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8 Nov
Chrome Browser - Google

Posted by Google Inc. in Communication | Nov. 8, 2016 | 268 Comments

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Browse fast on your Android phone and tablet with the Google Chrome browser you love on desktop. Pick up where you left off on your other devices with tab sync, search by voice, and save up to 50% of data usage while browsing.

Sync Across Devices - seamlessly access and open tabs and bookmarks from your laptop, phone or tablet

Save Data - reduce mobile data usage by up to 50% while browsing

Faster Browsing - choose from search results that instantly appear as you type and quickly access previously visited pages

Voice Search - use the magic of Google voice search to find answers on-the-go without typing

Translate - easily read webpages in any language

Intuitive Gestures - open as many tabs as your heart desires and quickly flip through them by swiping from side to side on the toolbar

Privacy - use Incognito mode to browse without saving your history

Whats new

    • Bug fixes and speedy performance improvements

Google Inc. part of our Communication and have average installs from 1000000000 to 5000000000. Last Update Nov. 8, 2016. Google play rating is 84.8109. Current verison is Varies with device. Actual size 0 bytes.

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Jessica P

TAKES TOO MUCH SPACE All these updates and you can't do something about all the memory it takes up!? What's up with this!?!? May end up just deleting it and searching for one that doesn't take up SO MUCH [email protected] space!!

Ardhana Atmayudha

Where is the tab button? And how to close it? Really really disappointed. There is no more tab button, I don't know hot to move from one tab to other tab. Then, I don't know how to close it since there is no close button. Please bring tab and close button back!

Ally Ghiette

Not as good as it used to be I cant no longer play any YouTube video, the tabs button is gone, runs slow and take too much space. I miss the old chrome. Once fixed, I'll change my rating.

Ken Amirault

Won't close. Chrome app does not close after using. It remains in active applications until I force stop it. Is draining my battery. Can you help?

Lorena Powell

My Tabs on Top Right of Screen Are Gone I used to be able to flip through my different Web pages I was looking at the same time. Now that window with the number of pages I could flip through is gone. I have no idea how to keep several pages open at the same time like I used to.

Chloe Jones

Totally Broken When ever i get on to Chrome, it says "chrome is not repsonding." It happens every single time. With better reception, with wifi, with blutooth. EVERYTHING

Christopher Adi Pascual

Honest feedback Why people use dolphin than chrome and stock? Dolphin has exit button, with option to clear everything as you exit. This one persists in memory

Nesi C.

Downgrade Newest "update" doesn't allow you to have multiple tabs opened at once. Only 1 tab at a time, like in 2001 Internet Explorer. Lol

Dan Duncan

Please fix I really don't like the pull down to refresh I would rather see a button because I end up accidentally refreshing the page when finding the top of the website.... Nice try though plus this browser could be a lot faster and smoother than it is

Kevin Taylor

ok but not effective plays the music in a smaller window but not small enough. no sizable option. no visibal volume controle. could be better

A Google User

Next book series #7 Chrome is still a pretty decent browser. The top rated search suggestions are a great help, and spelling stuff incorrectly doesn't seem to delay my research so for all Intent's and purposes, Chrome, not just a shiny metal for cobra commanders melon head. ?

Geri Champeau

Updates On 4/19/15 I updated this app. On 4/27/15 you sent me an update again and I updated this app once again. Today on 4/30/15 you set me an update for this app again three days later. why is it necessary to update this app every 3 to 10 days. Very very dissatisfied if I could give you 0 stars I would.

Austin Lakeman

TABS have NOT DISAPPEARED ppl. When you updated this app, it tells you that the tabs are built in to the Recent Apps shortcut/button. IF YOU REALLY WANT YOUR PRECIOUS TAB BUTTON, GO INTO SETTINGS AND TURN OFF 'Merge tabs and apps'

Tucker Karman

Got a little better Okay,the refresh button is hidden in the menu button,but you can also scroll up on the top of the screen to refresh like some apps have done(ex Facebook).I really like that.And while the on screen menu button on the top right lets me swipe down from it and release on a selection to perform that action,I still wish I had the option to hide it.Chromalso seems to be losing tabs less,although that should never happen.I havent tried the Samsung app for Chrome that maybe fixes some bugs yet lets see how that goes

Melanie Sue

Doesn't accept certain players To much content can't be watched because the player is moot compatible with Chrome. I don't have that problem with Safari.

Daniel Correa

Where the hell did my tabs go? Now I can't go back to my pages I had opened a second ago. I now have to reload any page I just viewed all over. You can only have one page opened at a time. Chrome has gone to the dogs.

Vikash Bhushan

Really I never wrote any comments on Google Chrome but surprised how some one can write on behalf of me and gave 5 stars. Plz user be careful.

Liam Doyle

My favorite browser. Only one problem and that is that there are hardly any plugins but Google I know you will work on that. Running CyanogenMod 11 on Nexus 4 Mako

Jacobo Matta

Enough Is enough I love Google and all their products but chrome has been destroyed with a HUGE waste of space. God knows why... it also is destroying my ram and casing lag on my phone. Sorry to day goodbye :(. Will come back if this is addressed

Craig Feser

It's basically a joke now. Brutal load times, constant crashes, aww snap over and over, regressive functional design changes, and serious bloat. Google wtf are you doing?

Jay Scorpio

Space! WOW! This app is like's gobbling memory up like power pellets! I will research some others today,and get rid of Chrome!!

Bablu Raja

Google we are not BETA TESTERS is this beta or real app seriously so many bugs and it even lags while scrolling a web page my internet explorer on my lumia 925 works much better than this crap waiting for windows 10 flagship had enough of the lag shit im done with beta os


STILL...still.. still.. Can't sign in Newest update didnt fix login issues... New update won't accept my correct email password... how about you fix your app!! Google shouldn't take weeks to fix a simple issue.. fix this issue!!!

Absolution Absolution

Not as fast as Lightning Browser Webview helps a lot but there are still better browsers and more extension friendly browsers like Firefox.

Jeffrey Maxson

How does Google struggle this much Pictures won't download anymore, it's gotten slower and some pages just won't open. I've had none of these issues with the other browsers.

made sidhi

Seriously ? A company with a handful of Devs and hearing power. You clearly nor listening to your user. See all user comments below

Hamish Lindsay

Latest update kills app Don't bother with Chrome until they fix this update, tabs are gone and it's about as user unfriendly as an app can get. Avoid. Seriously.

Muhammad Hanif

Best internet app This app is great really. The only thing to blame is my outdated phone (Galaxy Note GT-N7000). I'm gonna need a software update

Andrei-Ionut Ifrim

What are u doing? Where are the tabs? Can't close the tabs, can't make new tabs. What is wrong? Is it my phone or what?

jinx wu

Not good enough There are a lot of plug-ins..a lot of advertisements..every time i try to read a manga it always end up being redirected to another site saying that my phone is low on space and needs to be clean, try this and that,or sometimes the plug-ins are about your phone needs to be updated, download this things to have your phone updated..but when i tried the answer would be, your phone is up to date.. Now tell me, what's so good about it??if only i could uninstall this app, I WILL!!

Jordan Rodgers

Total Blackmale You need chrome but it takes,too much space so you cannot download anything else total ripoff

Harsh Agrawal

Not Working Properly Working fine but some time sites show notification like (Your password is expired in next 60 days change it now or later) When this type notification appears a blank tab opened and I can't type or search URL and can't open any new tabs. Please fix this problem. I can't do my works correctly. Please fix this problem. Please Please Please. .............. update it fast please. I can't wait more plz fix this problem


This is the only browser I use but I used to be able to open as many tabs as I want, after one of the updates I am no longer able to do so.

Cappa sarge

Dear google when I type in my local weather it gives the wrong weather, I live in England and it always telling me it going to be hot hot hot like in 30 40 hahaha google it never gets that hot lol Dont like the pull down refresh feature Arrgghhh this is doing my head in I keep refreshing the page haha but ?

Anna Maria Nowak

takes way too much space but works fine for me. no issues with tabs or anything. gets a little laggy when there's a lot of ads on a website, but other than that it's fast and smooth.

Rahna Jacob

I can't load a single thing from websites like tumblr due to chrome's data compression and the only thing it says is to try reloading, which emphatically does not work.

Tonya Gust

Why, Google, WHYYYY? It wasn't broke! It didn't need to be fixed. Now it is jacked beyond usability! How the heck do i close tabs? If anyone can recommend a good browser for my S5 Sport, plz let me know because #GOOGLERIGHTNOWIHATEYOU

Pikachu No.025

Its great but... Everyone knows google is the best internet browser right? Well, what I don't like is that: EVERYONE (An estimated 318.9 million in the U.S. alone) that uses a phone or computer most likely uses Google, so that means those 318.9 million are being spied on by there own government. Your E-mail, history(includes everything you searched), cookies, IDENTITY, and EXACT LOCATION are kept as "metadata" in some super computer to keep track of potential terrorists. But we're not all terrorists, so we are ALL on this.

Aliaksei Piatrushenka

Does not work after last update I do not know what are you doing with it, but now it fails almost every time I use it...

Ana Ululiyatul

Give me back the tab I have been a pretty loyal user of chrome until yesterday I updated and the tab option to enable me go through several pages at once disappeared. Appreciate if you could fix this, because it is so troublesome.

Lloyd Banks

Clipboard on Samsung Piece of .... add support stock clipboard on Samsung devices.

A Google User

Deleted my tabs and no recovery What use is the google sync in chrome for if android deleted most of my open tabs in Chrome and the damn sync has nothing saved up so I lost everything. Same thing happened to my wife's android phone twice in the past week and never before that.

Evan Rosemore

Took away tabs on galaxy S4 active The lower left button still goes to settings instead of tabs. And the other tabs button was taken away. Please help or reply with a solution and I will update my review, thanks.

jay n

First of all!! If u want to delete it data / history on chrome, then go to it settings on it device, then storage, apps, and clear it cache on the chrome application. It should delete all of if u lost it info in it sync then u need to do the automatic back up. And make sure the restore back up is checked in your settings. And make sure in your account settings on ur device that everything is checked for the things you want synced. I've never had problems with chrome.

Laura Smith

No more tabs I used chrome over any other internet because of the tab option. When it updated on the s4, it took away this feature. It said that the left button would control the tabs, but it only brings up settings.

Lam Lai

Please bring back tabbed browsing You know what the whole 'each webpage in its own window' thing reminds me of? Internet explorer circa 2005. Can't believe this is happening in 2015 with Google's latest mobile OS.

Carlos Garcia

Aw, snap! Aw, snap! Message frequently appears in the android version I wish Google could automatically solve this issue with an update cause solutions on internet did not work nor those on help section. Thanks!

Stefanie Rueffer

Chrome stopped working Don't know of I'm the only one, but I can no longer get chrome to do anything. I type something in the bar and it doesn't even try to load

Ra kun

Tabs suddenly gone Please fix this crash, my tabs are all suddenly gone. It's not just for android but also happened for the ipad.

Clint Karam

Why try fix what aint broke Wheres the tabs? Why every time i go between apps does the page need to reload. Please fix this. I dont want to have to use other products.

Matthew Rowe

Gone downhill... Why cant I close pages anymore.. Or have multiple pages open. This New update sucks. Why keep changing stuff thats working. By all means add securiry.features, but why disable being able to close a tab/page. Its the securw way of exiting your browser

bz stone

Tabbed browsing still here dummies! It's in the settings, it says so when you 1st open after updating! Learn to read.

Rachel Ranf

Um... I don't know if this is happening to anyone else, but websites aren't fully loading for me. I can access them well enough, but there are missing elements. It didn't happen before the update, so what's going on?


Chime Videos failed I've Done Everything I can to find out why chrome isn't downloading videos everytime I downloaded a specific video it fails to download

Charles Foulks

Don't know what is going on with this app, when I first had it, it was great, it opened up like the Google home page and I could search from there. That was awesome. Somehow it changed and I had to hit 2 to 3 things before I got to the search page.... now I have to put in my cell # and it takes me to sprint for some reason.... really upset and wish I could get help. I would love to have it back to the way it used to be

eyad ashraf

Something is wrong Google Chrome no longer clear browsing data from history after last update I have to delete them manually one by one.

Vignesh Raghavan

Browsing history Even after clearing my browsing history in normal mode in my latest moto g 2nd gen, i am able to go to the pages i have previously visited by pressing the back button again n again.. what is the browsing history clear doing? Nothing i guess. please take a note n fix this bug. Also, i can move from page 2 to page 1 by pressing back button. Is there a short way to go to page 2 from page 1 after i have pressed back button?

Google Bites

Doesn't load most of the time When I first got my s5, chrome worked fine. But for the past month, pages don't load. I don't get any kind of error message, just a blank screen. Reloading doesn't help. Home wifi, data, work wifi, cafe wifi, it doesn't matter. I am tired of it and ready to go back to my iPhone because of this problem.

A Google User

HTML5 improvement or Flash back! Samsung Browsers (S3 etc) still excel with higher html5 score (434), Opera 14 (beta) (450), BB10 and Dolphin Beta even better 480+. Opera 12, Chrome and Firefox you lucky to get 80% (400) Also whats this nonsense 'Chrome - browser from Google', growing trend of excessive naming and or stating obvious. They do not think people so dumb surely?


Good Update Love the new update. It has fixed a lot of previous issues and bugs. Haven't had a forced close since the update. Also the touch to learn function works very well, and I have found myself using it very frequently.

Sunil Kumar

My most preferred is now least wanted After every update, all the 50 plus open tabs goes off, Team to make sure that open tabs still remain after updating as well.

Danny Cyclone

Recent update ruins it This management of tabs in the browser used to work really well, as far as I'm concerned. The recent update which moves all chrome tabs to the recent apps screen/button really destroys the functionality of chrome as a browser, for me. I often wipe the recent apps list, for a number of reasons, and now this also wipes any and all tabs that were open, whereas in previous versions these tabs were retained. I really wish I could easily revert my version.

Tuấn Anh Hoàng Công

Frequent sites I think it has a bug about the frequent-sites function. After the lastest update, all frequent page shortcuts are gone. Reinstalling chrome did bring the function back (pages that i viewed right after the reinstallation got listed). But after some time it's gone again. This bug might be related to some other bugs about "browsing history" function. Cuz when it happens, chrome does not show hints of history when i type things into address bar. My phone is HTC Droid Dna, android 4.4 whith sense 6 by HTC.

Don't Care

Crashing a ton on Galaxy S6 If I have not used Chrome in an hour or more and I try to open the app no matter if I have force stopped it, no tabs open or just closed it with more then 1 tab open the dumb thing shuts down like I just hit my home button while trying to navigate. It is a huge pain in the butt because it happens constantly and now getting more often. Many times the pause between use is getting shorter. Please fix, I didn't have this issue on my S5.

MichaelAnthony garza

Recent problem Ive had no problems with chrome until recently. I will go to a website and with out me clicking anything it will load up the Google Play website a couple minutes later I don't know what the problem is please help or fix

R. Roles

HAVE HAD NOTHING BUT ISSUES! Chrome was preinstalled on my LG-G3 mobile phone/OS Lollipop5.0 & this browser takes forever to load. It's seriously like watching paint dry! I had it on my old Motorola Droid Razr MaxxHD & Chrome completely stopped working on it. I thought on a newer phone with a new OS it would work better than it does. Only plus side is, after all the time it takes to load, I can read/see the site fine... but if I have to click on another link, I might as well watch more paint dry!

rommel cala

not working the last update was terrible. chrome doesnt load the page. even cleared cache and all. just pure blank page. please fix ASAP.

JP Javelona

Still not as fast on older devices (Nexus 7, 2012) running Lollipop. However, seems to be improving with the last update.

Dina Droubi

Crash all the time since update I used this chrome for many years in my phone and it was the best. But right now since updated, it keeps crashig all the time when im reading. When it crashed, it takes me back to the home page and I have to go to the chrome to go back the site all the way again. Its really annoying and it never stop. Plz fix this.

Randell Waller

The download takes waaaaay to much space and takes forever! Really? If I didnt have so much time and money invested I would have said screw it and deleted it!!!

A Google User

Fast and accurate, but lacks features Renders well (slowly on older devices). Lacks ability to import bookmarks from other mobile browsers - something almost all other browsers support. Very few features like plugins and save pages. It's fast and stable. Firefox offers more features, but is slower and less stable.

Jack ______________

This is the only app that deserves fries because of the Google search engines that they have if you have to unlock building in was where was it whatever right now I am using Google Play to do this, so by the way this is the only apps I really deserve a 5-star except for Netflix you know Netflix is awesome you still get it yeah asking me you have any questions about why the sucks that something I already have on my tablet then you know kind of weird like oh yeah 1 billion downloads for this one thing yeah so impressive sexually demanded on the bunch of stuff it's automatically downloaded into your system you don't have choice but you can understand it pretty easily on me either just go to the app or go to your App Center and hold on the app you know I can right click and then drag it to the remove if you have a nextbook tablet or a Samsung tablet or a Samsung phone other phones are not familiar like the piece of crap that your call the iPhone

Brian Bee

Data disappearing I love the idea of the app, but when I look back at days I've reached my goal and it gives me a big fat zero, that is extremely demoralizing.

Mousumi Basak

It's being worse app day by day. Make it faster. Add some features to access it easily. And reduce file size, file size raising every update. And most important feature flash video, still chorme can't play flash video in browser. Do something guys about it every one need this.

Janine Parrish

Update SUCKS!! PLEASE FIX Chrome was working great - until the last update. Now links and bookmarks fail to open, page loading is at a snail's pace and browsing is extremely slow. My WiFi signal strength is excellent and my phone (moto g 2nd gen) is practically brand new. Please fix this.

Hugh Messenger

Hard to beat. It's Chrome Onna Phone. What's not to love? Getting more awesome with every update. Six stars!

Ravi Antani

New bugs make it unusable I love Chrome. But a recent update seems to have introduced lots of bugs. If I tap a URL from another app and pull up Chrome, it doesn't begin to load it. I have to copy the URL, open another tab, and dump it in. It's also crashing quite often. To the Beta!

Anna Maria Nowak

takes way too much space but works fine for me. no issues with tabs or anything. gets a little laggy when there's a lot of ads on a website, but other than that it's fast and smooth, runs faster after the newest update.

sara mendoza

I used this all the time for like 3 years now and I thought it runned pretty good but now all of sudden its not working it only says an error occured. It litterally doesn't even let me open the google chrome app. I dont know if its my phone or the app in general?

Luke Romano

tab managment is god awful why the hell are you changing somethink that works. nice plus button to open a new tab and next to it a tab scroll button... now i have to go into a menu and from menu chose tab list or use samsung app button that is designed for alps not tabs... annoying

Colby Fry

Blank page Every three searches or so this app will load a blank page and no matter how many times you refresh the page it will still happen. You can fix this by restarting the app but it's so annoying.

Paula Abul

Where did the long-click option for 'copy image url' go? The only relevant options now are 'copy link' which is often to an entirely different page, 'open image' which opens it in the same tab causing you to lose your place on the previous page, and 'share image' which has failed for an unknown reason every time I have tried it.

Mathieu Hérard-Vienneau

Sucks. Everytime i long press to download a picture. It doesnt show up in my gallery. I even tried the internet browser app on my lgg3 and it works. So its cleary chrome having issues as usual

sharma sudhir

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Nikhyl Soorajbally

Won't auto download pdf files For some reason, when I click on pdf files, it tries to open the pdf file from my pdf reader app, and it fails. Usually it used to automatically download the pdf file and I could access it from my downloads folder

Linda Marshall

Google Chrome I like Google Chrome and use it on my laptop and tablet. I am having a problem with it on my tablet it will not allow me to comment on Facebook. I have started using Firefox because of this. Please fix it I prefer Google.

Rajorsi Roy Chowdhury

?This is not expected from Google Background tabs always reload when going back and forth. It lacks many functionalities like image share. Google must learn from other browsers like UC Browser

Dario Carlino

Images take forever to download They appear in the gallery after a while, or after I restart my phone. It's the only app doing this.

Yener Ozturk

Ehhh.. Anyone remember when this app was only like 5mb's? Now it's a whopping 55, and getting worse. Step it up Google.

alif akhmizan

Getting better. Fast browsing experience + with data saver ability. Ad-blocker should be adapt into chrome browser also since most factory browser started to implement it. App size is somehow problematic for smartphone with limited internal storage. Should provide chrome browser lite edition.

Rena Honn

Unhappy with update I've never had a problem until now. I search something... Click images and half the images are cut off... Maybe it's to encourage a visit to the site it comes from but I'd rather view the info I'm searching for in the images section! Now I can't. Highly disappointed and considering a new search engine

Guy Martin

I have always thought highly of google products When google was 1st released many years ago now, I downloaded it as many others around would have done. Google since then has been through a number of iterations and we now have google+ and google chrome to use and I use it a lot. However google+ is where I need jump from. If I were just starting to use my phone now, I would use Chrome; because it is safer for the user, harder for hackers etc. I have no trouble recommending Chrome to anyone. ______________________________G.H.Martin (G.G.)

garry smith

Çhrome stinks and here is why!! I have a motorola; moto g; second generation. Two yrs old. And this chrome ( so called great browser) freezes my phone and i must restart it every hour. This means i cannot use google search or even recieve or send calls. It stinks like a terd

shurui katamarimasu

Upgrade pages I use 360 security and I'm fine but whenever I go to chrome it gives me a upgrade page saying my battery has been hacked from visiting adult websites and having malicious apps, but I deleted the app and I don't have any adult history on them at all unless it's yahoo or Facebook I don't know what it's doing. But even when I'm not going to chrome but like youtube or a game it takes me to that upgrade page. It's getting annoying even when I factory reset both devices please fix.

Pema Galey

File Downloading Not Working (Samsung S3) Older version doesn't have problem in downloading files but with this updated version I am not able to download it.. plz solve this issue.

Eric Puglielli

Why can't I open image in new tab anymore? Why did we lose the ability to "open image in new tab?" Why no FAB? Would be wonderful to have a FAB to open new tabs rather than digging through the settings. Would add that final Material Design touch. Also, seems to have this annoying issue lately of selecting links (such as ads or imbedded videos) if I touch them while scrolling down a webpage with my finger. Almost woke my newborn!

Batool Rabia

Bookmarks layout Doesn't crash like before but I really don't like the layout of the bookmarks. I want the old one back ?

Phelecia Junior

Chrome has failed me. ZERO stars! Chrome was working fine until after the last update. Now i get an "Aw, Snap!" error message every time i try to load a page. Also every time i am going to use the keyboard, it disappears! It have to reload page several times before i can actually type and then the other issue takes effect. Lame. Guess I'll have to try a different browser.

Chandler Carrier

There shouldn't be a "Close all Tabs" button UNLESS Unless it asks you "are you sure" first I've made that error 3 times now. Also what's with the last update and no open image in new tab button?

karllt gear

Old version was better The new way you go between tabs is nice if they actually gave a preview of it first and would show the page name and not the html. I use about 50 tabs and it would be better if there was a way to sort pages becase some people may have a website in the background that they don't use much but it is anoying when you have to look for the html link for the website so add sorting and a way to have old tabs back (the new layout for tabs gives me a delay)

Shalom Banerjee

M Using LENOVO YOGA 8 B6000-HV... With New Updates I'm Not Able To Post Any Thing On Facebook... Please Fix It... Please Fix It Soon... Please... Thank You...

Jenni Faison

Cannot access bookmarks with multiple users This is not a good feature. I should be able to access my bookmarks even though I have multiple accounts on my Android device.

Ray D

Hangs on Wikipedia Whatever update there was around mid-January of 2016, makes Chrome hang on the mobile Wikipedia site. After two or three notifications that Chrome is not responding, if I keep choosing "wait", it sluggishly loads the page. I'm also not thrilled with the reduced options when long pressing images. I'll use my Dolphin Jetpack (browser with Flash support) until the Wikipedia problem is fixed. A good browser helps me to avoid downloading invasive apps for websites such as Wikipedia, Facebook, & YouTube.

Memo Norain

It is very good. But It really need ad and pop up blocker adon. Because there is really very bad and unblock able, Un closable ads every where. In compare, Firefox is doing magnificent in this category with add on''s.

Teresa S

Disorganized Bookmarks When you click bookmarks it takes you to all bookmarks by default. Any organization Chrome browser once had is now gone and all bookmarks are cluttered together in one big mess. Come on Google!! Please fix. Several months have now passed with no fix. ZERO STARS! Nexus 7 2013 6.0.1

Lucas Snowfall

A shame The main android browser is awful, too big, slow as desktop version. I don't recommend to anyone. Best options like CM Browser or UC Browser.

CorDarius Jones

Bugs Videos wont play anymore. I click play and it just blinks the pause/play button. Only way I'm able to view is if i copy and paste the URL into another web browser.

Janine X

dude what is going on no matter what image it is, ANY image i try to download always has an error and when i try to use said image it says "error loading image". i think i'll switch back to opera

Dorian Gray

One thing I wanna know I just wanna know what's the differences between Chrome Beta, Chrome Dev. Can anyone tell me plz? Thanks.

Adam Sigmund

go home chrome android, you're drunk. browse a site like Engadget with this new version of chrome, now browse it with the latest version of Firefox. chrome is getting worse now. it's over.. oh and now you want more of my phone space while offering laggier performance and less features (nixing open image in new tab)?! No way. Go home chrome android, you're drunk. Fix your game. I'll be using FF, they actually care about improving their android browser.

Dean Luck

Refresh Icon & Bookmarks By Default The new look is pretty cool but now its lost its simple functionality like the removal of the Refresh Icon in the status bar and when I open a new tab, I want the next page to automatically take me to my Bookmarks Page, I shouldn't have to click on the little star every time to access my favourite bookmarks. Please restore that simple functionality like it was in the previous versions!

David Grimes

Battery Killer I only have to use this app for 5 minutes to lose 5% battery life. That's completely ridiculous, I might have to use a new browser

Kalpesh Patel

Kmp Worst app. Doesnt open google. When u search something, again it ask " do u want to search in Google or Internet Explorer".... very stupid & not acceptable, & make this app without using his/her brain...if u dont know then plz dont waste urs & public time....

camillia jordan

But takes up wayyy to much space dont have any room for the apps i really want and use

Erin Elizabeth Sweeney

Very buggy since automatic update Has started to crash consistently even though I have few apps actively running and only one window of Chrome up (even on Wi-Fi). Normally love this app, but the developers need to take a second look at the recent updates.

sasa lesa

So many ads. 55 mb app size, this is definitely insane. Anyway, seems faster and reliable than old version(s).

Jared Willcutts

The keyboard doesn't pop up on the Note 4 It doesnt automatically open, you have to tap the search bar about 5 seconds after the app is open to have the keyboard pop up, otherwise it doesn't register and you sit there waiting thinking it will open

Selwyn Christianson

Google, come on. When typing my keyboard disappears for no reason and I have to close and reopen the app to make it work again, but this doesnt occur on other apps, and it didn't happen on the earlier version of the app. The other issue is the ads. They pop up and won't go away. Come on Google! These ads weren't on the older version, and it isn't the wesites I visit.

Nutchapon Srikosai

Turn off drive pdf viewer after new update, when i download pdf file it open to drive pdf viewer and don't download normally. And when i download from this program, it save to data/data which is secure zone for non-root that mean i cannot to manage that file. So turn it off, it make me nervous

Guillermo Ramírez

Ok When I search for something some kind of warning comes out "These results are on spanish, do you want to change them?" what the heck Google? It only does nothing and is very annoying, Material design would be great

Deepak Kumar

Browse like doing it from a pc Best android browser. For the developers, please make your download process some more smooth as on low network speed the downloading automatically stops and restarts from begin.

bruce petrie

Too little memory left to update Have to sync bookmarks, then uninstall chrome and install new version and then resync. what a pain. 2nd update in a day and here we go again. Too much memory required during installation. Have to have 375 MB free or install fails??? Dumping app cache and system cache does nothing useful.

Waleed Ch

Same issue...!! Please fix this, it is there even after many updates..(galaxy tab 4, kitkat) Whenever I play a video and makes it forward it works..But after 1 or 2 times of forwarding it only changes time from the bottom bar while video does not respond to command and keep playing at previous position..


BEST BROWSER!! Let's all talk about this the Google Chrome browser Is The #1 Browser it's fast and they don't ask me for a single $- PLUS no ads only websites you visit have ads- FIREFOX IS VERY SLOW and so is silk and safari don't even get me started I think everyone should stick with chrome for the rest of there life noting can beat CHROME!

Angelo Louverdis

Needs work. Crashes often (poor resource management), reload button, built in ad blocker, and incognito mode like the desktop version.


Now I love it Thanks to the new update, Chrome is faster, quicker and great for when you are in a hurry.:-):-):-)

Mike V8

Note 5 S-Pen doesn't work Note 5 Marshmallow: S-Pen select, scrolling hovering does not work after updating to Marshmallow! Fix ASAP!


History I still can't clear my browsing history. Each visited site has to be cleared one at a time. Still the same after the update 26-04-16

Claudiu Lucian

Try other browser After updtae android 5.0 this browser had become crushy and sluggish... Poor google ,nothing runs as well after the big update... lollipop :(

Steven Tunley

No changelogs for every update. Getting bloated and... no options compared to every other browser. And much more laggy with it.

Janie Parker

Easy to use Quick and uncomplicated. Nothing easier for Android.


Extensions? Extensions would be nice to have on chrome for android.

Fahad Hussain

Great browser. The title says it all...

Julius Caesar Calades

excellent amazing... i found this a very useful application

Mani Murugesan

The Standard for any Browser This is the standard with which other browsers are compared

Apurba Roy

Add Ad blocker Please add an ad blocker....

Abdul Rauf

Synchronization between PC version and mobile version is wonderful

Mayuresh Purandare

Good browser Browsing is nice..but update size is gigantic ...

Ruben Potgieter

For now anyway Rating this according to the fact that I can keep my bookmarks, if that goes though...

Soubhagya Ranjan Das

Very good browser Nice feature and speed

Jason Denis

Ads galore To many ads

Giang Doan

Where is the desktop bookmark folder? When bookmarking a page from phone, there is no desktop folder to choose. Okay, but there is no mobile folder in the desktop Chrome app. Are you kidding me?

Jose Arreola

Can't download files straight to SD card Why can't we set downloaded files to SD card instead of internal. I would rate higher if that is possible..

Sayfur R Jewel

very good app

Katrina Seick

Browser It seems to be spot on when I use this browser in comparison to other's not to mention the names. Gave it a 4 rating because there's always room for improvement.

pinky choudhary

I Liked it

Mehedi Hasan Sakib

great everything is fine after new update

Suresh kholi

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Sonakshi Gupta

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Ed T

Note 4 OEM Android 5.1.1 USED TO BE my FAVORITE browser, but Chrome browser DOES NOT support Adobe Flash Player any more. If your Desktop Chrome browser has synced it's bookmarks to mobile and it is vast, note there is no way Android version can sift/search through them except by scrolling through them. Nearly impossible if you have years of build-up

A Google User

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Manish Mittal

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Sonakshi Kapoor

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Alexandra Pedro

Heavy Chrome is my go to browser on both desktop and mobile, however this latest version has some bugs and is heavy when compared with competitor dolphin browser. The account sync is a must and the greatest advantage of chrome.

Ri Lki

Blocked search engines Why must Google block users from choosing other search engines on this updated version, why block users PREFERENCES? That method is not ethical. FREEDOM OF CHOICES SHOULD BE ALLOWED. SMH. TGFOO! Medium security risk why am I getting that feedback? I thought google products had no security risk?

Tucker Karman

Got a little better Okay,the refresh button is hidden in the menu button,but you can also scroll up on the top of the screen to refresh like some apps have done(ex Facebook).I really like that.And while the on screen menu button on the top right lets me swipe down from it and release on a selection to perform that action,I still wish I had the option to hide it.

S Galaxy

Awful update, tabs are gone! Bring back the tabs! The multiple tabs are gone with this update and it is so hard to use now, especially when the best part of chrome are the tabs. It is awful to use now, bring back the tabs please.

Chase Page

Chrome error(s) as of 6-3-2016 Chrome has stopped. To report or not to report? -Hijacks your screen until you make a 'command' decision. Once you've committed yourself (and your phone to error-loop-hell) it cycles frequently but irregularly through the same message. Dumped the cache and skip-to-final conclusion came the removal of the update. Problem solved. Not satisfyingly but with patience. Google still has some fine works: Chrome seems worth a breath and break from razors cutting-edge to trusty everyday blade. Thanks all.

Anthony Myers

Awful It's as if Google purposely tried to make this app awful. Not only is the new layout terrible but if I get a pop-up on a website I cannot just delete that one open browser page to get rid of it. I now have to delete all open browsers. What gives Google?

Chelsea Schuster

Merge tabs I hate chrome now!!! I just want to merge my tabs on with my apps. In so frustrated

Aaron Cantrall

Bring back merged tabs and apps Loved the merged tabs and apps, the new version removed this option. That's not an update, that's a downgrade. Sure maybe don't make it the default, but there is no reason to take away the option, some of us actually liked it!! ???

J.R. Reyes

Recent updates kinda suck So apparently now after the recent updates (if you're limited in data from your carrier thus having slow speeds) you can no longer watch 20-25 minute videos and leave your phone there to load up the video because once you do that whereas before you press play and it shows how much of the video you've load up and it starts playing. Now not only does the video not show you how much you've load up but now it just stays stuck there and you have to start all over again.

Quantre Rockett

This is one of Google's number one apps I love the way it syncs my data from my laptop to my phone I'll give it 10 Stars if I could

Joshua Bosco

A bit laggy after the last update I love Chrome. I'll never use something different to browse. BUT.. after the last update its performance has been sub par. It lags when I want to change tab, when I click on a link and it needs to open a new tab, etc..

Stefano Massetti

bug fixes and speedy performances ??? always the same descriptions, now the app should be bugs free and superfast ...

grass Watcher

Bring back "merge tabs and apps" I could understand making in app tabs the default instead of merged, but removing the option altogether is both stupid and annoying.

Mike Menzel

What happened? I finally got used to the merged apps and tab thing, and now you remove it. Bring it back.

Junaid Ahmed

Merge tabs and apps Why remove an option just because it's being used by the minority of users? Please give back the option to merge tabs and apps. In app tabs are not what every user likes or wants.

kayleigh Brantner

I love it but.. After the update it doesn't just open to my home page it keeps everything up unless you close the tab. I don't like this, I need to go to my home page not click new tab or open to the last page I was on.

Modesto Manuel

Great browser but I like it a lot, it's simple easy to use than any browser I've tried. It played all of my favorite online streaming sites to watch cartoons, and anime. But the latest version of it, i can't seem to watch my online streaming sites, they say that to turn on my cookies and Java but it's on. Idk what's the reason. So I hope that Google could fix it.

Tim Carlsson

Give me back the "merge tabs" Option. I really like to use chrome but without the merge tabs options it is quite difficult to use on larger phones. At least give us the option back please...

niladri sadhukhan

Please bring back the merged tab Chrome is the hands down the best browser I have ever used. However, not sure why the merged tab option has been removed? With Android N there will be multi window/multi tasking feature. The merged tab would be ideal for comparing the contents between two tabs side by side or even fill out some information referring to the other tab.

Angel Carsi

Browser Very good browsers, I would not use any other to tell you the truth.

Craig Mellor

... I just like to see my main screen what I have been on last not my last page. I dont want it to remember thats taking up resources to me...

David Vays

Unmerge tabs please Would rate higher if the option to UN-merge tabs was there. This was a useful feature that's been removed.

Aidan Brown

Why I just got used to having tabs separated in my recent applications feed. Now it's back to tabs piled together in app, and there's no setting for me to change it. At least let me have the option.

Daniel B

Why did you change it? Google removed the tab cards so you have to switch tabs in the browser. Also, no option to automatically close tabs on exit. I might as well use Firefox.

Sabs T

Why did you completely change it? I understand bugs and performance issues, but it's 1000% worse now. Insanely laggy, the tab things ridiculous and it keeps all windows saved and open, even after you've closed it. I guess I'll be going back to Firefox :/

Richard Savage

Sad end Used to be the best browser out there. Now the bookmark widget doesn't even work. I'm off to find another browser. A sad end, really...

Hazzy B

Much better. The "switch tasks" to change tabs was annoying... I have a phablet (Nexus 6p).

Jessica Wright

TABS! Yes, you finally brought tabs back! Thanks so much. The product is literally the bees knees.

Adrian L

Merge tabs and apps gone What happened? Bring this back now please. It became a habit now it's screwed up.

Christopher Santoro

Removal of merged tabs/apps sucks Chrome is a great browser and I really liked the merged tabs/apps feature which was just removed. I am quite upset that it is gone. Also, the feature was never available on my Nexus 9 but I would have liked it there too.

Enlil Odisho

BRING BACK MERGE TABS AND APPS I loved this feature and it doesn't make any sense to me to why you would remove a feature just because the minority is using it. Please bring it back, I hate using chrome now.

John Charlton

Not being able to manage my tabs the way I use too Ever since the recent update, the opinion to manage tabs with the window button is gone and I prefer to do it that way so I can close everything at once because of the convince

Richard Brinegar

Shared info with my desktop browser This is the best browser on Android. I share info from my desktop copy of chrome.

Mumtaz ALi

Bad Every day new update man are you also giving bandwith it doesnt worth even 1 star

Father Jacob Maurer

Tabs locked in-app ruin experience The latest update changed a core aspect of how I use Chrome. No warning, no explanation, just a forced reversion to a lesser implementation of tabs.

Ian Borowik

Merge Tabs I really enjoyed the merged tabs. It was more organized for me. Now you ruined it by going backwards. Great job google

Rosendo Mendoza

Great app but its not letting me log into Facebook my Gmail twitter nothing and I was already logged in.

Diane Giglio

My chrome bookmark widget is working again but bring back the chrome icon on it that just takes you to the most recent page instead of loading a whole new bookmarked page. I don't like having to take up multiple spaces for chrome, one for the bookmark widget and another for the chrome icon

A Google User

Please improve the UI please bring back the feature, where I can merge the Tabs and Apps. And please improve the UI. Buttons in the top left corner make absolutely no sense!!!

Chris Beckett

Oh why I want to go to my homepage when I first open it worked before. Please add an option or will stop using. Shame on you.

Breedin Hips

What happened to Google Cast??? Why has Google Cast disappeared from Chrome??? Once upon a time, there was the world's greatest browser... It was fast, easy to use and I could cast ANY video I ever watched... Then as if by the hand of a wicked witch's curse, it was taken away... Poof! No more... My lovely dream turned to dust!

Manas Sinha

Option for merging tabs Please reinstate the option to merge tabs with apps as it was much more convenient

4 stars because minor annoyances Everythings great, but somethings funky about how images are downloaded through the app. You must open each image in a seperate tab if you plan on sharing the images later (via text, upload to website, etc). Otherwise, you get a "file corrupted" message. Huge problem if you share a lot of images.

David エクササイズ

Loving it. Latest update: One issue that remains is when viewing sub images and you select back it takes you right back to the top of the search and you must scroll all the way down each time. Quite annoying at times.

John Connor

Vulnerable to spam Frequently allows popups and page hijacks/redirects, even when supposedly blocking them. Very disruptive.

Slow Ram hog. Would delete it if I could. Damn bloat ware. Steals way too much info.

Anas Nasir

Google Chrome is best browser for android and it gives me very reliable experience it is faster than ever..

Carl Walton

Bad thing about this is when you clear your history from settings at the bottom of the Google search. It deletes your YouTube watch history, Needs to be changed badly even if you unclick YouTube it won't delete your Google history.

You guys sure update a lot and your changelog is severely lacking in detail.

Vi xxx

Need moving to sd card Way to big app and yet cannot move to sd card !!!!uninstalling this crap!!!!till u let us move such a big app to sd card then wont be back

A Google User

Ugh Getting too cloggy. Slow.

MaxiJade Sulaiman

Space hog. Heavy on RAM. Pretty laggy

Julie Wilkinson

Good Annoying though when this is the fourth time in 3 days that I've updated ?

davood mokhtari

Perfect The best browser and very fast

Just Great well ever used

Phil Claridge

The best.....but Since the update, I have a little exclamation mark in my tablets web address bar, which says 'your connection to this site is not private.' Uninstalling the update gets rid of the ! but touching the page icon in it's place still gives the warning. Edit following 2785.121 update - still the same.

Nakita Maria

But why???? The newest update has ensured that I'm no longer able to open up an already opened chrome instance when in split view. Why create an update that just takes away what was working instead of fixing existing problems? Like your horrible excuse of a pop-up blocker! Fix it!

Mahesh Tripathi

Best browser, however need to work on memory part Crome is my favorite browser. However it's a bit slow and eat memory a lot. I will give 5 star if the memory portion get improved.

B. McFay

dropped to a sub 1 why do I get updates every other day for chrome, YouTube and Google drive ? is the Android operating system that screwed up ? is it the nsa ? do I need to switch to an iPhone when my contract is up in December? not a happy camper

Tom Lawrence

Easily my favorite browser...ever Hands down the most fully featured browser for all platforms and the synchronization is seamless between all devices and sessions. Google knows how to do things right yet again.

Andrew Pressnell

the best! Don't waste one second playing around with other mobile internet browsers. This IS the one you want to use....too many reasons to list.

Yashaswee Kawley

The best browser till now Google Chrome is the best browser you could ask for in the market. There's no other contenders in this category. Just If it can blocks the annoying ads and pop-ups more aggressively it will be unbeatable.

Arthur Lu

Very annoying "feature" Please get rid of the 'Close All Incognito Tabs' on the notification tray. It remains there after I close my browser.

Mohammad tarik

Very bad performance Very bad performance in fb page when you scroll down and down after some time you feel it does lag i compare it with uc browser and i realize that uc browser performance is realy good

Mark Abney

I LOVE IT It is EXCELLENT except for any PRIVATE browsing you might want to do.But for EVERYTHING ELSE-EXCEPTIONALLY THE ONE to use!!! Every other browsers PALE to Google's!!!!! Kootoos guys, and GodBless to ALL

Wesley Henderson

Pages aren't loading. I have a good connection. Turning phone off and on seems to work. Issue with wifi and mobile data. Problem started after system update

Heath Stevens

Love Google. Great app, especially if you already use Chrome Browser on your computer because it will import all of your Bookmarks. Makes it easy. Love Google.

Carlos Rodriguez Jr

ZTE ZMAX PRO 6.0.1 App working very well. Keep up the good work. Also wish you could move app to SD card. Thx. ?

Brier Fox

Since I got my awesome LG V10 I'm finally able to use Google Chrome which is super Awesome

Richard Mulholland

Accessibility now fixed Text scaling in accessibility is working again. Great work on a speedy fix. Thank you.

Michiel Slabber

Keeps aborting frequently Whatever was changed in last few updates causes chrome to kill itself within seconds of starting. Tried to close tabs, but before I can close two it hangs and aborts.

melvin tan

Please make an option where you can start at the home screen! Isn't that the whole point of it?! And why did you remove the merging of apps?

Ajeet Singh

1. No offline reading 2. Extravagant size , 3. No Adblock and 4. No resume option for downloads

Thamindu kavinda

Best browser in the world Superb material design, very useful app in a phone,clean

luis melendez

#1 One of the best browser i have ever used up to this date

Dorothy Johnson

Five stars ***** , ') Tysvm for your reply, Google Chrome. I really do appreciate this! ~♡? I have no problems w/Chrome , ') Very pleased w/service! , ') I've very few, if any problems w/how Google Chrome works. If I do, I Read faqs Google has available , ') This really helps, if ur a user running in2 issues. I suggest any GC user 2 do just that: *Read* The Faqs which have many helpful ideas 2 correct all issues. Keep up great work Google Chrome! , ') you have me ? , 'D This is why I gave 5*****!

Rik Lee

Chrome keeps getting better. It just keeps getting better and better. I'm using it more than I used to. Although, for most internet things I was using Samsung's default browser on my Galaxy S5, simply at the time, my lookout security could only check that browser in task time. This has now changed. They had a major update recently and it can check Chrome Browser for any dangers. It asks you to download a small extension app that deals with Chrome. Chrome for me now is a father's and safer browser. So my loyalty has switched ?

Annabel Lee

Best for browsing Chrome is definitely my go to browser for well, browsing! It's super easy to understand. I have used chrome for years now and I couldn't tell you the last time it crashed on me. It's always reliable even with tons & tons of tabs open! There's a simple way to keep all bookmarks organized into different categories, and folders within those! Other browsers keep them in one long list that can't even be rearanged! The only thing that it lacks is a flash player to stream shows & movies!

Marcie M Musser

Growth & updates I've always enjoyed Chrome since it came out & the growth has made it better & better however, these 20 some MB updates by so many apps are getting to be too much. Please get it down to size somehow or I'm just going to run out of space for the huge updates. Thank you.

Tony C

Back to the way it was!! I'm glad that they finally listened and allow us to view the other tabs from the browser window! Having to go to the task menu to find a tab mixed in with all the other previously used apps was such a pain and extra work! It's so much better to switch tabs from the place you are already at! Glad they returned it to the way it used to be!

kray twin

A quick browser but lack extensions This browser is great. Simple, quick and effective. No lag. Only drawback in my view is that you cannot add extensions like on the desktop version. In simple terms, compared to other mobile browsers this is a 5 star app. Considering what more it can do when compared to the desktop version in terms of personal choice of extensions, its a 3.5 stars out of 5. Il leave it at 3 in hope of it getting picked up.

Graham Richmond

No compelling need to use over the other mobile browsers. Don't get me wrong. Chrome is really good, nothing wrong with it at all, but lack of add-ons hurts it's chances against Firefox. Which is currently my default browser on tablets. How the heck did that happen?


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Avinash Mirajkar

A rich featured browser even for unstable Internet. Good Browser especially on slow internet. New tab feature is great. Require adblock as these days lot of ads on web pages. The new update has optimized it's surfing speed lil work in download should be done. Overall a good Browser. Loved it's speed on uneven slow network. Thank you Google team. :-)

James Keenan

Adverts out of control Too easily hijacked by scam adverts redirecting to other pages or even the play store. It shouldn't even be allowing screen covering pop ups that are a nightmare to dismiss or in page ads that appear or disappear after a page has loaded causing the text I'm reading to shift off the screen. Between this browser and Google's ad services we shouldn't have to have such a user unfriendly experience on the Internet.

Gregory Opera

Not bad, but too proprietary. Most Web pages seem to load pretty quickly in Chrome and the synchronization is flawless, with no obvious bugs - bonus points go to Google for their native support of Linux-based operating systems (such as Ubuntu). It is however, disappointing that Google do not support, develop or otherwise encourage a port to Android of Chromium - the Open Source browser on which Chrome is based (Chromium is basically Chrome without the Google stuff integrated)...

Jennifer Pitts

Awesome.... but..... Great browser but having issue with "select all" coming up every single time I even touch the screen to scroll (not a sensitivity or any similar setting and I'm not holding finger in one place too long). The only way to make it go away is to tap "select all" then tap elsewhere to take off hilight selection... once I try scrolling or zooming in/out it comes up AGAIN. So I'm using different browser until fixed. Firefox isn't having this issue, it's only Chrome.

Nishan Bains

Ads Everywhere As compare to desktop browser it's just 1% and there's ADs everywhere no way to stop them. One more thing no quick access to bookmarks, tabs, forward, stop and URL and there's no way to use with one hand always keep ready you're 2nd hand. Thanks there's plenty of other browsers to block ADs.

Pranjal Nayak

Extremely slow and laggy Chrome browser is extremely slow and laggy even with 4-5 tabs open. And I'm not even using a bad phone. I think this has become a common problem with Chrome across all platforms. It just sucks away every bit of resource available to it.

Adam Moore

WILL EAT ALL OF YOUR DATA BEWARE DATA EATER! Couldn't give it 0 stars. It ate almost 2GBs of Data running in the background, while phone was not in use in under 2 hours. Super disappointed that this is Google's attempt at a browser. I've been using this app since I got my first smartphone. Oh well not a big deal... Data is cheap anyway. Lol. Let's give Firefox a try.

Ri Lki


Stefano Db

Unacceptable Ads All sorts of ads and fake virus alerts hijack your browsing. No way to go back to what i was reading. Autoplaying advertising videos everywhere draining mobile data and battery life: switching to FIREFOX and ad blocking in order to gain some peace of mind.

Vishal Rb

No night mode, sync rarely works, getting worse Bookmarks link in a new tab is gone. Replaced with crap I did not ask for. No night mode. Cannot move bookmarks up or down in the list of bookmarks. Very outdated. Sync doesn't work well

Cee Jaye

Only Browser I Use! I DON'T EVEN BOTHER W/ MY "OUT OF BOX BROWSER"! I disabled it, as a matter of fact. Y waste the RAM? It's like a dusty old book taking up shelf space! Chrome IS kept up 2 date and Well Worth the Google Stamp! LUV IT!

alex Stewart

Doesn't work ?? I used to use this all the time and it was great but for a while now it won't even load anything it doesn't matter what I search and I've even tried undowloading, clearing cache, nothing works! This really sucks cuz I used it all the time and now I have to use my phones awful browser (gs 4)

tomer benzaken

New Opening screen please bring back the old bookmarks and recent tab on the opening screen. i realy like chrome and i tried to get used to it , but the new update isn't comfortable. maby let us choose what opening screen we want. In addition, i think you can improve the bookmark manager by allow to move and reorder the bookmarks. much appreciated.

Sinan Cagrı Kurt

I can't turn Turn off Amp That's incredibly stupid that I can't visit the page I chose from search results. We should have easy way to visit the site. This sort of thing is killing my trust to Google.

Jan Harris

Google Browser It gives you info on what you almost understand. I still think that there should only be 1 or 2 options to pick from. Is it possible to just update just once a month for all Android apps? I hate having to update 2-3 times a month.

vishnu maheswaran

Having some trouble with downloads Whenever I download something from the internet, it downloads half and suddenly stops. No error message or anything. It simply stops. Sometimes I have no idea whether it is downloaded or not. Except that browser is great. And also add the ability to pause the downloads while download.

Ali Reza

Ok Speed and simplicity, Chrome has great features. I suggest you to improve the performance of data saving.Goooooogle.... Do something more than "speedy improvement and bug fix"None of us have never see anything what do you mean by "bug fix"?It just is consuming space more and more ...

Byun Baekhyun

Best browser out there. Might not have a bunch of settings to be able to personalize like Dolphin, but it is very fast and also easy to navigate. I tried using other browsing apps but nothing is as good as Chrome.

Amith Chandra

Unable to sync bookmarks from my pc I tried all ways to fix this problem... i even made android settings changes ...but still it s not at all showing or syncing bookmarks in chrome ... i thought chrome was fastest n friendly browser it s letting me down

Peter Karel Kraus

Bogged Down The latest update 11/8, bogged down net navigation... big time. Last week's update removed the print page option. Typical Google. They make their stuff WORSE as time passes, not better.

Nick Shamas

Always works well enough when some others fail. I try to use smaller browsers when I'm rockin droid, memory-wise and otherwise, but Chrome's features are mad convenient, so it will always be on my devices. I will say, however, there are many other mobile browsers that leave an almost unnoticeable footprint even when bogged down with multiple tabs.

Kiran Pandey

it just o.k. not good the downloading is not good at all, and the articles are not keep on updating google please have a look on these things then I'm sure that we're going to give 5 stars and please decrease the app size also

David エクササイズ

Loving it. Latest update: Most issues appear to be fixed, only now and then during image viewing (it will jump back to the top of the search) hustle of scrolling all the way down is real.

joey douglas

GREAT Browser Awesome working great for me on my Moto (gen 2) just wondering if there is a pop up blocker been getting a lot of those lately. But otherwise it's the best I have used wouldn't want to use another.

Stan Grabowski

Bookmarks?? Why are you making it harder to get to my bookmarks? Also the un-customizable list of sites on the search screen is useless since I can't choose which sites go there. If I could pin my favorites then it would be cool. But for now I just ignore that randomly chosen mess of sites and go to my bookmarks... But now bookmarks take more effort to find.

Carl van Veen

Keeps asking for certificates at start up. However there are not any to install. Not sure if an update messed it up. Need a fix..let me know chrome team or I download a new browsers.

MoonDance Pony

My favorite browser but ... Goggle isnt loding anything on my phone/tablet. 5 stars if you can fix this please

D Ki

Needs a... Option to force desktop sites by default because almost all mobile sites are useless and an option to download to SD card. Otherwise brilliant job, admittedly a bit on the big side though at 75MB

Brian Gavin

Broken since update today Nothing works since I updated minutes ago. Web pages not displaying properly. Full screen web apps not working and pages freeze.


Bs, nicely decorated with a few things that I haven't seen before ,encryption that is not worth the effort! I'm probably already a public icon who knows I guess you do anyway that's my rating IDGF! HAVE FUN!

Narvirsinh Sarvaiya

i just hate this app. there is not page downloading option... when i need to browse only for download my application form or challan or call later from ojas website... and what i get is only disappointment.. and this app comes by default on my redmi 2 prime mobile... how can i delete this app..? plzzz help me...

Andrew Mackenzie

Google Search doesn't work Every time I want to try and search for anything via google chrome it takes me back to the home home screen of my phone... I can use the app button but can't use my widget bar on screen...please fix google

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