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2 Sep
Clicker Heroes

Posted by R2 Games in Role Playing | Sept. 2, 2016 | 218 Comments

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The massive hit game from Steam and PC browsers comes to mobile with new features! Clicker Heroes is the idle RPG that started the subgenre! Embark on your quest and begin a simple, yet incredibly fun adventure. Tap to attack monsters, hire and level up heroes to unlock their unique abilities. Slay monsters for gold, find treasure, and explore new worlds.

And introducing Clans and Immortals! Form clans with other players and lead clan-based boss raids against a new type of enemy: the fearsome Immortals!

* Progress through 1000+ zones by defeating epic bosses and monsters!
* Hire and level up dozens of heroes, each with unique skills!
* Unlock up to 9 active skills to use in battle!
* Acquire ancients for powerful boosts!
* Ascend your main hero to grow even stronger!
* Clans (NEW!) – Join other players to form clans and take on the mighty Immortals!
* Multiplayer Battles (NEW) - Clan-based boss raids against a new foe: the Immortals!
* Google Play Game Services Leaderboards and Achievements (NEW!)
* Multi-language support (NEW!) – English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Chinese (and more languages coming soon!)

Developed by Playsaurus

Whats new

    Welcome to Clicker Heroes 2.0 - Transcendence
    The Outsiders have awoken… And they’re coming to Clicker Heroes! Experience brand new gameplay and more in Clicker Heroes' biggest update yet!
    - Transcendence -
    Take Ascension to the next level. Granted by The Outsiders, reach higher levels of power than ever before.
    - Ancient Souls -
    Feed souls to The Outsiders and obtain ungodly powers.
    - Transcendent Power -
    Primal Bosses drop exponentially more hero souls than its predecessor.
    +more changes!

R2 Games part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 1000000 to 5000000. Last Update Sept. 2, 2016. Google play rating is 87.9891. Current verison is 2.0.7. Actual size 55.0 MB.

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Matt Kunyk

Great time waster My only complaint is that the quick ascension costs too many rubies. Other than that, this game is great.

Connor Beland

It's great but.. Why the heck did you change the dark ritual? In the computer game it gives you a huge dps increase. Here, it gives you 2 rupies. Really? You can't do a thing with those.....

Allen Truong

I'm addicted to the pc vers. Its nice to change things up a bit but please, where is the auto advance??

Jason Matias

Loving it. Way better then tap Titans for sure. Uninstalled Titans a day after. Keep the amazing updates coming. Especially the souls with DPs. Best update thus far. <3 dark ritual gives double when Energized. Just doesn't show up as 4 still says 2 but you still get it. Only one problem for me. It's going to take atleast 20 acensions to get passed stage 140. Or sitting on stage 139 for 2 weeks or so.

Dustin Leigh

Trialing app version Missing a few of the pc features esp why change dark ritual? And some quality of life features like a max or x100 function. Otherwise great conversion

Robert Bucsis

Mindless Tapping There's nothing quite like aimless tapping on my phone. Love it!

Alex Charron

Pretty good Needs: 1) auto-passing of islands so we can quick level heroes while advancing from a new ascend 2) Soul bosses flagged as such so we know wether to ascend or push through one last level. (let us know wether a boss is goingto give us souls). ) let us double Dark Ritual.

John Manly

Fun Game Much better than most clickers my only issue is it takes a long time to prestige


Wish you could import saves Really all you could ask for. Minis a few of the features that the pc version has

Tiago S.

love way better than cookie clicker

Tool Logan

Great Great time killer, oddly addictive.

Vitor Ramos

-.- juggernaut isn't dps increase at all

Brayden J

Please add landscape mode. Also using energize then the dark rituals does not give double rubies. Juggernaut doesn't work, or the tapping required is too high for me to achieve

Dennis Gregory

Anyone else notice that hero souls are bugged and don't add to your dps


Simple and addicting I'm not sure why I like this game.

Caleb Hills

Import/Save Button Will give it 5 stars when import/Save button are implemented.

Douglas Mosher

Better games out there... Not a bad game, slow progression for really nothing....been stuck on the same character for 4 resets now, hero souls not doing enough to actually help me out.... I'd stick to the game "Tap Titans" as this seems like a poorer remake >.<


Omeet At level 100 (yes I got that far in 3 days) omeet has the right skin. But wrong name and doesn't give hero souls. Please fix this. I have spent a lot of money on the pc and absolutely love this game. It's a great game and keeps me busy throughout school. But please fix this so I'm not scared to progress and don't get my hero souls haha

Matthew Turner

Good but I was so glad to see this game come to mobile finally but I find that removing the dps upgrades from achievements slows things way down also using energize on dark ritual only gave me 2 rubies

Ryan Burns

Clicker heroes on the go After a long wait it's finally here. My all time favorite idle/clicker game in mobile form with just enough changes that starting from zero isn't the drag I thought it would be.

Dillybars OneTwoThree

Great Would it be possible to make it so you can transfer progress between computer and mobile?

Sean Stapleton

Great game Super fun, crazy addicting. Progression seems a tad slower on the mobile version vs the pc version though.

Mathew Simpson

Still amazing So glad this came to mobile! Only thing needed is the ability to turn off floating numbers to help reduce lag like on pc. Smaller monsters not needed for most phones, but could help with tablets.

Andrew Lackie

Fun but has some lag When you start out when ever the next floor is available get massive lag but its gone after you select next floor. Also doesn't have auto progression which is very disappointing.

Econis Mate

Good but could be better Dark ritual, and achievements dont give dps slows down everything with dps loss

Troy Gillis

<3 Great game!!! I cant play it enough

tyler price

I loved this game on PC Anyway it is great!

Robert Arlint

Love it So glad it's finally on android I had it at 5 stars but I noticed a little bug. Once fixed it'll be back at 5 stars. Sometimes when you use your skills and go back to the home on your phone then back in the game the skills window is completely empty. You have to exit the game completely and reopen for the skills to reappear.

Alex Wohlfahrt

I love you its the best

Serge N

gets old fast

Chanel McKinnon

Real Deal Confirmed via Reddit as a small testfire before going global. Love it!

Martin Ho

Douglas Mosher=SCRUB this isn't a remake idiot it was a game on the PC way longer before tap titans and I've never heard of some idiot who gets stuck on the fourth hero in this game

Lilian Miller

Um I was missing the mercenaries, but they've been added! I play computer version as well, and this is a little harder. By the way, I don't like how whenever you leave the app your combo restarts with Juggernaut. Once I clicked an ad and when I came back my combo was gone!

James Van Dyke

Pointless but great Ads only when you want them and infrequently at that. Doesn't require too much time as you can earn gold while the game is in the background. Cute art. Good progression. Fun time waster.

jake carter

An abundance of course Yeah I know you have to sit down with the same thing as a whole bunch of other people. But I think the best way for you to make more than just about anything else if you want to chill. You can Do you and see.

HostilePickle With No Life

Iddle addiction Started playing this on computer early 2015 then I ended up builsing a new computer and got a new phone. I came came across the game agian once I installed the stram app on my phone and I open up Clicker Heros every day to see whats going on with my game.

Josh Gimer

Broken on android I am using a galaxy S6 and this game barely runs. It's glitchy and breaks once an ad runs. I enjoy this game a bunch and love the way it runs on my iphone. Seems like this was put together in a hurry. Would definitely 5 star this game if it ran correctly.

Carlos Feliciano

Love it I never got bored it always wanted me to keep going fabulous game make another please

ken brandt

New update doesn't work Was addictive. But the new update just stays on the splash screen! Fix it please!

Daniel Day

Mercenaries I noticed on mercenaries you can now chose between 4 quest instead of 3 but the chance of fail is not shown. I thought maybe can't fail, but then one died. Please put chance of fail back.

John G

Pretty good, update screwed up mercenaries It's pretty fun. I don't like that the most recent update removed the chances of death per mission for mercenaries. I just base if off how it used to be, 1 or 2 day missions were around 20-30% chance of death, the shorter ones were less. I would ask the devs to put that back in. That happens and I would give it 5 stars again.

Darcey Hartland

Great game but!!! It deleted all of my stuff from over level 100 can u fix it plz coz I don't know what to do now. ???????

Desmond V. Blake

5/7 Perfect time waste Perfect time waster for waiting for an appointment and you need something else other than your book.

Tyler Dooley

Clans? This is a great addicting game, but what is up with the clans? I can't seem to find any to join and it won't let me search. Is there something I don't know??

Nira Rose

Lots of fun! I play it on my computer, too. For some reason the death percentage chance for my mercenaries has disappeared on here, though, and I wish the game could tell when I'm just trying to slide my finger around to grab coins instead of making it a tap and breaking my idle bonus, as well as there being an ascend button like on the desktop version. Still fun, though!

Dave G.

Fun, but Everything I try to watch an ad for the 4 hour gold boost it freezez and makes me close and reopen the game.

Joshua Mitchell

Update Bring back the percentage of failing with a mercenary. After the new update, the chance of dying is gone. Also, would like to see an update for forge cores. I have a whole bunch of forge cores to use, and can't upgrade any relics.

Danny Kingston

Um oh When i started the download the progress bar sent me back to the start. Fix it and ill give it one more star. They fixed it

Heather Feather

Join Grrr (also an honest review) This game is too fun, very addictive. However, there needs to be a better way to look up clans to join because the randomizer just brings up nonexistents. If you're as frustrated with the clan thing as I am look up "Grrr" and join me there.

Richard Demyan

Mercenaries issues! Mercenaries lost their "chance of death" Stat on quests.... now I got guys dieing all the time because I have no clue what their chances are! Fix please!!!

Jevannie Lawrence

Use a mouse for best experience 1. Conect usb to micro usb to phone 2. connect mouse to phone 3.??? 4.profit

Mark Petk

My clan I assigned someone as clan master (i didnt know what it does) and now how to I undo it

Nate Borman

Fun addictive game Yay you fixed the mercenary ruby rewards! Now we'll just see if it still crashes all the time after viewing an ad and losing the ruby bonus...

Matt Bartley

Help!!! My game won't load it just gives me a black screen when I go into it

Tim Heisler

Bugs Ads still result in a white background after finishing. Regilding still doesn't show the newly gilded hero. But hey a useless valentine's day update!

Michael Chudy

I can't stand enjoying this game! This game is as simple or advanced as you want it to be, and you can play it for weeks or years. I still prefer it on PC as letting it run over night for weeks/months isn't feasible on a mobile device.

Jeff Cuthbert

Upgrades all day I just let this run while I work and reap the reward.

Jeremiah Johnson

Awesome Cant say one bad thing about this app. Join my clan Clicker Killers

Jacques Esterhuizen

Profile gone Had a very advanced profile that is gone after the update - not starting over deleted game

David Kinnison

........ STILL WAITING ON RESPONSE TO SUPPORT EMAIL! Plus i know longer get ruby bags ever wtf...

gary meyers

Tournaments This an awesome game. Only thing its missing is tournaments. Would love to see this implemented into the game. !!!

Michael Estabrook

Awesome and fun Just as the title says. Though need options to hide damage and gold numbers to speed it up.

Don't Hate The Vape DHTV

Loveit But I can't transfer it to my new phone and they're both Androids what the f*** you need to have that option but I love the game play every day

Marc-André Frenette

Just a little suggestions Everything is perfect. But it would be nice to know who got the gilded upgrade when you de-guild a hero and from whom it was taken when you upgrade. Finally I think that a "complete de-guild" button would be great too so we don't have to spam the de-guild button on the hero.

Zachary Jeffers

This game is very good, with little glitches, I recommend to anyone

Thomas Fisher

Needs balancing Mercenaries only pump out a 1-2 gems every few hours after you level them up enough and that just isn't enough with things costing more than 100 gems ao that needs to be balanced

Preston B

Great time killer A pointless game like this means lots of fun!

Michael Mattiocco

Wonderful and charming. I have been playing this game for almost a year now. I also got my wife playing!

Nate Stretch

New update sucks Mercenary risk rate disappeared, leading me to think out was removed. I lost all but 2 mercenaries over the course of the one day i had this update. It has also reset all of my hero upgrades, which I had to repurchase. Un. In. Stalled.


Nice pass time Hard to put this game down

Gavin Stoker

Had game for phone. Phone broke. Played game on tablet. Got to level 1350+. Pressed leaderboards to check not progress vs friends. Logged me into profile I had on my phone., via googlr account. Stuck at level 520. Any way to change into my profile I used since day 1 on my tablet? Really don't feel like grinding this game for a third time.

John Egan

Mobile data problems This game has been using more and more mobile data, and I don't know why. There aren't many things to do with this that needs a connection to the internet, and it's been my top data consumer for two months now.

David Hanks

Needs clan trade There needs to be able to trade or give others hero soles and gold

ECK Till the casket drops

1 star remove Why? My mercenary is level 21. He die. It costs 41 thousand rubies to revive him. 100 dallors only let you buy 1400 rubies. DO THE MATH! I think this is bull! Fun game nonetheless.

Eryk Bugajski

I love this game Its a really good game.


Mindless fun Fun time waster now that the latest bug is fixed. Only gripe: it's kinda gimped compared to the PC version (ancients are better on PC, etc)


Fun and Engaging I enjoy a game that helps me feel like I'm getting more than on thing done at once. Idle game fulfil that for me, and I've enjoyed this one more than the others I've had a taste of. Would recommend to others.

Joshua Barnett

My gilded dps does not work correctly. Spent the souls to move all to one character. Dps didn't budge.

Kaitlyn B

No in-app purchase. I love the game but it will not let me make in-app purchases....

Brent McDowell

Yayy!! Back to 100%! Thanks for the fixes. Keep this game addicting and amazing!!(:

Gavin Vigil

Perfect for ADD and ADHD. If you can't sit still. Or need something to do with your hands, then this game will be perfect for you.

Uncertified Robot

Export save file I've been thinking about flashing a different rom on my phone, but I'd lose all my progress on this app. Could you please make it possible to export save files?

David Burt

Still buggy I still get a bug after using the bonus gold ad, the top half of the screen is white. It's been like this for months and the only way to fix it is to restart the app.

Christopher Kortmann

Lost all progress Out of nowhere. Had been working fine. Awful!

Simon van Dijk

Loving every single part of this game <3

Étienne Pilote

Great game Great game if it wasn't for the GPS to enable and data consuming while playing (why do they need to know where I live?) Sorry but this last update made me never open up this game anymore.

Dave Harris

Latest update - constant crashes All issues appear fixed now.

Jonathon Lucas

Best clicker game ever created. This game will suck days out of your life. Play it.

Sunny Pierson

So fun! It's a great time waster and it's somehow extremely satisfying. I even got my husband playing it!

Filip Kocjan

Last update broke.. .. Option to watch ads for 2x money, every time I click on the options to watch ads app crashes

Khánh Phương Từ

Awesome Too awesome

Adrian Raharjo

last update error cant watch ads like before.... always crash.... pls fix it..

Tom DuLude

Great game I've been playing it for about six months Ascension at level 140 took forever the first time now I've lost count on how many times it's fun and you keep killing Monsters and the bosses. Don't tap the screen and see if you unlocked the idle ability it automatically kills monsters slowly but as you rank up at kills faster and faster.

Ryan Villalpando

Will rate more when it gets the ability to level up relics better. The relic screen is just way to clunky. Wonderful game otherwise

Vix M

Add Clan "United We Tap" One of a few English Speaking teams out there. Can we please get more space to add more clan member players??? Edit: your new update is bugging out when you click the piggy bank boost.

William knowles

Crashes On Samsung galaxy s7 and I crash when I try to load ads (5 and 25 rubies and bonus gold) this has been happening since the .7 update. Please help.

Derek Austin

Buggy The game is a lot of fun but as of 2/28 after the last update everytime i click on the button to watch an ad to get 100% more gold it crashes the game. Once they fix this i would gladly give it 5 out of 5.


More addictive than crack. Have to lower my score. Need more space on my phone and con't move it to the SD card so it's got to go.....

Elliott Soh

Ads rollback game when played Playing ads will rollback all settings to before any changes were made in this current update.

True Yeti

Game is broken after update Anytime I click to watch an Advertisement, the game just closes and any changes revert back.

Rob Huitt

Ads crash The ads are crashing the game and resetting my progress. Never happened before this last update

James Miller

Had it for my iPhone. Keeps closing out on me on my new phone, would love to play it still ..

Sam Henry

I like this game It deserves a solid 4 stars great game not buggy for me thumbs up

Sayera Abir

Advertisements It is fine until I try to watch an ad. It crashes whenever I try to watch an ad. Just got the new update. It was fine before the update. I am using Samsung Tab A.

Roy Miller

Was a fun game Exited out of the game, when I came back had reset. Still have my account, still in the same clan, still have a highest level of 1735 but my hero souls, ancients, relics, gilded heroes, and achievements are reset. Not happy to say the least

Ryan Holbrook

I can't join a guild I have been trying for weeks now to join random guilds and I find myself waiting 3-4 days at a time before I cancel my application and issue another to a different guild. All of these guilds are polulated by more than 6 people, so I was just wondering if there is some kind of guild bug that does not forward my guild request? It seems awfully coincidental that over the last 2 months this has been happening despite my patience.


Great and all.. But.. It needs to have some graphic quality control to tune it down and other options to optimize like you can on PC like makimg the monsters small, turning text off, etc. Sometimes when theres too much going on it lags a bit due to the instakilling. And I'd want a way so that this game won't mow through my battery hence i always have to keep it going to idle and instakill. Can we have some sort of performance and battery drainage issues adressed?

Christopher Davis

Outrageous First off, let me say that I love this game immensely, however my low rating is because of the ridiculous cost to revive one of my dead mercenaries... Over 2,875,000+ rubies just to revive?! There should be a set amount, like 300 rubies or something...

Patrick Schmeichel

Good, good I've been having a pretty good time with this game. It's definitely an enjoyable time-passing game with little need for in-app purchases which is a very nice plus. It also has quite a few neat mechanics to contribute to strategies like the relics, ancients, and mercenaries. Lastly the clans are a nice touch for some teamwork on "immortals"

Kay Aquino

1 thing that I luv sooooooooooooooo much The thing that I love is the perk that costs 25? And I have a question why does the update do nothing?

David Everett

Super addicting Literally the only game I check every few hours, every day ever. I couldn't stop playing on PC so putting it in my pocket was the best thing they could do (worst for me ha). 100% recommended.

Benjamin Hale

Got time to do nothing? Sick of games that require constant user input? This game is for you if you are! Let your minions kill the baddies and watch your gold reaerves fill the coffers to overflowing, hire ancients to boost your abilities or give you even more perks. Send minions after gold souls rubies or even more heroes! Great idle game for the lazier casual gamer.


Add exponential notation please It a huge pet peeve of mine, and it hurts to see random letters in front of numbers. Exponential is the only thing that makes sense

Tony Cornell

Join today (Hero Clickers Clan) Addictive and smooth. Definitely recommend this to everyone. My only issue is most guilds are dead. I've been in three and each one it's the same thing. People get bored with waiting and stop playing. Also, trophies and or banners for strongest guilds would be great. Maybe weekly competitions to keep people busy and maybe they'll want to grow much quicker.

Bryan Fraigula

I can't get my account back Got a new phone made me start all over again, if I get my account back I'll give it 5 stars

Anthony Shorey

It would be a much better game if the ads actually have me rewards when they say they will. Half the time I just watch an ad and get nothing. Y'all owe me SO many rubies haha.

Levi Shepler

Great game Ok, so I've played this game since it came on beta for the PC, I was ecstatic to find it on the phone

Kyle Wesley kasilag

Make No Secs I love it but The 30 have secs and its super hard and im on 30

Toni Fruin

Doesnt give rubies or gold for watching ads. Other than that its great.

Erin Devenne

Missing souls Loved this game for a long time, had a 1430+ level high... And then I was taken to 0. The game literally started over. Not sure if I will play or not. I am so disappointed in this.

Justin Williams

Slowly but surely! Please end the Easter event.. EVERY event starts late, and ends waaaaaay after the theme reason has passed

Tiffany Melissa

Doesn't auto click anymore Enough said. Since I updated the app, the games doesn't auto click or proceed like it used to. I'm pretty disappointed. I am going to wait for the next update but if this isn't fixed by then, I'm uninstalling. Otherwise, interesting game.

Claire Hope

By brilliant This is such a good simple time wasting game.

Ben Russell

Simple yet addicting I can't stop clicking, I play this all the time. Someone get me help, my grades are in decline.

Lee Mack

Can u load my save from steam to this? I love the game, it's a great time killer but I don't want to start over, is there any way to load my steam save to my phone?

Teressa Cuiava

Love the idle game play. Join Buttermilk. Looking for people who actively attack the boss daily.

Michael Heilmann

Nice game. Recommended. Wishlist: - Sorting ancient list. - Less annoying relics interface.

Dracathio Foltz

Why ruin relics o.O Um 1 star for even updating something like relics to only ruin them. Was wondering why I wasn't going as fast through levels. Thanks for ruining one of my time wasters.

Moon Priest

Great game Make me addicted to it

Alen Mekic

Nice one Good thing for casual gamerz

Scott S

Time killa I'm on my third ascension. Its pretty fun so far

Ian Jenner

Great game but has flaws Fun game but it would be great to have a cloud save option

U Patel

Too easy then gets hard I'm so pleased with the game but I just don't know hoe to use the gems

Jimmy Legare

Great mobile port The game gives plenty of rubies so it doesn't matter much that the cost is higher on mobile. I bought my x2 multiplier much faster than on pc. It took me almost an entire day of play on pc while i bought it after like 3 hours on mobile. I do miss a few feature present on pc, but I'm pretty sure it will all be added in future update.

Alex Gilmer

I cannot stop This game has consumed my soul. At least it gives me hero souls!

Austin Templeton

Oddly Addictive Idk why but I can never stay away from this game

Georgios Ferlachidis

Nvidia Shield k1 Context3d not aviable. Cant start the game because of this error message


Great game Great game, really addicting! Just came up with an easy improvement i think: for the ancients holding down the button auto upgrades (kinda like a turbo button). Its a bit annoying to level after some point

Andrew Watts

Join bobicus Awesome game. I play it every day. Join Bobicus as soon as you are able! We fight our guild monster every day!

Shayne ducks

Fun, like sex on your mom's bed.

Alex Gwinn

Randomly deletes your game progress All of game progress was lost for no reason, I turned my phone off to charge it and when I turned it back on all my game data was gone... What gives? I want my save back!

George Ashby

Awesome game Looking for active players join scosco811

Ryan Morris

Classic Tap Game Classic tap game. Tap DMG + dps + abilities + lvling up. Watch ads.

William Duffy

... It doesn't work...

William knowles

Fixed On Samsung galaxy s7 and I crash when I try to load ads (5 and 25 rubies and bonus gold) this has been happening since the .7 update. Please help. *EDIT* all better

Ben Black

No guild button? I don't know if it's just because you have to get to a certain point to unlock it but I ha e not gotten the option to join a guild yet and I would like to know if it's a glitch or I just have to play more?

Madison Skywalker

Good as the PC version I play this game on my laptop all the time, and when I found this I had to check it out. Usually games on phones or other devices aren't as good as the ones on computers. This is the only exception I've found. Awesome game, and very addictive.

Em Gilligan

Amazing but a little annoying The game is very fun and hard to put down, but some boss' are a huge jump in HP than the monsters in the level before them. It takes forever to upgrade the fighters enough so that they can beat some of the boss'. I spent an hour and a half trying to beat one boss and I still can't even get a forth through its HP bar. It's annoying at times, but this game is so addictive and strangely very fun you can't hate it. Beware though, it will consume your life. Especially if you didn't have a life to begin with.


The help screen needs more detail I bought some gems and, because I was curious on what a gilded hero was, I spent 200 gems on a gilded hero. Gilded heroes are overpriced and useless, so I want my gems back. This would of never happened if the was more information in the help screen

James Vranizan

VERY FUN Long story short, I was watching a YouTube video of Markiplier playing this very game so I thought to myself, eh why not. and sure enough like Markiplier said, it's very addictive. I personally love it. it's only my second day playing and I'm hooked

Hector Pena

It terible this game threw my brothers life away he dosent even play with or dog anymore he dont even get up to eat i think i should sew u guys

Donnie Lehmkuhl

Where has my life gone ?! I use to be a successful owner who was proud of his buiseness. One day to fight the boredom during a little down time. I decided to download this new and exciting game. From that point my life slowly started to spiral into chaotic hell of not caring about anything else than this game. I became addicted to drugs, my wife left me, the kids hate me, and I lost my buiseness. But I still have my precious game!

Hannah Simmons

Help! I guess I'm not understanding the game as well as others, but when can I join clans/groups? I would like to know, thank you.

Connor Occleshaw

I Have an addiction Please help... but in all seriousness I love this game and I highly recommend it to every one ever

Slade Tobey

Relatively free game* How da hell you gonna kill my mercenary from a 30-min quest then charge me 2,000 rubies ($20 USD-worth) to revive it?... other than that, the game is great, and perfect for the smartphone platform. They regularly update the game, tho only to add more costly features or to add a theme. 1 star because the ridiculousness with the ruby system, and the ads CONSTANTLY crash. Also for no video quality-adjusting capabilities. And when are forge cores gonna be used?? Hopefully transcendence update fixes ALL of this.

Jeffrey Johnson

So addictive and fun, good work! This game is so addicting and fun that I've played it for 13 hrs and got it 32 ago. It is also fun because of satisfaction of getting high in count of tap, DPS, and gold, very fun and addicting, BEWARE it is VERY ADDICTING.

JC Matus

ADDICTED So Childish but also very addictive and fun definitely would recommend

Nix Brennt

Fun! I'm loving the game so far, but I've encountered a rather frustrating bug that when I try to watch an ad through the game (for gold boost or rubies) the game crashes. :( Very frustrating for me, but otherwise a very fun and addictive game.


Easy to play, ruby collecting vs the pc is a bit obnoxious but that's mobile for yah, eventually it plays it self pretty well

Derek Fisher

Great game! Although it consumes a lot of time, it's worth it.

Ryan Dowdy

Its addicting and simple love it. Great game easy to play easy to learn good graphics great job guys love it.

Alan Messenger

Ok had enough now... uninstalling. The dark ritual bug was annoying but I could put up with it. Now there is google games integration which delays game loading by a useless dialogue box popping up every time and there is no way to turn it off, also annoying but tolerable. Today I witnessed the large bag of gems vanish from right under my nose without giving me a chance to click on it? Come on guys, seriously? Thats how you make your money, im happy to watch short ads so you can get paid. Progression setbacks a deal breaker, im done.

Rafael Badillo

Idle Games The proper genre of these games are called idle games. There's so mindlessly stupid and easy that you can't help but love them. Seriously this genre is so stupid you literally don't do anything the game literally plays itself. If you put your own input into the game all you're doing is making your progression faster. These kinds of games give you a sense of progression when there is no end goal. If you like Mindless time-wasters this game is for you seriously I love it and I don't know why.

AV Gadioma

Really addictive! But... I should have unlocked something by upgrading one of the characters, but it's still locked. Is there a way to report this issue? I went to R2 Games site, but this game wasn't an option when I tried to submit a ticket


Thumbs up Great game thanks just one question isnt the crossy road chars a coppyright. Can u please make it so people cant cheat please even if u have to make the game fully online


Clicking Time Markiplier brought me here, I'm joining his clan, and if he is right my life will be consumed by this game.

Brandon Mendoza

Surprisingly engrossing It seems really fun and even a tad addicting. And I don't use the word lightly. I can easily see why people sink so many hours into this game. On a negative note, I don't know if this is a known issue but the app will force close a few times on start up before running without issue. It happens on both my LG Gpad and my LG V10 so I'm not sure if it's device related. Hence the 4 stars of this review. Aside from that no complaints.


Simple and amusing Not much to it, a bit fairer than most clicker games

Isaac McIntyre

IT'S SO FUN!!!!!!!!!!!ONE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER!!!!!!!!! At first I thought it would be boring because I saw my brother playing it and it looked super boring but then I downloaded it and it turned out to be SUPER fun and addictive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kayla Jones

So addicting! I've been playing this game all day since the day I downloaded it. It's really fun considering its just clicking.

Cody Osburn

Love it Had this game on PCC and was really sad that there wasn't a mobile version. Now here is one, so it can consume my life all over again ? ?

Antonia Caulfield- Kerney

Gems dissapeared I saved and bought gems but suddenly they dissapeared, I contacted the support email address several times but not had an answer or a fix to the issue. Very disappointed because I loved the game.


Great time waster It's addicting, stupid, and fun. I love it

Ethan Redman

SO ADDICTIVE!!! This is a great game but there's one problem with the game, it needs more updates as u can see it has the Easter logo and where I am it is June 21, so ya a good game but more updates.

Infamous Horizon

Jolly Good Fun Just play this game, it will keep you entertained for hours. I would like to a few small fixes, make the Ancients you own in alphabetical order so it's easier to sort through them and maybe have an option to take Gilding from one character and put it on one of your choosing instead of the random hit and miss. Either way this game is still tons of fun.

Brian Palmer

I'm addicted, but I have issues I have been playing this game for the last week consistently. It's bright and colorful and victory is satisfying. The upgrade system feels well-paced. However, I haven't pinned down why, but there are times when the bottom bar that allows you access to characters, upgrades, and rubies, slips below the bottom of the screen and becomes inaccessible. Also, the game randomly freezes and prevents you from advancing, which requires a force close and restart.

DJ Summit

Pretty cool I like it, a lot of it I still don't understand. Like the difference in names of the heroes. For example, gilded heroes. Also, I've no clue how to join a clan/guild. 5 star if someone could explain those two things to me. Also I saw that some people said their game crashed when watching an add but that it was fixed. It still happens on my galaxy grand prime and when I close and reopen the app I don't get my rubies or get the chance to watch another ad.

Alfred Pratt

Good game needs better explanation The game is good fun that seems simple at first but you discover a lot of deep mechanics. That's the only problem with it. The two help sections are only a page long each and don't explain much at all.

Andrew Hamrick

Please Fix Really fun game and i love to play it. I am pretty high on it making it to 1200. Ever since the update with transcending the game has been crashing alot and wont let me watch videos for rubies or 100% gold. Worked fine before the update. Have tried to uninstall and reinstall alot and still nothing changes. Please help and i will give you 5*

Christian Pando

The game that keeps on giving Progression feels real, even if it really is just arbitrary large numbers to reduce. While you need to watch ads to enjoy the mobile version at it's fullest, YOU control when to watch ads. They also aren't even long. But the best thing about this game is that the developers are very active. They talk to the community on reddit and discord, and to this day are still improving the game. They have earned our trust and respect. Can't wait for a sequel!

Jeff Isaac

Disappointing buggy updates... As a game developer, you should be extremely embarrassed to release an update that has a bug that literally all you need to do to uncover it is to close the game for a couple of minutes, then reopen it... It just shows that you can't be bothered to do even the most minimal play testing of your game!

Allen cook

Use to like it , last update broke game Before the recent update I loved the game and played all the time. However with the latest update it constantly crashes and resets any progress I did during that session. Clicking any ad bonuses crashes every time. Fighting some boss with power upgrades seem to trigger a crash as well. I hope it gets fixed soon.

andrew sidock

Great game but... The new update has me wondering, I don't seem to be getting primal bosses in auto progression. Seems a bit ridiculous to leave it in Farm mode and lose a couple million hero souls because it Auto advances.

Amber Beach

Update Killed It Really really love this game. I believe the new update is causing serious problems. It puts my game on auto progression when I close out of it when I didn't want to. It keeps crashing and losing my progress... I'll update my rating to five stars if something changes and things actually start working again.

Ravenix Angeal

Good Time Killer Same game as PC version. There are minor differences but nothing really to note. The game itsself is quite addictive but can get old quickly. Played in small amounts at a time, this game is a great way to keep your fingers busy. Not 5 stars because of performance issues. Its performance could be compared to a much much larger game (GB+). Loading time is slow and it crashes occasionally (not enough to really deter enjoyment)

Cory Nettnin

Misconceptions I don't understand why people are complaining about the new update. You do indeed gather hero souls as it progresses offline for you, and the best zone to farm for gold is the furthest one you can reach, so there is zero reason not to allow the game to advance for you.

Isus Čoča

I tried to enjoy it. I love this game, played on pc since it came out, and i wanted to play it on mobile too but mobile version is bugged, i cant watch ads for bonus gold or diamonds and now i have another bug that is happening, i cant leave game on farm mode, only advance/progress mode so i cant farm money for my upgrades. Please fix this and i will give it 5 stars.

Justin Dinneen

Great Game. Needs A Few Tweets. The game is addictive and fun. Love see how much farther I get. I only wish that the clans were more viable. I created a clan called Spirit Hunters but I have no way to advertise it (shamless one here) and before I made it, the clan search was either not finding clans or inactive ones. I wish there was a global bulletin for this purpose. Also the advertisement for the gold skill or free rubies sometimes crash the game. Can't see if it is a particular one but is annoying. But these are small issues.

Seth Linzenmeyer

Its really good but I've only been able to play it twice, every time I go into it, it will show me how much money I have collected, and then it will kick me back to my home screen, its the only game I have so its not how much room I have... But still great. Please fix this problem whenever you can, THANKS.

Jonathan Grams

Meh Since Last Major Update The last major update destroyed the effectiveness of most of the ancients while making them much more expensive. Transcendence is the only way to not feel completely screwed over by the devs, and even then it's slow. The latest update has a bug that causes Farming to bug when leaving the game, making earnings while not playing much lower than usual. Also, can we get some variety in the immortals? I'm sick of facing ONLY Will O Rocks. Seriously. Slap in a randomization algorithm or something.

Verral Vee

Bugs or Glitch It's a good game but I have been getting problems with it. The problem is that even though I turn off my level progression it continues to go up when I am not in the game. It give me a hard time farming money and I don't really want to delete this game because its very fun to play pls fix this

steven seguin

Latest update The latest update pushed out finally broke me. It now no longer let's your heros farm for gold while you are away. It gets the the highest level it can, then fails every time, therefore making no gold. I will be uninstalling this. I enjoyed it very much up until the 2.0 update. And now, with this "new" feature. I will be no longer playing.

Uneasy Wall

I play this game alot but it crashes alot I go to start the game, but it takes me 5 tries to just run it without crashing and then I have 6 seconds until I have to do that again. Plz fix this!!!!

Brenden Gall

Ad's causing trouble First the Ad's would make the app crash. Now it's that the Ad's won't load and if they do the little timer gets stuck so once the ad is over I can't exit out of it so I have to restart the entire app and don't even get the bonus for watching the ad. Other than that it's great. Join my clan "People Who Play" btw!

Secret Final Boss

No longer works on Galaxy Note4 I put a lot of time and even some money into this game, and was determined to beat it. Now, loading the app causes it to crash or close. If it does successfully load, doing ANYTHING makes it crash or close. I also just tried uninstalling and reinstalling. It made things worse. I had a lot of respect for this game, including with how it dealt with ads, but it's completely unplayable. I would give it 5 stars if it was working. I sent in multiple crash reports but I guess you don't care over there.


Bug in update Indeed what the other people are saying, it keeps autoprogressing even if you set it on "stay" mode and then close. But still that's a really nice feature, just needs to work properly

Brett Eggers

Last update killed passive gameplay. I love this game, unfortunately the last update killed the game for me. Farming mode no longer works, and the game will just forcibly move you to the next level. This is unfortunate when your on a level ending with 4 or 9 prior to a boss. The game shunts you into the boss fight and cuts your gold farm down by about 4/5's. Please fix this to get back to 5 stars from me.

Christopher Ade

Fun, but buggy! Really enjoyable, but somewhat slow-paced and has a tendency to freeze up upon start up. Very annoying | Edit: switching off of and back onto the app now solves the problem. Very enjoyable passtime. Original rating: 2 stars

Star Serenitus

This auto progress when the game is not loaded, is not cool. It prevents the possibility of farming and makes it impossible to make money Edit: Ads fixedwith update, but now it's impossible to farm, bc it automatically progresses when the game is closed. ... and randomly crashes. .. makes me want to quit playing. .. :( Before: Fun and highly addictive. Even collects money when you're not actively playing.

blake Nguyen

The new update keeps automatically putting me to progression mode even though I'm trying to farm. It's annoying and making it harder for me to go up floors

Toni Smith

Good..... but Update: keeps crashing and preventing me from playing. Please sort it out!!Since the new update, it progressing me when im not wanting it too. I want to farm gold and i keep getting notifications saying my heros are stuck. Please sort it out coz i really enjoyed this game till this new update

Michael Trott

Use to be a 5 star but not at all now. There's a button to click (the boot) to automatically fight next enemy. So why when I havnt clicked it is it ALWAYS going to the next enemy always ending on a boss I can't kill therefore I can't gain money when non active. Uninstalling till there's a fix for it.

Erika Downer

Loved it, hate it now With the most recent update, I can't farm anymore. I'm constantly getting notifications to help my heroes because the game is advancing without my permission. Please fix this, or I'll have to delete it as much as I love it.

Was great plz fix bug I like this a lot however if I'm set on farm mode (eg mode that does not progress me) and I close the app or leave it in the background it moves forwards on its own this is since the last update it makes the game trash not worth playing unless this is fixed plz fix its a gd game

Jenn Wells

If I have it in farm mode do not auto progress. This update has completely killed my want to play. I absolutely hate that I set myself up in a spot only to turn around and see that the game has stuck me in a spot where I cannot kill anything which means no progression. Fix this nonsense if you want me to play your game again.

stacy simpson

Bad update Keeps kicking me out. Does not save progress when it does so i had to redo levels over and over. FIX IT PLEASE

Eli Gardner

Love the game, but... I have some serious trouble with getting the game to run any of the ads for my extra gems and double gold for 4 hours. What happens is the ad will load up just fine, but the countdown clock will freeze, and this makes the ad get stuck in a loop till I force it to close. Thanks for listening.

James Prettyman

Better, but still bugs The ads work again for me, but the progression toggle is inconsistent. Getting knocked back a level when falling a boss is also buggy.

Jeremy R

Please fix Last update broke the game. I crash all the time now. When it does work I find that I'm not on the level I left it on, so farming mode is broke. I used to enjoy this game but I'm thinking of uninstalling it amd not coming back. Fix your game. Edit still crashing can't play uninstalling now

Charles Loschiavo

Still buggy... All I'm noticing is that, when looking up clans, it will tell me no clans exist (when searching for them). Anothet bug I've noticed is that everytime in trying to get free rubies by watching an ad the game will crash. The last bug is that farming keeps progressing you, even though you have auto progession turned off when you have the game turned off. Other than that, the game works ok. If this gets fixed I will change my low rating to a higher rating.

Holly Ohrtman

It's so much fun... Loved the game and still do. The recent update on Android, however, has rendered it completely and exceptionally aggravating. It crashes constantly. I can't watch the videos to obtain rubies or if it lets me, it takes 5 minutes to load. If I try to watch the 100% gold bonus video, the whole game crashes. Please fix it so I can give the rating the game deserves.

Cveri Imaginer

THE. BEST. CLICKER. GAME. EVER. I love it, even the 2.0 update (Transcendence, I think) Confusing at first, but I think I got it down. Fix the clan search, so people can just join random clans. It was annoying for me, since I couldn't join a clan without a name.


Crashes, freezes, loops ads The game itself is okay. The application, however, lags, crashes, and if I'm really lucky one of the ads will loop repeatedly until I force the app to close. Most times the bottom buttons somehow stretches itself off screen, and closing and reopening the app may or may not help. Closing all apps and running this one alone doesn't change the results either. The latest update has made the game unplayable.

A Carden

Was going great I was really enjoying this game but it has stopped working. Since the most recent update, my game closes as soon as it loads up. Five stars if I can get to playing it again, hopefully I won't lose interest in the meantime.

Ana M

Fun but For a few days now, almost every time i click to load an ad for bonus 25 gems, as rare as they appear anyway, the app gets stuck on loading and i have to restart it and lose the 25 gems. They have no support service so all i can do is post here. Very very frustrating not to be able to get your bonuses!

Dan Fox

New update is broken Loved the game until now, it auto processes until the next boss it gets stuck at, meaning I get no gold . Please fix that, I'm losing profits I used to get while away.

Ben Corbett

Crashes all the time without saving progress, especially when it tries to do ad related things. No way to manually save progress, sometimes leading to having to do the same things 3 or 4 times over when it inevitably crashes.

Rico Amasarai

Addicting+ after update buttons too small After the update adding in the new button at the bottom made them too small and really hard to click. Can you try to make them a little bit bigger or figure out a way to move things around? Also i hate the new auto progression when i close out of game. Please take it off. The game also continually crashes and when it does it ends up deletinthe progress i did in that session so i have to do it and i cant play it. Other than that the game is super fun

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