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30 Dec
Construction Calculator FREE

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Your Handyman helper...right on your phone!
Construction Calculator FREE can calculate numeric values, imperial measurements, degrees, rafters, concrete volume, and so much more! All the operations and conversion buttons you could ever need include:
feet to cubic metre
pi radius squared
square root
reverse hypotenuse
convert (converts displayed number into feet & inches)
common rafter
hip/valley rafter
jack rafter
miles to km
km to miles
yards to metres
metres to yards
celsius to fahrenheit
fahrenheit to celsius
litres to gallons
gallons to litres
kilograms to pounds
pounds to kilograms
inches to mm
mm to inches
inches to cm
cm to inches

Formula's include:
-Basic Stair Calculations
in this section you only need to enter the Total Rise of a stair case, and the ideal Tread Run (length)
The calculator will calculate the rest for you and give you a list of desired information and results.
-Basic Roof Calculations
In this section you only need to enter the shortest span of a house and the roofs pitch. Also you can change the default 1 foot overhang. Hitting update will result in:
common rafter length
common rafter birdsmouth
hip/valley length
hip/valley birdsmouth
1st jack rafter
Total Rise
Total Run
*Details about how to calculate common rafters can be seen if selected
-Basic Concrete Calculations
This section is broken into two sub categories:
Cylinder calculations or Square/Rectangle calculations
You input the length width and height for rectangles in feet and hit update for a result in both cubic metres and cubic yards. Altering the numbers then hitting update again without hitting clear first will add the new total to the current total. This is for rapid adding of area to determine concrete volumes.
In the event you do not know the value in feet, there is tiny mm and inches buttons beside each input boxes. You can input 1 value in mm and hit the mm button to instantly convert it to feet for you, while placing another value in inches and hitting the inch button to convert to total feet in decimal format.
This program will allow the entry of feet, inch, and mm and convert it all to be feet in decimal format to solve the equations into both cubic metres and cubic yards.
-OHM's Law: Input any two of the Power/Watts, Resistance/OHM's, Current/AMPS, or Voltage to result in the other two required information. Quick and Simple!
-Wall Finishes (5 subs)
-Paint Calculator
-Brick/Block Calculator
-Siding Calculator
-Framing Wall Stud Calculator
-Drywall/Gypsum Board Calculator

-Board Feet & Cost calculator
Input Length, Nominal Width, and Nominal thickness to determine how much board feet you have or need. Also input the quantity you need and price per BF to figure out the total costs or required material!
-Bubble Level
3-4-5 Calculator - helps figure out what the hypotenuse would be of X and Y measurements to determine if you are 90 degree square or not on any given project.

-Fractions button: This is an entirely new calculator as a sub menu. This is strictly for adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing fractions and whole numbers. There is a show/hide decimal button to convert your answer into decimal.
.support: [email protected]

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Whats new

    Update: Removed the top banner ad that shows above the display. Banners reduced from top and bottom to just the bottom.

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Brian Brown

Bad Arguments This app seems pretty easy to use but whenever you do not use the calculator correctly you receive an error that says Bad Arguments and it kicks you out of the App.

Daniel baez

Pretty good I like it Downloaded it because I seen that the developers responded to the comments and so far the app works great simple easy to use just plain works

Zackery Breeland

This app is absolutely garbage, even for a free app. If any error occurs in your calculation you have to exit out of the app. The input is horrible and if you're hoping to use this with any trig functions, good luck. It does not let you switch out of degrees once you get into it unless you clear our your equation.

Hector Robles

Not bad. Only thing from me giving it a 5 is that theres no delete button. To just delete number by number instead of clearing out the calculator.

Dave Krauskopf

Calculations for cylinders are way off.

Gerson Rodrigues

Horrible Calculations are way off, don't waste ur time.

James Morris

Trash Cant add 32nd calculations

Alan Corr

To many pop up adds The app is great the pop up adds make it it impossible to use the app .I am going to delete it . My advice don't brown load big east of time

David Pereira

Just as the title says..... Works well :)

Paul Conant Jr

It works. Gives u the answers you need if you input the necessary fields

brian harper

No pop up adds?? Buttons too small, can't see the answer line fully. I'll buy the CMPro!!

Mike Bell

Ad after ad. To many ads pop up. Not worth time deleting all the pop ups!

rizz monster

would you like a calculator with those ads? dude I like the concept but I'm not even gonna bother when I get bombarded every time I need to convert 3/64 to a decimal. add a donate button. strip down to one small banner ad at the bottom. you will make more money and everyone will love you.

Ty Swanson

Interface needs work Too flashy. Needs simple and larger buttons.

Bill Walton

Doesn't work Can't get past the ads

Jesse Palmer

Can't use it for adds. Would like to before purchasing

richie suchorabski

This can sucks Tried using this and it sucks

Anwer Sha

Very helpful Iam a draftsman.this software really helpful for me..thanks

Joseph Crawford

Great app Tried other calculator's to get area feet and inches; they didn't work. This one did. Keep it up

Jim Lodge

App needs location? Also don't have / symbol App is crappy and full of adds and the screen shifts all the time to accommodate for more ads and messes up your calculations. Download the Handyman construction calculator instead.

Chad Levanger

Terrible Bad not quick and easy to use like should be, would rather pay for an app versus use this one.

Joseph Borders

Great I enjoy using this app keep up the great work!

Alonzo Rodatre

Looking for it awhile Nice going and profisional

Jonathan Wood

Interesting math 5/8 x 2 = 1/4? 1/3 x 2 = 11/16? Doesn't matter how fast or convenient a calculator is if it's wrong. Edit: added stars for quick response from dev offering solution.

Kenneth Berndt

I fear that even if I paid for the ad free version that it still would be too frustrating to use on a job site.. Dear developer. I see the "single banner ad" but I am getting full screen pop ups for one of two reasons. 1) the screen keeps shifting up to to force you to see it which causes one to select it when you finger is reaching for a button on the bottom of the screen. 2) it just has pop up ads as well. I appreciate you responding to poor reviews. But don't make some snarky comment that people won't be happy with free. Some people are just not happy with poor usability. Spend some time on that and on how an actual contractor would use it on a job site.

nicholas kirby

Layout sucks. Not as smooth as a real project calculator

Brian Briggs

App sucks Freezes all the time and has to restart. Dont download

David LaRoche

I couldn't take feet and inches and multiply them! Like 6'8''x3 sorry I deleted the app

d petersen

Disappointed It did not seem to work with what I thought were basic, simple calculations using feet, inches and fractions

Jay Otis

Didn't work My first rate and comment Was for a different app with the exact same name... I liked how the dev response to my comment (but didn't understand the virus comes from tapping the ad not the app... whatever)so I installed to try it out. 5" 1/8 x 1.4 either equals 0 if I didn't press x/xinches after 8 or if I did press it I got a bad argument error and crash. Also, the app screen jumps so instead of pressing equals you tap an ad... but with an ad free version available i guess the point is moot.

F. Stoeber

Calculator doesn't perform simple division. When I first tested it I used it for addition of one length and another length and that seemed to work. However, division of a length by a number does NOT work at all. When I enter 16ft divided by 3, the calculator puts out "bad argument to <= The operation <= cannot accept the arguments: 0 " This is about as basic of an operation as possible, so it leaves me with no confidence in this app. Additionally, when you first start the app, after a few seconds, in mid entry, the screen will suddenly shift downward so that you mistype. Since there is NO backspace button to undo the last entry, this means that you have start all over again. Very frustrating and hardly makes it good for any quick calculations.

Kristi Ward

Awesome Sauce My dad has a calculator very close to this but would never let me use it since he has had it from when he started drafting in his teens. I have never been able to get one since it is so expensive. But now I have it for free!!! Thank you so much for developing this app!!!!

Cory Flynn

An annoying joke. The advertisement keeps on moving the entire screen, making you hit the wrong numbers. Too difficult to learn, unless you already have past experiences.

Daniel Germann

Good app but adds keep popping up and I can't finde out how to upgrade (as advertised on the top of the app)

Raymond MacKenzie

This app is garbage

Jason McQueen

Doesn't all fit on the screen The ads push the result up past the top of the screen? What could be more annoying?

Puppy Dog

Can't do basic math. Try 4' ÷ 4 and you get an error. This app is garbage.

Ramon McDonald

Pop ups The pop up move the keys around. In the middle of working a problem I would hit the wrong number and have to start over. Very frustrating

Ian Sweep

Frustrating To it's credit, everything works great. The problem (beyond the ads) is the effort involved in finding simple answers. In order to use the formulas, everything is entered as decimals; not feet/inches. The issue is you'll need to find these before using the formulas. Example: to use a pre-cut stud at 92 5/8", you have to enter [92 'inch' 5 'x/x in' 8 'x/x in' '+' '='] to get 7.71875. Write that down or it won't be saved. Once you have all the numbers it works well, it's just not as intuitive as it could be.

Flia Pereavil

DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT It doesnt work and downloads bugs to you cell phone cousing slowness....

Jeff Howard

Can't do simple division. The app is unable to do simple division.

John Gray

Doesn't work At all. Utterly useless.

Colby Barker

Works ok... But, while I understand why there are ads, it would be nice if it didn't keep going back to the ad at the bottom while I'm trying to type so I can't even see the numbers I put in. Pretty useless if the ads take up the screen and can't see the calculator.

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