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8 Feb
Color Blind Check

Posted by Colblindor in Medical | Feb. 8, 2016 | 30 Comments

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About Color Blind Check (CBC)

With Color Blind Check you get a new kind of color vision deficiency test right in your hands. The test itself is simple and easy: just find the differently colored spots which start to show up and touch them. That's all.

This color blindness test can be installed and used right away. As it is easy to understand, simple to use and you don't need to recognize any numbers, letters or forms, Color Blind Check can be done by young children as well. It is even fun to play! You can try to beat your highest CBC Score whenever you like and compare your results with your friends and family.

With Color Blind Check you get a tool at hand to share with everyone insights about your color vision or possible color blindness. People can watch you while you're taking the test and see instantly what it means to be colorblind. They start to wonder, why you don't see the differently colored spots appearing and maybe even want to give you hand!

How CBC works

Color Blind Check is based on the scientific knowledge about colors which can be seen and which not by the people who are suffering from the different types of color blindness. To get more precise results, the test is based on four different main colors and as even colorblind people are quite good in spotting brightness differences, Color Blind Check is shifting brightness constantly.

Compared to other well known tests with Color Blind Check it is NOT possible to learn something by heart and get better while retesting.

What CBC measures

CBC Score: An overall score of the test; easy to compare with others.
Duration: Elapsed time for taking the test.
Severity: A severity score between 0 (not colorblind) and 100 (strong color vision deficiency).
PDT Score (Type): A specific score (protan-deutan-tritan) showing the type.
Check Statistics: Detailed performance statistics of the check.

Color Blind Check Features

• Testing color vision deficiency in two to four minutes.
• Quick CBC for testing color blindness in 30 to 60 seconds.
• Simple to handle, no special instructions needed.
• Pause, restart whenever needed during testing.
• Cancel/stop during running test.
• Measuring type and severity of color vision deficiency.
• Statistics of how many tests have been taken.
• Direct link to most recent Color Blind Check result.
• Direct link to highest Color Blind Check score.
• Left-hand mode for easy testing.
• Testing in portrait or landscape mode possible.

If you would like to learn more about color blindness please visit For further details to Color Blind Check you can always visit and even leave a message or give some feedback if you like.

Thanks for trying Color Blind Check.

Whats new

    Release 0.7.0:
    - Maximal brightness during testing.
    - Disabled sleep mode during testing.
    - Adding German translation.
    - Additional information screen on first startup.
    - Code cleanup and minor bug fixing.
    Release 0.6.1:
    - Bug fixes for black test screen and initial startup problems.
    - Introducing Material Design for Android 5.
    Release 0.6:
    This is the first official release of Color Blind Check. Please send any feedback and bug reports to [email protected]

Colblindor part of our Medical and have average installs from 10000 to 50000. Last Update Feb. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 87.7778. Current verison is 0.7.0-1602051918. Actual size 322.0 KB.

Download color-blind-check.apk 322.0 KB


Lord Barker

Great self test By no means would I suggest that this app is one hundred percent accurate, but it is fun and helps point you towards what type of color vision deficiency you may have. Definitely seek an optometrist for a professional diagnosis.

Keith Young

Working on Note2 I see a grid that rotates then the screen goes black and never come back. Edit: The above is my response to the 0.6.0 version of this app. Below is 0.6.1. I am upgrading from my 1-star review when the app didn't work on my Note 2 to 5 stars because it now works and it works quite well. I am very pleased with the developer's response to my original feedback and with how this app works. Cheers!

joe relton

Doesn't work On s3. Loads up app but whenever i try and take the test it just flashes the picture once then goes black. Please fix

John Gietzen

Works Perfectly Does a great job of testing colorblindness. Takes a couple of minutes and gives you a detailed report. I would recommend this for anyone who is unsure about their type or severity of colirblindness.

Chris Hainey

Great app! I've been waiting for this app for a while and he didn't disappoint! The testing goes smoothly and is easy to get the hang of. Excited to shows this to others and give them an easy way to compare.

Rodrigo J Diel

Very good Easy to use.

Peter Slawson

Don't work Starts up then nothing

joe relton

Thanks for fix I'm glad i did not uninstall app as it now works perfectly and gave the correct diagnosis (protan). Thanks you guys for the great app.

Andre Lucassen

Very nice. It is possible to improve oneself somewhat. By repeating many times and by gambling on some hunches one can figure out better what (very) small differences to look for. I managed to get from persistent scores of 95-98 to around 88 (10-0-0 protan). One should be very focused and without any distractions. With the updated version with the screen on full brightness it's actually more difficult. Maybe I will get used to it. It is also good that the screen stays on.

Jonathan peck

Helpful step up from a strict pass or fail At last a Graded test to show severity of your color blindness. Good to see that possibly my color blindness isn't as bad as I thought.

Robert Coplen

Thank you Colblindor After years of: "You're colorblind huh? What color is..." And having people point out every object in sight, I finally have something that is tangible to give them a better idea. How do you describe being colorblind, accurately, to someone who isn't? If you don't see what they do, it's pretty challenging to say the least. So, again I say thank you for the app. Even with the disclaimer of "not scientifically proven", this app has proven more than handy since the first moment I installed it. Again, thank you

Matthias Balwierz

Good test because you get details what type and how strong. Possible improvement would be to remove the time constraints and reduce the stress.

Troy Mass

Interesting method, dont trust the scores I believe I may have a very mild case of deuteranomaly. I had to play with my screen brightness a bit. On full brightness I can score very well. But on low brightness I struggle to find the ones during the green part and get scores biased towards tritan

Matt Wedan

Not a good test if you're actually colorblind I'm partially colorblind and can't even make it to the end of the test. Tells me I had too many wrong touch points and makes me start over. I'm sure it's fine for anyone not colorblind wanting confirmation of such.

Ben Hall

Very good check but.. would like to be able to look through all past check statistics, not just the highest score and the most recent. When I touch the statistics part, nothing happens. The test itself seems very clear and works well for children as it avoids them not recognising a number/letter.

Sas Quatch

Superior to other tests This test is WAY better than the other tests I have tried. It gives you an actual score because it measures the saturation and hue of colors required for you to see them. Much more precise test. A new standard in testing as far as I'm concerned.

A Lettriste

Works!! Used the colorblindor site and was great. The app is outstanding. 100% accurate for me. Red vision deficiency....

Casey Fleming

Great! Did this with my Gf and she scored a near perfect 1/100 and I scored a 95/100 Fun for the entire family!

Ross Huntington

Awesome! Should add #thedress test. Rofl But seriously it works flawlessly.

Bob Posert

Tells you what kind you have

Claudiu Orian

really nice....

Debbie Martin

Color Blind Check With a lot of people in the family that have color blindness, it's nice to have an app that can test for it. It seems quite accurate.

Melly's Stories

I havnt tried it but... Before i do... I have truble seeing red and orange and blue and purple i know im not color blind but can i be paitaly color blind? Is it possible?

Josan Lukic

+- This app is nice cuz it gives u type of cb. What i don't like is there's no community/scores to compare to. So i get protan 47/100 and pbd type 7-0-0, what do i do with it? I would like to see how good or bad that is compared to other CB ppl, do all ppl with normal color vision get 0/100 or 1, or they get 10,15 and so on...This program needs community, statistics...

Tommy Motown

Great teacher Creative,great way to share with non color blind peeps with questions , please be on our show ,we're on YouTube free dinner n 80s video game play.

Sulian Bol

It was spot on I knew before trying that I was color blind red green. This just confirmed what I already knew. Nice app all the same

Илья Жабрёв

Would have been useful, if I could understand, what am I even supposed to see. There is to much flickering, I can't concentrate on the task, and by the time I see something, it's too late to press it

Josan Lukic

+ This app is nice cuz it gives u type and severity degree of CBD. What i don't like is there's no community/scores to compare to. So i get protan 32/100 and pbd type 10-0-0, what do i do with it? I would like to see how good or bad that is compared to other CB ppl, do all ppl with normal color vision get 0/100 or 1, or they get 10,15 and so on...This program needs community, statistics maybe something like 100 hue test has. Anyway i think this is the most simple and accurate test for severity of cb.

Hans S

Great test It's one of the better tests I've seen lately.

Shaun Kirby

Great! I got a perfect score but the green board was slightly harder for me then the others. Wonder what that means. ?

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