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29 Oct
Chicken Toss - Cannon Launcher

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And who said chickens can’t fly? These gangling birds are ready to prove you wrong in Chicken Toss! Join now this fun bird launching game and help the chickens fulfill their dream of reaching new heights!

With powerful cannons and a wide set of unusual gadgets, the chickens are determined to put their tiny and fluffy wings to good use and fly far enough to finally earn the title of Flying Bird. Will you help them to make it happen?

Chicken Toss is a fun and original launching game! Adjust the power and direction of your favorite cannon to launch a chicken as far as you can. Don’t forget to flap your wings and avoid obstacles while you are in mid air. Special power-ups might come in handy!

• Eye-popping cartoon graphics
• Simple but skillful one button arcade game about the dream of flying

• Easy to control and addictive gameplay
• Coin rewards to buy awesome upgrades of cannons and equipment
• Funny chickens, because everybody loves chickens

• Feather: makes your chicken light like a feather
• Corns: recharge your stamina bar to flap your wings longer
• Jetpack: boost your chicken’s flight
• Money Maker: earn coins to buy cool stuff

Download Chicken Toss now to make the dream of flying come true and show the world that YES, chickens can fly! Well, kind of.

Please note! This game is free to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for real money. Some features and extras mentioned in the description may also have to be purchased for real money.

Tapps - Top Apps and Games part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update Oct. 29, 2015. Google play rating is 77.4377. Current verison is 1.0.9. Actual size 17.0 MB.

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James Edwards

Really fun little game! I love these types of games. This is one of the best. Simple controls and runs well. Keeps you trying just one more time to upgrade your chicken for max distance.

Zachary Zalewski

Its fun, but glitches bad. Its fun dont get me wrong, closest thing to toss the turtle on the app store, but i have a few problems with power ups. First off some power ups can't be combined i seem to pass through the jet pack when money maker or magic feather is activated. I've also noticed that when your bouncing if the chicken is showing an injured state you'll just not get any power ups you hit as opposed to the chicken in a flapping state. At high speeds items tend to damage you slowing you down like an obstacle. There are more.


Great game break the wall by going really fast Brick wall is difficult to break sometimes


It's ok Would love to see some other upgrades maybe make a little more money at the start takes a long time to upgrade pretty far

Katie-Anne Marsden

Fun, but... I'm glad I haven't paid anything for this game. Why is there a dead end? I haven't upgraded everything yet and I hit the end. Unless it's possible to get past it? Anyone managed it?

Robert Mobley

I love these kind of games This one does this genre justice... now only if I can find a way to get past the brick wall at 725m

Dylan Parker

Weird It is very weird but it is actually kind of fun

Nadine Miller

Yes chickens can fly Fun, more than i thought it would be

Wesley Schultz

Good game but Lags if you gather coins fast. And I phase through perks and not get them.... but great game

Curt J Cichon

A descent game Lots of good stuff to buy with coins earned in game but for some reason, still feels lile something is missing. Plus, on my Samsung galaxy 2, theres quite a bit of lag and an occasional crash

Bryan C

Dead end blows The dead end is such a buzz kill when you have a good run going

Oliver Power

How do I get past the brick wall? Great but I always die at the brick wall

Cameron Johnson

Buy if you like Burrito Bison! At first I wondered if it would be like Toss The Turtle on Kongregate, but this game is a decent remake of Burrito Bison!

Blue Rios

Awesome!!! I can never put it down

Dr. Shots

My thank you Thanks for making the game

This Is A Name

This game is awesome! I love the chicken's facial expressions the most, highly addictive.

AJ Robinson

Funnnnnnnnnn Da chicken go boom boom fun

Taurean Fisher

Cool time waster Great to play while waiting

oli mk

Gleched I have a good game of this is"s nice.

thomas hickman

Its ok. Played better but also much worse


Awesome Everyone should get it

Tyler Smith

This is a super fun game

Jonathan Krah

Addicting Very fun can't stop playing

Woolley People

Pretty good Just want it to be easier to get coins

Adam Parrett

Just killing time

Caden Treguboff

Needs more gameplay! The game is really fun but the only thing missing is more gameplay,or a longer map.These are the only missing things because then the game will be even better!

Nicholad Allegrini

It's really fun!

Oleg Stavrogin

WTF II twisted Red wall?

Gabby Zwall

Wall?!! How do u get past the wall I have done it once but I don't know how I did it some power ups suck but other than that I play it more than the evolution games

Nic Foutch

Potential I like this game, yet the wall at the very end cannot be broken through which ruins the joy of making it that far. Plus there are no bonuses or anything real special once you make it that far. Don't get me wrong, this is a greatly developed game, I immensely enjoy it. Definitely should be able to launch chicken into space mode and bounce off of UFO'S & other planets though . Instead of walls in outer space mode it could be galaxies you have to break through. Include alien lard chickens.

ShereeLynn Monkman Neufeld

Addictive I really do hope the devs make more levels past the current "dead end" wall, either way I can't stop playing this game.

Josh Rizzo

Like Toss the Turtle but way grindier. Fun at first, but super grindy. Some of the power ups seem to do nothing (gun powder), while others work only half the time (balloons). Also, fat chickens will ruin your life. Ads are a bit ridiculous too.

Happy beanz

Fun I enjoy this game, I really do, the only thing is that after you get to that wall that's all you can get to. I do realize that this may be a relatively new, but if it could be updated and have a farther way to go that would be awesome! For now I really like it, and the common chicken is adorable.

christina sine

Ok just can't get passed 725m. How do you g3t passed it been upgrading still hit wall

Silver Fox

Power ups never work Gunpowder does not do anything. Power ups slow you down instead of making you go faster. Come on, who even green lighted this thing?

Ashley Russell

Blah Takes too long to aquire coins which means upgrades take FOREVER and the stupid dead end wall. Uninstalled!!

Joshua Manske

Love this game but it needs new levels or more level to the current one Not enough levels

Cameron Johnson

Supersonic chicken glitches through the last wall Can you even BREAK THE LAST WALL?! Also I keep on glitching through the wall when I ram into it and I am forced to reset the level and lose my coins I collected.

Nathaniel Rozell

Try This is the best game ever t try this game

Midget Thorpe

Awesome game the fat chickens and mother cluckers

melissa Jordan

Love it its so cool Awesome

Michael Ng

Awesome Love the game funny and fun to play!

Eric Obregon

Think I know I think I know how to break the wall its probably like Burrito Bison you just need to have enough speed to break through it

Luna Enserric

A bit cocky I like it, but the spammyness of the adds is kinda annoying. Then the scummy 'remove adds' option... Ew.

Wendy Thornton

Chickens The first time in my life I got to launch a chicken with my own hands!

Daniel Fernandez

Too many ads Like the game but to many ads. Remove some and I'll improve my review to 5 stars.

Jeanette Martin

Dod Awesome

Jared Barlow

Has potential Great game but after the beach is an indestructible wall and it kills the game. Please further develop this game inncluding more walls and include an infinite mode. I hate being buzz killed by that wall. There are glitches. But none of them kill the value of this game like the end wall. And why play 100 or 200 games to get the armor or parachute chicken, when you already beat the game with less then half the upgrades? This game has such potential. Should also allow your chicken to go into space with ufos.

Adam Clements

Wall at 178 meters Game is good, quite fun, good upgrades. I only detract stars because I cannot figure out how to get past the brick wall at 178 meters and games should always have relatively obvious solutions.

Nate Busby

I found a glitch!!! I wish i could put my screenshot on here but cant... so when you hit the red wall at alil over 700 if you have any flapper power left and hit it before you hit the bottom, your chicken will just sit there at the bottom flapping away not goin anywhere. It doesnt end the round or anything...... just sits there flapping. Other than that, great game!! Just need ways to get money faster.

Dean Papagiannis

please fix issue with game freezing if I hit wall and use flap button. lose all progress. the game has alot of potential but too many bugs. the wall is really annoying as well. please fix glitch and fix the sound cutting out periodically while playing. I will give 5 if fixed.

Maxie Davila

Awsome!!! This game is a great time waster but I have to say they start you out very weak and you make it nowhere but after that the games great

Mark Berger

GOT PAST THE WALL I got frozen and hit the wall and it broke or go fast to break it clever company

Dillon Redding

Pretty fun Fun game, but it has it's problems. Sometimes I'll pass straight through items and not collect them. Also, not sure if it's a bug or a feature, but I can only seem to have one "effect" (protection egg, feather, money maker, etc.) at a time. It would be nice if I could use them all as I collect them. Lastly, I'd like to be able to go a or farther. I haven't even upgraded everything and I can easily hit the last wall.


By the book garbage Cute aesthetic, check. Frustrating repetitive gameplay, check. 100's of ever increasingly expensive upgrades that improve stats by 1%, check. Excessive full screen ads, check. Overpriced cash shop, check. (Literal)Paywall, check. Uninstalled, check.

Jonathan Grams

A video ad at the start of a game is a huge let down, but the reminiscing of playing Toss the Turtle definitely improve this game's feel. The wall at 735-ish is annoying, and I've only made it through once, but I think with eventual upgrades, it'll be fine. Maybe have a bit further away, though, so it's easier to get coins in that expanse, but meh. It's fine. Maybe a bit harsh on the battery, but that's fine, too. I'm looking forward to hopefully reaching the end!

Jay Tee

Fun concept but wall ruins it. The idea is fun. A little grindy, but fun. Then you get to the walls. Every wall is annoying, and they ruin the game.

Overlord oli

I love it It's a great game I love the power ups and it's really fun p.s chickens are great

Nikki Brett

How do you get past the walls I can't figure it out br a better game if no walls

Nathan Kundinger

The wall Game is completely ruined by the wall. I just don't understand the logic behind having to go 8000 mph to break through this wall.

carin maddux

Wall I would like this game so much more if the wall wasn't there. I work all this time to get enough power to get there and i cannot get past it. If i can EVER get past the wall...I'll keep it but if i can't soon I'll get bored and give up on it.

KJ Skyles

It's pretty fun Please change how the money maker works. You can't collect the better power ups while it's active. I wish I could unbuy it

The watercube gamer

B U T T this game is sssoooooo but I mean whats the point do not get this game. P.S worst game EVER.

Jeff Slemmer

Way too grindy I even spent ten bucks on coins and it barely made an improvement with the upgrades. Too bad.

Courtney Derbyshire

Great You start off weak but I guess that's like any other game but then boom your making 4000 every run sometimes finish without even hitting the floor an my tip to other players is upgrade your normal chickens and chubby chickens first

Sean Hawkins

Great but..... Takes to long to get coins fix and will give 5 stars

Matt Fitch

Would be a really good game if you just fix the wall stopping any progress.

Matthew Ekblom

The type of game I have been looking for Simple upgrade shoot something out of a cannon

Dom Cole

Nice game. Only played if a few times but I do like it.

Zac Coats

Fun Good mindless fun, takes little to no effort, the upgrades give the game more replayability.

jason white

Not toss the turtle It's not bad but I would prefer toss the turtle

Roy Rhodes

Needs fixed! Has issue with last wall. Hitting the last wall while using flap or hitting it to hard sends chicken beyond last wall. While chicken is gone beyond last wall it freezes up losing all game play for the round. This issue is very frustrating. Why you ask because nobody likes losing progress.

Jay Turnbull

Really good game! I loved this game it is so so fun but it is a bit hard a the very start of the game because you don't really get anywhere.

Piers TheGamer

I've wanted to find a game like this Can you put something in the game like buttons to use the things that we brought

Nathan Gonzales

good game great game wall is annoying... would be bettet if you make it easier to break.... take it out... or give a tutorial on how to break it

Alan Quine

What Well let's start with the amount of chickens running around that makes it so I can't get a decent run. And then with that can't make any decent amount of coin.

David Freath

Don't forget to flap! Better than Burrito Bison :)

Ryzarsharp Blayde

Love it This game is clucking Awesome hehehehehehehe and free hehe

Lindsay Michael

Love to shoot chickens....but Only deducted a star because sometimes it glitches at the dead end ...I we other fly through or over the wall and belly surf the ground... But I don't get my coins as I have to force exit at that point ...other then that I'm pretty well addicted


Instructional Review I thought I would address how to get past the brick wall at 725m, because I searched everywhere for answers, and found none. Luckily I accidentally figured it out. All you have to do is hit the wall at a certain speed/velocity and it will just shatter. However, I have only obtained that speed enough once so far. It is really difficult.

Nathan Wildey

Wall? What's the deal with the red brick wall? No information in game on how to get past it and it ruins the game!

Dietrich Bell

Good game I won't lie. In the beginning, the walls were frustrating. But now that I have it all figured out...I LOVE THIS GAME!

Kevin Salas

... I don't know what to say

Freeland Matthews

Great One of the best distance games out there

Jessica Helton

Can't pass the brick wall The game is pretty fun but there seems to be no way to get past the brick wall which is pretty irriatating. I'm getting pretty bored of the game already becuase I can't pass the brick wall.


Pretty good It's a pretty good game when I had it on my tablet. So I thought hey might as well get it on my phone.

minecraft universe

Its fun And its adicting so I love it

Nathan Gonzales

good game great game wall is annoying... would be bettet if you make it easier to break.... take it out... or give a tutorial on how to break it... also game should be endless.. and for you new people playing getting past all the walls is a matter of speed.. so upgrade upgrade upgrade ?

Daphne Nava

Fun game but... After lots of play and getting at least a few check marks on almost all of the upgrades..except the chickens which are ridiculously expensive and would take hours of play to unlock..the last wall is easily reached. Too bad when I reach it never breaks through, no matter how fast I am going and easily busted through all previous ones. What is up with that? More entertaining than other games of this kind because of all the different categories and choices of extras. Real money is not needed.


Great game. Would like to go past the last wall. All you people who can't get past the wall need to have patience and buy upgrades. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Jean Cyr

Grinding from A-Z Distance game with a distance limit. (6940m-6996m~). The game feels like a grind from start to end. Some power ups are worst when maxed out.(jet pack for example) The walls break by the speed you're going at (Or so I believe) but no speed meter to help in this process or any indication how to break the walls. Gotten to the final wall at least 100times. Making 2500-5000gold per time. Still grinding to get the chickens the way I want them. Only 2/3 chicken done. Power ups don't stack. Fantastic animation :)

Ian Gustafson

looking for refund daughter purchased 49.99 pack and I'm seeing no way to get a refund. help is greatly needed in this. checked google play and no refund button.

Chicken Lover

Good addicting game? I like the game and all but I don't like that there's only 3 characters.

will cooper

Hard at first but fun I had to grind a little in the beginning but eventually got the swing of things after several upgrades the walls were no match. Is there a way to break through the last wall or am I just grinding to purchase the ever expensive cannon upgrades at this point?

Justin Collins

Lately... Good game but lately it's been lagging ALOT! Also for people wanting to know how to get past the wall, use the rocket pack upgrade

Shawn Pogue

Glitch I got to the end and somehow got past the last wall without it breaking and now the chicken is just sliding across the ground

Zay Explicit

Just for fun If you're bored and need a little entertainment, its perfect. Also for little kids who are like..."do you have games on your phone?" This is perfect for them too.

Emerald Ninja56

... I was sliding down the brick wall and tapped at the bottem of it and started slowly flapping through the wall,but it would take way to long to beat the game by doing this if you even can beat it.

Benji Stewart

Fun but broken I've had fun playing so far, but it's still very glitchy. You can glitch through the first wall by flapping at just the right time, but you lose all progress because you become stuck slowly inching forwards. This game can also be a bit frustrating because you can phase through most of the beneficial items, but you will always hit multiple slows. This can keep you from getting past the first wall even if you're very far into the game. I had fun playing, but it needs to be fixed.

jason turner

To many adds It is a good game, but then I started getting a mobile strike add every 3 seconds

Alyssa Filippi

So fun Very addictive! And just to help anyone thAt has the same problem like I did. To get past the red brick wall you have to be going very fast. Hit as little chickens and stuff as you can. Try to unlock more things. Once you pass the wall it gets a little harder. I'm like right at the finish line but can't quite make it yet and I've been playing it about 3 weeks now. Hope this helps! BTW THERE ARE ABOUT 4 TO 5 WALLS YOU HAVE TO PASS BEFORE YOU FINISH TO THE FINISH LINE!

Byron Allan

Waste of time You spend so much time being hit by other chickens it not even worth downloading and then no matter how much power you put into the canon in the beginning you still only take off about 5 metres which makes you waste your taps so you don't get far played the game for an hour and barely got 337 metres

johnny D

Fun but no re play value It's fun but since the game actually has an end point once you upgrade enough to easily reach the end point the game loses all of its fun. Devs need to make it endless with new content.

Christiano T

Great distance game. No qualms,dont understand how or why people are hqving problems lmao,takes money to make money buy the special items,use speed to break walls,height increases chances of items and less contact with ground obstacles really simple and addicting game

Benjamin Haigh

Not bad It's really fun to play but it has its issues. Quite a few glitches, like I can crawl along the bottom sometimes, and other times if I get hawk man and a jet pack at the same time, I'll just keep flying in a straight line until I hit something else. And sometimes I'll go through items without collecting them. Usually jet packs or corn or feathers. Also there are too many ads. It's very annoying. Basically, I just wish this game was Burrito Bison. That was an incredible game. Why can't we have it on mobile?

Brandon Nibert

Found a glitch At the dead end wall if you have full flap energy left and spam it just before you hit the wall your bird will glitch past the wall and the screen will scroll slowly but it does keep going and the sky turns black

Karen Wolfe

Woooooooooooo8o Best game IV ever played 11/10 and IV played alto of games

Leonard Clements

"Dead end" Reaching 6730 meters is the dead end, any idea whether thats to come up with more ideas, or how about a splatter chicken version of the game to give the farmer a little revenge?

Chris Armontrout

Fun till the end Nice toss the turtle like game, and yes you can break the walls by going fast, except the last one which says dead end. Seems like it would be easy to make endless, but if not at least it could say you win instead of a wall you can't pass. Some glitches too.

Gary Rosenau

It's okay, needs improvement The game is okay, kinda silly. The hit-box detection needs work. Nothing more frustrating than flying through things and not getting benefited for it. Some of the power-ups seem to hold priority, so you can't benefit from others while they are active, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Overall, not a bad game.

Rick Wentworth

Good game but buggy as all heck I played burrito bison a lot on the pc and this was as close as I could find to that game. It's pretty fun but has ALOT of bugs. I would say about 40% of the time when you reach a power up you go straight through it. Very frustrating.. I had a glitch at one point that had my chicken moving in a completely straight line like hawkguy but I couldn't flap or anything. I would recommend this game but be aware that it is pretty buggy

Murray Newsom

This is ad free on pc This game, for the privilege of being on mobile, bombards the user with ads. The same or similar game is on pc in many variations and is not only ad free, but better

Diandro Saintable

First Time This is the first time I've seen a luanch based game on the app store. And I love these kinds of games!

Christina Mccomb

Great game Use the jet pack to break the red wall

Donny Podrasky

Annoying, but playable The game has a fun concept and a lot of cool upgrades. The only problem is that there's absolutely no incentive to ever touch the ground. There's no boosters on the ground, but there are inhibitors. That would be fine, but there are so many inhibitors on the ground that I can literally launch 5 times in a row before I ever get a run where I actually get to touch the ground before the end. So, I got like 20 upgrades and none of that changes the fact a bunch of brown chickens is all you run into.

Sean Murphy

Could be 5 Stars I go right through a lot of items that I know I didn't miss (even if I'm hitting the edge of some), and you should be able to stack all the items you hit, even if you already have that/those item(s). Make these fixes and it's a 5 star game for me. It might even be worth spending a little money on at that point.

Jonathan Parker

No clear solution to getting past the giant red wall If you are supposed to upgrade to a certain point that needs to be clarified. As far as I can tell im just always going to die at 720m or whatever it is.. kinda pointless if you only get to fly so far on an endless flyer..

Alexander Barbee

Almost there Obtained and upgraded every perk for the ONLY 3 chickens available. Make more levels. Make more chickens. The 3rd chicken is about as useless as the 1st chicken, causing me to use the 2nd chicken every time. I fly straight through perks and the game fails to activate them for me. Let's have more than one perk at a time going. "Dead end" wall i get past some times, annoying since I loose all coins 4 that round. No more "dead end" wall, lets see how far I can go. Coins disappear after the 2nd and 3rd wall.

King Queso VI

Fun until you hit the limit. This game is very much like newgrounds toss the turtle... but toss the turtle at least let you do a lot more upgrades. This is a quick fun game. Nothing too special. Theres also a limit so you can get further that 7k ft.

KnightWraith 86

Really great game but add more info Let's just start by saying anyone who's ever played a distance game knows that speed is how you get past the walls. However, I'm at the very last wall of the game and I'm not sure it it can be broken. Also, I feel like the rooster stuns too long even when upgraded and that the fat chickens are too common (seriously, I've hit like 7 perfectly in a row once) Still not sure how much the fox steals, so I never upgrade that.

Barbara La Croix

I'm Addicted!? I originally installed this game for my 4 year old son. I find myself playing it way way more than him... And, I just can't put it down. I really love! This game it's so cool! For kid's and, big kid's at heart... a.k.a (mom & dad) Lol!

Austin Ireland

Great game I have played alot of cannon games never had to start off buying items but its easy once you do that the issue i have is the hitbox and the huge on slaught of enemies i pay for them to lower in numbers but every thing tosses me in to them and it is bad

Rafal Marcinek

just ok you should be able to activate more than just one item at a time (jetpack + feather = fly faster and higher). collecting items is dodgy. I fly right through an item yet it won't pick it up.

John Townsend

Unoriginal, repetitive, poorly programmed After playing this game long enough to fully upgrade the first chicken and hit the end wall multiple times, I was excited to upgrade to the next chicken only to find out it resets all your upgrades and expects you to grind everything over again. On top of that there is a whole other level of chicken to move to. Not fun and a waste of time.

Sebastien Verdoux

Dud items I've noticed that often times I'll find myself flying through powerup items and not getting the effect, this mainly happens at the start of a launch. Please look into this, it would make the game much better.

Matthew Atteberry

A really well made game I've noticed no bugs, unlike some in the reviews from before. I've played the game about 4-5 hours now. This is a really fun game actually. I wouldn't spend money on it, but I would definitely tell anyone to play this.

DemonHunter 2500

good game great game wall is annoying... would be bettet if you make it easier to break.... take it out... or give a tutorial on how to break it... also game should be endless.. and for you new people playing getting past all the walls is a matter of speed.. so upgrade upgrade upgrade ?

maxwell oconnell

Great game (but) Well I have had it for a wile pretty fun game... Pass the time away good... One thing love the concept of it but there should be more an not keep hitting the dead end wall.... Well that an if u can put an thing new like a pitch fork or mud something to slow u down like clouds in the sky it all things to help in the sjy just thought I'll put a few things I thout would be fun in the game thanks


Cool game But that last wall.... The game is just fine. Lots of grinding required but's that type of game. Got to the last wall in like 3hrs or so. The one with the dead end sign. What do I do now there a way to finish/break the last wall or should I stop trying.

Bean McBacon

Great time waster The game is a simple and very fun time waster, it has one draw back in that you cannot go past beach level. Wish it would let you go further

Shannon Jay

Here we go Alright boys and girls let me intoduce you to a frustrating distance game. Not only do we have thick glitchy walls at every segmemt. Wehave a limit of adistance you can go. Thats right the furtest you go is 6937. But thats not all! So including the thick impossible walls, that you can never seem to breaks. You have to upgrade to a point that we seem to not have tested, because of the never ending glitches!

Gil Gamboa

Damn obstacles The fat chicken is everywhere and it doesn't matter if the upgrade is maxed, or if you're going fast af, you will hit that sh*t and it will slow you down fast. Been playing this game for entertainment but it's stressing to not advance anything.

Steve Piper

Damping Fix the whole damping thing! I'll be going realy fast then hit 1 chicken and I'm slowed by like 75%....even with the damping upgrades it makes no difference!!!!!

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