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17 May
Chibble Free

Posted by CR&S in Casual | May 17, 2016 | 106 Comments

Apk file size: 16.0 MB

Chibble is a fun and addictive matching game for kids and adults.

Chibbles are cute and fluffy little aliens from Betelgeuse that have been stranded on Earth. Your challenge is to match 3 or more Chibbles of the same color to beam them back home.

Earn extra points for matching more than 3 Chibbles and for matching the elusive Rainbow Chibbles.

Sounds easy? It is at first, but watch out for the stubborn Chibbles who don’t want to leave and the giant Chibbles blocking the path home.

Three types of game play are available: Classic, Zen and Speed

Whats new

    Bug fixes
    Easter egg

CR&S part of our Casual and have average installs from 100000 to 500000. Last Update May 17, 2016. Google play rating is 80.3195. Current verison is 2.3.0. Actual size 16.0 MB.

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Anna Oliver

Only thing is, I like the old Chuzzles better cuz u could make them sneeze & blow all those hair off!

MissKnit Misfit

What I do NOT like! I don't like that the Chibbles pop while I'm looking for the best combination! If I hesitate for a nano second to see if I have a better option *poof* -gone! Then the locks just show up outta no where! I don't think I'll be playing this much longer, I might hold on to it to see if any improvements are made-maybe. Edit: 5.14.15-thanks for the reply. I didn't think developers read the reviews!

Kenneth Swanson

Only goes to level 40 is why only 3 stars

Judith Go Tan

Excellent I like it and thank you

Jessica H.

Omg it's mind blowing I love it! Wow, I loved da older game Chizzle deluxe but, this way funner and passes the time! It's a endless game but, it will get harder ifa, I get the chains on them with a locking sound! lol

Jeannette Hall

Chubble awesome game

Janet Atkeson

Chibble is fun thing to do to pass time

Yjq Robson

Fun but could be better!!! The game does not have alot of personality. I like when they talk to you and roll there eyes at you because you are taking to long to play the game. Thanks for the game anyway! The game is better with the three modes but the little guys still do not make any sounds. Thanks for the update. I have added another star.

Daniel Nichols

Disliked it It isn't like chuzzle, I like chuzzle better

Caitlin Spillane

Not cool They need to bring the original game back. Was not happy with this app at all.

Sandy Gay

What the heck Downloaded the app and the background is white. What happened to the star field?

Val Mazzocchi

Love this game Love it. Feels good to play it again

Robert Hotchkiss Jr.

Terrible game! The most polite thing I can say about this game is that it is the worst knock off of a popular game that I have ever seen. Don't bother downloading it.

Shannon Massoth

Chibble Thank u for fixing the problem i love the game thank u again

Denise Jones

Chibble This game is wack. They start u all over once you leave the game

michelle green

!!! Since update ..excellent game..thank you!!!!

Sharon Mercier

Great fun Just like the game chuzzle. Happy to find this game. It's addicting. Worth downloading and keeping.

Tammy Crouch

another chuzzle, finally

Heidi Lewis

Lots of flaws Big "chibbles" disappear if not used as soon as they're generated, and often you can't generate them at all. "Wormholes" don't really seem to do anything. Game puts locks on while clearing a move, not sure how that's considered me taking too long, and once I was told there were no more moves when there were clearly at LEAST 3 moves on the board.

Graham Webber

Best game I've played on my phone

Catherine Gochuico

OK, It's just fine... but I like just like chuzzles style.

Mandy Maclean

Yay Very fun I like very much on nom nom

Jamie Lee

Its ok The original Chizzel game is better

Anna Marie Jones

Where's the original? Absolutely sucked! NOT the same as the original.

Mike Mitchell

Crap Game played itself. Just an ad machine

Carolyn Matthews

What happened to chuzzle deluxe man

dave smeg

Failed Would not install. Errored ever time.

Sherry Henry

Chibble Match three game

Jasmine Curry

Just like chuzzle

Agnes Deleña

nice to play exciting

Anecia Hutchinson

Great game. Could use some updates. Its a simple Chuzzle clone. Bring the past back to the present. This game has done it. Although the fur movement could be a lot smoother, the big Chuzzles never last long, and the sneezing addition would be great to lure in more players. The infamous sneezes. Oh how I love the

Alina Mihaela Schmidt

Causes phone to restart My HTC m8 got overheated and restarted twice is less than 10minutes while playing. For me is a clear uninstalling

Garrett Card

I'm not sure if this is the kind of chuzzles we used to play if it is we liked it Really funny game

Akiyah Brown

Good but I liked old one This game almost make me feel like Arkansas. I love the game but the old one was WAY more fun.

Maria Collins

I like the game a lot. I would've rated it a 5 but it has so many interruptions with all of the ads. Please fix it to were there is less ads.


I like excellent how very good mi more Chuzzle deluxe..!!!! Excellent I like how are what your my more Chuzzle deluxe...!!!

girlishtomboy Stanley

I loved how you could make them sneez and blow there hair off and make the big ones burb

May O

How come My game has a white background and not the space one like on the pictures

Mayra Ortiz

Love it Very fun,Thanks for making this game

Chelsea Spence

I was just looking for chuzzle deluxe and found this. I'm okay with it. Need more levels. Otherwise thank you.

gellie obeso

Nice But I still like the old one. Because when u press it long the hair burst. That makes me laugh

charlie kasi

Cheap and nasty This is a lame version of Chuzzle. Not anywhere near as cool as Chuzzle.

Gabriella Di Pietrantonio

Improvement needed I have been waiting for android to make a chuzzle game....this is the closest I've found but there are many problems. The notifications for 'no more moves' and 'game over' need to be more visible and you shouldn't be able to still move the chuzzles around afterwards. Also, at a certain point or at a certain level...there are no more chained chuzzles...making the game super easy. This needs to be improved.

Jamison Sword

A Pale Immitation of Chuzzle The basic game play is the same, except it's not nearly as challenging. The number and speed of locks seems to stay about the same regardless of what level you're on. Also, the graphics are not as nice, and lack those delightful touches, like dizzy chuzzles, and ticklish chuzzles, that made the original so much fun.

Amber Weatherby

Question Why can't i get passed leve 2 it'll say 2 on top and new leve on the bottom and the chibbles change color in the middle

2005dragonloverHelen 2005dragonloverHelen

No animations? Like chuzzles but without the adorable sneezing animations. They don't follow you finger,(with their eyes) but still classic game of chuzzles. With chuzzles not in the app store though, I'm glad to have anything. Can you add sneezing thing where fur comes off and squeaking? Anyway, I can play it.

Hope Bradford-coleman

Its ok I like it , its similar to chuzzle , i miss the sneezing and tickling the the fur balls but its something for now !

Annette Gladwin

Cool game,but can be hard to swipe the chibbles to make them match.

Kat Davis

Having trouble after every level I love this game but all of a sudden, I get a black screen after every new level. I have to close the app and reopen it. I'm getting to uninstall and try again.

Crissy Re

Almost like Chuzzle. Great Chuzzle alternative. Can't wait till they improve the graphics and sound. I recommend .

Honey Sparkle

Love it Close to original but.. the colors are too similar (blues and lavender) and so light makes hard to match. Other than that, nice.

Brenda Drugan

Love this game, BUT.. Getting tired of having to uninstall and redownload it over and over, just so I can play it..

Nwad Aicram

Yup! Anything with these guys... Got me8-)

Veronica Gillmer

It's ok I would like the classic game that you get at the Nokia store. That is the best. This one is ok but that one is better. You can just aswell.

Caren Hammer

Liked it When you run out of moves you need to start new game you don t shuffle like chuzzle deluxe . thats the only down fall of game ?

Alicia Mclaughlin

Very fun Everytime you close out the game or quit it dont go back to the board where you left off please fix this and you get a five star.

Marianne D

Better now that's it's updated

Anna L Johnson

I love playing this game

Denise Butler

Need the chuzzle that go in bottle

Vicki Vale

chibble Great game to pass the time away

Dennis Bareis

A reasonable version of Chuzzle It should wait for you to let go to starting taking peices

Ďìane Gambill

It reminded me of a game I played before called Chuzzle. If I don't play it for a awhile will these fall asleep like Chuzzle did?

Kerrisa Murray

Loved it

Norma Knopp

Love this game

Elaine Lee

Chibble Loving this cute little game

Sandra Robinson

To many ads

Jeanne Hammer

Shuffle doesn't shuffle When I have no more moves but have the option to shuffle, most of the time the chibbles don't move around. Can that be fixed?

Aimee B.

Its ok I really like the old chuzzle better. I like the way u can make them sneeze & blow up & then they will go to sleep when u don't play for there is the zen level I liked...

Yelloo Bone

Boring Nothing like the old chuzzle game this is a bootleg version. The old chuzzle was fun but this one had gotten me bored easy and quick. They need to have the real chuzzle game, definitely going to uninstall

haha Wanek

Bad .. I downloaded this game because i loved the original one on my Symbian device .. But this one is not worth downloading .. Low graphics .. Laggs a lot .. Lacks main things from the original one :(

Therese Money

A good game , but when will the original Chuzzle be available on Play Store?????

Sarcastic Zombie

Good Game. The only problem is its a lesser copy of Chuzzle Deluxe.

Denice Hutchins

Love it Very much like the original. Just miss the giggles and sneezing so hard they sneeze their fur off

sandra barron

Chibble Free Great game. It can perplex you if you're not careful. It will say shuffle because there are no more moves. Not so, if you continue to move the rows around, you'll get a move.

Jennifer Young

Love the new look! Great way to spend some downtime.

Michelle Cobb

I like new shiny things!! Love the new updated look!!!

Sheila Schmader

It updated again and it's much better Liked it much better before update. Before the last update I had trouble with the colors looking close...back to bold colors and I like it again

Carmen Casaru

I love it There are visible improvements in new version. I love the new graphics, it's cute. There are still some bugs and issues, as mentioned in previous ratings, but it is pretty good for a free game. Great job!

Lisa Kelly

Too quick I will be moving two into a slot to match more than three but as soon as three line up they explode before I can move them into position to get more than three.

Amber Lobmeyer

It's the same as the 1 provided by wild Tangent games except a few difference between lol

Anne Garey

Chibble is adictive! I play it every day!!

Crissy Re

Almost like Chuzzle. Great Chuzzle alternative. Can't wait till they improve the graphics and sound. I recommend . *UPDATE* great update on the game! Looks and sounds good. Thanks guys!

Marianne D

BUGS ARE BACK. PLEASE FIX It was fine, but now it's loaded with bugs-especially game Zen

KC Angus

Looking for Chuzzle This is about the closest you'll get to Chuzzle. Doesn't have all the cute noises or do the same lovable exploding but at least it's as close as your probably ever get.

Kathy Vacek

I was looking for chuzzles .I found this it is fun.

Destiny Danzy

Cute Interesting and awesome

Emily Diaz

Cute and fun!! This game is really addicting and fun to play! It also helps pass the time! Plus the fuzzballs are adorable!!

kris keckler

Love it Was also looking for chuzzle...this is way better.

Nathan Taylor

Close to the classic Really like this....played this yrs ago and enjoyed it...this version is fairly close...thanks!

Edward Elric

Chuzzle? I am looking for Chuzzle and this is the closer that i can get i guess

Cheyan White

It's okay It's okay

Sherice Julien

Not sure Love the game and the updated graphics, however it's bugged my phone! It keeps randomly freezing and adverts pop up even when I'm not playing the game!

Tomasz Nicewicz

Amazing Almost just like good old chuzzle. Love it.

Stacy Hartman

My all time FAVORITE match 3 game!!! I saw lots of posts from people looking for Chuzzle... this IS Chuzzle.. I bought the PC Game back in 2004 at Best Buy... i just noticed tonight that the Chuzzles DO sneeze and belch.. but it's REALLY QUIET... I almost didn't hear it, my daughter heard it first. Anyways, to the makers, THANK YOU SO MUCH for getting this game on Android Google Play store. I have been looking for a long time!

sandi knigge

Nice! It's enough like Chuzzle to satisfy me. I kinda miss the puzzle mode tho. I loved rearranging them to match the pattern. It wasn't always easy, but it was a lot of fun.

Colleen Andrews

Was great but... Was great but as soon as I started level 22 it told me hands over. Not sure if it was a glitch or what. Overall pretty fun though

Jessica H.

I'm totally addicted to this game! I luv this game it is great for on the go like going to my aunts house, vacation, and just for passing the time! Thanks! ;)

Vex as hell I reach level 38 an lost an I can't c my high score no way.. I wish I was able to give 0 stars

Brendan Ward

This game is chuckle and it's good but the name is probably copyright

Jana Souder

First time playing this game, have to say I love it. Fantastic game, very addictive, highly recommend.

Layah Garrett

Finally a game like Chuzzle! As a kid I loved the game Chuzzle and this is as close as im going to get to it!

Nuramina Asri

5 star if hve the cute noises

Jacqueline Sanders

Chibble Free It a addictive game, couldn't stop playing it.

Sue Stevens

Absolutely love it. No problems at all

Cellina Lee

Chuzzles , not as cute as my pc version but chuzzles nonetheless

Caren Hammer

Liked it When you run out of moves you need to start new game you don t shuffle like chuzzle deluxe . thats the only down fall of game ?

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