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11 Mar
Conduit Platinum SPIRIT BOX

Posted by Conduit Paranormal Research in Tools | March 11, 2013 | 47 Comments

Apk file size: 3.6 MB

As seen on Ghosts of America!

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The final step in the Conduit legacy, the Conduit Platinum Edition gives spirits the ability to communicate in a variety of ways. It is loaded with an extensive dictionary with thousands of words to choose from, contains a phonetic voice generator, produces a tone when anything taps/touches/moves/vibrates the device, notifies you when there is an EMF spike, generates white noise for EVP (electronic voice phenomenon) recording or opens a camera/camcorder/audio recorder when there is a significant EMF spike. Spirit detection and communication in just a few quick taps on your touch screen, with ZERO vocal samples, NO radar scanner and ZERO paid customer reviews. The best and most advanced spirit/ghost detector technology on the market.

Perfect for serious ghost hunters, paranormal investigators, paranormal research teams or victims of being stuck in a lease in a haunted house.

Conduit Platinum Edition Features:

-Master power control
-Sensitivity Control (High, Medium, Low)
-5 Custom skins (Classic, Copper, Carbon Fiber, Black, White)
-8 different modes (Database, Phonetic, Touch, EMF, White Noise, EMF Camera, EMF Camcorder and EMF Audio Recorder)

-Anonymous (because of the sensitive information) customer testimonial:

"I swear this is true. Use the info to promote your stuff as you see fit. I have no one else to talk to about this stuff.
I came home tonight & as I put my key in the door, Conduit said "house".
I walked in after a long day & wanted a drink of water. Conduit said "thirsty".
Conduit then said "pint". I'm a recovering alcoholic. A pint is out of the question. I said I'm not drinking out loud. Conduit said "approve".
Conduit then said "pipe". I don't smoke weed anymore either.
I just got home from work & had to pee. While doing so, Conduit said "undress".
There were no random words in the middle of this. Conduit has been silent since I started the text.
I haven't installed your update yet. Conduit wouldn't shut up long enough for me to turn on WiFi."

These results shouldn't be considered typical. The results shown above are from a home containing multiple spirits/ghosts/entities, and had to be cleansed recently.

Please note that the camera/camcorder/audio recorder only trigger when there is an unnaturally powerful EMF spike. If there is no unique data analyzed, these modes WILL NOT activate. Please don't leave a 1 star review on a product you've used for only one day. This app isn't made to trick you into thinking you can get a pic/video/EVP every five minutes. It uses several sensors to analyze your surroundings in real time, and will provide you with the opportunity to catch your evidence should the need arise.

In response to any reviews I have received that are less than 4 stars: This is my SECOND disclaimer in the description now. Please refer to the promotional YouTube video. Unless a paranormal event of that magnitude occurs right in front of you, the camera/camcorder/audio recorder WILL NOT activate. This is not a gimmick app. And my app doesn't need "fixed". Thank you. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS APP IF YOU EXPECT TO GET FAKE GHOST PHOTOS EVERY DAY! I cannot account for hardware issues, bad data caches etc. There are online resources, such as to fix ISSUES WITH YOUR PHONE.

This has the ability to produce many words. Some of those might be bad words or may frighten/disturb you. Not for use by anyone under 18 years old. Keep away from children.

Please note that this is NOT an Ovilus, and we are in no way affiliated with its creator.

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms or concerns, email me at [email protected]

Conduit Paranormal Research part of our Tools and have average installs from 1000 to 5000. Last Update March 11, 2013. Google play rating is 69.5496. Current verison is 1.05. Actual size 3.6 MB.

Download conduit-platinum-spirit-box.apk 3.6 MB


Shelley Walker Meloy

Not the Real Deal If you are looking for a true spirit box, this is not the app for you. This is just a random word generator. I used it on a ghost hunt this weekend and it displayed lots of words in database mode. Not even half were relevant. In phonetic mode it kept saying "vv" or "ccc" over and over.

Jesy Koleno

Even if it's total bs I have thoroughly enjoyed this app I mostly just use the database setting. Even if it's randomly generating words, it is eerily appropriate at least 85% of the time whether I have it running while a group of people are talking or I'm in my own head figuring stuff out. Totally worth cost =) because either the generator has a sense of humor or my ghosts and ghoulies do =D

Disgruntled Elf

A toy - not to be taken seriously! This is not a real app for paranormal investigation. The database mode spits out random words at random intervals even when there is no change in electromagnetic fields around the device as proven by other, actual, EMF detectors that I used alongside the app. Increasing or decreasing the EMF field around the device has no effect whatsoever on the amount of words generated. This is regardless of sensitivity setting used on the app. Also, the EMF modes do not, actually, respond to changes in EMF fields regardless of settings used. A blast of EMF that sets off an Ovilus will not set off the so-called EMF detectors on this on the highest sensitivity setting. Why? I'm convinced that it isn't actually programmed to use the sensors. Touch mode just alarms endlessly when nothing is being touched. If it's supposed to be the real deal, it needs to be completely reworked. It is completely overpriced for a toy. Don't waste your time.

Christopher Olson

Interesting so far. Downloaded it today for kicks and giggles and to test against other equipment that I own. Put it on "Database" mode to see what would happen, started spitting random words with no significance. Later grab phone to go to lunch and it states "Lunch" and "Happens". I chuckle and decide to leave it on during my drive. As I'm approaching my house it says "Wolf" and "Contained". I walk in and find my wife cleaning up a mess our husky made and she had put him in the bedroom until she was done. Coincidence? Maybe.

Dennis Saeva

This works as stated, depending on the area used in. I have used other programs that "supposedly" do what this program advertises, but they generate lots of random words. This program a good part of the time depending on where you are, will start mentioning things that are in the area, what I am doing and the statement's can even be quite sarcastic and personal in manner. I have had some encounters that lead me to believe it works well - depending where you use it. If you don't believe me - try it for yourself.

Kaci Glover

Fantastic!!!!! Idk who claims this doesn't work but you're very wrong. I could write a 5 page review on just the few short hours I've had this and how accurate it has been. My niece and I were trying to communicate and something touched my leg under the covers. Actually made the cover move. She asked if it touched me and it said "cover". She asked where it was in the room and it said sit. She said where are you sitting and it replied "people". We were sitting on the bed. That is just two of the many stories I could share.

TA Wing

So far, so good I just installed the app, and the early results have me wanting to experiment more. I tried the various settings, and settled on Phonetic mode. After a few minutes of random sounds, I clearly heard "white", followed by "blue". I wondered what these meant, then realized my surroundings. I was outside my building, and was leaning against the wall, which is pained white. In addition, today I chose to wear blue jeans and a blue dress shirt. Coincidence? Maybe. But it's enough for me to keep exploring and enjoying the app.

wilbert kam

I like it I've done most of my reading its accurate, but some of the word that you think does not connect to the question, actually it does. :-)

Farrah R

Just installed like it but All I want to know is if anyone's else's fractory screen picture for this app moves up on and down on database mode which I have a feeling it shouldn't so I would have to say something is working here....

carrie finch

Phonetic mode In phonetic why do some words come out broken other than that it works fine at least for a house with all kinds of activity.

Kally Alex

Great app! Wasn't sure about this app at first but the relevance of the answers and what I have experienced in the few short days using it, have my skepticism wavering!! Question: is it meant to give two word answers in database mode? Because it still tries to read them as one word. And how many languages does it use? I have received certain answers in certain languages. Great app :-)

Shay B

Piece of crap application! I bought this application and used it 2 times. Now I can't get it to come back on. Emailed the guy and he replied by saying all his apps work. Why isn't mine??? Won't refund my money or reply back to me! Don't waste your hard earned money on this application! I will definitely make sure to advertise your non working applications with others!

Damien Knight

Maybe?? So it doesn't give very many relevant words and the touch mode alarm obviously doesn't do anything but it might work If you only use the database. OK so camera does work how does it turn off?

A Google User

Everyone complains about the camera not working...oh it works. It only works when it is triggered and i saw a person behind me in me in my laptop

Sue Keller

this works it doesnt matter what app you works. i know this because when in different rooms it gives different words. and each room picks up on the same words. when watching ghost adventures the other night. my app said nick. when driving down the road it will say turn before seconds that i take a corner. it will say different landmarks that i go by. we take it to cemeteries and it picks up on names and ways to die. I live in the south and it always talks of war and slavery. now..not every single word is right on. but id say you can use this devise and get something to help out your hunt or if your just communicating with the unseen. and they all work from big beard to conduit. You just have to spend TIME with the app and get a feel for it.I run mine all the matter where im that i know the difference between what its picking up as far as words are concerned. So yes..they work.

M Panayi

Unsure I have only really had this in database mode in airplane mode. I have had one occasion when it said ' check' . I askrd ' check what?'. It then said 'kid'. So I got up to see if he was supposedly asleep & he wasn't! The question I'm asking is,if it is so active in this mode, wouldn't there be activity in other modes once changed? If anyone has any answers, that would be great!

Frederick B. Gerwig

Doesn't work on my Galaxy S2 Just generates random words on occasion. Not the real deal.

Erica Sims

I love it im so into ghost hunting its great Ghost and good sprits are here get use to it people god bless

Wanda Roberts

Does not work Iv tried everything and it does not work. Please refund my money back!

Amber G

Doesn't work as well on note 3 Says one word & doesn’t work after that.

Erendira Mutina

A skeptic no more I was a skeptic at 1st because it was saying random words that made no sense until last weekend. My aunt & uncle whoes son died in an accident 6yrs ago had a family picnic, but only a few of us could attend. I had this app on and when I asked my deceased cousin "Are you happy we're here together?" My phone said "Very" and then it said " Family, Small." My uncle then asked " Are you happy what your mother and I are doing to your head stone?" My phone responded "Very" we all had tears! Thank you for this app!

Starlene Waldron

Great!!! Only a few things I don't get the phonetic part cause it just spits out double letters. The database is great on medium.. I haven't really worked with the white noise yet just let it run for 5 or 10 min and didn't get anything but so far the database is great... If u have any tips please send them my way..

Connie Beverly

It sux Kept saying bb or pp or tt n then hey ..repeat of words very poor

Nicole Anderson

Bummes Camara doesnt work at all for my samsung galaxy s III ... and the words seem to be popping up really randomly from the dictionary mode all spaced evenly as though on a timer. The phonetic mode just gave me a string of vowels. Those two were the only modes that would di anything. All in all it might be fun for a party but I was very disappointed. :(

Amhuinn Muir

Works This thing puts out so many words in database mode and many relevant, it even said my brothers name when he came to visit. I love this app!

Adam Pankey

Cool but I can't get the phonetic thing to work. Maybe have an info button on the app to show how to use the thing.

Robert Purser

Random words I downloaded this app about 30 minutes ago and it keeps giving me random words and names of people that I don't know. Weird but entertaining!

S1c1l1a Love

Sicilia Hi I jus bought this app and not even 2 secs later I asked it what was I doing and I'm sitting on my bed with my xbox controller far away from me and once I asked what was I doing, something pressed pause on my controller thats 3 feet away from me It's funny cus this freaked me out big time. I keep looking into the dark corners of my walls cus I'm spooked out lol. Anyways I Wana say thank you for making this app cus I have downloaded many ghost apps and this one seems to be the best one I have found. Thanx

jan tebbs

not very good just repeats all the same words over and over like "rose line" said it 4x in one hour. also in emf evp recorder mode always errors and says there was an error encountered while recording audio. wish i had never purchased!

Michael Serna

Ghost hunter I really like this app this ghost app work great with all my ghost app the word come from this app is perfect buy this this app it the best one

Elizabeth Rieger

On fence First, it's completely possible that I'm slow, but, what are we supposed to see in the video? And I just recently started using this again after purchasing it several months ago, Is it normal for the same words to be repeated after starting phonetic, as well as data base mode?. It seems like the same string of letters and even words or phrases are heard everytime I start one of those two modes.


Works!! Tonight it said English and Wars and Relics. I was in my room with my WW2 collection! In the kitchen it said Tea and I picked up the English tea and it said Vinegar. THE TEA WAS NEXT TO THE VINEGAR. He said clock and I picked up my bf's 30s watch and asked if he owned it and he said "suppose". And then he said my boyfriend's name!! I got actual responses to my questions and they line up with miligaus spikes on a separate device!

Tom Lucas

Has worked for me. Conduit doesn't guarantee results. However it has worked for me on investigations. Also, when people say that equipment beside this doesn't pick up emf beside it, do you realize that Mark and Debbie Constantino always use 2 recorders because one may pick up something the other doesn't? If it hasn't worked for you, I'm sorry it hasn't but I use either the White noise generator or the data base. I've caught very relevant responses to questions audit has worked brilliantly for me. Thank you Conduit

Elisa Markley

Not good Donot waste your money on this app. It just throws words out don'nt make any sense. Waste of money.

Tammy Loiselle

Ripoff very mad i wasted ten dollars on this fake tool its a recording all.she,pp,tt,boy and oh) it doesnt scan through whitenoise..I WANT MY MONEY BACK.....DO NOT WASTE YOUR.MONEY

vicci walford

Pretty good Within2 hrs,I switched this app on &got into bed,the cat jumped up and the conduit said cat then bed wen I had tucked myself in.I asked how many cats I had &it replied 3...3 good words outta3.gonna work with it,but can u give bit of info on the phonetic area n howto use the white noise successfully plz guys.x

Amy Kephart

Really great app! I love this app! I have had success in past week of using it. The camera mode pop up for me last week but I didn't catch anything. I will continue to use n test app in dif locations :)

Ashley Abbott

Great Every question I ask it answers in some way or another. Cool app.

Sean Goldsmith

Does not work with Motorola RAZR HD Installed but unable to change anything. Any fixes for this?

Amhuinn Muir

Works This thing puts out so many words in database mode yet many relevant! Even said my brothers name when he came to visit. The more time spent with this, the better it works!

Raymond Champagne

I have had this for 2 yrs It seems to work good on my lg with android 5.1

Krystle Cargill

Disappointed This application promised to be real, but all i bought was another fake app. I've had this for over a few days now so i know i can't get my money back so i won't even bother asking.

Rowan Stephen Driskell

At first I was a bit skeptical of the app. But after surgery I was home and decided to play with it some. I had a heating pad on my back and the app set to phonetic. The device started saying heat, hot, sweat, hate heat. I was suprised to all get out. Gonna try it downstairs where there is activity and see what happens.

Donald Frederick

Camera Will Not Work At All Please give me a refund or fix the program please and ill change my review :o camera and camcorder for a Droid X

Jessica Del Gandio

St augustine fl At first words seemed to be random.. Then I visited a park I went to the night before on a touristy ghost hunt. Words were not only relevant.. But it spit out my husband's name

Jared Haskins

Works,,, Just used it with e.m. pump. Does what it says with the exception of playing back audio files. Error 801.

Mrs. Miller

NOT 50% off! False Advetisment! Why was I charged full price for this app when it was 1/2 off anyway? Still no refund or reply. was even kind enough to give your crap app that don't even work a high rating on first review... purchased this app because you are advertising it for half off. However, I did not get half of...I paid full price:-/please refund my money.Thank you

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