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12 Apr
Cookie Breaker!!!

Posted by Tatsuki in Simulation | April 12, 2016 | 86 Comments

Apk file size: 17.0 MB

Cookie Breaker!!! Is an exhilarating game where you demolish cookies with heavy fire power.

Genuine! Includes a rich variety of elements for challenging gameplay.

It's an addictive realistic game for people who can't help but want to demolish cookies for some reason, like they made too many of them.

Whats new

    - The addition of auxiliary equipment
    - Balance adjusted and difficulty level slightly lowered.
    - Fixed a bug with rankings.
    - Improvement in performance
    - Rankings Reset
    - Minor bug fix
    - Other small revisions and improvements

Tatsuki part of our Simulation and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 12, 2016. Google play rating is 84.7726. Current verison is 1.8.0. Actual size 17.0 MB.

Download cookie-breaker.apk 17.0 MB


William LaChapelle

Now twice as drawn out! Cutting the offline destroyed cookie limit in half now makes everything take twice as long unless logging in several times per day. It removes the fun, casual aspect of the game. On the verge of uninstalling; I don't want to wait days for the next (minor) upgrade.


Greatness. The time wasting potential is huge here. Although the game feels weirdly unbalanced at times (cps rating fluctuations in the range of a whopping 5-600%), and the touch gun slows even a powerful tablet to a crawl, the game somehow feels solid.

Alfonso Esquivel

Addictive and fun Great progression game. Cookie HP is a minor issue later in the game because there is a point where you're gonna stall. After that it is brilliant.

gabriel Cloutier

LLOVE IT op game no over bad bug its really good althought very difficjlt and idlike the hing you can pay for to slready be available right at start

Blublah Yellow

Fun with little bug There are some upgrade that confuse me. It say decrease cookie health and growth but instead it increases it. Is it just me or it's a bug.

Nick Gurns

Time waster Great game for wasting time, it's fun yet extremely simple making a fun game to... Well just waste time.

Nikolas LeBlanc

Awesome Its so addicting I play it until my tablet dies then again when its full

Aidan Yeeles

ONE complant I bought the click every 2.0 secs autol with cash and it dident work (i had to waste $0.59)

Evan Giudicessi

Response to in game purchase Q. There are a few in game purchase options, but you have to unlock them over time. And there is no just but cookies option, they are modifications for different parts.

Sapphire Schoenmaker

Super Exciting! I absolutely love this game! It's so fun and addictive ^-^. There are some errors, for example, it says it decreases cookie HP when you upgrade the coins one but it actually increases it.

Irwan Mohamed

A cookie clicker inspired(... maybe...) with a twist of the main mechanic in tower defense,

Nick Bender

Great game Perfect for passing time. Wish there was a guide to this because I can't good a good strategy

Daniel Weller

Awesome! Loved it!!! It's the ultimate combination of two best things in the world: cookies and a ton of firepower!!! Weird game, but ridiculously addicting!!! I loved it!

Jaden Wideski

Game is amazing Not to far in it yet but Its still an awesome game

Shane Morris

Needs improvement But not bad. Purchases don't turn off ads. No option to translate artillery, only sell it. Descriptions are incredibly vague. The game is fun enough for being in early development.

Austin Kasap

Great game Awesome idle game. It's like an idle tower defense game, except your destroying cookies

Ashton Kostiuk

Stupid Stupid because won't let me open the game fix and I give 5 stars

hellstone master

Absolutely amazing If the rating was higher it would be a 500 for me

Miles butthead

Sweet Very well made and I only found 1 bug. Everything was black or white but was fixed when I closed the app and opened it again!

Tord Eriksen

How do I get artillery 2, strong and superstrong?

mad hatter

Great Great idle game, would recommend

Christopher Browne

Incremental with a dash of TD This game surprised me on so many levels expecting another Cookie Clicker clone I was pleasantly surprised when I got an Incremental game with Tower Defense elements

craig madden

my kinda game although in app purchase doesnt disable adds

Orion Lamothe

In app purchasing? Is that not in this or something cause it says it is.

Abir Khan

Addicting I don't really know why but I like games like these that require buildup and gaining strength.

Gabriel Gomez

Too dang addicting I'm in love with this game. So simple and fun

Andrew Rodman

Leaderboard The leader board wont work its glitched out wont work

Mark Feery

Time killer This really kills time

eric hull

The auto click can't be purchased? Love the game and all its elements but I can't seem to purchase the auto click upgrade I'm running a note 3 on latest firmware please fix or explain to earn that 5th star not a huge deal but would be easier

Kyle Walz

Amazing game. Very addictive

Brian P

Takes Takes too long to be fun

Speedy Santos

This game is amazing!

Chandler Triplett

Lower the cost of some weapons Some weapons are to expensive to buy please lower and then I rate 5 stars

Drake Christian

draje It is fun

Mike Callinan

Great game Great story and characters. Good game, would click again. A+++++++

Владимир Наумов

Good app, but need include english language

Сеймур Джафаров

Very cool! But please - do the english language! We very need for it and it will be a very big pleasure! :)

Ванечка Кепочкин

Like it I love games like that so much upgrades and other too ill give it 5 s

zach asmaximus

Cool game I was wondering do support devices stack?


Fix Theres a bug when I try to play the game, it crashes. I reinstalled it but it didn't work!

Cole Richardson

Addicting The game is a new concept, love it!

Rayyan Mohammed

Whoa lots of a explosion! Is the best fire? Hmm? IT IS THE BIGGEST EXPLOSION IN THE HOLE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Colton Wilhite

Great game I leave it open all night and I wake up in the morning with enough coins to but any upgrade I want its awesome

TylerRay Woodring

Love it It's cool but the cookies hp going up kinda threw me off a bit but only made it better

cristian Parungao

Cool I really love guns and now guns destroying cookies even more cooller :D but I wish you can move the artillery thanks :D but why does the reset game only get 2 bonus coin:(

Elise Marie Antonio

I Love It but a little bit too expensive If you make the prices a little cheap i love it btw make somemore games plz and i am excited for the new update :)

Kenneth Madrulli

WiNoJoE sez: Sorry, but without coins collecting while idling, this game is just not worth playing. A shame, cause it could be an interesting game with that simple feature added.

John Olaoye

Extremely fun 36 b a l l I s t a s 60 small cannons 4 high speed cannons 25 Gatlin guns and 8 missile launchers. Almost the whole space is taken up. Lol

Daniel Granados

Expand Make it so we can expand the square so we can put more support items n weps. Its really fun play it everyday

Austin Langlois

Awesome Love the game however is the reset coin bonus broken? The first game I reset in I got 16 million total coins and got a coin bonus of 2 the second time I reset I got 25 million total coins in the game and my coin bonus for resetting didn't change. I will still rate 5 even though this problem is annoying

christian clowes

Reset bugged Spend two days trying gather enough coins to reset and make some progress. I then do so and the game just takes everything away, no bonuses or anything. I have a grand total of 4 bonus coins. But it doesn't seem to affect the game at all...

Kyle evans

wtf wtf wtf gay stupid I restarted the game It said I was going to get 15 billion starting money but it gave me 0 so by by

Michael Scheelar

Great game but very slow progression So the game itself is pretty fun. Not too many issues that's I've run into except this one. The game does not add up coins properly. It gives you way less than what it's saying at the top of the screen. This is turn makes buy upgrade and units of any kind a very lengthy process. Special cookie time is even worse when it says I'm getting 1,000,000,000 and only getting about 75,000,000. If the game says I'm getting this amount I should be getting that same about. Not something different. Fix it please.

Robert Miller

Fun game to kill time Fun and addictive. Fast coin collect. Would give 5 stars, but needs a way to make sure you want to place item and be able to move items after they've been placed. But still a good game.

antonio marzan

Reset Coins!!! Where or how can I use my RESET BONUS COINS? Each time I reset, I can't see any additional coins present. I currently have 10 reset coins, where is it?

Devin Sexton

Great but needs changes This is a great app. The problem is, they either need to make things cheeper, or make the cookie hp rise MUCH slower, 0.5 or something like that would be nice

Seon King

Bug The game was good till this bug was trying to make me go to different site and i couldent play it uninstalling 24/7 fix bug and get 5 stars

Phang Leis

Special cookie issue Haven't seen one yet for almost one month after unlock the special cookies.

Terence Hernandez

Really enjoy this but... Really having fun, always a fan of incremental games. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to click on a specific tower to see its status with all of the power ups around it, like how much power how many coins it gets, fire rate. Etc just for curiosity purposes

Iqbal Mala

Good Awesome It well it was Awesome!! I got to 3,754,657 firepower and 1,745,658 coin total also on valinetines (idk how to spell it right ) day i got a Japanese ish message i clicked ok and then all the cookie that spawned were choclate/dark brown also 10M F. Power max with 20M coins happy v. Day d:

Susan Joyce

Do loves these games! Death to the cookie using lots of guns and sfx!

Jeffrey Appis

pretty fun, slow has some fun ideas but ultimately too slow to sit and focus on, yet has features to limit gains while minimized... putting it in a weird middle area. still, i have it up while im doing other things and cant stay away. its doing something right.

Nicholas LoCicero

Uh oh... Something keeps happening. The app erases coins when I close it. I had over 25 million coins, when it reopened it was back below 14 million. Whaaat?

John Williams

Surprisingly entertaining Cookies for the cookie god, coins for the coin throne!

Kyle Lamp

Bugged Randomly decided to stop working after my anti-virus software warned about a site the game was trying to connect to was unverified, so I denied access, and it stopped working

Call Me Falcone

Pretty good After you get really far into the game progress stops pretty much immediately but in the beginning its super fun. Recommended for tappers who know what they're doing.

Zack Thorn

Beat game! I personally think this game is one of the best games I have on my phone so thank you for making this

Daniel Smith

Awesome this is a really awesome and addicting game. I log on every single day in to check on all of the cookies that destroyed and then I lay down more artillery towers and I just get addicted to tapping

Robert Miller

Fun game to kill time Fun and addictive. Fast coin collect. Would give 5 stars, but needs a way to make sure you want to place item and be able to move items after they've been placed. But still a good game!

Ben Pearson

Good game, I really love that you have taken a twist by using guns :D

Nicolas Hernandez

WOW I thought this was a lame game but this game is 5 stars thanks for putting work in the game I Evan got my mom into the game and she Evan sais its a good time waster

Sandy Ng

I H8 U!!!! Why would u put reset button!!!! I was clicking when i accidentally press tht reset button on 2 million dollars


The HUD isnt the best and can be confusing.


Superb Game My main problems are you can't move your bought units for more efficient layouts. Also the bonus coin accumulation is very slow, 20 billion coins net me 12 bonus coins which took me two days to gain. So I recommend several quadrillion or maybe 1 quintillion so you get a huge bonus.

logan finch

Just no It's so bad wtf

Danny Sp

can't purchase Were is the shop to spend real money can't see it or can't find in the game please fix

Mitch White

Bonus coins I thought it was awsome but i reset for 2mill bonus coins but the coins never came all that happened was i lost all mt progress

Ryan Hans de Dios

Tooltips Power and speed device in one, gives 0% power and only speed gets buffed.

Joe Padgett

This game is the best ever Has so much to do in this game you'll be occupied for hours.

Patrick Day

Uhhh.... "In-app purchases" yeah sure... Can't find them at all

josh b

I love it, but it takes too long

Gareth Smith

Stupid Just Stupid

Garlic Soda

Ad's I would enjoy this game far more if I didnt get an ad pop up every 30 seconds forcing my game to automatically pause. Which defeats the purpose of an idle game.

SNyP Deadly

I haven't played this yet but..... Great thinking, finally I can destroy cookies with awesome stuff, but the comments I see are saying it a bad but my devices are really good so the bugs fix themselves and sometimes they are fun to see.

Robrex Revelo

Something wrong After i played this game whats with those blacks i cant see the cookie or ballista if you fix it ill r8 5 stars

Devin Roca

I love cookies I have two games were you make cookies and im downloading a game were you break cookies into pieces, what am I doing with my life

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