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11 Jun
Clash Gem Calculator

Posted by AJR Media in Entertainment | June 11, 2014 | 87 Comments

Apk file size: 9.4 MB

Calculate the number of gems you need to buy for a certain amount of gold, elixir or time.
This is NOT a cheat but a way to calculate how many gems you should buy.

Clash Gem Calculator will let you calculate the gem cost for the following in Clash of Clans:
- Gold or Elixir
- Dark Elixir
- Time

Please note that this is NOT an official app, it is a FREE fan app.

Whats new

    - Fixed textfield bug for some devices

AJR Media part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 5000000 to 10000000. Last Update June 11, 2014. Google play rating is 68.1895. Current verison is 1.6.1. Actual size 9.4 MB.

Download clash-gem-calculator.apk 9.4 MB


Zac Ashworth

Very nice and precise Before I bought this I was in huge confusion about how many gems it would take to finish my infernos and golems (yes yes I'm a little bit of a gemmer) and when I came to this I was instantly given the exact gems I needed to finish, went onto the store and bought as close to the figure I could, and if it hadn't of been for this I probably would have gone far over my limit, thanks clash gem calculator!

Frank Villarreal

Does Its Job I laughed hard reading reviews of those who didn't understand the purpose of this app. Quit looking for cheats - this is a calculator to help you figure out how many gems you will need to rush certain tasks. Nothing more, nothing less.

Armando Deras

Cool game At first I didnt like clash of clans but than I got in to it and started playing alot but it still needs more updates. ??

Philip Roque

Those idiots that want gems and gold and elixer and dark elixer in there base they just want to be powerful like us those are crazy idiots if i dont want to be a noob in clash of clans i installed this and its very helpful to me qnd this app is awesome and im gonna rate five stars for this app thanks guys

Ferdi Hemako

Nice, it calculates correctly For those who rated this app 1 star only with a reason that this app is not a hack app for COC is such an idiot stupid guy with crashed brains, because it says "Calculator" not "Hack". We need to read this word carefully first before rate it 1 star only and tell the reason why this app sucks. Think smart please ! Use your brain first to think logically before tell something incorrectly !!! Thanks

Videogamerdeath 10ofdeath

I love this I can fight strong player This cool cheat because I kill 100 strong player is cool too much

Jasim Ahmed

Very nice Thanks for your help in making the booking is confirmed and your friends and family to enjoy the best way to get your hands free kits and buy from you soon as possible to get your hands

Matthew Young

Does exactly what it said it does Usually I don't submit reviews for apps but there happens to be a lot of misunderstanding around this one. IT DOES NOT GIVE FREE GEMS, it's a calculator.

Nathan Schrider

Its OK It's not a gem cheat it just says how much gems it would cost but I will don't know how it works......that's why I uninstalled it

Ollie Ellis

READ THE DESCRIPTION For all those blind idiots out there who look at the word gem and immediately think cheat. Thanks so much guys, this is a much needed app!

Kristopher Williams

Seriously First of all, I love it! Second, I have seen some of the ratings and some are 1 star because they didn't get gems....To those people, read the description....

Pragya Kujur

Veeeeerrrrryyyyy nice I dont know y u guys give it bad reviews its so awesome. And for cheaters of coc IT DOSENT GIVE FREE helped me alot at first i was confused how much gems i needed to complete mi inferno but it Gav me exact amount of gems

Dylan Perks

NOT A CHEAT, LEARN TO READ I personally love the app. I needed to calculate gem counts for barbarian king upgrades. Its a must have if you need it. For those people who gave this app 1 star JUST BECAUSE ITS NOT AN ILLEGAL HACK, the creator doesn't deserve that. You should read.

kingalmighty TeamOBEZ

Change of heart I was too wanna of them annoying little gem hack finders in till I found this so I can wait just 1 day and get 29 gems its awsome

Rafiuz Zaman

Aryan Join Knight rider I love this app too very much I now know how many gems needed for my archer queen to become lvl 34

cristhelord 4391


Devan Kakar

Amazing app! And this is a calculator, some blind noobs download it for gems It helps me a lot when I'm planning on how much I should raid or if it's a small amount of gems then I just relax, this app helps Me plan my clash day.

Tyler Palmer

I did not like it I thought that it would make it so my clash of clans would be better because of getting more gems from this app and this is not what I wanted so I uninstalled it!! ??????

PrincessNicole Sarian

Give me some gems What time ill wait to get that stupid gems .no one gem coming from me.calculate it.its not ok

Andrew Cameron

CoC gem genorater Loved it I needed to know how many gems it would take to upgrade my town hall to lvl 6

Brend Abarquez

Dont understand I didnt understand to how to cheat gems in COC PLEASE HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS APP

Mrss Mia

Cool item.. i like it Very nice apps and so good.. i love it.. thank you!!!!

Jake M

I don't get how to collect the gems and put them on my COC account. How do you?(answer quickly please thank you. )

Arzkie Demi Yanong

How to have free gems Because I want to have And if you could show me Please tell me how and I will give 5 stars

Dakota Boles

Very Nice w And why do you people think oh heres and app for FREE GEMS cuz it has the words Gems in it!!!! Wow lol read description

Angie Simpson

It's great NOT a Hack for the dumb kids just play legit and calculate your time and laber.

simon semaan

Cool app Every one who thought that this app gives gems ... welll u guys thought wrong because it literally says calculator not fkn gems giveaway

Jason McClellan

The people that think it's a cheat can't read. It's a calculator not a cheat

Apple Cruz

i dont know how to use it teach me pls im a clash of clans player to pls help me

Clementz Xiez

HOW TO USE THIS!!! Plz Someone help me how to use this...Its only calculate ? Plz anyone tell me how to use this app!!!I Give 5 star if i know to use this App!!! PLZ HELP ME!!! SOMEONE ?

Jorge Andrade

How many people who rate this read the Description?!? Its an app for freaking calculations not free gems. It would say if it was supposed to give you free gems. It is simply for gem calculations. Those who actually read the description , Thank you for actually learning to read -.-

Nathan Bhanji

"Calculator" NOT "Cheat" Learn to read u people trying to get a hack or maybe go out of your house for once and buy a DICTIONARY!

Jhacellynee Lynn

dont know how works i will give u a 5 star if u gave the intruction

Lord slime o_0

Ppl I love how ppl think this is an app to get FEE gems, but if they read the description they would see it is for calculating the amount of gems you need to finish something. Thx for the app creater I love it!

south side

Clash Sometimes its not accurate and i wish you could type in how many gems instead of typing different times to match you gems

Mark W

Love app Why is it so hard for people to read. It's a Calc for clash not gem hack. Devs I've emailed you if possible would like help with something.

George Foster

Stupid people OK first of all I'm done with people thinking there is a way to get tons of gems in clash of clans because there isnt. If someone says there is they are lying or scamming you. The reason there is no cheat is because your data saves to a server every time you leave the app and when you get back on it restores the most recent save it has of your progress. Second READ THE F**KING DESCRIPTION. IT IS NOT A HACK IT IS A CALCULATOR TO SIMPLY SEE HOW MANY GEMS YOU NEED FOR STUFF.

The Emerald Sorceress // LaurynTES

I'm not a dumb kid Listen here Matt Adkins I'm not a dumb kid. So you are saying every kid in the world is dumb. Well when Einstein was a kid he was a pure genius. So maybe you are the dumb person after all.

Miguel Roque

IT GOT ME TOWN HALL 8 I was stuck trying to figure it out i didnt want to take chances

Kandi Elrod

This is cool I love this it is cool

Blue Creeper Products


Ilovefnaf Foxy

Why I don't even know what to do when I click calculate gem cost it just tells me how much gems I just happens to add up and there what do you do with the answer

Art Att

I added the cost of gems and didn't go in my account. I mean it says calculator but I thought it was a cheat tool in disguise. like a spy it goes into our app steals login info and buys a zillion gems with the devs PayPal account. he pays for it. That's what I thought he made the app for.

Jeffrey Torres

If your looking for free gems this is not the app It works great for calulating the cost of gems nothing else grear app

elizabeth reilly

Just max out ur base and do it the best way, there is no hack for free gems on clash of clans just simply work hard on the game and ur base will be great, stop trying to cheat, its not worth it, ur wasting ur storage on this app, and u shouldnt even look up "Free Gems For Clash Of Clans", IT WONT WORK!!

Nicholas Opal

Goodapp This app would be better with out the ads but it helps kinda and join my clan on coc its called BEAST 101 WITH A ALL WHITE FLAG THX A LOT

Mystic & Orca

You guys stop trying to hack coc because there aren't any I checked there's none so just stop because its getting annoying by the way this is a good app I wondered how many gems it would take to Finnish my two dark barracks

Kadeam Neckles

Acfually pretty good ;) This app works well and calculates fine .? only.problem is of coursr, ads.

eamon hughes

All those dumb idiots... The people who think this app gives free gems it doesn't. READ THE DESCRIPTION IF IT SAYS GEM IT DOSENT MEAN YOU GET FREE GEMS! It is a very good app I tried to see how much it would cost to upgrade my th (gems) and it works perfectly!

Elijah Rodriguez


Aristotle Yuboc

Does'nt Work I did not know how to use it? You must have to put HELP...Can you teach me how to use it?

Adam Clark

Great app This is a very handy app if u love clash of clans and spend alot of gems, calculates precisely and quickly, very nice app

Joey Cisneros

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Marcus Anderson

Wow...accurate, and very helpful I have a problem with Clash of clans... the problem is the hunger for progress... I am somewhat a gemmer, and knowing how many gems I need... is knowing much money I should spend. Great app. Oh yeah, so... I don't care about being a's not everyday like some rich kid. Thanks for the app.

aditya patil

WASTE OF TIME....DO NOT DOWWNLOAD THIS DUMB..... It was fun to waste time on this appp....plz dont download this n increase your is just a calculator..that we don't need most of the pleasee..we want free gems..not Resources tells us how to decrease our gems by spending it on Redources.So do not download this.

sherlie george

#Hate this company Horrible as soon as i got in and put the it said alert 26 gems and i did not even get my gems at all that really sucks this company have to be better than that even clash of clans is better that that company if that company was selling it. It would of been a real argument. I would of give me my money back and i 'll leave worst than the others hate hate hate hate hate hate so so so much

chance Hahn

Duuuuu? For all the other kids out there don't rush OK it took me 2 years to fix my rushet base don't or people will make fun of u

Blake Clapper

Clash of clans gem calculator I don't need to calculate the gems I need to get them to cheat on the game duh ????

Alex Finta

I want to get 1200000 gold and elixir and 10000 dark elixir and I push the 'calculate gem cost' and I go to CoC and I don't have no elixir no gold no dark elixir just the gold elixir dark elixir what I get from other players I don't like the app I get five stars if this thing will be foxed

Truly A Sloth

Stop trying to hack this game Its impossible to find a c.o.c generator they never work just try and earn the in game credits instead of trying to cheat!

JEDISITH // Jedi_Robert_V

WHAT!!!! It never work I tried to calculate it I wanted 30000 Gold but it wasn't work I am so angry

Rohaan Noby

Waah!! It sucks What a stupid app, use less please don't download it, wait of time and Internet.

Kacper Kozakiewicz

GREAT APP You dumb idiots this is not a cheat its just a normal calculator for gems and recources for clash so STOP hating on this app its helpful

Rony Boughannam

This app is very very very bad because when I put elixer and gold 10000 they tell me to give him gems

Mindaugas K

SUCKS BAD! I hate the gem calculcation its just bad I dont have 500 gems like why would people install this crappy app

Hello Person

I WANT FREE GEMS WHY IS CHEAT NOT WORKING??? Random person: It's a calculator. Me: Oh then I will use this for buying gems.... and accumulating the right amount of gems and not going over the limit! Random person: Glad you understand.

Dandy CR

Please read the description before you download or using it. Its a calculator not a hack! This is a gem calculator, its calculating how many gems that we must spend to: speed up building, buy gold, elixir,etc. So for those thinking that its a gem hack, youre wrong. Supercell server can't be hacked. Because its stores our data everytime we log out. Forget looking for the hack because its impossible. 1 possible thing is a private server. A private server is another version of the original game, but its like modded or something. But not connected to the original server. Go savings for gems.

Sean Wohlford

Really good, but could use some updates This app does almost exactly what I need it to. My only recommendation would be an update that introduced a reversed feature so I could calculate from gems to time and/or resources. For instance, I currently have 37 gems and I want to know how much time I can knock off with that many gems so I can set an alarm for when I have that much time remaining.

- TehPlays -


choo wyng

Nice app, accurate calcuations. First I thought the calculator was just some fake app... but it actually gives accurate calculations. Helped me alot! Also lots of noobs download this for 'gems'. Grow up its not a cheat!

Does what it says. Very helpful. This is a very useful tool if you don't want to spend too much gems for resources and completing buildings! And for people looking for gem and resource hacks, THIS IS NOT A HACK!!!! READ THE DESCRIPTION!

Bilbo Farnsworth

Great game... All the people saying that you shouldn't download because it doesn't give you gems are so desperate. Read desc., and download it. And people, if you're that desperate do achievements!

Dwayne Brassfield

Ok so here's the the thing MATT THE YELLER Don't call kids dumb cause I am a kid and I'm not dumb so stop. Crushing kids dreams jerk and I'm nine I'm playin on my dad's phone.?

White Wolf

The Best This calculator is so useful. If I want to upgrade my storages and don't know the amount of gems it cost to speed it up then I go on this app and BOOM! This app reminds me to save up my gems.

Kha Albust

It's a Calculator for Crying out Loud This app is the best. I couldn't beleave it when it magically gave me 10,000 gems! Best gem for free ever. ......guys u need to open the app, put in the numbers three time...close the Clash of Clans....close it....reboot....and hold your nose scroll button, tap three times...and u will soon find out how a Calculator works.

Jimmy Wolfson

Great app. Helps with the calculations perfectly. If you need to know how much you need to gem something this is a really good app. Shame it has all them low reviews from idiots who don't know what they're talking about though..

Zach George

Great I dont have my own money to buy gems. But still, it does what it claims to do and no more or less. AND FOR ALL YOU DUMB ASRSES OUT THERE WHO RATE ONE STAR ITS A FREAKING CALCULATOR NOT A HACK. Just face it YOU CANT HACK COC. SUPERCELL IS TO STRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But good app. Keep up the great work

Infernic Dash

Idiots don't know what a calculator is This really helps me estimate how many gems it is gonna take to upgrade because i cant be bothered to wait days for upgrades it makes me laugh to see all these kids begging for free gems when it says gem calculator

Jorge Meza

How does it work I tried to make it work but nothing happens if someone helps me I'll rate five star plz

Cooper Guy

Loved it Its stupid how other people think they can get free gems its not real there gonna ask you for your profile and then there gonna take it from you! Thank you for this app i loved it

Alex Gibbs

Very helpful Wondering much more gems i need to buy the rest of my elixer for town hall level 9. Need 27. How do you know its 27 gems?this app.

Bader Habib

Don't think about it I downloaded it and I did how much recorces I need I set it to one minute just to test I waited soon long and it didn't work it glitched my phone stuff it I will just by the Jems by getting a redeem card to get walls level seven

Big Dipper

Trash No use for this all at all. If I could give no stares I would. Wasted my time

Thanks to this app I have 1000000 gem All you have to is but your number of how much gems you need Then close the app then open your clash of clans and close it about 3 times in the fourth opening just tap on the loading word 25 time and you'll have your gems just simple as that great work developers :*

Kill Shot54

Ure all stupid It's IMPOSSIBLE to hack coc in any way. People say it's possible, but they're hackers who steal ure account. THIS IS A COULATOR.

Ryan Dresser

I was a freak for cheat s but I learned Its no fun to be a cheat I stopped I play it and I think its awesome and I love adding up all my gold and I don't know why this is happening but for every day its been giving me 27 878

Davie Bylyku

Hated it It just told me how much it cost no cheat

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