Download Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas apk 1.2.33 free for Android smartphone

13 Sep
Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

Posted by IA Interactive in Entertainment | Sept. 13, 2016 | 80 Comments

Apk file size: 11.0 MB

The official app for Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas has arrived! Reserve your seats, watch trailers, check show times and more! All from your Android device. Dinner and a movie, done right. Only at Cinépolis.

Whats new

    This update includes the addition of customized messages per location.

IA Interactive part of our Entertainment and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update Sept. 13, 2016. Google play rating is 61.7021. Current verison is 1.2.33. Actual size 11.0 MB.

Download cinepolis-luxury-cinemas.apk 11.0 MB


Eric Deslauriers

Poor interface when entering incorrect CC Won't let me re-enter my CC to fix a typo. Seats are now listed as reserved, no way to get back to them. Come on guys, session-based transactions!!

Ryan Schulze

Not Optimized for tablets I guess There's a menu bar across the bottom that blocks the view of any Showtimes. Much prefer using the web interface on my tablet. Galaxy Note 10. Maybe it works for phones. Uninstalling.

Cathal Drake

Kept booking for the wrong night Booked me for the wrong night, the movie was sold out by the time I got there and though they returned the sale, they charged about $5 for a transaction fee. Uninstalled.

Enrique Romero

Nice concept but buggy Erratic and unstable on Nexus 5 running kit kat

James Jones

Books the wrong day When I click on the date I want to book a movie ticket and hit next, it picks the day after the one I chose. Since there's no option to book movies for yesterday, there's no way to book movies for today.

Dale Kirkley

Come on guys... Email address field in CC entry has a character limit, can't add my reasonably short email address, making it useless to try and buy tickets with. My device is a Galaxy Note 4.

Michael Francois

Incorrect Date & Poor Zoom When selecting a date often the purchase date doesn't match. Often when selecting seats zoom doesn't work.


Garbage It just freezes, you can't even make a purchase. Even worse than their website.

Steph Hudson

Works perfectly! Love this app, very very easy to use and I can reserve my seats and everything! No need to print anything!

jo karr

Not enough showings

Garret Blackburn

I liked this app

James Holland

Very dumb errors in the interface I can't enter my full email in the box provided there for I can't input my credit card info.

Jonathan White

Junk App Can't even buy tickets.

Michael Schiff

Need to be able to zoom on the seating map when selecting a seat it is really small (and I have a Galaxy S4 which has a larger screen than most phones). When I try to zoom it zooms a little bit but then snaps back out to normal view (you can't zoom and pan, you can only zoom to the point where the entire seating chart needs to fit on the screen). Without being able to zoom and pan around it is very difficult to select the seats.I also wish it let you set which theater is your primary selection so you don't have to select it each time.

Devon Greene

Fix your full site for tablets I am trying to access your full site from my tablet and it keeps directing me to download your app. Very frustrating when I would like to see your full site.

Leslie Maltz

Disappoimting Won't download and can't access full site.

Constance Botello

Credit card field input error


Error with seat selection I have a Samsung Galaxy S3, everytime i try to purchase a ticket using this app, i aam not allowed to select a seat above row C. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling this app, but I still get the same result.

Brad Foster

Doesn't show all seats! Only showed seats in first few rows, but website had the entire theater available.

Gary Young

Can't reserve seats The original app worked fine but now with the recent update when you get to the screen to reserve seats there's a "uncaught error X2106" and only the first three rows of seats show and the finger swipe to enlarge the screen also does not function. Original app required you download Adobe AIR but that is no longer the case? The app is useless now for buying seats.

Natalie Sweiss

Inaccurate What's the point of getting seats on the app when the app only shows the first three rows?

Danie Wulff

Amazing cinema It's so worth it. I am never going to a regular cinema again if I can have the 21+ here

Bill Becher

No handicapped seating shown The ap doesn't show handicapped seating!

Danny Yu

Movie show times not up to date Was going to grab tickets for a few of my friends and I but app had no updated times. Come to find out my friends purchased tickets on the full site for the day and time I was waiting for. By the time I got on the full site I couldn't get seats by my friends.

Sandra Bissember

Horrible app! Font is too big and I couldn't even see the names of the movies on my tablet. Uninstalled.

Tom Frick

Bad When ever I try to order tickets it never makes it past the type of ticket selection.

les abeyta

Pick seats Pick seats Screen won't allow change in orientation or zoom. For $22 per ticket, you should be able to have better functionality to choose seats. Uninstalled.


Bad apps. Can't even get apps to open. Would love to take a friend What movies ? What price? Apps sucks.

Rolando Zubizarreta

All you can do is see what's playing. I've downloaded the app since the cinema I go to is no longer the same company and this one bought them out. The app is terrible and useless. I can't buy tickets through it, I have to go online. I pick the movie, the time, and my seats and when it's time to checkout whatever I am typing doesn't register on the fields. Would be nice if the app actually met its purpose.

Jerry Kreider

Improve Rows and Columns Please outline rows and possibly color coordinate letters with numbers. It is difficult to coordinate with other app users when selecting seats on such a tight grid.

SurviBros Andee Ray & Fidget

Needs an update! The app feels way old. It's definitely time for a new one. Also he careful. I used my phone to purchase tickets only to arrive at the theater to find that the app had a bug and gave me a showtime that didn't exist...

Tina Tang

Really irritating that the app doesn't have the barcode for the tickets. I have to download from the email or print tickets at the concierge

Chris McAtamney

Buggy When I go to save my credit card info and it asks for my email, the field isn't long enough to accept it!

Antone Gonzalez

Service fee for purchasing tickets through app How greedy can a company be? You charge a service fee to purchase tickets through your app but not the website!? Is this a joke? It is 2015, purchasing tickets through an app is not some amazing service, it's standard practice. You can't get away with ripping people off like this. Poor form and shame on you.

Armen Tumanian

Works great but total rip! App works as intended and you can pick your seats and buy your tickets. HOWEVER! Be warned tickets purchased through the app are more expensive than if you purchase it through their website, and nowhere in the app does it mention this. SHADY! I only use this app for reference of availability and buy my tickets through the website.

Chelsey Hillen

Needs overhaul Home page has option to show 'Now in Theatres' or 'Coming Soon' but selecting 'Now in Theatres' just shows all the movies including current and not yet out. They charge an extra $1.50 online fee per ticket. Plus I only have the option for $19.75 per ticket which is the 'luxury' side. I don't get the option (or at least couldn't find anywhere) to purchase for the normal side... and looking at the app market it looks like the nonluxury side of the same theatre may require a seperate app! Uninstalling.

Jeff Leedle

Needs improvement App is ok however it should save your home theater and the service fee should be dropped. You guys make enough money already and the app should be free.

Christopher Michel

The app it's not working Everytime I try to check the movie times I get an error. Please fix it

Timothy Ann Hunt

Won't sell me tickets for any day but current day!

ray aker

Stopped working It stopped working will not connect on all devices

David Roberts

Very buggy It'll change dates and theaters. It hangs often and missreports what is actually playing.

Mike Long

Total Garbage Can't do much of anything with this cr-app. Can see what's playing but things get confusing as Hades when you go to try and actually buy tickets. Waste of time and storage space. Deleting from my phone soon as this review posts.

Todd Cumming

Not reliable DO NOT use this app if you are trying to get tickets to a hot movie. App is not real time and the movie will be sold out for days before it even shows that tickets are available on the app. Totally disappointing.

Mitzie Kit

Can't select seats before purchase. No thanks. Seats I want before you ask for my money.

Alicia Gail

Bad No way to check show times

Robert Turner

Can't input credit card info Credit card info inputs are greyed out, app doesn't detect when they've been entered. Had to close the app and book the tickets from a browser. Really no point in the app at that point.

James Gorgol

Would be nice if it accepted my email address Won't take my email address, so it's pretty much useless to book tickets

David Keen

Trash app There are many apps that exist solely because the company can't be assed to create a decent mobile web experience, and this is one of them. Offers nothing that couldn't be done on the websites if they would just fix their terrible website.

Kira Bradley

Bought my tickets and can't access them I bought my tickets on this app a couple days ago. Now that it's time to see the movie, the entire app is bricked. I can't click on anything. Tried redownloading, but it's totally broken.

Jason Tatalovich

App error I can't get past the home screen. Error message

Terry Racciato

Not able to open it. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it, but still can't open it for the last week. I have used the app for over a year previously, but it isnt functioning right now. I wonder how much business you are losing?

Artem Kazmerchuk

Would be OK if it worked more than half of the time At best it is barely responsive and at worst you get Undefined exceptions followed by indefinite "Loading..." message. Charging extra booking fee for mobile app usage is ridiculous. Shame because the app looks decent and easier to use than the clunky website which doesn't save your information. Get your act together! UPDATE: Continues to be exercise in futility. Picking a future date for new release will reliably get you THE WRONG date on the next screen. Next is tried and true "Service unavailable"..

Mike Long

Total Garbage Crashes on launch on Galaxy S5, S7 and Nexus 6p - it's rare to find a failure this complete, so a feather in your cap there, Cinepolis. So useless that even a one star rating is one star too many. Learn to code, devs. This is a waste of time for anyone who downloads it.

Misty Little

Uncaught error alert I keep getting this message and then freezes. Been going on at least a month. I have also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Please fix this.

Ian Tolentino

Loved it...until it stopped working. Some sort of Error 1009 message before it essentially freezes (continuously loads). Please get it working again!

Charlotte Jordan

App does NOT WORK! It shows an alert sign and wont do anything! Im going to website. App does not work. Shows alert sign and thats it. I have a Samsung Note 3

Manuel Marcial

Doesn't work App crashes on initial load and if what the other reviews is true that they charge more for purchasing tickets on the app I'll just use the main site.

alissa cruz

App no longer works! Have used the app for years with no issue. Now for 2 weeks it wont open, and I used to use it almost every week...please fix!

Carlos Figueroa

Not working galaxy s7 edge. Not sure if it's not working after latest update or if it's because 6.0 marshmallow. I can't see what's playing where or buy tickets. Sucks

goran pivelja

Worst app ever. This has to be by far the worst app I've ever used. Haven't been able to use the app for at least 5 months 6 months now. Uninstall reinstall nothing works Samsung Galaxy 6 Edge. Please hire some new developers that know what the hell they're doing and redo the app.

Just LilOlMe

No longer works I've used the app numerous times for tickets, but opening it now just tosses up an "undefined" error message, and then it just loads endlessly. Uninstalled and reinstalled twice, same error/problem. Last app update shows as March of 2015.

Adam T

Don't bother trying This app is pretty much useless. It locks up 100% of the time. At least it's consistent.

Jami Hoang

Don't pay service fee If you purchase tickets thru this app, you pay service fees. Didn't know that until I read these reviews. Go to website to purchase same tickets without the fee. Lousy app.

Dalton Thomas

Not working now Before this worked amazing and all of a sudden it doesn't load anymore

Robin P Christie

Does. Not . Work A premium brand should have an app that actually works .

Harry Henry Gebel

Hasn't been updated in a year and now won't load at all.

Trevor Brown

Can't use the app, nothing works

Emily Bonilla

It never seems to work This app very rarely work, and when it does I am only able to look at the movie times.

Josh Suereth

Does not work, throws huge errors, super slow

Dorine Mooney

Cannot use it Cannot open this,app for weeks now. Unistalled and installed a few times.

deb penny

It used to work great for the last 2 weeks the app is locked..I have Uninstalled and reinstalled and same issue

Dolores Gonzalez

Never works Only good to see showtimes. Nothing else ever works.

Ian Tolentino

Works Again! Thanks! Works just like it should. Once again a favorite app.

Gary Young

Improving very slowly To be honest I haven't used this app in over a year simply because it was too unreliable even on the finest Android phones. I'll give it another try and I gave it 3 stars simply because I'm assuming it has to be better than it was. Still not sure I would actually purchased tickets off it. I'll keep you posted if I have a chance to use it.

Horrible app Now required another download to run this thanks! Plus this app is disorganized. It does not save the theater you go is not user friendly.


Requires additional app?! New update requires you to download an additional app, Adobe Air, no thanks. I have multiple pdf readers including regular Adobe, so why do I need to download this? I'd rather uninstall this app then do that.

Jonathan Williams

Adobe AIR Required Get rid of the requirement for Adobe AIR to be installed!

William Pyles

Movie Times Inaccurate The Parsippany theatre movie times (Finding Dory) don't match what's being published in the app. POS.

Michael Boon

Not working Until you fix the loading movie times error it's useless and just freezes. Only worked once. Please fix!

scott roberts

App is broken Had it installed once before..too bad they don't maintain it

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