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1 Sep
Class Room Fun

Posted by funny games in Casual | Sept. 1, 2014 | 90 Comments

Apk file size: 1.9 MB

Class room fun game is a funny game…

Are you ready to recall your school time naughtiness?

Lousy is school teacher she is always strict with every students. In the school no one loves loosy teacher. Today all
the students decided to tease the teacher.

Make them to hit the teacher, with the objects displaying at the left corner of the screen. Make sure you are not
caught by the teacher.

Whats new

    Revised as per Google play policy terms
    Rating Button Improved
    SDK Updated to the Latest Version
    New Updation of YouTube Video

funny games part of our Casual and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Sept. 1, 2014. Google play rating is 55.6745. Current verison is 2.5.0. Actual size 1.9 MB.

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Paris C

Boo not great at all it sucks. To many adds pop up i mean every second i do something one of those stupid adds pop up AGAIN! and all you can do is throw stuff at the dumb looking teacher i mean are you seriously going to sit there and throw stuff at the dumb teacher i would 't so remember my post and DON'T download this STUPID game ever!

Khalid Khan

I hate...............too bad,boring I hate this game because this is kids game and i sure that every kid's not like this game sooooo i hate and over graphics,colors and cartoon are not good sooooo i hate tooooooo much

Ernisha Williams

It doesn't play Every time I push one of the things it doesn't do want to is suppose to do and I hate this game everyone who is reading this don't install in the game is not fun or grate

Aeryona Cato

Hated it It won't even let me do anything its soooo boring now I see why u guys hate it

Honey Lola Whitaker

Hate it Rubbish and boring they the only two words I can describe it

Naba Rasool

Hate I hate this game bcz this game require something more

JaTangela Johnson

I've never had What does the game do and how to play it

shelly antoine

I can't even play the game there is ads

Lily Pyniger

My likes This game is quite fun! ! !

Tiera Mayweather

Awsome game I love this game I would do that to my teachers for my class to tell on me

hameed sulthan

Good game Teacher game is very super game

Jia Khan Jia Khan

Excellent games play this game please please

Chauntel Kirkpatrick

Great #love wish I cold do this to my teachers some times ???

Izzy Dye

Sucks Boo I hate it :.(

rohit rai

Niiiiioce game You will enjoy it

Huma Khan

It is sup tos boreding

Deepak Joshi

It's bang on!!!BUTTT If I click on a book it throws something else that is the only thing I wanna say otherwise it is great!!!!!

Raheela Sohail

Its a bad game A fool person can play it

Rahmatiah 2004

Its boring This game boring

Mohammed Kamal

What a stupid app

stanley lo

So many ads pop out fix it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rianna gillett chambers

First this dumb app makes you download a next dumb app before use it

Faith Sazini Zulu

Hate it I hate it doesn't work

Kaitlyn Johnson

Looks fun It looks fun, but to throw you need to tap the numbers above the students and the add covers the numbers. It is 2 dollars to remove the adds and I don't want to pay 2 dollars for a game I don't know if I like.

saranghae kpop

Why Why is this needed to be an adobe air?...wht the!....

Katarah Baskerville

Stupid this is a stupid dumb game and nobody can play I'm sorry for little kids they can not play this game It don't let me play I hate these Play Store games Oliva lettuce like sometimes these games have to cost you real money want to play and got mixed up sorry but I hope you understand what that means

Chad Henderson

Way too many apps in the way Hard to play with the apps being in the way scored 2000 yes I was messing the teacher head tf up with books and bottles but I can really enjoy it with the apps being in my way so for that uninstall

Danielle Delaney

Hos can evefy body play it Its stupid games fri plends i thing youlplz

Abhi Abhi

Boring How digusting game is this . I hated this game very much

Yusra Khan

Very stupid game I hate this game . This game is not playable.

Adam Lee

It's rubish All you have to do is wait and throw??

Muhammadsajid Azeem

Hate it Looking nice but seriously too rubbish

Ayesha Masroor

Hate it Its ok because we cant level up and everytime we have to do the same thing.its discusting.

Hamiz Hussain

HAtEd it Pleaseeeeeee

Ellisha Finch

This is horrible game delete this game do is all a favor and make this better or delete this Please delete this game it is the worst game on ? earth. God doesn't even like this game so make it better or delete this we know you can so better than this so stop embarrassing youself and start making this game better. You should really take advice. Trust me no one should like this game but you but that is just if that is the case. I hope you reply back to my little no big comment and please tske mu advice. Shame on you shame no stars for you.

Molly Appleby

Cool but boring Cool cool cool cool and cool. But but but but and but. Boring boring boring and boring.

Mary P

It's okay It's okay but you could make a few changes to it, people that don't like this game it took them a long time to make so I suppose you respect people and games more people that make games make them as good as they can so people that are wasting there time saying bad things just keep the bad things to your self and just say the good, have nothing good to say then don't say anything at all if you think am being stupid right now think what you like am just hiding the bad and saying the good because life wasn't made for bad it's just because bad people like the people with bad comments just wreck the world, did you know people kill them self when they get upset because people like you so the people that made this game you could just add some cool stuff to this well done, and thanks people that have read this and under stood what I am saying and haven't said the bad like some people really love this game so people being mean to sorta calling them stupid, boring, dumb and all those mean names.

skydoespopular gaming

Boring!!!!!!!!!! This game is porly made and it looks like you cab make this in a day. Wow I wonder how many people did 4 stars I doubt 1 person did. The people who made this redo this whole game over. And make it more fun.

Hasnain Khan

Dr mahnoor fakher I hate it game because it is for children and am not children.

Matthew Daintith

Rubbish It says that its free but adds pop up over the numbers and need to pay to remove adds

Abdelkader Djama

Not fun at all This game is boring, I thought it would be a bit of fun from reading the description but there was nothing fun about it at all.

Olivia Marler

Good but There is not the much to do get ur game up and make more to do on this game

Bridgett F

What do you do?!?? Even the thing that tells you what to do dosent make sense!!!!! And #boreing?

sothy dara

desiree When I turned on this game they want ADOBE what is Adobe.... Actually its boring to

Bailey Kalar

Worst game Made you download a game that you don't need,too many adds

Courtney Oconnor

.................... So many adds no one likes adds and don't even work this game is trash

Paul Stieber

AMAZING I do this all the time at school!! LOL

Whitney Dunn

Hated it It was super boring. They should've put this in the fun games category it sucks

Sk Mishra

Well....fine Sometimes i enjoy playing it but at most of the time it is soooo boring!! :-(

Ian Walker

This type of game undermines the otherwise good reputation of Funny Games.

robloxlover coolkid

Sucks This game sux this is the worst game I have ever played delete this stupid game★thanks

Taquija Roberson

I HATE IT!!!! Stupid game!!! Do not get it!!! Its totally a virus in there had to restart my phone three million times because of it I don't recommend this. At all!!!!!!

Line Elliott

Class Room fun Waste of a download!

Kay Gallion

The game You haft to dounlode somtning how wants to do that? And all you do is thorw things so stupid and the techer is stupid she dosent send no 1 to the prenesables ofis she is dum do not get thes game you will hat it too if you like it you have no tast for games go try minecraft!

Debbie Blanton

Don't git it It makes you download something else

Paulini Sarogo

Boooooo!!!! This game sucks don' t download it

abdurahman abukadija

I did not find the number pad Can anyone tell me where is the number pad.

Robert Dick

This game sucks bad Soooooooo boring if they were all running around it would be wayyy better

Sarbesh Bhandari

Worst game in history This game made the world record of booring game and congratulations

Pijush Bhowmik

Stupid................... Hated it Really horrible type of game I am always installing so many games but never installed such a stupid game , friends I request u never take such games , its my advice...........

ai Ai cuni

Dumbing Hey. What is this this game ???. the little kids cannot play because this game learn them bad...

Jasmine Grubb

WAY NO I can't even get on it. I tapped it and it said "please give all you details including you email password your name age and if wish to play where you live "PZ CHANGE

Sai Preetham

Good not bad There are no levels !!! Its boring by [email protected] single level lf they would have levels it use to be good but no superb !!!!

Ashok Kumar

Do not download very bad game If you download it you have to download one more app to play this game

Remington Ry

Boring All u really do is throw stuff at the teacher u don't do anything else??

Patil kiran

? ? ? ? I mean it like a good timetimeless the work best wishes

Indira Shannon

Its a little boring if you play it for to long but I think it was pretty funny and not the worst thing on earth... Whom ever said that? It doesn't get a great but it will get a good from me I think it was pretty OK and did any catch in the close up pic of the teacher that her eyeshadow is on top of her eyebrows.... Lol who does that!!?? It's not even on her eye lids its on her freaking FOREHEAD!!?

Legendary Turnage

WONT LET ME PLAY WTF!!!!!!! Its says uabate and I have to install something and if a press cancel it will lead me home wtf is wrong fix the first

Alicia Velazquez

I don't like it at all I hate this game all you do is throw stuff at the teacher and traying not to get seen what's the point of this game??????

Brooklin Sevin

Boring What's the point of playingvyou throw something and you get caught or don't get caught this game sucks

Hilario Velqzquex

Horrible I Dont get this game if you are thinking of downloading this game you will be sorry its horride

Tim Allan

Hated it It was so bad . Hay you . Yes you. Dont install this it is so boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

Santheney Raj

So boring Wayyyyyyyyyyyy toooooooooooooo boring please take my advice and make it very very better please I am going to uninstall it guys you can do better than that I know you can make it so off the hook guys but please make it better thanks???????????????????

ahmed bhayat

Ahmed it is stupid game in the world. I try it in my class and my teacher slap me 5 times.

Patricia Ibarra

Sucked No fun you need to get other dumb things so it works ??

Mpho Matsepe

Awesome Game Awesome I got 7650 points OMG!!! I love it Good job

Ellisha Finch

This is horrible game delete this game do is all a favor and make this better or delete this Please delete this game it is the worst game on ? earth. God doesn't even like this game so make it better or delete this we know you can so better than this so stop embarrassing youself and start making this game better. You should really take advice. Trust me no one should like this game but you but that is just if that is the case. I hope you reply back to my little no big comment and please tske mu advice. Shame on you shame no stars for you.

Anveeksha Chouhan

It's boring This game is very boring. I wonder how people gave it 4 and 5 stars. The prsn who made this game, pls redo and make it more fun.????

Class room fun This is the most boring game ever introduced...this game can be played for only a minute then u will be surely be bored...

Neelam Azad

? It's so bad ? I don't want to give this game even 1 star. And it needs Adobe Air also. Worst game ever I played.?

Neo Sereme

Boring game ever This is boring for me and it needs to be upgraded with levels and maybe the teacher should react instead of just screaming


Horrid! Such a stupid game really! The teacher is dumb, the student are idiots! !OMG who will likely this game? How come you're created such a boring game? I would rather do my mathematics! I don't even feel like giving a star! REMOVE THIS GAME !??????????????????

Alexis Ellison

WORST GAME EVER this game is so disgusting and it has so many ads do us all a favor and either don't download it or just delete it

jitendra waswani

Stupid and boring It is very boring game I just hate it I suggest u pls don't download it

Lalimohan Tewari

Never download this game This game is horrible it sucks. It's just waste of time. To many ads and not interesting too

jayaa engg

i hate this game when we play you know

Nitin Awasthi

Boring We have to reapet and reapet same thing my name is Aishani Awasthi and I am 9 years old and I like it

Areesha Munawar

Its boring and I dont understand that what to do in this game so I uninstalled it and I suggested to all of u please dont download this game while this game is not fixed

Christina Contreras

Classroom fun This game is stupid I can't even play the game I think that you should delete it is just horrible

Shreya Tiwari

Booooring It's very boring each time we have to do same thing what we are doing every time

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