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25 Jan
Clan of Wolf

Posted by Wild Foot Games in Role Playing | Jan. 25, 2016 | 99 Comments

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Come and play the ultimate wolf adventure game. Explore rivers and caves across this massive open world map. Fight against dangerous animals, locate magic books, and hunt down animal enemies in this high action adventure simulator. In Clan of Wolf, you enter into a world of adventure and magic as you build you Clan of Wolves defeat all the enemies. You must defeat all 4 enemy Wolf clans to win the game. Seek help and advice from your spirit guide.

Game Play Tip: Use the mini map to help you in the game. It shows the locations of clan members, bosses, magic books, and enemies. As you defeat the bosses, more bosses will appear. Be sure to check in the caves.

Top Wolf Game Features:

★ Build your own Clan
★ Massive 3D Open World Map
★ Unlock 4 Magic Abilities - Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, Fireball, and Healing
★ Map includes Mountains, Caves, and Rivers
★ Dynamic weather including snow and rain storms
★ Crocodile, Wolf, Bear, Lion, Horse, Snake, and Eagle enemies
★ 6 Giant bosses
★ 4 Enemy Clans to defeat
★ Ultra Challenging Super Bosses

Adventure Points unlock and special magic abilities for your wolves. Lighting Bolt, Fireball, Healing, and Invincibility. Find all the magic books to unlock the magical skills including: Healing Potion, Fireball, Lightning Bolt, and Invincibility.

The game is part adventure, part role playing, and part animal simulation. It will take you on an ultimate epic journey as you build your warrior clan, use your magic, build your home out of wood, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimately defeat all the Super Bosses. Please Note : This game will perform best on newer, powerful devices.

Earn adventure points by hunting and completing tasks. Use the points to upgrade your strength, stamina, and magic.

As you race across the open world, you may call the members when you need help against the enemies. Bosses include Lion, Bear, Snakes, Crocodile, Goats, Horse, and Foxes. Upgrade your powers to become more powerful, have stronger defense, and have stronger magical ability. This is ultimate animal simulation like you have never seen it.

Evolved is a new series of games we are creating at Wild Foot. We would really like to hear from you. Please stop by our Facebook page: for updates.
Please try out our other 3D animal simulators and let us know how we are doing. We understand that the game is by no means perfect and we welcome your constructive criticism. Kindly email us your suggestions. Good luck!

Whats new

    Now you can customize your wolf!
    Up to 6 Clan members!
    You asked, we listened. Thanks for playing!

Wild Foot Games part of our Role Playing and have average installs from 500000 to 1000000. Last Update Jan. 25, 2016. Google play rating is 81.7589. Current verison is 1.1. Actual size 41.0 MB.

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Victoria Stillwell

It was ok The reason im saying this is because i was a realy high level then i stopped playing it for a day then it wont let me back on and it says 'unfortunetly clan of wolf has stopped' whats the reason for this? Plz sort it out i dont want to delete this

Wolf Quest 150

I love wolf's but... It would be cool if you could find a mate that followed you and you could have pups (that they could come with you until they get old enough) also it would be cool if you can growl play sit eat lay stuff like that

Staceywolf* Zeldalife

Great! Wolves are my favorite animal, but I really want more icons like to howl, growl, play, mate (unlock mate at a level), and customize other wolves.Oh, also do less ads...there is too too much ads! plz, do this....I love your wolf games!?????

Shaylin Ickes

Awesome but one thing This game is awesome but it gets really lagy and you need to add matting in the game and a unlimited amount of pack members. Then I will give your game 5 stars

lenaysha hazle

Cool but not cool?? Its a good game but why we need ads like every 5minu it well tell u a ads is coming in 5cn and it's very annoying a u can change your chareter color and name why can't u do that with your clan please fix these 2 simple thing i will give u a 5. What rating and i will rate this game and all the others that u made it's a simple dell and also u should give us more upgrades im on level 152 and it's like it's no more bosses books or nothing pleare fix these cause I love this game

Haylie Sullivan

Really good......but.......... I really wish you could breed and have a baby wolf that follows you to help fight and a mate

Fayth Vallejo

I loved it.the thing about it is that its kinda boring. I loved it!but its really boring.all you do is complete the things they tell you to do.and hunt.fight bosses.thats all you can really do.its a great game and all,but its cousin likes it.but I dont.its just.....BORING!please crators add active stuff.other then that,great game!good job crators!

Jada Kelly

I love it Usually I'm not a fan of simulator games because all you do is kill nok over stuff and well that's it. So when I tryed this game i thought it was really fun. Although it would be cool if you could find a mate and have puppies and raise them intill they leave. It would also be cool if you could find lone Wolf's and invite them to your pack.

leo wolf online

If only it had…… If only you can mate and have pups or can do activities together with your clan members or have them like do combat with each other. And lastly,please add a new creature. Please I'm begging you!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!!!!!

Utah134 Sea

Wow a awesome game graphics are good, sound, and texture grrr-eat game overall. please reply Hello, Wild Foot Games. You are an amazing developer. All i ask is just 3 things(if you can). Add Multiplayer. Add where we can actually "customize" our "own" wolf. and lastly, add where we can do actions in and outside of our home territory. (lay down, howl at the moon, sit, growl, play, bite, nip, etc.) Thank You!

Briana Franklin

Its ok but.... To many ads.. and it could have a actual SWIMMING animation. And a few more wolf skins. And you should be able to change other wolf's skins. And you should be able to have more growl, sleep, eat, play, stuff like that. and be able to use the bathroom. And puppy wolfs should be added. if you do that ill rate 5 stars.

Sunnie Hernandez

So real The grafix are so cool. It make you feel like you are in the game. Yes I wish we can mate on it.

Jino Mada

Need something It needs more pack members cuz there in Yellowstone national park they have big wolf packs plz add more.

iLolipop Vlogs

I Love Wolves I agree probably with most people, real wolves Mate, Have pups, Sleep, Eat and so on. Do this I will get all my google accounts and rate 5 ★

Wonder Wolf

The best game I love it realistic wolfs and I love the way u can edit the wolfs my fav is the rainbow wolf!

Shaylee G

How? You need to get rid of the ads, they awalys pop up when I'm in the middle of a fight. Also I did beat the game! But in the picture's for the app, it shows you can get pups. But how do you get pups? Or could you add them if there's no way to get pups?

Araceli Cortez

Love it but Love it but don't love it when ever I try to beat a boss it won't let me go outside the cave so I could call them and the pack won't even fight they just hurt one and they try to get away please fix that then I'll rate five stars

Bella Sedano

Love it I love it but add more actions like sit, challenge another wolf, mate, pups, or interact with another wolf in the clan. Other than that I LOVE IT❤!! I will give u five stars. Thx

Julie Turkelson

A Goat Who Fights A WOLF?? Seriously? THAT'S AWESOME!!! It must be a brave goat, ANYWAY............I love this game, I'm lvl 210

Lacie Dowling

Its soo good I love it but can you have a mate and pups plz

Chloe Doerr


Manny Delarosa

Getting killed I just hate it when you get killed! I mean snakes they are so hard right?!

itziri renteria

Awesome Its awesome and cool i love this app

miss black wolf bueaty

To many ads plz take them off but otherwise great game

kim canon

I love this game is that they should pot a mate and let me tell you something M ARE THE CLANS! !!!!!#$

Keyon Brown

Allright I know they updated the game and made it to were there are six people in the clan but I would like it if the clan members would follow you also more members (about 6 more) in the clan plus a bigger world and more enemy's-

Kate's Glacier magic

This game is amazing!!!!!! This game is awsome. There's so much to do hunt bosses, hunt clans , supper bosses. You can even talk to spirits.

Lone Wolf

Kinda good It keep throwing pop up on my screen every time it so annoying plus it get me killed make me wanna install the game

Alarys Roberts

Really It's OK but the clan does not follow you like what's the point of finding them.

Izabella Love

Wolfs!☺? I love it can u make it were we can mate?

Michelle B

This is amazing but... This is a little bit boring, I love it but im so confused what to do. I like to rp in my games, evdn though there is no other people to play it with. I love it! Im the #1 fan of all wolves. But this is just amazing

Kevin Foucault

Clan of wolf This game is so cool I just love it so much the only thing I don't get is that the pop star and in the cave that there are bears makes anything so yeah that's the only thing that I don't get but yeah it is so cool.❤????❤?????????????????????????

Sage Stockton

BEST GAME!!:D Anyone who rated this less than 5 stars is DUMB!! This game is awesome:D

Aileen Z

It's amazing It good but plz make it lode fast it's loads slow plz plz make it load fast

Madelyn Maguire

This app is fantastic I just wish that there was more of a story line to it.

Alexandra Frerich

Love at first sight OK GLOBAL I am loving this game like my gosh Asomugha

Pattie Knudson

Would of rated it higher if it wasn't for all the other games advertising popping up on the screen in the middle of the game.

Aslam Shaheen

Request Plz I played it its wonder ful plz plz plz make these wolf to have a mate and raise clan

Cam Jam

???? It's pretty cool, my only problem is that it takes FOREVER to load

Mary Busch

A.B. Stables So cool love it. But l hate the snakes you have to call your clan and by the time they get there I'm ded and it would be more fun if you could mate ?

Joe Daugherty

Awesome bro!!! This game is soooo addicting I love it so much I play everyday and I love wolves love it it gets 5 stars

Danielle Mapplebeck

Camera and ability Its a good game but the way the camera moves is a little confusing, and its too easy to die.


Nothing makes sense, terrible game anyway. I started the game and was instantly killed by an eagle. Restarted and saw an alligator riding a bear. Got attacked by a horse. Ate mushrooms for health. Got attacked by a goat. Fish swam out of the river, across grass, and up a hill. Saw a floating snake. Literally everything is trying to kill this wolf except mushrooms and fish. for actual problems with the game, it rains inside caves, which causes unplayable lag, and the power ups do nothing. My clan won't even come to me half the time.

Mei Mcclenn

WHAT "clan of wolf has stopped" is what popped up. Plz fix. Also, can pack wolves follow you? And animals attack when your just walking past.its toooo easy to die and can u have 10 members max. And mating... at level something plz less ads too…………..

Brad Jensen

I love it!!!❤❤❤ As a warrior cats fan, This is the perfect game for me.I love wolves,cats,lions,dogs so this game is EVERYTHING for an animal lover. Love y'all Strikeclaw2003?❤??

ana barajasa

I love wolf but....? I like the game but....???? there is too many adds that gets annoying ? but I still like it!????? I only want the adds to stop????

Nicole Vacchiero

Sorry I have to say this. You see i was fighting a boss and a STUPID ad popped up and killed me FIX THIS NOW then i'll rate it five stars. I dont Only have this i have others the same and theyre just as bad sorry im calling them bad i feel so bad myself now :'(

Camille Reid

Terrible You should be able to make your own clan and have babies I recommend wolfquest I is the wayyyyyyyyyyyy better!!!!!!!!!

Teegan Trapszo

The game is great but I would like it more if you could get a mate and have pups and then I would rate it five and recommend it for other people

Yeimy Mercado

I like it but one problem I love the game but there are TO MANY ADS they are getting in my nerves please fix it and I'll give you 5 stars

Joseph Krueger

Great! It would be cool at a level you could find a mate and if you could howl and have pups it's good and challenging love your clan games

Anakaren Flores

How do u get a clan How do I get a clan I want to know how I can make a clan. I like this game it is the best game ever ÷) And how u get a clan? Can u tell me wild foot games

Neil Starr

WHY ARE THERE A LOT OF ADDS Stop there are a lot of adds . I get killed in one second I just want to kill the boss that's it but I can't there is a add and I die. I love wolves but why can't we mate and have kids so there are more wolves in the pack . And can we fight other clans . Oh can we eat the animals we kill . But I really love your wolf games just so you know

Jazmine Hathaway

Its great but To many ads every time I in a fight with a boss BOOM ad and I lose

Quran Davis

WOW!!!!! I looked at the pictures of this game and I saw a big bear in it and the wolf was about to fight it?! Wow!!! COOL!!!!!! I'm getting it now! But it's downloading now, can you speed that up though? Thanks! Oh and one more thing, you're AWESOME!!! But no MATING OR I'LL GIVE YOU ONE STAR!!!!!!!!!!

Isabel Neria

Best game ever It is the best game I ever played the graffics could be better but,other than that it is awesome

Wesley Chan

Great game but.... Can you guys add a feacher so we can battle other playees live with our friends.Also we should be able to mate

Shane Nevarez

Great game I love wolves and I love the pack. It could have a breed thing on it but it's still alright.??❤❤❤

Lara Mcevoy

Something I want I love this game but like most people I want to have a mate and pups to follow you

Hannah Varags

Greet gamr Wolfs are not my favorite animal cats are but I have that game already

cliare the golden cat

Missing WOLVES When I call for help sometimes I come back to court how many wolves their are 4 or none at all i need to die to fix it ?

Lisa Starr

Stop and add There are a lot of adds and I get killed a lot oh and why is there a flying snake and fish's . I don't see them coming and then boom a snake is there and i die . You get killed . Oh and Can you add matting so you can have puppeys . Can you also add sitting playing sleeping and eating to I will give you five stars if you fix this. Oh can there be a new den like can we be in a cave and don't have other animals come in and not get rain on

Shaine Ferguson

STUPID Fix the adds put them somewhere else like after you die or before you enter your name I died soo many time because of adds in the middle of game play fix and I will re rate and do you think you can do a normal wolf sim no magic or powers and add pups if you find mate and reach lv something

Samantha Vore

Ads and mating. I hate the ads that keep popping up when I'm in a battle. On all the games I have play that I just downloaded needs mating it's no fun with out a mate also if you had a mate you can have pups that can learn how to hunt and can have more hunting members when they grow up. Please fix is. Other wise it's really good. The clan should came in the caves. Please fix is.

Erin Gill

Didn't really like it I didn't really like this. The bosses were WAY too hard to beat and it was SO laggy. I've seen better apps. I don't want to Uninstall because of my epic scores. The problem is that I can't upgrade my stats any further and I really want to. Uuuuggggh.

Deia Bullock

Fun A lot like clan of cats but better because 1 all members are different. 2 more Coler options. 3 cooler sound effects. 4 with clan of cats u would want more like warrior cat clans. With This U could think of it as a wolf pack insted.But to mutch like clan of cats and I think u should call it pack of wolf or pack of wolves insted and the clans are packs. Because 1 wolves have pack not clans and 2 there in not enough wolves for a clan.

Ditb Aj

It's good It's actually pretty addicting I would have given it 5 stars but the problem is adds, I always get them like every 5 minutes or right before I die it's amazing thought I love it (except for the adds lol) keep it up!???

Deranged Angel

I beat this game in three days, also adpocalypse. This game is the easiest thing I've played in a while. Oh and by the way, the easiest way to kill bears, crocodiles, lions, snakes, ANYTHING is to run up to it while it's still trying to run up to you and attack as quickly as you can. There's also a ton of ads. :/

Brooke G.

SO cool but... SO cool but how do you fight pack members? And could you add more clans because I like fighting them. There are too many bosses. But that doesn't stop me from loving the game!

Freddie Washington

Easy and lame I completed the game in two days! This game is short and way too easy and hard all at once. Also your clan is very slow so when you call them in case of emergency you die before there even there! I wish this game could be improved to be harder but better. The quality is bad and I thought this game would be more realistic. One time I was battling a super boss and whenever I got close to it the boss was pushed back which is impossible. Because of this i want all clan of... games improved!

Aleksandra Donigiewicz

Life of the clan???? I love this game! I don't care about adds! I am a wolf loving person! I know a lot about wolves! And maybe this isn't the most realistic game but I love it! I I just started playing and I got two clan members in about five minutes! I love making my clan do stuff for me! I also kill other animals by myself! Some of you might think......geez girl you made the wrong review! But I know a lot of wolf games even worse than this! This game is really awesome. Please read and change your mind about this being lame.

Alicia Gonzalez

Ads The game is good so far but every single time you die there's an add and there can be adds while I'm trying to not die and it can be annoying but otherwise its ok

Hilary Petrella

Game is ok I like the game but there is to much adds . I was playing and I was in a match and it cut me off to an add and then I lost

Akira Miller

I love love love and I specially love packs I love wolf packs is very awesome and I recommend anybody loves this should get it

Mangle girl x foxy

Why do i die so fast??? You need to fix that no real wolf dies that fast

Alyssa Forshee

Ok Its a good game I really like it but ads keeps popping up that kills me. And it is very frustrating

wolflover demon

fun but... I like the game but it's to easy u can control ur level and life and magic and everything. I'm over level 40 in 3 days. and I've traveled the whole land and concord almost every clan and boss 2 clans without my pack. this game is to easy plz make it to were u can get more clan members throughout the game not just 6 members and make it an online game plz that would be more fun and exciting when you can loose to real people and not when everytime to computers. than I'll give 5 starts, but thank you for game.

Shelby Johnson

Its okay You should get rid of all the ads its annoying when they pop up every 5 seconds and also you should add mating and whats the deal with the animals following you when you get near them.. And why wont they stop following you no matter where you go or,how far away you get from it wont let me use the howl button anymore so i cant get help from my clan

Momo Sullen

It's ok What I hate the most is the pop up ads that come out of no where most for the time when I'm in battle. Wish there what more then just killing boss and why was there a fence put up then the wolves living in cave. Why not add breeding to make more pack numbers. I'll give it a 3 ?

Talea Michell

Add more Hello Wild Foot Games, I loved this app. It was great, but I would like to have more things to do, like more "levels". I think it would be more realistic if you could mate, growl, dig? Because I breeze through these games, delete them, and move on to the next game. From, A user

Cait Clark

Just wow I am severely disappointed in this game. It would be great if you could go two whole minutes without an ad. Due to the amount of them I can't even defeat a boss without it interrupting the game and killing my wolf. It is beyond frustrating, please do something about it because this would be such an awesome game if you could -actually- play it!!

Spirit Wolf

It awesome I loved it. Though it sometimes get glitchy when i enter a cave if u guys can fix that, that'll be great. Also if u guys can put that I can sit, howl, sleep, play and also probably have a mate. Also that ur clan can follow u around when u want them to. If u guys put that I'll give u guys 5 stars.

Lisa Dostie

No Direction Had the potential to be a really decent game, but there's really no direction to it. Your spirit elder doesn't tell you anything, there are no quests, just leveling up and that's about it. Your clan should be with you to help with fights. The ads are extremely annoying, and not necessary. Most likely uninstalling

Ariel Fritzgerald

Good game but... Its a really good game but I I'm getting really tired of dying from an ad popping up on the screen. If I pause the game the incoming ad will just freeze until I play it again... it's really annoying to die repeatedly because of an ad...(five times and counting...)

puma nikes

Nice I like role playing as a wolf and thinking i am the ruler of all of it. The only bad thing is the random ads that come up during fights

Kurai Konekoi

Good game but... Why does no one have a gender option, and the controls are annoying to use, please switch this. I also don't like the fact that you have default fur colors and patterns and don't really even have creative freedom with your OWN character.

Too many adds Game ok about average. The ads are big problem getting in the way when playing game ads a problem when in battle. like to find ad free version

Wolf Link is life

Great! Wolves are my favorite animal, but I really want more icons like to howl, growl, play, mate (unlock mate at a level), and customize other wolves.Oh, also do less ads...there is too too much ads! plz, do this....I love your wolf games!?????

Diane wow Wellsdr

I love you more than happy to bring him home with me know if it is a good time The only thing I can get a free shopping resource for the first one to two weeks ago

Avani Boodoosingh

Uggggghh!! TOO MUCH ADS! I died right after I took down an ad, it is sooo ridiculous. I would love to play the game if an ad wouldn't keep popping up at the fight part. Please please PLEASE fix this problem

Samantha Prigge

Great game! I loved it! But, could you add fighting other wolves? And maybe new landscapes, like forest? And maybe a den. Also, could you add multiplayer/online. where u play with other people. Maybe order your clan members like one hunts and another fights. And a talk thing so u can talk even to yourself. And the wolves don't fight properly. they should do biting not swiping when they fight. last thing, maybe add ranks (alpha, beta, hunter etc.) Thanks. Otherwise, great game. Just saying, wolflover demon, I'm over level 80 in 3 days. I've played about 10 days now I'm on like level 100 +

Cadence Pinto

Too easy but fun I beat the game in 5 hours... But I like the graphics! I cant rlly label how fun it is though....... Its the mini bosses, the boss, sometimes a clan and then the lonely mega boss And I noticed there are birds that attack you but no Boss???

Sanyiah Degale

Loved it but it told me ... clan of wolf has stoped Liked it also can you make it have better graphics like wolf simulator gluten free games and also can you please higher helth because adds show when im fighting I always die please fix this

cupcake lover

Awesome but one thing Sometimes your pack members get stuck near the fire and you have to push them out. Please fix. Besides that I love this game besides wolf's are my favorite animals


Unplayable Way to many ads. Get into a fight ad pops up and you're dead. Game doesn't even pause when an ad comes up! Cool concept but extremely poorly executed. The 5 minutes I played I sat through about 20 ads. That is absolutely ridiculous. Not even a way to pay a few bucks and buy out of the ads and they make the game 100% unplayable. Seams like it would be a cool game otherwise if it wasn't for the ridiculous amount of ads. Never seen a game with so many ads before in my life. Should be called Ad Catching Wolves

Jennifer Valle

It's great now that we get to change our skin but one last request what's a pack with our a mate and puppies Hey if u like this then u should try wolf online its even better and u get to kill talk pick your own type its as some u should like try it out some time its Deakin aswsome =^-^=

Gavin Stantz

It's ok It ok, I mean I like it but there's to many adds and to move the wolf is to hard. It keeps messing up and the wolf stays still rather than moving. Fix this and I will rate 5 stars.

Giovanni Barresi

It's really good. But,It could use a bit of better texture in the game and the wolf.You could also decrease demonic animals and put villagers and way more upgrades then a few like attack, defense, movement speed and more. I also suggest that their should be a growth,so the players can get bigger and stronger like in the Shark evolution game.

Raechl Tiffany

Wow.... Ok, update. I figured out how to find them. I wasn't paying attention in the beginning. I agree with Paige Jerkins. But I'm gonna keep it just to see how far I get, but otherwise: the graphics and the wolves are GORGEOUS!

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