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7 Apr
Continent Conquest

Posted by EpiCodes in Strategy | April 7, 2016 | 102 Comments

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Continent Conquest is a turn-based, tile-based strategy game with influences from Age of Empires, Total War, Civilisations and the board game The Settlers.
In a campaign that consists of seven maps, the player can conquer a whole continent, fighting with and against the AI. The maps are composed of hexagonal tiles on which the player can construct his buildings and move his troops. The goal on every map is to defeat your foes, till there's noone left that challenges your reign.

Due to a distressing fail concerning the certificate of the previous version, I had to re-upload the whole game and am not able to update the former version of Continent Conquest which I now called Continent Conquest Demo. However, I will be able to update this version, so stay stocked for new features and content!

The game is free, so you don't lose anything when you try it out!

Whats new

    Big Update 1.5.0:
    - it is now possible to share your self-made maps via the internet!
    - new category: ships!
    - renamed trading house to port.
    - three new units: fisher, liburna, trireme
    - many bugfixes
    - sound button to mute the game
    - objects that protect units are now marked (small shield)
    - many small changes
    - some bugs (hopefully not so many)
    I'm extremely excited about this update and what maps you create! I hope you like it!

EpiCodes part of our Strategy and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update April 7, 2016. Google play rating is 66.4411. Current verison is 1.5.0. Actual size 20.0 MB.

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Josh W

Fix bug Love the game, but on the Barbar level and the game saves keep getting corrupted and fail to load. Then I get a blank screen with an arrow and can't get back to the map. This has happened 3 times now, all when I am one or two areas from conquest. Very frustrating. Please fix.

Nicholas Val Han

Used to love it! I rated 5 stars yesterday but then now I realize that the game is EXTREMLY buggy. Most of the tiles turned grey, the forests area turn into a flat landscape with some rocks, some construction won't finish even though all of the resources needed are there, and the enemies wont attack structures, only troops. Please fix all the bugs you can fix, then I'll rate 5 stars again later, love the game btw.

Thomas Hughes

Where is the tutorial? No tutorial. I have no idea what this game is like. I'm an experienced MMO player but come on folks....drop us some instructions. I mean there is NOTHING! 45 minutes of guessing how to play. This feels more like a psychological inquisition than a game. Where is the button to rate zero stars.

Blevin Blomes

Can't wait For more buildings, etc. The double-ax tech can't be unlocked with exp for some reason... but at least it's cheap ingame. Keep it up :)

Kevin Winandaa

Great but not much to do... There are not much building than it suppose to be, like brigde and dock to recruit ship, and it would be better if get a bigger map.

Faraz H

Really good game and fun but.. I really enjoy playing this game, the ai isn't too hard to beat except when you are facing 3 different ones which I'm stuck at. The food production and consumption is super confusing and when the people inhibiting a region reaches max sometimes the free workers still increase randomly if at all which is confusing. There really needs to be a better explanation of the food consumption. Love the different units and buildings even thou the priest is complicated since idk how he heals troops

Nicolas Fricke

Fun but lost save game while in play I had to put the phone down for one minute and when I picked it up again the level was reset - and all auto saves gone!

Cade Perkins

Good but bad I love this game and think its great but I can't beat the first lvl because the enemy is too strong my food production decreases every turn and I have to continually go through the tutorial

Joseph Hale

Good Foundation This app has lots of potential for an truly epic game. In the mean time there are lots of improvements the need to be made, but from the other comments, it appears the developer is ready and desires to make this a great game. Look forward to updates!

Brian Walz

Good potential but BUGGY Good game. It has a lot of potential but it is rather dumb to have to research advancements again when you conquer one city and go onto the next. Also very annoying habit of losing your saved games and forcing you to start over

David barker

Quite poor There are much better games than this around. Needs lots of improvements to make it work playing sorry just my opinion

Short Circuit

Force closes Might be a cool game, force closes on first level before even starting. Using Galaxy S5. Will re-rate if fixed.

Jesse Potter

Great game! Loved the game! As a fellow indy developer I have a lot of respect for how much work you put into this game. It would be nice if the tutorial explained some of the game mechanics like population. It took me a while to figure out that if I built multiple buildings at the same time they might exceed my population capacity and never finish building. Also it would be cool if I could "turn off" buildings to release their population without destroying the building.


Nice game but. .. I saved, to head to work and when I opened the game up again it restarted. There's no way to load my old game. I want doing so well but I don't want to have to restart every time I open the game

Lauren Fong

Great start Took me a while to figure out some of the features, but addicting once I got the hang of it. I would prefer if the cities could be named to avoid confusion as to which is which because I had a few maps where I had multiple cities with the same name. I'd like if clicking on a city's statistics gave the individual region's stats and there is a separate menu to compare all at once. All that said, great game, looking forward to updates and expansion!

Erik Kjosness

Good Game Sometimes opponents are killed, but they don't disappear and their health goes negative. I've noticed it with opposing bowmen and explorers at least. 5 stars with fix.

Owen Patton

Great idea for a game a we bit buggy but still fun it's nice to see the Dev replying to reviews. When my phone locks it's self on the tutorial it restarts the level. And you can scroll indefinitely down in the options menu.

Admiral Von Schneider

I do not believe it This game is like Civilization without the advanced stuff! And works totally fine on my Moto G. I've even noticed the developers are doing what they should do; Develop it!

Nolan LeBlanc

Well conceived Keeps forgetting where I left off.

Daniel Slaughter

Tutorial crashed Tutorial is fine but then it crashed and I had to restart it. No thanks

Kenneth McKee

To many crashes Running a Oneplus one kit Kat. Multiple crashes so uninstalled.

Zakarias Artman

Great game! I love this and would wish more scenarios! Have you noticed the negative health bug?

Abraham Corona

Great game loved it once I figured it out more snerios

Jecky Xiong

Confusing Tutorial was really confusing i didnt understand it, so i lost. Try to make clear from step to step.

Patrick Roulston

Cool Good game with lots to offer in the future. Just waiting now for more maps to play

Eric Thin

Good Nice, had a problem but it was fixed.

Omar Atheer

Awsome All it needs is animation

michael kirk

Love it :3

Clint Rodgers

Glitch for ya when upgrading the town hall to council, at the completion of its 3rd round and you don't have enough workers. Then that round ends and you have the option to load them to the council when you add them, the building hammers stay there even though your building upgrades and you get people. The hammers never go away that I have seen. Keep up the good work, love the game and more levels needed.

Matt S.

Suggestion to the developer It has great potential, but the constant crashes due to being out of memory get annoying. My suggestion to the dev is: make SetPic set an enum flag instead of an actual bitmap. Load and store all assets for each level/screen at the same time, and associate each bitmap with their own enum. When it comes time for drawing, get the enum for the bitmap from any class that needs images, then draw the bitmap associated with that enum. That way, you aren't loading and drawing a new bitmap in the middle of the game.

tina rigsby

Good start I like the setup and the gameplay. I hope updates and bug fixes are done on a regular basis. The app stops working frequently, and from time to time the tile images glitch out and all I see is the tile base. I can't wait till this one plays like it should. Keep up the good work

Ian Crossing

Great game The concept and gameplay are near perfect however, one minor bug: on the final level all of my units vannished every four or so turns. Also hostile archers that are killed on hostile buildings don't die they just get "negative" health i.e. Their health bar just keeps growing in the left direction when they recive damage.

Aaron Barger

Shuts down.... Looks like a great app, but it shuts down randomly. So far, it's unplayable.

Eddy sullivan

Not very well designed On the tutorial im attacked after a few turns before the game has even asked me to build troops.


So many crashes. Galaxy s4. Game is great until it starts crashing every other turn. Also no options to mute volume of game. Would be 4 or 5 stars if stable.

Thomas Zili

Not playable Things just don't seem to work. For example have 3 farms, but they don't seem to produce. It has potential, but the level of a playable game is just not there yet

Wilfred May

Only thing that it needs more maps

James Slaybaugh

There seems to be an issue where at random turns all your recruits disappear and all your gold is gone. I liked playing until this started happening. I like games with strategy and working towards improvements of your settlement. This has them, very enjoyable.

Richard Holmes

Great game but... Force closes ruin and the rate so low due to the amount of times pop up

Илья Савинкин

Thanks Please add flags, line beetwen territory. Thanks

кокс кокс

Cool. Please add nations and map editor :3

Рамиль Вильданов

Неплохо Add modern countries or countries midieval.It is best to make copy civilization V.I like it game.

Runo Light

Bugs! Mine is building over999999 days. First enemy have only 1 warrior. If I build a forge - game crashing....

Erik Kjosness

Great Game, but... Previous bug fixed! Now I'm creating custom levels, but convoys and explorers aren't placed correctly on the board (sometimes off the board). Can't really start playing.

Lewell Morrison

Good game but When I recruit they shift even in a new map

Josh W

Bug fixed! Love the game even better now after the bug got fixed!

Blevin Blomes

Was in the middle of a game, saved, turned my phone off. I came back and my progress was gone. Meanwhile, I thought that maybe when you kill a unit or destroy a building, you get some of the loot that was theoretically stored there, or maybe a unit that loots from things, which could also lead to "international" politics, espionage, etc.

Michael Siau

Last update is bad!!! All the units are off. They are appearing in the quadrant to the right of where they are supposed to be. Before this update it was a GREAT GAME!

Nicholas Val Han

More level would be great! The graphic bug can be solved just by saving, leave the level and re-enter. So it isn't a big deal, just need more level ;-)

Jay L

High potential This game has obviously been very well thought out, and has a huge amount of potential. AI can be a little iffy at times, but it's easily the best civ clone on the matket. User-friendly and challenging, but just simple enough to be casual. Level editor is excellent. Overall, when a little more polished, this will be a top title.

Madara Uchiha

Good, one thing tho When I try to play a custom map, my phone crashes for some reason, can u guys look into that.

Jakob Roßkopf

Very good game It reminds me of the age of empires for the DS :D

Brandon Nelson

Keeps crashing Super fun so far, just past tutorial and starting first real map and can't play 10 minutes without it crashing.

mckay roberts

Interesting game play Defiantly alot diffrent from most games out there, loved playing it. Only down fall i had was the AI would stop making units sometimes, making it real easy to win. Graphics aren't the best, but game play makes up for it. If your using a program similar to what I've messed around with this is amazing and you've put a lot of time into it. Well done hope to see more improvments!

Anna Dark

Good fun I like this game a lot

Franky Gee

awesome totally left wanting more =D

Jonah Barber

Awesome Room for more units and can we get a Multi player. keep up the good work.

livelovelaugh 2002

Loving this game so far!! I was looking through the reviews and saw that you reply, unlike most game creators. I love that! The game is great so far!!!!

Benjamin Poolman

Best free game I've played in a while, graphics aren't top though but still awesome

Tim Cotter

Fun although Very fun game took a couple days to beat first time through but it is very short wish that it was longer although apps are a pain to work with when they get longer so I understand

Luc Nederhof

Nice concept and definitely enjoyable The only thing for me tho, there's more games like this and they look better... I understand it's expensive to make it look better but reality is that it makes the game worse, for the rest I really like the work you've done and keep up the good work! Ummm, idk how to use this well how do I actually reply to your reply hahahaha, in here? And just for the sake of it I really think you did a good job doing this all by yourself because I found that there's a lot more to it then what you first see


great work Its really hard to find legitimate, not pay2win based strategy games with even close to this level of complexity on android, but you have made one, and for free too! amazing, please keep it up

Stephan Richards

Unplayable Tutorial gets stuck if you make 2 wood cutters like it tells you to. Then when started over it doesn't explain how to find bad guys to deal 50 damage which is first 5 minutes quest. Looks like it would be great if i was patient but with current tutorial it's just an unplayable waste of my life.

Kayla Reverman

Blast The only thing I would request for the game is a better tutor for ur ppl's happiness and growth n etc. And stats for each troop member. But all else u guys r amazing seriously the way is up from here.

JetBlast Joe

Fun project Forget about screen tapping madness and gold farming. This is a thinking game at a leisurely pace. Even though the graphics are simple drawings, I give it 5 stars for holding my attention for a year.

dijidog dijidog

Good concept Downloaded just to help you out ! I'll play it and update this response.

Angela Bailey

Good job guys This is the idea of a game I always wanted, now work on graphics

William Heath

Very good... Considering the creator is a one man band, this is a great little game. There is a surprising amount to learn. I was looking for a close game to Total War: Medieval - And I downloaded this. A cool little mobile game which will provide many hours of fun. Well done to the developer


Wow Its insane that only one person made this! Good job I wish I could program, but right now I'm learning c++ and I only know one command on java.What application did you use to make this? Wanna know so I can too

Mike Heckert

The tutorial at the beginning.. Not only is it too lengthy it tells you to build things you don't have resources for

Mark J

Looks poor. It's got lots of amazingly good ideas but parts of it look like a child made it.

Steven Hays

There's not much wrong with it I don't hate much of it but the game is pretty hard

Lucas Flores

Cool Need better graphics and UI. Gameplay is perfect.

Blake Mascia

UI, feedback. This game is great! I just wish the UI and interface was friendlier, and It's awesome that you're always open to suggestions and always replies to users! Also, I'd love it if the tile's graphics looked like those of the icon for the game!

Jalen Calinsky

Astounding turn based strategy with tiles! I always love games like these such as world conquer. Could use a zoom feature.. and the graphics could use a bit more work but overall this game is amazing!!! Hope to see more like it.

Vincent Miranda

Love it! I love this game. With every update it adds more variety and fun.

Colin Hardman

How do you play? Am I missing something? I can't find a help menu or any description of how to play this game.

Gio Pasia

Great! Maybe you could expand the research tree a bit more and add more features and structures, all in all this game continues to improve, making me love it.

steelo B

I like it Solid game you have here, good old school strategy for those familiar with AoE2 and civilisation, graphics could do with an update and ui is a little bit tricky to use, otherwise top marks! P.S. Made me laugh with the bandits leader named Grimm, my name in aoe2 was Grimm Ironfist i started the clan called Ironfist inc. So a bit of extra nostalgia there for me thanks for that! The good old days! Lol :)


Flat Out Great Game First of, this game need more credit, how does it have 3.3 stars? Anyways it has very nice gameplay and good campaign. Some things get confusing at first but you get used to it. Another thing is the developer listons to the comments and even more response to them to. Great game, and if your looking at it, give it a try, there's nothing to lose.

Daniel Lim

The developer rocks 5 stars because you clearly deserve it!!!!!! Please continue to make games in the future :D

Nick Kephart

Why does this app need access to my photos...?? Wtf hella sketchy I couldn't even stop download now are all my nukes on the intranet?

Kahu Cooper

The Best Conquest Game So Far! It's very well thought out, I love the SoC hex style layout, the AoE building & research elements and Civ overtones, this game has it all! Also glad to see dev is still working on and improving the game too, and I look forward to seeing your future works.

Manuel Ortega

Graphics, save game, etc This game is one of the best tbs game I've played in a while, but there are a few points I want to cover. First is the graphics it literally looks like the developer got on Windows paint and did it from scratch, maybe revamp the graphics a bit? Second when I leave a game and come back all my buildings get the workers erased and a gear comes up. Why is that? I'm rating it by its overall game play and leaving anything else out. Surprised that it has these bad reviews as this is one game that's no pay to win.

brandie anderson

I like the concept but I think it could be better

Marlynn Swanigan

Highly underrated


Just what I was looking for I was searching for a game like this, shame this one is hard to find. Love the game, in 2 days I've beat half of the main levels. Maybe its far in but I would like to see some diplomacy added to ally, war, or cease fire with other civs. Roads would also be a nice addition. I like the simplistic art style but I wish some things, particularly the choppy victory screen, were slightly better looking. Wish I could add a second player in player made maps and hand off every turn. Otherwise overall great game.

Gabe Ace

Awesome This game is amazing. One problem is that is crashes a lot and after a while in a match the Ai stops sending troops. Please add that the Ai can make convoys because I haven't seen them do that yet so I end up with all the regions while they have one or two

Guillermo Vela

Good game Love it! Keep up the good work and ill keep playing the game

Axel Duhart

Great Promise of a game It is awesome but you have to still work on it, more updates, more friendly for touch screen. Smaller maps maybe. But great design and idea.

Lolmqster Android

Great Great game but when i make maps it can crash very easily. The campaign is good but i wish there was an option to skip the tutorial


Wow Its insane that only one person made this! Good job I wish I could program, but right now I'm learning c++ and I only know one command on java.What application did you use to make this? Wanna know so I can too

Harvey Eede

The best mobile game I've ever played I have been looking for a civ like game on mobile and this game has been outstanding for that. I love the gameplay, simplistic art style and the game in general... I genuinely don't know why it's rated so low. I have only 2 requests: maybe make it more battery friendly and have something to close the build menu as it dominates the screen. Thanks for an incredible game.

István Gálpál

Unplayable The enemy AI is just too hard. You van't even build a bowman and it just comes with 3 cavalry. They should not have been able to build those many units in so little time. You shoul make an easyer AI or at least an ootion to change the difficulty. In rest, it's awesome

Gio Pasia

MORE FEATURES maybe add a prison system utilizing slaves along with a special unit to capture enemy civillians (besides all is fair in war) the prison would be built by a special convoy unit and their respective buildings

Reid Mason

This game is perfect!!! See above: the game is exactly what I look for when I want to play a mobile game. Very reminiscent of Civilization games, the game is by far one of the best games I've stumbled upon in a while. The maps last from about one to two hours depending on if you just want to decimate the enemy and get up in their face, or spread out slowly and build a solid empire before you tackle the enemy. Try this game, it's perfect for the casual or hardcore TBS player. Bravo sir!!!

Johnny, The Legendary Boss

New Bugs!!!! I am playing game again and saw two bugs. One when you dragging a unit to spot to move, it zooms u out instead! This is very annoying. Second one, when dragging a unit to attack a building, the unit Don't move but when you let go it still attack. This is just minor bug. I hope you fix this in next update :)

Suciu Andrei

Meh I really like the game but it gets annoying how slow it is later on. You just cant do anything because of the lag.

temy army

To confusing Sry I just don't understand it seas to hold a unit I doit nothing Sry I'm do not feel good about posting this btw :(

Lolmqster Android

Great Great game The campaign is good. Occasionally crashes. Only crashes on massive maps. Recently found a way to get last the crashes. Just seperate units out in editor

nikko gorne

Wonderful both the game and the developers The game was amazing so as the developers who are really eager to assess any problems that the players encountered. Just simply wonderful.

Timothy Liu

Fun while you learn it but can become long and repetitive

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