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10 Feb
Clear Vision 3 -Sniper Shooter

Posted by DPFLASHES STUDIOS in Action | Feb. 10, 2015 | 106 Comments

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HEADSHOT! Breathe slowly, put your target in your sight and fire when ready.
Make your way through over 55 unique missions and learn to calculate wind and distance in order to master your customized weapon!

• Fully customizable weapons!
• 55 Unique missions!
• Easy Controls!
• Animated Cut Scenes
• Gripping Storyline
• Blood and Gore Animation
• Wind and Distance Calculation
• Cool game world
• The follow up to "Clear Vision (17+)" & "Clear Vision 2"

FREE TO PLAY! The third installment in the "Clear Vision"- series is free to play! Take out your targets with clean shots in this award winning sniper adventure!

• Tyler lives a good life, a murderous hitman during the day, loving family-man at night. He has become the success he always dreamed about, but someone is on his trail and threatens to ruin it all...

• AIM AND FIRE! Breathe slowly, pick up your rifle, put your target in your sight and fire when ready.

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DPFLASHES STUDIOS part of our Action and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update Feb. 10, 2015. Google play rating is 87.1585. Current verison is 1.0.7. Actual size 50.0 MB.

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Jonathan Dry

Sucks Can't get good session in unless I buy stuff to give energy back. Remember when games were games and not just ways of getting every last dollar out of people?

Daniel Lambden

Free, and you don't have to pay to win Great game, you can pay to win but it isn't essential. Quite funny to play as there are many little jokes. Only wish you could play the special missions without the red cross hairs, or for fewer.

Jordan Ray

Slow I would've given 5 stars if I didn't have to spend real money to get target points so I can upgrade my weapons and such. Would like to at least finish the game without spending real money. If its not changed I'm uninstalling

Mrs. Edward Cullen

Not slow I've heard a lot of ppl say its slow but its not, just give us more tokens and energy thoe

Lucas Waldrop

Awesome, but The game is good, but it is not very intersting. Of course you have the usual "Snipe this guy and that guy," but there needs to be different types of guns to use. I'll give it 5 stars if they add a Assault Riffle with a game mode called "Rampage" to take out as many people you can in a certain amount of time.

Kyle Brinker

Hard to get money. This game is fun to play, but it is so difficult to earn all the money for your upgrades. And there are not enough challenges so you have to work the basic jobs over and over to get your money. Could be better.

Julius Urbanavicius

It's hard to play it if u don't spend money... Few little issues with the game, such as my career progress didn't save a couple of times...

Evan Saccamano

Good game Id give it five stars if it wasnt so hard to get money to upgrade weapons. It takes me forever to upgrade because I run out of mission that my rifle can handle. And I cant spend real money on this I'm broke.

Maciej Łakomy

Nice Great, but make sure that loading energy takes MAX. 1 MINUTE for every one energy point. Make new levels, fools!!!!!!!!! And make energy bar larger. And another thing: I have all the rifles customized as hell, completed all missions, so what now? Uninstalling.

Carlos Ferrer

Sweet shooter game Better than the other stick man sniper game I tried. The "alternate" means of income made me laugh. Upgrading weapons later without using real money gets difficult.

William Burton

Good game, minor flaws.. Cannot perform interrogation missions without having to pay real money. Should have an option to watch an ad or exchange in game cash for tokens. Game does not award achievement for finishing game with 100% accuracy and no failures. Fix issues for additional stars.

Jyn Falcon

Good game Anyone who played the original will be sad that they don't get to see the original storyline, but nonetheless this is a great game. All I think they should add is more guns and more interesting story.

Joel White

5\5 for all clear visions I love stickman and snipers. And this is the perfect game its got challenge and everyone says give us more tokens but they are like a pro sniper thing so get it right guys

Pablo Medina

Great Awesome!! I do like customizing but can't you make the others cheaper? Its hard to do a session without good equipments...

Laurence linsey

honest oppinion I like it , its good fun gets the mind going with different shots and different ways to make money , only downside is the weapon upgrades cost way to much money on the game but the plus side it's a free game with in app purchases so unless you want to buy all upgrades then there is no point wasting your money for a 10 min game , but i think its awesome and keeps me entertained in work for hours :-)

Tony Harvey Jr

Ok game Its an ok game to pass the time...just lower the cost for upgrades so we don't have to spend real money, or up the reward for every mission. Also, give us more energy to work with

Zach Corson

Awesome absolutely love the game but one level (you need to create an accident) is unbeatable because I cant raise the scope enough to take the shot

Leah Davies

Really Good but... I really like this game but I get fed up of not being able to do interrogations because I don't have enough targets. Also, I get bored of waiting for energy constantly. Otherwise good game

Dorian Steel

Cool The game has a good storyline but the energy bar winds me up.Also will give 5 if you can get assassin points for each mission completed.The first ones weren't about how much real life money you had until this one.Still a good game though

Larissa Menns

Everything costs tokens :/ This game is really fun but i wish i could afford more missions. It takes a while to get the money you need to upgrade your gun. You end up having to rely on Honest Jobs to make momey which takes a long time and is very boring.

Andrew Hockett

Great game. The only problem is the lack of instruction with new material. I got an instruction message 5 seconds after taking the shot for one mission.

Joey G

Great game.. Love this game and it continues to do well, BUT the game is money hungry. Energy is too much for the levels and then the weapons are way too much money. Enjoyable but can't really go above and beyond without paying real money.

Angel Perez

Pretty good shooter bt a bit kind if the same jst shoot the guy bt if u could improve the amount of energy and the tokens tht would be badass and also killed it with the fight club bt maybe use a different weapon and moves used

Christa Bachara

Good but a little slow at first Its a good game but it takes a long time to earn money for upgrades. You also have to purchase stuff in order to do the special missions which is pretty irritating.

Giancarlo Inocencio

Liked it but I like the it's cool. But hate that they force you to use real money

Haley Bennett

Good but.. I enjoy this game but it won't let me complete a mission even though I killed the guy. It keeps telling me to upgrade to reduce shaking but I don't have target points for the part I need and I don't want to spend the money for them.

Jared Salazar

Great game to continue legacy Finished all the games online and on mobile, just got this and it lives up to its name. The gameplay is smooth, and the missions aren't completely haphqzqrd when connected to the storyline and what different people would do in a difficult situation. I recommend this game to anyone who wants a good time passer

brett giles

not the best The game is ok but some of the mission are very hard with no instruction on who to kill

Saren Jasmine

I like it. Pretty nice. The graphics are cool, and the story is interesting. Good if you want to KILL time.....

Clear To See

Actually enjoyable... This game was not like other games in the sense that it had the same exact thing every level and a different setting. It had objects and other items that you had to snipe to hurt someone or kill them secretly.

Steven Curtis

Great, fun game Best sniper game I've played and I don't play sniper games to often, but this you is o good one, just could you take off the energy plz on the next update?

Karen Minks

This game is beast I couldn't figure out what they ment by 3600 and 1800 but I did and they all fell dead

Daniel tyler

Not slow, really cool This game is not slow it is your choice to spend money or just be awesome and get perfect kills and earn the target cash. This is a vary fun and addicting game I personally love this!

Joel Blankenship

Clear Vision 3 Good time killer, and tthat's the just of it. I don't like the way these games try to rape your pocket book. I know nothing is free, but what up is there that many people who like throwing money away.

Manraj Grewal

Frustration... It gets frustrating with the wind compensation but other then that good, energy isn't a problem.

Alan Robles

It's not bad I just wish I didn't have to pay for every game in the app store. They try and get your money somehow

alan sotomayor

Cool game Ive played the previous games. Im looking forward to beating this one

Malik Hatch

Fun Game Its a really fun game but the energy bar can be a little annoying at times because it takes so long to fill back up.

Jeremy Aubuchon

Not bad Though just started, it doesn't seem too bad. However, like all free games, you will need to spend money if you want to advance fast. If not and like me you want to casually play, then it's a good game to mess with.

The 1

Some.problems It gets on my nerves when i have tah wait for energy to come i realy just want to do it without having energy plz n this is 5 stars

Ваня Богданов

Very good game!! Thanks you for this game!!

FaZe Ekim

Good but not as good as 1 and 2... So far... Haven't completed the game yet. But it is worse then 1 and 2 so far. Mainly because of the energy but still is a good game. I recommend downloading ?

Jacob Brissett

Not enough money I'm doing the missions and it keeps telling me to upgrade my rifle but I'm out of money and the missions are hard to do with not being able to see your target with so much wind and distance

Daxen Penas

Awesome Two problems, the body is buggy like it with flicker and i hate the energy. The pc version is the one that deserves 5

Layton Jones

doesn't need a energy bar If it dint have an energy bar I would rate it 5 stars but the reason why it doesn't need a energy bar is cause u would be able to play as much as u whant

Felix Schuler

Good app Brilliant game hard at times but other than that superb. The energy points you have to gain are annoying and also the tokens are very limiting

Marcus Rose

Well made but gets old quickly Fairly fun for about an hour then becomes boring.

Serenity Harris

Yas Love it especially when I'm annoyed so I can take my anger out on fictional characters.... I have problems.

Tony Reyes

Want to know how to hack it Play the game till energy is gone and buy upgrades for your gun then press New game and gun is upgraded... So TIME TO KILL SOME MOFOS

Austin Ghiates

Gets to a point where it's not even fun unless you have money to spend on the game. May be free to download but if your looking to beat it it will cost you.

Ryen Kavaliunas

LOVE THIS GAME I love this game but instead of the assassin points or whatever they are for the interrogation missions it should just be more energy than a normal mission cuz I don't know how to get them besides buying them... Same thing goes the gun upgrades

Hayden Finnie

Good times Great game the only reason for the no 5 star is that I have to buy the red cross hairs to make real money.

Johnny DaAsianDude

I dislike the energy system, but that's all. The game still has its old beauty from the previous ones.

Cory Jolly

Uber fun... I'm a pretty big fan of this series. Its super cheesy and the story is completely cliche...but... that's the reason I like it so much. Its fun, entertaining and free. What more can you ask for? My only complaint would be the issue of the cross hair BS. Why does this one require paying for the extra content when the first 2 didn't. If you would resolve this problem, I believe you would receive a LOT more 5 star rates.

Albert Malveaux

Like it but..... I like the game but it got hung up and I had to uninstall then reinstall it. Lost my upgraded gun and had to start over

Tyler Dittman

Micro transactions Remember when you could just play a game? Yeah, that doesn't happen anymore. You can't get the good items, or even play for more than a couple minutes without spending money. The game itself is really neat, though... I was able to complete the game and fully upgrade every weapon without spending a single dime.

Donald Owens

Pay to win Game is too forceful with wanting you to pay. Can't fully enjoy without.

brayden spawncamper

This could be better if there was a difficulty setting and a more productive way to make money and if you could get different types of snipers not just 2 others would u be able to do that until then **** stars:-) when that happens I'll give u ***** stars okay? Thx :-)

John Thomas

Mostly great! Great except for the crash during intro. Can continue once game is reloaded, and no troubles since.

Tanner Chapman

Love the game and wish there were more levels ... only down side is that the weapon upgrades are so horribly expensive it's basically impossible to beat the game without spending money .. something I would rather not do but regretfully did to get thru the game

Eric Auel

Not as good as it once was The game used to be great. The problem is that the time laps jobs that could be done while you waited for your energy to replenish now cost energy as well. Also the crimes have 0% chance all the time and the early jobs cost 4x as much energy as they used to.

Zionore Baysa-Pee

Too many bugs, makes the jobs last as long as it would take to lay low and makes the jobs like pickpocket, 0%chance of success, also there are only three guns, five stars if less stars and more guns.

Eli Tesh

Cool It's good but you guys should add infinite energy or when the that energy timer hits zero you get full energy other wise this game is kinda of boring just sitting around doing nothin isn't really that fun to do that so please change and will give 5 stars

Ranft Mwangi

I love it. Too expensive. But would have been cool if you had a free version

owen manbeck

I only wish they would get rid of the energy systems Everything is quite good for a free game, however the weapon variety, energy, andthe red reticle currency are all slowing down the game play for no apparent reason. The game is long enough and has worthwhile repetitions. This game is worth the time.

Aaron Stough

Real fun Guns seem to need upgrades real fast, making some missions real hard, but it's real fun. The developers seemed to enjoy themselves msking it.

Michael Cox

Awesome I like the game so far. Its challenging and entertaining. Parts for guns are too expensive but all in all a great game.

Chaniel Hernandez

Awsome I love it alot and it's a realistic sniping game but just with stick figures and it's really challenging but I wish we had MORE THAN 20 ENERGY

Jordan Hough

Needs updating Game doesn't recharge stamina unless you're in game, don't spend cash you won't receive what you paid for, and no customer service at all. Good luck playing this game.

Sam G

It's good but... I dislike the waiting for more energy part of the game, it's unnecessary. And I know you can buy more but then you waste all your money on food

Alex Samuel

Good game Reminds me of the clear vision games on PC although for some reason the game is slightly touchy. I've had head shots lined up and they miss completely. Otherwise good game.


Ehh Its ok but even though i upgrade my power it's still almost impossible to hit stuff..

Firebird Harris

Pretty good So far, you have to wait to get energy back, which with the odd premium mission is how they make their money I guess. But its easily on par with the precious versions and its very welcome distraction from other games. Hopefully the missions will keep on rolling (or repeating) instead of the game just ending without being able to get all the weapons.

Joseph Brennan

Fun at first... Good gameplay with great mechanics, but the level curve is far too steep and it takes way too long to keep your rifle mods current and realevant to the available missions. It took days to get one part (without spending any money to do it), then the current missions adapted to become harder once i had it, so it was for nothing (in East Sleaze). If something was done to fix this steep leveling curve to a much more moderate rate then this could be a 4 star or better game. Lots of mods parts, only 3 rifle type

Caleb Badick

Enjoyable, but a Sell-Out The game is definitely fun and requires some form of skill, but it relies too much on micro transactions even from the start. Not to mention the energy system being far too easy to waste and time/money wasting to recharge. If this were a proper game the need for these would be much more balanced, but unfortunately so many developers fall to greed these days. I suppose if you still want to have some entertaining and decently challenging gameplay, this is still good for that

Thomas Sperry

Good but... One of the biggest things I liked about this series is that it was never riddled with microtransactions. This is no longer the case. Instead of buying the game, it's free; except now you need "energy" that runs out very quickly as missions require more and more. Upgrades are increasingly harder to buy. You want my support? Don't strong arm me into thinking the only way to progress through the game this decade is by buying more & more upgrades.

Ryan Kaufman

At first it's quite fun The first two areas are fun and slowly grow in challenge. The third area is when you decided to milk the upgrade necessity. I won't be playing anymore as I need to upgrade half my gun with two extra steps to properly shoot. Oh well. A gradual difficulty and upgrade requirement is fine. This is not gradual, and it screams of "Buy target points to make it easier"

Leo Glover

Game has become so much better This game is a great follow up to CV2. It has a great story line and wonderful animation and graphics. My only downfall is the beginning, CV had been know for there cut scenes and they instruct you not to skip, but the opening scene plays up until Tyler walks to the door and then it kicks me out......I'm really upset about that. Other than that, can't wait until CV4. Very well done CV, very good!

Ali Duarte

Review I like the game, it has more customizable attachments than the first game. However, my only complaint is the fact that some missions cannot be played without using special red tokens. Otherwise, I like that there are funny ways to get money. Like acting as a janitor for ten minutes to get income as low as 5 bucks.

Kevin Abela

Been a fan of Clear Vision since I was a kid Asks for a few bucks but then again, so does every other app. Always a fun game to play. The loading screen when you start up the game is funny with the whole language thing. Hopefully the Vision series continues!

Mike M

Very cool kills great stress relief Awesome game except the whole money squeeze concept i would have bought this game and still am enjoying it Its cool upgrading guns but getting locked out sux. I found 1 other bad thing about it my phone was reset by a little tike and i lost all my progress even though im tapped into goggle. I still very much enjoy the game . ★★★★★

RiceGum Squad

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G OMG I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH THERES SO MUCH TO SAY! Well first off, the missions are awesome and varied from interrogation to elimination! Second the graphics are AWESOME no lag! Third the interrogation missions are awesome b/c u get to interact and I don't see that much in stick man sniping games. Fourth you don't have to pay to beat the game (even though I did to get 500 xD). Fifth ads don't consume the game! The best clear vision game yet! Please please please update to add more missions and weapons soon! When I finished I was like NO but also like YES! Hope I helped I recommend this as the best stick sniping game!

Lil'munchkin IsAmazables

Addictive but needs some tweaking I have only got this game today and its has been really addictive. However during the game, it is rather difficult to upgrade your weapon because you dont get a lot of money while playing. I will give the game 5 stars if there is a bigger reward when we win.

LAVA monster

Love the game but... For some reason my achievements have skiped, I've gotten the qualifications for a bunch of the achievements but haven't been awarded them. If that could get fixed or tell me what I need to do then that'd be cool. Other than than this is a 5 star game all day long! Great time killer to kill 5-10 minutes at a time.

Alan Young

Hilariously graphic! Love this game. Only thing I don't like is, to get red tokens you have to pay for them but luckily those are only on 2 missions that are optional. Other than that love this game and can't want to play more to figure out the story.

Sam Bernstein

Better without the red crosshairs Pretty good game. Takes a long time to get through the game because so many things require waiting. All in all it's fun but it would be better if the red cross hairs weren't so essential to the special missions but hey--they've got to make money somehow.

Artyom Yerzalovik

Eh Good game, fun gameplay, but honestly, seems pay to play. It's impossible to do anything without grinding for hours and hours, after waiting for more energy.. Then grinding, and waiting some more... Or you could always spend $2 to $100 dollars to speed up the process. So all in all, better off avoiding this one.

Bryan Wampler

Not bad Awesome game so far some of the objectives are kinda tough and you need more levels or missions where you earn the tokens cause I'm sick of always having to spend my money on stuff like this. I can't give a half star on here but I have it at 3 and a half

Astra Timmins

Very addicting Very addicting game, really enjoying it. The wind compensation is a pain in the backside, I have had to try a few times per mission to get the right hit. Gun upgrades are quite pricey so it takes about 6 or 7 missions to be able to purchase one upgrade.

Julian Carrion

Only a couple issues... Great game! Only a couple issues though. There should be an easier way to get crosshair points (the red Cross hair symbol to do the interrogations) as well as getting cash. Other than that its a great game. Amazing story and you just get a great feeling when you get that headshot :)

Dane Beckman

Great but crashing When I'm in the kitchen or after a mission and the score shows up the games crashes and im forced to restart. If i get a x2 I cannot continue the mission as it won't get passed. Is there any way you could fix this issue I'm using a galaxy tab 3

Marek Z

Awesome I really enjoiyed this game and even though it is a bit hard I still like it. My only concern is that you should add in more animations for the fight club and maybeye lower the distance of missions so I don't spend all my money on power

Madison Davis

Lost Progress First off, the gameplay is great; I love the story and strategies. However, today I opened the app and all my progress was gone. I had no continue game option, my upgrades were gone, and my money was gone. Also, the game wouldn't regenerate my energy unless the app was running. If I had to "lay low", I couldn't close out the app because the timer would-be keep going. I could stop playing for a few hours and come back with an hour still left on my "lay low" timer.

Sergio Ruenes

More! Awesome! Love how you can replay levels after you beat the game. It's extremely helpful when you want to max out your weapons. The only thing is that in the end, it said end of episode 1. Are more episodes being made? It's still fun, but I want more.

Michael Patten

AMAZING! This is one of the best sniper games I have ever played and I hope there will be more updates because I do plan on telling people about this so they will play it. Maybe when it is updated enough you could charge 50¢. Make a free version and it could just be this current update. I see potential! :)

Edward Rushby

Money grabbing These guys want your money but there's an easy way to do it, keep on going on Your phone settings and change date. Then it will give you the money crate and the energy every time. Rather pay for game than pay for extras. Then you wouldn't have people like me trying to get around paying for the inapp purchases.

Nathaniel Stuart

Fun Game It's a fun game and not to bad on ads. I would say it's a good time killer but you have 20 energy and some missions take 5 energy to attempt. Even passing 4 missions in a row you only play for about 5 minutes. If it's funny though if you're into crude humor.

pittsburgh pens

Not bad I like that wind and distance is a factor makes it interesting Decent ,however u need to let us earn targets for upgrades..i've killed about 10 people and havnt earned one..i got 18,000 dollars and 1 target. So I can't upgrade..guess I'm deleting. I don't mind buying things during gameplay..but ur saying we need to buy all of our targets..phuck that

Brin Powell

Really cool I love the pc series, so I decided to try the mobile too. The only thing I don't get is the wind resistance, if there is -15 you move it to the 15 mark instead of the -15 mark. If the game explained this in the tutorial it would be a lot better. I like the energy system because, to tell the truth, without it everone would speed through the game and it wouldn't be much fun. Thanks, I'll send updates as I get further into the game.

Kyle Johnston

Good game I am not a fan of in game purchases and therefore it will only be a five star once in game purchases are made rid of. I do however enjoy the game and it's simplicity yet challenging aspect. Dropped my rating as it seems you are unable to get anywhere after a certain point unless you cough up some money.


Good game Sniper game, I've maxed out all 3 guns and have finished all the levels without buying takes a while but is possible, need new levels though. I'm tempted to delete because it's just sitting on my phone taking up space for nothing anymore.

Zach LeBlond

Deleted all progress! This game randomly deleted all my progress...which would be fine...except that my weapon was reset completely too!! WTF. I'm keeping the app incase I get my stuff back but seriously?!?!? Not cool. Other than that this game is amazing!!! The bullet drop and wind compensation are beautiful!!

Rook Cobalt

Unplayable without paying The difficulty of the regular missions far outpaces the amount of upgrades you can purchase, so you can either 1) pay real money for premium missions that reward decent money or 2) try your luck with the crime jobs that have a very high chance of failing, getting caught, and unable to play while "laying low." Fun until your gun sucks too much to complete your missions.

Iron Chameleon82

This game should have it were u can look at the weather so u can mod your gun if the target is far away. Also weapon upgrades should be cheaper. At least the more non useful onse or useful onse. But its a good game. Just frustrating missing horribly and wasting all that energy cause u do a harder mission of something

julian ying

Really Awesome! Really brings me back to those times when I used to play Stickman games all the time.... gameplay is cool and interesting, and I like that it feels like it takes physics into account. The energy limit is a little tedious though.

Tammy Tanksley

Just downloaded today. This is a fun little game. I just wish there was a tutorial for people who haven't played the first two. Yes, you have to wait to earn energy for missions, but there are odd jobs you can take to earn money while you wait. It gets tedious, but at least you're earning some dough. All in all, I'm enjoying it so far.

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