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4 Mar
Chrono Connect Mobile Lite

Posted by Chrono Connect in Tools | March 4, 2013 | 66 Comments

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Ballistic Chronograph on your Android device!

The best way of measuring an air guns power output without a an actual chronoscope!

Chrono Connect Mobile Lite will monitor the speed of pellets leaving your air gun, rifle, pistol and display the speed and power for you in your chosen speed and power units.

Lite version requires you to enter all pellet and distance details manually and will measure the speed of 3 shots at a time. Prove to yourself it works before going Pro!

Pro version includes many advanced features not in this Lite version including.
- Unlimited shots in one go ( no 3 shot 'Lite' limit ).
- Full list of shots in the string.
- Graph of shots in the string.
- Full shot and string management.
- Comprehensive pellet database ( no need to manually enter weights and BC values for most pellets )
- Comprehensive rifle and pistol database.
- Visual over power warnings.

Chrono Connect Mobile works by reading your gun firing a pellet over a known distance so all distances should be entered as accurately as possible to ensure accurate readings.

When set up and used properly, Chrono Connect Mobile can be within a few feet per second of a real chronoscope device.

This app was created because I have heard of people doing the following things to determine the power of their airguns when they don't have a chronograph.

- Shoot into a yellow pages and count how many pages were shot through.
- Shoot at the ground and measure the 'mushroom' of the pellet.
- Shoot a coffee can. Did it go through 1 or 2 sides?
- Shoot a soda can in various places, if it goes through X place its X power.

Chrono Connect Mobile is a far better way than any of these methods of determining the speed and power of your gun.

As there are variables that are beyond our control you should not rely on Chrono Connect Mobile as your sole method of recording speed and power and should test the power of your gun using a real chronoscope if in any doubt.

Whats new

    Possible fix to reported crash, trace code added if not fixed.

Chrono Connect part of our Tools and have average installs from 50000 to 100000. Last Update March 4, 2013. Google play rating is 75.5703. Current verison is 1.06. Actual size 209.0 KB.

Download chrono-connect-mobile-lite.apk 209.0 KB


Kye Knox

Doesn't work Each time I try to use this app I keep getting the -er- message I tried changing the sensitivity levels adjusting the distances from target/center line the app would register an fps if I clapped near it so the sound was working just not with my gun .

Apocalyptic FTW

It's ok Worked on 2 shots then all of a sudden errors Gamo big cat 1200 IGT modified Crosman premier Hollow points 935fps. Crosman premier ultra magnums 800fps thats all I got for now

mark gilbert

Seems ok but cant pull the menu up.on my galaxy s5. As they changed the menu button on the to bring it up. Thanks

Andreas Henriksen

Did not work under my circumstances. Gave me an increase in velocity for every shot, that would be a really strange thing considering it's a CO2 pistol, I have two, one a lot more powerful then the other, the least powerful one peaked at 370 fps, and the most powerful at 270.... something isn't working right.


Works well if you do your part I wouldn't recommend shooting at a target 10 yards away because the pellet can travel too fast to be picked up. 15 yards seemed to be what worked best for me. Accuracy is great usually within 5-10fps of a real chrono with the exception of some obviously wrong readings that occasionally happen. Great chrono for being free.

Eetma Khrap

It works! I bought a cheap Chinese made air rifle and wanted to get an idea of the pellet velocity. This works perfectly! I didn't have a pellet trap, so instead I fired into a phone book, with the phone sitting a meter from the target instead of near the muzzle (to pick up the impact sound better). Worked just fine. Thanks for the great app, I will pass the word.

Johar Palacita

Chrony Like your apps. Help me every I build my own pcp air rifle. So I know the speed each bullets.

Arjan Singh

Great app,innovative and useful The accuracy isn't too great but it's a cheap and effective solution to buying a chronograph. Shows an average of 500 fps on my .22 precihole sx100 orion.

Brandon Schilousky

Chrono your paintball marker Read the introduction, seemed reasonably put together. So i hit the install action and set up my shooting range accordingly to mirror the settings in the app and added the weight 3.5g paintball projectile ...tap the listening button, i fire. Records the shot perfectly, i test 6 more shots. only 10 fps fluctuations 270-280. Acceptable being its paintballs on Co2.(note this was all done on a 30$ Wal-Mart.straight talk, im sorry if your phone isn't as nice, lmao)true story

Aaron Labiosa

I'd like to see the lower limits removed Workaround, the lower check is performed when you fill out muzzle to target.. Swap to yards set your lower limit and swap back to inches..

Brandon Peoples

??? LG G3, I couldn't enter any information (distance from muzzle to target or distance to device etc) to actually use this app. It seemed to operate but, only off of some predetermined distance unknown to me. So it's useless. To specify better, I have the main screen only. I can tap the "start monitoring" button and it does moitor sounds. Two taps, it records them and produces an fps estimate, However; I cannot see any other screens or menu buttons in order to enter any information to make this app useful.

Gale Wold

SLICK! I downloaded the lite version and just tried it out with my new air rifle. Very simple and works very well. Considering the PRO version.

David Nini

get this ap works amazingly well was off only by 5 fps to my 200 buck chrono

A Google User

It works! Incredible app. I was cynical before I tried it but have been astonished how accurate it is.

Michael Gray

Excellent make sure your accurate when measuring This app worked really well for me I accurately marked out the range and shot something metallic for extra impact noise I shot an air arms s200 with silencer and aa field pellets I got a 0.2 flb difference over 10 shots I compared this to a chrono and the app was only 0.1 flb out

Marcos Szysler

Wow Only 4-6fps off against my chrony over a three shot group on a quiet indoor range. For those that dont have access to a real chronograph or a spare 100 quid to buy one - download this app. Good work

Chris Davis

Chronograph review As others have said it doesn’t work, not accurately anyway. Getting 200 fps max, I have 4 air rifles and this isn't even close.

Stephen Williams

Rubbish Don't waste your time erratic and incorrect readings then crashed.

Jimmy Hor

Good app but Please make it work for archery too.

Helen Smith

Very impressed Run this a long with my crombro mk4 and was within 10fps

Frost Mejia

? Galaxy s3 Tried it out with my springer i changed the distance and other settings correctly but i was only able to get 2 readings out or 20 shots the ones that worked were surprisingly accurate and i played around with sound settings and debounce effect idk whats happening. TIP:you have to use the left botton on your phone to bring out the settings took me a while to fugure out and make shure ur messurements are corect

Simon Wright

Please add option button for s5 users! I cannot get into the options on my Samsung s5 please add it to the fps screen!

Nikolay Boev

Works, but displaying digits incorrectly (60% of a number area) on a 800x480 (Philips w8510) display.

John Jones

This app would get 5 stars if I could access in app settings . On my S3 mini I could but now I have a S5 the settings button has been replaced and I can't enter caliber or balistic info into the app! It's now useless.

Alex Riendeau

Excellent app, but could use tweaking I really like this app. The theory is sound, just requires that your measurements is exact. Not entirely sure why the minimum muzzle to target distance is 15 feet, other than to compensate for phone recording quality. Also would like to see ballistic coefficient for airsoft BBs, as the technology is totally applicable. Definitely upgrading to the pro version!

Sam Murray

Go pro Do it! Well worth the purchase price

Fran del Val

Lg g3 has no menu I can only test it with default options

Abdel-ilah Dekkak

brilliant app very good, just wish could add option for bows, would be good to use for arrows

Michael Williams

Good app well worth downloading it. Just not sure on the ft lbs though as it was showing 6.6 even though the rifle supposed to be 11.5

adam teague

had prob, v fast reply with fix info, a1,

manoj gowda

galaxy y Dous I can't use it because I don't no how to use it you must there are no tutorial

stephen ryan

HTC One X no options button There is no way to access the options button on this phone. Worked well on my old phone though

Gail Barwise

Measure your distance and it works Pretty good if your indoors

Sean Magill

It works, most of the time. I'm not sure how accurate it is but it is fun to play with. If you're using a galaxy s5 you have to double click the back button to get to the settings menu.

allan ternent

It would be good if I can get it to work keep getting error try everything am using sony xperia phone and my gun is co2

Jie Zheng

Error error error error That's what I get in measurement, after setting up according to instruction. When it finally worked a few times it reports impossibly high numbers. And it still bugs you to pay every time after these results...

Christopher Leeds

Works well if no wind and all measurements are entered accurately

Jeffrey Azucena

Airsoft gun chrono. M4 A2 Pistolized Electric bb pellet bullets Airsoft gun. M4 A2 S-System Electric bb pellet bullets Airsoft gun.Registered.. Jeffrey P. Azucena Airsoft gun licensed owner.

Anirudh Pannala

Very bad Does not work at allllllll

Harold Chen

Great Very accurate.

Сергей Завалишин

excellent! Many thanks for the wonderful app! You've helped me a lot! Average 278 mps at stoger x20 .177 0.68g after tuning. Perfect! Tested with chrono, difference 2-3 mps. If you have any free time, contact me, I can help you with translation app into Russian.

greg spinney

The idea of the app is awesome! But if the results I got a few nights ago are representative of this app's abilities, then it's no good...I stood 15 feet from a metal "no parking" sign in an abondoned factory resetdemolishion site after midnite with near total silence and this app calculated fps results up to around 4990 fps and no matter if I reset the app tweaked Mic setting and everything else that was possible, It still show fantastic high velocities from a Crosman 1088 semi auto .177 CO2 pistol that is supposed hit 430fps!

Mohannad AlHajaj

Works sometimes but but that accurate It is limited to only 3 shots. Give errors in every shot string. The sane application had way better accuracy and is unlimited string count for free, I guess developer is not big fan of Android.

Simon Wright

Please add option button for s5 users! I cannot get into the options on my Samsung s5 please add it to the fps screen! Edit, S5 users to get on the menu press and hold the window switch button, (bottom left)

brian hilton

Seems to work well, I'd use it as a portable guide rather than a replacement for my chrono.

jesse nolan

Works perfectly!! Didnt think it would work, but if setup properly(to the inch) it acctually is right on with a real chrony

Laurence Gough

Is there any chance this app can be unacurate if it hears an echo or something from fences etc. It's saying my rifle is only 7 ft lb with all the correct settings and measured to the cm. Tested with two different phones. Great app anyway thanks

Al Naz

Nice app Great app. Works very well. Wish I could export or important results so I could share between devices. Other than that its a great app.

Adam Valdes

Works Used it to chrony my all metal Daisy 880 (1979 model) pump air rifle. Worked great. Read the directions if you don't know what you're doing.

Bashar Samriey

Save your time This app never work correctly, I did everything and tried everything and same result, my M4 it shot 380FPS and this app showing me 122FPS, I shot one BB it show shot count 30!! These 29 shot come from where?

Rio Beristyo

Yes.... it's really great app It works with bb too, just change the weight to your bb's gram

Cobus van der Merwe

Works perfectly It was a little bit of a mission at first to get all the settings sorted out. But once I have adjusted the sensitivity levels to suit the environment and measured the exact distances to the millimeter, it worked perfectly every time. Will try it out on my handguns soon, because they are Chrony killers.


Worked just twice then... It worked wonderfully a couple of times, showing actual airgun velocity on two pellet pistols. Then all readings started showing 0 fps. I tried reinstalling, resetting, everything. Makes me think they just want you to have a taste of it so you go and pay for the pro version

Timothy A

Did not work at all. Could not get past first screen. Just where do you enter anything?

Thro 'ellet

Can't open menu Please add a menu button, on alot of phones u can't open the menu

rob carston

Robzzy5 Works...sometimes. When it does it is accurate.

Leslie Schaub

Chrono Connect Lite Great app. Since I have a silent pellet trap, I had to put a piece of plywood in front of the trap. The velocity readings were dead on with the chrono printout that was shipped with my new QB78. I love it and have purchased the Pro version. Saved me about $150 as I would have otherwise bought an electronic chrono. Plus my Chrono Connect is always right there on my cellphone.

Sal Romo

Not accurate not reliable Was reading about 300 fps low. Most of the time it would not respond to the shot.

Jonathan Shaw

Best free chrono Fired 5 shots with settings set as close as i could guesstimate and got accurate results. 450fps and 6.9 ft/lb from a loft found Relum Tornado 22

Donovan Ritter

Garbage Don't waste your time on free version

david kemp

Load error No good for me as the app would not load properly ?


Galaxy s7 Monitor screen is all I can access. No menu or settings button to be able to add my measurements etc. Please fix. Uninstalled, very disappointed!

Aman Minty

Dosen't work There is no way to change any setting only button to start monitoring

Michael Kennedy

Work fine on samsung To enter settings long hold close windows button (NOT HOME OR BACK ) let's you input the needed details to get accurate.

Phil Simon

Can't enter variables I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini which doesn't have the button for settings like it's predecessor. This means there is no way to enter the distances etc as the app doesn't have any software buttons to enable you to set the variables. Theory is good though, just not useable on S5s.

Patrick McCreight

Complete Crap! How do i enter my data? I can't find a settings/options button

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