coin collection when gone feature. That way you cab switch between games and it makes making new mutations seek like a shorter wait time. Both are almost identical except minor features, such as the mootations you can add clothing to your cows, while the platypus evolution you can't, but they are both aimed at the objective. Super fun!

Francisco Cruz

Heard of crack? This game is exactly like this. Once you download this game you will not be able to pit your phone down. I have been playing this game nonstop for about a month I think. Stay away...

Ember Flame

Addicting Game! This game is loads of fun, and plus, it's free! Some of the cows have pretty weird looking designs. I already recreated the universe and I'm close to doing it again. I would recommend this game to anyone. ?

Amy Massie

Can't put down This is a very addicting game. I find myself picking up my phone to check on the cows

Joseph Dyess

Cow Evolution etc... It's very interesting, and it's fun to find out what cow you will evolve, but it can get repetitive, but other than that all their "evolution" games are great.

Wei Teh

LOL Super Addictive... Like first u get an evolution then u go like yay then u cant stop and keep playing

Terry Brooks

Great fun but... Entertaining and extremely addicting, but app often fails while loading so only 4 stars.

George Webber

Totally addictive I thought I'd give this game a try... I can't stop. Help me.

Tonya Denton

Crazy addictive I thought this game was going to be lame, but it's cute, fun, and addictive. Runs smoothly and is a great time killer game.

Seth Anderson

Great game fun time waster however in the later levels it gets a little monotonous and the alien cows take forever to raise without buying rubies.

Naireen Naina

Nice Cows cows everywhere...addicted to this game and also love how alien comes and asks for a cow in really weird language lol

asir shamsuddin

Totally addicted. Its not like the other games that gets boring when you achieved some goals or levels. I never feel bored or even my interest level never goes down. I simply Love it.

Yulun Jaffarson

Bug I was about to rate this 5/5 and write a fantastic review because it is extremely addictive and lots of fun to play. I was on my last 'ultimate being' when the app froze, restarted my phone and now I'm beginning the whole game over again. Unfortunate, as I was really enjoying it :(

Jeremiah Chism

:( too bad. . I loved this game. Had three deities unlocked. Connected to Facebook. Got new phone. Have to start over? Please tell me i don't have to start over. Why did i bother to connect facebook? And the deities repeat? Un installing.


Perfect time waster This is a great time waster. I don't feel that you have to spend real money to play the game. More achievement challenges would earn another star.

Katelyn Gallagher

Loved it This game is awesome I am always on it so anyone that doesn't like this game ye're insanely insane so nobody give this a bad rating

Jordan Barga

Addicted Best game ever I've almost beat it and I'm sad it's actually over but there's all the other simulators (p.s. unicorn and dragon evolution are different

Amy P

Silly Totally silly time wasting game... silly fun

Janis Kan

Good little time waster that requires zero skill or strategy. Super cute cows with good selection of outfits. Perfect for those days when real life is in a slump and you just want to procrastinate and taste the satisfaction of little accomplishments. Or if you want to dress up a cartoon cow and take screen shots of it and send them to your friends to confirm the fact that you are crazy...


Still 5 stars, but... I don't like how the ultimate beings work. It's random on which one you'll get whenever you recreate the universe, so it's possible to get the same 2 or 3 multiple times in a row. I thought it would go through them in order and then recycle them. My order has been Maximoos, Mooroboros, Maximoos, Prismoo, Mooroboros, and now I'm on Maximoos again. This is a problem only because I'm so close to getting all achievements and it takes me around 2.5 days to recreate the universe.

Marteika Howard

Warning: addictive Almost done with all of the evolutions. Don't know which one I'll conquer next...

Andrew Waugh

Enjoyable Idle Game I really enjoy the game overall but I wish a few things here and there were different. For example all the diamonds and rubies are good for is hats, and hats are purely cosmetic. I am able to get through the whole thing without making a single purchase which is great. I feel like prestiging should give more of a bonus or one based on total coins at the end of a run that gradually goes up less and less until you prestige rather than a flat bonus, it makes me feel like I'm playing the same game over and over.

Katie Mak

Addicting but laggy I just started this game and it's so addicting. I haven't put my phone down since! Really fun and addicting game but after the latest update, it's quite laggy. Will give better ratings after this fix.

Brian Lee

Good game but... I like the game very addicting and fun. The only problem I have with this game is that if you get an ultimate being, restart, shouldn't the next ultimate being make more money p/s? Please fix.

Amber Johnson

Love it Would rate 5 stars but no. Have a nice day.

Phoebe C

SO AMAZINGLY ADDICTIVE!!!!! This has to be one of the most fun and stupidly hilarious games with the BEST animations and sounds!!! It's awesome how you get to "mootate" cows and evolve them!!! Definitely deserves a five--star rating!??

Robert Deitrick

More upgradesss! This game just keeps me coming back. It doesn't feel like a chore like most idle games. LOVE IT! just add more upgrades like those in goat evolution, only thing I want changed in this game.

Ashley Paige

Glitch Loved the game until I maxed out my aliens, got to over two million coins per second, upgraded my divine being 3 times... Just to have it glitch out and knock me back down to the tutorial and no coins per second. I can't even play through the tutorial because it remembered my purchases.

Michelle Mulliger

O.O Mind numbingly addictive I actually spent an entire day playing while watching TV just to catch up to my husband xD

Taylor Morrison

Great game! I love this game! Usually I get addicted to a game for a few days and then get bored, but advancing in this game does not take to long and keeps you wanting more!

Samantha Felton

Ok it's pretty awesome Welp... I hated to admit it but I a 100% hooked. It's mindless entertainment, and I absolutely love it!,

Loida Soriano

Good? Its time consuming!And its wasting my tadlet battery!!!But the geme is canda fun?BUT YOU HAVE TO BE EVERY TIME, DAY IN THE GAME!!!!!!!!!!If you're a prson dad is doing noting all DAY!dis is the game for you .But don't really recommend this game dut I like the game at the beginning.All the updates it maid wasn't relly good!Don't recommend!!

Laura Hamm

Fun game I didn't think this game would be so addictive. Fun time waster. Love the cows.

Captain Roger Redbeard

Addictive A good game, better than most junk on play store

Nikki Juetten

Addictively Zen I actually really like this game. You can progress easily without having to spend real money, and it's a good game to just play for a few minutes while you're waiting for something else. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is that since the last update, there have been a lot of requests to rate it, which are really annoying. Hopefully now that I've given a rating, they will stop.

Caroline Terlecki

This game is fun, easy, mindless, and addictive. EVERYTHING I look for in a time passer phone game!

Robert Anderson

Fun but monotonous Dragging and clicking gets old. Interesting 'mootations'.

Kevin Abbey

I do not no why I like this game so much. My goal is to find new cows and read about them lol good time killer

Stevey Crupe

Would love but.. I love love love this game but I have had to uninstall it twice now because I get on to play after haveing it for a week or two and all my stuff is gone and it won't let me do anything! !! Please fix it!!!

Danielle Williams

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Gaming Pinapple

Addicting Lol I can't stop playing it!! There's not any problems and,unlike some games, theres adds °○°

Kaustubh Shah

Love the game hate the updates The recent update was pathetic where they put all the cow selection option to the bottom left. The screen being capacitive it inadvertently gets touched and the dialog box opens up time and again.

Diego Loayza

cant get free cows or diamonds from videos Every time i try to watch a video to get diamonds, cows, rubies, etc they just don't appear and says I have to watch the whole video. Fix it and get 5 stars

Kara Su

Glitchy Lots of times, when it offers you a ? in exchange for watching a video, if you click Okay, the video doesn't play. If you click Okay again, the game tells you that you have to watch the full video (that didn't play) in order to get the ? and then the offer disappears.

matt talbott

TOO ADDICTIVE! Download, play, get first cow, 2 hours later you missed dinner but got the 2 headed cow. Worth it!

Bobbie McKinney

I l o v e Ive loved cows ever sense I was lil and this game is set up well and fun. Everytime I start to get bored I unlock something new and I love it.


I want my achievements I have many of the achievements ingame but none of them are showing in my google play account where it says I have 0 of them which is not the truth, fix it P.S. It got fixed with the latest update but now it lags too much when merging cows even it is like only 2 of them presenting on the current screen so still 4 stars

Marcello Tavares

Last update f♥♥♥ed it up Last update screwed up my saved game. In addition, what used to be a fun humble game now it's a laggy bloated mess. Like when Win XP became Vista.

Lord allvin

Good but need tweets **May contain spoilers** the game over all is good but if you have played long enough like me after a few upgrades you start to come back and your cows are filled but when you try to "Evolve" them it becomes very laggy some times to the point of crashing my phone maybe make combining them a little easier since when you a full coral it's hard to combin them. The "free" add dose not always work after constant play of 10 mins or more. I've gotten to 2 universe resets still enjoy. To long of a review

Val Noelle

Delightfully Pointless Silly and pointless in the same vein as Cookie Clicker, but with a bit more interactive appeal. Definitely a fun time waster, and I love that it runs in the background so I come back to a small army of baby cows just waiting to be mutated. Could do without the constant pop-up ads though.

Jonathan Grams

The new design of the game was weird and made it feel very different at first, but it was a good change. Things feel faster now, and not just because boxes can fall at faster rates now. And about that, it is very overwhelming having boxes fall every 3 seconds. I definitely regret that decision, lol. This game is great at consuming time, and even though it lags sometimes, it is still very enjoyable. Three times now, I've watched the ad then got nothing. This is very annoying when playing a game coated in ads already. It happened twice for a gem, and once for the special food, granted I don't use that often. Also, the ad between planets not stops the game, making it even more of a nuisance.

Erika A

So much fun! I have been looking for the perfect game to relax and laugh with and this is it! Utterly rediculous and to much fun!

Nen Bibi

Video lagging Everytime I trying to watch video to get some points ,it just lag at there no loading no points .And said we should watch the whole video to get points... please Fix!

Mitchell Li

Silly repetitive gameplay It's fun while you are playing this game while on the toilet but the game play is too repetitive

John Rowlands

Update broke game The ladt update slowed things down so bad that it take seconds for each screen update. It takes extremely long to start up and stops responding 50% of the time. I used to like the mindless fun, but not anymore. I rather go to the dentist!

Clarissa Cosby

Pretty Fun, good time killer Pretty fun, good time killer. Haven't run into any glitches and is just a fun, enjoyable game. Love the comments and news it gives you. Really a funny game.

Chelsea Wehrli

Updaaaaaaate Thank you so much I Love everything! Fancy switching, faster earth cows, and the messages change depending on what world you are on! Though I prefered the messages not in drop down things, the added ones are great!

Isis Bowers

Silly and cute but... What did they do with that horrible update? They changed the layout and now it looks TERRIBLE! I don't even want to play it now... But I will because I can almost recreate the universe...

James Russell

Too Many Ads Since the last update the game now features numerous video ads when switching between worlds, a common activity and one vital to managing all the resources in the game. These ads are not skippable, and being video are eating huge chunks of data. I uninstalled this game, and will not be playing any games from this developer going forward. I would give it 0 stars if possible.

Krystal Turner

Stop asking me to rate game At least twice a day I get asked to rate the game. This is stupid to keep asking the same question multiple times.

demetrius burks

Cool This game is awesome it will keep you going for an hour thats how good ut is

Marquelle Parrish

Great game I like this game its pretty addicting, but it won't let me watch ads anymore.

abigail stansfield

Love it but.... My cows aren't collecting coins on Mars when I'm not there! Even when I am in another place playing the game they don't collect coins anymore :/ it used to but stopped just recently! Don't know what to do! Thank you

Byron Phung

10 out of 10 Would play again - oh wait, I already am... I feel like a new being every time... Literally.

Emily May

Cow evolution Its addictive but I don't like the new update where every thing has been moved round

Bruce Jenson

Adicting, but too much adicting My kids are always asking to play it but now they won't do anything but play on it. Be careful.

Random Videos

Really fun game but with the upgrade it keeps freezing and some times wont open. Please fix

Raven Sneer

Good update; Great game I thought that it would be dumb, but it isn't. It is an extraordinarily entertaining game.

Mandi Szikula

Addictive It gives me joy because I absolutely love cows so why not?

Dezeray Cephas

Executed perfectly The concept and execution of this game is flawless. I also love that there are different evolution games, although cows are the most appealing to me. Finally I love that there are no random ads; you can choose to watch ads in exchange for different supplies if you want. It's entirely optional which may be the best thing about this game. Keep up the good work!

Loue Duran

Good Its just fun and time wasting

jacob barrett

Wow! Changed my life... Wow! This game is the perfect combination of highly immersive and groundbreaking. Challenging you with anywhere from situational decision making to which hat you want to put on your baby cow. This game really reached for the stars in its break away from the crowd spunk. Putting itself on the top shelf with its tenacity and perseverance i really think not only is it a top shelf in the google plays store but in my heart. 10 cows outta 10

Tristan Hallett

Best game ever! Its just getting better and better! Love the game!!! (More planets!)

Aaron Stevens

New update broken Ever since the new update the game won't open. It will just sit on the title screen and that's it.

Joey Watson

Great game! This game is a great time killer, and is very fun to play when bored. The advancement is gradual as well giving the game a long-game feeling.

Renata S

Crashes since update. I can't even open the game please fix it cause I love this game. From LG G4

Zachary Kuest

Great app It reset my progress once at the beginning but haven't had any problems since. All around a great app.

andrew longden

It's brilliant I like the game because it some how has a purpose even though it is just combining the cows for some reason it's not like that

Adam Bare

Love The Game... Gotta Uninstall Though I absolutely love this game and the other ones by Tapps but I am now forced to uninstall them. Somehow the game has begun guzzling my data recently. It used to use a minimal amount but now, even with background data turned off, it managed to somehow use 600 mb of data in one day. Tested it again just now and in a 5 minute period it used another 28 mb of data even after closing it. Explored every option to fix this and nothing seems to work besides entirely disabling my data, which I cannot do due to my job.


Mooooo! Very odd game but also strangely addictive! It's recently taken a weird turn with the introduction of aliens and a spaceship. Also I have literally a billion coins but nothing to spend them on!

Connor Kentz

Awesome Really fun as a time passer. But even ive sat down and played it for a while. Also very fun to give to kids if they're bored.

Amber Schofield

Very good game :) Addictive, fun and a good time waster! It's a great minigame to play in your spare time. Would recommend if your not bothered that some high upgrades need diamonds to upgrade.

Khloe Burnside

Why I don't use my phone at work This is so mind numbingly easy that I can't stop playing it. This is really, really bad! (In a forget the crap today threw at me kind of way, of course.) Thank you!!

Elle Jeya

Fun Fun, cool and addictive. It is cow fusion ing fun and it's very fun for all ages.+totally funny as of the farting and number 2 ing noises.????

Jack Parnell

Fun tapper, I like the different cows, woyld get 5 stars if the game actually called them crap coins

xoxo Love

Love the game so much? I love your game my boo and more I really love this game it is awesome in rocks you got to make more games to make kids happy I really love it:-) lol

Festus Nzoiwu

Addictive This is an addictive game it just makes you want to play all the time for some reason. All you do all day is moo yate cows:)

katierose Beckwith

It is okay It is okay because you put cows together and they transform but that is all you do so it is a bit boring that is why I give it a 3

Kyara Casillas

Fun way to pass the time I got thus game today and I have had fun playing it. I can play it for a few minutes and then come back to it or can play it for a long time. I am just thinking I might lose interest after a few days.

Mat Carlson

Used all my data Beware- This app uses tons of mobile data. Playing casually used 2 gb. Of data. The ads use large amounts of data, really not happy that I'm now out of data for the month.

Wai Yi Sit

Video ads GONE?! Video ads were how I got most of my diamonds. Now when I click on it, NOTHING HAPPENS. Then when I click again, it warns me to watch the whole of the video ad which I wouldn't mind doing BUT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO WATCH A NON EXISTENT VIDEO?! Will change to five stars when this issue is fixed.

Danielle Williams

Wow..... Just try JOY REWARDS App Using this referal соdе: 1816147 and earned points.. you can use the points for any games specially The Clash of Clans...

Joe Cain

Very addictive!! For some reason my rubies don't add up when I'm not playing...I make over 1000 rubies per minute. I can exit with 750 rubies and come back an hour later to 1200 rubies?!?!what's up with that??? Please help!!!

Carol Pedersen

Great time waster but faulty For when you really, really don't have anything to do, do this. Cute graphics and easy play. Only problem is that you'll probably find the same ultimate being the second time around, not a new one as promised, so downgraded to 3 stars not 5. Update: new cows, hooray!

Clara Vaz

Well I loved the game, but I paid for double coins forever and it doesn't work anymore, and my friend started to get 1milion per second and it just stopped increasing his money. Theres a lot of bugs that make you dont want to play anymore. ( and the videos of propaganda are not working, I click on then to see it and they simple don't run)

Renae Shell

Holy cow...the game asks me to rate it several times a day, even though I rated it already. I like the game, but I'm so ready to uninstall...NEW update-hope the constant 'rateme' is gone

Emily Horton

Good if you're borred It's very fun and addicting at first but then it gets a little repetitive. It's still fun to come back to every now and then though.

Poppy Hazzard

I love this game and , if I say so myself, am really good at it. I am on my 4th ultimate universe and I am nearly on my 5th ! I love how you can buy stuff like special food and you can get cows and diamonds and coins/sapphires/rubies by watching ads! This is a game u realy need to get. Its epic!!!!♡♡♡however, sometimes u can get the same ultimate being more than once. :(

Zoe Bellanca

I LOVE IT! I think this is one of the best games I have ever played. You can play it forever it is super fun! After a while it can get a little bit boring because the whole time your just opening cartens and multiplying cows. Dont get me wrong I really like this game but it does get pretty boring. ? But I totally recommend this game just after a while it gets to the point where you just want to uninstall the app. Its verry addicting, which makes it so you dont want to get ride of it but I did end up geting rid ofit

Zach Burley

I LOVE IT My brother really like this game because we're on the most highest level I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it I love it love it love it love it love it oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah I love it I love it I love it oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah I love it I love it oh yeah yeah yeah because I love it so much I love it I love it oh yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah I love it I love it I love it you love it every day yeah yeah yeah yeah I love it I love it I love it I love it every day I love

Melissa Young

LOVE IT SPOILERS***** I love this game. I love the cows. I love the music. I love the simplicity. I love everything about it, except one thing: the black hole/ warp speed animation in between planets is killing my eyes. It's a nice idea, but it physically pains me to watch. I have to close my eyes and hope I don't open them too soon.

Erika A

So much fun! This is the perfect game to relax and laugh with! Utterly ridiculous and too much fun!

Hailey Baker

Relaxing This game helps me relax, but it gets really annoying when it doesn't work & I have to play something else when I want to play this

Lev Desmarais

Fun no-brainer game I'm done with these complex video games. They are fun, but I just don't have that kind of time to kill. This game is a nice one to fiddle with while taking a short break during a busy day.

Maddy E.C

Cool Really cool game. Can get a little boring

Thorn Drumheller

Cute fun game I really enjoy this cute fun game

Michael Pilling

Privacy violator I'm happy to receive ads but I'm not going to share my address book with you just cause I'm playing a game. Uninstalling!

Mackenzie Reinke

Fun And Addicting I Love Games Like This And It Is Very Fun To Play Yet Its Simple. If Your Looking For A Game That You'll Keep Going Back To, I Suggest This One!

Oceanauk Uk

Love the game... But cant access my saved game data via Google games play... I can see it but it won't couldn't help either... ?

Noelle Condon

Ads for free stuff has stopped working It was fine at first, now I press the button, nothing happens, and when I press it again it says I have to watch the video to the end, and the option disappears.

Anthony Campos

I love it so much but it need some more cows,worlds,and it needs super power - ups l

Philippa Cowley

Loading..... I only like it because it takes a long time to load. But I love it anyway :)

Cynthia Blizzard

Cow Evolution My son started playing this game and now it's a game that my son, daughter and myself can play together we love it.

Balázs Barcsay

Hehehee :) Its funny and good, but its full.of ads. And i dont wanna buy anything...

Martin Scherpf

It's ausome and inlove it but something weird is going on with the ads The ads give you special food and everything but it doesn't appear,and once you click the ad button again it says you need to finish watching the video to get the reward please fix this

Darkmatter Productions

Please let me log in to my old account, I was an idiot and deleted it, got it back, but now I log in but can't get my progress, this is all my fault, please make a way to get my memory back thank you

Xander Aranda

Really wierd/ cool Cool but it is really weird!?

Nic Moorhouse

pretty good very additive, good time wasting game

Jean Reid

Cow evaluation It is a really cool game and it just so fast pace ,I like it

Emma Crusenberry

Great game! However, I understand ads are needed to keep the game alive, but can you PLEASE make sure your ads don't make you reload the entire game? I cannot change planets or buy cows without being kicked, and I sure can't be bothered to do it over and over thousand times.

sergeant dank Dank

Addicting Extremely addicting, i'm in the 3rd universe and it's still fun. Nuff said.

Ellie Nugent

Pretty good good. It's pretty good and all, but plz make more updates, or it will get too boring. Maybe Add baby cow and lady cow evolutions ? Great game though. Take your time, I rate it 4 out of 5 stars

Craig Denise Edwards

Good game It would of got 5 stars but they asked me to rate it every couple minutes. verry annoying


I can't get to Mars!!! I have unlocked Mars and every time I try to go there a video ad pops up and when it's done its just reloads my game and I start at Earth. Please fix!

Curt Mongold

I can't stop playing!! One of the most addictive time wasters out there. Worthy of five stars!


AWESOM SAUCE!! I love it!! It's a game that passes time, but it's just SO AWESOM #AWESOM

Tiffany Tuttle

Decent game I actually love the game - and they give you little green "Ad" buttons that let you watch an ad in exchange for a cow, a free diamond, etc. The problem is, 80 percent of the time when I click that button, the screen goes blank and I cannot get back to my game unless I close the application and open it again. Because of this, I LOSE whatever free reward they were offering. Please fix this issue.

Isabella Breuer

My addiction to "cow evolution" I love it I'm so addicted I first played on my brothers phone and then I wouldn't get off or his phone so he installed it on my phone. What an awesome brother.

Megan Wallace

AWESOME!!!! I loved it!! I love his fast you get coins! Also their is no glitches!

Star Light

Addictive I swear this is the best game ever. Thank goodness it's summer or my grades would be failing due to the amount of time I spend on this game. Wish I could give it 10 stars

Eunice Gwen Pamatian

HOLY COW! THE PUNS ARE GOLD! This game is adorable and wonderful. The puns are really funny, I love it! The perfect game to spend your free time. The only problem is that the adds that give you diamonds and more aren't working always. But all in all, it's puntastic! EDITED: Damn! I'm in Pluto! Even more amazing!

Lilly McCafferty

Addicting This game is amazing I love it so much.I think I have had it for over 2 tears and im really in it!!!ITS SO ADDICTING XD

Isiaha Gibson

Fun The cow evolution is an addictive game about cows mootating and collecting poo to upgrade your cows. The bad side is there is in app purchases.

Pops Howe

This is amazing :D We only downloaded it so we could get somthing for vlogger go viral.However when we started playing we got atticted! Its a, azing a little bit laggy though.

Alex M

Addicting This game has been so addicting and so fun I can't let go of my phone

Laurel Crooks

Addicting Great game when youre stoned. Now let me get back to it.

Jennifer Cruz

Cow evelotion This game is very easy,fun,and has many surprises for you to see and great for your kids and you will always be amused,there are many different cows to collect and you can buy cows you have unlocked,I recommend you are to play this game and collect more cows and go to the other planet and get cows there as well. There is a book on all the cows and see how they feel. I hope you have the same feelings for this game just like I do.

Dylan Hobson

Ads shoved down your throat Every time you click something another ad pops up. It's way beyond anything from other games. And then it says I'm cheating and so disables parts of the game. Utter BS

CON CAN 2005

This is mental. Its so fun, if got to do a video of this on my youtube channel

Arnesh Mishra

Fun and addictive But there are times when I don't get the coins collected by the tractor when I open the game.

The Slob

Frustrated I love the game but the thing is I can't collect the bonus coins when I open the game.

Eloise Trushell

Amazing game Best cow game ever, I love cows and this my fave game in the world???

Andrew Retamar

DA BEST!♥ No words to describe how perfect this game is!!♥♥♥♥♥its MOOgnifecent....... I should really stop making bad puns...

Scott Cutler

Awesome Man i thought this was a boring game but it turns out its AWESOME! :)

Katie Mcdonald

Great time killer The game is so fun I could play it for a whole week

Dalton Dial

Best game I think it's really fun and frustrating?

Blujayjess _

I love it! ??? Its so fun! I have had it before but I accidentally uninstalled it and I forgot about it but then I saw these evolution games on the home page! I have played most of them but this one and goat evolution is my favorite! 5/5! ??????

Jackie Thynne

It's great I love the new cow to discover I hope there will be number 2 soon

Abnormal Cookie

ADDICTING This game is so addicting and fun it is also very random but that's cool to me haha just cows getting bigger and bigger

Jianna Cereghino

It's sooo cute?? I love this game so much I play it 24-7. It's really intertaning and fun you should download it and try it out?


Moo I like cows in generaly.And now I get a cow app.Nice

Vina Afiegbe

Best game in the world I don't like it....... I love it! Please can u make other planets and made up planets that will make this game even better?

ikenna ibeanusi

Fun Its easy and such a joy to play. Rarely bored by it!

Sheran White

Fun!!!! I love it , very fun game.

Julio mancilla

It is cool This game is so cool

ClashofClans Dwijpurahoo

Cool Very cool and simple

Carol Nordbye

Awesomepocalypse It was awesome to see them mutant cows

Sebastian Cousins

Awsmazing This game is awsmazing. Great job TAPPS

Melanie Thibert

Cow evolution Fun but you need patience to build up to the highest levels.

Georgia Nichols

My kids love it! They love all the baby cows and seeing how they can create new cows.

Jessica Cheal

The mad cows The cows names are just hilarious really but still sound effects would be good I agree

Natasha Mitchell

Cow evolution This is a good game and is really fun.I love to see how many different worlds and types of abnormal animals there is.

Nicholas Lujan

Best I love this game on the go I can play you you now it's so good of a game I can't describe it you have to get it your self to see

Jon West. West

so much fun it's very fun and a great Time killer

Nathan Hembree

Played them all, this and goats are my favorites

Poppy Hazzard

I love this game and , if I say so myself, am really good at it. On my tablet I am on my 4th ultimate universe and I am nearly on my 5th ?! I love how you can buy stuff like special food and you can get cows and diamonds and coins/sapphires/rubies by watching ads! This is a game u really need to get. Its epic!!!! ?however, sometimes u can get the same ultimate being more than once. ??will rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐if u change this

Arrie Brown

Some ads don't work, please fix. I'm fine with ads to make a game free. But often the ad won't pop up, instead it goes back to the "do you want to watch an ad for xyz" and then a new box pops up, chastising you for not watching the whole ad. Then you can't get back the opportunity (double earnings, free diamond, or whatever) .

bill person

Simple, yet fun and addictive game Overall, the Evolution games are a weird cross between Cookie Clicker and your typical matching games. This game is a great time waster and has a very weird, yet charming, art style and design. All the Evolution games function the same way, but the designs for each animal are really unique, and no two are the same. Highly recommended for all the mobile players, whether you are waiting for all of your lives on Candy Crush to be restored, or you need something to entertain yourself.

Mandi Moore

Fun Time Waster Such a silly concept - I love the simplicity and entertainment, plus all the little special bonuses (some of those hats!). This is a great game for those times when you've got a few minutes to kill and you don't want to be made to really think while you wait.

Spencer Larson

Fun pass time Great for keeping the kids preoccupied! Not the highest quality of gameplay but entertaining enough. If you want a cute and simple game, then this is perfect for you!

Karsten Crump

Amazingly addictive This game is great. Once tou pick it up, you won,t put it down. THE COW-AGE IS OVER 9000!

Chris Vork

Used to be good This game used to be good but after the last update it really lag's to the point it is mostly unplayable. Also the leaderboard doesn't come up when I click it.

Timothy Mees

It's a nice game The thing is your crates always fill up there should be a button that let's you turn it off?

Gandalore Rathnos

Sours over time Your enjoymentbof thos game will drop with every time you watch a video to get further faster. But you wont find fun

Jalen Galicha

This game is so much fun, addicting, great idle game! I had so much fun playing this, like really. Its a great time killer! I had no issues whatsoever. I loved how its programmed. The cows is so cute. I hope you add more cows, since this is my favorite game for now. I'm still not getting tired of this game. Thanks so much!

Alex Seelow

Amaze I think since this is the original of these animal evolution games, it is the best. I think you guys should cut down the amout of ads and make the ads more valuable so people would want to watch more. Besides that, 5/5

Super fun, and hilarious. The only bad things about it are all of the obnoxious ads, and the addictiveness of the game.

Gloria Mozqueda

I love it I usually play this game when I have free time, and even if I'm super busy and I don't log on it for a couple of days, I pick up right where I left off.

nickmariogame hi

BEST GAME EVER This game is so fun! I completed the whole game!this game has a BUNCH of cows. There's also ridiculous tasks to do.

Noah Crane


ibalistick muffin

Phliping adictive This is extreamly adictive an fun you never want to put your phone down i recomend this for every one and to go check out the other everlution games like shark everlution so to some it up a boss and adictive game and recomended to every one

Shea Martin

Bad Update. After the update, I open the game, and it's just a black screen. Edit: I uninstalled and reinstalled the game; it works now, but I had to start over. How frustrating. I'm just going to uninstall it.

YouTube's New Policies

Great if you know your powers Great game for time wasting (in a good way), if you know your squares, then squaring those squares, you can easily manage how to get cows

Rocket Bot

IT POOPS!!! This is so funny the cows give u poop coins POOP COINS!!!!l LOL

Ben Sonksen

More Dimands Please, more Dimand offer's. Please make The Dimand update. I want to finish upgrades.Why, because it will take awhile to finish all the upgrades and all the upgrades cost Dimands. It's still a 5 star rating because it's still very, very fun.


Addictive Amazing game very addictive very good time waster wasting whatever you wanna call it but it's just very addictive and very fun and the timewaster as well by the way I'm using them Google Voice so that's why it's so clumsy

Wyatt Armentor

Please read developers I lost all my data after my phone shut off, please fix it, its disappointing that I would need to reset...

{DOFL} AidanSh0tsFired

Great There are a lot of ads but its worth it! I'm totally hooked and have gotten to the second place on mars. I recomend this app for you. ?

Sophie Blane

Cow evolution Its a really fun game I played it on my old phone and I got so far in then I lost my phone so I'm trying again. If would give it 100 ?if I could??

corkey _kawaiigoth

ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER!!! You can get so many different mutant and unlock different areas,if you like syfy and scientific things the evolution games are the best choice ever!!!

Sara Richardson

Won't open I like this game but it no longer will open after recent update. Just a black screen.

travis perdue

SOOO ADICCTING This game is the most adiccting thing thing in the UNIVERSE. I LOVE THIS GAME

I loving it This game make my mind blow up to the moo cows I am loving it so much. It is so much FUNNNN!!!!!

So funny lol how many people are saying that about this app i rate it 5 stars for sure I'm i am love with the app and so should you

Erin McClary

Wouldn't open I downloaded the game on my phone, but whenever I tried to open it, it crashed.

Kris Mogford

Cromulent game The cows poo all the time and make constant farting sounds. Don't look like proper cow pats though.

Jiyaa Elavia

I LOVE THIS GAME!! If u were like me before i downloaded this game , just reading comments and seeing peoples responses to this game then let me tell u that this is an awesome and a very entertaining game and u should 100 percent download it

IAwesome Sause

Fun and Addictive This Game is so addictive and funny u get cows to crap and u mutate them and it just so fun

Not working since update please fix Its stuck after cow evolution

The Guiri316

Crap It's lagging and don't change time cause it will go wrong

Adicting I can not stop playing this game, someone help me


Fun little time waster I really like this game to waste time, The baby cows are so cute!!

Isaac Hall

love this game I always get excited when I find out the next mutation

dean daniels

Funny Cow evaluation is a fun and cute game. They come up with funny names.??

Amazing It is one of he best games I've ever played great time killer too!???

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